Drop Dead Diva s06e01 Episode Script

Truth & Consequences

See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb Until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
[ Screams .]
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
Whoo! [ Laughs .]
Now, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 6x01 - 6x02 - Truth & Consequences - Soulmates - Original air date March 23, 2014 Previously on "Drop Dead Diva" Oh, hi.
I thought you were someone else.
It's me the real Jane.
And I want my life back.
Owen, suppose this gets serious and then we break up.
I don't want my child to be around parents who don't get along.
[ Voice breaking .]
So for the sake of the baby, we need to break up.
I understand.
Elaine is dying.
I I realize she's not really my mom, you know? But Right now that just doesn't matter.
That's just great.
My mom dies, and you don't even have the decency to let me know, and then I find you out here making out with him.
I I'm so sorry.
Jane, what's going on? Why don't you tell him? Tell me what? Jane isn't really who you think she is.
Who is she? Why don't you ask her? [ Thud .]
[ Clattering .]
[ Grunts .]
Sweetie, it's 5:00 A.
are you okay? Yeah, just rearranging the kitchen.
You know, I've always thought that the spatulas were too far from the stove.
And did you know that we have seven ladles? Jane, I've watched enough "Dr.
Drew" to know that those ladles are a distraction from thinking about your mom passing away.
Do you want to talk? I can make us some tea, which we no longer keep in that cupboard.
I'm devastated about Elaine, but this isn't about Elaine.
[ Scoffs .]
This is about Grayson.
What? We kissed.
- Really? - It was amazing.
But in the middle of the kiss, Brittany shows up.
- And who's Brittany? - Old Jane.
She heard that her mom died and completely unloaded on me for not telling her that Elaine was sick.
And then she tells Grayson that I'm not who he thinks I am.
[ Gasps .]
Ladies, can you please turn out the lights? If I don't get my eight hours, I I'm useless.
Paul, clearly in crisis mode.
Mm, here.
Use my extra-plush eye pillow Keeps the light out, minimizes crow's-feet.
[ Sighs .]
Thank you.
Carry on.
So, what happened next? Brittany took off, and before I had a chance to talk to Grayson, he raced after her.
My God.
It's like my whole life was leading up to this kiss.
You know? And now I'm terrified of what else Brittany might have said.
Oh, sweetie.
You know what? I just need to find Grayson convince him that Brittany is crazy Yeah.
and that we are destined to live happily ever after.
Well, you're really good at convincing people of things.
Remember when you convinced me that a Brazilian wax wouldn't hurt? F.
I you were wrong.
Yeah, well It was bikini season.
It had to be done.
Okay, so, I'm gonna take a shower and head to work early so I'll already be at the office when Grayson gets in.
I'm really sorry about your mother.
Why are you in Grayson's office, looking at a photo of his dead girlfriend? Um Oh, um [ Chuckling .]
W why Why are you here so early? [ Chuckles .]
Well, it's kind of hard to sleep when I'm the managing partner and Kim is still on maternity leave.
- Right.
- That that being said, if you need some time Thanks.
I really appreciate that.
It actually kind of helps to focus on work.
- Sure.
Your pro Bono case.
- What? You got an intake this morning.
Make sure the client fills out all the forms so that the firm gets credit with the bar.
Yes, I will.
[ Chuckles .]
Well, I should go, um prep for that meeting.
[ Chuckles .]
I need your help, Ms.
I I got your name from the legal aid website.
Okay, so, you are the lunch lady at South Oak Elementary, and you're claiming the school district is not feeding hungry kids? The superintendent raised the eligibility criteria, which cut 56 needy children from the hot lunch program.
Well, that doesn't seem right.
These kids live below the poverty line.
When they come to me for food, it it breaks my heart to say no.
But if I feed them, I'm in violation of school policy.
So, what can I do? I need you to represent these students.
There's a school-board meeting at 11:00.
I thought the superintendent would come to his senses.
I've written e-mails.
I've called his office.
But he's completely ignored me.
Yeah, well, he won't be able to ignore me.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
Owen, I just put the most handsome client in your office.
I don't have anything on the books.
He said he didn't need an appointment That Dudley do-right would always make time for him? - Oh, no.
- Should I call security? I could cuff him myself, take him back to my place for a house arrest and a little light feather play? No.
No, Teri.
Uh, it's fine.
Thank you.
[ Sighs .]
Charlie, what are you doing here? Nice digs.
I really should have become a lawyer.
Yeah, yeah, that was the plan until you pocketed the deposit that I gave you for your tuition, defaulted on the student loans that I co-signed for, and then partied across the world for a decade.
Hell of a ride.
Ran with the bulls in Pamplona, stomped grapes in Bordeaux, climbed a glacier in Iceland And by glacier, I mean a girl named Helga.
Seriously, you should have joined me on this trip.
Why are you here? Can't a guy visit his older brother? I haven't seen you in 12 years.
Why are you here? I need your help.
I'm being sued by the Honey Pot.
- It's a strip club in the valley.
- You're unbelievable.
Well, I was in the V.
room getting a lap dance, and the stripper lifted my wallet.
They're suing me for defamation.
I was so upset about my wallet that I posted a bad review on stripadvisor.
It's a website that rates gentlemen's clubs.
You're serious? Yeah, I gave them zero stars and warned other men not to go to the Honey Pot because their strippers are thieves.
Well, if the club can prove that your review is untrue and caused economic losses, then, yeah, you've got yourself a real problem.
But my review is true.
I had my wallet in my jacket pocket before the lap dance.
And when it was over, it was gone.
[ Sighs .]
You've only been here two minutes.
You're already giving me a headache.
Look against my better judgment, I will set up a meeting with the club's lawyer and try to settle this as quickly as possible.
- Thank you.
- One condition No one at this firm can know you're my brother.
I'm very close with my co-workers.
I was even engaged to one of the partners.
And you didn't even tell anyone about me? [ Exhales sharply .]
I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again, Charlie.
I get it.
Listen, I know I've messed up in life, and I really appreciate your help.
[ Sighs .]
The superintendent's cutback in the hot lunch program is invalid, as he failed to comply with the sunshine law, which requires transparency in public proceedings.
I only adjusted a pre-existing formula.
Thus, the sunshine law does not apply.
Seriously? In front of all these loving, caring parents, you expect the board to agree with you on that? Actually, we agree with the superintendent's analysis.
Has the board considered the huge impact this change will have on the 56 students' health and welfare, which you are legally required to protect? The policy change was a tough call, but our schools are besieged with budget shortfalls.
If our children aren't properly nourished, how are they supposed to concentrate in class? And shouldn't that be your number-one concern? [ Indistinct whispering .]
Bingum, your passion is impressive.
[ Chuckles .]
Well, thank you.
I'm sorry, but the board stands behind the superintendent.
Uh, excuse me.
[ Chuckles .]
Didn't you just say that I was impressive? We're adjourned.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
I I I'm so sorry.
Is there anything else you can do? You know what? The cool thing about being a lawyer is there's always something else I can do File a motion, submit a memo.
I'm gonna go back to the office, do a little research.
- I'll be in touch.
- Thank you.
[ Elevator bell dings .]
[ Indistinct conversations .]
[ Clears throat .]
Grayson, hi! Grayson.
Oh! Oh, sorry.
Oh, Grayson, wait.
Oh, God! I'm so sorry! I'm so aah! Oh! Oh! Aah! Grayson.
[ Sighs .]
Uh, I just saw Grayson leave.
Any chance you know where he went? Uh, yeah, he asked for some time off.
Time off? Did did he say why? How long is he gonna be gone? Uh, I didn't ask any questions.
