Durham County (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

Life In The Dollhouse

I was charged with juvenile manslaughter when I hit Ray with the car.
Attempted manslaughter.
- Thought it was an accident.
- It was.
I told Ray I'd charge him with rape if he didn't retract.
Ray cuts hair; he collects it.
You're gunning for the guy, ever since Claire.
You sent her out to shake down Ray Jr.
? No, I didn't.
My dad was home.
Maybe you're just like your father.
I'm just checking on a plumbing job The night of September 19th.
Yeah, can I get Superintendant Palmer, please? Where were you, Mike, the night she was killed? Are you gonna get me, officer? I'm comin'.
Episode 1 x 06 : Life in the Doll House Is she dead? You killed her.
It was an accident You were angry man, you lost control.
Everything's going to be okay, Maddie.
I'll pick you up later Dad? Could I talk to you? Dad! No coffee.
Sunday the 19th.
You weren't at Dodo's.
I called the guy.
Is that what he said? Well, maybe he's a dodo.
You ever think of that? It's just that he said-- Where do you think I was, Raymond, - if I wasn't there? - I don't know.
Well maybe you have an overactive imagination, huh? You ever think of that, Mr.
Writer? I just think it's best if you go to the police.
Well, call the police.
- You don't care? - No, I don't give a shit.
I don't give a shit.
Just tell me where the fuck you were! Hey asshole, you know what? I'm pretty sure that I was at Dodo's.
Or maybe I was out, you know, running after your mother.
Maybe, I was sitting there, on my goddamn couch, all by goddamn myself, and going out of my fucking mind! - I'm sorry.
- Are you kidding me? I'm sorry, Dad.
I'll make the coffee.
Ray Prager brings in Nathalie's notebook and you're telling me that's not suspicious ! I'm not telling you anything.
Your name's in there, the night she died-- - Where did he get it? - Where were you, Mike? Where did he get it? Where? Are you going to calm down or should I cuff you? I'm calm.
I'm fucking calm.
Let's start all over again.
You had a dinner date.
It's in the book.
Your name, the time.
I was late.
- I missed it.
- Because? - Because I was downtown.
- Why? Because I beat the shit out of that fuck, Alvy.
The guy that killed my partner.
That's why my hands were bruised.
What was I gonna do, Tom? What was I gonna do? Let him walk? You could have waited until the assigned detectives gathered evidence, built a case.
That wasn't going to happen, Tom.
Okay, so after you put the creep in the hospital, you went back to Nathalie's.
Then what? She wasn't there.
Or she said something you didn't like and you cracked her head open? We've established that's how you solve your problems, right? I didn't kill Nathalie, Tom.
- Ray did.
- Ray doesn't have a motive.
It was impulse! She said something nice about his kid, he blew up! Who's the guy who blows up now, Mike? Mom? Did you see him? No.
What about Tom? Have you eaten anything? How can you think about food at a time like this? Because your blood sugar drops.
You need to keep your head.
You can see him - five minutes, if you want.
Can I come? No.
Just wait here.
Ray Prager was out the night Ms.
Lacroix was died.
Okay? I saw him come home at two in the morning.
He's lying to you.
I know, Mike told me that you saw him.
So? Do something.
Take my statement! Did your father put you up to this? No.
He wouldn't have killed her.
Come on, he hardly even knew her.
He knew her.
We met in the support group at the hospital.
We-- - We became friends.
- Friends? What, she held your cock while you cried over your sick wife? Audrey.
You prick.
- We never had sex-- - What? What did you have? Coffee? I needed someone to talk to.
I was falling apart.
And I thought you were dying.
Well I guess I screwed up your plans.
I did, didn't I? Was the house for her? No.
Was it? Not at first.
Prick! Asshole! This affair with Nathalie, you wanted to break it off? I did break it off.
But she didn't want that.
She's going to make it tough on you.
You're afraid of losing your kids, the house, the car - You lose your temper-- -And what? I clock her? You can't control yourself.
Just like the guy who killed your partner.
And I take her hair? Why? Makes it look like a predator.
The Travis girls are missing, convenient, You hedge your bets they'll turn up dead.
You know, I like your copycat theory, Mike.
But you're the copycat.
Not Ray Prager.
What's going on? Cops think that Mike Sweeney murdered your teacher.
- What? - Yeah.
They said that he was having an affair with her.
They've got evidence, everything.
It's, I mean, they got him, he's dead in the water.
Get out of here.
We have a search warrant.
What, you think he was selling crack? Jesus! Listen, I understand you're upset, but I can assure you, this is standard procedure.
