DTLA (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Guys! I'm done! The mold wins! Thank God.
I didn't want to be the first person to say it.
- Thank you! - Come on, you guys.
Just another hour.
The workmen don't come on Sundays and we have to get this done.
You know, however long it takes, man, - I'm here for you.
- Thank you, Marky! - You're welcome.
- The new guy! Insane.
I knew this was gonna fail.
- Why do you have to be so rude? - Yeah! Look, I'm not gonna messed up doing all of this.
- Besides, I got asthma.
- Asthma? Please.
What were you thinkin', Len? Ahhh! Thanks.
So that's all new drywall and most of the mold is gone except for that room.
I know right.
But we gotta make sure it's as brand new looking as possible.
I mean, we can't let the buyer or the agent find out or we're totally screwed.
Stressful, I see what you mean.
Mm hmm.
What's all this? Nothin'.
- Hey, you want some? - No thanks.
Yeah, I mean, I can't have any.
But you can have as much as you want and I'll just reap the benefits later.
Yeah you will.
You want some? Right.
Never mind.
Right, so we'll see you at Bosco's, then, uh? - Oh, we're goin' to Bosco's! - Yes.
Thanks for the support in there.
We were just taking a little break.
What, we can't have a little fun? You know, Lenny, you would actually benefit from something like that.
You should try it out sometime.
Oh, and, as for support, I'm the one who brought everyone here except for Stephan, - to help us save money.
- Oh, you're helping save money.
Thank you so much for that, Brian.
Because I'm hemorrhaging money.
Do you have any idea how it feels to put $50,000 into a place we don't even want? Do you have any concept of that at all? Brian? I'm hungry.
Should I just meet you at Bosco's? Look.
I don't want this putting any unnecessary tension between us.
I just I need you to understand how it feels to be working my ass off and come out here and find you shootin' the shit, smokin' a bowl.
It's just hard to see.
That's all I'm sayin'.
Now Beth's gonna have all that furniture and her designer's come in on Friday, we have less than a week to get this done.
I just want to finish all this, get out of here, and put all this negativity behind us, okay? - That's all I want to do.
- Okay.
Start fresh.
How many is that? So, the chef just informed me that we're gonna be having some decadent chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
Oh, man.
I don't eat chocolate.
Well looks like then the two of you guys are the only ones who don't.
Lenny ain't too keen on chocolate either.
Yeah, real quiet.
Wait, you're white? Your, your hair is so kinky.
I just knew you had some black up in you.
He usually does.
Ooooh! Don't that's too easy Kai.
Save it.
I can't.
I mean, puerto rican, mallato, something.
Just white.
But thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt? Child, race is a tired social construct just like gender.
- I don't fuck with boxes.
- Cheers to that.
Cheers! This whole time I thought we was talkin' about cookies, but I got it now, finally.
Like, why don't you like black boys? It's not that I don't like black boys, aside from you two, it's that I'm dating him.
Wouldn't you think that was, like, a little bit racist, like - Trey! - What? No one asks people who are dating within their own race why they're being racist.
Well, hey, I wasn't trying to be offensive or anything or steppin' on your little bubble or whatever My bubble It's all good.
- We cool.
We cool.
- This is boring.
- You're slurring.
- Yeah, well you're squinting.
How's Shirley? Shirley.
Uh, well, she's in the hospital.
She's actually got it pretty bad.
She it's looking like this might be the beginning of the end, actually.
I'm really sorry but what's going on? Shirley's my mom.
She's in the hospital.
She's got lymphoma.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry to hear that.
The tumors are actually pressing up against her organs and she's she's in constant pain, so it's, it's pretty rough.
But Wah wah! Cancer's fun! Sorry for bringing the party down.
If you don't mind, could we talk about it? - Yeah.
- Outside.
Babe, we're gonna be right back.
No, no! It's my phone! What's up? I just wanted to let you know that I've kind of been through the same thing.
A couple years ago, like, my brother joined the military and I kinda joined because he joined, you know, it was like an older brother thing.
And they deployed him, and he ended up not ever coming back.
I feel like I just, want to let you know that it's more than I'm sorry, because people told me that they were sorry, like, all the time.
You know, it it doesn't do anything.
I, I'm sure that you know, but I appreciate that.
You know, I had a very different impression of you when I first met you.
I so messed that day up.
I don't know what I was thinkin'.
No, no, no it's all good man, it's all good.
I'm glad you pulled me out, I'm glad we're talking.
And, I really appreciate you pulling me aside and sharing that with me, so thank you.
Well, thank you for having me out.
I mean, this is huge.
I don't go out, I don't hang out with anybody, so it's like, it's a huge deal for me.