He hasn't missed a day of work in two years.
If he needs some downtime, he should get it.
No, yeah, right.
[ Chuckles .]
Of course.
I mean, mental health is very important.
Um, so, how did he seem to you, mentally speaking? Um, I don't know.
I mean, he was pale, disheveled, exhausted.
I don't think he'd slept.
If you ask me, it looked like he'd seen a ghost.
Hey, muffin lady.
Are you talking to me? Those look amazing.
How much? Oh [Chuckles.]
they're for my best friend.
- She's having a tough day.
- Oh, that's very thoughtful.
Are you single? Wow.
You don't really waste any time.
Well, a gorgeous woman who bakes why waste time? I'm Charlie.
[ Exhales sharply .]
I should really get going.
Have dinner with me tonight.
I'm not in the right place for having dinner these days.
That's okay.
I'm more of a lunch guy, anyway.
I'd even settle for coffee.
Hey, blondie.
What's with the muffins? Oh, they're for Jane.
She's working.
I'll take them to her.
You know what? Forget coffee.
You look like a green-tea gal.
[ Chuckles .]
I am.
Then it's settled.
There's a café in the lobby.
I'll be there in an hour.
Hope you will, too.
[ Chuckles .]
- Stacy baked you muffins.
- That's sweet.
Oh, Teri, I need you to do something for me, but I don't want you to ask any questions.
Well, whatever it is, it can't be as bad as the time you made me go to that Jessica Simpson concert.
To serve a subpoena to a backup singer.
You didn't have to stay for both encores.
Now you tell me.
[ Chuckles .]
- What can I do for you? - Track down Grayson.
I need to talk to him.
He's not answering his cell.
[ Knock on door .]
Am I interrupting? Uh, no.
I saw your lunch-lady client in the office this morning.
She, uh, looked pretty good for a dead woman.
What? We ran her social security number from the pro Bono retainer form tracked it back to a woman who died 11 years ago.
Well, she probably just wrote down the wrong digit.
Which is why we ran her driver's license.
Address on file at the DMV doesn't match the one she gave us.
She's trying to make sure poor kids are getting fed.
Why would she lie? That's a good question.
Oh, um I have a settlement conference.
It's a new client.
Excuse me.
Jane, you know I'm not so good with the warm and fuzzy stuff, but I'm really sorry about your mom.
Can I help with the arrangements? Oh, I might need you to book me a ticket to Austria.
What? My mom didn't want a funeral or a wake.
She, uh she wants me to keep her ashes for a year and then spread them across the Alps while singing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain.
" Okay.
Well, in the meantime, I'll start searching for Grayson, and I'll look into your dead client.
Thank you, Teri.
I danced my ass off for 10 years to earn money to buy the honey pot and then another 10 years to make it the finest gentlemen's club in Southern California.
Now, this cossack comes and destroys all my hard work by his outrageous lie.
It was just one review.
I mean, how many potential customers actually read what is it stripadvisor.
com? There are signs in the club stating that our liquor permit is under review.
The Department of Alcohol Beverage Control monitors all complaints, and, uh, his post is delaying our approval.
They sent us a letter.
The holdup is costing me over a thousand dollars a day.
Obviously, Charlie didn't intend to interfere with your permit.
How about he agrees to take the review down, and I'll draft up a letter to the ABC, retracting the allegations? - That's fine.
- Great.
- I won't take it down.
- What? I'm the victim here.
I'm not gonna take back my honest review so you can charge a bunch of horny men for overpriced booze Not to mention the stripper still has my wallet.
Well, then, we'll continue with the suit.
As of today, you owe my client $24,000 plus attorney fees.
Hand over the surveillance footage from the V.
room, and you'll see I'm telling the truth.
We don't have cameras in V.
I know for a fact you do.
End of discussion.
[ Door opens .]
[ Door closes .]
What is wrong with you? What? It's a matter of principle.
Principle? You were in a strip club.
You know, I'm not the same sleazeball you remember.
- I was there to get a job.
- Really? You wanted to work the pole? No, I applied to be an assistant lab tech at the Eastside Free Clinic.
The office manager is a frequent patron of the Honey Pot, and I brought him there to just advance my application You know, grease the wheel.
Playboy Charlie French wanted to work at the free clinic? I got a lot of bad karma to work off.
I'm saving up to go back to school.
I finally have enough money, assuming I don't lose this lawsuit.
[ Sighs .]
Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.
We'll file a counterclaim for conversion.
We'll argue that the club encouraged the stripper to rip off drunk patrons and then the club took a cut.
If nothing else, the hint of impropriety should get them to drop the suit.
Come on.
Did you find Grayson yet? Not yet, but I may have figured out why our lunch lady lied.
Her social security number tracks back to a woman named Trudy Sumner.
Trudy went to the same high school as a woman named Ella Lawson.
Now, check this out.
[ Key clicks .]
An underwear model? Sorry.
That's Sven, my "Hunk of the Day" screen saver.
A federal terrorist watch list? That's right.
Now double-click "Ella Lawson.
" - Oh, my God.
- Kathy Jenkins is Ella Lawson.
Our lunch lady is a fugitive.
Kathy, can I get you some coffee? No, I'm I'm fine.
So, did you figure out a way to appeal the school board's ruling? Actually, I asked you here to talk about you Ella Lawson.
I need to go.
You walk away, I'll go to the feds.
Listen I know you're not a bad person.
A bad person would not fight for hungry children.
Start from the beginning.
with my husband.
At the time, our son was in the marines.
He was killed in the Iraq war, which I strongly opposed.
I didn't want any more Americans to die, so I stole some munitions from a military base.
That's a huge federal crime.
I just wanted to send a protest message, so I took 3,000 bullets so they could never be used to kill.
Oh, dear.
A day later, I was at the grocery store.
My neighbor called and said the cops had surrounded my house.
I got in my car, drove to L.
with nothing but the clothes on my back.
What about your husband? He knew that I had strong feelings about the war, but he had no idea what I was planning.
So you just left him? [ Sighs .]
He was everything to me.
My husband still lives in our old house in Boston.
How do you know that? He posts messages on Facebook, says he thinks about me every day.
I mean, obviously, I can't write back, but I think he knows that I'm reading the posts.
So you kept your identity a secret for 10 years, and you're risking it all to ask me to help these kids? If you saw their faces I mean, denying a hungry child food? It it it was too much.
[ Sighs .]
Are you gonna turn me in? No, I'm not.
But if you're tired of running, I could reach out to the Justice Department.
It's been a long time.
Maybe I could cut a deal.
What kind of deal? I'm not sure.
But with your permission Let me see what I can do.
Your Honor, we're asking for some latitude to explore whether or not the Honey Pot was conspiring with their dancers to steal from unsuspecting patrons.
That's ridiculous.
Uh, my client's already been defamed, and the accusations in his counterclaim damage the honey pot's good name.
My client is the victim here.
Robbed in their so-called V.
room, rather than return the stolen money, they chose to sue him.
Are both parties really refusing to settle? - We want justice.
- As do we.
I'm ordering discovery.
Let's get this off my docket, quick as possible.
We want everything, including the names of all of their dancers their real names.
The security footage.
And security footage from inside and outside the club.
We've already informed Mr.
French, we don't have cameras in the club.
We're asking for an order to search the electrical closet behind the deejay booth to see if there's any surveillance equipment that records footage inside the V.
That sounds pretty specific.
We have internal security cameras.
We just don't like to remind our patrons about them, which is why we are willing now to drop lawsuit, as well as demand for fees, if he removes his damaging review.