Yeah? And what the fuck are you looking for? Hair, blood, soiled clothing You think I wouldn't notice that in the my own goddamn house?! - You need to calm down-- - Fuck you.
Sweeney is there someone you can talk to? Somewhere you can go until we're done here? Audrey? I just heard.
You must be devastated.
He was having an affair with her.
While you were sick? I know how that feels.
It doesn't matter anymore.
That's kinda how I felt.
It kinda gets to that, doesn't it? Like it doesn't.
Nothing matters anymore.
Jesus, I'm so angry, I'm so angry and I--d I-- It's okay, it's okay.
You know what? You're a beautiful woman, Audrey.
Your husband doesn't deserve you right now.
Why are they looking at the car? Oh well, you know, it was your dad's car.
You did this.
You set it up! Honey, honey, no, no.
You're just upset.
Your dad is uh I saw you come home that night.
I told the police.
You found this in the basement? In the coat pocket? Looks like blood, alright? What is that? Will you wait outside please, Mrs.
Sweeney? - Bag the coat.
- Is that blood? Get it to the lab.
Yeah, well we found the scarf in your coat.
Nathalie's sister confirmed it was hers.
It has blood on it.
Ray was in the house.
- He coulda done it.
- The coat was packed in a box in your basement, Mike.
You're walking a thin line.
Was Nathalie ever in the house? Yeah.
Before I moved in.
Was that the idea? Happily ever after? Fuck you, Tom.
What, you don't approve? Cause you stood by, right? When your lover was dying of AIDS.
That has nothing to do with you-- Oh pin on your wings, Tom.
The sickness, the smell, I wanted to get as far away from that as I could.
And that makes me a shit, but it doesn't make me a murderer.
Check the photographs again.
Check the cuts.
They are different.
Our guy cuts close to the head.
Ray doesn't.
You killed Nathalie Lacroix.
You used the car thief to cover your ass.
And that would make sense! That would make sense.
Tell me why I don't do that? Why do I try to pin it on Ray? History.
He's sniffing around your wife, like he used to sniff around your girlfriend.
Explain the cuts.
You cut Nathalie's hair.
You and your friends took souvenirs to the farm.
That was Ray's thing! It wasn't mine! I was gone by then.
But you knew about it.
I know Ray Prager fits the profile.
I know he has escalated from violent sexual assault to murder.
Tom! Nathalie Lacroix was never sexually assaulted.
Let's go through this again.
We have to post bail.
We can't post bail.
We have ten cents of equity-- You just want to punish him-- Eat something please.
Stop telling me to eat! You want to keep your head, you need to eat.
Do you even think about what it was like for him when you were sick? He was a mess, mom, but he was there for you and he was there for us.
And if that's because Miss Lacroix helped him-- Shut up! You're gonna defend him? You have no idea how I feel.
You think you know him.
So did I.
They're saying he killed her.
They've charged him.
You think he could kill her? You are selling him out.
- I am not-- - Yes you are.
They found her scarf in his pocket, Sadie.
It was covered in blood.
How did it get there? Sadie, help me out, because I-- I can't work out how it got there.
He couldn't do a thing like that mom.
He couldn't.
Did you hear about my dad? I really don't want to talk about it, Sadie.
You think he did it? How would I know? Well here's your story.
You gave it to Miss Lacroix, right? Yeah, so what? Your dad had it! - What? - What was he doing with it? - Huh, how did he get it? - I don't know, Sadie.
I don't know, look, look.
Maybe she sent it to him, OK? Maybe, maybe he went and picked it up.
I don't know.
You two make up? Shut up, dad.
If I were you, I'd-- I'd make up with her.
She's a pretty girl-- I am not you though.
We ready to go, brightchild? You remember your skates? Huh, butterbrain? Let's go.
Get ready to lose, kid.
I'm not going to lose, Dad.
You're slow on your skates, and half the time you miss the puck.
What's that, you wanna talk shit? Ask the guys.
Every time you score, I'm the one who gives you the assist.
- Fuck you.
- I let you win.
Who do you think you're talking to right now? Watch your mouth.
Sadie thinks you killed Ms.
- That's why she was here.
- Oh Jesus Christ.
We're back to this? I saw you come home, two in the morning, dad.
You had a cut on your arm - and you washed your clothes.
- So what, Raymond? Just tell me she's wrong.
She's wrong! Want to know what really happened? Remember that time you and uh, you had that little trouble, she came over to the house, you know, she comes on to me.
Swear to God, she comes on to me, she takes me by surprise.
Apparently she wanted a man, not a boy.
I know.
