Due South (1994) s02e15 Episode Script

Body Language

I haven't won a hand at cards in two weeks, my love life's in the toilet and I can't buy a decent bust.
How is it new sunglasses will chance your luck, Ray? Well, all I can do is guess the old ones had some mojo because since I lost them it's been downhill.
What do you think? These look lucky to you? Oh, very lucky.
Would you excuse me for a second.
Excuse me, ma'am taxi! Where you goin'? She dropped her rabbit.
So? Excuse me.
Ah, excuse me.
Fine automobile.
For five bucks they gotta be worth a try, huh? Get out of the way! - Hey, come on! - Come on! Pardon me! - What? - I'm sorry about that.
Ouch! Move it! Bunny! Did you run all this way just to give it back? Yes, ma'am.
And you know, for future reference you may want to fasten your hand bag more securely.
That's so nice! - Are you alright ma'am.
- Mmmmhmmm.
Very good.
No! I mean.
I mean.
do you think this could be a sign? A sign of what? Well, bunny is my good luck charm, you know and I don't know, a lot of people think I'm really weird 'cause I have a good luck charm.
Well, you're not alone.
Hey, keep your pants on you jerk! You're some kind of cop, aren't you? I think bunny must have brought you to me for a reason.
Lady! Look, tonight Come here, come here.
Two o'clock at a liquor place, Konerko.
Just don't tell anybody I told you, okay? - I don't even know who you are.
- Yeah, I know.
- Lady! - You can go now.
What was that all about? I really don't know, Ray.
Well, I really gotta tell you, these shades aren't the answer.
- I got hit by a bicycle messenger .
- Don't throw them out.
They may have brought you something interesting after all.
Due South S02E15 "Body Language" Freeze, police! Come on, move.
Get in there.
Nice tip, Benny.
Who'd the lady say she was? She didn't; But I think I know where to look.
I'm sorry boys.
I don't remember.
How could you not remember? She was here yesterday.
She's about five three, a blond, she was wearing a green coat.
A picture.
It might help.
I'm visually oriented.
Yeah, well, we didn't think to take her picture.
Oh, I wish I could help.
Oh, would youwould you boys like a coffee? Yeah, a coffee'd be great.
Cream? No.
Alright, here you go, Ray.
I'm afraid it's the best I can do.
What? Are you kidding me? It's perfect.
Oh, it's not perfect.
The angle of the line - from the chin to the jaw line - I said it's perfect.
Oh yeah, yeah, I-I remember her.
Mmmm hmmmm.
Is there anything you can tell us about her? Nothing.
I never saw her before.
Look, did she say anything? Where she was from where she was goin'.
Maybe, you know, hair appointment, grand father, anything? No, not a word.
Except tuna surprise and tea with lemon.
Does that help? No.
Alright, look, if you see her again, give me a call.
Thank you kindly.
Boys, there was something particular about her money.
Not like she kept it in her hat like you.
but here.
Here's the tip she left me.
I-I don't know if it means anything or not but um, you don't see bills folded like this very often.
No, you don't.
Well, you do it you know where to look.
You think it's likely she's an entertainer of this type, Ray? Yeah.
Where else you gonna find dollar bills folded so they'll stay in a g-string? Thank you.
Hey Benny, you ever been in a place like this before? Not that I recall, Ray, no.
Why? Don't they have these places up in the Yukon? Oh, sure.
Sure they do.
They're just not that common, that's all.
So what you guys do for bachelor parties up there? Well, the only one I've ever attended, Ray, a prize was awarded for the best impression of the mating call of a bull moose.
- Yeah, don't tell me, you won.
- Alright.
- Huh? - Nothing.
I hope this isn't too embarrassing for you, Benny.
Uh, no it isn't embarrassing in the least, Ray.
Then how come, you're not looking? Well, I only saw the face of the woman we're tracking and I don't believe I could recognize her by her other features.
I'm sorry, we're not being more successful, Ray.
I-I may have to pick up with you again tomorrow.
