Drop Dead Diva s02e13 Episode Script

Freeze The Day

That was me Deb see until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
Ito tie a hammock on lazy afternoons.
And I want a swing set for the kids and a big bay window in the kitchen so I can keep an eye on them and you.
Grayson, I want something, too.
Not only does Vanessa have Grayson, she also has decent pitch and some pretty good moves.
It was just a dream.
No, it's never just a dream.
My subconscious is the only place I can get in Grayson's face and tell him, "I am your girl, not her.
" Did you have spicy food? Sometimes spicy food makes me have weird dreams.
No, the dream was not from spicy food.
It was from spicy text messages.
I've sort of been reading Vanessa's texts to Grayson.
Sort of? Grayson sat next to me at a staff meeting.
His phone was on the table, and the messages kept popping up.
Vanessa is beautiful and smart and she TiVo'd the Dodger game for him.
I read that in a text.
The point is, any chance I had with Grayson is gone.
You know, as somebody in a relationship, um, I could offer you some advice.
You kissed Stacy once.
That's not a relationship.
But what's your advice? Don't read Grayson's texts.
Good morning.
Good morning to you.
Are you ready for our morning run? Our morning run? No, no, Fred.
I run alone.
It's my time to meditate, become one with nature, and plan my day's outfits.
But Bye! You know, I don't get it.
At this stage in our relationship, we should be running together.
Should I buy her some flowers? Too much? What should I do? Well, you could start by putting on some pants so that we can get to the office.
Can we drive by her and honk? This is your classmate's blog? Yeah.
Madison Thomas.
She started "Mad-itude" last year, and everyone in school reads it.
Somehow she got Abby's picture in a bra, posted it, and then invited her classmates to make comments.
This is just cruel.
It's not that big a deal.
And I don't need a lawyer.
No offense.
Bingum, can you help us get this photo down? Did you contact Madison's parents? Her mother.
I mean, I assumed she'd be mortified.
Instead, she attacked me.
"It's Madison's right.
" She thinks her daughter has the right to embarrass mine? Okay.
What about the school? The principal said his hands are tied.
The photo wasn't taken or distributed on school grounds.
He did ask Madison to take it down, which she did for one night.
Then it was back.
Abby, you're looking at the camera with your head slightly back oh, I totally know that pose.
You took this picture, didn't you? What? I used to take pictures of myself all the time.
It's the best way to get an objective view of the outfit and the head tilt happens naturally as you try to work the lens.
I took it, okay? Mom, can we please just drop this? Wait.
You took that picture and you you gave it to Madison? No, I I I e-mailed it to Charlie.
What?! Everybody does it.
Well when we broke up, I guess he gave it to Madison.
Look, it sucks, I know, but there are bikinis that show more.
I can't believe ladies what do you want me to do? Ladies I am going to send a strongly worded letter to Madison.
The threat of litigation should make her take it down.
Okay? Oh, my.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, moving on, let's talk receivables.
Kaswell? My personal-injury case just settled this morning six figures.
Not bad.
Love those figures.
And we're on to new business.
You with us? Yes.
Yeah, I'm right here.
You have my total and complete attention.
You had an intake meeting? Oh, right.
Um, new client, mom and daughter.
The girl's being victimized, um Um I'll just write you a memo.
Love memos.
Sorry to interrupt.
Well, this place hasn't changed at all.
Except for the new faces.
Good morning.
Love those earrings.
Uh, thank you.
This is Claire Harrison, of the esteemed law firm Harrison and Me.
Jay, can I speak to you in private for a moment? Yeah.
Uh, let's go in my office.
Back to work, everyone.
Okay, here's the story.
Eight years ago, Claire Harrison left the firm when she fell in love and married Simon bell.
He's the founder of Planet Green, that company that makes overpriced organic cleaning products.
I know him! I mean, I know what he looks like.
He is The suntanned face on my nontoxic, ozone-friendly, non-animal-tested screen wash.
Yep, that's him.
Poor Mr.
Poor Parker? Oh, yeah, he and Claire were hot and heavy before she met Simon bell.
But, you know, those office romances never work out, right? Okay, you all can keep gossiping.
I'm going back to work.
Oh, Claire would like that.
She still owns half the firm.
Doesn't draw a salary, but she's a 50% equity partner.
All right, why don't we all get back to work? Thank you, gossip girl.
What are you doing? Uh, Grayson's phone.
He left it in my office.
There is a text message, and I am going to return it without looking.
Grayson's not in his office.
Then I will put it on his desk and leave it there, without looking.
You looked.
It was from Vanessa.
It said, "thanks for taking out the trash.
" That's not so bad.
And "I love you.
" It seems like has it really been just yesterday that long? We were celebrating our first successful motion to suppress.
You know, I think we celebrated on this sofa.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Claire, Kim kaswell, sixth-year associate.
If you're here on a legal matter, I'm available it's a sensitive issue For Claire.
My husband cheated on me.
I want a divorce.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Simon's company just went public.
He's worth millions.
Well, as you know, California's a community-property state.
You're entitled to half.
Except, as I was about to tell Jay We have a nupkin.
A-a what? A prenup written on a "Crazy Dave's Surfside Grill" napkin.
I know.
But when we got engaged, he was just this cute surfer with big dreams and not a dime to his name.
One night, we went out to this restaurant and he was being flirtatious with the waitress, and I-I joked that he only wanted to be with me for my money.
He took a napkin and wrote "If we break up, what's yours is yours, "what's mine is mine.
Business and marriage are separate.
" We both signed it.
It's an unconventional letterhead, but it's legit and supercedes community-property rules.
That's what I thought.
Wait, hold on.
What about Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving? They had a nupkin.
It was tossed out by a judge.
Community-property rules reverted, and Amy walked away with $100 mil.
Works for me.
I'll review the decision and prepare for court.
Great suit.
Gucci, single breast, two button.
Deb picked it out for me.
I know.
I I mean, I assume.
You know, men think it's silly to spend money on a fancy suit when they could use it on an awesome flat screen.
Well, I'm glad Deb talked me into this.
I'm meeting Vanessa's parents tomorrow for dinner.
Things are really getting serious between you two.
I guess, yeah.
Are you nervous? Little bit.
Her father's a 9th circuit judge, and apparently is tough on anyone dating his little girl.
Well, you got the right suit.
They're gonna love you.
Oh thanks.
