Ducktales (1987) s01e43 Episode Script

Time Teasers

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history - DuckTales - Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales - D-d-d-danger! - Watch behind you - There's a stranger - Out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales Ooh-ooh Not ponytails or cottontails - No, DuckTales - Ooh-ooh Those boys.
Late for breakfast again! When will they learn? The early bird catches the - What's going on? - Got anything to eat? What's happenin'? Boys, how many times must I tell you? We know, Uncle Scrooge.
The early bird catches the worm.
Words to live by.
Not if you're the early worm.
You're making Gyro's Invention-of-the-Month Club deliveries this morning, correct? Actually, we're going to the Duckburg Mallards baseball game this morning.
We're gonna do Gyro's deliveries this afternoon.
Sorry, lads.
It's inventory time and I need you to stack all my coins by date, by value and by dinnertime.
But Uncle Scrooge! You're the only ones I can trust with that job, you know.
Oh, all right, Uncle Scrooge.
I'll expect you at the money bin by noon.
Aw, ten o'clock! The Mallards baseball game's just starting.
and what everyone else wants us to do.
Come right in, boys.
I have all your deliveries ready.
The members of my Invention-of-the-Month Club will love this month's item.
What is it, Gyro? Something every household needs - a combination hair dryer/popcorn maker.
Sounds like a winner, all right.
Wait till you see what I'm working on for next month.
I call it the Time Teaser.
Let me show you how it works.
Don't let anybody take your hats while I'm gone.
"Take our hats"? Golly.
Where'd he go? Hey, where'd our hats go? Quackaroonie! Gyro, how'd you do that? You disappeared and ended up behind us and and Actually, I was moving too fast for you to see me.
Wow, let us try it! All right.
Let's see.
You all stand here and watch what happens when I feed Marilyn.
Oh, wow! Talk about a fish out of water! That's not all.
Look outside.
Everything is stopped cold.
Not really.
We're moving so fast, everything just appears to be frozen to us.
When I press the button again Presto! Everyone who owns one of these will have all the time in the world.
They'll never be late for an appointment, never miss a TV show.
Boy, could we use that! You boys better get a move-on.
I'm gonna rewire my satellite dish.
- Bye, Gyro.
- Yeah, see ya.
Gee, with Gyro's Time Teaser, we can finish all our deliveries, go to the baseball game and still help Uncle Scrooge.
- Yeah.
- All right! All we gotta do is load our bikes and press the button.
Yow! Whoa! Here goes! Whoa Gee, this Time Teaser is great! Yeah.
We'll finish our deliveries and still make the game! Frozen baseball isn't much fun to watch.
It's probably less fun to play.
We'll have to restart time to enjoy the game.
Oh! Huh? The Mallards are losing 16 to nothing! What's new? The Mallards always lose.
I know, but it's still the first inning.
Hey, are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Yeah! Now! Play ball! Run, you idiot! By stopping time with every pitch, we can help the Mallards win their first game ever! - Yeah! - It's about time! Ha-ha! I can't believe it.
The Mallards are winning, 32 to 16! Hey, guys.
It's almost noon.
Gee, time caught up with us.
Let's go.
It's the last inning.
Even the Mallards can't lose this one.
The Beagle Boys! They're robbing the stadium ticket booth.
We gotta do something! Yeah, come on! Let's restart time and see if it worked.
Ho-ho, this oughta be good.
Hey, the money! Wha? How'd he get loose? Take this, copper! - Huh? - Let's get out of here.
- Yow! - Oof! - What the? - Aah! Gee, they got away.
Well, at least we stopped the robbery.
Sheesh, that was close.
But we lost the loot, Bankjob.
Eh, it was small change anyway, Babyface.
I say we go back to the old plan - robbin' Scrooge's money bin! Ha-ha-ha! Yeah! I like that! Good idea! Say, Scrooge has got a lot of movers working for him today.
That gives me a brilliant idea! Ha-ha-ha.
Oh, boy.
You never had one of those! One minute to noon! Better stop time for a while, Huey.
One minute to noon.
The boys are going to be late again.
Ah, well, one more dive and then back to work.
We're gonna be right on time! I just hope Gyro hasn't noticed his Time Teaser's missing.
Let's let Uncle Scrooge down easy.
Wha? Oof! What on Earth is going on here? Don't be upset, Uncle Scrooge.
We're right on time! B-but how did you suddenly appear out of nowhere? Maybe I better explain, Mr.
Gyro! Once I press this button, I'll move so fast, you won't be able to see me.
Gyro, where are? Hey! Amazing! Fantastic! He took the words right out of my mouth.
With this device, a person can do a day's work in a few minutes.
I don't know, Gyro.
It seems kind of unnatural to me.
Seems perfectly natural to us.
The Beagle Boys! Get close, fellas.
We're about to have the time of our lives.
No, wait! Does this mean we're gonna take all of Scrooge's money? That's right, Babyface.
We'll have to make, like, a thousand trips, Bankjob.
That's OK, Bugle.
We got the time! Hey, something poked me in the ribs.
They're taking your money, Uncle Scrooge! And they're moving too fast for us to stop 'em.
Or we're movin' too slow.
