Drop Dead Diva s01e04 Episode Script

The Chinese Wall

see that aspiring model there? that was me - deb - until the day i died.
i thought i'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and i woke up in someone else's body.
so now i'm jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
i got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend stacy and my guardian angel, fred.
i used to think everything happened for a reason and, well, i sure hope i was right.
drop dead diva i thought you were my friends.
are you talking to your shoes? no.
only a crazy person does that.
i'm talking to my feet.
you've completely betrayed me.
ah, good.
that's not crazy at all.
they're not only shorter than my old feet, these puppies are wide.
therefore providing better support.
fred, i don't care about support, i care about raising my heels to shape my calves.
i have been reading about these shoes for a year.
i order them online, in my new size, and my feet are still too wide.
so why don't you just give the shoes to stacy? or, better yet, why don't i give the shoes to stacy? - and then - - and then what? she'd fall madly in love with you? - give it up.
- you know what? be mad at the shoes, not me, okay? besides, based on the dvd llection i saw in your old condo, the "old jane" waa huge romantic.
and you know what i learned from those movies? that the female lead character wears twice as much makeup in the final scene than when we first meet her? nothat perseverance - and true love, but mainly perseverance - conquers all.
you and stacy are a total mismatch.
exactly! like tom hanks and meg ryan in "you've got mail.
" or tom hanks and meg ryan in "sleepless in seattle.
" or tom hanks - are guardian angels even allowed to date normal people? don't ask, don't tell.
bingum, you got a client waiting.
your movies have taught me everything i need to know about how to win stacy's heart.
just watch.
i miss my ankles.
- his name is david beckham.
- what? i just heard.
david beckham's in the office? he's in the conference room.
he needs a lawyer, and you two are on it.
- second chair.
- what? you - second chair.
you are not ruining this for me.
kim, he's married - posh spice, victoria beckham.
i'm in love with the man, jane.
i bought his aftershave, david beckham's instinct, just to spray his scent on my pillow.
i will handle the client.
hi, kim kaswell, lead attorney.
my colleague, jane.
so, where's our client? - uh, kim - shh.
- second chair.
- kim - that's david beckham? - i've always been a fan, and when he smiles, they kind of look alike.
maybe he'll spray his scent on your pillow.
well, you're a good boy.
he's an ottoman with fur.
i'm sorry.
parker hasn't filled us in on this case.
and i'm not really a dog person, so david beckham is the only golden retriever ever to win the pedigree cup.
sadly, he passed away last year.
um, if he died, then what am i looking at? i had him cloned.
- come on.
- i know, it sounds like science fiction, but there are companies that do that now.
it cost me 200 grand.
but if you add up potential endorsements, it would have paid for itself - had it worked.
does he look like the first david beckham? identical, but he never listens to me.
he doesn't understand the simplest command.
he just eats and sleeps and licks himself.
- oh.
- look at this.
david beckham ii come here.
son of a bitch.
i want my money back every cent.
i'll get him.
come here.
good boy.
hi, i'm looking for grayson kent.
grayson kent - he is a lawyer here.
oh, bobbi, so good to see you.
you too, darling.
you too.
how are you? you okay? right this way.
thank you.
that woman - she's my mom - i'm going in there.
she's my mom.
not anymore, jane, and i do mean "jane.
" you know the rules.
i am not going to tell her who i am.
oh, really? so what if i do tell her? i told stacy, and nothing bad happened.
yeah, because i covered for you, and i'm not gonna do it again.
she is my mom.
we were close, best-friend close.
we told each other everything.
maybe she'd understand.
yeah, or maybe you'll send her screaming into a loony bin.
people are not supposed to come back to life.
she misses deb, and you're not deb.
you're jane.
i'm going in.
jane? that's me.
um - jane bingum.
- hi.
we're kind of in the middle of something here.
which is why i interrupted.
grayson, while a phenomenal lawyer, is still new to the firm, miss mrs.
- call me bobbi.
- bobbi.
i thought you might require additional assistance with your legal needs.
well, i was kind of counting on grayson, but he just informed me that he cannot be my lawyer.
- jane, bobbi is deb's mother, so - - i see.
and that's why you're not gonna represent her? no.
i'm already representing her husband.
you're both in trouble? no, we're just getting a divorce.
why? it's deb, isn't it? because she passed away.
are you okay? i'm so sorry for your loss.
major tragedies often heighten emotional tensions.
grief makes people do crazy things.
i think you should give yourselves another chance, take some time to really think about it.
jane, can i see you outside, please? i really think i need to hear the whole story.
