Dragons: Riders of Berk s02e10 Episode Script

A View to a Skrill (1)

- Let's go, bud.
[toothless roars] [heroic music] - Yeah.
- Wow.
- Cool.
- Wow.
- Wow, nice.
- He's pretty good.
- We're getting pretty far north.
- Bucket and mulch are two days overdue.
We need to keep searching.
- You don't really think they're up here, do you? - You can't take the cold, huh, astrid? - No, I just don't have a heated seat like you do.
- That's right.
You don't.
[chuckles] ah, toasty.
[distant shouting] - looks like they're in trouble.
Come on, bud.
- Berserkers, commandeer this vessel For dagur the deranged.
- Slimy, stinky eel, Meet slimy, stinky marauder.
Splash! [men grunting] Splash! [shouting] - Take that, you-- - Surrender or-- [exclaims] - Nice shooting, astrid.
Snotlout, light 'em up.
- [whoops] - Okay, bud.
It's our turn.
[all shouting] - Retreat.
- What happened here? - Well, we thought the berserkers Had hit an iceberg, And so we came into help.
They attacked us.
Because we saw it.
Both: It? - It.
- That looks like a Dragon.
- Why would berserkers Be trying to dig it out? - No idea.
But I'm going to find out.
- Oh, great.
Now we have to dig it out? - Actually, I have a much better idea.
- I say we smash it.
- I say we blast it.
- I say we blast it, then smash it.
Both: Then blast it again.
- Stop saying What I'm saying now! - Yeah, that's certainly one approach.
- [chuckles, then clears throat] Good sir, I believe it is actually three approaches, My fine fellow.
- Let's just get a better look at this thing.
Fishlegs, give me a slow burn.
- With pleasure.
[whistles] Lava blast.
- Nice, fishlegs.
- Oh, man.
- Is that what I think it is? - I think so, but I've only seen pictures.
- Do you realize how huge this could be, fishlegs? - The word "epic" comes to mind.
- I hate it when they get like this.
- Don't you just? - I should check the book of dragons To be sure about this.
- Yeah.
Good idea.
If we're right, this could be big trouble.
- If someone doesn't start filling me in, I'm getting my axe.
- [chuckles] - [laughs] - no one touches that ice While we're gone.
[overlapping shouting] - All right.
Calm down.
- This is an act of war.
- Don't jump to conclusions About what this attack means.
- I don't know, stoick.
Seems pretty cut and dried to me.
I mean, if you think about it, An attack is an attack.
Am I right, people? [overlapping shouting] - And thank you, gobber.
- Always here to help.
- I think I know why dagur's men attacked bucket and mulch.
- Go on, son.
- We got a better look At the dragon bucket and mulch found in the ice.
- We found a dragon? Oh, can we keep it? I've always wanted my own dragon, mulch.
- Uh, it's a skrill.
- Oh.
I don't want one of those.
Ow! - Are you sure about this, son? - Oh, we are sure.
[laughs] Whoo! Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, fishlegs.
[giggles] [chuckles] Sorry, chief, that happens sometimes When we discover a new dragon.
I get a little-- - look, it's right here.
That is definitely a skrill.
- And the skrill is the symbol of - My brothers, this is an historic day For the berserker tribe.
After many years and many searches, Captain vorg has found a skrill.
[cheers] It is such a great occasion, I'm willing to forgive his failure To bring it to me.
[thud] Get up.
For centuries the skrill has represented Our strength, our power, Our ferocity.
As long as hiccup and his little dragon club Have our dragon, we will not rest.
We will take the skrill out of his frail, little hands And destroy that night fury together! [cheers] - Legend has it the lightning comes From the skrill's mouth And thunder from its-- well, you know.
- Remind me never to get behind one.
- That's actually inaccurate.
According to the book of dragons, The skrill drew lightning from the clouds And then redirected it.
- It could use that lightning To hit several targets at once, Which is why it was such a feared dragon.