So thank you for that.
You're a good guy.
- Thanks.
- Thanks, Mark.
Alright, let's go.
- Focus.
- Alright.
- We can do this.
Let's have fun! - Alright.
Hey guys! Guys.
I just want to say that I really appreciate you guys inviting me out and accepting me.
It makes me feel like part of your group.
So thank you for that.
But, I've gotta get back to the base tonight.
So we should probably get going.
Hold up! No one told me there was military trade at the table.
Get it, Maddix.
I'm gettin' it.
I'm gettin' it real good.
- Oh God.
- Rawr.
- Are you ready to go? - Yes sir.
Good night! Good to see you guys.
Bye, Marky.
So long, captain.
So I heard you guys are selling the loft? Uh, yeah, we can't really afford it.
I used to love those outside summer patio parties.
I know.
It was like my second home.
Well, end of an era.
You know what, to the loft.
- To the loft! - And SJ's next home.
Shut up.
- What's all this? - I know, huh? Reggie's letting me borrow it for a meeting.
Wait, so you're not gonna be here when Rod gets here? - We have an open house today! - No, I can't.
I've gotta go meet this guy.
He manufactures a bunch of stuff, like swag.
Well, he possibly will have me as a liaison - between here and overseas.
- Wait, wait.
You got a job? Well, kinda.
I just have to hang out with him on a Golf Course all day.
So I guess I can wait for Rod to get here and then go to the office after that.
I cannot believe he's our realtor.
Come on, Lenny.
He's good at it.
Where did you get all this? I know, it's pretty ridiculous, huh? Yeah.
Reggie's letting me borrow it.
- Reggie.
- Yeah.
- Alright, well then, good luck.
- Thanks, baby.
Oh, hey.
One more thing.
Can I borrow the car? - Sure.
I can walk to work.
- Awesome.
Alrighty, I will see you after work.
- Knock 'em dead! - Thanks.
Listen to me.
You're gonna have to listen to me.
You're gonna have to just suck it up and you're gonna have to just show up, okay? Otherwise you're gonna be in breach of contract.
Un huh, that's right.
Breach of contract.
And it's non-curable.
You know what that means, right? Okay.
Let me explain it to you so you fully understand this.
So you're in breach of contract, right if you don't show up.
Now, according to the contract, it's a non-curable breach.
That means there's nothing you and I can do about it if you don't show up.
Now look, statute of limitation is a year.
So let's say you are right.
Show up in two weeks, we have a full year to file suit if that's the case.
If that's what you still want to do, okay? Sure.
You're welcome.
USC and now the golden bears of CAL, but check - Yeah? - Hey.
- Aw, come on, bring it in.
- Oh.
Yeah, so? You excited about today? - I'll be excited when we sell it.
- So, place looks good! I'm glad you got rid of the pool table.
Yeah, my sister-in-law actually owns this design company, so we just, kind of spruced it up.
Spruced it up.
Hi, I'm Kim.
Yeah, we've met.
A number of times.
So anyway, you go ahead and take care of your business, go about your day, and we've got it all under control here.
What time is the open house actually starting? Oh, well, today's not really, an open house per say.
We're just gonna have kind of like an early showing for the realtors, I like to give them a sneak peek.
Oh, okay, got it.
You get the apple pie? Yeah, it should be in the refrigerator.
- Is that Dutch apple? - I don't know.
It's on the bottom shelf.
Ooh! Dutch apple pie! Yummy.
- Is that for her? - No no no.
We're gonna pop that baby in the oven, the smell of that's just gonna bring the offers right in.
Why Dutch apple? Cinnamon.
Cinnamon, Lenny.
Well, you guys, I'll let you do your thing.
I'm gonna head out.
Thanks a lot, Rod, - I really appreciate this.
- No problem.
- It's a cinnamon.
- Cinnamon.
Yo, stepped out of my apartment today, butt naked Latin dude in the hallway.
Butt naked, pickin' up a package.
Latin? - Was he cut or uncut? - I didn't see all that.
I love meet some uncut cock, man.
It's like a breakfast burrito.
So yeah anyway, this Rod dude, I'm trying so hard to be nice to him, but he's so corny.
All Brian's friends are just cheesy straight guys.
I know, man.
Are you sure you want this guy working on your house, though? Not at all.
But Brian really wants to use him, and I just - Need us to be partners in this.
- I guess.
Oh, get this! Brian's job interview Is on a golf course.
On the golf course? Are you serious? It's always something.
His last interview was in Palm Springs.
I'd be changing jobs, getting job interviews like that.
I'm trying to tell you.
Clearly he's sneaking around, I just I don't have any proof, you know? The sad thing is I almost don't care what he's doing.