I have night duty at the Consulate in an hour.
Alright, this is the last one.
We're in, look, we're gone, alright.
Give me a receipt.
Receipt? - That's what I said.
A receipt.
- It's comin'.
Ten bucks a pop just to get in the door.
No wonder these places make so much money.
- Your receipt.
- Thanks.
- Have a good time.
- Thank you kindly.
Barry, what are you doin' behind the cash? Hey, Mr.
Ordover, how you doin'? Well, I-I was just filling in for Julie.
You know, the baby's sick.
Get someone else to fill in.
You're not a bouncer anymore you're management.
You are absolutely right.
You You're absolutely right, Mr.
- Thatthat's not gonna happen again.
- Attaboy.
- Any trouble from Litvak tonight? - No, not at all.
No sir, not a thing.
No, everything was beautiful.
Hey, uh, I-I heard about the bust last night.
I lost a good man on that one.
Well, Mr.
Ordover, - If there's anything - Thanks Barr.
I got a lot of ground to cover on that.
Anything at all? Hey, keep up the good work, huh? She's not here, Ray.
Alright, I'll get you back to work then keep looking myself.
Oooh, nice uniform soldier.
Uh, actually I'm not a soldier, I'm a Mountie.
I bet you are.
You know Benny, you got to let me borrow that uniform sometime.
It's got a lot more juice than these glasses.
And now.
gentlemen, the jewel in our crown, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite's! - Hey Benny, isn't that? - Yes, it is, Ray.
Okay, you talk to her.
She didn't see me, she saw you.
Come on.
Ray, I really do have to get going.
Perhaps I'll uh I'll just try and schedule an appointment.
No, you gotta make contract now.
Good evening Miss Aphrodite's.
- I wonder if I could - What are you doin' here! I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine.
I shouldn't have said anything to you before.
Now just leave me alone, okay? She doesn't want to talk to you, Ray.
Well, I don't care she has to.
Mute music theme! Sorry about this folks.
Um, I'll give you all passes for another night.
Uh, everything will be alright.
A temporary problem.
These things are useless.
Get out of here! Benny, You're holding a rat.
Yes, I'm aware of that, Ray.
Ugh, now you're kissing it? No, I'm smelling her breath actually.
Come on.
There you go.
Alright, off you go.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Well, that may not be true in the larger scheme of things but at least this ordeal is over.
- So, off you go.
- Pssst! - Toodle-loo.
Pssst! - Oh, hello.
- Shh! I can't let anyone see me talking to you.
Go to my apartment and let yourself in.
Here's my spare key and my address.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Take it.
Very good.
Constable Turnbull? Yes, it's Constable Fraser.
Listen, I wonder it you'd be so kind as to stay on duty for approximately 20 minutes until my arrival.
No, you won't get into trouble.
I'm sure the inspector Turnbull! Turnbull, calm down.
Now you are just the messenger, she will not shoot you.
Well, if she does, I'll admit I was wrong.
Thank you kindly.
- Hi.
- Hello Ida.
How do you know my name? - Saw it on the mailbox.
- Oh! Right.
- Nobody followed you here, did they? - No.
I figured they'd all be preoccupied at the club.
I can't believe you tracked me.
- Who are you guys? - I'm Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP.
What? Uh, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
And this is my friend Detective Ray Vecchio.
Chicago P.
Oh god.
I shouldn't have said anything to you guys yesterday and I have nothing else to say now.
So it's really nice to meet you and I hope you have a good night.
- You know Ida - Ida.
- That crime that you tipped us off to? - Mmm.
- Well, that was pretty serious.
- Yeah.
We just want to know a little more about it.
Ah, like I said, I got nothing I mean, I can't say anything else.
- You know as police.
our job is to help you.
- Uh huh.
Now if you don't want to help us we're gonna have to slap you with a subpoena.
Oh God.
I was such an idiot.
No Ida you're not.
You were concerned about something, you acted responsibly.
You have a good conscience.
