Drop Dead Diva s01e06 Episode Script

Second Chances

See that aspiring model there? That was me-- Deb-- until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason and, well, I sure hope I was right.
Grayson I have to tell you something, and let me finish before you say anything.
I know this is gonna sound really crazy-- And it is really crazy-- But it's not as crazy as you think.
I mean, it is crazy, but-- Good God! What is this, "project run-on sentence"? Tim Gunn? Why are you wearing a wedding gown, Jane? 'Cause Grayson wants to marry me, and I want to be ready.
He wanted to marry Deb, not Jane.
Well, I'm going to tell him the truth.
Okay, then look him straight in the eye and say "Deb is alive, and she's here, right in front of you.
" Now you try it.
Grayson, Deb is alive.
And she's here, and-- I sound like a crazy person.
Jane, darling, this worries me.
Consider a high-quality textile.
It has a depth and an authenticity that can't be faked.
It sells itself.
People who are comfortable with themselves are the same way.
Grayson will only accept you when you accept yourself.
That makes sense.
Of course it does.
I said it.
- Now, just one piece of advice-- - I know-- "Make it work.
" Well, actually, I was going to say that this bolero jacket compromises your silhouette but, yes, sure-- Make it work.
I know it's never too late to try ♪ I've had enough of being shy ♪ ♪ Is there a way ♪ Ohhhh.
It's never too late to try Sweetie, I had another crazy dream.
You will not believe who was in it.
Oh, you made coffee.
You're an angel.
- Thanks for noticing.
- Why are you here? - And what-- Where's Stacy? - You're welcome.
And Stacy's still asleep.
Fred, I feel woozy.
And I have a headache.
Maybe I'm sick.
Uh, ooh, let's see-- Birthday party alcohol karaoke.
- I would say you're hung over.
- No.
I don't get hung over.
Deb didn't get hung over.
Jane hardly drank.
You haven't built up your tolerance.
Of course.
Fred, you know, she didn't drink she didn't go to clubs, she didn't get massages.
What did she do to relax, to-- to blow off steam? Let me guess-- she ate.
Actually, no.
She ate when she was stressed.
Uh, to relax, she enjoyed crossword puzzles.
- Um, you still haven't told me why you're here.
- Somebody had to clean up after your party.
- So sweet.
- And take care of Stacy.
She was wasted.
- W- wait.
Did you-- - I slept on the sofa.
Now, down your coffee.
We got to get to work.
No, you're not here.
Like I said, I have an appointment with Ms.
Like I said, I control her schedule, and I don't see you on it.
Well, I made the appointment weeks ago.
May I ask what this is regarding? I'm interviewing to be her assistant.
We're gonna have to reschedule.
And we don't validate parking.
Have a nice day.
- Fun night? - Yeah, too much fun.
- Hey, could you do me a favor? - Does it involve bright lights or loud noises? No.
I've been going through some of Deb's stuff and I thought she'd want to give Stacy a few of Deb's things.
- Would you mind? - Of course not.
Grayson-- my office.
Not a single verb.
Scored my first case working with him.
Any advice? Um, never go into his office without a legal pad.
And breath mints.
For him.
He orders extra onions on everything.
- Got it.
- Good luck.
- Good morning.
- Is it? Thanks for helping throw my party.
Next time, make sure I stick to wine.
A woman was just here for a meeting I didn't schedule.
Anything you want to tell me? - What woman? - Nice try.
Here you go, Jane.
Oh, thank you.
More caffeine.
Maybe you need an assistant with steadier hands.
I'm sorry to interrupt but, uh, it's-- It's kind of urgent.
- Of course.
- With those acrylics she couldn't type more than 30 words a minute.
Please come in.
Please come in.
Whatever this is, get it together.
- How can I help you? - You don't remember me.
A few years ago, you did some pro bono work at St.
I'm a nurse there.
And you spoke to us about a fraudulent malpractice suit.
- You were terrific.
- Oh, thank you.
I'm very good at my job.
If you're here about that case, I'll have to review the files.
- No, it's a personal matter.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm scared, and I- I need help.
