Dream Corp LLC (2016) s02e14 Episode Script

The Krux

[Door chime] May I help you? Are you with the police, FBI, or IRS? - U.
- Oh, really? - Okay.
- Sign here.
You got an hour.
[Ominous music] T.
: How lucky are we? - The real Leslie Krux! - Uh-huh.
Patient 101, Terry.
- This is so cool.
- Who's this guy? - What?! That's Leslie - Patient 101.
Ahmed, you haven't seen the documentary on him, - "The Krux"? - Great film.
- Five stars! - It's my favorite film.
I couldn't sleep for a week after watching it.
Great film.
Oh, yeah, great film.
I meant, the burnt letter? You can't write this stuff.
I know.
I think his mother actually had something to do - with the letter.
- It's the charcoal.
- Charcoal.
- Exactly.
He's a great It's a great film.
He's notorious for leaving little puzzles that consist of three short riddles.
- Right after he kills people.
- No, no.
No, before.
Right before he kills people.
- Before.
- Yeah, before.
He murdered 12 people, is suspected in the unsolved disappearance of 22 others, including his own mother.
- I'm sorry, why is he here? - Science.
He killed his own mother.
- Allegedly.
- I think I got to sit this one out.
Oh, nonsense, 88.
Every patient deserves consideration just like you.
Even serial killers? Especially serial killers.
[Music] 2x14 - The Krux [Slurping] [Music] Uh Can we cure him of being a serial killer in an hour? [Music] I I like your mask.
- And I like yours.
- Oh.
- Randy, is it? - Yep.
I just urinated, uh, a little bit, not a lot, but enough to soak my man's beard, - so I'm going to go.
- Excuse me.
Put this on you, okay? Ahmed, can you help me with this, please? [Mechanical whirring] [Sniffs] Is that pee? Halo in place.
POV gun? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Little pinch.
[Click] POV cam is up and active.
[Muffled] Very, very interesting.
- Very interesting.
- Okay.
What gets wetter as it dries? Oh, wait a minute.
Uh, Doc, he he's doing a riddle like in the movie.
He is! Yeah, no, he totally is! - That's a riddle, guys! - Wait, wait! - Shh, shh! - Remember, he kills after three! Oh, um Oh, no, it's a towel! It's a towel, right? Yes! I love riddles.
That's one, one riddle.
Hand him your towel, 88! This is amazing.
It's hot under these lights.
[Chain jingles] [Inhales] Mm.
What kind of bleach do you use? I love it.
- We make our own.
- Really? Pardon me, would you please sign here? Your hands are as old as a wizard's.
[Whispers] Thank you.
[Music] Okay, so I'll Let's go in.
I'll see you in there.
All right? Okay.
We'll get to the problem now.
Smith had five daughters.
Each of them had a brother.
So how many children did Mr.
Smith have? Doc, that's another riddle.
Kills after three! Oh, yeah.
That's two riddles.
- Anyone? - Yeah, okay, five brothers.
No one? One more to go, guys, just one to go.
- Mr.
Smith had six children.
- Six.
Ahmed! Each daughter shared one brother.
I tickled them all to death.
[Clicks tongue] [Thud] Well, he didn't give me a chance to answer that.
[All applauding] Oh! [Laughs] Oh, bravo! - Did you see him do that? - Bravo.
- No! - That was amazing! - Amazing.
- Amazing.
No, it's not amazing! He tickles people to death! - How'd he do it? - He tickles people to death.
He tickles people to death! Technically, they die of starvation, but he does tickle them the entire time.
Okay, Doc, he's chained to me.
You got to get me out of here right now.
Doc, hello? Okay, Doc, officially 2 weeks' notice.
I'm chained to a murderer, a-and he's already said a couple riddles.
88, he can't hurt you.
He's passed out.
Come on, people! This is just another Tuesday.
- Let's act like it.
- It's Friday.
It's Friday? [Bottle squelching, crunch] Happy Friday.
Randy, drop me into the fire.
Copy that! Dialing nine, locked and loaded.
Here we go, time to shine.
This is the first of my What? Bea Bea.
- Ahmed.
- Too high for this.
- T.
: Oh, you're screwed, mate.
- Randy? - You better hope he doesn't wake up! - Not funny, Randy! [Music] [Cheering and applause] [Music] [Tap dancing] Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.
That's enough.
[Echoing] A very special show tonight.
Put your hands together for a man who thinks he can actually help me [Laughter] - Ladies and gentlemen, Dr.
Roberts! - Ooh! [Muffled cheering] Hey, Doc, follow me, will you? 'Cause I really want to enjoy this, uh [Snickers] Freedom! [Breathy chuckling] We're back in three, two, one! [Gunshot, squelching] [Cheering and applause in background] - Oh, this isn't good.
- I haven't had this much fun since I set my first dog on fire.
[Cackles] Randy, can you bring up the monologue from that TelePrompTer? This bloke is a lunatic! I take it all back this isn't as much fun as I thought.
Anyone else think this guy might be insane? Can someone just get the key from the Marshal? Terry, can you read Wingdings? Of course, I was top of my class in Wingdings - at University of Phoenix.