She's a stripper! Dancer.
I don't think I like you very much.
You don't have to like me.
You just have to talk to me.
You're worried about someone.
A man.
A man who smokes too much.
How did you know that? Well, you don't smoke, yet you have ashtrays stationed everywhere in your apartment.
He also drinks rather more than you would like.
The indentation on the lacquer of this chess suggests there was a decanter on it until recently.
Then you became concerned and you removed the liquor so there'd be less temptation, but it didn't work, did it? No.
You wish he'd stop doing what he's doing and let you take care of him.
You got all that by just looking around my apartment? - Yes.
- Wow.
Who's the guy? I'm not talking to you.
Ask her who the guy is.
She's not going to betray him, Ray.
Tell her she has no choice.
Oh my god.
Oh my god! Oh my god.
He's here.
He's here.
Oh, oh! Q-Quick, get the key, get in the closet.
Right you are.
I am not getting in the closet.
Well, he can't find you here.
- It'll-it'll ruin everything.
You - I am not getting in the closet! I'm going to stand right here till he comes upstairs, then we're gonna have a little chat.
Ray, please get in the closet.
Benny, get out of the closet.
Ray, get in the closet.
- I am not getting in the closet.
- Ray, if you don't get in the closet, you'll loose your source.
What a night.
Can you believe it babe these-these rats right in the damn club.
Are you alright? Yeah.
I had to get out of there.
I closed the place down and called the exterminator.
This is getting serious babe.
I need a drink.
- Baby, you been drinking all day.
- Hey, I don't have enough grief already? You know how I'm gonna get through this baby if you're gonna give it to me too.
Baby you been acting too tense lately.
- Come on, you can talk to me.
- You don't understand baby, business is business.
You don't need to know.
You don't.
You don't want to know.
I want to know.
He's conked.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, hey, you guys alright.
We're fine.
- No, I'm not alright.
- Thank you so much for doing this.
Just tip toe out, okay? Not until you tell me who that guy is.
That's Barry Pappas my boyfriend although I'm starting to wonder why.
Barry Pappas.
Didn't he used to be a fighter? That's right.
I lost money on that guy.
- Shut up.
- Shh.
I-I-I can do it, just give me the chance.
Who's he talking to? Oh, I-I didn't want you to hear this.
Tomorrow, I-I'll fix it for you.
So this is how you knew about the liquor truck.
Uh huh.
I'll burn it to the ground.
I'm not gonna wake him up and ask him.
Alright, fine.
I will.
- No! - You probably won't have to.
He's in the fourth stage rem trance enhanced by the effects of alcohol.
So what's that mean? It means he's talking in his sleep.
- Oh, you could have just said so.
- Hi, Barry.
Talk to me.
What are you gonna burn? What you said? What did I say? Ahhh Warehouse.
Third and Green Midnight.
You're gonna let me do it, right? Yeah, we're gonna let you do it, just tell us, whose warehouse are you gonna burn.
- Barry! - Ah baby, you're the best, you're the best, baby.
All right, you satisfied? No, I am not satisfied and what I need from you it's to get a tape recorder and record everything he says.
Do you hear me? Yeah, well Barry's all I got and I'm doing everything I can to keep him out of trouble and now you want to put him in jail and I'm not gonna have anybody.
Will you shut up and get me out of this? Ma'am, do you think you could? Not 'till he apologizes.
- I'm not apologizing to her.
- Ray.
- Come here, baby.
- Oh! Okay, okay.
- I'm sorry alright.
I'm sorry.
- Fine.
Come on baby.
Come on baby.
There you go.
Thank you kindly.
Make sure you call me.
You know Ida, I think there probably is a good man waiting out there for you somewhere.
One more worthy of your affection.
Possibly one who can stay awake.
Shut up.
Turnbull? I uh I sent him home, Constable.
Over two hours ago.
Would you care to tell me where you've been? Ahem.
Well, I-I I've been in a closet, ma'am! Any particular closet? An exotic dancers closet.