I'll see you.
bingum, were you really trying to scare a teenage girl with this "cease and desist"? Well, I was trying to make a point, and it did get you here.
Thomas, why not just have her do the right thing? Ms.
condescending, why not just butt out? Are you aware that your client narced on Madison for cheating on a chemistry test? No, but I was just following the school honor code, and I wish I had never said anything.
I'm sorry I got you in trouble.
So sure.
Look, Ms.
Thomas, if the tables were turned, I'd insist Abby take it down.
Can you please just try and see this through my eyes? We're done here.
We're not going to take the photo down.
It's called free speech.
Look it up.
Then we'll sue your client for intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Look that up.
Abby, I'm gonna need you to testify, okay? No! If I say anything against her, just shoot me now.
Honey, you have got to stand up for yourself.
Abby, I totally get it.
In high school, I knew girls like Madison.
And here's the thing if she is mean to you, then she's probably mean to a lot of girls, right? Yeah, she's a total bitch-a-thon.
So what? So I have to show a pattern of mean behavior.
So if I can get other girls to testify, would you? If I'm not the only one Okay.
A contract doesn't need to be a formal document.
It could be written on toilet paper.
It's still valid, provided there's mutuality of consideration.
However, in almost identical circumstances, the napkin prenup of Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving was deemed invalid.
That napkin was tossed because Ms.
Irving was an actress without legal representation.
Claire Harrison, a lawyer, knew exactly what she was signing.
I agree.
Harrison should be held to a higher standard than the star of "Crossing Delancey.
" Your honor, this agreement was written at a bar over cocktails.
If Ms.
Harrison signed while drunk, in a diminished capacity, that would invalidate the napkin.
Come on.
Harrison, were you sauced when you signed? Guilty, Your Honor.
Uh, Ms.
Harrison, who drove home that night? I don't remember.
You did.
You drove your Mercedes.
Your honor, we contend I know what you're contending, counselor.
If she was sober enough to drive, she was sober enough to understand what she was signing.
The prenup napkin is valid.
Did you see him in there? Totally smug.
With his $200 haircut and his cartier watch.
Without me, he'd still be on the beach looking for gnarly waves.
What do you mean, if it weren't for you? He talked about starting a business, but it was just talk.
He was clueless about corporate law, marketing, inventory.
That was all me.
That's great, Claire.
Forget the napkin.
I'll petition to continue the hearing.
We'll argue sweat equity.
She's right.
If we can't get half his assets as your wife, then I can lay claim as his de facto business partner.
That's brilliant.
Did you keep records of contracts or phone logs? She keeps everything.
I remember your old condo.
You were like a pack rat.
I'll have everything sent over to the office.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Uh, anything you want to tell me? I take it you heard that we in passing.
You have nothing to worry about.
Who says I'm worried? So, sweetie, I need your help with my case.
What do you want me to do? Should I take notes? Do I need a costume? I can speak in a French accent.
Here's the deal Abby is a high school junior.
She's being bullied by Madison, the queen "B.
" Madison's mean to lots of girls, and I need them to share their stories, but teenagers won't talk to a lawyer.
But they'll tell everything to a model.
Let's get to work.
I was on the French riviera on a yacht for a bikini shoot when gisele yeah, her she had a wardrobe malfunction.
Her sandal broke, she slipped, grabbed onto me.
We both fell into the water, and that ended up being the shot.
That is so cool.
I can't believe you're a real model.
Um, listen, uh What's the dish on Madison Thomas? She's one of your classmates, right? Yeah.
Why? You guys know what happened to Abby Tildon, right? Yeah.
It sucks.
Yeah, it does, but she's gonna fight Madison in court.
I'm BFF with her lawyer, and it would really help her out if you guys told the judge what Madison did to each of you.
Uh, you're kidding, right? She'd make our lives hell.
But doesn't she already do that? Okay, so, it's the three of you plus Abby makes it four against one.
It is time to take Madison down.
Jane's here.
Good news.
We got Olivia, Lily, and Emma to all testify.
Oh, thank you, Jane.
Madison's here.
Hey, Teri.
Yo, boss, your witness Lily just called in sick.
Uh, Lily's not coming.
Hold on.
Other line.
Jane Bingum's office.
Thank you.
I'll give her the message.
Olivia's sick, too.
Olivia's out, too? At least we still have Emma.
Oh! Emma, come here.
Your honor, I believe Madison Thomas has engaged in witness tampering.
Three of my witnesses are now "sick.
" That's a serious charge.
I would like to submit her cellphone as evidence.
Her text messages will verify my accusation.
Thomas, please hand your cellphone to the bailiff.
There are no text messages on this phone.
Obviously they've been deleted.
Did you see them with your own eyes and are willing to testify under oath to their content? No, but trust me, I know what she did.
If this is all you have, case dismissed.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, Ms.
What? Say cheese! Can't wait to see the comments on this one.
See you tomorrow at school, Abbs.
Oh! You're home.
Bradley, this is Jane, my roomie.
He looks familiar.
Didn't you two used to date? Three hairstyles ago.
Bradley just stopped by for a drink.
Well, nice to meet you for the first time.
How was your day in court? Jane is a lawyer.
Oh, wow.
The witnesses were no-shows, and I, uh, failed miserably at the hands of a teenage mean girl.
Jane's super-smart, just like you.
Bradley is an astrologist.
He can totally read our charts.
Uh, no.
I I can't because I'm an astronomer.
People must make that mistake a lot.
Yeah, I guess.
I can't tell you how many times I've picked up "Star" magazine hoping to read about orion, only to find out that Sandra bullock is moving on with her life.
Please! I've picked up "bar today" hoping for legal precedents, only to find cocktail recipes.
Hey, Jane.
Maybe sometime you'd like to have a drink with me.
Um Um, you know, I'm pretty swamped.
But thank you.
Oops, look at this.
We need more crackers.
Jane, will you help me with the crackers? Hi.
What is wrong with you? He's a doll.
And the chemistry he asked you out in like two minutes.
That must be some kind of record.
Hello? He is your ex.
That is a total violation of the girlfriend rule.
Besties before testes does not apply if you have my blessing.
And I bless you.
Okay, fine.
Thank you, reverend Stacy.
I will go out with him.
Parker, am I to understand that you're arguing sweat equity? Yes, Your Honor.
May I submit exhibits "A" to "L"? Contracts Claire vetted, business plans, legal documents.