Not gonna happen.
- No deal.
- Are you kidding me? Look, on my way out of the club, I was roughed up by one of their bouncers after I complained about the incident.
[ Sighs .]
It's not right.
They can't treat people the way they treated me.
We decline the offer.
Please have all discovery sent over immediately.
No one stole your client's wallet, and the footage will prove that.
Yeah, well, we'll know soon enough, won't we? [ Sighs .]
If you're upset with me, we should talk about it, because making me wear this suit and tie is cruel and unusual punishment.
I'm not upset with you Although, as a guardian angel, you're really not that much help these days.
I picked up your blouse from the dry cleaner's last Tuesday.
'Cause you spilled wine on it.
So if you're not mad at me, then why am I wearing this itchy ensemble? I need to make an appeal to the A.
on behalf of a client.
No other lawyers in the firm were available, and there is strength in numbers.
So you want me to pretend to be a lawyer? Oh, God.
This is a terrible idea.
It's an awesome idea.
I just watched "Legally Blonde.
" Do you think we should do a bend-and-snap before we go in? - Here's what I want you to do - Yeah.
keep your mouth shut, and then I want you to nod at everything I say.
You got it, counselor.
You expect me to cut a deal for a criminal on a terrorist watch list, and you won't tell me their name? Without my help, you would have no idea how to find this individual.
I would like to craft a plea.
Not without a name.
[ Clears throat .]
Her name is Ella Lawson.
[ Chuckles .]
Ella Lawson hasn't been seen in 10 years.
I am aware.
Turn her in, or I'll charge you with abetting a fugitive.
And why does your associate keep nodding? Is there something wrong with your neck? No, but I find the necktie to be really constricting, like a noose.
Don't you? Anyway I'm not abetting anyone.
I am merely representing a client, and your bully tactics They don't scare me.
- Or me.
- My client is repentant.
She is a law-abiding citizen.
She poses no threat.
She stole military property at wartime.
Look, you know what? I need to make a phone call.
You can show yourselves out.
[ Door opens .]
Why did he just leave his own office? [ Door closes .]
My guess He's getting a subpoena so he can tap our phone lines at the firm, hoping that we will lead him to our client.
We got to go.
[ Elevator bell dings .]
- Jane.
- Hold on.
Listen to me.
I need you to call Kathy Jenkins from your personal cell.
Tell her not to call the office under any circumstances and that I will be in touch directly.
I think our phones are being tapped and - Who's that guy in the suit? - No idea.
Excuse me.
How can I help you? - You're Jane Bingum.
- Well, that's right.
Oh, I suppose you work for the feds.
You've been sent here to keep an eye on me? - That would be correct, ma'am.
- Well, shoot.
[ Chuckles .]
'Cause, see, this is private property, which means, unless you have a warrant, you're trespassing, not to mention that by gathering evidence in an office where a client is represented, you're violating the fourth amendment.
So I suggest you hightail it out of here before I haul your ass into court.
Yes, ma'am.
Any more suits, call security.
I'm gonna go to work.
- Oh, Jane.
- Yeah? I found Grayson.
He's at a sports bar in Century City.
- Here's the address.
- Thank you, Teri.
Uh, tell Kathy I will be in touch very soon.
- There I am.
- I see.
And there's Finesse At least, that's the name she gave me.
Real name is Wilma Kapelnicoff.
That rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? [ Sighs .]
And you're putting your wallet in your jacket, Charlie.
[ Scoffs .]
Your wallet wasn't stolen.
I guess I was more buzzed than I thought.
I was sure she stole it.
I can't believe this.
Well, I really lost my wallet that night.
I just assumed the stripper took it.
Damn, I must have left it in the taxi.
That story you told me about being roughed up? Well, I just thought it would make you more dedicated to my case.
I mean, Dudley Do-Right always does better with a good cause.
If you call me that again, I will punch you right in the face.
You hear me? Look, if I take down the review, will it help? Yeah, Charlie.
It couldn't hurt.
[ Sighs .]
[ Rock music plays .]
Can I buy you a drink? [ Chuckles .]
You mind if I sit? [ Exhales sharply .]
Grayson, um I wanted to talk.
You want to talk? Yeah.
[ Chuckles .]
And I suppose because you want to talk with me, I should want to talk with you? [ Sighs .]
Um I don't really know how to answer that, but, yeah, that's what I would like.
That blond woman who showed up at your house, what she said It shouldn't make sense, yet it seems perfectly clear.
What seems perfectly clear? Shouldn't I be the one who gets to ask the questions? Yeah.
Ask me anything you want.
Anything at all.
No? I don't want to talk with you right now.
I came here to clear my head, to get away from everything, to get away from you.
- I'd like you to leave.
- Grayson.
Please leave.
Grayson never looked at me that way before.
He's confused.
And did he say what else Brittany told him? No.
But if Brittany told him that I'm really Deb and he believes her, I I wouldn't blame him for never wanting to speak to me again.
I mean, I lied to the love of my life.
You were following the rules.
Yeah, but he won't care about that.
How about you take the rest of the day off, and let's go to the spa? I wish I could, but I got to meet a client at the nail salon in half an hour.
You're getting your nails done with a client? No, see, she's on the federal terrorist watch list, so she's living under a fake identity.
The FBI would arrest her if I met her at the office.
You live a very interesting life, sweetie.
I know, right? Anyway, I should probably get going.
Oh, first, wait, um Okay, if I was having dinner tonight with a handsome man with a great sense of humor and gorgeous blue eyes [Chuckles.]
what dress should I wear? Excuse me.
Do you have a date? - I do! - What?! Okay, I met this great guy.
We went out for tea, totally hit it off, and he's taking me out for Italian tonight.
That's the perfect dress.
The neckline says "I'm interested, but I'm not easy," and if you spill red sauce, it won't show.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Now, I really got to get going 'cause I want to get to the salon early.
To see if it's under FBI surveillance? No, I've got a cracked cuticle.
So, my conversation with the A.
didn't go well, and it's now possible that the feds are hoping I'll lure you out of hiding.
Oh, my God.
- I need to leave town.
- I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
I know you were just trying to help.
The the truth is, the hardest part about leaving town is missing the kids at school.
They depend on me.
Now I can't even say goodbye.
[ Sighs .]
- Excuse me.
- Teri.
The A.
just called.
He's reconsidered his position.
He's offering you three years in prison but only if Kathy turns herself in today.
Kathy? I'm tired of hiding.
Let's do it.
[ Knock on door .]
Come in.
- Hey.
- Got your text.
Have a seat.
I, uh, called in some favors and got the Honey Pot's liquor permit expedited.
In exchange, they're gonna drop the suit and their demand for damages.
[ Sighs .]
How can I thank you? By staying out of trouble.
I swear, I'm a changed man.
I even brought you something.
It's a check for $3,000.
I know I owe you a lot more, but it's a start.
Thank you.
It's Hey, um I mean, do do you want to go grab a bite to eat or something? Oh, you know, I would, but I'm late for this hot date.
I met this sexy, smart woman, and now I have a reason to celebrate.
Who knows? She could be the one.
Could be.
I really hope to see you again soon.
Me, too.
[ Door closes .]
Your Honor, I have come to the court to effect a voluntary surrender of Ella Lawson.
With the A.
's assistance, we have reached a disposition of the charges Three years in exchange for her turning herself in.
Absolutely not.
- What? - What's going on? - We never offered those terms.
- Jane? Your Honor, his office contacted my assistant who relayed the offer less than an hour ago.
Bingum came to my office and asked for a plea.
I refused to engage.
In fact, I walked out of the room.
