Drop Dead Diva s04e10 Episode Script

Lady Parts

See that aspiring model there? That was me, Deb -- until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Luke.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! and, well, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 4x10 - Lady Parts Original air date August 12, 2012 What are you doing? Oh, I - I was admiring you, you know? - Mm.
You are a very handsome man.
In that case, allow me to admire you, as well.
- Oh, no.
- No? I would love to admire each other senseless, but I, uh, I, um Have to -- to go to work.
I'm sure your boss would take a note from a judge.
I wouldn't want to put you in that compromising position.
Honey, I'm already in one.
Good morning.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Your robe's inside out, and you're up half an hour before your alarm clock.
Shouldn't you be canoodling with your fiancé? Yes.
Yes, I should be.
But I am scared of canoodling him to death.
Oh, hoo-hoo! Someone thinks very highly of herself.
He's recovering from heart surgery, and it's really important to keep his blood pressure low.
I need to do my part.
Oh, my God! Guess who I'm meeting with this morning! Elton John! What? No.
What? No, my mother.
Deb's mother.
Okay, and get this.
She has started teaching dance classes again, she has a brand-new studio, and I am meeting her there.
Isn't that great? Not if you're a student in her class.
Stace? Look, it's just Dance classes with your mother weren't always the best part of my day.
Come on.
We had some fun times.
Big fun.
Yeah, we did.
Uh, I got to take a shower.
Hey! Keep the door closed this time.
The last thing I want is Owen's heart exploding.
Got it.
Time sheets are late.
Looking at my high-school yearbook.
Whom are we billing for this trip down memory lane? Client development.
Girl from my graduating class needs a lawyer.
She's on her way in.
You haven't changed a bit.
Same goes for you.
Be honest.
You don't remember me, do you? Which is why you have your yearbook open.
I'm Kim kaswell.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Time sheets, when you have a chance.
Let me jog your memory.
I spent my entire senior year painting that mural on the cafeteria wall.
The four foogroups.
I remember your blueberries looked like little smurfs.
Well, I've come a long way since then.
On the phone, you mentioned a contract dispute.
I just finished my first big sculpture.
It's out front of Lakewood City Hall.
It's called "Community Spirit.
" Congratulations.
Well, it's been a month since the install, and I still haven't been paid.
I may be fuzzy on negative space, but this is pretty black-and-white.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Come on, Kara! All right, Jenna! Focus or go home! Point your toes! Better.
See you next week! Practice! Point your toe, Deb! Mom, it's too hard! Just try it again.
The nationals are next week.
You've got to push yourself, Deb! I can't do it! Well, not with that attitude, you cannot! So let's go! Again! Jane? Hi.
Are you okay? Just lots of memories.
Were you a dancer? Um, well, oh -- I'm sorry.
Yes, a very long time ago.
Um, my teacher was actually a lot like you.
Um I am being sued for negligence.
What? One of my students, Kiera Walsh, injured her foot during a private lesson.
Mo-- Bobbi, your court date is tomorrow! And I know that I should have called you earlier, but I really thought that they would come to their senses.
They want a million dollars? And I did everything right.
I iced her foot.
I called 911 for an ambulance.
Do you have insurance? Yes, but insurance will not protect my reputation.
Jane, when Deb was little, I owned a dance studio, and now teaching again, well, it's exactly what I need.
It makes me feel close to her, and And I cannot lose this place.
Baxter, Fiona delivered the statue on time.
The city's in breach.
Actually, she's the one in breach.
- Excuse me? - Page 4, paragraph "B.
" She promised "An abstract sculpture "that does not violate the general populace's standard of decency.
" And she gave usthis.
What's that look like to you? I-I don't really know.
I'm not an art expert.
Yo, Lloyd! Nice hoo-ha! You got the biggest one in town! Let your client know we'll be taking it down.
We're not paying for a 12-foot vagina.
My client feels awful about the accident.
But dance does carry an element of risk, which is why you signed this release.
Okay, why don't you show me where I gave you permission to bully my daughter into doing that switch leap after she told you she wasn't feeling well? Kiera is always complaining about something and you told me to push her.