Marianne Neely? That's me.
You have the right to remain silent.
- Anything you say-- - Wait.
Hold on.
This M- Marianne Neely is my client.
- What are the charges? - Murder.
You have a right to have an attorney present during questioning.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you by the court.
Do you understand I was 18, foolish, and in love with an older guy.
One evening, we drove to a convenience store.
He said he wanted something to eat, and I waited in the car.
The next thing I know, he jumps back in and he screams, "drive!" He had panicked during the robbery and shot the clerk.
You drove the getaway car, so you also would be charged with the clerk's death even though you never left the car.
I heard the D.
was pushing for life, so when my lawyer got me bail I just took off and never looked back.
Is that when you came to Los Angeles? I changed my name, fell in love got married, had children-- Two amazing children.
- I had a brand-new life.
- Until today.
Last week, my hospital started fingerprinting the staff as part of a security upgrade.
And you knew your prints would match.
This morning, I left my husband, Philip, a note, then called the police.
I told them that they could find me at your office.
Why? Would you want your children seeing you arrested? No.
And Philip never knew the truth about your past? I wanted to-- So badly.
I would look in the mirror and I would practice exactly what I was gonna say and then I would lose my nerve.
I don't expect you to understand.
Actually, I do.
And I'm going to do everything I can to help you.
Well, we had just started the firm-- Had no idea how we'd make rent let alone pay the associates.
Larry comes in with a claim against a major Hollywood studio.
They didn't want to pay profit participation for syndication revenue.
- Boy, did we make 'em pay.
- For all eight seasons of "Country Club Drive".
- You played the dad.
- Got a people's choice nom in '96.
Tim Allen stole it.
My girlfriend loved your show.
We were the "Gossip Girl" of our day.
Do you like trivia, Grayson? The actress that played my wife was only three years older than the girl playing my daughter.
True fact.
- So, Larry, how can we help you? - I need you to file a lawsuit.
You've come to the right place.
Who you looking to sue? Newscorp? Viacom? Famousbutdead.
Excuse me? It's a website that lists whether famous people are dead or alive.
Yeah, I know the site.
Used it once to look up Urkel.
Lost 5 bucks.
My nephew looked me up.
Apparently, I'm dead.
Now, how am I gonna get work in this town if people think I'm unavailable-- permanently? Larry you're in good hands.
Grayson is our new-media expert.
In fact, he heads the division.
Great seeing you again.
I'll be right back.
I thought we were representing him together.
We were-- when I thought he was taking down a studio.
com? Forget damages.
He'll be lucky to get an apology.
But you told him I was your new-media expert? You knew about the website.
That makes you an expert.
Look, I owe this guy, so do what you can.
Let him think he's the most important client in the world.
But keep me out of it.
Promise me you won't tell Stacy that I'm madly, passionately, insanely in love with her.
Um okay.
But you've asked her out, serenaded her, and I totally saw you write a love poem titled "Stacy, I love thee".
Trust me-- she knows.
Yeah, well, big mistake.
I, uh, found this magazine in Parker's mail and I just read the most amazing article-- "Get the girl by playing hard to get.
" I mean, the author should win a Pulitzer.
His insights into the female mind are extraordinary.
I mean, who knew that women want what they can't have? - It's-- This is groundbreaking.
- Fred, Fred Stacy knows she can have you.
Yeah, well, according to the author, it's never too late to start playing hard to get.
What are you hoping for here? That she falls madly in love with you? You guys get married and start a family of half-human, half-guardian-angel babies? Yeah, that sounds good to me.
So, promise me you won't say anything, okay? Sure.
Listen, I got to get back to work.
There's this woman, Marianne, and she needs me-- - You're not listening! - Huh? Later, Fred.
Oh, uh, I almost forgot.
I got you something.
"Crossword puzzles for the genius mind"? I think you might be in for a treat.
That is a lovely blouse.
I remember picking it up at the dry cleaners.
Not that you asked.
I just like to help.
Like when I organized all your pleadings and alphabetized all your self-help books.
