Due South (1994) s02e01 Episode Script


All right, that's it.
One more cup and I plug him.
You're just making it worse, Ray.
He's been on the same page for an hour now.
Can we get some service over here? You know Ray, things move at their own pace in small places.
I would just like to check in, Okay? Is there something wrong with that? Can I check in please? Hey, Hamish, How's it going? Plane's out front.
- Hi, Doug.
- What the hell is this? Ted.
how's it going, Junior.
- I didn't hear anyone ask for tickets.
- Ray, Ray, Ray.
Look, I give up two weeks vacation in Miami for this.
Well, as I recall it was your idea.
No, As I recall I said maybe as in maybe we should go up north and fix up your father's cabin.
You on the other hand could have said no.
No, you don't have to do this.
Oh, yes I do because it's like aah what do you call itah.
a deathbed confession you have to honor it Besides where else but Canada, can I spend two weeks hard labor living off the land.
Well, I for one am glad we're going.
BACK IN 10 MINUTES All right, you check us in and I'm gonna take these bags to the plane.
- No.
I've got to weigh in first.
- I've got to weigh in first? Yeah.
I was sitting there an hour, doing nothing, and now you want me to weigh in.
But Lets weigh them in, Mr.
Funny Hat.
And mine.
What? So they’re a little over.
Big deal.
Oh, I see I see.
Here you go, how much? Ah, you're American.
- From Chicago.
- Yeah, All right.
Well, you'll have to leave some of these behind, boys.
No, a lot more than that by the looks of it.
What about those hunters, hunters, hunters had huge bags? - What about them? - Oh they're different.
- How are they different? - They're just different.
- I know how they're different, They're Canadian and I'm American.
That is how they're different.
Are you discriminating against me because I'm American, Because if you are let me tell you something Ray, Ray.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Mm-hmm.
I wonder if you could just check the manifest and see, if this extra weight might not be permitted within the maximum payload.
All right.
I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you kindly.
- Mm-hmm.
I hope you burst.
Is that a handgun there? - Jack? - Yeah? Listen, I got a prisoner in the plane.
They're picking him up at eleven.
Listen, I need a place to put him.
Ah, I’m taking one of these out in a few minutes.
Use the office.
- I'm not apologizing.
- Fine.
It is strictly prohibited to carry a weapon on an aircraft.
Fine! Particularly one not licensed for use in this country.
And who told them it was unlicensed, Fraser, huh, who? - I'm still not apologizing.
- Fine! We're going now.
We're leaving.
We will not return.
Thank you kindly, Dwayne.
Yep, I bet there's no movie on this flight.
Clear for take off any time, Jack.
Weather’s good to zero-nine-thousand heading two-niner-eight, all the way up to the Territories, over.
Are you coming back tonight after you drop off the cops? - Cops? - That's right.
The Mountie's fine but that other guys gonna take some getting used to.
You guys have your seat belts on? Yeah.
Enjoy the flight.
Hey, Benny.
How long did you say this flight was anyway? - Four hours.
- Okay, so where's the john Great.
What? Don't you think it's a little early? Okay.
Fine fine.
Hey Benny, you want something to drink? Here's your peanuts don't bug me.
What? Nothing - Huh.
- What? Oh, it's nothing.
It's probably nothing That was not nothing.
I'm gonna have a little talk with this guy.
Hey, Jim.
You want to keep your eyes on the road? - Is there a problem here? - No.
I love having my kidneys Actually we're quite fine.
Thank you, Jim! You guys better keep your seat belts on.
Yeah, you'd better watch the road.
Ray, You wouldn't happen to have your backup gun? Would you? No! Oh, well.
Oh, well, what? It's just an observation.
Probably ill-timed, but I don't think this is our pilot.
You're telling me! No, I mean, I think he maybe a pilot I don't think he's our pilot.
There's dandruff on the collar of his flight suit, There’s none on his scalp.
Oh, and for that we shoot him? The Territories are North West, Ray.
We've been flying south for two hours.
Also he's ignoring radio calls, and occasionally flying underneath radar coverage.
So what are you saying we're being hijacked? No, not necessarily but the chaffing on his wrists is consistent with a man whose recently been in handcuffs, Add to that the blood on the back of his flight suit and the prominent bullet hole Well, I leave it up to you.
You couldn't have mentioned this earlier? It’s a moot point, Ray.
He has a gun, we don't.
This isn't a trick, is it? On, my word of honor.
But I will have to arrest you, of course, once we land.