I didn't tell you to permanently injure her! Because of you, she's has a torn, uh, the -- hey, the thing on the -- Lisfranc ligament tear.
It's called a "career ender.
" This is not my fault.
This is totally your fault! You cannot blame me for something -- - You pushed my daughter too far! - Excuse me! I will take you -- excuse me! I need everyone here to shut up.
Who are you? Simon Grundy.
Dobkins' lawyer.
No, I'm sorry.
- I represent Bobbi.
- Maybe I wasn't clear.
Her insurance company retained me, and therefore any interaction with opposing counsel must also include me.
You both need to leave.
Not a problem.
Happy to.
Thank you.
Oka-- all right.
Tell me why you thought it would be productive to get an emotional mother into a room with your emotional client.
- I am not emotional-- - Of course not.
- I thought that -- - You know what? - I really don't care.
- You know what? I really don't like you.
And an emotional lawyer makes three.
Oh, working together's gonna be such fun.
Working together? Well, you represent Ms.
I represent her insurance.
Like it or not, we're a team.
Priority Coast Insurance will assert that you are not at fault for Kiera's injury.
Our goal is to -- Assign blame to anyone but Bobbi.
I'll be looking into the company that made Kiera's dance shoes, the EMTs that took her to the hospital, even the doctors at the E.
Someone loves his billable hours.
I assume you don't mind if I set up shop here? I have several depos this afternoon.
You can use the conference room.
Thank you.
Oh, and, Ms.
Dobkins, for what it's worth, you're lucky they're only claiming negligence.
Sometimes intentional infliction of emotional distress is tacked on.
And that gets even more pricy.
Well, I don't feel lucky.
I feel angry and frustrated.
Don't take this personally, but I find - that it never helps if you get -- - Emotional? Yeah, we heard you.
I'm sorry, but they're planning on taking down the sculpture.
What? They say it violates community standards.
How can that be? It's abstract.
And it's a depiction of community spirit.
They say it looks like a vagina.
What?! Wow.
I mean, I don't even know if I should be offended or not.
I'm no Georgia O'Keeffe, but the same thing happened to her.
"Petunia No.
2," "Black Iris III" -- vaginae.
I mean, Grayson, you saw it.
What do you think? I think it's an amazing piece of art.
That sculpture took six months of my life.
And now I'm living on loans, and I can barely afford rent.
I know you're worried about Owen's heart, so I made him some heart-healthy cookies.
- Try one.
- Thank you.
It's not -- it's not bad.
So, I went and saw my mother.
She's being sued by a dance mom.
Honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened earlier.
I mean, she made me cry in class a lot.
Disney princesses made you cry.
Because they're all orphans! And she made you cry, too.
I remember a certain Deb Dobkins crying her eyes out backstage at the 1996 National Bright Lights Dance Championship.
Excuse me.
Were you raised in a barn? What? I washed my hands.
Stacy, Simon.
He's representing Bobbi's insurance company.
Oh, and he is not a fan of emotion.
Did you say you took dance classes with Deb Dobkins? A long time ago.
Simon, how's it going with your discovery? It looks like clutter.
Mm, nothing probative.
You free to, uh, review the witness list? Yes.
Let's go.
Question -- Nicki Minaj? Luke.
Answer -- love her.
Oh, then, hypothetically, her concert would be a good first date? Hypothetically, absolutely.
Thank you.
Are you having a seizure? Am I gonna have to grab your tongue? No.
I-I-I think Luke might ask me out.
Just what the world needs -- more shallow babies with perfect teeth.
Oh, you think my teeth are perfect? Kim, you studied art, didn't you? I minored in art history.
Why? What's this look like to you? Mm Wow! That is spectacular! - I want one.
- You already have one.
The city won't pay Fiona for this because they say it looks like Down under.
Australia? A vagina, Kim.
They say it looks like a vagina.
Mine looks more like Vietnam.
Don't you have something to do? Can I have a copy of that picture? I need a new screen saver.
What am I gonna do? About the case or about Fiona? I can't date Fiona.
She's a client.