And don't forget who brought you 3:00 a.
doughnuts before the Johnson closing.
Why are you telling me all this? I just want to be sure that, despite your amnesia you remember how important I am to you.
Oh, that's so cute.
You got a fashion-forward handbag.
- Good for you.
- What do you want, Kim? Parker assigned me to your case-- second chair.
No, I don't need help.
This isn't my first criminal trial.
Is it? - I have more criminal experience than you-- - Kim, I can handle it.
And, given the circumstances, this case could generate a lot of press and we both know you don't like being the center of attention.
- Unlike you? - Well yeah.
I mean, I look great on-camera, and I just got my teeth bleached.
I spoke with Philip Neely, our client.
He's expecting us.
Marianne's been lying to me since the day we met.
She didn't grow up in Vermont.
She's from Fresno.
Her parents didn't die when she was young.
And she was a fugitive, for God's sake.
She wanted to tell you the truth, but she was scared.
- And that makes it okay? - No.
Philip, I'm sorry.
I-- T- that's not what I meant.
She left a note on the fridge.
That's how I found out my wife wasn't Marianne but-- but someone named Fay Green.
It's complicated.
But maybe if you speak with her-- I have nothing to say to her, Ms.
Relationships are based on trust.
She's a fake.
And so was my marriage.
What do I say to our kids? We don't mean to diminish your feelings but you're gonna have to set them aside to help Marianne.
The prosecution has waived change-of-venue and we'll be prepping for trial.
Neely, we don't have the law on our side.
We need to give the jury a reason not to send your wife to prison for the rest of her life.
And what does that have to do with me? We'll need you to testify about how Marianne is not the same person she was 20 years ago.
It is crucial we show the jury that you've forgiven her - so they can, too.
- But I haven't.
Look, I'm sorry.
I appreciate you coming out here and-- and I'll show up at the trial and I'll sit there and be quiet for the sake of our children.
But I don't forgive her.
And if you put me on that stand, I won't pretend that I do.
Morning, sweetie.
I cooked you an awesome breakfast.
I think the word you're looking for is "toasted".
What's going on? Fred stopped calling me, and I'm just curious.
Why? Stacy, you're not interested in him, are you? Sweetie, don't tell me you've forgotten our third rule.
We don't decide if we like a guy until we're sure he likes us.
Oh, my God.
You like him.
Before your party, he'd call, send e-mails.
Did I tell you he wrote me a poem? It was almost stalker-y.
Since the party, not even a twitter.
- If you want to talk to him - Yeah? call him.
What did you do with my bestie? Rule number seven-- we do not call boys.
They call us.
- Do you recognize this bracelet? - No.
Should I? Grayson gave me this box of my stuff-- Deb's stuff-- To give to you.
Oh, He's so thoughtful.
Ooh! I love this scarf.
Yeah, I'm keeping it.
So, this bracelet-- It's not mine.
You're right.
Silver clashed with your skin tone.
So why is it with my stuff? You think it belongs to another woman, don't you? You went there quick.
I trust Grayson.
Then again, Philip didn't know Marianne was really Fay.
- "All my children"? - No.
My client.
She made a mistake and now has to live her life as somebody else.
Hey, that's just like you! I know.
Well, not exactly.
Marianne may have to spend the rest of her life in prison.
Oh! I have to go to court.
Ooh, when you see Fred, don't tell him I sorta, kinda, maybe like him.
- Remember our rules.
- Sure.
com-- Your website-- Caused my client great and irreparable harm when you listed him as deceased.
It's bad enough the industry assumes I'm gone.
You confirmed it in writing.
I am so sorry.
I'm a huge fan of "Country Club Drive".
One of my all-time favorite TV moments-- Season 2, episode 3.
You punched that ex-con for trying to scam your daughter.
I screamed at the TV set.
You were so in the moment.
You want to know something? That ex-con was my pool man.
I discovered him.
True fact.
What can we do about this, Oscar? I'm gonna return your status to "alive"-- immediately.
And I'll post a notice on the home page saying I met you.
And I'll-- I'll include a photo.
- How's that sound? - I don't know.
