Dragons: Riders of Berk s02e08 Episode Script

Appetite for Destruction

- Let's go, bud.
[toothless roars] [heroic music] - Yeah.
- Wow.
- Cool.
- Wow.
- Wow, nice.
- He's pretty good.
[soft orchestration] - [screeches] - Okay, these nadders get tagged yellow.
That's how we know they belong on sorrow island.
- Like this? Feel free to join in anytime.
- Okay.
How about now? - [groans] [screams] All right, I have to admit: The shield is pretty cool.
- Why, thank you.
I quite like it too.
I'm gonna go check on the twins.
They're supposed to be marking the crescent island dragons.
- I'm sure that's going really well.
- [groans] [groans] - [groans] - Uh! - [chuckles] cool.
I've always wondered what you look like purple.
- You know, you could at least say you're sorry.
- You're right.
I could.
Okay, I'm sorry That your head got in the way.
- Heard that.
[sighs] - [groans] [balloon sploshes] [both groan] - Uh, guys! You're supposed to be tagging the dragons, Not each other.
- You know, if you think it through, hiccup, This is pretty much your fault.
- How do you figure that? - Uh, hello? You armed us with paint.
Where'd you think that was gonna go? And we're the stupid ones.
[laughs] - How many of these do we have to do anyway? - As many as we can.
The more dragons we tag on each island, The better we can keep track of where they belong And where they may migrate to.
- Wow.
That was, uh - Fascinating? - What's the opposite of fascinating? - Hiccup, isn't it supposed to be One dragon color per island? - Yeah.
Why? - I see two colors down there.
Have we been using the wrong one? - I don't think so.
- Don't look at us.
If we had green paint, you know where it would be.
- Well, I better ask fishlegs.
This was his idea.
- You're gonna fly all the way back to berk? - Nope.
I don't have to.
- What's he talking about? - He must have some of that magic paper We've been looking for.
- He always gets the good stuff.
- It's not magic paper.
Fishlegs and I have been working on something new.
We call it "air mail.
" - [groans] - stupid name.
- [laughs] right? - Do you really think that terrible terror Is gonna fly straight to berk? - Yep, and right to the academy.
Terrors are especially territorial.
So it's a natural instinct for them To return to their home from wherever they get released.
- Whoa! - [chuckles] [shouts] ooh! - And how will we know if he made it? - When fishlegs and snotlout meet us at dragon island.
- [laughs] If that happens, I'll kiss snotlout on the lips.
- [purrs] - [snores] - [squawks] - [snores] - [squawks] - [snores] - [squawks] - [grumbles] - well, look who it is.
Fishlegs and snotlout, Both right here on dragon island.
Astrid was just talking about you.
- [chuckles] of course she was.
- [puckers lips] - Say it and those will be The last words you ever speak.
[neck cracking] - Hiccup, I got your message.
I knew air mail would work.
So, uh, what's the emergency? - We've been seeing dragons Painted green on crescent island.
- That's your emergency? I was in the middle of something very important.
- You were sound asleep.
- Beauty rest.
You think this just happens? - Fishlegs, does it make any sense to you That those dragons would be there? - No.
They shouldn't be.
Crescent island is clearly marked as purple.
- That's what I thought.
- So what were the green dragons doing there? - First of all, it's not green.
It's pistachio.
They belong on tall tree island.
That's where I tagged them.
- Yeah, well, your pistachio dragons Aren't where they're supposed to be.
- Huh.
That's weird.
- We need to figure this out.
Let's check out tall tree island.
- Sounds awesome.
I was wondering what I was gonna do With the rest of my day.
See ya back on berk, suckas! - I don't understand.
We should be there by now.
- Maybe we're off course.
- I don't do off course, astrid.
According to my map, it should be right-- Uh - You were saying? - Even if we were off course, We'd still be able to see it from here.
- Well, an island can't just disappear.
- Earthquake, maybe? - Volcano? - Wrath of thor? Wrath of odin? What? Just throwing out possible explanations.
- None of that explains this.
- [growls] - Orange? - Burnt apricot, actually.
- What island are they from? - According to this, they're from sunstone island.