- jane.
- no, it's all right.
i don't mind talking about it.
i understand, bobbi, but the problem is i can't hear it because i can't represent you.
- i can.
- excuse me? if you'd like, i have time, mrs.
if you need a lawyer, i can represent you.
- absolutely not.
- i'd love that.
- okay.
now we're going outside.
- all right.
i want to know what just happened in there.
a client hired a lawyer.
- my client.
- she wasn't your client.
you said you couldn't represent her.
we w hk at the same firm.
we can't represent both parties.
that's not correct.
oh! it's called the chinese wall.
we institute a metaphorical barricade within the firm to prevent conflict of interest.
as soon as it goes up, all communications, paperwork, and discourse between opposing counsel is disallowed.
god, i never get used to that.
this is crazy.
i'm going with bingum on this one.
two clients means double the fee on one divorce.
love those chinese.
okay, fine.
but you need to know that these clients are very important to me.
i would hope so.
what are we looking at here? this is a video i put together for david beckham's - the first david beckham's - funeral.
gives you a sense of his abilities.
objection, your honor.
a funeral video with a soundtrack? more prejudicial than probative.
your honor, if we're going to prove that the new dog is nothing like the original, then the jury needs to meet the original.
but make your point, counselor.
in the 2007 pedigree cup, how did david beckham i perform? green ribbon.
perfect 10's from every judge.
the rerter from "canine magazine" called him "extremely intelligent and responsive.
" this year's pedigree cup is happening right now here in town, isn't it? why aren't you there? that's because david beckham ii didn't win any of qualifiers.
he didn't qualify for any of the qualifiers, despite exactly same training regime as david beckham i.
in fact, at a conformation show in phoenix, he ate one of the judge's shoes.
nothing further.
haft, i'm no expert, but that dog looks pretty darn identical to the pooch sitting right there.
you could put a hyundai engine in a porsche, and you'll think it's a porsche right up until the moment you try to drive it.
but isn't it possible that the problem lies not with the dog at all but with the driver? i'm not following you.
you say you trained the two dogs in exactly the same way.
but you're not the same man you were when you trained the first dog, are you? you're grieving, maybe a little depressed.
you clearly miss beckham i.
maybethis little guy never had a chance.
i paid $200,000 for a clone of my dog, and that is not my dog.
nothing further.
slow down.
what's going on? there was a weirdo at the courthouse, and i think he followed me out.
what kind of weirdo? a weirdo in uniform.
a bailiff.
oh, no.
did he have a receding hairline, long-ish face, - kind of goofy grin? - yeah.
why? that's hank, the bailiff.
he's been crushing on you for, like, a year.
he has a crush on me? ew.
don't act so surprised.
you actually went out two or three times.
couple nights before you were shot, there was kissing.
he's probably wondering why you haven't called him back.
apparently, old jane kissed a bailiff.
good for her.
hey, any idea how he wooed you? what? and i've narrowed it down.
here's how the guy gets the girl - a last-minute race to the airport or a humiliatingut heartfelt public declaration of love, often in the form of a song.
what are you doing with a - stacy-y-y you drive me crazy-y-y don't do that.
dobkins is in the conference room.
why? dobkins settlement conference i texted you.
that means mr.
dobkins will be there? hard to have a divorce without a husband.
are you okay? yeah.
i'll be right there.
jane, this is a bad idea.
i can handle it.
we'll take care of this quickly.
it won't be long.
oh, jane bingum, bobbi's attorney.
jane, i'd like you to meet my client, joe dobkins.
it is so nice to - whoa.
- i'm sorry.
we're just that kind of law firm.
just one big, happy family.
isn't thatright? now, let's get started.
joe has provided us with a list of assets.
i brought one, too.
wait, wait, wait.
let's slow things down.
jane i just think we may have missed a step in the process.
which step would that be, hon? mediation.
i mean, have you two really thought this through? is a long time.
is she for real? my lawyer has a heart.
that's very sweet, jane.
but we know what we're doing.
bobbi, joe i know that this is unorthodox, but maybe if you sat down and talked - jane, i'm going to need to see you in private.
i know you have seniority here, but i love these people like my own parents, and you're upsetting them! isn't it our obligation, as their advocates, to provide our clients with an opportunity to work things out? they didn't hire us to work things out.
but look at them.
they belong together.
actually, they don't.
joe wants out of this marriage.
we've been talking about it for months.
months? don't be ridiculous.
this was probably brought on by deb's passing.