Well, that's your business of course.
Well, I don't think you understand, ma'am.
I-I was in the closet with Detective Vecchio.
I think that is all I care to hear about it, Constable.
Perhaps you'll take the assignment I'm about to give you as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of punctuality.
This is everything I could find on Mt.
Olympus, Ray.
There's been some disturbances there recently with their plumbing and electricity and then the rats last night.
But they haven't filed any complaints.
Thanks, Elaine.
You got a lawyer or not.
What's the deal? Huey, nice work on that B&E.
It's got to be at least a seven.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
A seven for a B&E? You gotta be kidding me.
That can't be worth more than a four.
Mmmm, four for the bust, three for artistic interpretation.
Yeah, give me a break.
Close the door.
What is this? Expense report, sir.
Two hundred and twenty dollars for strip clubs? Had to go to a lot of them, sir.
Here I'm thinking you're out chasing a bomber and you're gonna strip joints.
Vecchio, you are in no position to yank my chain.
With all due respect, sir, I wouldn't call a shot at taking down Mark Ordover yanking your chain.
Mark Ordover? My colleges in the 14th and 20 second would love to take him down, Mark Ordover? None other, sir.
He's the bankroll behind the Mt.
Olympus Club and I have reason to believe he's the man who ordered the bombing.
What have you got on him.
We spoke to one of his people, they're gonna be burning down a warehouse.
- He told you that? - I heard it right from his lips.
Alright, Detective.
You've got a full team at the warehouse.
Thank you, sir.
And Vecchio Sir? Stopping a possible mob war, that'll be a ten.
A ten, sir? Thank you.
Why stop it? Stop what? The mob.
Beating each other up.
Let 'em take each other out.
They're just doing our job first.
It's me, Ida Banks from last night.
Oh! Hello? I get it, you can't move, right? Or talk or nothing, huh? Maybe that ain't so bad.
A guy that doesn't talk back.
Anyway, I been thinking about what you said about how there's a good man out there for me.
And then it hit me.
You were talking about you.
See, the thing is Barry he used to be the sweetest guy.
I mean when he was a bouncer he was so shy he could hardly even watch me dance and I liked that, you know? But the last couple months ever since he got this job and he's been promoted assistant manager, he's been acting so different and stressy and drinking and talking in his sleep and telling me to shut up all the time and I just want a guy who's gonna treat me nice, you know? So am I right or what? You know, you really are a gentleman.
If you want to ask me out I just might say yes.
I mean that is.
if uh, Barry doesn't clean up his act I mean.
Anyway, I got to get goin'.
See you around, Mr.
Oh, dear! Here they come.
Hold your positions.
You have any luck finding out who owns this place? Yeah, it's a dummy corporation.
Which usually means mob money.
I've got Elaine working on it right now.
These things are pretty tough to crack.
We've got enough gas to burn down the whole block.
Let's get 'em.
Let's go.
Freeze! Let's go! Get 'em! Put your hands up! You okay? Yeah.
He just winged me I guess.
Sorry Jack, maybe you were right.
We should have let them take each other out.
Don't shoot, we didn't do anything.
Maybe not.
Unbelievable! What? The police were at the warehouse.
Waiting for my guys.
Again? That's-that's two times in a row.
Well, somebody must be talkin'.
No, not-not me.
If I find the leak it is not gonna be pretty.
Ordover, if there's anything I can do; Anything There might be.
So what do you feel like, Benny? Chinese? Italian? Barbecue? It's your call.
- Alright, I know a great place for ribs.
- No-no, Ray.
The rat I examined.
Her breath? It had the scent of BBQ sauce and BBQ ribs on it.
Now it was partially digested of course, which is why it took me so long to place it.
So what does that mean? Well, Mt.
Olympus doesn't offer ribs on his menu.
So that probably isn't where the rat got the food.
- So the rats were imported.
- Well possibly, so if we can locate the source of the sauce, we may be able to find the saboteur who released the rats in Mt.
