Drop Dead Diva s03e09 Episode Script

You Bet Your Life

See that aspiring model there? That was me Deb.
Until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to Heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! and, well, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 3x09 - You Bet Your Life Original air date August 22, 2011 You okay? Fred, I want you to take Grayson out.
As in kill him? As in a night out on the town.
I don't think I'm his type.
Look at the slump of his shoulders, the arch of his neck.
He's clearly down.
Well, it's been a hard stretch.
I mean, first Deb dies.
Then Vanessa leaves him.
It's got to be lonely.
Which is why I want you, as my guardian angel, to go out with him.
Maybe he needs someone to talk to.
I ugh, come on.
It'll be fun.
Plus, you know, it wouldn't hurt you to learn how to be more of a guy.
What? I know how to be a guy.
Can you change a tire? Grill a steak? Grow a full beard? Okay, all right.
Fine, you win.
Man, now I got to go buy something nice to wear.
Good morning.
This reminds me of summer camp.
Ow! - Whoa! - And I'm wearing the wrong shoes.
Why are we here? Uh, custody case, as far as I can tell.
Audrey Foley? Mm-hmm.
I'm Jay Parker.
- This is my associate, Kim Kaswell.
- Hello.
They want to take Louie.
You can't let them.
Oh, well, ma'am, the court has always recognized the special bond between mother and child, so Please, come in.
Come in.
So, there he is.
- Louie is a flower? - He's a plant.
A rafflesia arnoldii.
Incredibly rare.
Isn't he gorgeous? You've got a client waiting in your office.
Oh, no.
There was nothing on my schedule.
The airhead showed up with a freak.
"Airhead"? Your BFF, Stacy.
Teri! "Freak"? Some prickly miss who told me to "fetch" her a cup of coffee - and then called me "sunshine.
" - Ooh.
I haven't heard anyone called "sunshine" since oh, no! You look like you just ate a bug.
Jane Bingum? Kristin Mulraney.
Your assistant said you'd be here at 9:30, and, ooh, it's 9:37.
I hope tardiness isn't going to be a regular thing.
What's going on? Jane, miss Kristin was my chapter president at Beta Delta Chi.
She has a problem.
Oh, I prefer to think of it as a challenge.
Your challenge, sunshine.
That is one big plant.
With the world's largest flower.
Oh, I know what you're thinking "crazy lady in love with a plant".
"Why can't it be something normal," "like a schnauzer or a ferret?" It is unusual.
I have a special connection with Louie, and it's mutual.
I love him, and you can tell he loves me by how big he's grown.
Foley, who exactly wants your, uh Louie? The L.
Metropolitan Museum.
I was their chief botanist back when their star attraction was another rafflesia Louie the 14th.
I'm sensing a family connection.
Louie the 14th was a huge attraction.
Not nearly as stylish as my Louie Of course.
but incredibly virile.
So, while I was working there, I took ova and pollen, combined them into a seed, placed them on my tetrastigma vine, and, well, six years later there he is.
So now the museum is trying to claim your Louie is theirs.
Look, no one had a problem with us living together when their plant was alive.
But when Louie the 14th died, they came after Louie the 15th.
Foley, did anyone give you permission to take that pollen and ova from the museum's Louie? Yes, yes, yes the museum's director, Dr.
Geoffrey Melvoin.
Well, we'll simply get him to testify and He's dead.
Do you have a written record of his consent? No.
Look look, Louie has never lived anywhere except with me.
If they take him away Please just say you'll help.
We'll do everything we can.
$50,000 gone in 24 hours.
Bingum, I'm a sorority house mother it's all I have.
I understand, but I'm not sure what you're asking.
You lost money at a casino.
It happens.
No, not to me.
I never gamble.
It's not in my nature.
Right, but you did go to a casino and gamble.
The point, Ms.
Bingum, is I never would have been in the Desert Sands if not for this postcard offering a free spa day.
"Seaweed scrub.
" Hoax everyone knows seaweed is smooth.
Then, once I was in there, the casino tricked me into gambling all of my money away.
So, you were lured to the casino with the promise of seaweed I'm sorry.
How did they "trick you"? Oh, it's all right here.
"The environment of intoxication"? It's my term, but the research is sound.
You see, casinos use deceptive techniques to get you to keep gambling.
Lights on the slot machines trigger your brain's pleasure centers into thinking you're winning when you're losing.
Chimes lull you into complacency.
Oxygenated air keeps you feeling reassured.
