Durham County (2007) s03e04 Episode Script


She's not even a rookie She connected with David.
I set up a cell phone, so he can call.
She's staying undercover.
I want to be a runner, not a hooker.
There's a lot of money to be made.
I got to one of the chink's lieutenants, Porkpie.
I paid him off.
Gave me everything.
It's drugs.
It's illegal.
I'm guessing Miro's the new kid on the block.
He's staging a takeover.
We're looking at a gang war.
Porkpie, he betrayed me.
We got to call an ambulance.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm an Army medic.
You have to get the baby out! I love you.
It's a boy.
Mike's wife.
She died.
I opened her up.
He would have died, Mike.
A life for a life! You cut my wife! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? I wanted you to see your son.
I DON'T WANT HIM! Where's my Dad? He should be here.
Ivan told me.
I need the computer back.
Miro will kill me.
What the hell are you doing here? Screwing my cousin.
That's none of your business.
It's none of your business.
I've been out here watching.
If somebody came In case who came? Huh? I asked you a question.
In case who came? They'll kill her.
But, you already know that.
You have to bring the computer back.
And you have to lift that freeze on Miro's accounts.
I don't have to do a do a God-damned thing, Ivan.
Not a God-damned thing.
You need to tell me what's going on right now.
You got no choice.
Not here.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
You guys weren't home.
I was at the hospital all night with the baby.
Hello? Where's my father? I don't know.
He had to go out.
Where have you been? And where's Dad? Her name's Eva.
I mean, my Mom It hasn't even been twenty-four hours.
Listen to me.
He's alone, he lost his wife.
Alone feels like you're the last one on the planet.
Then he'll find an alien and just screw her! Hey It'll be okay.
Christ, Katya She said there was too much money going through the company.
Miro told her he was expanding the business.
He wanted to give it an international cache.
And he was buying horses everywhere.
Did you confront him? Nah.
Katya was checking company records.
And then she disappeared.
I don't know if he could kill her.
Get somebody else to do it, maybe.
Where did the money come from? Illegal cigarettes.
He's been in that for a while.
Now he's running cash through a couple of bakeries.
Yeah, they belong to the cousins.
Who belong to Miro.
Who's got a cop riding shotgun for him.
I'm not involved.
Look, he's getting into the drug business.
Those killings, the runners, the kids He's behind them, Mike.
I'm pretty sure.
And you're not involved in any of that? No.
You shot a kid.
Oh, fuck Fuck I don't believe a God-damned word you're saying.
You know that? How stupid can you be? Miro He put Eva in there.
She covered his tracks.
Katya should have been She was taking time off.
We were gonna have a baby.
We were going to a fertility clinic.
This thing's going to blow.
There's no way you can stop it.
I'm a resource.
You're a criminal.
You're a criminal and and you've been using me and the police department.
You're using Eva.
That's none of your business.
It is my business.
He's gonna kill her! Sir About the boy The police took his consignment.
Anyone can say that.
It's true.
I saw.
So, what if it's true? What does that change? What are you asking? I will help him pay.
The boy cannot attract attention.
That is the important thing.
Do you hear me? Yes, Sir.
Even if he pays what he owes, they're still watching him.
If you involve yourself He's not your blood.
Who is th? Tell me about him.
Where have you been? I had to work.
I'm sorry.
I should have called.
Charlie has jaundice, but he's recovering.
In case anyone is interested.
Maybe after breakfast we can go see him.
Can't make it.
Sadie You stay out the whole God-damned night.
You should have been been here.
That's him on the fridge.
Where are you going? I don't know.
Look, okay He's an asshole.
A little understanding goes both ways.
I want to be by myself today.
Like last night? I wake up and you're gone.
Where? Who the hell knows.
You and me, we need to tell Mike that we're pregnant.
Not now.
We're going to tell them.
There's going to be a celebration.
Except it's not a celebration anymore.
You have to tell him, okay? Come home.