Alright, let's recap.
I got a guy who talks in his sleep and a stripper who's ripping you clothes off.
No, I didn't say she was trying to rip my clothes off.
I merely said she slipped her hand it's not important.
Detective? It's me, Ida.
Barry talked in his sleep again.
It's bad this time.
He's gonna kill someone.
OLYMPUS CLUB Ya, dance cause you love it then you dance to make money and I don't mind taking my clothes off part so much I really don't.
I mean there's a doorbell did says that clothes were dishonest anyway and then you meet a guy you think that he's the sweetest person in the whole world and he ends up a killer.
Excuse me.
- Ida, can we focus here? - Yeah, yeah, okay, I'm focused.
I'm really focused.
Can you get that Teddy, please? Ida, who was it Barry said he was going to kill.
Like he's gonna tell me.
Okay, I'm gonna be better off without him.
No, you can't leave him.
Ray, she has to do what she thinks is right.
Benny, you want to work with me here? Look Ida, you said you love him, right? Yeah, I did.
Alright now Barry, he's been under a lot of pressure lately and he's not at his best.
You're just saying that because you want me to keep telling you what he says in his sleep.
If that's what it takes to prevent a murder? Yes.
Ida, can you think of anyone who'd want to hurt Barry? Someone wants to hurt Barry? Ida, he's into some very serious stuff here.
Yeah, well, you talk to him because he won't listen to me anymore anyway.
Ma'am, your teddy.
You know, I am I'm still available that is if you still wanna, go out with me sometime.
Ida, I-I hope I didn't mislead you in anyway um No-no-no.
See, the invitation it's uh, still good.
That is if you're a decent guy and not a crumb like Barry.
Ahem Thank you.
Bunny and I have to go.
Well, uh, goodnight.
Keep going, come on! Little Tony's, Rib Pit, The Rib Shack, Ribs-o-rama and Tickle my Ribs.
I think you have all the ribs on the south side.
Do you mind if I ask what's goin' on? We're tasting them.
I can see that.
I meant, why? - You don't want to know.
- Try me.
Rat breath.
- Dief: whines - Ugh.
I told you you don't want to know.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, don't wolf it down.
You're suppose to taste it.
Now remember, we're looking for a combination of jalapeno peppers and raw comb honey in a wonderful ratio.
You know Fraser, we been at this all morning.
- Do you mind if we move on? - Well, you could help me.
I don't think so.
Alright, I'm gonna go shake Barry's peaches.
Well, he hasn't done anything, Ray.
And if we can find the right sauce we'll have found a piece of the larger picture.
You want to know what the larger picture is? Me without a source.
Now I got to catch something for my troubles even if it is a minnow like Barry.
KIT KAT CORRAL Dief: whines Wait a minute.
Ugh, that's disgusting.
This is it.
The Kit Kat Corral? This ain't no minnow.
Howdy partners.
Yeah, howdy to you to partner.
We're looking for Litvak.
Well, you moseyed into the right saloon, buckaroos I'm Litvak.
What's on your mind? Tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, both brown and white, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and jalapeno peppers with raw comb honey in a wonderful combination.
You gonna bust me for my mothers rib recipe? - Is that what you're gonna do? - No, how about 50 rats chasing away the customers of Mt.
Hey pal, don't blame me.
Maybe those rats were just looking for wander their own kind.
Yeah and maybe you're not up to the competition.
Mark Ordover? Competition hell.
You must be kiddin'.
- Howdy Shelley.
- Howdy Shelley.
- Hello girls.
See that? That's the real reason I love this business.
Litvak, I'd like to.
take a look in your kitchen if you don't mind.
What for? Evidence linking you to the rats.
Hey kid, you don't seriously think I could go down for rat food, do you? No, but he does and that's all that counts.
Come with me.
Kitchen is in the back here.
All that counts.
What the hell do you mean by that? - We want you to call a truss with Ordover.
- Truss? You must be kiddin', he'd only break it.
- That punks got the ethics of a rattlesnake.
