Ducktales (1987) s01e54 Episode Script

Launchpad's First Crash

- Life is like a hurricane - Here in Duckburg - Race cars, lasers, airplanes - it's a duck-blur - Might solve a mystery - Or rewrite history - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Every day they're out there making - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Tales of derring-do Bad and good luck tales - D-d-d-danger - Watch behind you - There's a stranger out to find you - What to do? Just grab onto some - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Every day they're out there making - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Tales of derring-do Bad and good luck tales - Ooh-woo-ooh! Not pony tales or cotton tales, no - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - [Launchpad] We'll reach your copper mine before dark.
Good, good.
Delivering explosives is nerve-wracking and dangerous.
But I did get a great price on them.
No wonder the air freight companies turned down this shipment.
But I knew I could count on you, Launchpad, my boy.
Sure thing, Mr.
Being blown to smithereens doesn't bother me.
Nevertheless, let's keep taking it slow and easy.
[Thunderclap] [Launchpad] Gee, look at that.
A thunderstorm in the middle of the desert.
I'll try to get below it.
Below it? Oh, yeah.
I meant above it.
I guess we'll have to settle for below it after all.
Way below it! [Scrooge] You can't see a thing! What's to see? This is the desert.
We can land anywhere.
[Crash] What do you know, Mr.
McD? This is our 100th crash together.
If lightning hits those explosives it will be our last crash together.
At least we'd go out with a bang.
Hey, remember this, Mr.
McD? - [Harmonica music] - Please stop.
It's torture.
Remember the first time you said those words to me? [Sighs] How could I ever forget? It was the day we met.
Launchpad McQuack? That's me.
I'll fly you anywhere.
Ten cents a mile.
Takeoffs and landings free.
This is the Sun Chaser.
I built her myself.
She'll fly us anywhere you want to go.
As soon as the glue dries.
Well, I'm Scrooge McDuck.
Oh, yeah.
The rich guy.
I'm looking for a pilot with nerves of steel.
What's he look like? I'm looking for a pilot with nerve enough to fly me to the Thick of It rainforest.
The Thick of It rainforest? [Crash] Sorry, Mr.
Ten cents a mile? You aren't worth ten cents a dance.
I'll look elsewhere.
I'll do it for nine cents a dance a mile! Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two Two cents a mile.
One! You drive a hard bargain, McQuack.
Then it's a deal? Aye.
Yay! [laughs] My first job! [Harmonica music] Please stop.
It's torture.
Torture! [Scrooge] The volcano.
The Lost City of Diamonds is supposed to be on the floor of the crater.
I might be able to land next to that big hole.
Got to look it over first.
[Screaming] Launchpad, what are you doing? Same as you, Mr.
Hanging on for dear life! - Launchpad! - Don't worry, Mr.
McD! - I'll save you.
- You'd better, or you're fired.
It's getting warm, Mr.
I think I hear drums.
Oh, no.
We're doomed.
[Launchpad] Doomed? [Scrooge] We're heading into the Earth's molten core.
Passeroonie! I didn't expect to see that today.
Only one thing we can do.
Hang a left.
[Scrooge] Clouds.
Can you see the ground? Ground? I can't even see the sky.
I don't know if we're falling down or up.
[Scrooge] Down, down! We're falling down, you airhead.
Right into a boiling lake.
Boiling lake? We are doomed.
[Groaning] Gee, my first crash.
It was a beauty, wasn't it? Uh-oh.
Talk about a beauty.
Fierce female warriors.
[Gibberish] No, McQuack's the name.
I'm a pilot.
Fly you anywhere.
Ten cents a Grunta take you Queen Oofa.
[Scrooge] Where are the men of your tribe, Queen Oofa? Men? What are men? You know, men! The guys.
The leaders.
The hunters.
The opposite of women.
Oh, babootas.
All gone.
Run away.
You babootas this tribe now.
Babootas! Babootas! Babootas! - [Trumpeting] - Babootas! Babootas! Babootas! I knew it.