So, win her case, then you can date her.
And, yes, I'll second chair.
Thank you.
I'm so nervous, Jane.
I barely slept.
Oh, well, not to worry.
You don't testify today.
So all you have to do is smile and look at the jury.
Just remember to speak clearly.
Don't mumble! Project! I know! You've told me that like 10 times! And sit up straight! Whenever you spend time at your dad's, your posture goes to hell! Just leave me alone, okay?! Well, guess I'm not the only one she yells at, huh? Mothers and daughters.
Let's go inside.
I want to be a dancer.
And I wanted to be on Broadway.
Was that a realistic dream? I placed second at nationals last year.
Tell us about the day you were hurt.
Bobbi wanted to work on the switch leap, but I told her I was dizzy and my stomach hurt.
She only said that she was tired.
You should object.
We will look like bullies.
It will come out when you testify.
What happened next? I tried the switch leap, but I landed wrong.
And I heard a snap.
- I'm so sorry.
- Kiera? If you told your math teacher that you were feeling tired, would she say, "Oh, fine, no math today"? No.
Why not? Because she wouldn't be doing her job.
Thank you.
Kiera Did Bobbi tell you she was responsible for your injury? Objection! - Objection! It's an admission, Your Honor.
Go ahead.
We'd like to offer a 911 call placed by Ms.
Dobkins at 4:17 on June 8th, as well as an affidavit of authentication by the 911 operator.
Have you heard this before? No.
Let's hear it.
What's your emergency? I need an ambulance! What are the circumstances? I'm a dance instructor! A student has been injured! And it's all your fault! I'm sorry, Kiera.
I'm so sorry.
Ma'Am -- ma'Am, I need you to talk to me.
Calm down.
"I'm sorry, Kiera.
I'm so sorry.
" Who said those words? Bobbi Dobkins.
And why, exactly, did she say them? Well, because I didn't want to do the switch leap, and she made me! This is all her fault! Jane, I wasn't saying "I'm sorry" because it was my fault.
I was sorry that she got hurt.
It's what people say -- I understand.
It just -- it looks bad.
Do you think we'll be okay? Honestly, I don't know.
Uh, the plaintiff just updated their witness list.
Have you heard of some dance instructor named, uh, Abby Lee Miller? Oh, God.
Most people think I'm the best in the business.
I have students year after year winning national competitions all over the country.
Abby, I'd like you to watch some home video of Bobbi's teaching methods.
Kiera! Get your arms out! You cannot dance if you cannot concentrate! Again! Losers do not dwell on mistakes.
Is that what you want to be? Are you a loser? No.
I'm not a loser.
This is a dance class, not an acting class! You don't act like you're dancing! You dance! Again! Ms.
Miller, how long have you run your dance company? Based on what we just watched, what is your expert opinion on Bobbi Dobkins' method of instruction? Well, I think she stinks.
There's motivation, and then there's intimidation.
Clearly, she doesn't know the difference.
That's when a child gets hurt.
Thank you.
You don't know Bobbi Dobkins, and yet you feel you can share your expert opinion based on those clips? Well, I don't know Snooki, either, - but I have an opinion.
- Okay.
So, a responsible dance instructor motivates without intimidating? Absolutely.
That's how I do it.
Well, great.
Then let's look at some video from your own dance classes.
Right now, I am at the end of my rope with Cathy, and I am at the end of my rope with Vivi.
I'm gonna take that hair around her neck and choke her.
Ding-dong! Look! Not 8 and a one-two.
I want you to make applesauce out of that kid.
Backstage, freak that kid out! I want that kid in tears! Do you intimidate your students? I give them a taste of the real world.
Thank you.
It's illuminating to see how an "expert" handles her class.
How many of your students have suffered career-ending injuries under your watch? None.
And they never will.
Thank you.
Bobbi it's time to think about settling.
We will offer to pay Kiera's medical costs.
I didn't do anything wrong.
The jury is against us.
And the injury did end your student's dancing career.
Oh, Kiera was never going to be a professional dancer.
Bobbi, here's the deal.
Your business can survive a settlement.
It cannot survive a judgment.
