DuckTales (2017) s02e19 Episode Script

A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!

1 20 points! Yeah! I mean, whoops! I'm sorry, Lena.
Heh, it's fine.
Minus five points because Lena's a good guy now.
Yeah! Minus a million because she's the best guy now! Thanks for helping me set this up.
Of course! We've got everything needed for a sleepover.
Sleeping bags, board games, snacks Self-defense weapons, all manner of booby trap.
And a bodyguard at the door! Nothing weird is going to happen at this slumber party! Yup, just a totally normal friend-aversary celebration! Webby, we met one year ago today I think.
Time loses all meaning in the infinite night of the Shadow Realm.
Oh happy friend-aversary If I didn't have you It'd be worse for me I'm made of shadows You're made of flesh Whoever thought that we would mesh You are a wordsmith.
Ooh! Aw, you can't be tired yet.
Sorry, I stayed up all night making friendship bracelets! Is this a prank or something? Why you being so nice? Can't I do something nice for my friends? Not everything I say is sarcastic and mean.
You literally sound like that now.
That's just my voice! I can't help it! Ahh! I've found it's clearer to convey no emotion whatsoever.
Listen, I'm new to this whole "good guy" thing and I just want to get it right.
Lena, you're the living shadow of Magica De Spell, Scrooge's greatest enemy, and you still turned out good.
That makes you extra-super-good, right? Math checks out.
You don't have to prove anything to us.
This is gonna be the best party ever! Let's eat pure sugar! Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, airplanes It's a duck-blur We might solve a mystery Or rewrite history Ducktales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh D-d-danger lurks behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some Ducktales Whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of daring bad and good Not phony tales or cottontails - No, Ducktales! - Whoo-ooh! DUCKTALES (2017) Season 02 Episode 19 Title: "A Nightmare on Killm Boy this sure has been a friend-adversary thingy.
You know who my best friend is? Me.
Come on, even Beakley fell asleep.
I think? It's a spy thing.
And yeah, it might be sleepy time.
Sleep? N-no way! It's only 4 a.
! That's so early! Judging from your sunken eyes, elevated heart rate, and irritability You're irritability! I'd say your suffering from a serious lack of sleep.
Uh, yeah! Because I've been planning so many exciting activities for this party! I'll be surprised if we ever sleep again.
I'm gonna go splash some cold water on my face so we can party even harder! Ha-ha! Yay.
It's fine everything's fine.
Like Webby said, I don't have to prove anything.
I'm a good guy now.
Bad dreams can't hurt you.
Lena? Do you need, um, you-know-what paper? - Lena? - I'm fine! Just being normal! So! What did everyone decide on for our next party game? Sometimes slumber parties are about getting an extra good sleep because you're surrounded by friends.
It's okay.
I know your secret.
- You do? - I used to be scared of the dark, too.
But I've got glowy stars on the ceiling! I'm sorry, where are we? Facing certain death with my friends on a desert island? I've dreamt of this moment! First, find food! Then we figure out who kidnapped us and contact the outside world! That's weird.
Okay, I'm calling Uncle Scrooge.
Uhh It's, uhh Uh, why can't I remember? Why are you dialing a banana? What? You are the chosen one, Webbigail! Are you ready to enter my Extremely Extreme obstacle course? Ohh, it's happening! - Yes - No! How do we get off this island! Ooh, that's easy.
Go past the acid rainbow waterfall, take a left at the glitter quicksand pit, and then stroll through poison flower field.
This is like all my wildest dreams smushed together! Dreams?! No.
Maybe Scrooge is testing us? Maybe the plane is crashed nearby.
Or we're in a lucid shared dream state manifested by your magic.
Oh, like her thing made any more sense? Observe.
Extreme sleep deprivation could upset your magical aura.
Have you been having bad dreams? Yeah.
All week.
I thought a slumber party would help me stay up, not pull you into my freaky shadow problems again.
Lena, we all know you're magic.
And that's great! We want to be in on your freaky problems! No more secrets, okay? Okay.
No more secrets.
I'll get us out of here.
Wake up! It's bad enough waking a sleepwalker.
Who knows what waking a dreamwalker could do? I concur.
It's best if we stay in the dream until Lena wakes naturally.
A party in a dream? Best friend-aversary ever! Let's fly because we can! I hate walking! Lena! You coming? Uh, I'll just follow you on foot.
Look up in the sky, it's me! Wait, if nobody is around to dream me into existence, don't I This is good.
Everyone is having fun.
I probably grew horrible bat-monster wings because of very non-evil reasons.
Oh! Ohh! I ate a bug! Eww, Webby, why is there a school in your dream? That's not Webby's dream.
Nice hair.
Thanks! It's alive! Oh! This is Dewey High! I'm the most Wholesome boy in school I'm a talented jock Everyone thinks is cool If TV and movies Taught me anything When you turn into a teen You just have to sing Oops.
That's okay.
Dewey High's got basketballs on tap! This is my favorite dream.
Whoo! Dewey! You're the best, man! Ha-ha, okay, I know it.
Uh, what's that? I think it's supposed to be my romantic interest? But I'm too threatened by that concept so it never takes shape.
Let's sing a dew-ette! Here are my singing rivals! Humph.
They are so self-absorbed.
Here's a giant poster of me! This is in all of my dreams.
I'm, like, cradled by a moon made of my own tears.