They're gonna make us kings.
Of course, they can't have two kings, but you can be a prince or something.
Don't be ridiculous.
We must get back to the plane.
- Babootas! Babootas! - Well, that was easy.
Do you think you can fix it so we can get out of here? What's your hurry, Mr.
McD? I'm gonna enjoy being the big baboota around here for a while.
Hey! Where's everybody going? I don't like the looks of this.
Don't be such a crab, Mr.
If they were gonna do anything to us, they'd have done it by now.
I hope you're right.
Or do I hope you're wrong? It's a giant crab! It certainly is.
We're doomed.
We certainly are.
[Cheering] Big baboota! It doesn't mean "king," you beanbag.
It means "crab bait.
" Yeah.
It also means "slave," I think.
No wonder their men ran away.
It's all your fault.
You built that worthless plane.
You flew over the crater opening.
You crashed us in this horrible land at the center of the Earth.
And you and I are cooking, cleaning and washing dishes for a bunch of ape women.
And you missed a spot.
Good babootas.
Good sweep.
Good wash.
Good bait.
You oldie but goody.
Here are baboota beads.
Oh, my.
[Clears throat] You're too kind, Grunta.
You good baboota too.
Gee, thanks, Grunta.
But I don't wear jewelry.
It's time to [snore] now.
I'm fed up.
I ate too much too.
- You're a pretty good cook.
- I don't want to be a cook.
Nor a maid neither.
Launchpad, look at this.
You broke your baboota beads.
Grunta's gonna be hurt.
Why, they're diamonds.
They just need to be polished.
Let's polish them later, Mr.
I'm bushed.
Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth.
They'll cut through these bars like a hot knife through butter.
You're a genius, Mr.
I know, I know.
[Grunta] Babootas escape.
Running, running! [Horn blowing] Babootas! Babootas! No wheels.
We're stuck.
- Here they come.
- Over there.
Over there! - I see.
I see.
- Quick, push her into the lake.
She'll float like a cork.
Ooh! Ow! Hot, hot! [Growling] Now, now, Grunta.
Try to remember what good babootas we are.
[Roaring] Oh, no.
We're doomed! Not again.
[Beast growling] Do something, Launchpad! Chew on this, bubblehead! [Groans and growls] I figured diamonds got to be hard to chew.
He'll have a beak-ache for a month.
[Laughs] That was good thinking, Launchpad.
But what do we do about her? - Babootas pay.
- Well [screaming] - We're caught in the rapids.
- We gotta stay off the rocks.
- Watch it.
- Look out.
Katoo! Katoo! Katoo! What do you suppose "katoo" means? - [Scrooge] Waterfall! - [Launchpad] That could be it.
[Grunta] Katoo! Launchpad! I think I can fly it this way.
I'll put it down near that cave.
Ooh, a one-point landing.
Shh Babootas! Not babootas.
Free now.
Have own space in cavern.
Must be very quiet.
Why is everyone whispering? Great enemies are awakened by loud woogas.
[Snoring] "Wooga" must mean mouth.
Loud woogas, loud mouths.
That's us, get it? Your enemies don't like loud woogas? Any enemy of theirs just might be a friend of ours.
You took the words right out of my wooga, Mr.
[Yelling] [Screeching] I don't think these guys are anybody's friends.
Runny! Launchpad, blow your harmonica.
- You've got to be kidding, Mr.
- The highest, loudest notes you can.
One of my own tunes.
[Harmonica music] [Crashing] I knew it.
Your harmonica-playing messed up their built-in radar systems.
I believe it broke something in my head, as well.
Here comes one.
He's out of control! Look out, Mr.
McD! [Crash] It's a bigger cavern on the other side of this wall.
We'd better get through that hole because here comes some more bats! [Screeching] Ladies first.
Pull, Mr.
McD, pull.
[Gibberish] babootas! According to legend, giant white bats were the guardians of the Lost City of Diamonds.
You sing nice.