Come on.
I need to be by myself.
It's not because of you.
No, not because of me.
'Cause of who you are.
Please? Alright.
I'm going to stay here today.
Help out.
You go.
You have to tell him, though.
Okay? Why can't you get the money? It's the bank! You're screwing me! It's not my fault! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! MIRO, STOP.
Where the hell have you been all night? You looking for money, Miro? Katya's assets have been frozen.
Because she's missing.
You're a suspect.
Go, Eva.
Leave us alone.
Go, Eva.
Leave us alone.
I'm a suspect.
You're the killer.
It'll blow over.
There is no body.
She's missing.
What's the rush for money? Porkpie's tip.
Shipment of meth.
It's big.
Porkpie's dead and so is his information.
I have another source, but I need the money now.
See what you can do.
Keep your fucking hands off Eva.
My Dad's coming.
I'll make some tea.
I'll get that.
What are you doing in my house? Take the freeze off the accounts.
Give the computer back to Eva.
There's a shipment of meth coming in.
Where and when? I don't know yet.
Get out of my house.
God-damn it, Mike.
I can find out.
I don't believe a word you're saying here, Ivan.
You're Miro's family.
Miro's a liar.
He's a killer.
I was going to put a bullet in his head.
What's that make you? Get out of my house and stay away from my kid.
Look, what I want Miro goes on trial, goes to jail.
Maybe I find Katya's body.
And bury her properly.
Dad, it's the the funeral guy.
He wants to know how you're going to pay.
You want Miro, don't you? Okay You're Uncle Ivan now.
Uncle How you doing, Mads? Come on.
It's going to be okay.
Alright? Let's open this.
Come by the house and I'll write you a cheque.
What are you doing here? Restaurant got shot up.
Place called 'Adriatic Pride'.
Yeah, three dead.
We're drowning here.
How did you know? Ivan.
We need to talk.
These guys, my cousins Some of them came in on on Visas, overstayed them.
Others came up through through the border on false passports.
If you're looking for them, you wouldn't find them.
Well, gee Thanks for that, Ivan.
The Chinese have over a ton of meth.
And they're moving it out soon.
Maybe tonight, tomorrow Miro's going to jack it.
And these guys are helping him out? No time or place? Miro needs the money for his source.
We don't get info until that happens.
Meaning we lift the freeze on Miro's bank accounts.
Why should we trust you on this? I just gave you my whole God-damned family.
He got us the name of the trucking company.
It's 'Golden Blossom' delivery.
We're running it now.
It's a fake.
Maybe the name's on the side of the truck, but the company's not registered.
You knew about this? It's a dead end.
I told you.
Miro needs the money to seal the deal.
How do we know the info comes back to us? I'll keep you in the loop.
'Cause you're a cop? Is this what you want? Ivan, leave us alone for a second.
We don't need Ivan.
David Cho knows about the shipment.
Sadie's not going in there again.
She's at home, grieving.
Sol I say this is the play.
No way.
Sam? Well, five minutes ago we had nothing.
Maybe we've still got nothing.
What do we have to lose? Our leverage over his brother-in-law for starters.
Ivan's compromised.
It's two against one, Sabina.
It's settled.
Thanks! Now, you listen to me Four hours go by and I don't hear from you, I'll lock you up.
Miro gets a hemorrhoid, I want to know about it.
I need Eva's computer.
We have a deal, or we don't.
There she is.
Will you tell her that I'm sorry? Tell her yourself.
Thank you.
Eva, I'm sorry.
I am sorry for you.
My husband wore his on the other hand.
I loved him.
You understand what that is.
You have to wear these, or you can't touch him.
I know.
He's looking for her smell.
I have it a little bit.
He likes me.
I don't have her smell.
You have yours.
He'll get to know it.
Daddy? I gotta go.
I gotta go.
I opened her up.
He would have died, Mike.
A life for a life! I've been thinking.