All uncompensated.
They were married.
That's just pillow talk.
There were no formal contracts.
Well, it does seem Ms.
Harrison performed a great deal of work for which she is entitled to compensation.
Harrison, when you were a practicing lawyer, you had an hourly rate, correct? Yes, but calculate your hours commensurate, and Mr.
bell will pay you a fee.
Your honor, we're asking for half the company.
And your request is denied.
"Lame Jane.
" "What not to wear.
" "A total loser.
" Okay, I'm an adult, and I still feel awful.
Imagine how Abby feels.
Do you know what's wrong? It's that the civil courts can't even touch this mean girl.
Oh, my God.
What? You have that look.
Should I take dictation? Teri, I totally messed up by filing civil charges.
Under the new cyberbullying laws, California penal code section 653m, Madison has committed numerous acts of harassment a criminal act.
I'll print out a copy of Abby's photo from "Mad-itude" and I'll get you a meeting with the D.
Madison, you're going down.
You okay? Are you sure your parents are gonna like this restaurant? My parents don't care about the restaurant.
They just want to meet you.
Give me a shot of Tequila.
And make it quick before the others arrive.
Are you nervous? Me? No.
All rise.
Daddy! Hello, princess.
Hey, sweetie.
Hi, mom.
Um, Grayson, these are my parents, Byron and Patty.
It's a pleasure to Meet you, sir, Judge.
So I showed the D.
Abby's picture on "Mad-itude" mm-hmm.
And he agreed to pursue criminal charges.
Oh, well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry.
This is really bad first-date conversation.
I think it's great that you're so passionate about your work.
Oh, I'm also passionate about shoes.
Maybe save that for our second date.
Not a problem.
You know, I'm really glad Stacy set us up.
What? I I thought she told you.
Of course.
Ooh, wow.
It's so late.
I've had a really great time with you.
Um, I just have to follow up on the case and I understand.
I'll I'll call you.
So, to answer your question, Grayson, yes, the robe is itchy.
I like him.
Grayson, you have to come up to our house in Santa Barbara some weekend.
Or for the whole summer.
All you need is a bathing suit.
But separate bedrooms.
Oh, who am I kidding? I'm desperate for grandchildren.
Daddy! The sooner, the better.
But no pressure.
Sweetie! How was your date? So, you think that I am such a loser that you have to throw me one of your leftovers? No! Bradley is smart and interesting, and so are you now.
I thought you would be good together.
So you don't think that I can actually get a guy on my own? Of course you can, but you're not exactly putting yourself out there.
I dated Tony! Ages ago! And now you're back to being all obsessed with Grayson.
So, you don't think that Grayson could possibly love me? That's not what I said.
Fred told me he's meeting Vanessa's parents.
If I want to date, or not, it's up to me.
Come on, guys.
You haven't spoken to each other since last night.
It's time to make up.
Jane, you are drinking coffee.
That means that you are exhausted from staying up all night feeling bad for hurting Stacy's feelings.
I was up all night checking "Mad-itude" to see if they removed Abby's photo, which they finally did.
Oh, oh! Look, Stacy made two slices of toast.
I will bet that one of them is for her best friend.
I'm hungry.
Okay, enough! You two are acting like those girls on "Mad-itude.
" Ha ha ha! Look at that, huh? Allies! Both hating on me.
A 3-page legal document that Claire vetted.
Lots of scribbles and cross-outs.
Must have taken her 2 hours a page, at $400 an hour, that's $2,400.
Oh, you're good at math.
You know, I'm also good at crochet.
Not that that's relevant.
Okay, that's the last of billable hours.
Now let's move on to associated expenses.
Any receipt that can be used as a business expense, Claire can get reimbursed.
Wow! Check it out.
A hundred thou wired to the canary islands from the household account.
Must have been some vacation.
Let me see that.
You don't wire 100 grand for a vacation.
So it was a business trip? Hmm.
On the back, it says "Planet Green.
" It's a business expense taken from their joint personal account.
That's weird.
Yeah, so weird, we got to tell Parker and Kim right now.
Look, I know what happened to the money, and I just I want you to drop it.
Claire, you need to tell us what's going on.
This is a lot of money.
All right, but it doesn't leave this room.
Two weeks before his I.
, we got a tape in the mail.
Simon in bed with a prostitute.
That's how you knew he was cheating.
This charming young lady demanded $100,000 or she was gonna send a copy to the board of directors.
It would have ruined his wholesome image and tanked the I.
So you used household money because you couldn't use corporate funds without tipping off the board.
We can use this as leverage.
It's humiliating.
He was my husband, and I'm not gonna resort to blackmail to get what's rightfully mine.
What if we resort to the law? What do you mean? Yeah, yeah, we all know it's me, all right? So what? California is a no-fault divorce state.
It's irrelevant.
What's relevant is that Simon wired money to the blackmailer from a marital account.
We had to.
My investors couldn't see this.
It would've been the end of Planet Green.
So add the hundred thou to the settlement, and we'll call it a day.
Not so fast.
Simon commingled funds and invalidated the very separation promised in the prenup.
Come on! We didn't have any other option.
Once separate and community property are combined, it's presumed to be community property.
You invalidated the napkin, Simon.
You stole from the Piper to pay the hooker, and now you owe Claire half.
The photo was removed because I went to the D.
He told me he'll be investigating harassment charges against Madison.
And you won't have to testify.
That's great.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Jane.
Jane, we have a problem.
Are you Abby Tildon? Yes, she is, and I am her lawyer.
Abby Tildon, you are under arrest for violating California penal code section 311.
You've got it all wrong.
You provided the D.
with a photo from Madison Thomas' blog.
The D.
has filed charges against Abby for creation and distribution of child pornography.
What?! Jane have you seen the photo? She's wearing a bra.
Nothing's exposed.
According to the D.
, the photo qualifies as pornography, given her age.
You need to come with me.
If you're gonna arrest anyone, arrest Madison Thomas.
She posted the photo.
Already did.
She's in a holding cell downtown.
Mom! It's okay, honey.
I'm right behind you.
What have you done? People vs.
Madison Thomas.
People vs.
Abby Tildon.
Your honor, these charges are the only reason my client is here, Your Honor, is because her client created and distributed that photo.
Which would have been private if the law was created, Your Honor, to stop the generation of obscene materials.
And her client distributed the photo, not mine.