it's common to sublimate grief.
jane, joe came to me well before the accident.
what? you never told deb.
how do you know that? well 'cause if you did, she'd have told her mother.
it seems they shared everything.
and bobbi just found out last week, when joe told her.
he asked me not to say anything.
it's a divorce.
he has his reasons.
so you didn't tell deb because he asked you to keep quiet? something that important, you kept from her - the woman you were gonna marry.
what's going on with you? i don't know.
i mean, grayson's a lawyer.
maybe he took a vow not to share a client's personal information with his girlfriend.
are you taking his side? i'm on your side.
he's a jerk.
thank you.
keep pacing.
good cardio.
he lied to me.
well, technically, he didn't lie to you.
he lied to deb.
and technically, it's not really a lie.
he just didn't tell you something.
technically, he's a jerk.
it is called a lie by omission.
i have discovered so many more types of lies since becoming a lawyer.
at least the divorce isn't your fault.
your dad planned on leaving your mom way before your accident.
my parents are splitting up, and my almost-fianc? knew about it and didn't tell me.
how do you find the silver lining in that? it's a gift.
look, sweetie, if grayson had told you, what would you have done? i would have told my mom.
and he knew that.
well, my dad didn't want my mom to know.
and as a lawyer, i know what that means.
i'm listening.
he was probably taking extra time to hide his assets.
well, i'm not gonna let him get away with it.
your mom has no idea how lucky she is to have you as a lawyer.
silver lining! there i go again.
bobbi, california's a no-fault state, which means marital assets are split equally.
but if one party has advance notice, they can hide assets.
but that does not really sound like him.
well, unfortunately, as i've recently learned, people can surprise you.
you have the tahoe condo on the list, but what about the jeep? how do you know about the jeep? every condo in tahoe has a jeep.
he can have them both.
what? why? because he loves the place, and i don't ski.
then you'll learn.
listen, bobbi it's time you did something for yourself.
did you ever meet my daughter? - uh, grayson's girlfriend? - no.
but from what i've heard, she was terrific.
yeah, she was.
you know, she was a pageant girl right up into her teens, and she did pretty well.
and i would shuttle her back and forth between the competitions.
the whole time, she'd be on my case, saying, "mom, you got to do something for yourself.
" you know what? i do want the condo.
there you go.
now let's take a look at the rest of this list.
- hey, stacy.
- hey - you.
- it's fred.
well, jane's at work right now, so if you - oh, well - well, actually, um, i-i won- i was wondering if - if you wanted to - uhi -here goes.
there's this girl named stacy and she drives me crazy oh, i-i have to take this.
uh, should i tell jane that you stopped by? - uh, actually, n-no.
- okay.
i'll see you later, then you.
iit's fred.
it's just - just fred.
one littlesyllable.
what the hell is this? a revised asset distribution list.
the condo in tahoe? the jeep? joe's golf clubs? - bobbi doesn't golf.
- not yet.
what's going on here? will you please inform mr.
kent that the chinese wall precludes any informal discourse between attorneys regarding the case.
what she said.
why have we suddenly gone scorched earth on what's supposed to be an amicable divorce? chinese wall.
is this coming from you or the client? chinese wall.
don't look at me.
i'm korean.
huxley, would you read the highlighted portion of your brochure? "what if you never had to say goodbye to your best friend? "bff biotech offers you a second chance and your dog a second life.
" and where would a pet owner find a brochure like this? we distribute these at veterinary hospitals.
where they're likely to be read by grief-stricken dog owners who, in their hour of desperation, would pay anything to get their dead dog back.
objection, your honor.
counsel is testifying.
huxley, is it possible for a cloned dog to look like the original dog but share no other personality traits? yes, environment dictates personality as much as dna.
so a customer could spend $200,000 and get a dog with a personality that is nothing like their best friend.
that could happen, yes.
and where does it say that in your brochure? it doesn't.
nothing further.
redirect, your honor.
huxley how was david beckham ii created? our scientist used skin cells from beckham i to extract dna which they then fused with an egg to create a clone.
i see.
in the sales contract that your clients sign, what does it say about personality traits? it states that we cannot guarantee specific traits.
did wallace haft sign this contract? yes.
and did you supply him with an exact genetic clone? yes.
in fact, the dna match has been verified by three labs.
we'd like to enter the results as exhibits "a," "b," and "c.
" and now, your honor, the defense moves for a directed verdict.