On three ready? Not now, Ray, let's wait till we're on the ground.
Where? Beirut? It's a light plane, Ray, I don't think we have enough fuel to reach the Middle East.
My guess is he's a smuggler and we’re headed for Mexico.
Yeah, where fifty of his friends are gonna be waiting for us with Uzis.
You know what happens to hostages, Fraser? Cop Hostages? Bodies on the tarmac? CNN? This is not happening to me.
You got to get him to turn this plane round right away.
You're right.
On the other hand, there could be a struggle.
He might refuse to cooperate, in which case we have to fly the plane ourselves.
Now this might be possible with some assistance from air traffic control, And I did read a flight training manual in my grandmother's library.
There were a couple of pages missing, but I'm sure nothing vital.
And I'm guessing that there are a lot of similarities between a Sopwith Camel and toady's light aircraft.
Yeah, that’s great, Benny.
Just give me the odds, will you? Well, statistically, over fatalities occur during take off and landing.
Hey, look, I am not gonna be guest of honor at a human Pinata party in the Baja.
Well, on a brighter note, Ray, with at least three out of four limbs.
- One - Two The radio! It's broken, sit down! Sit down, strap yourself in! Hold on! DUE SOUTH - S02E01 "North" - We should stay by the plane.
- If you think.
This is insane.
You're dragging us through hundreds of miles of wilderness, heading God knows where.
Ray, the man is a vicious murder, he killed our pilot And undoubtedly killed his police escort and he tried to kill us.
Which is why we should stay by the plane and wait for reinforcements to come.
The emergency equipment, the ELT and the radio (Emergency Locator Transmitter) were all destroyed in the crash.
The plane's under cover of trees, it will never be found.
Now on the way down I noticed a river.
There's bound to be a road that crosses it.
Undoubtedly the hijacker saw it as well.
That's where he'll head.
If we move hard and drive fast we should be able to intercept him by nightfall.
- Any questions? - Yes.
How far do you think you're gonna get with that gash on your head.
Oh, Ray, head wounds always look worse than they actually are.
- Can you give me a reading, please? - It's your compass.
You read it.
- I can't.
- Well, neither can I.
- Well, you'll have to.
- Why? I'm blind.
You're blind? Apparently.
You're-you're really, really blind.
As a bat.
Well, why didn't you say something? No point making a bad situation worse.
Worse?! Fraser, you can't see.
Come on, we're going back to the plane.
But Ray, I still have four senses intact.
You can't see! Ray, I'm blind, I'm not deaf.
I've spent my entire life in the northern woods tracking criminals.
I have a natural advantage here.
There isn't a thing in this forest that I cant hear, taste, touch, smell, feel.
It's a finely tuned ability gained from years of experience.
So if you'll just stand aside I'll be on my way.
- That was a tree.
- Yes, it was.
A white ash.
Fraxinus americania to be exact.
Shall we? We haven't located them yet and there’s no sign of the missing plane, either.
All right, I'll notify the family.
You get any news, I want it.
- Any sign of the hijacker? - Uh, no.
All right, soon we should start to come to a river valley.
The trees’ll thin out.
The floor’ll become more low-lying.
Willow , sea buckthorn possibly, infant cottonwood.
That's supposed to mean something to me? Trees Ray, only shorter.
The river valley should be right about here.
Tell me what you see, Ray.
Oh, well, I, uh, see, uh, trees.
Good, good.
Describe them.
- Green mostly.
- Very good.
And the river? Well, I'm gonna bet it's just over the next hill.
Ho! Not-not a good idea, okay? Not a good idea.
Just just wait here for me, all right? Whew.
Okay, I say Westward Ho, Ethan Edwards.
Hand on shoulder.
I can feel the sun on the left hand side of my nose.
Uh, Fraser, there is no sun.
- What time is it, Ray? - It’s, uh, one-thirty.
- I think you're a little off.
- Heh heh .
How do you know that? - Because of the sun on my nose.
- There is no sun on your nose.
Ray, will you just check the compass again even an error of one or two degrees could throw us hundreds of miles off course.
- I know that, I'm not an idiot.
- Well, I'm not saying you are.
Okay, good.
And by the way I have gone camping before.
You have not gone camping - I have, too.
- When? - When I was a kid.
- With who? My Dad - Oh.
- Yeah.
And to prove a point we are heading west see Of course not.
What am I thinking of? Fraser! Ray, you all right? - Yeah.
You okay? - Oh, I'm fine Next time, watch where you're going, please.