- Yeah, well, when he breaks it, you give me a call.
'Cause if you can get me something on Ordover, maybe nobody needs to know about the rats.
Fair enough, partner.
Now, why don't you get along little doggy? I have 75 candles to blow out tonight.
Gotta conserve my breath.
Yeah, happy trails to you, partner.
- Yes, Mr.
- I like that Mountie look, but I can do without those two guys, Frick and Frack.
Make sure that I don't' see them anymore.
You understand me? This is the sauce.
Ida? Is that you? Oh, hi.
What are you doing here? Making a livin'.
They gave me a job.
But I miss Barry.
Great! Well, not that you miss Barry.
That uh maybe it's time to reconciliation.
I'm not gonna get back together with Barry so I can rat on him.
Not so you can just rat on him.
Don't you get it? I just want my old Barry back.
Well, if we don't find out who Barry's gonna kill Ray May I have a word with you? Excuse us.
Better talk to Welsh.
Put a I think I'd like to try something else.
Excuse me.
This a private club, pal.
Well, actually I came to see you.
Me? I know you? No, but I know you.
That's a good one.
I ain't heard that in a long time.
That's what guys used to say when they wanted me to throw a fight.
But you never did, did you? No.
No, but I might as well have.
Hey listen, here Red, if you're gonna stand there and talk you might as well come over here and hold the bag so I don't cool down.
You know I stopped at the library on the way over.
Looked up some old articles on your career.
It was very promising for awhile.
Yeah, you win some you lose some, huh? In the end it seems you lost more than you won.
I fought my heart out every time.
You know my friend Ray describes one of your fights.
He bet a substantial amount of money on you.
He wants his money back, tell him to forget it.
No, it's not about the money.
What he describes is the third round.
You'd hit your opponent with three solid hooks.
His legs were rubbery he was about to go down all you needed was one more punch; Yet you didn't have the heart to throw that punch.
Your opponent recovered, he knocks you out in the fourth.
Well, I had to do it all over again, I'd throw the stupid punch.
According to your records you never did.
And that's why people started calling you a loser.
- Listen, I'm not a loser.
- No, I know you're not.
I know that.
Particularly not to people who matter.
What's your point? Get to your point.
I'm a friend of Ida's.
We'll be at the 12 Street Grill at 7 o'clock.
If you'd care to join us.
Hey Barry.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, Mr.
Ordover, I'll tell you, I've been having second thoughts.
Really? Yeah, it's just that well, I-I've got stuff to straighten out with Ida.
- She - Wait a second, I thought that was over.
I thought your mind was on the business at hand.
Well, it is.
It is.
Believe me err What's important to you? I mean, do you want to move up in the world? Or do you like the view from the bottom? II wanna be someone.
Then think about what's best for Barry right now.
- Yeah, but Ida - she's - No.
You're not listening.
Think about it.
I got a job for you, Leo.
Yeah, thanks Elaine.
Great work.
Hey, Benny, so you're right about Litvak.
He's the money behind the warehouse and that liquor dump.
Well, that's good.
I thought you'd be here with Ida.
Aw, she'll be here.
She just stopped home to change.
How 'bout Barry.
He's gonna come? Well, I guess we'll know when he gets here.
Do you think you could be a little more non committal? Well, I didn't put a gun to his head.
You know Benny, you need a good luck charm.
Something that'll give you a little more optimism.
I happen to think I'm very optimistic, Ray.
Then tell me that Barry's gonna show.
That you can feel it in your gut.
Well, I can't empirically.
I don't know weather he's gonna show.
See? No optimist.
- Excuse me? - Yeah.
We'll have four menu's, please.
Satisfied? - Yeah, it's a start.
- Well.
Thank you kindly.
She gets back to her apartment, goes to the john, that's two minutes.
She applies her makeup that's an additional 10 minutes.
Changes her clothes.
5 or 6 more.
- Something's wrong.
- Let's go.
It's Ida.
