DuckTales (2017) s02e14 Episode Script

Friendship Hates Magic!

Ah! The library.
I love the smell of thinkin' in the morning.
The Myth of the Shadow Realm.
" Ha! Nice try, book.
But I will not be deterred in my quest.
I can't be.
Library day.
Wave hello to Ralph.
Morning, Ralph! It's me, Webby! [BUZZES.]
Swipe your library card, realize you're swiping it backwards, and head to the supernatural reference section to annoy the librarian on duty.
Hi! I'm Webby, and I need your help with some books.
Quackfaster? What are you doing here? Working a second job to pay for a retirement condo in Birdbados! Well, I'm just doing some casual research on shadow magic.
Not trying to bring my best friend back from its depths or anything.
You are a bizarre one.
Anyway, I'm looking for Spirits of the Shadow Realm.
Give it up, Pink.
You've messed with enough magic for one lifetime.
I'll be fine.
In the shadow realm.
I cannot lend you this book.
Because it holds dark and forbidden secrets? No, because another odd little girl already checked it out.
Hi! I'm Web Yes? I see you have Spirits of the Shadow Realm.
The book's written in ancient Syriac, so it may be a bit advanced.
Conversational? Is there any other kind? Nerds.
- Violet Sabrewing.
- Webby.
Webbigail Vanderquack? Of McDuck Manor? Trusted companion in many of Scrooge McDuck's adventures? Oh, gee.
Uh, yeah, no.
I mean, I I'm more of a faithful ward.
All right, enough with the love fest.
Just grab the book and You must have a fascinating perspective on the supernatural.
I've had a few experiences.
- Have you? - Hold up, Pink.
If you need this book to further your own exploration, I'm happy to review it with you.
Uh, sorry.
She's got a library day routine.
Webby, let's roll.
- Okay! - You're home at 5:00.
I'll bring my bedclothes, should our research extend longer than anticipated and I have to stay the night.
- Good day.
- Um, okay! - See you tonight! - Oh, no.
A sleepover.
Oh, boy! A sleepover! Shh, shh, shh! Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, airplanes It's a duck-blur We might solve a mystery Or rewrite history Ducktales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh Mmm, Bin-ventory Day.
McDuck and the boys are cataloguing treasure at the office all evening.
- Just a nice, quiet - [DOOR SLAMS.]
Granny! I have a friend coming over for a sleepover tonight! She speaks Old Norse! I can't wait! Webbigail, that's splendid news.
Good for you for getting back on the friendship horse.
- Thanks, Gran.
- This is a big step, given your past sleepovers.
- Well - That money-bin incident with the mystical shark, the vicious unicorn battle in the other bin - You knew about that? - But look at you now, giving the sleepover the old college try.
You're right.
Every sleepover I ever had ended in some kind of supernatural disaster.
Yes! I mean, sure, I was the cause of most of those disasters, but And they all led to me losing Lena to the Shadow Realm.
- Yes, but - I can't put another friend in mystical peril! There's only one thing to do - Cancel the sleepover.
- Make this the most normal sleepover ever! No! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, just, uh, you know, normal kid stuff, like, uh, uh, games! Yeah! And, I don't know, pie! Pie! Is that normal? Oh! - Oh, I gotta hide my stuff! - Webby, dear.
Gotta-Gotta hide anything that's mystical or cursed or screams "adventure.
Whoa! I know you're anxious, but the best way to make a good impression is to be yourself.
I've never been anyone but myself, barring that summer undercover in Parrotguay.
Granny, I'm not like you.
I need friends.
What? I have friends.
Yeah, I'm sure you do! I gotta go! Name one person I don't get along with! Hey, Mrs.
I just finished fixing that gate I broke on the way in.
Just a heads-up I'm probably gonna break it on the way out too.
Launchpad, if you're not busy this evening, sup with me? Uh, 'sup with you? I guess you're British or something? Hmm.
No, I mean supper.
Would you like to have dinner? Oh, yeah.
Every single day.
- Ooh, maybe I'll make myself taquitos tonight! - [SEETHES.]
Ah! Perfect.
- Nothing weird here.
Duckworth, could you get that? Wait.
Ghost butler! [GASPS.]
Sorry, Duckworth! [PANTING.]