He's sandbagging us.
I would never make a deal with a domestic terrorist.
In fact, we're seeking the mandatory sentence of 25 years.
- She's a fugitive.
Arrest her.
- Jane, do something.
Your Honor, at least set bail until we can work this all out.
The government asks that bail be denied.
Lawson is a proven flight risk.
[ Sighs .]
Bail is denied.
- Jane, what just happened? - They lied to us.
The government used me to get to you.
I'm so sorry.
[ Handcuffs click .]
Yeah, Teri, they arrested her.
No, he completely lied to my face.
Excuse me, Ms.
Bingum, uh, do you have a moment? Uh, listen, I got to go.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
I'm sorry.
Do I know you? I'm Stan Glassman.
I'm a producer.
[ Gasps .]
Oh, my God.
I do know you.
[ Chuckles .]
I mean, I know of you.
You produced "12 Angry Maidens.
" I auditioned for angry maiden number 11.
- Really? - [ Laughing .]
I mean, it was such a long time ago, and I'm no longer acting.
But, um, I'm actually right in the middle of something, so Look, I heard about your client, the fugitive lunch lady, and I think her story would make a terrific movie.
I'd like to option her life rights.
I can offer you 50 grand.
I appreciate your interest, but the "son of Sam" law prohibits my client from profiting from her story.
- What about you? - What about me? Sell me your rights.
I'm sure you could offer the screenwriter a unique point of view.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
But my only concern right now is how best to help my client.
Excuse me.
Owen, you have to see what's on a-listerz.
- Okay.
- The governor-elect was caught at the Honey Pot getting a lap dance.
Whoa, whoa, whoa This still frame was taken from the surveillance footage from Charlie's night at the club.
That that's Finesse leaving the frame.
I watched the video at least 10 times.
I never noticed the governor.
That's 'cause we were looking at our client.
We weren't focused on the other patrons.
Was Charlie ever alone with the discovery? Yeah, sure.
[ Sighs .]
Charlie's the one who sold this screen grab.
- Where's Jane? - She went home.
Why? Because this photo puts the entire firm in jeopardy.
[ Knock on door .]
Hey! Hi.
We have a problem.
Ugh, if this is about Teri stealing your yogurt from the fridge, you have got to put your name on the carton.
I'm serious.
What's wrong? I was played by a client.
He came to me with a manufactured lawsuit solely for the purpose of gaining access to discovery, which he then sold to a-listerz.
It's a website that peddles in celebrity gossip.
Yeah, I know.
Was it a Lindsay Lohan car accident? No.
No, it was the governor-elect getting a lap dance.
- This is huge.
- Yeah.
Your client's actions violate section 166 of the California Penal Code.
And as his lawyer, you could be indicted.
Oh, I know.
And I've opened the firm up to massive civil penalties.
Didn't you vet this client? [ Sighs .]
His name is Charlie.
We have a long and complicated history.
Look, I should have told you this a long time ago, but the truth is [ door opens .]
And that's when I discovered I was allergic to llamas.
I swear to God.
[ Laughs .]
Owen, what are you doing here? I was about to ask you the same thing.
Oh, this is the girl I was telling you about.
You were on a date with Stacy? S she's your hot date? We had a lovely evening.
He took me to Il Capricio.
- Stacy, Charlie is my brother.
- What? What? You have a brother? This is the client that I was telling you about.
- This is Charlie.
- Nice to meet you.
Hey, we were engaged.
You never said anything about a brother.
Oh, my God.
I just made out with my baby's uncle.
- Oh! - Oh! - You have a baby? - Ugh.
I am pregnant.
- Your brother is the father.
- Whoa! Okay, maybe you should have told me you had a baby on board before I bought you dinner.
Maybe you should have told my best friend that you're a con artist before she agreed to go out with you.
Ohh, you're his brother and a con artist?! I should probably leave.
We have warrants for Charlie and Owen French.
Officer, before this gets out of hand, Owen French didn't do anything wrong.
Jane, it's okay.
I'm Owen French.
This is Charlie.
Let's go.
Thank you.
- Owen.
- Hey.
How did you get them to drop the charges? Well, I pulled judge Summers out of dinner told her what happened, - and she made a few calls.
- Hmm.
You know, you have a long line of people ready to stand up for you.
What about my brother? They're charging him with larceny.
They looked into his bank records.
Apparently, he received a large check from a-listerz.
com today.
He just gave me a check for $3,000.
[ Chuckles .]
Well, whatever you do, don't cash it.
You know for what it's worth, I understand why you never told me about him.
What about you? Uh, what's going on with your case? Oh, well, the A.
lied to me, and I have no recourse.
Yeah, they'll pretty much say anything when they're pursuing someone on the federal terrorist watch list.
It's just too severe.
Well, if you can't dispute the facts, go for her intent.
Put her on the stand and get her to explain herself.
So argue that stealing military property is a form of freedom of expression? You got anything better? I wasn't trying to hurt our country.
I love America, but I was trying to make a statement.
That you opposed the Iraq war.
I lost my son.
I didn't want any more people to die.
Thank you.
So, you stole 3,000 rounds of - Is that right? - Yes.
Were you aware that those bullets cost the government over $50,000? No.
Are you aware that the threshold for a grand larceny conviction is $25,000? I am now.
Kathy, you never sold those bullets or profited from the theft in any way, did you? No.
Like I said, the theft was symbolic.
In fact, I chose those specific bullets because they could only be used in military-issue weapons.
W w w wait.
Hold on.
So you're saying that those bullets won't work in commercially available guns? Yes.
That's right.
[ Gasps .]
Apprendi v.
New Jersey.
[ Laughs .]
- What's going on here? - In Apprendi, the Supreme Court held that facts that can enhance a sentence must be found by a finder of fact.
- So? - So, Your Honor, you're the finder of fact here.
Which means that I can use whatever valuation system I want.
Yes, and I ask that you find that those bullets were worthless to Kathy as there's no secondary market.
Because they can only be used in military weapons.
Exactly, so instead of grand larceny, the charge against my client could be reduced to petty larceny, which carries no mandatory minimum sentence.
The government still asks for 25 years.
Your Honor, my client committed this crime a decade ago.
And since then, she has been a law-abiding lunch lady.
Three years in prison is more than enough.
And the government is opposed to that disposition.
Your Honor, my client has demonstrated her potential for rehabilitation.
The only reason she risked being caught is because she was trying to protect the welfare of her students.
- Please - No need to beg, Ms.
Three years is acceptable.
Thank you.
[ Chuckles .]
Um Oh, uh, just one more request Would you permit my client a few minutes with her husband? Uh, they haven't seen each other in a very long time.
Why not? [ Gasps .]
[ Chuckling .]
I got you back.
[ Chuckles .]
Thanks for coming to see me.
You put my firm in jeopardy.
You put my career and my reputation in danger Real danger.
I know.
I'm a screw-up.
- I've always been a screw-up.
- We're not kids, Charlie! That excuse isn't gonna play anymore.
I want to know something.
Why did you do it? Why did you sell that footage to a-listerz.
com? Did you really think that you'd get away with it? They said they were gonna hold it for a week.
It would have given me time to get back to Europe.
They lied to me.
Can you believe that? Can I believe that they lied to you? You lied to me.
You told me that you had turned your life around.
You told me that you were going back to school.
Do you remember that?! I just told you what you needed to hear.
But I really am sorry.
I need you.
It's not gonna work anymore.
Owen I'm sorry.
I seriously messed up.
I'm scared.
I need an attorney, and I can't afford one.
The court will appoint a public defender.
We're done.