Are you on board? I guess.
I'll call the insurance company and get the authority.
As you are no doubt aware, given the circumstances of this case, I have granted the change-of-venue motion.
Counsel, take it away.
Krupp, what's on those easels? Preliminary drawings of my sculpture.
Did the city approve them? Yes.
As required by contract.
I'd like to introduce exhibit "A" -- the acceptance letter the city sent Ms.
Krupp after the installation.
When did you receive this letter? A month ago.
And when were you paid? I assume she's still waiting, since we're here getting heatstroke.
Tell me, uh Your sculpture depicts female genitalia, right? My design represents the relationship between the spirit of independence and the spirit of community.
I hold a letter from, uh, "Concerned Parents.
" It's a community organization.
Please read the highlighted parts.
"We urge our civil leaders to remove the offending statue or at least put some pants on it.
" We have dozens of other letters we'd like to introduce as evidence.
Your Honor, these letters represent a tyranny of the minority.
This sculpture is no more a vagina than the Washington monument is a penis.
- Objection.
- Don't bother.
I find the city in breach.
You will pay Ms.
Krupp what she's due.
You will leave the sculpture right there.
We are absolutely confident in our position, but trial poses a risk for both sides.
We've incurred hefty medical bills.
We are prepared to discuss that.
Of course, before Priority Coast Insurance proceeds with any settlement, we'll need you to withdraw your claim for alleged loss of future earnings.
Let's stay focused on medical costs.
I'm sorry.
"Alleged" loss of earnings? Kiera would have gone on to Broadway.
The only way that Kiera would have gone to Broadway is if she had a ticket.
- Bobbi! - I'm sorry.
I cannot participate in her delusion.
You said she had great technique.
And she does, but she lacks drive! Okay, you know what? Let's just take a breather.
You know what? This is a mistake.
Okay? No settlement.
Let's go! In high school, they voted me "Most likely to enter a cult.
" For the record, I didn't vote.
Well, you were "Most likely to marry a model.
" Hmm, well, still single.
To our win today.
Kim? Hi.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Uh, I ran by city hall to pick up your check.
They're putting a scaffolding around your sculpture.
- What? - Why? Since they're legally prohibited from removing the sculpture Oh, God.
They're gonna change it? The plan is to weld some giant wings on it, make it look like a butterfly or Batman.
We need an emergency injunction.
Agreed, but the courts are closed.
I know just where to find our judge.
What are you doing here? We need to see Owen.
We need an emergency injunction.
Oh, my God.
Lower your voice.
And emergencies are not good for Owen's heart, so I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Do I hear Kim Kaswell? Uh, yes.
Sorry to bother you, Your Honor.
Um, the city is trying to alter Fiona's sculpture, so we need an emergency injunction.
Why are we talking like this? The visual Artists Rights Act grants artists the right to protect their work from being modified.
All right.
You have your injunction.
Full hearing in the morning.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Is it me, or are they a little weird? Oh, no, it's not you.
They're totally weird.
All right.
Well, let's go back to our evening, shall we? Actually, you know what? I have to go meet a client, but I'll be right back.
Bobbi? Bobbi? Over and under everywhere you go every high, every low no power could take us apart Are you okay? Jane? What are you doing here? I want to understand why you blew up the settlement.
When Simon mentioned Kiera's lost income, I could not bite my tongue.
We were there to discuss her medical expenses.
Why did he bring that up? Honestly, I don't know.
What are you doing here? Bobbi asked me to help her out with the case.
Uh, why? Jane, things have gotten more serious.
- They have amended - Mm-hmm.
the complaint to include The intentional infliction of emotional distress.
They're saying that I intentionally caused Kiera emotional harm.
Bobbi, insurance companies do not cover intentional torts, which means you could lose your house, your -- your business, your savings.
I know that you worked hard, but you wanted me to settle from the beginning.
Now, maybe I'm wrong, but it feels like part of you thinks that I am responsible.
It's -- it's -- it's not that black-and-white.
I-I'm trying -- Jane, I'm sorry, but you are fired.
I thought Bobbi fired you.