You could get us both killed.
I think we should take a break.
I feel perfectly fresh, Ray.
It’s getting really dark right now, and I think we should make camp.
You know, Ray, 'Wise men walk while fools sleep.
' Who said anything about sleep I just like to see where I'm going.
Oh, It means nothing to me.
I realize that, but I do not want to track this guy by moonlight.
'There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who' ' Toil for gold.
' Yeah-yeah-yeah.
I heard that one.
And then they shot that Sam McGee guy.
I told you, I went camping before.
Moil Ray and they cremated him.
It was Dan McGrue that they shot.
Did they catch the guy? - It's a poem, Ray.
- Oh - Moil, huh? - Yes, moil not toil.
Ah, moil, toil, who cares? - Robert Service apparently.
- Who's he? The poet.
We're lost.
No, we're not.
We just don't know where we are.
Oh, like there’s a difference? Well, being lost is usually accompanied by a feeling of panic, Ray.
Are you saying I'm panicking? No, on the contrary.
You see, Ray, people who are lost, panic.
Now they walk aimlessly in the woods very often in circles, until eventually they, well, they die, either from starvation or from lack of water.
Now we, by comparison, we have remained calm, and you see Ray, this-this is the secret to survival in the woods, Remaining Ray, I smell something.
I smell fuel.
Burnt plasticmetal.
what is it? It's a plane crash.
My God, Ray, another plane crash? What are the odds? It's our plane crash, you moron, We've been going around in circles this whole time.
What's the matter with you? Get down, get down, get down! Alright.
I'm gonna handle this, Ray, In the name of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
I I don't think he heard you.
Good shooting, Ray.
Let's hope he's alive to testify.
Okay, let's see what the hijacker left us.
Well, tube of toothpaste.
Oh, here's something we can use - Hemorrhoid paste.
- I almost had him.
A breath mint.
I suppose we could boil it.
Textbook situation Maybe he heard us approaching.
Dief's got peanuts Here, Dief! You didn't really think he'd surrender, did you? Well, not with you firing at him.
Oh, yeah, you're right, next Time I'll just let him shoot us.
There won't be a next time, Ray.
He only came back to the plane for provisions.
Could you give me a hand here, please? He's on the run now and he knows we are on his trail.
Now he doesn't know you're out of bullets, but he must know that even a minor wound, will slow him down.
He won't risk open confrontation.
Fraser, the guy’s got a 9mm Sig Sauer with at least two clips of ammunition.
We can still bring him in alive.
And how do you propose to do that? You know, Ray, Sam Steele patrolled the Northwest Territories his entire career without ever firing his weapon.
It was a point of honor with him.
Rumor has it that he was buried with the weapon unfired.
Great, let's go dig it up.
My point is, Ray, that we will use nature to our advantage.
You see wilderness survival depends more on your wits than upon firepower.
I mean for example, the beam from an incandescent flashlight is visible for up to half a mile at night.
Now, our hijacker didn't understand that, or he would have waited around for nightfall and picked us off one by one.
Which makes me believe that he is not skilled in wilderness survival.
Aside from which, Diefenbaker would have raised the alarm if he had been around.
He isn't.
Fraser, I don't think we have to worry about catching the hijacker.
We're gonna starve to death long before that.
Oh, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray With a little perseverance, a little ingenuity, and a fundamental understanding of how to go about it, one can live like a king in the woods.
No way.
Oh Ray, they’re very nutritional.
Far more strengthening than fish or meat.
- You eat 'em, then.
- ShShhh.
- What? - Shhh.
I think I hear a nest of furry night crawlers! Oh, great.
- Ready.
- Ask me again and I set you on fire.
I thought we'd agreed.
You're in charge of being blind and I'm in charge of seeing.
Any part I left out? Good.
Now I can do this, all right? So just let me do this, all right? All right.
All right.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
- Ray! I think I know what happened today.
- Great.
One of my legs is probably, fractionally, just a little bit longer than the other one, you see, Which caused us to walk in a giant circle.
I should have taken this into account.
- Ray.
Measure my legs.
- I'm not going to measure your legs! - Hey, you know what? - What? I think this head injury has thrown me off a tad.
I'd say just a little more than a tad.
You know what I'm guessing I’m guessing that the blow I received caused a subdural hematoma.
The resulting swelling of the anterior cerebrum put pressure on the optic nerve.
Well, at least it's not getting any worse.
Mind you, if I become disoriented, then we’ll really be in a pickle.