I bet you she's tight though.
Fuck! Well, well, well.
I guess we reap what we sow, huh Mike? You know, I never trusted you, from second I laid my eyes on you.
I mean, what you did to Ray Prager, running him down like that.
Ray Prager brought in Nathalie Lacroix's notebook.
You don't find that suspicious, you're a lousy cop.
Get him out of here.
Where'd Ray find Nathalie's notebook? In that Mustang.
Nathalie must've dropped it one romantic evening, and you didn't see it.
I guess God had his hand in that one, huh? Nathalie was never in that car.
Yeah well it's too bad you won't be able to prove it, huh? The car was in storage.
It was up on blocks.
- I've got the papers.
- You had it when you moved in.
- The neighbours saw it-- - It arrived on a tow.
The starter was screwed.
I got a replacement from Detroit the day after Nathalie Lacroix was killed.
I got the papers.
I've got everything.
Get him out of here.
- Oh for fuck sake-- - Get out! You want me to check it out? Check it later.
It's four o'clock in the morning.
Let him stew.
Raymond! Raymond, are you here? You fuck, I've been waiting for you all night! Raymond! Hey baby, hi - What are you doing here? - There you are.
Listen, I want you to come back.
Come here, honey, I want you to come back, I want things to be the way they were.
'Cause I can't stand the way I am without you.
Hey, you still see a good-looking guy, right? I mean, you still see, like, the best guy you ever met.
You still see that, don't you? Yeah.
- Yeah? - Number One.
I love you, I love you the best that I can.
You know that? I know.
That's suffocating, you don't think, you don't think I know that? Look at me.
I know that, I know that.
It's okay.
I don't know why we had to have a fuckin' kid, Traci.
Why did you have to gone pregnant? Why did we have to have a kid ? Why did we have a fucking kid? Breathe, breathe, please, breathe.
One day, I'm going to kill you, Traci.
I'm going to see you dead.
I want to report an assault.
Traci Prager.
Fuck Hey Palmer, it's me.
I can't, uh, I can't find Ray Junior.
He didn't come home last night.
What? Yeah.
Yeah, I saw Traci today.
Why are you asking? No! Fuck! No! Fuck! Come on, you piece of shit.
Piece of shit Hey what the fuck? Hi.
Ray's out there walking around-- They're picking him up-- And I'm going in front of a judge.
There's still the matter of the blood-stained scarf.
You haven't be cleared-- Bullshit-- You called Audrey, you told her about Ray, - you told her to lock the doors, right? - I told her.
I'm going to go over there after the arraignment.
- Yeah, stay with them - Mr.
Sweeney! I saw my dad come home at two in the morning the night Ms.
Lacroix died.
His arm was bleeding and he washed his clothes I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay, Raymond.
It's okay.
You did the right thing, it's okay.
This is a Catch-22, eh? Yeah.
You're doing the right thing, son.
Go inside, see Palmer, and make a statement.
Gimme your hands.
Palmer's gonna give you shit for this.
Been there.
Thanks, Tom.
I'll give you a ride home.
Mike, I can't find Sadie.
I can't find her.
- Call it in! - Yeah.
Sadie! Sadie! I was at the lawyer's.
She was going up to Toyota's.
She was going to hang out with Maddie, but she just never got there.
When? Two hours ago.
Why's the dollhouse here? What is that? It's Sadie's hair.
Oh, Jesus.
He left for me to find.
He cuts all their hair.
Oh my god.
We have an Amber Alert.
Give me a photograph, ten minutes, all the units will have her picture.
He can't have gotten very far, Mike.
Not with the time he's had-- How long's it take to kill somebody? Mike We're going to do everything we can.
Whatever you need, just ask for it.
Be a patrol here eventually.
You shout, I'll pull the trigger 'cause I don't give a fuck.
You understand? - Yeah.
- Good girl.
Used to be all green country out here.
Green fields.
Now there's just all this green chemical shit oozing out of the ground.
Electromagnetic fields irradiating our brains You know, it's no wonder we're all losing our fucking minds.
Hey, what's the matter? I'm scared.
What is it between you and Ray? Tell me.
Why her? Why not some other kid on the street? - I don't know-- - Yes, you do know! Tell me.
He wants to take away everything.
Everything that I love, so the only thing left is him.
That's me.
That's almost, uh, twenty five years ago.
It's crazy, back then.
The pack of us up here, running around.
Drinking, fighting, howling at the moon.
If one of us had a girl, we would, uh, we'd share her.
You know, like we were, like brothers.
Your dad was my best friend.
He wouldn't do those things.