The intention of the law is to protect exploited ch Jane! What I was saying Jane! Jane! Ms.
Not now, Stacy.
It's important.
I apologize for the interruption No, no, no, no, no.
But I brought cupcakes.
I'm sorry, Your Honor.
Short recess.
A personal emergency.
Five minutes.
Bailiff, bring me one with sprinkles.
What is your problem? This is a criminal case, and you're interrupting because you suddenly feel badly about Bradley? What? No.
I am here on a legal matter.
See, I was looking on "Mad-itude" because you got me involved in the case.
And something caught my legal eye.
What are you talking about? You know how Madison took Abby's picture down and put it back up again? Yes.
Check out the time-stamp on the second post.
Oh, my God.
Right! And, for the record, I am sorry about Bradley.
Thanks, stace.
But You were right.
Grayson's moved on, and I should, too.
I should have told you it was a set-up.
You were just trying to be sweet.
I was! Well, sweetie, go save our client.
Your honor, if you let me call a single witness, I guarantee I can put an end to this trial.
Maybe I'm on a sugar high, but if you're guaranteeing.
I'd like to call Madison's mother, Heather Thomas, to the stand.
Madison was mad at Abby for turning her in for cheating, wasn't she? Yes.
It's destroyed any chance she has of getting into a good college.
It was shortly after that incident that Madison first posted the picture of Abby, wasn't it? I guess.
I said "first posted," because, after some pressure from the principal, your daughter took down the photo, didn't she? Yes.
But then it was posted again.
Here's the time-stamp from the second post.
Would you please read the highlighted portion? A Tuesday.
Now, where was your daughter at that time? School.
Where there's no public Internet.
She couldn't have reposted the picture.
Madison showed remorse, but you couldn't let it rest.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You felt Abby hurt your daughter, and so you had to hurt her back.
Isn't that true? Ms.
Thomas, you're under oath.
Nobody messes with my kid! Okay.
Everybody into my chambers now.
Here's what's going to happen.
Young ladies, I'm dismissing charges against both of you.
Madison, no more posting photos like that on your blog.
And, Abby, no more sexting, got it? Now, Ms.
Thomas, I'm assuming the D.
Will be filing charges against you for cyberbullying.
Yes, Your Honor immediately.
Thomas, I'm going to offer you a deal.
parental education, and I want an apology on your daughter's blog explaining why posting that photo was wrong that's ridiculous.
Or you can let a jury decide.
You let your daughter take the rap for your actions.
So if you lose the trial, I'll send you to jail.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That is from my dad.
And that is from my mom.
And that Is from me.
Uh, chardonnay, please.
You got it.
Thank you.
Listen, make sure that I only drink half.
Oh! Homework.
What's going on? You okay? Uhh Just not loving this beer, that's all.
Yeah, right.
What's, uh what's going on? Oh, it's Just meeting your parents made me realize we were getting serious pretty fast.
Are you breaking up with me? Oh, no.
No, not at all.
It's just they were talking about Summers in Santa Barbara and kids.
And that scared you? When you were with Deb Did those kinds of things scare you, too? I mean, at at this point in your relationship? No.
Well, thank you for being honest.
It's one of the million things that I like about you.
Oh, don't leave.
I if if I thought that I could talk you into feeling differently, I would stay, but one of the things I like about me is that I won't beg.
What are you doing? I know who blackmailed Claire's ex-husband.
Yeah, me too.
A smart hooker.
Not even close.
Or the hotel clerk.
It's over.
We won.
Move on.
I can't.
It's $100,000, and it's bugging me.
And you know how obsessive I can get.
It's why my paper clips are sorted by color.
These are all Kinko's charges billed directly to Claire's personal credit card.
They were all charged a couple of weeks prior to the blackmail.
So what? I called Kinko's.
These are all charges for faxing.
Now subtract $4.
95 cost per fax.
Get to the point, Fred.
Divide by 3.
That is the price per minute to fax the canary islands, the only country that costs $3.
per fax Claire made to The canary islands, where the offshore bank account is located.
Now, to set up an offshore account, you need to fax.
To hide the paper trail You fax from a Kinko's.
Claire had the money wired to her own account.
Claire is the blackmailer.
She knew the nupkin had a good chance of being upheld, so she set up her husband and created a plan "b," knowing we'd find it.
Oh! Whoo! Do you remember when we won that huge Andrews case and the cork went right through the window? And hit Teri's car! That was priceless.
Actually, it was 100 bucks.
I forgot how much I enjoy being around this place.
It was great getting back in the ring with you again.
Harrison & Parker hasn't been the same without, you know Harrison.
Speaking of How attached is Kim to my old office? Are you saying you want it back? Maybe.
But first, I have another question.
How attached are you to Kim? What? How did you our first Christmas together, you gave me these.
My opinion is they suit me better than they suit her.
You are not going to believe what happened to me today, and I am going to tell you over dinner.
Kim gave me a bonus.
Well, thanks, but, um I think I'm just gonna call it an early night.
Uh, Stacy, um We kissed, and and that meant something to me.
But I-if it means nothing to you, then let me know as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Fred, I like you.
I like you, too.
But when things start out all intense, they fizzle fast.
I don't want us to be like Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney.
I want us to be like al and tipper, I mean, before they split up.
They were together for like 40 years.
I got it.
How about this? It's just dinner.
That sounds great.
I'll even let you pay.
Well, let's not get too crazy.
Hey, how's the fresh air? I need some.
You okay? Yeah.
Just processing the day.
Vanessa and I broke up.
What? I thought everything was going so well.
You met the parents.
And I wasn't ready.
I didn't realize it until we were at dinner and they started talking about the future grandkids and a beach house, and my palms started to sweat.
I told Vanessa I wasn't ready.
Well, you know, at least you were honest.
She said the same thing.
Then she asked about Deb, and I admitted that a future with her never scared me.
Grayson, I don't know if that's exactly true.
What? Sorry, well, Stacy told me what happened that time around Christmas.
Sorry I'm late.
Hey, no worries.
I'm starving.
I almost ate bread.
I was looking everywhere for my green and red sweater.
I wear it every Christmas.
Yeah, I gave that to goodwill.
What? It had holes in the elbows, and it was a rayon blend.
But I'm pretty sure Santa put a brand-new cashmere sweater under the tree, so let's order.
I loved that sweater.
Well, you'll love the new one even more.