- It could also store the lightning in its body And use it later.
- I've heard enough.
We need to get rid of that skrill.
It's just the excuse dagur needs To go to war.
- You all know I love a good fight As much as the next person, But why not just give it to them? It's just a frozen dragon carcass after all.
- Actually, because of their internal body temperature, Skrills can stay safely frozen for decades.
- So let me be clear.
This dragon may still be alive, And you left ruffnut, tuffnut, and snotlout To guard it? - Okay, that sounds much worse when you say it.
But it's frozen solid in a block of ice.
How much damage could it possibly do? [explosion] - [growls] - It's not that bad.
- Yeah, maybe hiccup won't even notice.
- No, he's definitely gonna notice.
- [roars] - Definitely.
- [roars] [exclamations] - I got a plan.
- Great.
What is it? - Blame snotlout.
- [groans] - Their fault.
- Hey.
He stole our plan.
- I told you guys to leave it alone.
- It jumped us.
Sneaky dragon.
- From inside a block of ice? - Uh Very sneaky dragon.
- Okay.
- [groans] - what is it, dad? - When I was a lad, my father's father Used to sit me on his knee and tell me stories.
I thought they were just tales.
- Tales about what? - Berserker fleets attacking behind harnessed dragons That brought down lightning from the sky And destroyed everything in their path.
- You don't think the berserkers could actually control A skrill? - I didn't think anyone could ride a night fury.
We just can't take the chance.
If the berserkers find that skrill And know some way to control it-- - We'll find it, dad.
I promise.
[lightning strikes] - Any idea what we do after we find it? - We catch it, we tame it, We train it, keep it away from dagur So he doesn't use it against us.
- Oh, yeah.
That sounds easy enough.
- Actually, the skrill does have some weaknesses.
According to the book of dragons, It can't redirect any lightning if it's in the water.
- That's a start.
- No, a start would be having Any clue where this stupid thing is.
We've been circling the island for hours, And I'm starving.
- Snotlout, you just said Something unintentionally brilliant.
- Of course I did.
What was it again? - When you wake up in the morning, What's the very first thing you want to do? - Well, usually I have to-- - No, after that.
- Oh.
- Exactly.
Fishlegs, what is the skrill's food of choice? - [cackles] [sheep baas] [clanking] - And then you fought off the skrill With your head? - Hey.
This guy silent sven? Remind me not to rustle any more sheep from his farm.
[chuckles] - Uh, he's silent, not deaf.
- [grunts] - any idea which way The skrill went? [lightning strikes] - That way? [sheep bleating] - Shh, it's okay, baby.
Nothing's out here.
Nothing's gonna get you.
[lightning crashes] - hold up, everybody.
- Okay, now what? - Everybody stay back.
If the skrill sees just one dragon, Maybe it won't attack.
[all gasp] There, there, fella.
You've been asleep a long time, huh? I'm guessing you're pretty cranky And hungry too.
- [roars] - Hiccup! - Astrid! [shouts] - [shouts] - aah! Meatlug, drop! [screams] - [roaring] - [screaming] And stop.
Wow, that was impressive.
- Sure, if by impressive you mean terrifying.
- Follow me.
I've got an idea.
I'm gonna dive through the cloud from above And drive that skrill down to you guys So we can all drive it into the water.
- Got it.
No, I don't.
Could we go back to the first part about how you're In the cloud, or is the cloud in you? It's all--it's sort of nebulous for me.
Like a cloud in fact! - Just do what everyone else does.
- And how exactly are we gonna find the skrill In that cloud? - Toothless doesn't need to see To find something, remember? - Does that work in clouds? - There's only one way to find out.
Toothless, now! - It's working! - Time to give this dragon a bath.
- I'll bet he hates it as much as we do.
[exclamations] - We're under attack! [arrows slicing through the air] - [gasps] - Whoa! - [roars] - Oh, no.