- Ah, sunstone island.
Pristine beaches.
A veritable smorgasbord Of fine mineral deposits for meatlug.
- Sunstone island it is.
- Huh.
I thought it was bigger.
- Ya think? - I-I-I have to say the beaches Are a bit of a disappointment.
- One island is missing.
And one island's been sunk.
- I guess an entire island can disappear.
- Well, if-- if the islands are gone, Where do the dragons go? - Good question.
Dragons live in specific places for specific reasons.
- The food they eat, where they nest - If they lose their homes, It could endanger their whole species.
- We need to figure out what's going on, now.
Let's head back to dragon island.
- [laughs] if it's still there.
- [screams] - Look at them all.
- Check their colors.
- I-I-I see pistachio, b-burnt apricot - Look, a new color.
- Technically, that's vermillion.
- [groans] - what? It is.
- Dragons from three different islands suddenly all here.
- Look, this forms a line, Which means there are more islands in danger.
Boar head island.
Thor rock island.
Toothless, we're goin' back out.
- I'm coming with you.
This could get dangerous.
- What makes you think that? - Oh, I don't know.
Islands disappearing mysteriously, Dragons fleeing in terror.
Call it a hunch.
- Fine.
Fishlegs, you stay here in case Any more dragons show up.
- Got it.
New dragons.
Meatlug and I are on the case.
- [groans] - Boar head should be down there.
It's gone too.
- So now what? Whoa, look at what's left of thor rock.
You know, maybe fishlegs' "wrath of gods" theory Isn't so crazy.
- Let's get a closer look, bud.
These markings look familiar But different somehow.
- Different how? - Different bigger.
[earth rumbles] - [screams] - That sounds like - [screams] - The screaming death! - [screams] - [screams] - Someone's been eating their vegetables.
- And everything else in sight.
- [screams] - [screams] - [growls] - Its scream disorients the dragons.
- No kidding! - The screaming death has been destroying all the islands.
- It must be tunneling underneath And causing them to collapse in on themselves.
- But why would it do that? - I don't know.
Let's get a closer look.
You wanted dangerous.
- [screams] - hiccup! - [screams] - Easy, bud.
Maybe it wants to be friends.
Or maybe not.
- [growls] [screams] [screams] - ah! - [groans] Hope you like pistachio! - [screams] - Whoa! Steady, stormfly.
Just hang in there.
- [screeches] - How's that for accuracy? - Periwinkle blue! There are now periwinkle- blue-marked dragons here.
- I know.
Boar head island.
- And--and look! There's eggshell white! - From thor rock island.
- What happened to them? - The same thing that happened to all the other islands: Screaming death.
- [gasps] the screaming death is back? - I don't think it ever really left.
- Yeah, it just got bigger and nastier.
- Uh, how much bigger? - Chomp-chomp-there-goes- your-island big.
- Ah, it's just as I thought.
The screaming death is following an imaginary line, Destroying anything in its path.
- It's coming right at us.
- That's not even the worst part.
- It's headed straight to berk.
- We have to get back to berk and--and--and warn stoick.
- No.
We head it off.
We make our stand here.
Do you understand? There's no other land between here and berk.
- Look, I'm all about danger.
But did you see the size of that thing? - It's not going to be just us.
We're sending for reinforcements.
- [sighs] snotlout and the twins? Ah, I feel so much better.
- Hey, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
- [groans] [groans] [groans] - Hey, you guys.
Where is she? [both snarl] I won't tell her you told me.
I swear it.
- She's right here! [laughs] [groans] [laughs] [groans] - [laughs] - [groans] [both groan] - [groans] - Why is that terrible terror Staring us down? - Right? I thought it was just me.
- [groans] - it's totally eyeballing us.
- [groans] - What does it want? - Whatever it's selling, I'm not buying.
- Is it gone? - I think so.
- [groans] - okay, on three, we run.
- One-- - [shouts] [both groan] - Leave us alone! You demented little monster.
- Hiccup, the yellow-marked dragons from sorrow island Just started showing up.
- Which means that the screaming death Is only one island away.
- Looks like help's not coming.
All right, we'll have to set up a defense Here on dragon island with what we have.