You can't just throw my stuff out.
I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't think well, that's your problem.
Sometimes you don't think about how I feel.
I said I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I heard it became a pretty big fight.
I felt awful.
I made her cry.
Stacy said it was the night before you were supposed to meet Deb's parents, right? Yeah, I know where you're going.
I suppose I was nervous about our future together, so I picked a fight over a stupid sweater.
I was a jerk.
I'm sure she understood.
Look, I am not saying that Vanessa is the right woman for you, but But I have to let go of the past.
Well, you can't get it back, right? At least not in the exact same way.
I wish you could've met Deb.
She would've liked you.
Well, I'm sure I would've liked her, too.
The season finale of "Drop Dead Diva" continues right now.
"A good-luck-at-your-audition frittata for my little frittata.
" Mm.
It's from Fred.
It's kind of our new thing.
He makes me breakfast.
I make him lunch.
We're taking it slow.
Right now, we're at the "cute post-its around the house" stage.
No PDA, I promise.
That works for me.
I see enough PDA at the office.
What? Oh, get this I saw Parker kissing Harrison last night in his office.
Oh, my God! Who's Harrison? Oh.
Claire Harrison Parker's former partner In more ways than one.
Tall, gorgeous, rich.
Quel scandale! Mais oui.
So Do I tell Kim? If I have learned anything from watching a weekend marathon of telenovelas, it is this scorned señoritas always kill the messenger.
So I shouldn't say anything.
Not a peep.
Oh, no.
What? Fred forgot his lunch.
Ooh, can you bring it to him? No, can't.
Grayson and I are going to ucla to meet a new client.
Like a field trip.
She's a neurobiology professor with an estate-planning issue.
A really boring field trip.
Yes? I put this together for you.
It is a summary of Harrison's entire scam how she used this firm to anonymously blackmail her ex with a sex tape.
Timeline, evidence, the whole shebang.
Very thorough.
So you'll bring it to Parker? Tsk.
Look, Fred, I appreciate your efforts and your color-coordinated tabs, but I don't know that the timing is right.
I get it.
You don't want to look like the jealous girlfriend.
You're afraid that if you complain about Harrison, Parker will think that you're threatened.
Something like that.
Well, I say do it anyway.
Parker just called.
He wants to see you in his office.
You couldn't have opened with that? I was building up to it.
I think we need to talk about Har Rison.
Call me Claire.
Good news Claire's rejoining the firm.
What? W wow.
That's, um that's great.
I've been taking her through all our open cases I see you're handling the Gordon Leith suit against medialine.
Claire brought Gordon in as a client years ago.
Seemed like a good place for me to start.
I mean, only if that's okay with you.
O of course.
No, absolutely.
I'll copy you on all the files.
It'll be fun to work together.
Can't wait.
Sweet kid.
Don't start.
What? I didn't say anything.
We need to talk about what happened last night.
What about last night? The kiss.
Can't happen again.
I seem to recall hearing this speech years ago.
I'm serious.
I'm with Kim now.
Yep, that's how the speech went.
Except it wasn't Kim at that time, was it? Don't you have a case to prepare? Go.
With the right signals, induced pluripotent stem cells will allow us to transform skin cells into heart tissue, lung tissue, any part of the human body.
Do you understand a word of this? This is actually fascinating.
Scientists take mature cells and make them believe they're new.
Heart disease any number of genetic disorders.
Find that key.
Make the world a better place.
sweeney, wake up.
If you want to change the world, you can't sleep through it.
Thanks, everybody.
See you next class.
Thanks for meeting on campus.
I'm just trying to finish up all my work while I'm still here.
Oh, are you going on sabbatical, or ? Well, you could say that.
I've been diagnosed with huntington's disease.
It's a degenerative nerve disorder.
Oh, professor, I'm I'm so sorry.
Well, I'm fortunate to get into the clinic at mercy general, but all they can do is treat the symptoms.
They have me on so many medications, I can't even count xenazine, klonopin, haloperidol, tacrine.
There's no cure for huntington's.
Not yet.
How can we help you? Have you ever heard of cryopreservation? Um, isn't that when you have your body Frozen.
After you die.
And then when science finds a cure, I can be revived.
Well, um, it's unconventional, but, legally speaking, rather straightforward.
There's some paperwork.
A next-of-kin form, and an advanced health-care directive.
Well, my husband is deceased, so there's no next-of-kin, and I already have a trust in place.
Well, then why do you need us? I want to be frozen now Before the disease destroys my body and my mind.
You mean before you die? Yes.
So Will you help me? Will we help you kill yourself? Will you help me save myself? Come on, are we really going to waltz into court and ask a judge to let Kathy Miller freeze herself? Well, I am.
It's crazy.
I don't think so.
I mean, she is a scientist.
She's thought this through.
Her body is failing her.
There's no cure.
And if she has a chance to to what? To go to sleep and just pray for a miracle? Or more likely, never wake up at all.
Well, she has a right to make her own decisions, to take a chance on the future when her present seems so bleak.
I still don't know if I agree.
Well, you don't have to.
You just have to represent her.
Yo! Fred.
What are you doing home? I got your message about the big news.
I wanted to hear it in person.
Also, I forgot my lunch.
So, hit me.
What's the big news? Ta-da! You got a cat? Better.
A cat food commercial.
The can's just a prop.
You got the commercial?! Stacy, that's that's amazing.
It shoots tomorrow.
Ha! I'm so nervous.
Will you help me rehearse? Y of course.
You play my husband.
Your husband.
I can do that.
Fresh fish, white wine, and fancy feast? I love it when you do the shopping! And then the cat meows and you say Oh, um You're not the only one.
That's right, Fluffy.
You got to live for the little things.
That was great.
I should Compliment you more often.
Oh, the kiss is part of the scene.
You kiss your your husband on the lips.
It says it right here "wife kisses husband on lips with passion.
" And it doesn't bother you, does it? Me? No.
Of of course not.
Um, it's j it's just acting With your lips And somebody else's.
You know, maybe I should come with you to the shoot.
Every big star has their people.
I could be your people.
Yay! I've got people! Mm! Vanessa.
Come in.
Um, I'm sure you heard.
Grayson and I broke up.
I'm Sorry.
Um, well, I had some things of his.
I figured he'd want them back.
Oh, you know what? Grayson goes to the gym at lunch Which is why you're here now.