Colors keep you awake, plus all the easy credit and the and the free liquor I was so out of it that I fell down and had to be taken to a hospital.
I mean, if not for that, I might have lost even more money.
I'm sorry, I just don't see a valid cause of a a action.
Okay, um, maybe you weren't paying attention.
Let's just go over the book one more time.
Oh, I got it.
Actually, would you just excuse us for a second? Stacy.
What? You know I hate that woman.
She made my sorority life a living hell.
- But it's been years.
- Mnh-Mnh.
Look, I know back in college, she was a little Nanny McPhee Really? More like Cruella Deville.
She accused me of not paying attention at Chi Smile Hour.
She picked on me for my posture at Beta Fest.
And let's not forget the Gaultier toga party where she blamed me for setting fire to the house.
Well, you did rent the torches and leave them by the drapes.
Not relevant.
Sweetie, there's something else.
She confiscated my sorority pin.
You never told me that.
Because it's the worst thing that can happen to a sister.
I was ashamed.
I am so sorry.
Still, she's been so nice to me.
And ever since we got back in touch on Facebook, I've gotten this feeling that she's sad.
I mean, she still lives in that sorority.
You know the studio above the garage? Ew, the one with the Laura Ashley wallpaper and lime-green appliances? - Yes! - Ugh.
And now that casino is taking advantage of her? It is not right.
Well, the "environment of intoxication" argument it's not gonna work in court.
Well, with your brain, I am sure you can think of something.
Fine, Stacy, but be clear it is not for her.
- No.
- It's for you.
And Beta Delta Chi.
"A Beta Delta Chi is loyal and true" Stacy.
"sisters forever to see you through.
" Your Honor, she gambled, she lost.
End of story.
A preliminary in rem hearing for debt amelioration is a pretty big ask.
Maybe so, but in this case, it is necessary.
We cite dram shop liability.
Really? That old chestnut? The casino let my client get drunk and gamble.
In fact, they encouraged her to drink excessively.
Theretofore, under that "old chestnut", they are responsible for her losses.
I'll hear you out, counselor, but I make no promise of a full trial.
Thank you.
Here is a security video subpoenaed from the Desert Springs Casino.
As you can see, it shows my client getting up from the slot machine with a drink in her hand.
And oop.
And she falls down.
The casino took Ms.
Mulraney to the hospital to treat a gash on her head.
But the point is, Your Honor, she should have been cut off well before this.
We'd like to call a medical expert to testify to Ms.
Mulraney's level of intoxication.
Preminger, you're medical consultant to the Desert Springs Casino.
- That's right.
- One question was Ms.
Mulraney drunk while gambling? Objection.
How in the world would that doctor know anything about my client? Why don't we let the doctor answer that? Let's hear it.
The, uh, hospital took a blood panel.
Blood-alcohol level was .
04%, which is well below the state's legal limit.
Nothing further.
Um, doctor, state criteria aside, could a .
04 blood-alcohol level impair my client's ability to think clearly? I wouldn't think so, no.
No? No.
Um What if the alcohol was just part of the equation? I don't follow.
Sights, sounds, oxygenated air.
Could all of these elements, combined with the alcohol in my client's system, create an "environment of intoxication?" Uh, it isn't a medically-recognized condition.
Well, neither was post-traumatic stress disorder before 1980, Asperger's before 1994, or SARS before 2003.
Isn't that right? I guess so.
This casino created an environment of intoxication, which, by definition, is a predatory practice and theretofore is illegal.
She's slandering the entire gaming industry.
Theretofore, we ask that you dismiss this nonsense.
Given the facts limited to this case, I'm allowing the trial to proceed.
Parker, the woman's a whack job.
She's in love with her plant.
Psychologists refer to Dr.
Foley's condition as "object sexuality.
" A few years back, a world-champion archer married the Eiffel Tower.
Okay, that won't help us win the case.
Which is why we won't be arguing O.
in court.
I'm having Teri pull the minutes from every board meeting that our client's dead museum director attended.
If he gave Audrey permission to take parts from their Louie the 14th, there should be a mention on record.
And if there's not? We'll burn that bridge when we get to it.
The graysonator! What's up, man? What was that? A nickname? No.
Uh, hey, so, hittin' the bar after work for the game, if you want to join.
What game? The big one.
Dodgers/Giants? Right.
Of course.
That is the big one, right? I thought they didn't play till tomorrow.
Well, yeah no.
