Drunk History (2013) s03e02 Episode Script


_ _ Clark Gable flying over Nazi Germany.
He's like Ponce de León is like, I can't witness my people just being, like, totally treated [bleep] like this.
The murder rate has tripled overnight, and most of it are people that Griselda is murdering or having murdered.
I can't see you, by the way.
I can see two of you.
People know Miami as the beach and the glitz and the glamour and the superficiality, but that's a very small part of Miami.
It is tough growing up in Miami when you're not, like, traditionally pretty, but a lot of people pay to have that fixed anyway.
Like, that's that's really common.
You're like, ohh! Happy bar mitzvah.
I love your new nose! Beaches, bitches can I say bitches? Miami's just a dope place to be.
- To Miami.
- To Miami.
He's in a moment.
He's at Shakespeare in the Park '98.
- You ready? - All the world's a stage! Hi, I'm Greg Worswick, and I'm here to tell you about Private Clark Gable.
So it's the 1930s, and Clark Gable is like the most famous movie star in America.
He's like, I am so famous.
I have these eyebrows and this mustache.
They're crazy.
He marries Carole Lombard, who's his new love.
She's like the Goldie Hawn of of Paramount movies in the 30s.
He's like, she is my soul mate.
Then, World War II starts.
Big gulp.
They start getting involved in the war effort.
And so Clark's like, yes, I will lend my face to some brochures, in a sort of fun pose where I'm just saying, hey.
Carole is so, so invested, and she goes to Indiana.
She sells over $2 million in war bonds.
She breaks records.
Nobody has ever made that before.
Carole is like, I am really raising money for this war.
And she telegrams him one night, and she says, you better get yourself into this man's army.
And so Clark is like, well, okay, I'm a movie star.
I'm [bleep] Brett Butler.
Not Brett Butler.
I'm Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.
I won an Oscar.
I'm, like, doing pretty good.
The next day, Carole gets on this plane.
She's coming back home to Hollywood from Indianapolis.
Her plane goes down.
She dies.
Clark is, like, devastated.
He's like, nooo! And then he starts thinking about those last words, that siren's call to him that's like, you better get yourself into this man's army.
And he thinks, okay, this is the best way that I can honor my wife's last request, is that I should get involved with the war.
And so he enlists, so they ship him from Hollywood to Miami and - Yeah, Miami.
- Yes.
Miami has been transformed into this American boot camp for the Army.
So he gets there, he's being hounded by the paparazzi, and he says, okay, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
I will grant you this: I will shave off my mustache in front of your cameras if you promise to leave me alone after that.
He shaved off his mustache, and then that was his last, like, movie star thing for a while.
And he takes all these tests, and that's it.
And then they're like, you graduated.
So he says, okay, look, you know what? I want to be in combat.
I want to be doing the combat missions.
And they're like, Clark, we don't know.
This is, uh, kind of a lot for you.
You're a famous actor.
We feel like we should probably keep you safe.
No! I want to be a person in combat.
In January 1943, he's sent to England.
He's flying over Nazi Germany, and gunfire ricocheted off Clark Gable's boot, narrowly missing an inch of his head.
He's like, nooo! That was close.
Word of that gets back to MGM president Louis B.
Mayer, who is like, okay, uh, dead actors are of no use to us.
You need to bring him back to America, stat.
We need him here unscathed.
And he's like, no, I can do it.
I'm a regular guy.
It's fine.
And he demands that he keeps going on 23, 24, 25 more missions.
And that's why I love you, kid.
Did you get taken a bit back when I called you kid? You forget what generation you're in, kid? I sure did, kid.
I spilled so much bourbon on this chair.
So he comes back from Europe, and they say, Clark, thank you so much for serving in the military.
We would like to offer you the Air Medal and the distinguished Flying Cross for your efforts in World War II! And on January 15, 1944, they invite him to the christening of the S.
Carole Lombard.
He said wow.
This really has put a bookend on my time in the military.
Thank you.
- You guys.
- What? I don't know.
I just had a lot of fun.
I hope you did too.
- I am from France originally.
- Okay.
But I've been here for quite a while now, you know? - And you still love New York.
- I guess I can I never actually never been to New York, you know? You'll be all right, man Look at me! Oh, yeah! - All right.
I guess you did that.
- Mmm! Well, you have a drop.