Well, th there's there's never an easy way to do this, is there? Um, would you mind giving this to him? Sure.
Thank you.
You know, he he thinks the world of you, for what it's worth.
It's not worth much.
He was clear.
Whatever he's feeling, it's just not enough.
Madame commissioner, my client built his bungalow as a retreat from the world.
And now his quiet neighborhood is being turned into a because medialine was improperly granted a zoning variance.
It's no different from the variance that Mr.
Leith received for his 15,000-square-foot bungalow.
The coastline's not zoned for that, either.
Leith's exemption is not at issue today.
What's at issue are concerns like increased traffic.
We've agreed to pay for road widening, traffic signals, and off-site parking.
Okay, we've heard enough.
We'll take the matter under advisement.
How do you think that went? I think, in light of the circumstances We're in good shape.
Thanks, Claire.
I knew I could count on you.
Call you later.
That could have gone better.
Well, the goal was always to get concessions.
Concessions? A client like Gordon Leith doesn't pay $400 an hour for concessions.
Where's your kill-shot? I'm sorry.
My what? Kim, you brought us to court with insufficient ammunition.
The goal is never concessions.
The goal is to win.
Professor Miller, what is your current prognosis? Doctors give me two to three years before the symptoms make my life unbearable, I know that this is difficult, but would you please describe for the court what your life will look like if your request is denied? I'll lose motor control, the ability to walk, eat, speak, even swallow.
Dementia will set in.
By the time I die, I won't know who I am.
So, why cryonic preservation now? So that my body will remain as it is until a cure is found.
Professor, do you have any concern about what you are asking the judge to allow? My only concern is that he won't allow it.
Professor Miller, I am sorry about your diagnosis.
But I'm sure you recognize it doesn't give you the right to break the law.
Objection! Condescending and inappropriate.
It's a legitimate question.
The last time I looked, assisted suicide was illegal in this state.
Counselors, approach.
He's grandstanding.
He can make his speech during closings.
Look at Vacco v.
The supreme court refused to create a right to physician-assisted suicide.
Donaldson v.
Lungren Professor Miller isn't asking for physician-assisted suicide.
She wants to live.
Enough both of you.
Waldron, I don't appreciate the lecture.
There'll be no summary judgment.
This matter will be heard.
Knock, knock.
Nice work today.
I didn't think we'd survive summary judgment.
Well, a ways to go, but we're still in the game.
Is that my Lakers hat? And My sweatpants.
I'm sorry.
I totally blanked.
Vanessa came by and asked me to give you that.
Wow, the box of stuff.
It's official now.
Sorry, Grayson.
You okay? I think so.
I guess if we were meant to be together, we'd be together, right? Right.
Uh, okay, well, we should get to court.
Howser, now, the idea that you can freeze someone and bring them back to life that's science fiction, right? Only in the way that x-rays, transplants, and antibiotics were once considered science fiction.
Scientists have been cryopreserving on a smaller scale for decades.
It's only a matter of time.
Thank you.
Howser, say the court allowed professor Miller to be cryogenically preserved.
What's involved? She would be sedated and her heart would be stopped.
So you're gonna kill her.
Objection, Your Honor.
Nothing further.
I don't see my character as a "cat lady.
" She's a woman with a full life who also loves her cat.
You see the difference, right? Can u pass the broccoli? Sweetie, are you okay? It's my client.
This poor woman has an incurable disease.
You know, she's living her life, she's perfectly happy, and then one day, the universe betrayed her.
You know, and all she wants is a chance to get that life back.
She has a chance.
She has you.
Yeah, but I don't know how to convince the judge that stopping Kathy's heart isn't the same as killing her.
I don't see the problem.
Jane's heart stopped on the operating table before you entered her body, and you're not dead.
Stacy, you're a genius.
A secret genius.
The best kind.
We've got our killshot.
An environmental impact report? I ordered a new one from an expert I know.
Guess what he found on medialine's property.
No idea.
The endangered checker-spot butterfly.
The commission can't green-light construction now.
Talk about, uh, getting lucky at the last minute.
Not luck.
This is how it's done.
Prepare an amended motion, but don't file it yet.
We'll surprise medialine in court.
Shouldn't we share the report with medialine's attorneys? I mean, rules of discovery prohibit you're quoting the rules of discovery to me? I was running this firm while you were still getting felt up by frat boys.
Look, I'm having dinner with Parker tonight, and I'd really like to be able to tell him how well you're doing.
You want to question my strategy, find a way to win first.
Your honor, despite what the state contends, Kathy Miller is not asking to be killed.
She's asking to have her heart stopped, and there is a difference.
That is a baby painted turtle coming out of a deep freeze.
No heartbeat.
No respiration.
I hate to object, Your Honor, but turtles? Research shows the painted turtle is one of several species that completely stops their heartbeat and respiration for months at a time.
Now, according to Mr.
Waldron, that equals a dead turtle.
But sadie here, the very same turtle as in that film, might disagree.
Your honor the idea that life goes on even when the heart stops is not limited to certain reptiles.
Open-heart surgery, organ-transplant patients regularly have their hearts stopped while remaining biologically alive.
Now, the only difference here is the length of time during which professor Miller's heart will be stopped before completion of her medical treatment.
Kathy Miller doesn't want to die.
She wants to live.
Thank you.
Judge Libby: This hasn't been easy.
I recognize that the state has a vested interest in protecting the lives of its citizens.
And it has precedent on its side.
But precedent isn't always enough.
Society evolves and so must the law.
Professor Miller, I am granting a court order allowing your procedure to go forward.
I wish you good health in the future.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, just so you know, the state will most likely appeal.
Not in time to stop me.
I've already made arrangements.
I don't know if congratulations are in order, considering.
What's the right thing to say here? I'm gonna have a party tonight.
Say you'll come.
Fresh fish.
White wine.
Oh, and fancy feast.
Oh, I love it when you do the shopping.
You're not the only one.
Oh! That's right, Fluffy.
You got to live for the little things.
And cut! Good.
Go to act one, everybody.
Okay, this is torture.
Did it look like she was enjoying that? Dressing room.
Actually, I don't want to know.
Okay, let's do the kiss again.
Again? How many times are they gonna kiss? Hey, Gavin, this time, a little more heat.
Is that code for "tongue"? Keep your heat to yourself, Gavin.
Cut? That's a cut! Cut? I- I'm sorry.
