Ducktales (1987) s01e13 Episode Script

Hotel Strangeduck

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck-blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history DuckTales, ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales D-d-d-danger! Watch behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab onto some DuckTales Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales Ooh-ooh Not ponytails or cottontails, no, DuckTales Ooh-ooh A little cleaning, a little paint, and she'll be as good as new! This place doesn't look like it was ever new.
No wonder you couldn't get anyone to help you fix it up, Uncle Scrooge.
Actually, that was because of the ghost stories.
Ghost stories? Duckworth! Remember, I'm turning this old castle into a great hotel.
And spreading a lot of superstitious nonsense won't be good for business.
What kinda weirdo would want a place like this? I believe this is the, uh, former "weirdo," Master Huey.
Ludwing von Strangeduck, himself.
It's his ghost that supposedly haunts these premises.
Absurd, of course.
Ghost stories or no, we'll make Hotel Strangeduck the best in the world! No, no, you must carry it this way! Head up, back straight! - You mean like this? - Yes.
And a snooty expression is always preferred by wealthy hotel guests.
the rug, dears.
We'll never get the hang of the hotel business! Nonsense, lads, you'll catch on.
The really important thing is tips! Every time any one of you does something for a guest, do this and don't move until you get some money.
A portion, of which, is passed along to the management, of course.
- This part's gonna be easy! - Aye, lads! Perfect! Now, go stand by the front desk until I need you.
Ahem Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Management cut, boys! It's been a week, sir, and no sign of the ghost.
I believe we're ready for business.
Absolutely, Duckworth! Ready for business indeed! Oh! What a wonderful old castle! Perfect for a grand hotel.
Welcome to Hotel Strangeduck.
I will have the biggest room, of course.
"The Duchess of Swansylvania.
" Just the kind of guest we specialize in.
Oh, how charming, darling! I love gentlemen who'll kiss a lady's hand.
Ahem, show the Duchess to her room, Dewey.
All right, but I'm not kissin' her hand! Hey! You look-a like-a classy kind of a guy.
I'm like-a that! Yes, one can never be too "classy".
You gotta nice-a little place here.
Only hotel I'm never stay inside.
- "Benzino Gasolini.
" - Atsa my name! "Famous playboy and champion race-car driver.
" Atsa my game! The lad will show you to your room, Signore Gasolini.
Grazie! Ciao bello! Still haven't lost the touch, Scroogie-boy.
Business is boomin'! Business is booming for us, too! Management cut! It's-it's your turn, Louie! "Doctor Ludwing von Strangeduck.
" The ghost! It sure is dark in here.
I wonder where the light switch is.
- Hey, I found a candle! - Anybody got a match? Thank you! Now we know which way to run! Yaah! Why do I let Mr.
McDuck talk me into these things? 'Cause he says, "I'll give you a raise" and you say, "Oh, very well, Mr.
" Um, I think it's time to start dinner, Webby.
What we saw down there must have been an optical illusion.
Sure, Uncle Scrooge.
Or maybe the wind.
I just don't want to hear any nonsense about ghosts.
- There's no such thing, right? - Right.
Ouch! Right! It was just the wind signing in at the front desk.
Ahem, well, we have a hotel to run.
Can I help you with somethin', Duchess? Um, oh, no, darling.
I was simply admiring your hotel.
It's so charming, so well-built, so strong like you, darling.
Ah, well Toodle-oo and sweet dreams, you handsome boy! Charming lass, simply charming.
That's an improvement.
Now for the helmet.
Oh, thank you.
That's most helpful Perhaps you'd like to finish up? Carry on.
Whoo-woo-woo! I'll bet these old books are worth a fortune! This place really was a bargain.
Rare Birds of the Bleak Forests, Great Men of Swansylvania History.
Uh, huh? Blow me bagpipes! Hey! That's no way to treat valuable books, you you ghost? Awk! Even if ghosts do exist, I'm not going to let one chase me away from a bargain! I feel much safer in the kitchen.
Well, let's start dinner.
- Just like home, Grammy.
- Yessirree.
Now, we'll need a couple of eggs to start, Webby.
Oh, thank you, dear.
Now, pour some flour into that other bowl, would you? Oh, I only wanted two eggs, dear.
La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la Oh, that's good, dear, you're already cooking the v-v-v vegetables! No ghost is going to haunt my kitchen! Shoo! Shoo! Take that! Buon giorno, Duchess! You looking for something? Um, yes, darling! The ice machine.
I think it's that way.
Well, happy hunting! Come back-a anytime! It should be OK out here.
Yeah, ghosts don't like sunlight.
Aah! Let's go! We don't like it here, Uncle Scrooge! Yeah, there's a lot of strange stuff happening.
I know, but I just don't I believe in ghosts.
We don't believe in ghosts either, Uncle Scrooge.
But we sure are scared of 'em! It is something of an inconvenience, sir.
That's right! We almost didn't have any dinner.
Darling, why don't we just ask the ghost what's he's after? It's not even a toll call.
Well, I cannot resist a bargain.
Go ahead.
You do it, Duchess.
Yoo-hoo, ghost of Ludwing von Strangeduck.
If you can hear me, darling, tell me what you're after.
You! Please, Uncle Scrooge, can we just go home? - Ow! - We have to think of our guests.