[ Receiver clicks .]
Bingum, I was surprised to get your phone call.
I'm sure.
[ Chuckles .]
Did you change your mind about selling your story? Not me, my client.
But the "son of Sam" laws? Right, they prevent her from profiting from her story, but she would like you to donate the money to the hot lunch program at South Oak Elementary.
Feed the kids.
I love a happy ending.
Well, great.
Our price is $100,000.
I won't go above $50,000.
[ Scoffs .]
Listen, the donation's tax-deductible.
You'll practically make back the difference.
But, you know, if you're not interested, I've got two other producers lined up, so - You have a deal.
- Oh, not so fast.
I would like consultation rights on who plays me in the movie.
I have prepared a list of my top-10 choices.
I think Sandra Bullock She's got the humor and the gravitas to really make me pop, but Jennifer Lawrence I mean, she's delightful, so a really close runner-up.
I'll see what I can do.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Door opens .]
Stace, are you home? I won my case, and now Sandra Bullock is going to play me in the mov ie Hey.
I'm ready to talk.
I'm glad to hear that.
But first, I have a question.
Who are you? I think you already know.
Grayson, it's me.
I'm Deb.
I I don't understand.
So, I died in that car crash, um, and then I figured out a way to come back Just in another body.
Jane's body.
But with my soul.
Deb's soul.
[ Chuckles nervously .]
I realize this is a lot to process.
A lot to process? It's insane.
- I it I - I know.
- I have a question.
- Okay.
Who was that blond woman that showed up here? I I tried to follow her, but she took off.
That was the original Jane, who died, and she figured out how I got back to earth and copied me.
So now her soul is in that other woman's body.
You realize how this sounds? I do.
[ Sighs .]
So, let's just assume for the moment that I believe you.
I mean, God knows there were times when I wondered if it were possible since you knew so much about me, so much about Deb.
'Cause I am Deb.
If that's true, that would mean you've watched me grieve.
You watched me date other women.
I I confided in you.
You never said a word.
I couldn't.
I wasn't allowed to tell anyone.
You almost married Owen.
I know.
Because I gave up on us.
I mean, but I didn't.
You have no idea how badly I wanted to tell you.
After I died, you and I ran into each other at the coffee shop before work.
And the Alicia Keys song "No One" was on.
And I looked at you.
And you were crying.
So then I started crying.
[ Sighs .]
That was our song.
[ Voice breaking .]
I wanted to race to you and kiss you And tell you everything.
But instead, I went home to Stacy, and we stayed in bed Sobbing all day.
Stacy knows about you? Um, yeah, b but You just said you couldn't tell anyone.
It's just It's very complicated.
You trusted her.
You didn't trust me.
No, Gr Grayson, listen.
You have no idea how many times I tried to tell you the truth.
I tried.
But you didn't.
[ Sighs .]
I need some air.
You can't keep running away.
[ Crying .]
I'm sorry.
[ Door closes .]
[ Knocks .]
- You okay? - Can I help you? Uh, well, t that's the plan.
[ Chuckles .]
Assuming you're not about to have a breakdown.
[ Clears throat .]
You look pretty shook up.
I'm fine allergies.
Who are you? Belinda Scotto.
Owen hired me to help while Kim's on maternity leave.
And you are Grayson Kent, right? Sixth-year, litigator extraordinaire.
Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Okay, I won't, but since you're assisting me on a case, I hope you're at least better than average.
Client meeting in 15.
Oh, um, and about those allergies I have decongestants in my bag.
I also have Xanax, if that's what you really need.
- Hey, sweetie? - Mm.
Hey, I think you're late for work.
No, I'm not going in today.
Hey! There is a lot of injustice in the world, and you need to adjust it.
- Okay, come on.
Out of bed.
- No! I'm gonna make some coffee.
No, I can't face Grayson.
[ Sighs .]
He's furious with me for confiding in you that I'm Deb and not telling him.
I'd probably be upset, too.
[ Sighs .]
Grayson just needs time to process.
I mean, what did you expect that he would take you in his arms and say, "at last, we're together"? [ Clears throat .]
Don't mean to interrupt the pajama party, but Teri just read me the riot act because Jane's new client is in her office and Jane is not.
Just tell her I'm sick.
Oh, what's wrong? - U.
? I.
? T.
? - Unh-unh.
Whatever it is, I'll get you medicine A.
Ooh, ooh, and I will get us "Smash" on DVD, and then we can binge-watch it all day long! Yeah! Whoo! I'm up.
Boom! Hi.
I'm so sorry I'm late, Mr.
Oh, I I understand.
You're a busy lawyer.
Uh okay.
Well, let's get started.
You are here about your brother.
Eight years ago, Michael was convicted of burning down the record store where he worked.
He's been up for parole twice, denied both times.
He's up again this afternoon.
Yeah, I read the file.
Uh, how can I help? I need you to convince them to tell the parole board that he's guilty.
Do you think he's guilty? Absolutely not.
But unless my brother says he did it, they won't let him out.
That's correct.
Our mother's really sick.
She shouldn't have to pass away with her son behind bars.
[ Inhales deeply .]
The store owner's wife died in the fire, and a week before the fire, she terminated your brother for stealing.
These facts are gonna complicate the hearing.
But my brother didn't steal anything.
Says you.
Gina fired him because he fell off a ladder in the storeroom and broke his right arm.
Rather than pay workers' comp, she accused him of theft.
Look, ma'am, I just sold my painting business so I can afford a top lawyer like you.
I need you to help Michael.
In a way, this is all my fault.
Why is it your fault? Well, I'm the one that pushed him to take the stupid job and told him he had to man up and start making it on his own.
So, please, just get him out of jail.
Evans was one of the passengers on the infamous cruise from hell.
Yeah, I saw the footage.
It was all over the news.
My husband and I had been going through a rough patch, and my mom bought us a seven-day trip aboard the Sapphire Moon.
"Rekindle the romance as you sail the high seas.
" Well, for the first five days, Calvin and I were like newlyweds.
And then the fire in the engine room 'caused an electrical outage.
So the toilets backed up.
Food began to rot.
For the next week, we were stranded.
It was a nightmare.
And it all could've been prevented.
Take a look at the maritime agency report.
[ Clears throat .]
Engine trouble on the Sapphire Moon was documented three times in the prior month.
And there are nine documented cases of engine fires on other company ships within the past year.
That's five times the industry norm.
Every day a ship isn't sailing, it costs the cruise line big bucks, so they slap on some duct tape and keep the S.
Petri dish on the water.
Evans, where's your husband? Calvin left me.
The cruise brought out the worst in us.
And we said things that we can't take back, so We went on that boat to save our marriage, and now Calvin never wants to see me again.
I say we file for negligent infliction of emotional distress.
Grayson, what do you think? Grayson? I think that makes sense.
Uh, under California law, you can sue without showing personal injury.
That is exactly what we are gonna do.
What are you doing here? Oh, I came to check on Jane.
- She's in jail.
- Oh, my God! - What did she do? - She's meeting a client.
Anyway, you should be more concerned about Owen.
Owen? What's wrong? Take a look in the conference room.
Describe what you see.
I see Owen.
- No, you see sad Owen.
- Sad Owen? - Yes, and it's your fault.
- What? He wanted to date you, and you just brushed him off like dandruff from your shoulder.
That happened once, and I still think they were snowflakes.
I thought you thought he was the perfect guy.
This is really none of your business.
Then I will judge you in silence.
[ Clears throat .]
I have strong feelings for Owen, but I can't date him, because if we break up, there will be tension between us.
Tension is not good for my baby, and I won't risk anything when it comes to my child.