- Bilbo Brag-gins over there.
I mean, like, maybe there's, like, a hacksaw in the storage closet? Guys! Guys! T.
, tell me what this says.
No problemo.
I can translate this murderer's mystery in my sleep.
- Brag-atha Christie over there.
- Bolt cutters?! 88, please! It's very distracting.
Keep it down.
Okay, where was I? Sailboat, sailboat, yin-yang, oh, here we go.
"To kill a human animal brings the most miraculous joy.
" - What? - Oh, "miraculous" is spelled wrong.
Guys, I'm the animal.
I'm the human animal! Guys, there's probably, like, a knife from the break room.
Can I just defend myself? [Soft laughter from audience] These knives are moving fast.
[Thwump] [Rimshot] [Audience laughter] Woman: Show me your dick! Oh, you get 480 pieces in a set, and that comes - [Whispering] Dr.
- with the shredder.
- Dr.
- Now, the shredder is great for deboning fish or or intelligent animals.
[Knife sticks] [Deflating, audience awws] Where did you go, doctor? You forgot your skin.
[Audience jeering] [Yells] You're ruining my show! [Crashing] [Music] [Grunts] Strange, he confessed to killing his mother, but police later found her alive and well working in a Waffle House.
Ooh, Waffle House! Hey, T.
, tonight I'll make us a Randy Scramble.
Doctor? Research shows his mother is still alive.
Follow 101 as a child.
He's leading you somewhere and be careful.
[Soft electronic music] [Music] Is your name Leslie Krux? - Doctor, no names.
- Bea! Bea! [Music] [Echoing] Is one of these your mother? [Music] [Music] Woman: Who knows, man? You don't even look alike! Yeah, you take him and take care of him if you want him so much.
You worthless I didn't want him either! You think I'm fat?! [Barking] It's okay.
You're safe.
I didn't want any of this! - Hey, did you make this drawing? - You take him! He's not even yours! [Woman screams] Get out of my mind, Roberts! [Echoing] Roberts! Bea, we don't have a lot of time in here.
- What's the analysis? - Dr.
Roberts, maternal deprivation in the child's early life caused permanent emotional damage, - classic attachment theory.
- God! It's critical that he confronts his mother.
The clock is ticking.
[Chatter] The boy is not yours! Was that the last time you saw your mother? It's okay.
You can trust me.
I'm here to listen.
You can say whatever you feel like saying.
- Watch out.
- Holy shit.
[Ominous music] Bea, his mother abandoned him.
Bea: Yes, and as a coping mechanism, he convinced himself he murdered her.
And if you've killed your own mother, why stop there? Randy You you never really killed her, did you? This psycho could put Roberts in a coma! Randy, take off the mask.
- It makes me feel safe! - Randy, put that egg down! - What are you doing? - I'm stress-eating! She neglected you.
Ah! [Low roar] It's not your fault.
- I'm pulling Roberts out! - Randy, no! He almost has 101 to his mother! We can hold on longer! Roberts is hardwired in, Bea! If he dies in the dream, he dies in real life! Just don't ask me! Sorry, not sorry! Hurry, Randy! I know it's painful, Leslie.
I lost my mother, too.
[Groaning loudly] Ah! Ah, dang it.
Randy, why did you rip me out? We almost had him.
Ah! No, no, no.
What's so fragile that merely mentioning it breaks it? - Um - Uh - Doc, that's the third riddle.
- Silence! Oh, that's clever.
Yeah, uh, 88 is definitely getting killed.
- Where's he at, Randy? - My computer says he's asleep! Why are you wearing my mask? [Music] Well Um [Feedback squeals] Uh, well, you you, uh Is it all right if I if I talk? You said, "Silence.
" - Wait.
How do you see me? - Parasomnia! Fascinating.
- What's that? - Slow sleep waves.
He is between sleep stages.
It could be fatal to 88 at the very least.
Well, don't shine a light in his eye.
Randy, plant that scan of his mother.
Okay, Doc.
Copy that.
[Music] Let's go see what that is, shall we? Go.
Open it.
Open it, Leslie.
- Woman: Leslie! - Roberts: Now is your chance.
She abandoned you.
How did she abandon you? How did she abandon you? [Chopsticks clatter] [Music] - My mother - 88, maternal transference.
- What? - Act like his mother.
- I have to act like his mother? - Yes.
Act like his mother, 88! We're three riddles in.
- Do you want to die? - Kinda! Confidence, 88, confidence! Trust the science.
Bea: Initiate.
Make physical contact.
Fine! Confidence.
Okay, okay, okay! Use his name.
[Music] Everyone deserves to be healed.
Find that little boy, and tell him the truth.
Mom? - Who abandoned you? - My mother.
Say it.
Let it out.
[Stifled sob] My mother.
[Music] [Sobbing] Hour is up.
[Music] What is this? No! [Music] Mom! [Music] [Distorted shouting] [Music] [Music] Dr.
Roberts, you don't understand.
Maternal sublimation and maternal transference.
[Music] [Music] [Sneezes] T.
: Gesundheit! [Chuckles] And gesundheit to one and all.