I I wasn't feeling the chemistry.
M-maybe this time without the husband.
Excuse me? You know what? I think the little guy's right.
Little guy? Sorry, man, it's not going to work.
I'm s you can't argue with chemistry.
Schedule new auditions immediately.
She's going to kiss every available actor and male model until I see some chemistry.
Here's something you never thought you'd hear from me.
I need your advice.
Well, that does explain the drink.
Um, I've been doing some research, and it turns out that a genuine colony of checker-spot butterflies includes larvae and not just fully formed adults.
What does that mean? That Harrison faked the environmental report that we're supposed to present to the coastal commission.
So What do I do? Well, you have to say something.
I can't.
It's an ethics breach.
What are you looking for, Kim? Permission? And can't you talk to Parker? I mean, she is putting the firm in jeopardy.
What if he's in on it? He hasn't been the same since she came back, and truth is, I don't really know where I stand with him right now.
What? Okay.
You came to me for advice, so that is the only reason I am telling you this.
I saw them kissing in his office the other night.
I have to go.
I didn't know that you were go where is she? What are you talking about? I don't have time to play "what are you talking about?" I have a cab waiting.
Where is she? Is she in the bedroom? Kim, there's no one here.
Well, you went to dinner with her, didn't you? Claire? Yes, we had dinner, then I came home.
End of story.
What, no good-night kiss, or you only do that at the office? How long have you known? Wrong answer.
Kim, I should have told you.
I wanted to tell you.
She kissed me.
It was a mistake.
It didn't mean anything.
It meant enough for you to keep it a secret.
Sorry I'm late.
Ah, you didn't miss much.
I'm so glad you made it.
Can I get you something to drink? Maybe in a minute.
Have fun.
She's in a good mood.
Must be feeling relieved.
What's the matter? She's drinking margaritas.
And I can smell the Tequila.
She's celebrating.
But someone who's taking the medications she's on wouldn't be drinking alcohol.
The combination could kill her.
Another Margarita.
There you go.
Thank you, doctor.
I appreciate it.
So? That was the huntington's clinic where Kathy said she was being treated.
They've never heard of her.
Maybe she meant another clinic.
No, he keeps a registry for research purposes.
And she's not on it.
She's not dying.
Nope, but thanks to us, she's going into cold storage for a very long time.
Oh, hi.
This is a surprise.
Everything okay? We know you're not sick.
You lied to us.
Would you have fought this hard for me if you knew I wasn't dying? We wouldn't have taken your case.
You owe us an explanation.
I've made my decision.
Madame commissioner, we'd like to submit an amended complaint along with new evidence.
Just the highlights, counselor.
Pursuant to a recently completed environmental impact report, endangered checker-spot butterflies were found on medialine's property.
Construction would violate the endangered species act.
As luck would have it, we have a new report of our own.
Two new environmental reports? What's going on here? Well, we heard rumors about the butterflies.
We looked into it and, indeed, discovered there were a handful on the property.
But it appears they have been transplanted from their natural habitat in Northern California.
That's outrageous.
Oh, it's all right here.
Looks like we've got some reading to do.
What just happened? Hmm? Just a little setback.
Well, it feels like a pretty damn big setback to me.
Don't worry, Gordon.
I will take care of this.
I don't understand.
You just walked out of the commercial? I didn't walk.
I fled.
Stacy's kissing every actor/model in the western hemisphere, and it's all 'cause of me.
This isn't good.
I close my eyes, and all I see are lips.
It's like my brain's on fire.
You got to pull it together, Freddie.
Trust me.
The quickest way to destroy a new relationship is to show that you're jealous.
You got to play it cool.
How am I supposed to do that? I'm not the actor.
She is.
You know what else she is? Here.
So be a man and hide your feelings.
You are not jealous Fred.
You are zen Fred.
Are you all right? Hey.
You left without saying goodbye.
Oh! Um, yeah, I you know, I I just didn't want to interrupt.
I was worried that maybe all the kissing made you uncomfortable.
You know jealous or something.
Jealous? Why would I be jealous of you kissing a who's who of hot hunks? No, I'm I'm cool.
You know, I am Zen.
Really? You know, it took us hours to find a co-star with the right chemistry.
But it was totally worth it.
Such an interesting process.
Jean-Luc and I are so steamy that fancy feast wants to run a whole series of ads with us! That's awesome.
We're going to do one at the beach.
Pbht! Of course.
One where we're having breakfast in bed.
Ohh! And I think one in a bathtub.
A bathtub! In fact, Jean-Luc is taking me to a B&B in wine country to rehearse.
No, he's not! What? I'm sorry, but there is no way that I am cool with you going to wine country or or or anywhere else with with a guy named "Jean-Luc.
" I will strap myself to the undercarriage of your limo and scream, "Stacy, don't do it!" All the way up the coast.
Um, are you gonna dump me now? Just g-go ahead.
Get it get it over with.
I made up all that stuff to make you jealous.
I was so worried you didn't care.
Really? You didn't need to do that.
I I've been jealous ever since you got the commercial.
But I wanted to be supportive.
You know, I I didn't didn't want to be jealous Fred.
That is so sweet.
Jealous Fred, meet nauseous Teri.
Let's say, hypothetically, that we had knowledge a client intended to kill someone.
And who might your hypothetical client be about to kill? Herself.
bingum, someone who looked a lot like you stood in my courtroom yesterday arguing that her client wanted to extend her life, not end it.
Well, that's true, but we've since learned additional information.
She isn't sick.
We need you to reverse your order.
You need me to reverse it? Was there misconduct on your part? No.
Did you knowingly suborn perjury? No, Your Honor.
Then I'm sorry.
I decided this case based on principles of law, not peripheral facts.
You've given me no grounds to reverse.
But, Your Honor you failed to do your due diligence.
What happens now that's on you.
I'll go through Kathy's files.
You go through the transcript.
See if there's anything there even remotely reversible.
What am I looking for? Errors in law, errors in process, spelling mistakes.
Kathy has her court order.
She could go through with it at any time.
Well, until she does, we keep looking.
Not now.
I'm really busy.
Did you intervene in my case? Define "intervene.
" Medialine knew we were coming with a new report.
Please tell me that you didn't call them.
I didn't call them.
Though I may have anonymously e-mailed them an article about the inability of checker-spot butterflies to survive the southern California climate.
You had no right.
You knew I was going to.