But I admit, seeing sad Owen makes me sad.
And we need to get him to move on.
We need to find him someone new.
I love setting people up! [ Chuckles .]
The trick is to not let them know what you're doing.
- Ah.
Like pickpocketing.
- And kegels.
So, we know Owen liked Jane, and he likes me, so we just need to find him a Jane/Stacy hybrid.
I'll start the search immediately.
[ Chuckles .]
I won't say I'm guilty when I'm not.
The parole board will not let you out unless you say you're guilty.
I didn't lie at trial, and I'm not gonna start now.
Look at the evidence.
Okay? The fire was started in the storeroom.
You had an access key.
Gina Tolin was killed.
You had motive.
The accelerant was mineral spirits consistent with the rust remover found in your truck.
All of that is true, but I'm innocent.
You know what? Regardless of guilt or innocence, you can either stand on principle and stay in prison or you can say the words the board needs to hear and move on with your life.
As your lawyer, my job is to get you out of prison.
There's only one way that's gonna happen.
I know that I should find forgiveness in my heart, but I can't.
How? How am I supposed to forgive the man who took my wife from me? [ Sighs .]
Thank you, Mr.
Donaldson, we'd like to hear from you.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I can't imagine your grief.
[ Sniffles .]
[ Sighs .]
I can assure you that if I'm released today, I will live a law-abiding life.
Is that all, Mr.
Donaldson? I take full responsibility for the fire.
And I am truly sorry for my crime.
It's about time we heard those words, but your sincerity seems questionable.
Uh, but he admitted guilt.
Bingum, you're welcome to advise your client, but you have no say in these proceedings.
Wait a minute Michael has been a model prisoner, and he has done everything that you have asked, and he's remorseful.
Well, then he can return to this board in two years and try a more convincing apology not one fed to him by his attorney.
We're done.
[ Buzzer .]
You said that they'd let me out.
- Let's go.
- Jane Jane! Jane! [ Sighs .]
That was quite a fire.
Yeah, destroyed the entire building and all of its contents hundreds of vintage records and CDs, memorabilia, and $15,000 in cash.
And you're blowing up this case because? Because [sighs.]
I cannot let an innocent man rot in prison.
What makes you so sure he didn't do it? You just should've heard him confess.
He couldn't even look at the parole board, and then after the hearing, I spoke to Michael's public defender.
Eight years ago, the prosecution used a motion in limine to keep out evidence about a suspicious fire in another one of the record-store owner's buildings.
That fire two months before the record store burned down.
Evidence that could've pointed to another suspect in the fire.
[ Laughing .]
Oh! Oh, and get this.
The pathetic excuse for a judge, he wouldn't even allow the defense to ask the record-store owner about his insurance policy.
Right there, Michael should've gotten a new trial.
Um, Jane, you know that Michael had a bench trial? Yeah, the public defender mentioned that.
Did he also happen to mention the name of the pathetic excuse for a judge? No.
Honorable Owen French.
If counsel had simply read the cruise line contract, we wouldn't be here.
Under section 15(B), passengers cannot sue for emotional distress.
And if you had brushed up on your contract law, you'd remember that such waiver clauses are not enforceable.
Maybe not in the U.
, but the choice of law provision mandates that Bahamian law governs all disputes.
Sounds like you two may have some sunshine in your future.
Your Honor, they can't just choose foreign laws without a substantial nexus to the country.
White Sands Cruise Lines is based in the Bahamas.
The ship is registered there.
Even assuming that's true, the cruise was a gift from Sarah's mother.
Sarah herself did not even sign the contract, therefore, she's not bound by forum selection.
The moment that Sarah stepped foot onto the boat, not to mention indulged in the chocolate buffet and danced to the Jack Hammond orchestra, she agreed to the terms of the contract.
I agree with the defendant.
Hold on, Your Honor.
This horrific cruise destroyed our client's marriage, therefore we'd like to amend our complaint to loss of consortium, which is not waived under the passenger contract.
[ Laughs .]
Loss of consortium?! You're contending that your client can sue because she can no longer screw? You bet.
In Emery v.
The Rock Island Boatworks, a husband sued for loss of sexual contact after his wife fell through a manhole.
Wells v.
JCPenney a man sued after his wife was attacked following an argument over crystal-bear figurines at an after-Christmas sale, and they were subsequently unable to have marital relations.
Your Honor, we contend that the cruise from hell ended our client's sex life.
As of last week, her husband filed for separation.
- Your Honor - Save it.
It's a long shot, but it's enough to go to trial.
[ Gavel bangs .]
[ Knocks .]
When you were a judge, do you remember a defendant named Michael Donaldson? Sure.
Yeah, arson/murder.
It was my first year on the bench.
My robes still had that new-robe smell.
Oh, yeah? [ Both laugh .]
So, I was wondering why didn't you allow evidence of a previous suspicious fire in another building owned by the victim's husband? Why are you asking me questions about an eight-year-old case? Michael was just up for parole, and his family hired me to represent him.
[ Sighs .]
I think you have a lot of nerve questioning my judgment.
No, I I'm just saying that, as a new judge [Chuckles.]
you know, maybe Michael's guilt wasn't as clear-cut as you thought.
I don't sentence people lightly, especially someone as young as Michael.
Yeah, I I understand.
I understand.
See, but there was evidence Jane, did you ever consider the reason Michael's family chose you was to get to me? You think it's just a coincidence that out of all the lawyers in Los Angeles, they just happened to pick you? Well, I happen to have a pretty good reputation.
They're playing you.
You might be too softhearted to see it, but I will not undermine my own verdict by discussing this case with you.
[ Sighs .]
For the first five days, you and your husband had a wonderful time on the cruise? That's correct.
The spark in our marriage was back.
What happened after the engine fire? We started fighting, and by the time we docked, Calvin had asked for a separation.
No further questions.
You claim that during the first five days, your marriage was back on track.
Can you explain this photo? There you are in the background.
Let's, uh, go in for a closer look.
[ Spectators murmur .]
Doesn't look like a marriage that's back on track, does it? No, no, no.
Calvin was using the knife like a microphone.
He was singing along with the orchestra.
We were communicating.
And right after the engine fire, we worked together to help other passengers.
But by day 4, we were starving.
Calvin was reluctant, but I convinced him to help me raid the pantry.
And from then on, we just kept on fighting.
So you broke into the ship's pantry? That's how desperate things got.
I see.
Nothing further.
Jane! What's wrong? Owen accused me of getting played by my client.
He said that the only reason Michael's brother came to me was to get to him.
He might have a point.
Or not.
I mean, Owen always gets self-important when it comes to his judging, but, you know, I mean, this shouldn't be about his ego.
It's about justice.
Well, you can't make him talk about the case if he refuses.
Actually, I can.
And you're gonna help.
Why are you bringing me a croissant? A chocolate croissant your favorite.
I also brought you this.
A subpoena? I'm only the messenger.
From Jane?! I'm sorry, Owen, but you've been served.
There you are.
Don't blame me if your latte's cold.
I couldn't find you.
That's 'cause I'm hiding.
From Joanne in accounting.
Good idea.
I cannot buy any more wrapping paper for her kid's school.
No, I'm hiding from Owen and Grayson.
Are they selling wrapping paper? [ Sighs .]
Paul, I'm a horrible person.
I served Owen with a subpoena, and Grayson won't even talk to me.
Well, I can't really blame him.
I mean, you did lie to him all these years.
Well, thank you for your support, especially since the only reason I didn't tell Grayson the truth was because I was following the stupid rules.
