Durham County (2007) s02e06 Episode Script

Surviving the Fall

Tell Ray that we have Lissie Alexie's body.
What? Where? Evil be thou my good.
It's Lissie's, her braid.
You knew her.
I had nothing to do with her, Sadie.
So, farewell hope, and with hope, farewell fear.
It should've been you, Penelope, it should've been you at the bottom of the sea.
But there was a suicide attempt.
And if you just went Farewell remorse.
All good to me is lost.
The chocolates you sent made Mommy sick.
Argh! I didn't send Mommy chocolates.
You're gonna keep your goddamn mouth shut! Run! Tom, you have to come over, but you can't call my dad.
He killed a girl.
Answer, please, please, please.
What are you doing here? I'm not sure.
Tom! Sadie.
Dad, stay away! Come on! Stay away.
Mike, she called me.
She thinks you killed someone.
She's in shock right now.
Just give me a moment with her, all right? Give me a moment.
He came OK, I'm here.
Talking to those guys.
Relax, OK? What happened? They brought her here last night, four men, maybe five.
They were wearing masks, they blindfolded her.
Ron, Steve, a couple of other guys, they came in with Lissie Alexie's body.
Sadie said you were helping them.
How could she think? Shock.
One of them tried to kill her with a shovel.
Look, the tree's burnt and I found her braid.
It was burnt too.
Here, you can still smell it.
She's here somewhere, I know it.
I know it.
Sadie, you've got to talk to Mike.
No, keep him away from me.
Keep him away.
Ray and my dad and Glen, yeah, I heard Glen's voice too last night.
Hey, let's leave this, OK? No, I know she's here.
OK, we've got to leave this.
Come on.
Tom! TOM! Sadie.
Oh, look, it's her.
It's Lissie.
Forensics will do the rest.
Come on, we've got to go.
Pen, I found Lissie's body.
I was right, my dad killed her.
Where are you? Please, you have to help me.
Tom's taking me to the police station.
You have to come.
I'll be there.
What were you guys thinking about, huh? Come on.
What, are you crazy? We gonna to scare the girl, we're gonna scare the girl.
That wasn't in the plans.
Which one of you bastards tried to kill my daughter? Here we go again, huh? You?! For Christ sake! I'm going to get every goddamn last none of you! Every one of you, including Ray, you hear me? Keep her off the stand, Mike, otherwise who knows what's going to happen.
Or what, Ron? What are you going to do? I'll show you what I'm going to do.
Mike, Mike, take it easy! Mike! You're pathetic! Jesus Christ, get out of here.
Those bones don't prove anything, Mike, they don't prove a thing.
Get out of here! Beat it.
Piece of shit.
What are you going to do? You going to shoot the guy? What if I did, huh? What if I did?! The threat's real, OK? Those guys have nothing to be afraid of.
Except for Ray, right? Look, I don't know what you're talking about.
What are you doing here? I came to check on those guys, all right? Same as you.
That old car of yours, that Charger, it was orange, wasn't it? A guy in an orange car picked up Lissie and that was the last time anyone ever saw her alive.
It wasn't me.
I want you to tell those guys that if they go near Sadie again, I will kill them.
I'll kill them, Glen.
Sadie, your father wasn't involved in this, he was looking for you, that's why he was there.
You think you heard Glen's voice? You're not sure? Not 100%, no.
Cars? A few of them, coming and going.
One of them police, unmarked.
Did you get the licence plate? God, I should've paid attention.
I think we can forgive you, Sadie.
Have something to eat, it will make you feel better.
You have to connect them to her murder.
It's going to take time.
It depends.
What if you can't? Will they be allowed to get away with it? A lot of them get away with it, that's the truth.
They're all out there.
Is Dr Verrity here yet? Not yet.
Do you want me to hang around? No.
Sadie, I didn't hurt Lissie Alexie.
You swore on my grave, huh? I should've told you the whole truth.
I want to see Dr Verrity.
She's coming.
Sweetheart Get away from me! Get away from me! Get back! Get back! Argh! Hey.
Mike, is something going on? I can't get hold of you, I can't get hold of Sadie.
I don't want to see him.
Don't go, OK? Don't go.
I'm right here, sweetie.
Make him go.
Don't let her out of your sight.
How is she? Traumatic stress reaction.
We'll wait and see.
Sadie's statement gives us enough to question those guys, that's about all.
They found Jonathan at his cottage in Quebec, not exactly on the lam.
And they're going to charge him with Molly Crocker's murder.
Mark will be here this afternoon.
He goes back to Pen, we have no evidence against her, not a thing.