This is the "big one" before that "big one.
" Sure.
- See you there.
- Okay.
Well, it is a good thing I brought my binder to court.
I know.
Did you see the look on that lawyer's face when we won? Oh, ladies, no.
We did not win.
The argument just got us past the in rem hearing.
We have to do the actual court case.
Oh, well, at the sorority house, we have a saying "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" "preferably in comfortable flats.
" Okay.
Well, first we need to know which direction to walk, and that means research.
Oh! Great.
That's my specialty.
I research all the pledges before rush.
It's how I found out Britney Stein had a brow lift.
Well, legal research is my job.
I mean, you know, you've already done such great work on that binder.
I mean, my God.
Okay, Kristin, you and I are going for chai lattes.
Jane, call us if you need us.
Foley, last Christmas you invited your museum colleagues to your home for a party.
Did anyone ask you to return Louie or call the police to report a plant-napping? No.
We contend the museum's knowledge of the plant amounts to de facto consent.
Hold on.
Rafflesia have irregular blooming cycles.
Do you have proof that, on the night of your party, your plant was in full bloom? No.
Then it's possible your guests may not have seen the flower and, therefore, may not have even noticed the plant.
It's possible, but the plant is enormous.
Your Honor, what my adversary refers to as "de facto consent" is nothing more than speculation.
We ask for a directed verdict, giving the plant to the museum.
I'm inclined to agree.
Unless you have additional evidence, Mr.
Parker? A a moment, Your Honor? I checked the board minutes under Dr.
No mention of Audrey's plant.
Just lots of boring bylaws, E.
regulations Wait.
Hold on.
You may have given me an idea.
Do you mind if I run with this? Yeah.
Foley, can you tell us how the E.
regards Louie the 15th, as a rare rafflesia arnoldii? Yes.
As an endangered species.
Are you aware that the endangered species act mandates an obligation to ensure that your plant is both free from harm and receiving the best care possible? Yes, of course.
Your Honor, we move to amend our claim to mandate an evaluation of both parties' ability to satisfy these requirements.
You've got to be joking.
Oh, I never joke when it comes to federal regulations.
I will hear arguments in my chambers tomorrow.
Thank you.
But go light on the fertilizer.
Jane, the hospital finally sent over Kristin's blood panel.
Great, thank you.
Let's see.
Oh, no.
What's wrong? Trace amounts of amphetamine? It's what happens when your body breaks down crystal meth.
Oh, this is so not good for our case.
Jane? Oh, Stacy, you're not gonna believe this.
Me first.
Kristin just called.
She's back at the Desert Springs Casino.
What?! I thought you two went for chai lattes! We did.
And then I dropped her off at the sorority.
Two hours later, I got the call.
Why would she go back there? I have no idea, but she sounded completely out of it.
Let's go.
Oh, oh, what did you want to tell me? Oh.
I think Little Miss Sunshine is a speed freak.
I don't know what happened.
I got in my car to run an errand.
And the next thing I knew, I was here.
Kristin, we're worried about you.
We think that maybe just perhaps Spit it out, sunshine.
We think that there's crank in your shaft.
- Excuse me? - She means drugs.
Specifically, meth.
I have never touched drugs! "A Beta Delta Chi may never get high.
" Then how do you explain amphetamine in your system? Well, I don't know.
Maybe Do you think it could be from medication? What medication? Okay.
Look, I haven't said anything, but I have Parkinson's.
I was diagnosed a couple of years ago.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Parkinson's medication and meth have similar components, so it's possible that the medication broke down into amphetamine, which is why I thought you were on meth.
I'm sorry.
Well, why didn't you tell us? I don't know.
All my life, I've been kind of a control freak.
And now I don't even know my own body.
I'm sure that just sounds crazy to you.
Mulraney! I'm glad to see you're doing all right.
I'm Brian.
I helped you up when you fell the other day.
You said with my complexion, white shirts wash me out.
You suggested purple.
Brian, that's right.
And you look great, sunshine.
I'll see you around.
That's odd.
I have no memory of that man.
Of course, ever since I started the medication, it happens when I don't get enough rest, but Kristin, the security video that Desert Springs sent us, you were helped up by a woman.
Then what fall was he talking about? I I don't know.
But someone does.
Parker, this is not looking good.
precedents favor institutional custodians.
Have you read City of Rolling Meadows v.
Kyle? - That's an exception.
- So we'll be another exception.
How do we distinguish ourselves? With love.