You know, you can blame the rules all you want, but when you came back down to earth, you made a choice to tell Stacy, not Grayson.
And I think there's a little more going on here - than you want to admit.
- Well, thank you, but as my Johnny-Come-Lately guardian angel, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
Even if the cruise line can't contest what happened, they are gonna fight us hard on damages.
And we'll need to call a trauma expert to testify.
I've got a short list of psychologists.
Sarah! What the hell did you do? Calvin? This is my husband.
I just got out of jail because I was arrested for piracy.
- What?! - I was arrested for being a pirate for pillaging.
I had to post bail.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Sarah.
We testified that you and Calvin broke into the ship's pantry, which, under maritime law, is considered looting on the high seas.
Oh, the cruise line must've convinced the A.
's office to press charges.
Calvin, I am so sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Sarah Evans.
Oh, right.
Now you're being charged, too.
Officer, I'm Sarah.
You're under arrest for piracy.
You need to come with us.
Don't say a word.
We're right behind you.
[ Handcuffs click .]
Hey, Owen.
Just FYI the court scheduled the habeas corpus petition for later this afternoon.
- I'm aware.
- Great.
And might I add excellent use of firm resources.
Look, I I'm really sorry about the whole subpoena thing, but "But.
" Funny thing about the word "but" When "but" follows an apology, it means you're not really sorry.
You're just defending your actions.
So your non-apology is not accepted.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
I never meant for this to get adversarial.
But it did.
See you in court.
[ Sighs .]
I got your text.
What could be so important that I had to leave my prenatal meditation class? - I found her.
- Great.
Who did you find? The perfect Jane/Stacy hybrid for Owen Belinda, the new temp lawyer.
She's blond like you, smart like Jane.
I'm smart.
That's what I said smart like you.
She went to Berkeley, she plays squash, and she only dates powerful men.
Her last boyfriend was on the board at Netflix.
I think their stock is overvalued, given their huge investment in original content.
Totally agree.
Anyway, how do we get Belinda to make a move on Owen? Watch me.
[ Clears throat .]
Hello, Belinda! I just wanted to welcome you to Harrison & Parker.
Thank you.
Do you work here? I'm more like their mascot.
Any questions about the firm or the lawyers, I'm your gal.
For example, did you know that the handsome Owen French was voted one of I.
's top 50 lawyers? Impressive.
And according to eligiblelamen.
com, he's one of the city's most eligible bachelors.
Anything else you want to know? Uh, I I think I'm good.
Thank you? Mm-hmm.
French, during Michael Donaldson's trial, were you aware of an insurance policy on the record store that burned down? Yes.
And the beneficiary of that policy was Max Tolin, the owner of the store? - Yes.
- And were you further aware that Mr.
Tolin owned another property that burned down just several months prior? Yes.
Yet despite knowing this exculpatory information, you refused to allow it into evidence? Ms.
Bingum, since you have compelled me to testify, let me tell you why I barred this so-called exculpatory evidence.
I'm listening.
First, Mr.
Tolin collected no insurance money from the fire.
And how is that possible? The policy was under his name.
The policy lapsed due to nonpayment of premiums.
Any attempt by the defense to suggest that Mr.
Tolin had a financial motive to torch his own building was absurd.
Um Right.
I yes.
Um what about the previous fire? That was not deemed to be arson.
But it was deemed suspicious.
Which means that it was neither definitely arson nor clearly accidental.
If it had been arson, that would've been probative, but it wasn't.
The question before me was whether Michael set the fire, not whether or not the defense could conjure up alternate suppositions.
I found your client guilty because the evidence showed, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was.
Anything else, Ms.
Bingum? No.
Uh thank you for your time.
May I? Thank you.
It's like the whole firm hates me.
Hold on.
I'm putting you on speaker.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
The two most important men in my life can hardly stand to look at me.
So why don't you quit? We'll move to Europe, and I'll have my baby in France.
Ooh! I've always wanted a French baby! No, I'm not leaving the firm.
But I may need to accept that Grayson wants nothing to do with me.
[ Scoffs .]
Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions? Like I said, he just needs time and space.
I mean, it took you, like, forever to tell him the truth, so it's only reasonable that you give him the same amount of Wait, wait, wait.
You know what? I I need to call you back, okay? [ Knocks .]
Look, I know you don't want to talk, but I I need your eyes for a second, professionally.
My professional eyes? You were a clerk for a criminal court judge, and I remember because back then, I thought "clerk" meant you worked at the cash register.
[ Chuckles .]
What is it, Jane? Okay, look at this.
Just just tell me, is that blood spatter? Probably.
Why? And for blood to look like that, it must've been from a severed artery, correct? Yes.
And the assailant would've been right-handed.
See how the droplets tail off from right to left, - like shooting stars? - See, all along, the investigators thought that Gina Tolin died in that fire, but what if she was killed prior to the fire being set? Arson investigators would've caught that.
Okay, so, this is the interior door of the office where Gina's body was found.
The firefighters used an ax to gain entry to the room, then they discard the door on a heap of charred debris.
Even if she was killed before the fire was set, still doesn't mean your client didn't do it.
Oh, but it does.
[ Laughs .]
Michael's right arm is broken.
He's still wearing the sling.
He couldn't have slashed her throat with his right hand.
Grayson, you you're you're the best.
Um I mean uh, thank you.
I'd review the autopsy report to confirm your suspicion.
I didn't tell you the truth because I didn't think you could love me like this.
Like what? Like this this body.
I mean [Chuckles.]
come on, Grayson.
Look at me.
I used to be a model.
My skin, my hair, my bone structure, my teeth they were flawless.
And I worked every angle manicures, hair extensions, eyelash tinting, and I only ate carbs on Tuesdays.
And I did all of that for you.
No, you did all of that for you.
I wanted you to think I was beautiful.
And you did.
You told me every day.
And you really thought I was so shallow that I wouldn't love you in another body? I would've walked through fire to get you back in any shape or form because I loved you so damn much.
Did you really not know that? I never thought of it that way.
I think it was easier for you to see me in pain than risk rejection.
You underestimated me.
You underestimated us.
I got to get to court.
Why did you resort to breaking into the pantry? We were starving.
The crew had hoarded the remaining food.
And at that point, what was the state of the ship? People were getting sick.
The air was putrid.
Every time we hit a wave, human sewage would wash down the hallways.
I started calling the boat "the ship of stools.
" [ Laughs .]
Hey, Sarah, you remember what you called the promenade? I sure do.
The poop deck.
[ Both laugh .]
Your Honor, piracy is a serious charge.
Could you please get the defendants to control themselves? I'm sorry.
After the engine fire, did the staff continue to serve meals? For the first two days, yes, but then the crew started hoarding food.
On day 4, we raided the pantry.
Finally, on day 5, the Mexican tugboats arrived, took us another two days to get to shore.
So, y you didn't set out to pillage or incite a mutiny? I'm an accountant, not blackbeard.
Although, I once owned a parrot.
And you look really cute in an eye patch.
I poked myself in the eye with a swizzle stick.
[ Laughs .]
Your Honor, the defendants are not taking these charges seriously.
Our clients are laughing because the charges are absurd.
Kent is right.
The case is dismissed.
Tomorrow, we will resume with the civil proceedings.
[ Gavel bangs .]
Did you get the victim's autopsy report? - Right here.
- Okay.
So, I need to prove that the store owner's wife, Gina, was dead before the fire began, and if she was, she couldn't have inhaled any smoke, so the carbon monoxide level in her blood would be zero.
Please tell me that it's zero.
Sorry, boss 12%.
Damn it.
I I was I was so sure.