Ray, if you're gonna insist on moving this thing, you really should tell a body.
- Fraser, I'm not - No.
No need to apologize, Steve.
- Steve? - What? You just called me Steve.
- I most certainly did not! - You did too! You’re not hyperventilating, are you? Fraser, you just fell on the fire and you killed it.
I did not, you were blowing too hard and you need more tinder.
Fine, you want to be in charge, you want to do everything, hero man, You start the fire! Moody.
You're never gonna teach him how to start a fire that way.
Well, I believe he thinks we're going to die out here and not without justification.
He's right.
You've got yourself into one hell of a predicament, son.
Well, it’s hardly my making, now is it? Mmm, grubs.
You could have reversed the choke settings.
What? You could have reversed the choke settings then the engines would have started.
Well, why didn't you tell me that? - You always hate it when I interfere.
- Interfere? All right, all right You're going have to move fast and drive hard if you're gonna bring this man in, alive.
Now, for all we know he’s left a trail of bodies from here to the Circle.
- Hunters, miners, sodbusters - Dad - Poachers, Claim stakers - Dad A whole canoe full of Coureur de Bois.
Dad, I don't know if it's escaped your attention but only very recently I received a massive blow to my head! Yeah, well, You've still got a few good hours left in you.
Go get him.
- What? - Go get your man.
Oh good, I'm glad you brought this up.
Would you explain to me please just once and for all explain to me, why is it we always have to get our man? - Well it's the motto, son.
- It is not.
- It is.
- It is not.
It is definitely not our motto.
Our motto actually is 'Maintain the Right' - M-maintain the? - Maintain the Right.
Now what you’re saying is, we’re supposed to pursue people to the ends of the earth for a motto that isn't even our motto.
Well , must be the new one, then.
The old one used to be just go get your man.
and bring him back alive or just something go get him Where are you going? Where are you going? - I'm not going anywhere, I'm coming back.
- Ah.
- Talking to yourself? - Evidently.
Oh, Yeah.
You have those matches? Great.
- It's getting cold.
- Mm.
Damn it.
- The wood's damp.
- Yeah.
Matches may not be the solution.
You know, Ray, my father taught me how to build a fire when I was 6 years old.
He took me out into the woods, gave me a piece of flint and a hunk of granite.
And he walked away without turning back.
You know how to make a fire out of stones? You know the funny thing, I I have absolutely no memory of the fire itself, but I have this very vivid memory of the darkness and knowing that I was all alone.
My dad, he wasn’t a father-and-son type of guy.
He took you camping.
Yeah, well, of course we went camping.
But the one thing he did teach me was how to look out for Number One.
A police officer puts others first.
My father hated cops.
Where are you going? Oh, I'm gonna go get some of those dry sticks.
And maybe some rocks.
Dad? Good.
I heard that.
Nobody's talking to you.
You tell a stranger something like that, about your family? He’s not a stranger.
He’s my friend.
Ooh, some friend He’s loony toons! You should cut him loose.
- I owe him.
- You owe nobody.
He's gonna get you killed.
It’s always the way it is with you, Pop, ain’t it? Just you, screw the rest of the world, huh? Something wrong with that? You do it.
Yeah Once you learn you never forget.
I can't believe I did that.
I can still feel 'em movin' around in there.
It was a good meal, Ray.
- You need another blanket? - No.
I'll go get some rest.
We're gonna have to double our pace if we want to catch him tomorrow.
- Benny? - Hmm? Have you taken a look at yourself recently? Well now, I can’t very well do that, can I, Steve? Ray.
What? Never mind.
You know, I’d better wake you up every couple hours.
Good night.
[ howl ] Yeah, very funny.
What you think you're a wolf or something? If he doesn't make it, Dief, you're gonna help us get out of here, right? - You're up? - Yes.
I didn't want to wake you.
I I made breakfast.
No, man, thanks, you go right ahead.
- A search plane, someone’s in trouble! - Yeah, us.
Come on, come on.
I don't think they saw it.
It's no use, Ray.
Search planes fly in grid patterns.
He won't be back.
Why didn't you say something? What the hell is wrong with you? That might be the only chance to get out of here alive.
- Ray, we still have a man to catch.
- What are you(crazy)? Okay, okay I'll pack up, then we'll get out of here.
What's so funny? Well, it would appear that I have lost the use of my legs.
Ray, If at any point during our trip I should become a burden to you, you would let me know, wouldn't you? - Oh, yes, Fraser.
- And you'd carry on without me.
- Absolutely.
