Drop Dead Diva s05e02 Episode Script

The Real Jane

See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
[ Screams .]
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
Whoo! [ Laughs .]
Now, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 5x02 - The Real Jane Original air date June 30, 2013 Previously on Drop Dead Diva Excuse me, Fred? Oh! You're old Jane.
You are the one who sent Deb back into my body.
How did she do it? Was it one of these buttons right here? Do I need to call security? Oh, it's the return button.
[ Computer chimes .]
No! No! [ Groans .]
So old Jane's soul went into Owen's body.
Owen never died.
Jane's soul was never inside of him.
Yeah, I just figured that out.
So, where is old Jane? That's the thing.
We don't really know.
You, uh, may want to carry pepper spray.
[ Knock on door .]
Oh, hi.
I thought you were someone else.
It's me the real Jane.
And I want my life back.
[ Sighs .]
Good morning.
- Where have you been? - Ugh.
I worked late at the pakery, and I fell asleep.
Why? What's wrong? I swear I didn't eat your yogurt.
Stacy, old Jane is back.
What?! Yes.
She was here in this house.
I don't understand.
If her soul was up there and her body is right there, whose body is her soul in now? Apparently, a ditzy lingerie model was practicing her catwalk on the pier.
She slipped on a mackerel, hit her head on the tackle box.
She flatlines.
Old Jane's soul goes into her body.
This kind of thing doesn't happen.
Do you remember what happened to me? Right.
She accused me of stealing her life and then destroying everything she cared about.
Ugh! You fixed her split ends and got her mom into therapy.
She should kiss your feet.
I know, right? [ Cellphone rings .]
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
[ Beep .]
Hello? Okay.
That was her.
She was at my office.
Well, which she called her office, and I guess she wants to see me.
Tell her she can't have her Porsche back.
[ High-pitched voice .]
Hey, stud.
Can I help you? [ Normal voice .]
Dude, it's me Cyd.
Cyd Pinar, from basketball league.
- Holy crap.
- I know.
Crazy get-up, right? I came straight from work.
You're a drag queen? No, I'm a mattress salesman.
I'm lost.
A few weeks ago, I lost a bet to a co-worker.
I had to show up to work like this.
I had my best sales day ever.
So I started working in drag, and now I'm selling more mattresses than I ever imagined.
- Your wife's okay with it? - You kidding? My salary is based on commission.
I keep this up, we're gonna be sending our kids to private school and going to Hawaii for Christmas.
Why would more people buy a mattress from you in drag than in normal clothing? No one trusts a mattress salesman.
But they trust a drag queen? When I start talking about innerspring coils, my customers' eyes glaze over.
But like this, I'm no longer a 6-foot-tall white guy turning on the pressure.
Instead, I'm Layanna Desheets, fun-loving drag queen who's on their side.
[ Both laugh .]
My wife named her.
Well, Layanna, dressed like that, I wouldn't buy a mattress from you.
it's a couple looking for a new mattress.
Most guys defer to the wife or girlfriend, and in drag, I'm the girl's instant BFF.
So, what's the problem? My boss is a blowhard.
Yesterday, he tells me if I don't take off the costume, he's gonna fire me.
This morning, he did.
I want my job back, and I want to keep showing up as Layanna desheets.
Let me review the relevant law.
I'll try to set up a meeting with the blowhard.
Thank you.
All right.
[ High-pitched voice .]
Well, hello, there.
Love your shoes.
Of course you do.
And Who was that? Old friend.
Girlfriend? New client.
Possible wrongful termination, though I'm not sure of the merits.
Parker won't like it.
Well, Parker is staying in Canada for a few extra days, so you don't have to worry about him.
You don't sound too happy about that.
He's visiting his son.
I don't have a right to be unhappy.
Is that it? He's staying with his ex.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
Anyway, I have a soft spot for drag queens, so you need my help, I'm yours.
[ Sighs .]
Whoa! What are you do shh.
Have a seat.
[ Clears throat .]
Yes! At least you did something right And didn't toss these files.
That's an inactive folder.
What are you doing? Oh, and what do I call you, by the way? I mean, I'm Deb, but I go by your name, Jane.
And you're Jane, and we would call you? Brittney.
Yeah, that's whose body I got.
I got a freaking Brittney.
And about what you were saying earlier, you know, how you think I stole your life.
I want you to know I didn't choose this body.
I mean, seriously, I would never choose this body.