Larry, he's going to print a full retraction, and he didn't mean any harm.
All right.
Thank you so much.
Nice kid.
And you did a very good job, young man.
Oh, thank you.
Like Parker said, we're always here for you.
How about lunch? Celebrate my resurrection.
I wish I had the time, but I need to get back to work.
W- want me to sign something? - Maybe for your girlfriend? - My girlfriend? You said she's a fan.
Yeah, right.
It-- um - The thing is-- - And what's the lucky lady's name? Uh, Deb.
Nailor do you remember the last time you saw your father alive? Dad worked the evening shift at the stop-and-go, but he'd always come home for dinner.
I remember we had hot dogs that night.
And he kissed me goodbye and told me that he'd wake me up in the morning for school.
But that didn't happen.
In, uh, junior high, you, uh, you joined the football team.
- He never saw you play.
- No.
- Wasn't there when you graduated.
- No.
Never met his grandkids.
Your witness.
Nailor, I am very sorry for your loss.
S- sir you're aware that the person who shot your father is already in jail? Yeah.
Do you think your father would hold Marianne personally responsible for his death? Objection.
Do you hold her personally responsible for killing your father? I know she didn't fire the gun, if that's what you mean.
Thank you.
- Redirect.
- Proceed.
You are aware that the defendant helped the man that killed your father.
And she shouldn't have run away.
Thank you.
- Larry.
You're back.
- With chili.
So I see.
It's turkey-- Heart-healthy.
Did Oscar fix your status on the website? He did.
But not before the wire services picked up the story of my demise.
My death is on the CNN ticker.
For the love of Pete! How can I help? I want you to sue every network that ran the story.
It's defamation.
They-- they've probably violated some other law - by not checking the facts.
- I'm not sure I can do that.
In the series when I was wrongly accused of bribing the school principal a young Patrick Dempsey auditioned for the role of my lawyer.
Producers didn't think he had the chops.
True fact.
That-- That's interesting, but-- If you're too busy to take the case, I could ask Parker.
- I will take a look.
- Great.
But first, let's eat.
And I brought the first season of "Country Club Drive.
" In episode 6, I have a great scene with Parker Stevenson who's still alive.
I checked.
What can you tell me about Marianne Neely? Marianne is one of St.
Jude's most valued nurses.
The patients love her.
Plain and simple-- She is a tireless advocate for the working poor and my most dedicated volunteer.
Well, thanks to Marianne's devotion the PTA not only saved the library, we opened a new building.
Thank you.
Just one question.
Does your testimony have anything to do with the crime committed on March 24, 1989? No.
- No.
- No.
Thank you.
We're running out of witnesses.
- This is not going well.
- No.
- Kim, Jane.
- Hello, Aaron.
Normally I wouldn't do this, but this case has gotten a lot of attention and my boss would like to look compassionate.
- What have you got? - Manslaughter.
10 years.
- Consider it a gift.
- Chocolate is a gift.
A certificate for a massage is a gift.
An offer that goes away when you call your next witness.
We'll take it to our client.
It's not going well, is it? The D.
Offered a deal-- Have you spoken with Philip? He won't even look at me in court and every time I try to call, his phone goes to voicemail.
I want to know how Jamie did on her math test, and Ben gets very, very anxious when I'm away.
- I miss them so much.
- Marianne, did you hear me? I did.
I know Philip is furious, and rightly so.
But if I could just talk to him, if he would just talk with me-- Marianne, he's not going to call.
And you should know that he won't testify on your behalf.
I can't blame him.
I mean, I can only imagine what he's going through.
My children will be all grown up.
Philip's refusal to testify was a huge blow to our case.
If you don't take the plea, you could be looking at life.
Jane? I don't think you should take the deal.
I think you should take the stand.
- I don't know.
What am I gonna say? - You know exactly what to say.
You've practiced it a thousand times in front of the mirror.
And I want you to tell the jury what you never got to say to your husband.
Teri, what's a 7-letter word for "a Brazilian mountain range"? - Starts with a "C".
- Chapada.
Deb always wanted to go to South America.