This wall isn't glass.
It's made of solid diamond! The Lost City! We found the Lost City of Diamonds! I guess that makes it the Found City of Diamonds, eh, Mr.
McD? It's a dream come true.
You dream about wearing jewelry, Mr.
McD? No, no, no.
These diamonds will make me the richest duck in the world.
I knew we could do it.
More bats, Mr.
We better hit the afterburners and fly before they do.
Just let me collect this beauty.
Better get out the old bat-buster just in case.
Don't worry, Launchpad.
We're all right as long as we don't make any noise.
[Cracking] [Screeching] [Scrooge] The city's crumbling! Run, Launchpad! My harmonica! Baboota, runny! Runny! Launchpad, the ceiling! Oh, no.
Surfs up! Oh, no! Launchpad, where are you? [Grunta] Baboota! Baboota! Oh, poor Launchpad.
Drowned in a sea of diamonds.
But what a way to go! - [Screeching] - [Yelling] Help! Help! - [Grumbling] - [Babootas] Shh! [ERROR] Make up for you waking them.
[Queen Oofa] Seize them.
[All] Shh! Screecher [snores] time.
[Oofa] Leave screecher.
Baboota come home now.
Not baboota.
Free now.
Have own space.
Baboota liberation! Hey, there's no time for this.
We've got to save Mr.
McD and Grunta from the screechers.
[ERROR] [ERROR] Right.
We must work together.
All of us.
[Murmuring] Follow me.
- Follow me.
- Follow me.
- Follow me! - You follow me.
Cool it.
Here's the plan.
Follow me! Want eat.
Poor Launchpad.
If only I hadn't gone on this expedition.
- If only I could tell him - Tell him what, Mr.
McD? I don't believe it.
Launchpad! Shh! Some great baboota, huh? [Gasps] [Yawns] Hurry, Mr.
- [Clanking] - [Screeching] Rats! What was I supposed to yell for them to blow the horns? Blow the horns? [Horns blowing] Grunta find golden bibby's horn.
Thanks, Grunta.
Hope things work out for you and your babootas.
Share clean, share hunt, share cook.
Take turns crab bait.
Let's be going, Launchpad, before they ask us to stay for dinner.
[Gibberish] Not enough.
We have to clear those rocks.
If we crash we'll be trapped here for the rest of our lives! Just you, me, my harmonica.
Oh, no.
No, Mr.
I have to fly the plane.
You have to get rid of the diamonds.
I'll miss you, my lovelies.
Go on, get rid of more.
[Scrooge] Remember, the molten core of the Earth is beyond this hole.
[Launchpad] We hung a left to get out of here before.
This time let's hang a right.
[Scrooge] Now I'm really worried.
You're beginning to make sense.
- Let's find out.
- [Explosion] Hurry, Launchpad.
It's a volcanic eruption and it's gaining on us! We made it! We made it! And with this beauty I'll still turn a profit.
[Scrooge] Diamonds are a baboota's best friend.
[Laughing] And these adventurers are more than great explorers.
- They're they're - Heroes.
- Thank you, Launchpad.
- Don't mention it.
The Sun Chaser will hang in the museum as the first plane to fly through the Earth.
I have to admit it.
We do make a pretty good team.
You know what they say, Mr.
Two heads are better than none.
A penny a mile and you're still worth it, Launchpad.
Where would I ever find another pilot who's always willing to do the impossible? Yeah, I gotta admit, nothing scares me.
As long as it doesn't scare you.
- [Explosions] - [Screaming] The sun, it's setting off the explosives! We're about to do the impossible, if possible.
Grab hold of that strut, Mr.
We'll run and jump off the cliff.
Couldn't we come up with a plan that's a wee bit less impossible? If we had more time I have to admit, Launchpad, I don't know what I'd do without you.
Aw, shucks, Mr.
- You're the greatest.
- Launchpad, no hugging! [Crash] Well, crash number 101, Mr.
- [Laughs] - Oh!