Hookfang! [babbles] - Uh, is that - Surprise, surprise, hiccup! [chuckles] Now get your dainty little hands Off my skrill.
- Let's get out of range before they reload.
- Already ahead of you.
- Let's go, bud.
- [laughs] they're running.
- They're regrouping, you idiot.
That's it.
You're relieved of duty.
- [yelps] splash! - My skrill is glorious.
The legend doesn't do it justice.
A dragon that can go head to head With hiccup and his night fury.
And they will both be mine.
- Hey, snotlout, are you okay? - Ha, he's better than okay.
Did you see that lightning bolt to the head? - [blathers] - Tuffnut's right.
Better than okay.
- [blathers] - And making more sense than usual.
- Okay, he's out of it, So the rest of us will-- - [blathers] - Snotlout, we have no idea what you're saying.
- Sure we do.
He said, "I'm perfectly fine.
" - [blathers] - said it again.
I told 'em.
What? I speak post-lightning snotlout.
- How many times has this kid been hit by lightning? - Often enough.
- [blathers] - 12--oh, really? - [blathers] - He said, "enough talk.
"dagur's all mine.
And tuffnut is the toughest of us all.
" - [blathers] - He implied the last part.
- [groans] Well, you heard the man, astrid.
Take snotlout and fishlegs and try to keep The berserker ships occupied.
The twins and I will go after the skrill.
If dagur gets his hands on it first, We won't stand a chance.
- Be careful.
The lightning is attracted to metal, And you two are wearing A lot more of it than the rest of us.
Stormfly, let's rock some boats.
[men shouting] - [blathers] [laughs] - Oh, hello.
- [screams] - Stay on target.
He's tricky, that hiccup.
- Okay, I think I have a way to get the skrill into the water, But it's super risky.
- You, my friend, are speaking our language.
- Basically you're gonna fly blind through the cloud And have barf let out as much gas as possible.
Don't let belch ignite it until you get to the other side.
- Feel my heart, because it comes forth And is bursting through my chest.
- Hopefully the blast will drive the skrill out of the cloud Toward toothless and I, Where we can knock it down With a plasma blast.
- That's a lot of gas.
You have any idea how big a blast That will be? - No.
- Me neither! How awesome is this? [twins whooping] [lightning strikes] - That's it.
Let loose.
- Not you, belch.
Not yet.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Go! Both: Yeah! - He's flying back up! Okay, bud, not too much.
Just enough to bring him down.
Okay, that's a new one.
Let's see how he handles this.
This is bad.
This is worse.
- [blathers] - [groaning and grunting] Sir, look.
- Well, well, it doesn't look Like hiccup will catch my skrill either.
- Then perhaps we should withdraw, Come back for the skrill another day.
- Um, didn't I throw you overboard? - Well, I am an excellent swimmer.
[screams] Splash! - Press on.
- Oh, that one made my hair stand up.
We need a plan and fast.
- Yoo-hoo! Remember us? Gas me, ruff.
- With pleasure.
Oh [both shout] - Maybe we should take off our metal helmets? - Or maybe we should grab all the metal we can! Both: Yeah! [all shouting] - Hiccup.
- Sorry about your deck.
- [yells] Splash! - Did anybody see where the skrill went? - No.
- No.
- [blathers] - Anyone see where the twins ended up? [both groan] - Oh, great.
We do all the work, and the berserkers Get the skrill anyway.
- And that is why we don't work.
It accomplishes nothing.
- Yeah.
Wait a minute.
That's not the berserkers.
That's alvin the treacherous.
- [chuckles] - Why would alvin want a skrill? - Why wouldn't he? Did you see that thing? He could take out berk with it.
- Oh, yeah.
So we should do something, right? - Yes, yes, we should.
Okay, I say we follow him.
- Okay.
And then what? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? - Yeah.
Good point.
- Let's get the beast back to outcast island.
I have big plans for this dragon.