Then again, she thought South America was any state below Ohio.
- I didn't peg you for a puzzler.
- Oh, I-- I've got a big case.
I'm just trying to relax.
I know-- lame, right? In law school, I did the "New York Times" puzzle every Sunday.
- Do we have a meeting? - No.
Actually, I am hiding from a client.
What? Oh, my God! That's the dad from "Country Club Drive"! Oh! I thought he was dead.
Okay, I loved that show.
I still visit their fansite.
Introduce me.
I had seven voicemails this morning-- all from Larry.
I need some time to contemplate his case, before he starts bombarding me with true facts.
Hey, um, I meant to ask you-- I mean, Stacy wanted me to ask you-- There was a silver bracelet in the box you gave me - for her.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's not Deb's.
- Sure it is.
No, Deb didn't wear silver.
Oh, man.
What? What's wrong? Larry spotted me.
- Grayson.
We got to get to work.
- Good morning, Larry.
Baxter You must get this all the time, but I'm a big fan.
Thank you, honey.
Want me to sign something? Oh, sure.
Um Later.
W- we have work to do, right? Right.
Can you see if Kim's ready for court, Teri? - Oh, she left 10 minutes ago.
- Without me? Yeah, she wanted me to get you, but I was busy cream-cheesing my bagel.
Okay, what the hell is going on with you? How many years have we worked together? Um The answer is "six".
And if you aren't happy with me, you should have told me.
- What? Why aren't I happy with you? - Good question.
Teri, I don't know what you're talking about.
A woman came to the office and said she had an interview for my job.
And I deserve to know why.
Look, I've-- I've got to get to court.
Can we talk about this later? If I haven't been replaced by then, sure.
- Jane! - Not now, Fred.
I need to talk to you about the article.
I don't think it's working.
I- I really Miss Stacy s- so much.
Okay, I don't have time for this.
You're my guardian angel.
You're supposed to give me advice, not the other way around.
Oh, now you care about the rules? If you want to talk to her, Fred, call her.
- I can't.
The article says-- - Bye, Fred.
Stacy! Fred! Hey.
- How's it goin'? - It's goin'.
Jane around? I want to take her out for a snack.
Pinkberry has a new topping.
Uh, she just left for court.
But I'll tell her that you stopped by.
All right.
All right.
See you, then.
I contacted all the networks.
They've issued retractions.
Everyone knows Larry Baxter is alive.
That's the problem.
- I thought that was the solution.
- Since the retractions aired the talk shows keep referring to me as "the guy everyone thought was dead".
I'm the biggest joke in town.
Okay, Larry, what can I do? I want you to sue late-night television.
For what? Intentional infliction of emotional harm? Exactly.
- Okay, which show? - All of them! - I'm not going to do that.
- Well, maybe I should just talk to Parker.
I'll see what I can do.
My husband didn't know the truth.
He didn't know about my past until the day I turned myself in.
Why didn't you tell him? Philip, I'm so sorry.
Marianne why didn't you tell your husband the truth? I wanted to.
But, um I was afraid.
- Afraid? - That he wouldn't want me-- If he knew the truth, he wouldn't love me.
I thought if I told you about my old life, it could never really go away.
And you wanted Fay to disappear? More than anything.
When you heard the hospital was upgrading their security system and you knew you'd be caught why didn't you run again? Fay ran from her crime, but I'm not that person.
I had a rough childhood, Ms.
It's no excuse.
But I want to be there for my children.
And part of being a good mother is doing the right thing.
Marianne, is there anything else that you would like to say to the court? I live every day with a heavy heart.
And to those that I I hurt with my actions and lies I am deeply sorry.
Nothing further.
That's a-- That's a nice speech but what do we say to the family of Charles Nailor? There aren't words to express my sorrow.
And we're just supposed to forgive you? No more questions.
The defense rests.
I changed my mind.
I want to testify.
I need to help her.
We are recessed for the day.
- I will hear closing arguments-- - Uh, your honor the defense requests that we be permitted to call one more witness-- The defendant's husband, Philip Neely.
You just rested.