So we need surveillance.
We need to keep him safe.
You OK? Pen's in there with her right now.
Sadie was at Pen's all yesterday.
What?! You were looking for her yesterday, remember? She told me she was at Pen's, the old house.
All right, start those interviews.
I'll see you at the station.
Hey! What in fuck's name are you doing with Sadie? Ow! Answer me! I gave her a sedative, Mike.
She was upset.
The kind you gave Audrey? Or the chocolates? You tried to kill my wife, Pen.
I took that out of the flowers that you sent to your wife while you were sleeping with me.
And, yeah, all right, what if I did hurt your wife? What if I did? What then, what would you do? Would you kill me? Don't push me.
Don't push me, goddamn it.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Goddamn it! You goddamn bastard.
That's why Sadie is afraid of you.
She's not afraid of me.
It's what she sees, Mike.
You go to hell.
I don't want you anywhere around my daughter.
You hear me? Nowhere.
This is your fault.
This is exactly what I said would happen.
You and that shrink, you pushed her and you pushed her and you pushed her and she ends up in here.
The doctor said that she'll be OK, all right? She just needs to rest and she will be OK.
OK for what?! Testifying? Helping you get Ray Prager? That's not what this is about.
That's what this has always been about.
She needs to heal.
She needs to be taken care of.
I've suspended Glen for the time being until this is cleared up.
You need to look at Ron and Tibbs.
Jesus Christ.
Tom's been talking to Ron and Steve all afternoon.
They won't budge.
Glen's ghost them.
Yeah, they've got good reason to shut up.
The trial's in 48 hours.
We tie Ray to Lissie, we show the court that he's done this before.
We don't have time.
We request a motion to delay.
Which will be denied.
I'll push them.
What? To give up their mortgages for a murder charge? Good luck.
How's Sadie? Is she going to testify? We need her to say he raped her.
The prosecutor is pushing for a closed session because of the threats.
I won't let her.
No reason for those threats to stop after the trial.
Ray walking around out there, if it was my daughter She's not your daughter, OK? She is not your daughter.
Christ! Jonathan said she knew they were at his cottage.
Three days to find him because he's out of Providence.
She's got him.
And she's got the kid.
Come here, come to me.
No, I don't want to go.
Sweetheart, let's go home.
I don't want to go home.
I want to go to Dad.
So what are you going to do? OK, baby, let's gather your things.
Surveillance? Have you got a tail on her? We're on it.
Michael, please, please, come on.
Come on.
Christ! Pen.
Pen? What do you want? What do you want? Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry about what I said.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
He's all I have left.
Come here.
You got me.
OK, give it another try.
It's hot, it's hot! Take it! Nice.
One more, one more.
All right, you two, come on, let's eat.
'Can you do this? Can you play that kind of game?' 'I don't have a choice.
' Well done, little man.
'It's got to feel like it did before.
It has to feel absolutely natural.
' Thank you.
'Pen will see through it.
' 'Maybe.
But maybe that won't matter.
' We've got a witness who saw a woman go in Molly's house.
You believe that's Pen? The description matches.
Nothing we can hang on her.
We need a confession.
Grace is our expert witness.
We drop her and we jeopardise the trial, all the work we've done.
She's still treating Sadie, Sadie wants it that way.
So we leave it as is until something screws up.
I wish I was dead.
You don't deserve to live? What if it were Maddie? Would she deserve to live? I tried to kill myself once.
I put a needle in my arm.
I knew what I was doing and I knew I was going to die.
People who jump off bridges .
the ones that survive the fall, they all say that that was the beginning of their lives.
And they all say how beautiful it is to be alive.
It doesn't feel beautiful.
Let them come.
You cry for everything that has happened to you, and then you stop.
That's what it's all about, Sadie.
Surviving the fall.
I don't see why I had to drive all the way up here, Mike.
I thought I was suspended.
The scene of a crime.
I just thought you might want to get it off your chest.
All these years.
I didn't rape her, I didn't kill her.
You brought her here, Glen, you brought her here.
What happened? I want to know every detail.
No wire.
I'm not wired.
I watched, OK? That's all.
Government expropriated this farm, remember, for that airport that never happened? I don't give a shit about that.
People lived here.
Whoever they were, the Waltons, I don't know, they just picked up and left.
They had her on the kitchen table.
They stripped her.
They beat her, they raped her.
Lace curtain is still on the window, I remember that.
Then Ray got this idea of tying her to the tree.
He placed all these red candles around.
He poured gasoline over her.
You're not going to find anything.
Nobody's going to come forward.