Who knows what that's about? I have some theories.
And this is my mascot, Dewey Dude! Go! Go! Go! Go! Now watch us! Us! Us! We're doing it! That guy is the best.
And over here is one of - a gajillion trophy cases.
- Lena.
Aah! Miss me? It's time for my big dance number! - Oh, why did you do that?! - It was an accident! You ruined my big dance! And we'll never get the hallway dry in time for the 11:30 number! Come on, Dewey, none of us feel like dancing.
Maybe we should move on to the next dream? Yeah, I just failed a class in something called "Dew-ology".
Well, I'm the class vali-Dew-ctorian A-plus-plus-plus-plus-plus.
I gotta get out of here.
With enough focus, we should be able to determine where we go next.
Hmm - Louie? - Mm-yes? This is your dream? To be even lazier? I nap all day.
I never have to worry about anything.
I'm shamelessly pampered.
Meow! Everyone pat my head! - Good kitty.
Ow! - Never mind, I don't want that anymore.
You're asleep? We're in a dream! How are you sleep-sleeping? I just am.
Hey, where's Lena? I I don't think I'm doing this right.
- Whoa! - Lena? Fascinating.
In dreams, this form can represent outsider syndrome, perhaps a violent feral instinct.
Or she's a pack animal and we're her pack! A wolf in the house! I'll get Animal Control! We need to go, like, right now! Okay, okay! We can go.
This is unpleasant.
What a nice, normal-looking dream.
Let's stay here.
Whose dream is this, anyway? It's just our room.
It's so bor Why, Huey?! Why?! Why, Huey?! Why?! Whatever do you mean.
Nothing strange here! Just a tall, distinguished, mature oldest sibling! In what world does that description equal this? I'm not good at imagination stuff, okay?! Don't listen to him! Follow your lame dreams! Would you kids like a jar of pickles from the topmost shelf? - No! - Why, sure.
No, no, no, no! Oh, no! Oh! - Why? Oh, why?! - Okay, that's enough! If we can dream it, we can Dewey it.
And it's my dream to be in a montage.
Infinite back flip! Phooey! Aah! Ohh! Huh.
Oh, we're in a library? My dream is just to read more.
- Awesome! - Shh! Awesome.
Wake up, kids.
What are you lot still doing asleep? It's almost six a.
! Go get some jobs! Finally.
Well, I guess we're waking up! Oh, no! But it was your turn to choose a dream.
It's fine, really.
Wake up! Wake up! Oh, no! no! Nah! More porridge for me then.
- Sleep tight.
- Shh! No! Scrooge! Come back! Lena? Are you okay? - Lena! - Lena? - You okay? - What's wrong? Lena.
- Lena! - Ugh.
She's gonna be cold without her sweater! I'm going in after her! Is this Lena's dream? I think this is more nightmare.
About time you woke up.
I mean, not actually woke up because you wouldn't be trapped in a nightmare realm of my grim devising, so No! I was free.
You lost your powers.
What did you do to me?! Me? This is all you.
Did you think you'd turn out different than me? I'm trying to save you! You came from me.
Evil is in your whatever shadows have instead of blood.
Don't you ever feel like there's something off about you? It's just a dream.
Yes, but it is really me.
We're psychically linked.
Because, you know, you, me, same, evil, etc.
- Lena! - We're coming! My friends are here.
They're gonna save me.
Those dopes are here to stop you, like they always try to stop me.
Because we're monsters, Lena.
I'm nothing like you! No! Magica! What did you do with Lena? No, no, I am Lena! I just look like Magica! Stop mocking me! Ugh, why does everything I say sound sarcastic? Because you're a monster! No! No! I'm not a monster! Ooh, ironic! Webby, help! Take this I'm sorry! No matter how hard you fight it, they will always turn on you.
Give in.
No worrying if you measure up, if you're too flawed.
You're tired.
Come home to me.
Lena? I'm sorry.
I didn't see.
Of course, it's you.
Is this what's been bothering you? That you might become Magica? I'm just so tired of fighting it.
I am her.
No, you're not! We were trying to destroy you and you still saved me.
Yeah, of course I did.
Of course, I would.
She would never.
What are you doing? Don't listen to her.
You are me! You're not her.
You're you.
You put so much pressure on yourself to be good.
But you're good enough.
- Give me back my powers, you ungrateful brat! - Eww.
I'm awake! I'm me again! We did it! Wait! We should test to be certain that this isn't a dream.
That's right! We might still be dreaming! Ugh.
It's fine.
Fine, we're awake.
It's fine.
Aunt Magica? You really have been creeping in my dreams all week! Night after night I tried to get you to give your powers back to me, but you kept waking up.
I thought if you had your friends to distract you, you'd stay asleep but no.
You can give my powers back right here, though.
Take my hand.
We're family.
You need me.
She's wearing some sort of telepathic helmet with a neuro-frequency amplifier.
That's likely how she entered our dreams.
So, you're using some weird do-hickey? Isn't magic your whole thing? You really don't have any powers left.
I don't need you.
You need me! You are no longer allowed in my head! I'll claw out your soul, grind heart to dust beneath my heel, and rip my powers out of you with my bare teeth! You know, I feel more rested than I have in a long time.
I could go for a nap.
You think you've won, but I am your fate! I am the dark force at the core of all things! I am Magica De Spell! Sync corrections by srjanapala