Hi, I'm Jessica Meraz, and today we're gonna be talking about Juan Ponce de León.
Or as white people call him, "Ponce de Leon.
" Juan Ponce de León is a Spanish explorer.
King Ferdinand is like, you know what, Ponce? I dig you.
You've done a really great job, and in honor of your service to Spain, I'm going to send you over to Puerto Rico to be the governor.
So Ponce de León's like, okay, cool.
He goes to Puerto Rico, and he sees the people.
He's like, love you.
You guys are cool.
Sees the land, he's like, oh, my God, it's bountiful, and it's awesome.
- So - It's kicking in.
Okay, so, back in Spain, bom, bom, bom, Diego Columbus is there.
He's Christopher Columbus' eldest son, and he is like rich kid, dick face.
And he's like, you know what, King Ferdinand? You owe me [bleep].
You told my dad that he's supposed to have control over all the West Indies and everything that he explored.
And the king is like, [bleep] you.
My man Ponce, who is, like, a good dude, is taking care of Puerto Rico.
I don't care who your dad is, but, like, shut the [bleep] up.
So he goes, and he finds the king's cousin.
Her name was Maria Alvarez de Toledo.
- Wait, give it to me again.
- Maria Alvarez de Toledo.
- Wait, that's so fast.
- Maria Alvarez de Toledo.
Wait, one at at time.
- Maria.
- Ma oh, Maria.
- Alvarez.
- Alvarez.
- De.
- De.
- Toledo.
- Toledo? - Okay.
- Mm.
So he seduces this chick and marries her and basically blackmails the king, and he's like, you know what, King Ferdinand? Make me the viceroy of the entire West Indies which includes Puerto Rico and the governor of Hispaniola, which is the island just West of Puerto Rico.
And King Ferdinand has no no choice.
His hands are tied.
So in 1509, Diego Columbus goes over to Hispaniola, plunders all the resources, is a huge dick, brings over a slew of white chicks from from Spain.
It's like, ah, for my Spanis for my Spanish conquistador fellow army men, like, ahh, you know? Take your pick.
You can with whatever chick you want to.
And his buddies Juan Cerón and Miguel Díaz are over.
And he's like _ _ What did he just say? Let's have some drinks.
Let's have a good time.
- Let's party, man.
- Very cool.
So they go, and he's like, yeah, party island! And he turns Hispaniola into, like, a frat boy party.
Hoo! So he's like, you know what, you guys, go over there.
Take over Puerto Rico.
It's supposed to be mine, anyway.
[bleep] Ponce de León.
So he's doing whatever he wants over in Hispaniola, while just one island over in Puerto Rico, Ponce de León is, like, skipping around with the people.
He's like, hey, what's up? And they're like, hey, Ponce! Cerón and Díaz go over to Puerto Rico and kick Ponce de León out of power and are like, we're in charge now.
They're barbaric.
They're enslaving the people, being super douches.
So Ponce de León is like, I can't witness my people just being, like, totally treated [bleep] like this.
So he gathers up some of his Spanish men, and he's like, you know what, let's [bleep] chain these [bleeps] and send them back to Spain.
And King Ferdinand is like, what the [bleep] are you doing? Like, I get it.
These guys are assholes, but you don't have the power to do that.
So Juan Cerón and Miguel Díaz are go back to Puerto Rico.
And Ponce de León's like, King Ferdinand, fine.
If I can't have Puerto Rico, there's this other island to the North, West a little bit, that is just as full of gold, and the land is just as bountiful.
And he says, okay, go do your thing.
So Ponce de León is like, all right, sweet.
So it takes him a couple of months, and he gets together a ship and a group of Spaniards.
In 1513, he sets sail in the wide open waters of the Atlantic Ocean for this mystery island.
A month later he sees land.
As he sees it, he realizes, you know what? Christopher Columbus has never been here.
I'm the first nonnative to come across this land.
And not just that Hmm.
I lost it.
So he shows up, and he's like, oh, my God, I'm the first non-indigenous person to show up on this land.
Sets down the Spanish flag, unrolls it, and is like, I hereby proclaim this land as being Spanish.
And I call it La Florida.
And there he's left to make this land his own till the end of time.
[bleep] history.
Oh, yeah! Yeah! Whoo! Where's that gator? Yeah, I don't know where he went.
I can see why all the murder mysteries have stories about people dropping bodies in here, though.