That's really rude.
That that came out wrong.
I I'm actually quite happy with who I am.
And I really love your body.
[ Laughs .]
Good for you.
But right now, I want to talk to you about a case which I need you to win.
I'm sorry.
What? When I was you or should I say, "when I was me"? I was I was handling the appeal of a death-row inmate Matthew Thomas.
He was convicted of killing a classmate Tracy Rivlin.
Now, pay attention, 'cause we don't have much time.
Our client is innocent.
He only confessed after a 32-hour interrogation because he was exhausted.
Well, I'm sure there was evidence.
He once dated the victim and ditched school the day she was murdered.
He had no alibi, as his foster parents were out of town.
Well, that's not enough to convict.
Well, there was a jailhouse snitch who claimed Matthew told him details of the crime that were never released - by the cops.
- Hmm.
But when I took over the appeal, I discover the snitch is related to a detective who was on the case.
You discovered that? Yes, it took me two minutes on Facebook.
In exchange for his testimony, the snitch got 10 years off his own sentence for rape.
- Did you alert the judge? - Yes.
He said the P.
should have raised it at the trial.
Look, Jane, this case has been bothering me since the day I died.
The governor signed Matthew's death warrant.
He will be executed in the next four days.
Hey, Brittney, when you showed up at my place, you said that you were here to take back your life, so Yes, I did, but now my priority is to finish my unfinished business.
And since Brittney doesn't have a law degree, you're gonna have to help me.
Oh, no, yeah.
See, I have a full schedule.
We're gonna head over to the state pen and meet your client.
Heads up he's gonna be very angry with you.
[ Buzzer, cell door closes .]
You promised you'd help me, Jane, and then you disappeared.
I'm really sorry, but to be honest look, Matthew, right now, she is your only hope.
Who are you? Uh, she is here doing community service for her sorority bada bada bing.
Anyway, we really want to help you.
You know, four years ago, you said you were going to exhume Tracy's body to test her shirt for DNA to prove that I am not the killer.
You believe the killer's DNA may have transferred to the shirt.
But Jane never showed up to the exhumation because she was shot on that very day.
- You were shot? - Oh, yeah.
Oh, I'm totally fine.
I'm a little confused.
Tracy Rivlin was buried in the shirt she was wearing when she was killed? Yes, Jane.
Remember, Tracy is Jewish, and under Jewish law, the victim of a murder is buried in her clothing, over which over which white shrouds are placed so all parts of the body are properly interred law of Nahmanides.
The crime lab never tested the shirt, but when you reviewed the photos of the victim, you noticed a few fibers embedded on a bite mark on her back.
Suggesting that the attacker bit her, in which case there would be salivary DNA on that shirt.
- Yes, that's right.
- Uh-huh.
Be honest with me do you really think you can stop my execution? Of course she does.
She's Jane Bingum.
She doesn't lose.
[ Birds chirping .]
Tracy Rivlin's body was never exhumed.
The shirt is still buried with her.
II don't understand.
Her mother gave permission.
It was all set.
But you never showed up, so Ms.
Rivlin changed her mind.
Well, I'm here now.
So can we exhume the body? Time is of the essence.
We'll need the mother's permission again.
[ Door opens .]
I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.
We need to get Ms.
Rivlin to sign an exhumation consent.
Okay, you need to talk to her.
Her phone number is in the file.
Oh, in the meantime, I want you to talk to the jailhouse snitch.
Me? Yeah.
He knows I'm the lawyer.
He's not gonna talk to me, but he will not be able to resist a hottie.
Are you calling me a hottie? Yeah.
Do you have a problem with that? Actually, I I don't.
Anyway, we need to get him to trip up so that we can poke holes in the supposed confession.
Okay, I'll just bring him a carton of cigarettes.
No, no.
He'll know you want something.
What are you doing? I'm showing you how to get him to talk.
Now, you look him straight in the eye.
He will look you straight in the boobs, but don't be alarmed.
- I am alarmed.
- No.
Use your sex appeal.
You know, I'm a big fan of the "flip-and-flatter," where you flip your hair like this and then you flatter him.
He's a convicted rapist.
We are just pretending.
Oh, and wear dangly earrings, not as a fashion choice ew but as a weapon.
See, it'll draw focus to the smooth curves of your neck.
And then you smile.
Just smile.
Do you really think that that's gonna work? I think a good lawyer needs to use all of her assets.