- Sustained.
- Your honor, we-- Mr.
Neely says one word, I have grounds for an appeal.
Kaswell, the A.
is right.
Witness testimony has concluded.
Neely cannot take the stand.
I will hear closing arguments first thing tomorrow.
Well, tell Ms.
Grace I'll do the show if she gives me the whole hour.
That works.
Everybody's calling about the Neely case-- Newspapers, cable.
- The media has dubbed her - "The fugitive soccer mom"-- I know.
I thought Kim was the face of this case.
That's when it was local news, but we've gone national.
This could be bigger than the octo-freak.
Tell me you're gonna win.
That's great.
Times" wants an interview.
I want the reporter to come to my office, and make sure I get photo approval.
You like this tie? It's bold, right? - Says "I'm in charge".
- It's dated.
Red was the power color under Bush, but with Obama, it's light blue.
Fashionistas say the lighter color imbues a man with confidence and trust without the aggressive undertones of red.
I like my aggressive undertones.
Look, Bingum, uh, speaking of interviews - what's the deal canceling on Carol? - Is she a reporter? Carol, the tremendous assistant who worked at my old law firm.
- I set up the interview.
What happened? - Hold on.
Why should I get rid of Teri? She's snide, unprofessional, and have you seen the way she dresses? She was wearing red pants today.
I'm running a law firm, not the Hyde lounge.
Her pants aren't red.
They're fuchsia.
- Jane-- - No, you can decide the cases I try and you can make me work nights and weekends and on Beyonce's birthday.
But you do not get to pick my assistant.
Teri stays.
This is not up for discussion.
- You like talking to the press, don't you? - What? I'm the lead attorney on the Neely case.
Those reporters contact me before you, but I decline their calls.
So if decide I start talking, who do you think goes on "Nancy Grace"? Well-played, Bingum.
Excuse me.
Jane, Philip Neely is downstairs.
He wants to see us immediately.
I was selfish and stupid.
She deserves so much better.
Y- you have to get me on that stand.
You have to let me speak to that jury.
Philip, there's nothing we can do at this point.
How I am supposed to face Marianne? I left her alone when she needed me most.
Have you told her that? Have you gone to see her? Before, I was too mad.
Now I'm the one who's ashamed.
But I have to do something.
Like you said I have to convince that jury that I forgive her.
We're sorry, but it's too late.
Maybe it's not.
What? You heard the judge.
She shut us down.
- There's no way to fight this.
- There's always a way.
Except when there's not.
Jane, you need to stop now.
Philip, I promise you will get your day in court.
Our system of justice holds us accountable for our actions.
Marianne Neely took part in a crime that led to the death of an innocent man.
For that, she must be held accountable.
It's that simple.
Sanchez is right.
Well, he's partly right.
Our system punishes the guilty.
But it serves another purpose-- To rehabilitate.
Marianne has paid her debt to society with 20 years of good deeds.
And she's rehabilitated herself well beyond what we ever would have expected from Fay Green.
But don't take my word for it.
I have a letter here from her husband.
- "My dear Marianne"-- - Objection.
Counsel is clearly violating your ruling.
Your honor told us Mr.
Neely couldn't take the stand.
And he isn't.
If you shut me down, I'll have grounds for an appeal.
She's right.
"My dear Marianne "remember the night we met? It was Christmas.
"We were volunteers at the downtown soup kitchen.
Everyone wanted to dish out food" "So you and I volunteered for cleanup.
"I never had so much fun mopping a floor.
"I never told you, but that night "I went home and told my sister I met the woman I was gonna marry.
"We all change.
We all grow up.
"We are who we become.
"When I look at you today, I see the beautiful girl "from the soup kitchen.
"And I also see a magnificent woman, mother, and wife.
"I need you to come home.
Your children need you.
"And your community needs you.
"Every day we're apart, the world is a sadder place.
Your beloved, Philip.
" We all make mistakes.
And we all wish we could go back and undo what we did wrong.
If you send Marianne to prison it will be a monumental mistake.
The kind of mistake you just can't fix.
Okay, we need to talk.