- No? - No, he wouldn't! You don't think he was screwing around on your mother? Come on, Sadie, you're not stupid.
A man just gets to an age where he uh, where he needs a young girl.
So, how old are you, Sadie? You're sixteen? Fourteen? I mean, you've been up here before, right? You're one of those girls, aren't you? Aren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I could tell.
I'll show you something.
See, this is, this is Maggie.
And she, um, she reminded me of Traci when she was that age.
Look at me.
Hey, hey, look at me.
I'm not a monster, okay? I'm not, OK? Traci thinks that I am, but I'm not a monster.
- Fuck.
- What? What? Untie my hands.
I can't if you don't.
Bring me the basket.
Tell me Tell me you love me.
I love you.
Tell me again.
Tell me again.
Tell me again.
Go ahead, Sadie.
Take the shot.
Take the shot.
You should like me, Sadie.
Stay where you are! Your dad and me, we're the same man, Sadie.
Yeah, well he didn't kill anyone.
Well, he would have if it wasn't for me.
Shut the fuck up, asshole! You should ask him, Sadie.
He's really full of surprises.
Don't move Don't move.
Are you going to shoot that thing? You're really all bitches.
Aren't you? What if she's not here? I can't wait around for them to find her.
- I'm gonna go look.
- I'm going with you-- Audrey, you can't.
You'll be a liability.
I can't watch my back and yours.
Just get in the car.
Lock it.
If I'm not back in 10 minutes, call Tom, tell him to get his ass out here.
Mike! Where are you, motherfucker! I fucking love you, man.
Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? I'm playing around! Mike, hey you're back.
You came back home.
We're home, Mikey.
Okay, we're home.
You fucking cocksucker! You fucking prick! All I ever wanted was your friendship, Mike.
Alright, all that time I spent alone.
At the farm with no father, no money, you were the only one.
You were the only one who ever watched out for me.
It was you, Mike.
You stole my money, you raped Claire.
You left me! Alright, you ran me down.
You left! You want to talk, Ray, you want to talk, you want to have a heart to heart, just tell me where my daughter is.
Alright, you want her back, you do this for me.
Alright, you do this for me, you make it like it was.
C'mere, brother.
I take you, I take you, Mike Sweeney, as my blood, my flesh and bone, my only brother.
Alright, say it.
Say it.
My blood, my flesh and bone.
My only brother.
I'm falling apart, Mikey.
My whole fucking life is falling apart but you're here for me, right? I'm here for you, Ray.
I'm here for you, buddy.
Just tell me where Sadie is.
Just tell me where she is.
Come on.
Sadie? You hate her.
Jesus Christ.
You remember that time we set the tree on fire? We were gods then.
Huh, remember that? You remember, remember Claire-- You raped Claire, you raped her! - You raped her! - We're brothers! God damn you! We are not brothers! Dad! Dad! Sadie! I'm okay.
Tell her about Claire, Mike.
Tell her who you really are, Mike.
Shut the fuck up! What's he talking about, Mike? I want to take her into the desert, I wanna burn her, I wanna cut off her hair, the fucking bitch Shut up! I wanna kill the bitch.
'Cause that's what you said, then you got in that car - Dad? - Shut up! Who's the monster, Mike? Who's the monster? Hey Sadie, hey Sadie.
Hey baby, tell daddy what we did.
Tell daddy how we fucked.
Stop it! She's a liar, Mike.
She's a liar just like you, Mike.
You're a dead man.
You're a dead man.
Then there's Audrey.
Was a beautiful thing, wasn't it, baby? That was a beautiful thing, wasn't it? Don't listen to him, Mike.
Hey Mike, think of it as sharing, okay? We're gonna share like we did with Claire.
I'm gonna kill you.
- I'm gonna kill you, Ray.
- Mike! I've called the police.
Just let them handle it.
You're just like me, Mike.
Come on.
Come on, Mikey, you're just like me.
Take the shot! Take the shot, Mikey, 'cause you're just like me! Sadie, give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Sweetheart, give me the gun.
Put it down, put it down.
Help me help me.
Help me Is he alive? Barely.
You okay? I had to shoot him.
He would've killed you.
I would've done the same thing.
I don't know what to say, I put you through hell.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
- Is that okay? - It's a sprain, it's not broken.
That's good.
Is it true what he said? People, they get angry, and they say things they don't mean-- Were you going to kill her? Dad, were you going to kill her? It was an accident.
There was snow, it was icy.
I never, ever would have hurt her.
That's the truth, right? - You swear.
- That's the truth.
It's the truth, sweetheart, that's the truth, I swear.