- excuse me! - objection! we all feel badly for mr.
haft's loss.
he misses his dog and the endorsements, but the plaintiff hasn't provided an iota of evidence of any wrongdoing.
i'm inclined to agree.
counsel - do you have anything else? - absolutely.
and that would be? um i'll tell you what that would be.
these "indepennt dna tests -" are we just gonna take his word for it? how does the court know they're reliable? they are from three of the top labs in the state.
so what? everyone knows that you don't pick a hair stylist by the name of the salon.
it's the individual stylist that matters.
so you want the defense to provide the qualifications of the technicians that ran the dna tests.
- we demand it.
- no problem, your honor.
shouldn't take more than a day or two.
see that aspiring model there? that was me - deb - until the day i died.
i thought i'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and i woke up in someone else's body.
so now i'm jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
i got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend stacy and my guardian angel, fred.
i used to think everything happened for a reason and, well, i sure hope i was right.
drop dead diva i thought you were my friends.
are you talking to your shoes? no.
only a crazy person does that.
i'm talking to my feet.
you've completely betrayed me.
ah, good.
that's not crazy at all.
they're not only shorter than my old feet, these puppies are wide.
therefore providing better support.
fred, i don't care about support, i care about raising my heels to shape my calves.
i have been reading about these shoes for a year.
i order them online, in my new size, and my feet are still too wide.
so why don't you just give the shoes to stacy? or, better yet, why don't i give the shoes to stacy? - and then - - and then what? she'd fall madly in love with you? - give it up.
- you know what? be mad at the shoes, not me, okay? besides, based on the dvd llection i saw in your old condo, the "old jane" waa huge romantic.
and you know what i learned from those movies? that the female lead character wears twice as much makeup in the final scene than when we first meet her? you will have your directed verdict.
i didn't freeze, if that's what you were thinking.
i wasn't thinking that at all.
i was lining up our argument in my head.
i figured as much.
i was just buying us time so you could make that argument.
that's what i figured.
so what are we coming back in with? no idea.
jane! hi.
um, i have, um business on another case, so i'll just see you back at the office.
whatever floats your boat.
so i think i maybe owe you an apology.
because i sent you flowers after you were shot and you never thanked me? no.
i'm mean, yes, of course.
thank you for those flowers.
what's going on? i thought things were going well with us.
i'm just wondering if maybe we should slow it down.
okay, but it can't get much slower.
we've had three dinners in two years.
i see my accountant more frequently than that.
i think what happened hank maybe it took me by surprise when, you know, you kissed me.
when i kissed you? - jane, you kissed me.
- i did? pretty sure, yeah.
outside the hamburger hamlet.
we were waiting for our cars, and bam, you just planted one on me.
that not how you remember it? that evening is kind of a blur.
i know what you mean.
so, uh, what do you think? you want to go out again and have another blur? can i get back to you on that? you know where to find me.
okayi kissed him.
what? the bailiff.
he didn't kiss me.
i kissed him.
was there tongue? i got to update my blog.
- teri.
- kidding.
there's no blog as far as you know.
i wouldn't go in there just yet.
- aaah! - aaah! what the hell are you doing? "an officer and a gentleman.
" voted the most romantic movie of all time by dozens of internet newsgroups.
i am gonna show up at stacy's place of employment, sweep her off her feet to the cheers of her colleagues, and she will be mine.
great plan or what? okay, first of all, stacy doesn't have a place of employment.
yeah, i know, but she's got yoga mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, so i'll just show up there.
second, richard gere wasn't a stalker.
okay, good point.
and third, stacy's been kickboxing since she was 12.
you try and sweep her off her feet, you're gonna lose some teeth.
so, i guess i should return my uniform.
i rented it by the hour.
fred, forget the movies.
they're not real life.
i got to do something, though.
she doesn't even remember my name.
fred, you forgot your cellphone.
oh, i don't have a cellphone.
hello? hey, just checking in.
is it all signed yet? are you finally all mine? who is this? i'm sorry.
i might have the wrong number.
who are you calling for? bobbi dobkins.
this is bobbi's lawyer.
who am i speaking to? oh, uh just tell her richard called.
jane, everything all right? no.
remember when i thought my mom told me everything? yeah.
cancel my afternoon, teri.
what? where are you going? pasadena.
emergency client meeting.
jane, we need to talk.
hey, i need updated tax information - hello, jane.
- fred, what are you doing? - what are you doing? - i'm going to talk to - your mother? - my client.