[ High-pitched voice .]
Ooh! Well, hello, there.
You have good taste.
Don't just look at it.
Get in it, take it for a test-drive.
Sir, how do you have this footage? I asked a manager to tape him.
It's from last Tuesday.
Ooh! Kinky.
But this mattress is it's high-resiliency foam.
[ Laughs .]
I made that sale with all the extras.
That get-up in one of my showrooms unacceptable.
I reviewed your employee handbook.
You don't have a dress code.
I don't want my salesmen in dresses.
And, as you know, firing him does not violate any state or federal anti-discrimination laws.
However, if you promise not to wear women's clothing, you're welcome to come back to work immediately.
We should discuss.
I make three times my average commission when I'm in drag.
That's three times the sales for you.
You should appreciate that.
My father started the company, and I've expanded from one store in Encino to 27 showrooms statewide.
Don't tell me what I should appreciate.
[ Buzzer .]
Well, well.
Who the heck are you? I'm Brittney.
I saw you on TV at the Matthew Thomas trial.
I've always wanted to meet you in person, and I finally got the courage.
A groupie.
[ Laughs .]
[ Laughs .]
I love your shirt.
It's very Khaki.
They come this way.
So, you got some sort of fetish? I mean, whatever you're into, I'm sure I could accommodate.
The Matthew Thomas trial.
I was obsessed.
I watched court TV nonstop.
You were so smooth.
The jury hung on your every word.
Of course, who could blame them? Yeah.
The Attorney General said it was my testimony that got him put on death row.
Can I ask you a question? Sweetheart, you can ask me anything you want.
Jane, where were you this morning? Pro Bono.
Death row.
- Yes, I read the file.
- Oh, good.
I'll need you to pull all the old records.
Teri? [ Gasps .]
Oh! Um do I know you? Sorry.
I I've been telling Brittney about my awesome assistant.
Y yes.
It's like I I've known you for years.
Brittney's gonna help on my pro Bono.
And she was assigned by De um, an anti-death-penalty group.
Which one? Uh Candy! There's an anti-death-penalty group called Candy? Candy.
Citizens Against New Death Yo.
Uh, hey, Brittney, how did it go at the prison? Oh, uh, the creep he looked me straight in the boobs, and he answered every question.
Yeah, see? The flip-and-flatter will never do you wrong.
He claims that Matthew told him details of the murder while they were both in the South yard, which means that they Teri, please verify whether or not our client and the snitch were ever in that yard at the same time.
- I'm on it.
- Thanks.
I'm I'm sorry I for hugging Teri.
I just I forgot for a second.
It happens.
I once told my cousin sue that I loved her, and now she thinks you're a lesbian.
Uh, did you reach Tracy's mother? Yeah.
She is on her way here.
- Um - Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho.
[ Gasps .]
My little nephew! - He is so cute.
- Mm.
I used to babysit him all the time.
How is he? At the family reunion, I caught him smoking pot in your aunt's bathroom.
He said if I ratted him out, he would chop my head off with a machete.
They grow up so fast.
[ Knock on door .]
Excuse me.
Bingum? Ms.
Rivlin, thank you for coming.
Four years ago, you convinced me to dig up my daughter's body, and then you didn't show up at the cemetery.
Oh, let me explain.
I almost did it because of you, and now you ask me to your office right before the execution? Well, there were extenuating circum [ Gasps .]
My baby is dead.
You can go to hell! I'm so confused.
Old Jane I mean, Brittney screwed up on a death-row case, and you get slapped? I know.
I know, but you can hardly blame this woman.
She had a right to be angry.
I blame Brittney for putting you in the middle.
Is she awful? I kind of admire her.
I mean, she returned to earth, and the first thing she did is try to help someone who needs her.
If I came back to life, the first thing I would do is grow bangs.
But you can do that already.
Eh, who's got the time? Anyway, I would like to meet this Brittney.
Where is she now? [ Sighs .]
Here you go.
Coffee with cream, one white sugar, one brown sugar.
You know, there's only one other person I've ever known who takes both kinds of sugar in her coffee.
- Really? - Yeah.
My boss, Jane.
But that was a while ago.
Now she drinks it black, unless she's hormonal.
Then she gets green tea, like it or not.
[ Chuckles .]
So, tell me about Your boss.
Is she good to you? Oh, yeah.
She's great.
And how are you, Teri, the last couple years? Any big changes in your life? You've grown out your hair.