- Without hesitation.
- Oh, in a heartbeat.
- That's good.
Oh, and if, at any time, you should be feeling better, you just let me know.
Yes, of course - Oh, Ray.
- Yes.
I'm a little thirsty.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
All right, all right, let me get the water.
There you go.
I'll be right back.
You're gonna give him all the water? What's it to you? You're doing all the work, you should keep it for yourself.
Get away from me, Pop.
Don't blame me if you die out here.
He's slowing you down, son.
He's slowing me down? When I first joined the mounted police, all the equipment we got was a paper bag, And a pointed stick.
We used the bag to boil tea and the stick was for killing game, and if you lost either of them, they charged you for it! Are you ill? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, son.
You've got a man to catch.
Let's saddle up What are you complaining about You want to trade? All right, let's try to do this, okay? Tuesdays.
Ma always made a big pot of pasta fasule.
She started boiling the beans early in the morning.
Oh, man, You could smell it in every room.
It's heaven.
My grandmother made it.
Taste good? No, tasted like a hockey puck.
Hard, flat, unleavened.
I can still smell it burning in the oven.
What are they gonna tell 'em back home? The truth.
It's a big responsibility when people rely on you.
Ma always worries when I’m late home from work.
You could set a watch by my father's schedule.
Out down the first snow, back at spring break up.
Never changed, not even once.
Well, until he died.
What's that? It's called a bola, Ray.
The Inuit use it to hunt.
When I was a kid I had a slingshot.
A bola’s not a toy, it’s a deadly weapon.
It can bring down a good-sized elk, or a man.
The hijacker is probably at a Hilton sitting by the pool.
Oh, no he's not, we're closing in on him.
Now here take this.
Stand up - and spin it.
- Spin it.
Now when you get enough momentum Let it go.
- Let it go.
- I'm trying! Let it go now.
Benny? Yes, Ray? We're in trouble.
I've stopped sweating.
What does that mean? Well, a person ten percent dehydrated it suffers from dizziness, nausea, swollen tongue.
At fifteen percent from dimmed vision, loss of muscle control, painful stools.
Where are you at? The inability to sweat indicates a loss of anywhere between ten and fifteen percent.
What happens at twenty? Death.
Easy, easy, easy! I hope you're right about that river.
Well, I can't get off of my horse, all day and night I ride among the cattle No, I can't get off of my horse, Cuz some dirty dog put glue in the saddle.
In the Saddle, in the Saddle, Yes, some dirty dog put glue in the saddle.
- All the leaves are brown.
- The leaves are brown.
- And the sky is Grey.
- And the sky is Grey.
- Left my heart in 'Frisco.
- San Francisco.
- San Francisco Bay - San Francisco Bay - California.
- Cal-i-forn-i-a ('California Dreamin' by John Phillips) - All the leaves are brown.
- The leaves are brown Freude , schoner Gotterfunken ('Ode to Joy' by Beethoven) Tochter aus Elysium Deine Zauber binden wieder La la la la / Ba Ba Ba bum.
- Freu - Shh, shh.
What? It's Beethoven and Shiller! - Freu - Shut up!! What? I hear water.
Hey, this is great.
Can you taste this? This must be where they get Evian from.
Most of the rivers around Chicago, you can walk on.
This is really beautiful! Ray, it may just be some property of the water, but I think I can feel a twitch.
Don't worry buddy.
I'll have you out of here in no time.
Now, you're thinking.
You're gonna ditch him and take the raft, that's what you're gonna do, right? - No.
- Look, A man would take that raft, a man would save himself.
What are you, crazy? Leave him, take the raft.
You can still get your man.
Absolutely not.
They’ll have you up on charges.
- Do you ever listen to yourself? - What? - Not you him.
- Who?! Like I said, loony toons.
Now listen to me, why don't you? - Do you mind? - Yes, I do.
I know you’ll do the right thing, son.
How? I have no legs.
It's in our nature.
Look, you don’t just leave a man in the wilderness and hope that he’ll survive.
They don’t thank you for it.
I’m not gonna leave you here.
If they survive.
All right.
If you’re not gonna do it, I’ll do it for you.
- Get away from me! - I’m nowhere near you! I'm not talking to you.
This man is gonna die if I don't get him out of here.
Now, I don't care what that makes me but what it doesn't make me is you.
Now back off, all right? Ray, who are you talking to? Well, shall we get in it? I don't think now's a good time.
Well, I suppose we should start walking.
You mean, you suppose I should start carrying you.