- no you're not.
this is gonna get us both in trouble.
fred, look, i know you're just doing your job, but what i really need from you is a little less guardian and a little more angel.
and a guitar it's simple, but it gets me far my mother told me, don't complain 'cause that's not what we're made of grew up on a crowded street well, i knew them, and they knew me i always thought i'd be something to be proud of hit open fire i took away everything you desire got love in my heart, got a melody smile on my face when i rip off the.
got what i want, threw shoe*on my feet what else do i need? can i, uh, help you? i am so sorry, mr.
i - i assume you're here for a meeting with bobbi.
it's last minute.
but she wasn't here, and the door was open, so do you want to wait? no.
i could give her a message for you.
could you, uh could you just just tell her i stopped by? - thanks.
- ms.
bingum do you mind leaving that? oh.
i'm sorry.
that was inappropriate.
i had no business.
um, i just wanted to see what it felt like to wear one those things.
for what it's worth, it looked nice on you.
i have to go.
next up, the crowd favorite, voted friendliest breed, the golden retriever.
how was pasadena? both depressing and humiliating.
oh, that's nice.
what are you doing? is that the dog show? oh, i love me the pooches.
i've always wanted to go, but that's not why i'm watching.
kim's having all the assistants researching canine law and everything related to dog shows.
i've never seen her do panic mode before.
first one who finds something helpful to your case gets 50 bucks.
that's right, chris i think i just won damn it! - how's it going? - ugh.
well, i slept here last night, if that's any indication.
i'm turning into you.
this case - and the dog it rode in on - is a big stinking loser.
there's nothing here.
you should have let us go down in flames yesterday.
well, maybe.
but then we wouldn't have figured out how to win this case.
oh, wake up, jane.
we haven't.
are you sure? look, check out this year's green-ribbon winner.
so, you know, dogs are now my least favorite mammal.
hey, is that david beckham? no, it's macbeth, a different golden retriever.
but our client said that beckham was the only golden ever to win.
what are the odds of another one coming along so quickly? i've never been very good at math, but something like eleventy-billion to one.
that's not a real number.
look, i spent a lot of time on the pageant circuit as a kid.
yes, i was in beauty pageants, kim.
deal with it.
parents will do anything to help their kids win, and dog owners are no different.
get to the point, miss america.
i'm saying if you knew how to clone dogs ansomeone handed you an award-winning golden retriever, you could snag some extra dna and create a litter of pedigree pups.
listen to yourself.
it sounds crazy.
do you have anything better? you should go down to the dog show and collect dna samples so we can run our own tests.
why don't you do it? 'cause you're first chair and i have another case.
i can't go alone.
ooh, take teri.
she's always wanted to go to a dog show.
this is a nightmare.
it smells like a dog show? don't make me leave you here alone.
can i help you? i got this.
hi, we're the editors of "doggie style," doing a backstage profile on the show.
ladiesmy pleasure.
i love your work.
let me know if i can be of any service.
go right ahead.
"doggie style?" is that even a real magazine? yes, it's just not about dogs.
there's macbeth.
is now open for the agility invitational, held this year in minneapolis-st.
go for it.
above my pay grade.
besides, aren't you first chair? now what are we supposed to do? we have to collect its spit.
- let him smell your nose.
- what? distract him so i can get in there before he barks again.
just do it.
you knew that would happen.
i was hoping.
why didn't you tell me? richard and i were not public yet, so i really did not feel comfortable telling you.
so the affair is pretty recent.
no, i've known richard for, uh, five or six years now.
what? so when i was when your daughter was still living at home? by the time she was in high school, my marriage was ovig.
her father and i - we'd been growing apart for years, living parallel lives, really.
so why'd you stay together? - for deb? - yes.
she had this picture in her head of a perfect, loving family.
we didn't want to take that away from her.
all those years, deb thought you two were happy.
you do it long enough, you get good at faking it.
but at night, when you go to sleep, the lie will eat you up inside.
oh, god, it feels good just to talk about it.
what a relief.
i feel like i can breath again.
- jane, are you all right? - i can't be your lawyer.
- e-excuse me? - this was a mistake.
i never should have you have to find yourself another lawyer.
you're not thinking of jumping, are you? no.
it wouldn't do any good.
i'm sorry, grayson.
i hope i didn't screw things up.
it's fine.
parker stepped in.
all the assets are on the table.
it's an easy 50/50 split.
so now that i am no longer opposing counsel and the chinese wall has completely crumbled, can you tell me something totally off the record? what's that? why didn't joe tell bobbi he was seeing a lawyer about the divorce? why did he keep it secret for so long? joe came to see me a few months ago, said his marriage was over, and it was time to file for a did rce.
thing is, the timing wasn't so good for me.
for you? i was just about to ask deb to marry me and you didn't want anything to ruin it.