I heard what you said to Parker.
I'm so, so sorry I got so mad at you.
- You had every reason to be upset.
- You are the best boss ever.
By the by, love the sweater.
I know.
Awesome, right? Parker's gonna hate it.
- Grayson's in your office.
- Oh.
Cookies? Homemade.
You don't bake.
Do you? I mean, I didn't know you did crossword puzzles, so what do I know? Cookies are from Larry.
He means well, but he won't go away.
So you're hiding in here again.
I told him I was in a meeting.
I need to dump this client but Parker told me to V.
The guy.
- If he complains about me - You're in the doghouse.
Grayson, on the "Country Club Drive" fansite fans post sightings of the actors at restaurants, parties, stores.
Larry used to be spotted all over town-- And always with his wife, Cheryl.
She passed away a few months ago.
And after that, he just stopped going out.
That's sad.
When your girlfriend died, you turned your attention to work.
And Larry doesn't have an office.
He doesn't have a family.
Right now, he just has you.
Jane, the clerk's office called.
Jury's back.
Just-- I Thanks, Jane.
The defendant will rise.
What say you? In the matter of the people vs.
Marianne Neely we find the defendant guilty of accessory to robbery.
And to the charge of murder in the second degree? We find the defendant not guilty.
Thank you for your service.
Neely, I hereby sentence you to the exemplary life you're already leading.
Excuse me? Community service, Ms.
Bingum if that's all right with you.
Uh, we're-- We're good with that.
We're done here.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you.
This is a weird place to meet.
I know.
Larry, there are going to be no more retractions and no more lawsuits.
Are you gonna kill me? 'Cause you could have just sent a bill.
You were kind enough to sign an autograph for my girlfriend who was a big fan.
What I didn't tell you, what I wasn't able to say is that she recently passed away.
I'm sorry.
I haven't been brave enough to visit since the funeral.
And I thought it would be easier if I came with someone who understood what I'm going through.
Why the second bouquet? It's for Cheryl.
You're a good man.
Let's go.
Let me tell you about Cheryl.
She had a smile that would light up the Hollywood Hills.
Back in '78, she auditioned for the role of Sandy the lead in "Grease" the movie.
Producers thought she was too sexy.
inside my head inside my room And then they turned to each other and embraced.
I swear, I almost cried right there in court.
Can you think of anything more beautiful? To Marianne and Philip.
- Okay.
Now me.
- Ooh.
All ears.
Will you just tell me what's going on with Fred? I've decided I really do like him.
So long to rule number three.
I'm confused, sweetie.
He's so not your type.
Well, you've gone through some changes, and maybe I have, too.
So what? He doesn't have he makes me laugh, and I think he's adorable.
I'm impressed.
You know what? After dinner, I'm gonna call him.
So long to rule number seven.
Um, a- according to this article that I read, I- I shouldn't be here and I shouldn't act like I'm interested.
But from the moment I met you, I've only thought of doing one-- I am I'm captivated by you Um Can I take you to dinner? - Sweetie? - Go.
Have fun.
Thank you! Oh.
Have you, uh, changed your mind about Fred already? Hi.
- Sorry for bothering you so late.
- No problem.
Everything okay? Yeah, fine.
The thing is I need to get that silver bracelet back.
Really? Why? Stacy was right.
It wasn't Deb's.
I'll go get it for you.
My sister called in a panic.
It's hers.
Apparently, it has real sentimental value and she just realized it was missing.
- So it's Leslie's? - Oh, you know Leslie? Oh, S- Stacy mentioned her.
Yeah, she stayed with me for a few days after Deb's funeral.
It must have gotten mixed up with the other stuff.
For your sister.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, have you eaten? I mean, it's all ready, and Stacy's gone off with-- Well, she's gone out.
Looks great.
I haven't eaten anything since I polished off Larry's snickerdoodles.
After dinner, maybe we can finish a puzzle together.
- Yeah, that would be-- - Don't say "lame".
A lot of fun.
When I look into the mountains I see your fame When I look into the night's sky It sparkles your name To a good night.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
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