Seriously, have we met before? No, I I saw a photo on your desk.
It was a picture of you and your mom at the circus.
Well, I I assume it was your mom, and I assume it's the circus.
There is a clown in the background.
Anyway, um, you have a shorter Bob in that photo.
That's that's that's all I'm saying.
Good morning! It is a good morning.
Your awesome assistant checked prison records.
At the time of the alleged confession, our client was housed in cellblock "C.
" The snitch was housed in cellblock "B.
" Those two cellblocks were never in the South yard at the same time.
So our client never talked to the snitch.
He never heard a confession.
Awesome news.
We should go to the Attorney General on this.
Maybe he'll hear us out.
Oh, Brittney, we only have one shot with the A.
, and this isn't enough evidence.
I disagree.
I disagree with you.
Uh, ladies, we're still on the same side, though, right? Yeah.
Of course we are.
In fact, would you do us a favor and take the file into the conference room and blow it up.
I'm sorry.
What? Yeah, it's slang for when you take a file and you make a war room out of it um, evidence boards with photos and reports.
You used to say that all the time.
Oh, no, I know.
Yeah, cool.
That's exactly what I want you to do.
I've checked that file a million times.
There is nothing new that you're gonna find.
Well, I'm a fresh pair of eyes, and, as you know, I'm really smart.
So whether you like it or not, we're blowing it up.
[ Sighs .]
Good news Judge Sanderson is presiding.
She hates big business and loves me.
- Great.
- Yeah.
And it's a preliminary hearing.
Basically, we just have to convince the judge to let us get to trial, all right? All rise! Oh.
[ Breathes deeply .]
Be seated, except Mr.
You sounded like you had something stuck in your throat.
Would you like some water? I'm fine.
Uh, just looking forward to, uh, seeing Judge Sanderson.
Yes, well, she has a hangnail or gout or maybe I volunteered.
I can't remember.
May I approach? For that, you ask my permission? Given what happened, do you really think it's a good idea for you to be the judge here? If you have an issue with me, feel free to file an objection under CCCP, section 170.
What exactly would you cite as your reason? You know.
I do? That I kissed your fiancée on the day of your wedding.
Yeah, that's right.
[ Smacks lips .]
That's pretty awful.
I imagine you've been practicing your apology? I'm sorry? Look, why don't you just recuse yourself? And miss a chance to see you at your best? No.
[ Chuckles .]
Grayson, look, if you file that objection, I mean, that would be pretty embarrassing for you, wouldn't it? As far as I know, Jane hasn't told anybody about what happened, so why don't you back to your table, and let's begin.
Your Honor, in California, employers can terminate at will.
This whole lawsuit is a joke.
So far, I agree.
Kent? Well, under the doctrine of promissory estoppel, my client can't be fired so easily.
Promissory estoppel in a termination case? How do you figure? My client, Cyd Pinar, worked for six months at minimum wage prior to being allowed to earn commissions.
Cyd would not have worked at minimum wage but for the promise of commissions, and no one in management ever told Cyd his commissions would be predicated - on how he chose to dress.
- That's ridiculous.
Look, I'm sorry, but there is no way that that would apply in a case like this.
What the hell is that? Your Honor it's a gorilla.
Why is it in my courtroom? A salesperson at the Fresno Mattress Emporium wears this exact gorilla costume and hasn't been fired.
We contend that the drag-queen costume should be treated no differently.
While I question the merits of this case, you've made your point.
There is enough here to go to trial, which will begin later today.
That is all.
[ Breathes deeply .]
Thanks for your help.
No problem.
It was fun.
You didn't tell me Owen was the judge.
Eh, last-minute change-up.
What the hell happened at that wedding? First, Jane doesn't show.
Then Owen passes out.
Now they're not talking.
It's weird.
You know something, don't you? I got to get back to the office and prep for trial.
I could use your help.
A peace offering.
Spring lilies are my favorite.
I know.
[ Chuckles .]
Let me ask you something.
The bite mark on Tracy's back was it ever compared to our client? Of course.
The public defender tried to bring in an expert but the national academy of science doesn't accept the validity of bite marks, despite what you see on "CSI.
" [ Breathes deeply .]
Which is why the judge refused to admit the testimony.
Okay, what's missing from this photo? I don't follow.
Okay, look closely.
Matthew had braces at the time of the attack.
