Durarara!! (2010) s01e23 Episode Script

Complicated and Confused

1 DURARARA!! The gloomy cloudy sky looks like a tearful face Nakidashi sou na kao de ureu hikui sora I spit out saliva mixed with frustration Iradachi majiri no tsuba wo haku As I fear tomorrow, embracing an anxiety Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na That everything is about to fall apart Fuan daite asu ni obie I know I'll never get any answers Asatte bakka mite tatte By looking only to the day after that Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte What will I paint on the limitless pure-white tomorrow? Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku What will reality paint Genjitsu ga someyuku On the pure-black tomorrow it stains? Makkura na ashita ni nani wo egaku In my struggle, I shine Mogaki kagayaku I found out.
The most important thing is Was it fun? Tricking me Sucking up to him I don't want to run anymore.
You can't run from your past.
The reason you're worrying is because of your past, right? Blame Masaomi Kida who ordered the hit! The Dollars are going to disappear.
What will I paint on the limitless pure-white tomorrow? Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku What will reality paint Genjitsu ga someyuku On the pure-black tomorrow it stains? Makkura na ashita ni nani wo egaku In my struggle, I shine Mogaki kagayaku Russia Sushi! Come to Russia Sushi! It good! It cheap! How about you, mister? Boss? Hello, this is Russia Sushi.
I didn't know who to call, so I decided to call you.
What are you talking about? I wanted to tell you what he's thinking.
Namie, what do you call this? Check? Checkmate? Or jackpot? Hey! Oh, she's not here.
COMPLICATED AND CONFUSED What do we do? The yellows are still beating people up.
I heard that guy named Horada's behind it.
What's Masaomi doing? Dunno.
Horada You mean that Horada? "That" Horada? Which Horada? This is awful.
Doubts are swirling around in my brain.
Did Mikado have the Dollars act, while he knew everything? Was Anri working with him? Or was she using him? They're both awful.
But I'm the worst, the way I'm imagining this.
What do I do? Where do I go? There's nowhere for me to go.
Come in.
I know why you're here.
I thought that was the only way to end this.
I thought that was the most Dollars-like way to settle it.
I think being without any kind of form defines the Dollars.
Now we're invisible again.
I think the Slasher and the Yellow Scarves will calm down.
I've found what's important.
I think this is for the best.
I understand.
But that's not why I'm here today.
Hello? Hey, it's me, Horada.
What? Did something happen? You know, you don't need to come around anymore.
You're fired.
Fired from the position of leader.
Fired, fired! What are you talking about? Mikado Ryugamine, is it? Isn't that your friend's name? What a shock.
The leader of the Dollars was friends with our gang's head- Wait! Who told you- Who cares? Anyway, I can't believe you tricked us all.
Everyone's here, and they're all lookin' shocked.
What are you going to do? Go after the Dollar's head.
Everyone can't wait to kick some ass.
You've got an execution order on your head, too.
You won't be able to walk around in Ikebukuro anymore.
Mikado Do you like Anri Sonohara? Is Masaomi Kida your best friend? What do you mean? The number you have dialed is out of service This is an answering machine service Yes? Yo.
Goodness gracious! What happened to you? Eh, you know I got shot.
Parts of your leg and abdomen muscles are badly damaged.
Anyway, how can you stand and walk like this? How am I still standing? Because I can stand and walk of course.
Shizuo, what are you doing here? Oh, man Who are you again? Anri.
Anri, excuse us for a minute.
What happened? Well, at first, I thought I'd slipped in the rain.
And then there was all this blood from my stomach and my leg.
So I realized I'd been shot.
And then I was gonna kill the guys who shot me, but they ran off.
Idiot, huh? Want to die? I apologize from the bottom of my heart! Fix me up, already.
I've gotta go kill them.
That's impossible! I'm gonna kill 'em! The guys who shot me and this Masaomi Kida who ordered them to.
The signal cannot reach the number you have dialed My suspicions about Anri and Mikado had disappeared completely.
If the Yellow Scarves attacked Mikado Or kidnapped Anri to lure him out Why couldn't I move then? What made me hesitate? What was I afraid of? You can't get away.
The past will follow you, wherever you go.
No That can't be.
It's all true.
Masaomi Does Masaomi know about me? I don't know.
But when he was blaming Anri, he wasn't himself.
It's possible he knows that you're the founder of the Dollars.
No way Who told him? I know an information broker who loves to see people suffer.
You started the Dollars.
Do what you want.
But your decision to make them disappear won't change anything for you three.
Why didn't they tell me? Why didn't you? Well, I thought the Dollars were my problem.
They're the same.
What you see isn't necessarily reality.
Everyone has secrets, things they feel that they can't tell anyone.
There's no such thing as a normal person.
So don't be afraid.
Face Anri, Masaomi, and your own reality.
If you love her, tell her everything about yourself.
It isn't a problem for the Slasher, Dollars or Yellow Scarves.
This is a problem for you three, and you will have to solve it.
Hello? Celty? I'm running after her now.
Shizuo was shot with a handgun.
Anri ran out of the place all of the sudden.
Um, well, that wasn't why she left He said it was Masaomi Kida who gave the order to shoot Shizuo.
I can't run anymore I can't breathe Sorry I just can't get it all straight.
She's fast Anri is so fast! Hey, Kida.
What's wrong? Your face looks depressed.
Hungry again? Simon.
Kida, you look unwell.
That's strange.
Hey, Simon.
Your sushi is the best.
I give it five stars.
Heck, I'd give it all the stars on the US flag.
Russia Sushi was always so good! Are you going to go fight? Or are you gonna kill someone, and then get killed yourself? What? Why are you talking like that? You think you're an esper or something? Did Izaya set you up to do something again? That's not it.
Kill or be killed Both not good.