Hey baby, - I was just thinking about you.
- Well, don't.
Ah! Don'tdon't what? Think about me.
I'm not gonna be meeting you at the diner, Barry, so don't bother showing up.
What? What do you mean? Mr.
Litvak offered to pay me twice as much money to dance than you ever did.
He's a really nice guy and he told me that he was gonna introduce me to all kinds of guys who are really good looking, and.
So I'm sorry Barry but I officially don't want to see you anymore.
Wait a second, Ida, youyou're talking crazy.
I love you.
I gotta go.
So what is it, Barry? She-she dumped me.
She-she's working for Litvak.
They'll do this to you every time.
No, no, not Ida.
Hey, they see a greener pasture, they're gone.
It's tough to know who your friends are sometimes.
Litvak that son of a bitch! I'll show him.
Ordover, you you didn't get anybody else to do the job, did you? Barry, look, forget about it.
I know you're not feeling sure on this one.
I'll do it.
When do you want me to do it? They came out of the closet, Ray.
Ah! Private party folks.
Hey brother, your lights are on.
Ouch! so although Uncle Pervice did instruct me in the essence of escape maneuvers, I was never quite able to manage the art.
of dislocating my joints.
Although they say that skill is actually.
heredity, so - I'm sorry about your sunglasses, Ray.
- Well, at least they were good for somethin'.
Those guys made me say terrible things to Barry.
Like what? Like I had to leave him for Shelley Litvak.
That's an interesting plan.
I suggest we move quickly.
HAPPY 75TH SHELLEY Invitations please.
This is my invitation, pal.
Unless you have a warrant to go with that, I'm afraid you're out of luck.
I'm afraid your boss is in serious danger.
I find that hard to believe.
What are we gonna do now? Well, I'm sure it's not an insolvable problem, Ray.
What are you gonna do? Ask somebody for their invitation? That's a good idea.
Excuse me, I have reason to believe that the life of someone in that club is in danger.
I was wondering if I could use your invitation to gain entrance.
Thank you kindly.
Hi, excuse me, there's somebody in there who's in danger.
You think I could Pardon me, there's a man in Ladies and gentlemen, how about a great big happy birthday to the kindest, the handsomest, the most honest man you'd ever want to meet.
The king of the Kit Kat Corral, Mr.
Shelley "Ride 'em Cowboy" Litvak.
Thank you, thank you folks thank you.
and thank you honey.
You said it just the way I wrote it.
- Happy birthday to you.
- Happy birthday to you.
- Happy birthday to you Shelley.
- Happy birthday to you Shelley.
- Happy birthday to you.
- Happy birthday to you.
Now that's.
how a Mountie should look.
You! What the hell are you doin' here? Don't do this, Barry.
He's got a gun! You ruined my life, Red.
He took my Ida.
It was Ordover who had Ida kidnapped.
He forced her to make that call.
He's right.
He knew you'd be so angry that you'd try to kill Litvak for stealing your girl.
Right again.
Then where's Ida? Ida! It's true.
Everything he says is true.
Ida, you you still love me? Yes, with with very few conditions.
One of them is you put down the gun, Barry.
The other? You give us everything you have on Mark Ordover.
- Ida.
- Barry.
Oh, my Barry.
Alright folks, so much for the showdown, let's start the hoedown! You know Benny, those glasses were driving me crazy.
I think I'm done with this superstition thing.
No more lucky pennies, no more magic pencils, no more chanting.
- You chant, Ray? - Well, not anymore.
From now on it's hard evidence and empirical logic.
It's a wise decision.
Excuse me.
Um, I was just at Ida's place.
She found these on the floor and asked me to give them back to you.
Thank you.
If you ask me though, you got such nice eyes it's a shame to cover them up.
- Really? - Yeah.
Would you like to go out for a coffee or something.
I'd like that very much.
Yeah? Great.
Oh, watch out for that crack.
Bad luck.
By : Reza Fa.
Many thanks to [duesouth.
com] for script.
Version : 3