I'd say we have to think of our - ghosts.
Nonsense, Duckworth, darling.
I feel very in touch with the spirit world.
I'm staying.
Eh, me too! You know, it's a-lotsa fun.
We're stayin' put, lads, and that's my final word on it! Well, his final word is his final word.
We'd better do some investigating.
- Maybe we can find some answers.
- Great, but what are the questions? Well, for one thing, what's the Duchess always snooping around for? Yeah, and how come Benzino's never around when the ghost is? Good questions! Let's go! I don't know if this is such a good idea.
We gotta do it! If Dr.
Strangeduck is really a ghost, then his grave must be here somewhere.
- What was that? - Just the wind, I hope.
Well, we've looked at every grave, and there's no Dr.
Ludwing von Strangeduck anywhere.
No, but I think there's someone else here! I-I think we should - Aah! - Let's find Uncle Scrooge! - Buongiorno, Duchess.
- Oh, uh, hello, Benzino, darling! Hey, you ever find-a the ice machiny? Me neither.
Ciao, bambina! Uncle Scrooge! We couldn't find him in the cemetery! Hold it, lads.
What're you goin' on about? Dr.
Strangeduck! We couldn't find his grave! How can he be a ghost without a grave? Well, that's easy, lads.
You see There's somebody there.
Oh, excuse me, darling.
I must have taken a wrong turn.
What's this? A door! Oh! How did that get there? Is this what you've been looking for, Duchess? Um, well, I Wonder where it goes.
Strangeduck might be buried in there! It might be a secret tomb.
Or it could be a broom closet.
There's only one way to find out.
Now, stay here, Duchess.
- Wonder where this goes? - Looks like it goes around a corner.
Aah! Cruse me kilts! That was my last one! Hey, what's this? - Looks like a light bulb! - Good work, lads.
- What do ya think's inside? - It can't be any worse than what's outside! It is Dr.
Strangeduck's tomb! It might be a tomb, but I have a hunch it's Strangeduck's well-known secret laboratory.
Why would the Duchess be looking for a secret lab? Whoa! Let's get outta here! Maybe you're a ghost and maybe you're not, but this has gone far enough! - Uncle Scrooge, come on! - Run, Uncle Scrooge! I want some answers! Oh, no, Uncle Scrooge! Who who are you? The ghost of Dr.
You are not! I don't know how you're doin' it, but you're no more a ghost than I am! That can be arranged! Uh, poor choice of words.
There's got to be a way to get this open.
Poor Uncle Scrooge! Look out! Hey! Why would a ghost need to use a door? Is that a riddle or a knock-knock joke? Never mind.
Let's get Uncle Scrooge out of there before the ghost comes back! Say, this looks like Dr.
Hey, that's it! Let's go! Uncle Scrooge! I'm glad you're here, boys! Wow! What a neat place! - Dr.
Strangeduck's secret laboratory.
- Let's check it out.
I wouldn't be surprised at anything we find in here.
Including the secret of our so-called "ghost.
" Who's there? Ludwing, wait! I'm here to help you, Ludwing! I'll prove you were never the mad scientist they said you were! Huh? Oh, Duckworth! The ghost stole my jewelry box! Help! Ghost? I'm afraid only hotel employees may lower the drawbridge, sir.
Argh! - What're we looking for? - We'll know when we find it.
- Invisible paint! - That's it, laddie! The secret of our so-called ghost! He's as real as we are! - I'll bet it's Benzino.
- I'm not sure he's for real.
Follow me, boys.
How rude! Come to think of it, what would a ghost want with jewels? Hold on, there, you big phony! Good work, lad! - Get him, Uncle Scrooge! - Way to go! Let him have it! Punch him in the nose! Wherever that is.
Uncle Scrooge caught Benzino! Benzino? Yeah! He's the only one who isn't here! I'm-a not? - It's Benzino! - Atsa my name! Then who's that? - Yay, Uncle Scrooge! - I got him, lads! Who are you? This is Bernardo, my brother's laboratory assistant.
Your brother? Yes, darlings.
My real name is Featherika von Strangeduck.
Ludwing was my brother.
Ahem! Hello, I'm Dr.
Ludwing von Strangeduck.
Ludwing! My long, lost brother! You're not a ghost after all.
- Oh, no, I I don't think so.
- Welcome home, Schnapsie! That Bernardo was not a nice fellow.
Always snooping around.
So I tried to find the secret lab so I could prove that Ludwing was really a good boy.
Then your assistant, uh, Bernardo, was just trying to find your book of secret formulas.
He used my invisible paint to make everyone think he was a ghost, or think I was a ghost.
When you solved the mystery, he knew how you say, Ludwing? The jig is up! He couldn't find mine formulas.
So he turns into the invisible pickpocket! Silly boy.
He can't find the book, because I schpritz it with my invisible paint! Invisible paint remover.
Supergro plant food! Anti-gravity shoes! Electricity in a bottle! Invisible paint! These formulas could change the world! We could make millions! Hey, I never thought of that.
Papa always said you were stupid with money.
How about a deal? You two stay here and make the stuff, and I'll sell it for the good of mankind and make a bundle of money, too.
Sounds good! I work cheap.
Ah, never could resist a bargain! If I were ever going to believe in ghosts now would be a good time! Careful! Phew! Should we tell Uncle Scrooge? Naw!