Whew! Big house.
I run everywhere.
Violet, hello! I brought pie.
A pie! How normal! Come in! Pie? I'm not buying what this chick's selling.
Oh, if you're having trouble with the utensils, I'm more than happy to help.
Oh, no.
I got this, Mrs.
Mmm! Whoa-oa! Oh! [FRUSTRATED SIGH.]
Huh? Hmm.
And this is my room.
I like it.
Now to business.
I was just going to dip my toe into the thrilling world of Tulpas.
Tulpas? Tulpas are manifestations of powerful emotions hatred, jealousy, greed.
They live in a dark realm adjacent to our reality.
It's the closest thing I've found in my research to explain what happened the night the shadows attacked Duckburg, and Who likes Baggle? Everyone.
But I thought I was here to review the book with you.
Oh, we have plenty of time for that.
It's a sleepover! So, uh, let's start with some icebreakers to get to know each other! Okay.
I'll go first.
What do you know about Magica DeSpell and the Shadow War? Aha! She just said the "M" word! - Makeovers! - What? No! Magica.
For a girl clearly versed in the supernatural, you are oddly nervous about it.
But I'm not nervous about sparkles! Normal night! Why is this brainiac using Webby to learn about Aunt Magica? Wait.
Is that my amulet? Webby! If Violet has my amulet, she may be trying to channel Magica's powers.
I have to warn Webby before it's - [LENA GASPS.]
Too late! I look amazing! [GASPS.]
I love wearing makeup! The splayed dermis is a nice touch.
This was fun.
Moving on.
Aw, but you look exactly like the demon Rakshasa! Hmm.
The fangs seem off-kilter.
Oh, he has one crooked fang from a poker brawl.
- I have proof [GASPS.]
- You do? Where? Definitely not the attic.
Do not share your secrets! [GASPS.]
Wait! This is exactly what she wants you to do, because that's exactly what I would have done! "To Webby Stay gold! Rakky.
" That fang is indeed crooked.
Is all this stuff weirding you out? On the contrary.
This is all fascinating.
And I'm detecting a strong ectoplasmic aura coming from Is this some form of friendship bracelet? That is not yours! Ah, that's nothing.
Let's play a game instead.
Using ancient Demogorgan runes to contact shadow spirits? - Baggle? - Rune Baggle? Deal.
Contact spirits, huh? Aah! Whoa.
Just do it already! Go ahead and fire me! What? I'm not going to fire you.
Well, then why are you being so nice to me and buttering me up? I'm trying to establish a bond of friendship.
Surely we share some interests.
Politics? Sports? Cricket! I'm not really a bug guy, per se.
You're a pilot.
What are your thoughts on ramjet propulsion engines versus turboprops? Mm.
The propellers, they put the plane in the sky.
Uh, fine.
I suppose we'll just never have anything in common.
Where'd you get that Darkwing book? Beg your pardon? Oh.
That is the Scarlet Pimperbill, a masked man who stalks the city at night to protect people from harm.
Just like Darkwing Duck.
Uh, I don't know what that is.
What? Lady heh! Hold on to your cape.
This night's about to get dangerous.
I'm awakening the vibrations of the Shadow Spirits.
Shadows of the dark realm, find favor with my call.
Forget what I said, Webby.
This girl doesn't know squat about the Shadow Realm.
Make your presence known, great spirits one and all.
What? Oh, no.
I touched that? [GASPS.]
I touched that! How did I touch that? Oh, she's good.
Ah, that could've been anything the wind or the house settling.
Or shadow spirits! Communication from the other realm.
What does it say? [VIOLET.]
It's Elder Futhark.
"Thunder trots.
" A reference to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, perhaps? Oh! I also see "rodent truths.
" Ooh, what secrets are the mice hiding? It says, "Don't trust her.
" Ugh! Nerds! We need more clarity.
What the Oh, no.
I gotta stop her! Uh, think, think, think, think.
How else can a spirit communicate with the land of the living? Ugh! How cliche.
Webby, don't trust her! She's summoning evil spirits! [GASPS.]
We've summoned an evil spirit! Evil spirit? Right, you can't hear me.
Why do all my slumber parties end in supernatural vengeance? [GRUNTING.]