Well, she's my mom, you know? I'm gonna do everything I can to help her.
Speaking of help, maybe you can throw a little my way.
Which goes best with a Nicki Minaj concert? If it's a date with Luke, pick something that goes with heartache and tears.
Hey, how did you know about Luke? Teri.
Let me guess -- you don't want me dating someone at the firm.
That is B.
Okay, well, then, what's the problem? No, not Luke, this complaint -- that dance mom says that Bobbi caused her daughter's anxiety disorder.
You should see this woman.
I mean, if anyone is giving her daughter nightmares, it's probably her.
You know what I need? I need to find someone who could testify to the family dynamic, you know, like a-a neighbor.
But back to me.
So, what's wrong with Luke? I-I mean, he looks good on paper Like "husband" good.
No, husbands can't testify against their wives.
But ex-husbands can.
Ohh! I got to go.
Oh, yeah, I don't like this whole Luke idea, but The dress on the right says "Nicki.
" The one on the left says "icky.
" Oh.
Walsh? - Yeah.
- Hi.
I'm Jane Bingum.
I represent Bobbi Dobkins, who's being sued by -- My ex.
I know.
Excuse me.
Um, your ex claims that Bobbi caused your daughter's anxiety disorder, and I'm just wondering if, possibly, someone else is responsible.
You mean my ex-wife, don't you? Yes.
She puts too much pressure on Kiera.
I've been saying it for years.
Yeah -- oh.
Um, I'm sorry.
What exactly have you been saying for years? Megan wanted to be a dancer.
Now she wants Kiera to live her dream.
Well, that certainly can cause anxiety.
Kiera's the kind of girl who wants it all -- skateboarding, cheerleading, soccer.
But her mom won't let her have any of it.
Just dance.
Will you testify to that? Absolutely not.
The last thing I want is more conflict with my ex-wife.
Besides, Kiera just texted me.
Sounds like they've settled with the insurance company.
You mean with Ms.
Dobkins? No.
Priority Coast Insurance.
Thank you.
I've got to go.
My name is Derek Ross.
I'm a Professor of art history.
In your opinion, does Ms.
Krupp's artwork deserve "recognized stature" as dictated by the VARA statute? Absolutely.
And if the city were to modify her sculpture against her wishes? It would be criminal Like giving Michelangelo's "David" a haircut.
Really? You equate Fiona with Michelangelo? Everyone starts somewhere.
Do any serious art collectors have a piece of Ms.
Krupp's artwork? You're looking at one.
Thank you.
Under the, uh, VARA statute, the only artists who are protected are those with "recognized stature.
" Tell me -- uh, has there been a museum-sponsored exhibition of Ms.
Krupp's work? No, but -- Has she been reviewed by art journals? Not that I've seen, but -- Interviewed or featured by any media outlets? No, but it's not -- So, Ms.
Krupp meets none of the requirements for protected stature? I guess you're right.
Well done, Mr.
Redirect? If not, I am prepared to render my decision.
It seems pretty clear-cut.
One moment, Your Honor.
Call Teri.
Have her tell Jane that Owen is real sick -- pale, puking, sweating, whatever.
I'll keep the witness talking.
We do have a redirect, your Honor.
I'll need a little leeway.
By all means.
In establishing your credentials, uh, we have a couple of questions about art history.
We'll start with - The Etruscans.
- the Etruscans.
I heard the insurance company settled.
You wouldn't have sold out Bobbi Dobkins? Bobbi Dobkins isn't my client.
Oh, wow.
You purposefully antagonized her by bringing up Kiera's professional aspirations, knowing that Bobbi would blow up those settlement talks.
You wanted Kiera's mom to attach that emotional-distress claim so that you could settle the lesser claim with the insurance company and hang Bobbi out to dry.
If you'll excuse me, I need to give my client some good news.
How much did they settle for? $15,000.
They were asking for a million.
They seem to think they'll get the rest from Ms.
What did you do, Simon? Go see for yourself.
Bobbi's taking the stand in a few minutes.
And try not to get emotional.
Kim just called from court.
She said Owen's looking really pale.
Oh, God.