So if the attacker bit Tracy so hard that fibers from the shirt were embedded in the wound, then we should see bruising from the braces along the edges of the teeth impressions If Matthew was the one who bit her.
There are none.
Now we go to the A.
? Now we go to the A.
Bingum, you were handling this appeal four years ago, and you seemingly disappeared.
I can only assume you were conceding your client's guilt.
You would be assuming incorrectly.
Come on.
Stepping in at the last minute? [ Chuckles .]
Nice publicity stunt get your name in the paper.
But let's be real.
She is real.
She is very real.
And who are you? I'm a concerned citizen.
Look, whoever committed this heinous crime wasn't wearing braces, or we'd see the associated bruising in this photo.
Our client was wearing braces at the time of the attack.
Analysis of old evidence is not the same as new evidence, and therefore, your photo and your conclusions would be irrelevant.
We done? We also have evidence that Scott Moore, the jailhouse snitch, and our client were never in the south yard at the same time.
I spoke to Scott.
That's where he said he heard our client's so-called confession, which obviously never happened.
That was four years ago.
And even if he were lying, the statute of limitations has expired on perjury.
Not to mention, there's nothing you've told me today that would change a judge's mind.
Well, we're not giving up.
A man's life is at stake.
The man was convicted of murder.
He will be executed as scheduled.
I've been trying to find a procedural way back in, and I've got nothing.
Our only chance is to convince Ms.
Rivlin to consent to an exhumation so we can test her shirt.
Yeah, I agree, but the last time I asked didn't go real well.
Well, I just got off the phone with her.
She's meeting us downstairs.
What? How did you convince her? I threatened her with an assault charge for slapping you.
You threatened the mother of a homicide victim? Yes, and it worked.
She's giving us five minutes.
We have to talk fast.
I heard about the bite marks.
The prosecutor explained how they're not good evidence.
No, that's true.
But we know that this bite mark was from someone who clearly wasn't wearing braces.
Matthew is guilty.
He has to be guilty, or they wouldn't be executing him.
Since 1973, have been cleared while on death row.
Rivlin, we didn't know your daughter.
We can only imagine your pain.
If Matthew committed this crime, he will pay for it, but if he didn't what would your daughter want you to do here? Matthew had braces? Yes, he did.
You really think he's innocent? I really think it's worth finding out.
All right.
[ Coughs .]
[ Breathes deeply .]
Your client is late.
He's supposed to take the stand.
This is not good.
[ High-pitched voice .]
Layanna Desheets in the house! [ Laughter .]
Oh, God.
Hey, no, no.
You cannot take the stand like that.
Why not? Everyone loves Layanna.
You know what? I agree.
Our only hope is that the jury doesn't see the costume as changing the business arrangement the owner implicitly made with Cyd.
I don't know.
Let me ask the questions.
Besides, given the way Owen looks at you, I should probably take over, regardless.
Are we ready, counselors? We are, Your Honor.
We would like to call Cyd Pinar to the stand.
Pinar, do you consider yourself a mattress expert? You bet.
Ask me anything you want.
I'm your man.
[ Laughter .]
What's the difference between coil count, coil structure, and coil size? Objection.
We are arguing promissory estoppel.
We're trying to show that our client learned the business during his six months at minimum wage.
Answer the question.
Coil count is an easy way to up-sell a mattress, but as long as you're above 390You're fine.
Coil structure ask for the brand's lineup model to get the best bang for your buck.
Now, coil size and I do love talking about size makes little overall difference, unless, of course, you're a size queen.
[ Light laughter .]
Thank you.
Pinar Were you asked not to wear drag? Yes.
Were you given warnings not to wear drag? Yes.
Were you told that you would be terminated if you continued to wear drag? Yes.
We rest, Your Honor.
We also move to dismiss.
I will consider the motion.
We'll reconvene tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Any word from the lab? - Yep.
They confirmed that there was enough salivary DNA on the victim's shirt for testing.
They are comparing it with Matthew's profile right now.
That's great news.
So I guess now we we just wait.
[ Chuckles .]
You really like working here, don't you? Yeah.
Well, just like you did.
I used to consider Harrison & Parker my home, but all these people my co-workers weren't really my friends.
- Mm.
- Except Teri.
She was like my own human shield.
[ Laughs .]
Well, except for that day you were shot.
- Ugh.
- Yeah.
And Kim? She always thought she was so much better than me.
- Right? - Mm-hmm.