I just want to know the truth.
It's the not knowing that's making me crazy.
Then get some proof.
Have you checked his email? I'm not gettin' into all that shit.
Once you, once you violate their trust, it's over.
You can't come back from that.
What trust? You already said you don't trust him.
Plus he's diligent about clearing his browser and signing out of his email.
Like diligent.
- That's some shady shit.
- That's what I'm sayin'.
Have you tried the hook-up app? What hook-up apps? What is a hook-up app? Hook up app.
Come on, man.
Are you serious? I've heard of it.
I just don't know what it is.
Okay, you guys use the same computer, right? - Of course, my computer.
- Alright.
Anything he's done on his phone is backed up on his computer.
So? If there's something on the computer, then you know he's doing some suspect shit.
- Right? - Right.
Yeah, I got it.
You can also check his Adam for Adam.
What the hell is that? Really.
What kind of rock you been living under? I've been in a relationship for six years, Stephan! I don't know any, what's Adam and Adam? Adam for Adam.
Adam for A - What is th what is it? - It's a hook-up site, man.
So I would go on Adam for Adam and, what, what would, what would I do? You create a fake profile, right? Okay.
And just start looking through everyone's profile one-by-one in a certain area.
That sounds exhausting.
Man, you do it with another search.
Height, weight, shoe size, waist size, eye color.
- Dick size.
You know.
- What? Just sayin'.
You can, they, they're not callin' I gotta get back to the office.
I gotta get some more coffee, man.
I'll talk to you later.
- Dick size? Really? - Yeah! It's like going to the supermarket.
- I'll holla at you later.
- Supermarket.
What? - What's this? - It's an anti-depressant.
- It's so stupid.
- Stupid? Are you kidding me? This is the best show on TV.
You and your TV.
Okay, well I've gotta go to the bathroom anyway.
- You want me to pause it? - No, it's fine.
Hello? Yes it is.
Oh hey! I got it? Seriously? Like, like for real? Oh my God, that's so great! Yeah, thank you! So when do we start rehearsals? Okay.
And the play starts when? 18th, alright nice.
Yeah, this is so exciting.
Oh! Completely naked! Um uh, yeah.
That's, that's cool.
No, yeah, that's great.
I'm, I'm so excited.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Talk to you then.
- Hey babe.
- So did anything happen? I don't know.
Just looks like, dawn's gonna get voted out tonight.
- God, that's bullshit.
- It is.
It really is.
Stupid show.
Hey, Lenny.
What's up? Did you receive, the motion for the Ronson case? Haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
Well, how come? Excuse me? Oh, I get it.
You look a little, a little tired in the, the eye baggage area.
Okay, what can I do for you, Oliver? Ah, not much.
I am gonna need you to look at those by the end of the day, though.
You'll get them when you get them.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Did you get those photos I emailed you? What photos? What are you talkin' about? I was in Santa Barbara with the family last weekend, and, my cousin Sanders was there.
You know, I haven't seen him in years, but he is gay now.
And? You know, he's a good lookin' dude, right? I didn't see the photos.
But, listen, I know you have a man and all, but you should check him out.
You'd probably be into him.
Okay, here's the thing.
You need to get back to work.
I'll let you know when I get to the motion.
Until then, get out of my office.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Hey, baby.
Really? Are you high? Hmm? Hells yeah.
Dude had me baked before lunch.
You've been gone this long for an interview? Woah.
How am I supposed to believe anything you say when you walk in here with that bullshit, Bryan? Please do not answer that.
Why do you always have to put me in a cage? I'm not putting you in a cage.
Your job interviews are just a little Unconventional.
Palm Springs, 12 hours on a golf course.
What the fuck is that? What? Because I'm not in a suit and tie, all of a sudden I'm not legit? Kinda! - Well, I'm not done.
- Well, dad, I am.
Why can't you just have a conversation? Because, Lenny, you always have to have these conversations.
You always have to talk this shit out.
Do not answer that phone.
Fuck you.
So help me Hello? Hello? Sweet! Yeah.
Alright, thanks.
Lenny! We got an offer! Where did you go today, Bryan? - Do you hear me talkin' to you? - Yeah.
I heard you.
So answer the fuckin' question.
Where did you go today? I told you.
I was at the Studio City Golf Course.
You also told me you were gonna take the car.
Yet the car didn't move, so where did you go? I got a ride.
- From whom? - You done? I was trying to watch somethin'.
You were watching something? What are you doing? Lenny.
What are you doing? Watch this you lying fuck.
What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck are you doing? You're a fucking psychopath! Fuck! - What was that? - I don't know.
Oh, somebody's gonna die out there.
I've got five bucks on the white dude.