What? What are you talking about? Come on, Kim! That's why you told me about the fake report because you wanted me to do something about it.
I came to you for advice.
When have you ever come to me for advice? You wanted me to expose Harrison because you couldn't do it yourself.
That's just not Kim! Your office now.
Did you tip off the other side? I'm waiting.
What if I did? I don't know what's worse the insubordination or the mind-numbing naiveté.
Did you really think a few booty calls with Parker was gonna protect you? Excuse me? You're fired.
What? You can't do that.
My name is on the door that will be closing on your ass at the end of the day.
I was just about to come see you.
Lucky me.
Kim, let me explain.
Okay, explain.
It's complicated.
I'll make it simple.
Your new girlfriend just fed me.
What? I'm not gonna fight it.
Let's call Claire.
We can discuss this.
You're not paying attention.
It's over, Parker.
We're done.
What is this? Just thought you should know who you're in bed with If you don't already.
I've been through the transcript three times.
Stop looking.
I figured it out.
I know where judge Libby eats lunch.
No, the judge can't help us.
We're going back to see Kathy.
I really have nothing more to say to you.
Well, that's okay.
We just need you to listen.
We know about your husband.
Excuse me? At our first meeting, you mentioned that you prepared a trust and an advanced health-care directive for when you want to be revived.
Who gave you the right you did.
As your attorneys, it's our responsibility to blue-back those documents and file them with the court.
The cryogenics lab is already storing your husband's body, isn't it? What happened, professor? Luke died of a massive heart attack.
When I got to the hospital, he was already gone.
So I made the only decision that made sense to me.
I had Luke cryogenically frozen until science can repair the damage and bring him back.
For Luke, that makes sense.
But why would you you know, at our wedding, during his vows, Luke told me his life didn't start till he met me.
His future didn't exist without me.
And when I lost him, I really understood what he meant.
Living without him is too hard.
�� so I studied the research ļ and I ran the probabilities and I came to the conclusion that by the time they could bring him back, I'll be gone.
But if you freeze yourself, then maybe someday you can resume your life together.
Simple math.
"Maybe" trumps the probability of zero.
I understand the need to put your life on hold for the one you love, but are you sure that I'd really like for you to go now, please.
Professor Miller, maybe your reasoning is sound, but you left out part of the equation.
I'd like to read you something.
"Scientific achievement doesn't rest.
"It's a lifetime endeavor.
And if you want to know the future, create it.
" That's my thesis.
I wrote that when I was in grad school.
Have you read it recently? Because you were really on to something.
I know what you're trying to do.
True or false your research on pluripotent stem cells could lead to repairing the damage caused by heart attacks.
It's true.
You might be freezing the one person who can bring Luke back.
What if it takes too long? What if it doesn't? In the words of a very smart woman, "if you want to change the world, you can't sleep through it.
" Professor Miller started crying, so then I started crying, and Grayson, well, he was crying on the inside.
And no one's freezing themselves.
I'm so proud of you.
You should be happy.
What what is it? No, I was just thinking about something that Grayson said.
He said he understood the desire to put your life on hold for the person you love.
That's kind of what you're doing.
We both are.
I mean, Grayson's putting his life on hold for Deb.
And that's why, I think, he broke up with Vanessa.
And I'm clearly putting my life on hold for him.
It's like I am emotionally frozen.
I think it's time I tell Grayson who I am.
Hey, Grayson.
That sounds great.
Grayson wants to have drinks with me.
Oh, my God! It's fate.
Tonight's the night.
Stacy, I'm gonna tell him.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
Had a little business to tend to.
You fired Kim.
You heard.
I did you a favor.
Were you really gonna keep her around once you got tired of sleeping with her? So, are we drinking or what? We're done.
I know you defrauded your husband to get that settlement.
You used the firm, you used me to rip him off.
Come on, Jay.
You and I play to win.
That's what makes us a good team.
We've represented people who have done a whole lot worse.
We represented them.
We didn't become them.
We're over, Claire, professionally and personally.
What are you gonna do, turn me in? The bar would have your license in a second.
Sure, I could lose my license.
But you will go to jail.
You're joking.
One call to the D.
's office mutually assured destruction on the count of three.
Wait What do you want money? I want your resignation.
She's not worth it.
You couldn't be more wrong.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Going out.
You can't tell Grayson.
There are rules.
They're your rules, not mine.
Y we've been through this.
You can't make him love you by telling him that you're Deb.
Fred, I work with the man I love a man who loves me back, but he doesn't even know that I'm right in front of him.
And I need him to see it's me.
It's time, Fred.
Life is precious, and I don't want to waste another minute.
it's time, Jane.
Judge Paula Abdul.
Today I'm just Paula, your wedding planner.
I'm getting married? Cue music.
Walk with me.
But what about a dress? Oh.
Uh It's it's beautiful.
It's everything I dreamed it would be.
Well, it is your dream.
I'm so proud of you, Jane.
You've defied the universe to marry your soul mate.
Oh, wait.
Um, do I have something old? Uh, uncle Mike.
Look at him.
He voted for Lincoln.
Um, okay, something new? Your dress, Jane.
Oh! Something borrowed Jane's body.
Good point.
Oh, and something blue.
Yeah? Here we go.
Well, this is it, Jane.
Welcome to the rest of your life.
Uh, but do you think you're ready? I do.
Hi, Jane.
Jane? Jane! Hi.
You all right? Uh, yes.
I'm sorry.
I was just what a day, huh? Well, I've got something important tell you.
I have something important to tell you.
Can I go first? Sure.
So, this case got me thinking.
What am I doing with my life? Cryogenics or not, you can't freeze time.
You have to make the most out of life.
I lost an amazing woman once already.
I'm not going to let it happen again.
Jane, will you Be my best man? I don't know what that means.
I proposed to Vanessa, and she accepted.
What?! I know.
Oh, God.
See, I thought I was afraid of a future with Vanessa, but that's not it.
I was afraid of losing her.
I know.
It's crazy.
And you and I have such a connection, and it would mean the world if you stood up for me at the wedding.
What? I I meant wow.
Please excuse me.
Jane, what's up? W-what's wrong with Jane? I don't know.
Well, she just ran out of the restaurant.
She looked really upset.
Uh, I'll be right back.
Jane! Jane! Wait up.
Jane! Grayson!! Grayson.
Do something!! Please, Grayson.
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