Autopsy reports don't lie.
But neither do the victim's wrinkles.
What? The the wrinkles around her mouth suggest - that Ms.
Tolin was a smoker.
- And that makes you all giddy? Smokers have a base carbon monoxide level of approximately 10% to 15%.
What are you doing? Gina's medical records.
Here we go.
Tolin smoked two packs a day.
That explains the 12% saturation.
Yep, and we proved that Gina was killed before the fire was set.
Teri, I I need you to subpoena Billy Donaldson's financial records.
Why? I think I know who murdered Gina Tolin.
My brother didn't kill Gina.
That's insane.
Your brother hated her for firing you.
He feels guilty that you were locked up.
In fact, he told me that he feels responsible.
Maybe now we know the real reason.
Your brother owned a painting business, right? Mineral spirits, the chemical used to start the fire it's also found in paint thinner.
That is the same kind of circumstantial evidence that landed me in here.
Okay, okay.
Well, then, how about this the firefighter manifest listed $15,000 in cash that burned up in the fire.
Once I suspected your brother, I subpoenaed his bank records.
Two days after you were convicted, he paid off the balance on his small-business loan.
Maybe that $15,000 never burned up.
Rather, Billy stole it.
Jane, our grandmother passed away during my trial.
She left us both some money.
That's how he paid off the loan.
I am telling you, Billy didn't start the fire, and I would rather die in prison than let him say he did.
Stillman, I really appreciate you agreeing to see me.
Why are you here, Ms.
Bingum? Your wife didn't die in the fire.
She was killed before the fire was set.
Well, I don't believe you.
And even if it were true, what is the point of telling me? Well, I thought you would want to know.
Oh, let me guess.
Now you're gonna tell me your client didn't do it.
[ Sighs .]
Actually, I was going to ask you for your support in front of the parole board.
- Are you nuts? - No, no, I'm I'm serious.
You see, your your wife was stabbed by a right-handed man, and Michael's right arm was in a cast.
Couldn't have done it.
Smoke and mirrors.
- Excuse me? - That's what this is.
That's what you lawyers do anything for the client.
They pay you to get them off, not to find the truth.
Listen to me.
No, you listen to me.
If your client is innocent, you go back to court and prove it without me.
Now I need you to leave.
[ Clears throat .]
"Manic Method.
" Can I help you? Oh, actually, you already have.
Commissioner, I'd like to call your attention to a photo of a limited-edition Manic Method lithograph, hand-signed, number 17 of 250.
The Michael Donaldson case has already been adjudicated.
I'm presenting new evidence that bears directly on my client's parole application.
Your client admitted to the crime.
You heard him.
Any question of innocence has already been put to rest.
He confessed because I told him to.
You told an innocent man to falsely confess? Yes, I told him that he wouldn't receive early release unless he admitted guilt, but I can now prove his innocence.
Bingum, this is not the proper venue for this.
Oh, really? Well, 'cause I thought Well, uh, hold on.
[ Laughs .]
I thought that the parole board's mission is "to identify those offenders" "for whom there is sufficient indication" "that confinement is no longer necessary.
" So proving an offender innocent has got to be, what, the easiest way to prove that "that confinement is no longer necessary," right? Fine.
Two minutes.
This lithograph hung in Max Tolin's record store a store that completely burned down.
[ Door opens .]
And now this very same lithograph, number 17, is hanging in Max Tolin's home.
So you're probably wondering, "well, how the hell did that happen," right? Oh! I know! Because Max Tolin set that fire, and he saved the one item that he treasured most.
How dare you! This woman came to my home, asked me to support Michael's release.
I said no, and now she's turning on me.
Hold on.
Commissioner, Owen French.
I was the judge in Mr.
Donaldson's original trial.
After reconsidering all of the evidence I, too, believe this man is innocent.
So you're impeaching your own verdict? Yes, I am.
And I will soon file an affidavit.
But right now, I'm asking you to use your mandated discretion to consider all the evidence that I wrongly excluded.
The evidence that shows that Max Tolin killed his wife and tried to cover it up by burning down his own store.
That man set the fire! He murdered my wife! No, you did, and you made a bundle doing it.
I never saw a nickel.
My insurance policy on that building had lapsed.
It had.
But you collected on another policy your wife's life insurance policy, paid for by a dummy trust so it couldn't be tracked back to you.
Well not easily.
The A.
is prepared to issue an arrest warrant.
Your move, commissioner.
I'm ordering the immediate release of Michael Donaldson.
And I'm ordering the arrest of Max Tolin for the murder of his wife, Gina Tolin.
I'm free? Yeah, you're free.
[ Laughs .]
Whatever you're doing, don't bother.
Sarah just stopped by with good news.
She and Calvin are back together and consorting.
- Good for them.
- Bad for us.
We no longer have grounds for the loss-of-consortium suit.
I mean, I I just hate that the cruise line is gonna win.
I'm not so sure about that.
What do you mean? I'm no pirate, but I think there's a treasure in this map.
Your Honor, we are refiling our claims against White Sands Cruise Lines for negligent infliction of emotional distress.
We've been through this.
Emotional distress is out.
Bahamian law applies, remember? My memory is clear.
Your geography is fuzzy.
If I could call Your Honor's attention to the map.
See, once the engines failed, the original route of the ship changed.
Mexican tugs slowly pulled the ship through Mexican waters.
Yes, and our friends to the South have the same laws as we do with regards to waiving emotional-distress claims.
You are absolutely correct.
Looks to me like you may have turned the poop deck into a piggy bank.
If this case proceeds, I think we all know how it's gonna go down.
I suggest you make the nice couple a very generous offer.
[ Knocks .]
I, uh I just came by to say that I'm sorry.
Well, you came through when it counted.
I screwed up, and Michael spent eight years in prison.
Eight years.
I don't know how I'm ever gonna live that down.
You know, if you don't mind my asking, what changed your mind? [ Chuckles .]
Me? [ Laughs .]
You were so mad at me.
[ Laughs .]
Yeah, I mean, what judge wants to be wrong? Look, I know you, and the intensity of your belief made me think twice.
Once I got over myself, I I looked back through the data with fresh eyes, realized you were right.
How'd you find his wife's life insurance policy? Followed the money.
At the time of the trial, there was nothing about the policy 'cause Max hadn't submitted a claim, but once I rendered my verdict, he got paid out.
So I tracked the bank records back to a dummy trust, which was the sole beneficiary of his wife's policy.
- Wow.
- Took some digging, but the whole [ Knocks .]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, oh, I'll just wait.
- I'll be right there.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
I, uh, I have a dinner.
- Dinner? - Mm.
As in a dinner date? As in I'm hungry, and Belinda suggested a place that serves food.
Then have a good time.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- I'm hurt, confused, and I feel betrayed.
And I should've told you immediately, and not telling you wasn't just about you.
If you'd let me finish I loved Deb.
I loved Jane.
Not Deb's soul inside of Jane, but Jane whoever that is.
And for the record, at least for now, you need to accept that I see Deb and Jane as two different women.
Oh, see, t t that's not how this works.
There is Jane, and there is Deb, and I'm mad at both of them.
That being said I can't imagine just walking away from the only two women I've ever truly loved.
So I'm proposing sometime soon we go on a date.
I want to get to know you.
The real you, without secrets.
Grayson you already know the real me.
I'm Deb.
I buried Deb.
No, Grayson Stop! I buried Deb.
When you can't hold on When your strength is gone Now, would you like to go out with me? Because I'd really like to go out with you.
Very much so.
I'll be standing right beside you When you reach the other side Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh When you reach the other side
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