They'll never take this lot.
Yow! Oof.
A couple of more trips and we'll have it all.
And have plenty of time to spend it, too! We'll have to unfreeze time to get out of the country.
My m-m-m-money.
It's all gone! Not all of it, Uncle Scrooge.
They left a perfect trail for us to follow.
C'mon, lads.
I can follow a trail of coins like a bloodhound.
Not one of mine, but I can give it a good home.
Tha-That ship! My money's on that ship.
Come back! Stop him! Let me go.
Let me go! Calm down, Uncle Scrooge.
We'll catch up with them.
Well, gag me with a dog biscuit.
- What? - What is it? It's, like, Scroogey, man.
He's comin' after us.
You're right.
We better freeze time again.
Let me do it, Bankjob.
Hey, watch out! You broke it! - Hey, what - What's up? What on Earth? Oh, no.
They broke the Time Teaser.
The whole ship disappeared! It can't be.
My money - vanished into thin air! Again! Not really, Mr.
That steamer and your money simply slipped into another century.
"Simply slipped"?! - What? What the? - Huh? We're going back in time! Gee, there's nothing left in Duckburg Bay but us.
Ooh, there's a pirate ship! Pirate ship? Fire, you mangy sea slugs! Up the ropes, you lily-livered bilge rats! Not a gold doubloon in the lot, Captain Blackheart.
Well, at least we caught us some slimy sea dogs.
We're not sea dogs.
We're B-b-beagles.
And we like pirates, honest! So, you like pirates, do ya? Well, if you like pirates so much, you shouldn't mind giving us some entertainment.
E-e-entertainment? Aye, at Captain Blackheart's birthday party.
My Time Tub can take us anywhere in time, Mr.
But where in time has my money gone, Gyro? The Beagles burned a hole in the fabric of time.
It should still be warm enough for my time thermometer to pick up.
It's working.
They traveled back to the year 1687! Hang on.
I'll land us right on the deck of the Beagles' ship.
Whoa! Well, look what we have here.
More entertainment for me birthday party.
A happy, happy birthday to me, to me A happy, happy birthday to you, to you I'll sing this song if you'll sing along and happy we will be A happy, happy birthday to me See what your thievery has done? Gee, we just wanted your dough.
You know how that is.
Aye, and I aim to get my dough back to my own time.
If I hooked up my Time Tub controls to the steamer's controls, we just might do it.
But they expect us to perform for Captain Blackheart's birthday party.
Aye, and that's just what we'll do.
Gyro, you and I'll go first, then the lads, and while the Beagle Boys are performing, the rest of us will be Aw, you're the swellest bunch of beach scum I ever had the privilege of being cap' of.
Let's bring out the entertainment! One, two, three.
Give me that old soft shoe Oof.
Give 'em the hook! All right, guys.
Get down down and get funky! Shiver me timbers! Remember, you keep them entertained until we blow the steamer's whistle.
That'll be your signal to make a run eh, a swim for it.
"Swim for it"? Say, how come we gotta be the ones to stay behind and keep 'em busy? Because you're too stupid to hook up Gyro's Time Tub.
All right, all right.
Just askin'.
We won't leave without you.
You have my word.
You're on.
Youse guys ready? I want a girl - Just like the girl - Who married dear old Dad She was a girl And the only girl That Daddy ever ha-a-ad I want a girl Just like the girl who married dear old Dad Gee, they're terrific! Now's our chance.
Come on.
- Sweet Adeline - Sweet Adeline - My Adeline - My Adeline Down by the old mill stream Where I first met you You were 16 - You were 16 - You were 16 - My village queen - My village queen Down by the old mill stream Down the river, by the stream - That should do it, Mr.
- It's about time.
When I pull this lever, the ship and everything on it will be hurled back in time to Duckburg.
Let's get in close to shore and signal the Beagle Boys.
You could just leave 'em here, Uncle Scrooge.
The thought had crossed my mind, Huey, but I gave them my word, and Scrooge McDuck's word is as good as gold.
Rock-a-bye, pirates, in the treetops When the wind blows, the cradle will That's the signal.
'Bout time.
We was runnin' out of songs.
Oh, yeah.
No kiddin', man.
Gee, what was that? Hey, big finish, boys.
Yadda-dadda-dadda Yadda-dadda-dadda Yadda-dadda-da-da-da More! Huh? They're escapin'.
After 'em! Aw, gee, Captain Blackheart.
We ain't even had cake yet.
After 'em! After 'em, you miserable deck splitters.
Great singin' groups don't come along every day.
Here they come, Uncle Scrooge.
And here come the pirates, too.
We got 'em, Uncle Scrooge.
Blast 'em, you swabs.
Hit the deck! Throw the lever, Gyro.
Oh, no, a short circuit.
We'll be blown to smithereens.
Try it again.
We'll get her this time, men.
Fire! My money's back in my money bin, and the Beagle Boys are back in jail.
Let's see if our adventure made the six o'clock news.
and the McDuck millions are back where they belong.
Here's a final score on the baseball game.
Oh, boy! The Garfield Ganders scored 17 runs in the last inning to hand the Duckburg Mallards yet another defeat.
Oh, no!