I admit, I think it's weird to be in love with an object.
But there's an upside the plant will never leave you.
That's true.
And a plant would never cheat on you.
And a plant would never doubt you when you said it was just a kiss.
Or continue hitting on you when you've asked it to stop.
Or refuse to accept that you're perfect together.
But we're just talking about a plant.
And if we expect to win this case, we need to come up with something more tangible than love.
I need coffee.
So, I think I got my game nights confused.
That's all right.
I should probably get home anyway.
No! I mean, you should totally give ping pong a chance.
It's a sport that's completely uncorrupted by money And s strength.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, is there anything that you want to talk a about? Not really.
You? You ever changed a tire? Another round? Yeah, I guess so.
Cassie, I always meant to ask why a butterfly? Well, it used to be a caterpillar.
I'll be right back.
So you know the Cassie? Well, kind of.
I mean, she was friends with Deb.
Okay, there you are.
And there's Brian.
Oh, my God! And there's another employee bringing you back to another slot machine.
Probably why they didn't send this footage over in the first place.
What is that? It's a it's a credit-card machine.
Oh, they're using it to help you get a credit extension, which is clearly wrong.
I mean, it's legal for a casino to offer credit extension, but they waited until you seemed completely out of it and then swooped in with a credit-card reader.
- Oh.
Uh, give me a minute.
- Yeah.
Tell me everything.
How's Grayson? Is he sharing his feelings with you? Well, how should I put this? Oh, God.
He's not doing well.
I knew it.
Is he talking at all? Not so much talking as hitting on a waitress.
A waitress? Which one? Uh, Cassie.
She has a very interesting tattoo.
Cassie with the tramp stamp?! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is awful.
He's having a great time.
That's what you wanted, right? A nice time with you is what I wanted, Fred.
Okay, all right, listen to me this girl is is not what Grayson needs, so stop him before he does something he regrets.
Got it.
Fred, hey.
Cassie's shift just ended, and she invited me to an after-hours club, so Oh.
So you and me, we're we're going clubbing! Fist bump.
Fred, you've been a great wingman.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Cool? Cool.
All right.
Your Honor, in short, the mission of the museum is not just to be the best custodian possible for plants like rafflesia, but to share them with the public.
It's why my client should be granted possession of the plant.
One's ability to take care of something is predicated upon one's ability to keep it alive.
Their rafflesia is dead.
- That plant died of natural causes.
- Really? The museum hired our client to autopsy Louie the 14th.
Foley, what were your findings? Louie the 14th died of possible neglect.
- Excuse me? - That's right.
And I won't let you neglect Louie the 15th.
Foley, no question you're a fine botanist, but the average life span of a rafflesia is over 40 years.
What happens when you pass away? In the event that Louie the 15th outlives Dr.
Foley, she's created a living trust which will provide for his care, just as you'd do for a loved one.
Your argument is that she should get the plant because she loves it? Can you think of a better reason? I mean, Your Honor, it's obvious Dr.
Foley loves this plant more than many people love anything or anyone.
While the museum neglected Louie the 14th, Louie the 15th has thrived.
So in the name of love, our client should get the plant.
Okay, I'll take this all into consideration and rule within the next 24 hours.
- Fred.
- Hey.
How did the rest of the bro-date go? Great.
Just great.
And Cassie with the tramp stamp? You know, uh, after we hung up, I didn't see her again for the rest of the night.
Bingum! Imagine my surprise on returning from court and finding a messenger with a stack of boxes for you.
Oh, good.
You're not getting in over your head with this casino case, are you? Absolutely not.
Although, I am filing a class-action suit.
But as you know, big lawsuits equal big payouts.
Only after a big cash outlay, and only if you're going after something that everyone already knows is bad, like car companies or cigarette multinationals or Rob Schneider movies.
Do you understand the expense in tracking down plaintiffs in a class-action? Yes, that is why I contacted the company that the casino uses to mail out their "special offer" postcards.
I'm gonna send out a notice asking if any of the guests felt coerced into buying excessive credit, and it won't cost the firm a dime.
That part I like.
I'm having a label-making party tonight, and you are more than welcome.
Stacy is making her famous guacamole.
No, thanks.
But keep me posted.
And you.
Yes, sir? I hear you are a hell of a wingman.
Cassie with the tramp stamp? Ka-pow! Grayson is like a whole new man.
I thought you said you didn't see her the rest of the evening.
I didn't.
Grayson is a different story.