- Maybe we should fall back and head for home.
- We can't.
If the screaming death destroys dragon island, All these dragons will overwhelm berk.
- And the screaming death won't be far behind.
- Exactly.
- How soon till it gets here? - [screams] - [screams] - Toothless and I will try to buy us some time.
You guys join me up there When snotlout and the twins get here.
- I'm going with you.
- No, I need you as a safety net In case it gets past me.
- So you're leaving me by myself? - Uh, hello? Man on a dragon here.
Right behind you.
- [sighs] You know what I meant, fishlegs.
- I do, and I'd like to go on record As saying we don't appreciate it.
Do we, girl? - [belches] - [screams] - [sighs] just go.
- Statues.
[laughs] great idea.
- It's like we're not even here.
- What are you two muttonheads doing? - We're not muttonheads.
- Yeah, we're statues.
- I guess we could be muttonhead statues.
- No, I mean why are you-- - [groans] - shh.
It's right behind you.
- Pretend we're not here.
- What are you talking about? - [snarls] - Oh, cool, air mail.
Hm, didn't think that would catch on.
- Air mail? - Pfft, stupid name.
- Pfft, muttonheads.
- No, statues of muttonheads.
- [screams] [growls] [screams] - Well, we clearly got its attention, bud.
Now, let's play a little follow the leader And see if it goes for the shiny shield trick again.
- [screams] [screams] - Huh.
That was easy.
Guess I spoke too soon.
Come on.
You love shiny things.
At least you-- you used to.
Ahh! Okay, so it's getting bigger and smarter.
Not the greatest combination.
- [sighs] I knew we couldn't rely on That terrible terror air mail.
- Actually, we can.
Like all dragons, terrible terrors are-- - Territorial.
I know.
- Wait.
That's it.
Astrid, you're a genius.
I-I could kiss you on the lips right now.
- No one is kissing me on the lips ever.
- [screams] - Why don't you go cover hiccup's back? I-I've got an idea.
But I'll need some time.
- Wait! Where are you going? - Just trust me.
- [growls] - We're barely making a dent in that thing.
- [screams] - Turn around, you overgrown earthworm! - [growls] - [groans] - fishlegs! What are you doing? You need backup! - Oh, I've got backup.
Meatlug! Spew! [growling] - [screams] [snorting] [growling and snorting] - [screams] - Hey, it's like gronckle-fest down here.
How'd he do that? - Gronckles are territorial too.
They will defend their home at any cost.
Great idea, fishlegs! - I know, right? Who's the safety net now? - [screams] - You see that? It ran away.
- Uh, not quite.
Astrid, fishlegs, Get as many wild dragons together as you can.
I'll try to force it back to the surface.
[dramatic orchestration] [rock splashes] It's trying to sink the island from within.
- [screams] - Toothless, look out! - [screams] [screams] [growls] [screams] - Hey, we got your message.
- Well, one of us did.
[earth rumbles] Whoa! Did that thing get bigger? - Yeah, and awesome-er! - [screams] - All right, dragons.
Let's get territorial! Stormfly, spine shot! - [growls] - meatlug, dive! - [screams] [screams] - It's working! All the wild dragons are defending their home! - [screams] [groans] - I don't think the screaming death Is gonna mess with dragon island anymore.
[earth rumbles] - Aw, man, but it is still sinking.
[tense orchestration] - Lava blast! [groaning] - The lava is stabilizing the island.
Fishlegs, meatlug, You two were the heroes today.
- Oh, come on.
You're makin' us blush.
- [groans] - Everybody saw how that screaming death turned tail And ran as soon as hookfang and I showed up, right? - Uh-huh, and all those wild dragons Had nothing to do with it.
- Correct.
- As long as we never have to see The screaming death again.
It's giving meatlug gas.
And I don't have to tell you what that's like.
- Hey, did you find anything else About the screaming death? - The good news is they only hatch one Every hundred years or so.
- That's the good news? - What's the bad news? - [laughs] Let me guess.
Uh, what is it gonna be? The end of the world? - Close.
- Uh, I was kidding.
- The bad news is it's still out there.
And someday, it'll come back to berk.