- i know it sounds selfish.
- it's sounds sweet and kind.
no, maybe i should have just told deb.
for what it's worth, i think what you did was amazing.
deb was a lucky woman.
and what are we doing out here? we just thought you might want to settle.
kaswell, in about two seconds, we're going to walk through that door, and the judge is going to announce a verdict in our favor.
why in the hell would we want to settle? we'll give you three reasons.
they've been hiding all my life but until now love's been on strike ever since you oh, god.
so, darling can i buy you a drink? i'd like you to meet macbeth, coach, and big papi.
turns out your genius of a client didn't make just one clone from mr.
haft's award-winning beckham.
without our client's knowledge or consent, he made four.
he gave puppy number one to mr.
haft and sold the other three to the highest bidders.
you can't prove anything.
oh, actually, we can.
dna tests from the same lab you guys used.
you're right.
they know their stuff.
the judge is ready.
court's in session.
decision time, boys.
either we settle, or we walk macbeth, coach, and big papi down to the d.
's office, where we'll have a little talk about fraud and grand larceny.
ooh, that'll be fun.
could you let the judge know we'll need a few minutes? why don't we talk in private? congratulations! - we won? - yup.
they're filling out the paperwork right now.
thank you.
and as soon as you return the dog, they'll refund your money.
what? it's how this works.
it's no different than a broken refrigerator or a bum stereo.
to get your money back, you've got to return the merchandise.
they think david beckham is merchandise? under the law, yes.
well, what's gonna happen to - to him? i don't know.
you wanted the money, right? you said it yourself.
this dog doesn't listen to you.
he's totally untrainable.
he doesn't do anything.
this dog never leaves my side.
do you know that? he knows where i am every second of the day.
he's not david beckham i.
no, he definitely is not.
david beckham i would never just sit here with his head on my lap.
he'd be sitting in an alert position.
david beckham i knew he couldn't come into my bedroom.
but this guy - he can't wait to wake me up in the morning.
he just jumps right in my bed.
and now you must think i'm an idiot.
i mean, to turn down that kind of money, but - i understand.
unconditional love.
they say you can't put a price on that, right? listen, no promises, but perhaps if we agree to keep the details of the settlement completely confidential, bff will allow you to keep david beckham and still refund your money.
well that would be great.
but whatever happens, i'm keeping him.
- hey.
- uh-oh.
this isn't gonna go well for me, is it? you can tell all that by the way i said "hey"? - i've been here before.
- hank you seem like a really nice guy.
yep, that's what comes next.
i am a nice guy, jane.
i thought you were figuring that out.
it seemed like we had a really nice time together.
i'm sure we did.
i mean, i know we did.
and i'm not ruling anything out.
do you want to go to the movies tonight? the truth is - there's somebody else.
- ouch.
no way around that one, is there? is he in love with you? he doesn't know i exist.
look, if you change your mind, i- it's just a movie, not a lifetime commitment, okay? - thanks, but - maybe another time.
well, looks like it all worked out.
no thanks to me.
if only someone, in a guardian capacity, had warned you beforehand.
fred down here on earth, no one likes to hear "i told you so.
" but i admit i should have listened.
is thatwhat you want to hear? yeah, pretty much.
well, i'm off.
what are you doing? "say anything" john cusack wins the hearts of america with a song and a giant boom box.
i don't care what you say.
i'm taking a shot with this one.
you know what? go for it.
good luck, fred.
how is this one shining on its own? so many answers i will never know so many answers i will never know our world is beautiful but i think it would be nothing without you life is wonderful, it moves my soul fred? - hey, stacy.
- hi.
i thought that was you.
whatcha doing? uh, just, uh, hanging out.
well, see you around.
yes, you will.
life is wonderful, it moves my soul she remembers my name.
our world is beautiful but i think it would be nothing without you oh, my god, i'm nothing without you am i interrupting? no bobbi, please come in.
well, everything is signed, and i'm divorced.
how do you feel? anxious.
but i'll be okay.
i'm really sorry about the way i behaved.
it all worked out.
and despite everything, i really did enjoy working with you.
you didn't just care about the case.
you seemed to care about me.
till i went a little nuts.
about that - can i ask what happened? did i do something? i- i think you reminded me of my own mother.
it felt a little close to hom she is lucky to have you as a daughter.
goodbye, jane.
goodbye, mom.

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