What? Not, not you? Screw you.
Yeah, screw me.
Screw you straight to hell.
I came to you over 20 years ago, remember? Yeah, I told you between the lines, sure, but you knew.
You prick, you knew! I didn't know.
You keep telling yourself that because maybe you'll believe it some day.
How many lives, Mike, because you didn't know? I came here for Sadie.
To keep her off the stand.
How you doing? Tom and I decided that the evidence against you is insufficient.
Body language, eye contact, all that, the signs aren't there.
I'm glad.
Do you know what it was like to see you there? All these guys, cops.
We're going to get them, Sadie, I promise you that.
She's been in the ground for 20 years.
If she was important, they would've been in jail by now.
Sadie, she is important.
I feel like an idiot.
Little Miss Drama Queen.
Everybody understands.
Well, I'm not like that! I know you're not, Sadie.
You were tougher than anyone, I know that.
Just go.
Sadie's asleep.
Well, she's been through a lot.
She's got her family with her now.
You don't need to be here.
I've wanted to talk to you about Sadie's testimony.
There's a good chance that Ray's going to get away with it.
Sadie's not going to court.
The defence psychiatrist's opinion establishes mental disorder and lack of specific intent.
One charge has already been dropped.
Witnesses are backing out.
Sadie's testimony is powerful.
This is over.
Sadie needs to see the goodness in the world, the good things.
Two, three years from now, when they let Ray Prager out, ask yourself what sort of conclusion Sadie's going to make about the world then.
Who told you I was here? My mother? I don't want to see anyone.
I brought you a book.
Yeah, like that'd work.
I just wanted to come .
you know, see if there was anything I could do because I know What?! You're such a mush ball.
You don't care, do you, that I think you're a mush ball? Normal girls like me.
I have to like you.
Take the damn poetry, OK? What the hell is he doing here?! You should go, Raymond.
Tell her what you have to tell her.
I'm going to testify at the trial about how messed up my dad was, because it's the truth, Sadie, he was.
He wasn't taking his pills, he was drinking and having nightmares.
Look at him.
Sadie, look what he did to himself.
How could you do that, knowing what he did to me? I'm just going to say what happened, that's all.
The judge can decide what's what.
Get out of here.
Sadie Get out! Get out! What are you doing here? I'm showing you how easy it is.
Don't believe a word he says, Raymond.
Your father's got him on the hook.
The guy's a liar.
Who's been here for you, huh? Nobody.
You confessed to murder.
Are you worried? About going to jail? Yeah, bright light.
How come you replaced the other shrink? Court schedule.
Because he understood the situation.
He understood me.
I understand you.
Because you read the file.
You see this? People say I'm a monster.
Better monster than an ordinary man.
The judge is going to see me, he's going to see the face, and he's going to pronounce, not responsible.
Christ, was a mistake, it was a moment.
Killing her, I wasn't myself.
I wasn't myself.
You have a chance, Ray.
That other girl.
The one you burned.
Lissie Alexie.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Everything bad that happened to you was supposed to burn with her.
She was the sacrifice.
That's what you hoped.
But then all the terrible things came back.
Confession is a way out.
I confessed.
What happened was like the shrink said.
A break.
You get to the end of things and you tally up all the losses, betrayals, the grief and the loneliness.
Some of us are rich with those things.
But you confess then the act has meaning because if it doesn't, if it doesn't have meaning .
then you are a monster.
It was a psychotic break.
It won't happen again.
It won't happen again.
It won't happen again, it won't.
May I? I do understand you, Ray.
These guys can't stay here forever.
I can't protect her forever.
We can't protect her forever.
I brought her clothes for court, they're in the car.
How did it happen? How? Mom? Dad? Sadie.
I'm not going to testify.
I can't.
Ray, open the door! Open the goddamn door! Wait a minute! Let's go! Hold on! Now, now, now! Where are we going? Let's go.
Let's go.
Get your shoes on, let's go.
Get them on.
Get them on!! Look at this.
This is the first girl your father murdered.
The first girl.
They burned her alive, Raymond! Glen said you made up all this shit about my dad.
And you're such a wide-eyed goddamn idiot that you believe that? They broke her legs.
I need you to think about your statement.
You feel sorry for him? Raymond, poor Pops.
He didn't mean it, he's my dad.
He didn't mean it.
Stop! You're going to forgive him?! Are you going to make it OK? Stop! Are you going to make it OK? You're going to forgive him for one life, for two? For three? Raymond, that could've been Sadie.
That could've been my daughter.
You stay here.
You look at her.
You think about what you're going to say tomorrow.