And Parker he treated me fine, but I had to work harder than everybody else.
I know.
To be honest, I think he felt sorry for me.
But you've earned the respect of all of them, Jane.
And you've earned mine.
Does that mean you forgive me for stealing your life? Let's just say we're making progress.
But I have to admit I do like what you've done with my hair.
- Oh, thank you.
- Mm.
You know, once a week, I use an apple-cider-vinegar rinse.
And your clothes they're fitted and sexy.
[ Both laugh .]
Yeah, it's all about the right bra, comfortable spanx, good posture.
You'll pick it up.
I never thought I cared about those things clothes and hair.
But now I realize, I just didn't think that I could actually make a difference.
But you were fine the way you were.
All I did was add a little bit of me to the mix, you know? How do you feel about your new body? When I take off my bra nothing happens.
My boobs, which are real, just stay in place.
It's amazing.
Oh, my God, I hate you just a little bit.
[ Both laugh .]
I don't know how you work so close to him.
Uh, what do you mean? I know that you're in love with him.
As Deb or as Jane I know that you're in love with him.
I I love Owen.
And had I not kissed Grayson at my wedding, I would actually be married to Owen, and I would be extremely happy.
Okay, all right.
You don't have to convince me.
But just because you love Owen doesn't mean you're still not in love with Grayson.
When I was you, I refused to believe that life was messy.
I refused to let my own life be messy.
But, like it or not, it just is.
Good news.
Ladies, the lab just called.
The DNA results are back, and they're not a match for Matthew.
Whoo! That should be enough for a stay of execution.
I am going to draft up a motion to vacate the conviction, based on our newly discovered evidence.
I'll let the clerk know to expect it.
The A.
won't go away quietly.
He's gonna fight the motion.
Yeah, well, going up against the two of us, I almost feel sorry for him.
[ Chuckles .]
How's it going? I don't think Owen's receptive to promissory estoppel.
I'm looking for a way to defeat the motion.
I need to show you something.
Coil count is an easy way to up-sell a mattress Someone videotaped Cyd's testimony? And posted it online.
And from the angle of that camera, that someone was sitting behind the defense table.
Three local news stations have linked it to their websites.
Turns out the, uh, fired drag-queen mattress salesman makes a good story.
Go back.
Did you see that? Look at Cyd's head.
He's looking directly at the camera.
He knew he was being taped.
It was my sales manager's idea.
In fact, the bet I lost was to him, and when I kept doing more and more business in drag, he figured out a way to make the most of it.
Today, almost 100 customers called demanding to buy a mattress from Layanna desheets.
So you were never really fired, and your boss was in on it? Yes.
You duped my firm, used the legal system for profit.
You still get paid.
That's not the point.
Excuse me.
There is a reporter on the line from the "Times" who wants to talk about the drag-queen case.
Tell him I'll call him back.
Oh, and if you ask me, Layanna wears too much eyeliner and not enough gloss.
The "times" calling for you.
Its looks like we're all big winners here! Thanks for the help.
Cyd, in my interview, I'll let the reporter know you'll be making a generous contribution to a legal-aid charity.
What are you talking about? You perpetrated a fraud on the court, used taxpayer dollars for personal gain.
Yeah, and so did you.
Not knowingly.
But I'll take the hit and report you, if necessary.
Seriously, dude? You're not gonna do that.
If you want to report him, you have the full backing of the firm.
Send me the address of the charity.
And if you need a new mattress, you know where to find me.
Your Honor, this emergency stay is a desperate attempt to stall the wheels of justice.
I don't think Your Honor wouldn't have agreed to hear my motion if he thought I was stalling wheels.
While the timing of the evidence is suspect, we're talking about a man's life.
And the new DNA evidence is worth considering.
We're not disputing the DNA, but it does not exonerate Mr.
I don't understand.
What is happening? J just hang tight.
In fact, the crime-lab report simply places another person, in addition to Mr.
Thomas, at the scene.
- That is crazy! - Shh! Your Honor, that is crazy.
So the prosecution's theory of the case is now that there was a second perpetrator? That's because the new evidence is only now coming to light.
I tend to agree with the A.
New evidence is not exculpatory.
It's simply additive.
With that in mind, the execution will take place as Hold on, Your Lordship.
Excuse me.
Who are you? Oh, I'm just some hot Asian chick with really awesome tattoos, which I would love to show you sometime maybe in chambers.