No-no, Ray, you remember that twitch that I mentioned earlier? Yeah.
Protract my lower lumbar, would you? What does that mean? Well, just put your knee in my back and pull.
All right.
Now you may have to really wrench it.
You ready? on three.
- One - Two Three.
AHHH HAAA! - Did that did that hurt? - Like a hot poker.
But look Look! I seem to have found my legs! That's great.
come on, let's get the hell out of here.
I got one, Fraser.
I got one.
- Fraser, look out! - What? - Duck! - What? - Now! - Oh.
- How many's that.
- Eight.
- Great, here take this.
- Toss it.
Looks like we're gonna run out of rope.
Well, we’ll have to improvise.
With what? The inside bark of a poplar is quite good, but it has to be boiled then chewed.
Inuit women do it all the time.
- It's good for the teeth.
- Oh, I'll remember to tell my dentist.
You know, cedar roots make a suitable alternative.
- Boil or chew? - Neither.
Well, I’m your man.
Here, tie this off.
Look at you.
You oughta know, Pop.
You never listen to me, you never knew what was good for you.
You never listened and you never learned.
And when did you tell me Pop huh? When you used to come home for dinner five nights a week, Or when I found you passed out on the floor on Saturday night from too much partying with the boys? Hey-hey, it wasn’t up to me to talk, it was up to you to listen.
Yeah, well, I’m not listening to you anymore.
I'm your father.
That's right, Pop.
You are my father.
- Get down! - I am down! Good.
Fraser, I thought you said he wasn't gonna risk a direct confrontation.
Yeah, It would appear I miscalculated.
But I have a plan.
We’re gonna draw him to the river, then lure him into the open using the raft as bait, and you trap him with the bola.
- I can't use the bola.
- I didn't say it was a good plan.
You have any another plans? Not at the present time, no.
Okay, if nothing else springs to mind, I’d like to get something off my chest.
My Dad when I was a kid Down-down-down.
Used to hang out down the pool hall, shooting pool and drinking espressos with the guys and acting like a big jalook, which he wasn’t.
Go-go-go-go! Go-go-go-go.
Okay , that’s good, that’s good.
So I'm 10, right? And I get this idea in my head that I want to go camping.
I don’t know where I get it, out of a book or something.
But the point is that I just want to be with him, you know I just want to spend some time with him.
So finally he says 'yes' and I go and I get a tent, right? Is this a particularly long story, Ray? So my Mom being the sweetheart that she is, goes and gets me her best sheets, her really good sheets, right? So I get some wood.
'cause I want to start a fire, right? But what I really want is for him to teach me how to make a fire.
So I'm waiting for him to come, right? And it starts to rain.
Ray, the river.
I waited and waited but he never came.
So I go down to Finelli’s and sure enough, there he is shooting pool with his friends.
I go home I take the tent down and we never speak of it ever again.
We can't choose our families, Ray.
Fraser, I never camped with my father.
Not once.
- The raft.
- Go-go.
Get, get Run, go.
This is perfect.
I think we've got him where we want him.
Oh, I’m sure that’s what he’ll be thinking when he shoots us to death at close range! How far is he? - Fifty yards.
- Angle? Ten o'clock.
And where's the bola? Fraser, he has a gun! I'm not gonna leap out into the open and start flinging stones at his head! Oh no, Ray, I am.
I think I can find his range with your help.
Fraser, you can't see! Ray.
I can see! Wow! Benny.
Benny! Ray! How many fingers? Four.
What happened? Oh, you're not gonna believe it Nobody's gonna believe it.
It was the most improbable natural phenomenon I have ever seen.
- Good work, son.
- Thank you.
- For what? - You got your man.
We got our man.
Yes we did, Benny.
Yes we did! But I think he's dead.
Oh Oh dear.
This is good.
A fresh breeze, a strong current.
We should make this an annual event, what do you say? Ah.
I would say you should watch the rock up on the left.
I got it, I got it.
Okay, now we’re coming up on a sandbar, Ray.
All right, speak to me, sandbar! No, I would avoid it if I were you.
You can’t avoid nature, Fraser, you got to work with it.
See, we're perfectly fine.
I know what I'm doing.
Admit it I know what I'm doing.
- You know what you're doing.
- Thank you.
- Ray? - What? Is that a water fall? High winds, Northern sky will carry you away You know you have to leave here but you wish that you could stay, There's four directions on this map but you're only going one way Due South, that's the way I'm going Due South By : Reza Fa.
(Final Version)