Get in touch with Parker.
Tell him Bobbi's about to take the stand.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
The most innovative period of Cubism was before 1914.
Now, following up on that -- Mr.
Kent, while this isfascinating, good God, man, fall is coming.
Almost finished, Your Honor.
- Your Honor! - As you were saying.
Your Honor! Unh! I think you should call a recess! Jane.
I'm -- hi.
Oh, right! Oh, God.
Uh, okay.
Uh, re-- recess.
You okay? Teri.
I need your help.
- Hey.
What's wrong? - Hi.
Well, Kim told Teri and Teri told me that you looked pale and sweaty.
- What?! - Your face is flushed.
Let me feel your head.
- Let me feel your head.
- No, please, stop! - What? - This has to end, okay? Do -- do you want to know why I'm flushed? Because you are under too much stress.
- Yes! Jane, sweetheart, love of my life, the source of my stress is you! That's crazy! I'm your calming influence! Listen.
Listen to my calm voice.
You're vibrating.
Ugh! I got to get to court! But it's no big deal.
We'll talk about this later.
Dobkins, do you frequently compare students to your deceased daughter? Objection.
Relevance? I'll allow it.
You may answer.
She was an excellent dancer and role model.
Thank you.
Plantiffs call Stacy Barrett.
What? I tried to call you.
As a girl, you danced with Deb Dobkins at her mother's studio? I take the 5th amendment.
I know my rights.
This isn't a criminal trial, and I don't suspect the question will get you in any trouble.
That's where you're wrong.
In 1996, did you compete at the National Bright Lights Dance Championship with Deb Dobkins? Yes.
And backstage, you witnessed a confrontation between Deb and the defendant.
There was akerfuffle.
Okay? Why wouldn't you change my routine? - Deb, it was fine.
- Leave me alone! You're a terrible teacher! You ruined my life! And then she said "I hate you.
" Would you agree that Ms.
Dobkins caused her own daughter a great deal of anxiety? - Objection! - Objection! Sit down, Ms.
Radford, what are you getting at? Ms.
Dobkins called her own daughter a role model.
If she berated her own child, just imagine the anxiety the other students must have endured.
You were in her class, Ms.
Was Ms.
Dobkins as tough on you as she was on her own child? Um She treated us all equally.
And with that, we will recess.
Bingum, what happened in there? Uh, I don't really know.
How did the other side know about the 1996 competition? Simon overheard a conversation I had with Stacy.
Now, I can't prove it, but he leveraged the information to settle the claim against the insurance company.
He is a snake, Parker.
A snake who left a really big mess.
Oh, yeah, I mean, depos, witness statements E.
A receipt for lunch, which we paid for.
Hey, hold on a second.
Does this -- does this make sense to you? Bobbi called 911 at 4:17.
The E.
arrived at 4:23.
How did they get there that fast? Oh, well, it looks like they were in the same neighborhood on another call.
A call from a nearby park Also involving a 12-year-old girl.
Be seated.
Let the record reflect I just took my blood pressure.
Ross, you are still under oath.
Kent Your leash is growing shorter by the second.
Teri, how close? Not yet, but any minute now.
Congratulations on your blood pressure, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Ross Would you say Ms.
Krupp's work is informed by the Impressionists? Your Honor? Okay.
It's obvious you're fishing.
I'm quite certain the Impressionists cannot help you.
We have lift-off.
So, unless you have something relevant to add to -- Your Honor, we actually do have something relevant, and, uh, it's on the news.
Well, now I'm intrigued.
When I heard what the city had planned, I felt I had to take action.
By chaining yourself to the sculpture? That's right, and I'm not alone! This sculpture speaks to us.
It inspires us.
It excites us.
There you have it.
A sculpture entitled "Community Spirit" seems to have fired up this community.
Your Honor, with this media coverage, we now claim that the sculpture is protected by statute.
The only reason that's news is because you made it news.
It doesn't matter.
In Carter v.
Helmsley-Spear, the court ruled that "The threat of destruction and subsequent litigation" might alone generate the required stature.
" Well played.
I rule that the city will not touch Fiona Krupp's piece of art.