But right now, I'm just vamping for another 10 seconds so that my boss can fully digest what I just handed her.
Your Honor, I hold the lab results on the DNA from the crime scene.
- We've been through all this.
- I know.
And, as you know, there was a jailhouse snitch who testified in trial that my client confessed to him.
He had details of the crime he could have only gotten from your client.
Well, there is another way.
The reason the snitch knew the intimate details of the crime is because is because the snitch is the real killer.
- What she said.
- That's outrageous.
Yes, but absolutely true.
After the private lab ran the DNA analysis against Matthew Thomas and didn't get a match, the lab sent the DNA sample to the FBI crime lab.
And a DNA is a match to Scott Moore, the snitch.
I'd like to see the report.
Tracy Rivlin was murdered four years ago on June 2nd.
At that time, the snitch Scott Moore was not in jail.
Rather, he was living in Simi Valley, Tracy's body was found.
On June 17th, Mr.
Moore was arrested on an unrelated charge.
Moore knew the intimate details of that murder not because my client ever spoke with him, but because he committed that crime.
Young man, please stand.
There is no doubt that you were wrongly convicted.
I can only hope that you will spend your days looking ahead and not back.
I order the immediate release of Matthew Thomas.
[ Gavel bangs .]
[ Exhales deeply .]
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[ Laughs .]
You know, you should really thank Brittney, too.
She had more to do with this case than you'll ever know.
Thank you.
You okay? [ Voice breaking .]
Go away.
What's wrong? Parker.
He's back? I haven't seen him.
He was supposed to be back this afternoon.
But he never showed.
I didn't hear from him until just now.
Well, what happened? Oh, nothing.
He's just, um staying in Toronto, and he'll keep his shares and his partnership, but wants me to take over as managing partner in the meantime.
Well, what about you guys? And the baby? He didn't say anything about us.
But I did get him to admit that he's getting back together with his ex, so, um I'm sorry.
I'm such an idiot.
I thought when when he came back, he was gonna propose.
[ Laughs .]
When I found out I was pregnant, I was never gonna tell him he was the father.
And then I did, and he said he wanted to be here for me and the baby.
And I fell for it.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to dump all of this on you.
[ Crying .]
I'm just I'm just a hormonal mess.
And my my boobs hurt, and I pee like a thousand times a day and I can't sleep on my stomach anymore.
[ Sniffles .]
Just ignore me.
I kissed Jane in front of Owen.
That's why they didn't get married.
Holy crap.
Why are you telling me this? I have no idea.
Just wanted to distract you.
Well, it worked.
[ Laughs .]
Oh, my God.
Well, I guess that explains that big fiasco.
You kissed Jane? Mm.
You have feelings for Jane.
I so did not see this coming.
Yeah, well, that's because you're usually too self-involved to notice stuff like that.
Oh, thank you.
[ Laughs .]
Hey, Kim, I'm here for you.
Seriously, anything you need, you let me know.
And I'm not just saying that because now you're the boss of this place.
Where are you going? I bought myself a one-way ticket to Paris.
[ Laughing .]
Paris? I never knew you wanted to go to Paris.
You never noticed that picture? Honestly, I thought it just came with the frame.
It did.
[ Chuckles .]
As Jane, I always wanted to go, but I knew deep down inside that I never would.
You know, I never took a single vacation day when I worked here.
Yeah, don't be mad.
I kind of cashed in those vacation days to help pay for my wedding.
I'm sorry that it didn't work out.
Oh, no, there's still time.
[ Chuckles .]
So, before I go, do you have any advice for me? Oh well, I would tell you to be yourself, but it's gonna take a while to figure out who that is.
Oh, and what about a guardian angel? Did they give you one? I am on my third one.
I haven't seen the guy in days.
He's a total slacker.
Yeah, mine showed up last night.
She's kind of bossy.
She? Ooh.
She says I need to stay away from you.
She says I need to live my life as Brittney, not as Jane.
Yeah, that sounds familiar.
How do you feel about that? Well, I'm gonna miss me, but I'll make the best of it Just like you did.
Oh, wait.
The best advice I can give you you have a second chance.
Make the most of it.
I plan to.
Bye, Jane.
Bye, Brittney.
If you're feeling a little cold I've got some that you can hold If you're feeling a little shy Right there by your side Lift your head lift your heart and don't forget who you are [ Sighs .]
No, don't forget, no I'm singin' whoo, ooh-ooh
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