You are the worst guar Kim Kaswell's office.
What are you still doing here? Having a green tea and trying not to stress.
What's it to you? I didn't know you were a green tea kind of person.
Only when I'm waiting for a ruling.
What's up? Board minutes from the museum? We already looked at these.
We looked at the board minutes involving Dr.
Found nothing, so I decided to broaden my search.
And? These are from the board's latest meeting.
For the last six months, the museum's been in negotiations to sell their rafflesia to a private collector in Singapore for mid-six figures.
But then their plant died, so So, in order to make the sale, they had to scramble and find a new one to replace it.
And that's why the museum's really after Louie the 15th.
Teri, I need you to find the clerk, have him ask to have the judge hold her ruling in abeyance until I can get Parker down here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Let me help you with that.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I I got it.
So, I heard you had a good time last night with Fred.
That's right.
Did you meet anyone nice? Actually, you know Cassie from the bar.
Sure do.
Yeah, she took me to an after-hours club.
I'm seeing her again tonight.
Cassie, the the one with the tattoo? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
She's fun.
Yes, no, she is fun.
That's true.
- Oh! - Hey! Hey.
I was early, so I just I came up to get you.
- Aw.
- Great.
Cassie, you know Jane.
Oh, yes.
Pomtini and shrimp cocktail.
Wow, unbelievable.
That's me.
She's quick.
- Oh.
- You ready? Yeah.
- Uh, Jane? - Mm-hmm.
You coming? Oh, no.
You know what? I'm just gonna wait for the next one.
You know, 'cause I have a lot of stuff going on.
- All right.
- Okay.
See you later.
I love you, t Bye-bye.
The minutes prove that the museum withheld the real motive behind their bid for our client's plant.
The Singapore deal isn't done.
Now, that's a defense.
Plus, there's no reason to believe that the foreign buyer will care for the plant any less effectively than my client.
You lied to this court about what was gonna happen to Louie.
- I did not lie.
- You kind of did.
I agree.
Unclean hands, Mr.
The matter's settled.
Louie the 15th will stay with Dr.
Oh, I am so happy.
I don't know how to thank you.
You should have been in chambers.
Kaswell was very impressive.
Parker wasn't so bad himself.
Well, I think we all deserve a drink.
You know, I would love to, but, um, I really should go home and tell Louie in person.
Of course.
Tell him congratulations from us.
Thank you both so much.
"Him"? I was trying to be nice.
And done.
One more mailing list entered in, You know, you have the energy of a hummingbird and the can-do attitude of a used-car salesman.
It's truly amazing.
Well, thank you, sunshine.
This sure brings back memories of finals week all-nighters, - doesn't it? - Ha! Well, to be honest, those were the nights I went to bed early.
Of course, the last time I had to pull an all-nighter was at the emergency regional conference to discuss a certain unauthorized Gaultier toga party.
- Really? - Yeah.
Hey, did you know Deb Dobkins? Yes.
I mean no.
I mean, um, I've just I've heard a lot about her.
You know, she passed away.
It was so sad.
I was hoping to reconnect with her at her fifth reunion.
With Deb? Really? But I thought you didn't like her.
I mean, I'm just remembering what Stacy was saying.
I thought you were mad at her for throwing that toga party.
And even though I heard it was legendary and the reason that Beta Delta Chi had more pledges than any sorority on campus, you still confiscated her pin.
Wow, it sounds like Stacy's story really made an impression.
Well, sometimes as Chapter President, you have to wear different hats.
Sometimes you have to be a sister, a mother, good cop, bad cop, sexy cop, human shield.
Uh, you know, I didn't tell you this, but after that toga party almost burned the house down, the National Board demanded Deb's membership.
What?! That's horrible.
Wait, why didn't you say anything? Well, getting kicked out would have just crushed her, so I made a deal with the board.
They'd allow Deb to stay if you confiscated her pin.
Look at this.
- Not now, Fred.
- No, but this is odd.
The the files from the postcard mailhouse are arranged by zip code.
They cluster them by region.
Yeah, but this list here, the the one with Kristin's name, has zip codes from all over the United States.
No, he's right.
Why am I on this list? Fred, do a Google search.
Enter in the first three names, see if there's a connection.
Already on it.
It is a link to a website for St.
Paul's Hospital parking permits? - Oh, my.
- Does that mean something to you? St.
Paul's is where I volunteered for a Parkinson's study last year.
Why would the casino care about that list? Well, I may not be a betting woman, but odds are the answer to that question wins our case.