Nice work.
Thank you so much.
What are we doing here? Your Honor, for the purposes of this meeting, Ms.
Bingum will be speaking on behalf of our client.
We've uncovered dispositive evidence that we'd rather keep out of open court.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Kiera, I'm gonna ask you a few questions, but just don't answer yet, okay? First Is it possible that you injured your ankle before you got to dance class? What's going on here? Here's another question.
Are there any activities that you like as much as dance, uh, maybe even more? You know, things that your mom doesn't want you to do? - Oh, come on.
This is harassment.
- Judge Hiller? And finally, Kiera, before Bobbi called 911, an ambulance went to the park near the dance studio.
A 12-year-old girl had suffered a skateboard injury to her ankle.
But when they got there, the girl was gone.
Kiera Are you that girl? That's ridiculous.
Kiera doesn't skateboard.
She's not allowed.
I'm so sorry, mom.
What?! It was me.
I wish I loved dancing as much as you love it for me.
But I don't.
I never wanted you to get in trouble.
I'm sorry.
Your Honor, defense moves for a directed verdict.
So ordered.
Thank you.
Ah, Jane, before you say anything, I am so sorry about court.
I tried to call -- Stacy, it was not your fault.
And I have great news.
We won the case.
Ohh! That's awesome! Congrats.
Oh, I also heard from Simon.
When the insurance company found out that I won but they paid out 15k, they fired him.
And needless to say, he was very emotional.
I am so proud of you.
Thank you, sweetie.
I see you are wearing your flirty dress, which means you're hoping to bump into Luke.
Look, I-I know you don't like the idea of me dating -- Jane.
Congrats on the case.
Hi, Luke.
What's going on? Oh, nothing.
I was just telling Jane that I don't have plans for tonight.
Hey, Luke.
I'll just go get my bag, then I'll be all set.
Luke got us floor seats to someone called Nicki "minn-age.
" So, you're taking Kim to the concert? Yeah.
Thanks for the advice.
Turns out, she's a huge Nicki fan.
Sorry, Stace.
Oh, please.
Anyone who wants to date Kim is not right for me.
- Can I be honest? - Mm.
I didn't see it before, but I do now.
The dichotomy between independence and community.
What? It's a vagina.
I'm sorry? Look, art is many things.
It's making the unknowable knowable, it's expressing a universal yearning, and sometimes it's about putting food on your table so you can keep making the unknowable knowable.
You were hoping this giant vagina would get people talking about your work.
I sold four pieces today.
Are you mad at me? Ohh.
Bobbi! Hi! Uh, come on in.
I want to apologize for firing you.
I was pushy and bullheaded.
You were also right.
Kiera's injury was not your fault.
May I give you a piece of advice? Sure.
If you are ever blessed to have a child Never push them too hard and always apologize if you're wrong.
You know, the 1996 nationals Stacy's testimony was honest.
Deb was so upset with me.
Well, Stacy has this video from the nationals, and she showed it to me.
And I want you to see it.
Now watch this.
See, before your daughter lost it backstage, she finished that routine.
She placed third, even after that fall.
She fell, and she got back up, and she did not quit.
And that is not a bad lesson.
I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting? No, no, no.
Not at all.
Um, Bobbi, I would like you to meet my fiancé, Owen French.
Bobbi is very, very special to me.
Well, anyone special to Jane is special to me.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Um, I-I have to go.
No! Some of the dance moms are throwing me a little party.
Thank you, Jane.
Well Bye.
Are you okay? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I'mfine.
I was gonna make us a salad.
We need to finish our conversation.
Jane, I have a heart condition.
Owen, I know that.
I promise I will eat more salad, I promise I will get more exercise, but I need you to be my fiancée, not my nurse.
You know how I had reservations about getting married -- not because I don't love you.
I do.
But I was afraid my condition would change us -- you and me.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I can, um, make it up to you? Oh, well W-what'd you have in mind? Oh, I don't know.
Follow me.
The bedroom? Oh, maybe.
I like it.
But, you know, we haven't had our salads yet, so Tonight we start with dessert.

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