Yeah, I'm still trying to find my first wife.
As a host of Drunk History, I'm saying, all right, now you match me.
Let's just chug this.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Hello, I'm Dan Harmon, and today I'd like to tell you the story of Griselda Blanco, the godmother of cocaine.
So Griselda Blanco marries Alberto Bravo, a cocaine dealer from the Medellin Cartel.
And Griselda loves him, they get married, and we're gonna pursue the American dream and go to America.
They, uh, they bring cocaine to New York.
Ka-boom! Welcome to 1970s America, where everyone is on cocaine.
Athletes, police, meter maids, your uncle.
Everyone's on cocaine is my point.
So many people are on cocaine, the NYPD and DEA form a task force.
You gotta stop this [bleep] cocaine.
Hey, Bob Palombo, head of the new DEA task force, Operation Banshee, stop this cocaine! Bob Palombo goes, okay, I'm on it.
Let's do it.
I'm gonna do it.
I got my shoulder holster.
I got my badge.
I got my cocaine training.
I'm gonna go bust some cocaine people.
He goes out.
Alberto Bravo [bleep] bails on his wife.
He leaves Griselda high and dry.
She opens the books and realizes, holy [bleep], this [bleep] guy that I trusted, exchanged vows with, he stole millions from me and then bailed on me.
She calls her husband.
Hey ass master.
Could we hook up, talk about the elephants in the various rooms? - Let's chug this.
- Chug this? - Yeah! Come on.
- Okay.
We're in Miami.
I mean, that's gonna - that's a threshold.
- Mmm.
She makes her own way to Colombia.
Griselda pulls up in a car by herself.
She gets out of the car.
She points at him.
You [bleep] me! We dealt cocaine together in New York.
We dominated.
The DEA moved in, and you [bleep] me.
He's like, hey, whoa, man, you don't need to be so harsh.
[bleep] come on, baby, [bleep], [bleep], [bleep], [bleep], [bleep].
He goes for his Uzi, which is in his belt.
She goes for her pistol, which is in her boot.
She gets shot in the gut with one Uzi bullet.
Oh! Ow! My gut.
She shoots him in the face with her pistol.
She takes his Uzi.
She shoots all of his six bodyguards and emerges as the only survivor of the entire scene and earns the nickname the Black Widow.
Now she makes her biggest [bleep] move of all.
She goes, let's go to the virgin city, "Me-ami.
" Come on, Dan.
Are you gonna do pushups? - Maybe.
- I can't see you, by the way.
I can see two of you.
Um, so she, uh she goes to Miami.
Now, this is a town very thirsty for cocaine.
Here comes Griselda.
She invents a little concept called the motorcycle drive-by.
Miami has gone insane.
The murder rate has tripled overnight, and most of it are people that Griselda is either murdering or having murdered.
Meanwhile, DEA agent Bob Palombo, he says to his colleagues, when I arrest this woman, I'm gonna kiss her on the mouth.
His colleagues are like, oh, did you hear what Bob said? - Yeah, the mouth-kissing thing? - Yeah.
Having no more battles left to win, she starts getting high on her own supply.
Griselda starts holing herself up in her mansion.
Meanwhile, the DEA is closing in enough, she sees the writing on the rall on the rall.
She sees the writing on the wall.
She flees to Irvine, California.
So she's sitting in her Irvine, California, home.
The DEA is closing in.
Griselda, we know you're in there.
Guess what Bob Palombo does.
He marches up to her, kisses her.
And all of his coworkers are like, wow, look what Bob did.
- He sexualized his quarry.
- Ugh, gross.
So she pleads guilty to 3 of the 240 murders that she may be "guiltiable" about, an exchange for which she gets 20 years in prison.
we find out that's not true she gets deported back to Colombia, in her hometown of Medellin, the town that made her what she is.
She's outside a butcher shop.
She is gunned down by two assassins on a motorcycle.
- Would that be - A motorcycle drive-by? Yeah.
The fact that she died by something that wouldn't have existed had she not existed, that's total irony.
This is this is like if Thomas Edison, uh, after his long life, was strangled in his sleep by a light bulb.
Like [bleep] Ben Franklin being killed by a glowing key.
Would it be like George Foreman - Getting grilled to death? - being thrown and grilled? And all of his fat dripping down angled troughs into a [bleep] plastic bin? By all his challenges?