Hello? Mr.
Parker, where are you? It's 9:30.
I'm on my way in.
What's wrong? The police just called.
They want Dr.
Foley in for questioning.
- What? - Last night, the museum's new botanist determined that Louie the 14th didn't die of natural causes.
Then how did he die? Someone detached it from the vine.
And they think it was Audrey? Her coded key card accessed the museum greenhouse three days before old Louie went petals-up.
- Ugh.
- Dr.
Foley's not answering her phone.
I told the cops you'd pick her up and bring her in.
All right.
I'll grab Kim and head over to her place now.
Why are you grabbing me? I mean, not that I mind.
Bingum, thanks for waiting.
Please come in.
Thank you, again, for seeing us on such short notice.
Anything for our research partners.
Aw, that's sweet, sunshine.
But now we have some questions for you.
Yes, I got Ms.
Bingum's e-mail.
Please have a seat.
- Good.
Thank you.
- Here's a copy of our study on the side-effects of ropinirole.
That's my Parkinson's medication.
Intermittent vertigo, memory loss, compulsive behavior, including excess eating, shopping, and oh, my God, gambling.
Yes, that's right.
Odds of becoming addicted to gambling increase 300% with this medication.
How is that even possible? It has to do with a related dopamine agonist but it's still something we never could have anticipated.
So that's why the casino would want the patient list.
It's like finding a sign-up sheet for gamblers anonymous.
A sign-up sheet with thousands of names.
Jane Uh, just one second.
Keens, how did the casino get this list? Jane Seriously, one second.
Go ahead, doctor.
Answer my question.
I wish I could.
Our test-subjects list is totally confidential.
No one outside the study has access.
- Jane! - What?! I think I know how the casino got the list.
Bingum, I have no idea what you're talking about.
What list? Before your consulting job with Desert Springs, you worked as a research fellow - at St.
Paul's Hospital, correct? - Yes.
You looked at the side effects of a Parkinson's medication.
That's correct.
The study confirmed a link between ropinirole and a heightened addiction to gambling.
- It's public information now.
- Right.
But the list with the test subjects, which would be a huge asset to any casino, that's not public, is it? No.
Uh, that list is confidential.
Tell me something, doctor.
As a consultant for Desert Springs, you receive an annual retainer of $100,000.
It's commensurate with other consultants.
Plus $50,000 when you signed on.
That was a bonus.
Oh, a "bonus.
" A bonus that you received two weeks after the Parkinson's study was completed.
I wonder what the state medical board will say about that? Dr.
Foley?! Dr.
Foley?! I just looked through the side windows.
The house is completely cleared out.
Louie the 15th? It doesn't make any sense.
Is she gone? Yeah.
How did you know? She took off.
When the museum's rafflesia plant died, your client's flower became the largest of its kind, and it's worth a lot of money.
No, there's no way.
She loved that plant.
You were played.
The museum got a call from Singapore this morning.
Utama's withdrawing his offer.
Apparently, he made a six-figure deal to buy another rafflesia plant late last night from Dr.
Wow, she killed Louie the 14th so she could make a killing off of Louie the 15th.
And so much for love.
I heard about court.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Jane.
I didn't mean to be such a great wingman.
I just don't see what he sees in her.
Actually, you do.
You just don't like it.
I used to know Cassie back when I was Deb.
We took an acting class together.
And we auditioned for the same roles.
We were a lot alike.
So, if I think Grayson can do better than Cassie, does that mean he can do better than The old you? The one that he wanted to marry? Yeah.
Well, you've changed.
You're no longer Deb of the the Gaultier toga party.
You have higher expectations of yourself, so maybe you have higher expectations for Grayson.
That almost made me feel a little bit better.
I try.
I am going home.
Do you need a lift? Um, actually, I am headed to the bar for the game.
Another bro-date? I'm going with Teri.
If anybody can teach me how to be more of a man, it's her, right? Yeah.
I haven't made these treats since well, since you made them.
Oh, yay! You're home.
We are making rice-crispie treats.
Jane, you were brilliant today.
I could not have done it without your help.
Or yours.
So, I have some news.
Preminger is going before the medical board.
The gambling commission has asked for our notes on the class action, and Desert Springs is forgiving your debt.
Well, I don't know what to say.
That's okay.
I have something for you.
It's an honorary Beta Delta Chi pin.
Now, I know it's not much, but It's amazing.
Thank you.

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