Webby! Lena? Violet? [PANTING.]
Where did you get that? Slumber party's over.
Start talking.
Now! I'm gonna need some answers, or I'm gonna knock you into the Shadow Realm the hard way.
I found it on the beach.
All my life, I've been rational, never giving things like magic a second thought.
But when the Shadow War happened, it jolted something in me, - opened my eyes.
There's a world beyond textbooks and rational truths, one I'm compelled to know more about.
Have you ever felt like you were living a sheltered life, but there was something incredible just out of reach? [THINKING.]
They're gone.
You aren't buying this, are you? - Uh - Ugh, you're totally buying it.
You shouldn't mess with that amulet.
I've already lost one friend to the Shadow Realm.
Lena, yes? What if I could bring her back? [BOTH.]
What? If Lena was banished back into the Shadow Realm, as you say, then perhaps using Magica's amulet, we might be able to harness those powers and pull Lena back home.
This is dangerous, Pink.
Let's crack open the Shadow Realm and get my friend back.
Suck gas, you perfidiously possessed plantain! [COUGHING, WHEEZING.]
Well, look at us two.
Couple of work buddies sharing Don't go in there, D.
! So Quackerjack summoned Paddywhack from the Jack-in-the-box so Paddywhack could possess Quackerjack's doll, Mr.
Banana Brain, who is attacking Darkwing.
Yeah, the mythology is pretty dense.
Yes, this is certainly dense.
I hear you.
Let's watch the third episode again to clear it up.
We are, after all, bonding.
Well, I hope the girls are having a good time.
Webby, she's using you! I should know! Quit now, before [LENA.]
What? [GASPS.]
Not her.
Not again! Conjure your forces now.
Rise and speak to me! Webby, it's a trap! [EXCLAIMS.]
Uh hi? [GRUNTS.]
Lena! I hate to break up this heartwarming reunion, but these Tulpas are edging closer.
Where are my manners? Lena, this is Oh, I know who she is! A spy! A thief! A second-rate knockoff of me! Get away from Webby.
She's mine! [GASPS.]
This is your fault! If you hadn't meddled with magic, Webby would still be safe! The Tulpas are manifestations of great desire.
Like your desire for magical power.
Or your desire not to be forgotten by Webbigail.
Newton's apple, you are dense! You'll note the Tulpas have taken your form.
They are manifestations of your own jealousy, trying to keep Webbigail with you in the Shadow Realm! Ugh! Maybe.
Look, We have nothing in common, but we do both seem to care about - [WEBBY.]
Help! - [BOTH.]
That was a surprisingly suspenseful twist.
- Put the next tape in.
- No can do.
The show was canceled before the finale.
But-But what happens next? They can't just end the show like that! I have to know what happens! Uh, I have a few theories, which I've put into a fan script.
See, with the help of his new best friend and pilot, Launchpad, Darkwing We must film this.
Whoo-hoo! [GASPING.]
If she goes out that door, we may lose her forever.
Not on my watch.
Come on, nerd.
Let's make magic.
With the hand of my friend's friend, we bring bitter jealousy to an end.
- [BOTH.]
With the hand of my friend's friend - [GROWLING.]
we bring bitter jealousy to an end.
With the hand of my friend's friend, we bring bitter jealousy to an end.
With the hand of my friend's friend, we bring bitter jealousy to an end.
Huh? [GASPS.]
- [LENA.]
I'm back? - [BOTH GASP.]
You certainly look like you're back.
You're back! [COUGHING.]
Hey, Webby, you have any more of those smoke bombs? Hurry, Launchpad, let's get this shot before the boys are back and ruin our fun.
Suck gas, evildoers! Never mind.
We found some.
Oh, hey, Lena.
Whee! You've been with me this whole time? Well, I wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to you, or whatever.
That is the sweetest, non-creepiest thing anyone's ever said to me.
I've got my old best friend, I've got my new best friend, I've got pie! Oh, this is easily the most successful sleepover I've ever had.
Yes, it was very educational.
A shame you didn't listen to your friend earlier.
Now I will use that knowledge to seek grim vengeance upon you all! - [GASPS.]
I can joke too.
You were right.
She totally bought it.
Good one, Vi.
Best friends! [THEME MUSIC PLAYS.]