You're not a victim, Sadie.
You put this whole case together.
You're going to be a great cop.
Better than I am.
And better than I ever was.
You know when I was afraid? You were afraid? All the time.
All the time, it's always right there.
It's always this close.
Same for you, huh? Yeah.
That's what is underneath, isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
I knew something happened to Lissie.
I knew it a long time ago, and I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to know what I knew.
And that's why you lied.
Those girls in the woods .
they were dead and he went back to be with them.
He made it sound like a romance.
And it is in a weird way.
Me and him.
A romance.
If you don't stand up to him, if you don't stand to him he will get stronger.
You can stand up to him.
You can.
You justyou just go in there and you say what happened and you tell the truth.
Because you are stronger than he is.
I love you.
Try and get some sleep.
It's the last shot I have.
Come on, let's go home.
This is a charade, it's not working.
Give her some time.
And meanwhile my son's in danger.
They're under 24-hour surveillance.
There's cameras all over my house.
There is someone with him or near him at all times.
Why did I allow this? Poor Bonnie.
Pen is the one who should've drowned, that's what her father told her.
He wanted his sons back.
I want my son back.
Surviving a fall.
What? Never mind.
The court calls Sadie Sweeney.
Will you give us an accounting of the events, Miss Sweeney? Ray told me that he was going to kill me.
He wanted my father to be there when it happened.
The girls in the woods, he .
he said that he watched when they were raped.
And he was surprised when the men killed them.
But it didn't upset him.
He told me he liked knowing that the girls were in the woods, and he went back three or four times.
He said that one of them was still alive and he Well, he didn't say what he did, not all of it.
When we first got to the farm, he took me there, into the woods and he laid me down on the grass where she died.
He had the gun on me and .
I thought he was going to rape and kill me .
but he didn't.
He .
he put the gun against my face and he stroked me with it.
He put it .
he put it in my mouth and he told me to close my eyes and .
he put it between my legs and he kept whispering, "Tell me you love me.
Tell me you love me.
Tell me you love me.
" Then I did, I told him, I said, "I love you, I love you.
I love you.
" And I said it because I wanted to live.
I didn't mean it.
The court calls Raymond Prager Junior.
Raymond Prager Junior.
Hey, what what's going on? How do I withdraw the statement? We can take care of that for you, Raymond.
Raymond! You really want to help that kid? You walk in that courtroom and you tell the truth.
It is in my opinion that Mr Prager is, in fact, a sexual sadist.
He is aroused by violence, and by his own admission, he stood and he watched as two young women were raped and murdered.
I Mr Prager.
Mr Prager, do you have something to say? Mr Prager, you will not disrupt this court.
He did nothing.
He watched.
Thank you.
It's over.
What? It's over.
Mike, you and Pen have been living, what, three weeks now under surveillance? Do you smile for the camera when you brush your teeth? Yeah, funny.
Pen started talking about Bonnie the other night.
She's on the verge.
Or not.
Surveillance had her out looking at a house today.
How are you going to keep the romance going, Mike? I've got to go pick up Mark.
Hide the bunny.
The suspect's in the room at the Mill Vista Motel.
She's not with the boy.
I want my dad, not you! Stop it! You stop it! No, I want Daddy! Please, son.
Let me go, I want Dad.
No! Please stop it! Let me go! I want Daddy! Stay still! Why don't you?! Stop it! Stop! No! Mark's missing.
He's not at school.
Mark? Pen? She's not here.
So nobody saw her leave? Jesus Christ.
Mark! Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, it's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Why do you want to see me? You've made your decision.
I've made mine.
Take it.
Love poems.
My son gave it to us on our anniversary.
I've been reading them.
Ugh! Sorry.
We didn't get her confession.
Yeah, we did.
It would end, as always, in tears And heartbreak And you can't pay the price This time And the midnight of this life Has proven to be The hardest to bear And this life Has proven to be The hardest to bear.
Happy birthday, Sadie! Happy birthday, Sadie.
Here, I'll help you.
You want me to take her? What kind of pop are you? Come on, yeah.
Yeah, look at that, quietened right down.
I'm freezing.
I'm going to get my scarf out of the car.
Oh, come to Nanny.
Come on, come on.
'Come live with me and be my love and we will all the pleasures prove That valleys, groves, hills and fields, Woods, or steepy mountain yields And I will make thee beds of roses, fur-lined slippers for the cold, A belt of straw and ivy buds with coral clasps and amber studs If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my love.
' Ooh, ooh Say the words The words that would make you mine Say the words I love you, love you truly Love you truly.