The place I used to live, someone always die in fight.
Kida, your eyes look like those of someone ready to die.
Simon No, this is Ikebukuro, not my town.
It's warm.
People here will give you food, even if you homeless; even though you no drink vodka, you no freeze and die.
There's no need for kids like you to kill! I'm sorry.
I have to go Kida Someone Anyone in the Yellow Scarves Someone! There's no one here.
No one Which means Interesting.
Truly interesting! Three friends, each with their own secrets.
Coincidence and just a few evil deeds brought them to learn each other's secrets, in an almost ideal way! Well, most of those evil deeds were mine.
But yeah, the guy they're up against is kind of a boring loser.
Maybe I should've chosen someone better for that part.
What do you think, Namie? Is this really how you want the Yellow Scarves to keep goin'?! Listen! We're not like the Dollars, just a bunch of random people.
We've got a unified power they lack.
The Dollars leader even issued an order disbanding them, but don't be fooled! Obviously, it's just a stupid trick! We need to get them all! If we take out the Dollars, we can control not just Ikebukuro but Tokyo, as well.
Got it? Imagine! Everyone, everyone, everyone in the whole city will obey us! That damned Shizuo Heiwajima is gone.
The only ones left in the Dollars who aren't cowering in fear are Kadota's gang.
We'll beat the crap out of them, and then go after their leader, Ryugamine! And then there'll be nothing for us to fear! So let's head out to Ikebukuro! Was that really a good idea? Killing someone? Really? It was the right thing to do.
The right thing Without Shizuo Heiwajima, there's nothing to be scared of.
The police will destroy us! If we have to, we'll make it look like it was an internal fight within the Dollars.
That's not gonna work! Shut up! It will! It'll go fine! Horada.
It'll go fine It's meant to be.
The cops? The cops here already? The hell are you doing here? Oh, Celty! Want sushi again? I'm looking for Masaomi Kida and Anri Sonohara.
Have you seen them? Kida I saw.
He looked really serious.
Probably a fight I couldn't stop him.
Do you know where he went? I haven't seen the yellow guys at all today.
I'm sure he's with them.
All right.
Save him.
Are you prepared to accept any ugly thing you may see? Yes.
What's going on here? I don't see any familiar faces here.
Can't get 'em on their cells, either.
You didn't Well, all those I thought wouldn't want me at the top They're all in the hospital from a surprise hit by some weirdos last night.
Scary! Gotta be the Dollars.
Right, guys? You bastard! You're an idiot, coming here, like a moth to the flame.
Maybe I should make it a game like Izumii did, break your leg and be like, "Quiz time!" What did you say? Did you say just Izumii? It occurred to me The Yellow Scarves have done a few too many bad things.
I think it's time to change the name and color.
A pale color just like your face.
You No You can't all You can't be! You finally realized? Yeah, that's right.
They're Blue Square, the guys you hate.
And we're not just a bunch of losers, keeping a dead group alive.
We've consumed the Yellow Scarves.
Really The minute we took off the blue cloth and asked to join, they let us in readily.
What's wrong? You ready to get on your knees and beg? Nah, I actually feel better.
Now that I'm fired from the Yellow Scarves, I'm just a high schooler who likes to hit on girls.
Just a loser, who couldn't save the girl he loved.
Like an idiot, I thought I could turn away from my past and be a normal student.
That's why I came here.
I'm I'm just Masaomi Kida.
That's why I came here! At some point, the past following me moved ahead.
You can't get away.
Not ever, ever, ever, ever A person's past and memories are very lonely things.
So now it's my turn to chase the past.
I hear the past gets lonely very easily.
So I need to catch up to it.
What the hell are you talking about, you idiot? I didn't just come here ready to die.
I was ready to kill.
Yeah To kill you, to be exact.
I'll say it as many times as I want.
That's why I'm here.
And I won't let anyone deny me that! What are you doing? Get this moron! What made me hesitate? It was so simple.
H-Hey He's just one guy! What's wrong with you people? What's wrong with you people? I'm me.
I'm me.
That's all it ever was.
Saki I'm not scared anymore.
I'm going to catch up to my past soon.
Do something! Y-You useless idiots! Oh, right.
What? Don't scare me, damn it! I'm going to kill you for real! The hell you think you're doing? Um, well, looks like Mother would be sad if you killed him.
So I acted on my own, yes Um, I can tell I'm sorry.
I can feel Mother's almost here.
Masaomi! Anri Why? Masaomi! Mikado Mikado, why? Are there any dreams left in this age? Konna jidai ni wa yume ga aru no ka na? I'm just sick of saying that Sonna kuchiguse wa iiakita kedo And I thought about acting tough Zutto warubutte kita tsumori dakedo But lately, I just don't see the point Saikin sore sae mo munashiku naru n da And "I miss you" "Aitai" to ka Is just as jarring and pointless a phrase in this town Yoku nita machi ni karamawaru zatsuon no phrase I won't be fooled by that (Not by that) Sonna mono de (Sonna mono ja nee) damasarenai My own feelings are all I need to understand Jibun no omoi nara wakatteru n da We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Somewhere, you're praying that your dreams will come true Kanawanu yume nante nai to dokoka negau n da Because everyone does that Daremo sou yatte Find them yourself, keep running and looking for them Jibun sagashiteru n da hashiri tsuzukete mieta mono ga That's the answer you get Sore ga kotae datte We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the light, like butterflies Hikari wo motomeru tatoeba chou no you Our wings shining Hane kagayakase Even if our hearts lose their freedom in the strong winds in the sky Kokoro wa oozora tsuyoi kaze de jiyuu ushinattemo We don't want any regrets Koukai wa shitaku nai We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the light Hikari wo motomeru We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the highest point Takami wo motomeru This program is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to people, parties, or situations is purely coincidental.
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