I think Maddie and Sadie would like a brother.
And you know what else? I would like a son.
Mike, we talked about this.
It doesn't matter.
I love you.
It's Mike Got anything for me? No, I haven't heard anything.
Miro's got his money.
He's made the drop but he won't give me the information.
So, what are you telling me? I just financed him? I'll get it.
I told you.
You making the funeral arrangements? Because you know, if you need any help Fuck you.
Is Mr.
Julian mad? I still want to work.
I got money.
You have to pay Mr.
Cho back.
Who talked to you? Nobody.
Ousmene A man.
His name is Miro.
He said he would give me more money.
You don't talk to strangers.
The boss will kill you.
I'll come for you tonight to the train station.
You're not supposed to.
You'll blow my cover.
The last train.
I'll be there for you.
Look, we're making arrangements here I just need to talk to you.
I hate it when you do this.
Call me back, okay? Hey, it's me.
Where are you? I'm outside your place.
I'm not home.
The meth came in.
Oh, yeah? I'm packing it.
How long are you going to be gone? Forever.
Why don't you come out and meet me? We can run through our business plan.
Where? Middle of freaking nowhere! I'll send a driver.
Sadie? Where is she? I don't know.
She's not answering her phone.
The funeral guy came by for the cheque.
It's okay.
I paid him.
I called and you didn't answer.
Then, I called Maddie and she said you left.
It's not how it works.
You can't just take off.
I'm not.
I'm trying to hold it together.
You went out last night.
You spent the night with some woman.
It's none of your business, Raymond.
No, it's not.
And I get it, why you did it.
The thing is, Sadie followed you.
What are you talking about? She followed you.
And th t this morning she just took off and I don't know where she is.
I don't know who she's with, or if anything's wrong.
And even if there is, I can't help her.
She won't let me.
I'll talk to her.
Sadie's pregnant.
We're having a baby.
I hope she tells you.
I hope she's happy, because I am.
Diaper service called They start Monday.
You're right.
We are in the middle of nowhere.
What did you get picked up for? I didn't show up for my parole.
That was clever.
My mother died.
They told me in lockup.
Were you close? The thing is, I'm pregnant.
Get rid of it.
My mother disowned me for being a faggot.
Total bitch.
Remember James McHalpie? I told you about him.
She disowned you because of James? Me.
I'm the reason James got killed.
What? How did he get killed? They skinned him and it's my fault.
I made him be a runner.
Night before he died, we were together.
I held a knife to his throat.
Right here.
Asked him if he'd die for me, prove he loved me.
And he said? Yes.
Die for me? I'd be dead.
If they didn't need soldiers.
You a soldier? There's a joke.
There's a ton of pure glass back there.
Come on, you're gonna meet the boss.
My girlfriend.
Sadie, say hi.
We're going into business together.
I want you to invest.
Wait here.
GO, GO, GO! GO! GO AFTER HER! Go get Quinn! Bring him here! We're changing the plan! GO! It's for a few months, Katya.
Then we'll find our own house again.
I hate this.
I hate this place.
We're here for three months, Katya.
That's all.
And Miro needed the money.
So, you sold our house? He needed the money for the cousins.
They'll be here soon.
It's our family, Katya.
He's using you.
You weren't there.
You didn't see what the bombs did.
Miro told me what it was like on the ground.
He saw it.
Katya Katya, let's have the baby.
Let's have him now.
In this place? Ivan! Ivan! Ivan! You recognize him? The vet.
For the horses.
Katya's friend.
Her lover.
I told you I was going to find him.
I don't believe it.
Well, then make him tell you.
Let him tell you.
Tell him.
She said She said SHE SAID! She said she was leaving you, Ivan.
Miro, STOP THIS! There is no forgiving these things, Ivan.
He screwed her, Ivan.
He crawled on her.
He left his stink.
Look You are here with your brothers.
You have to do this.
Or else you're a fool.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Let him go.
Let him go.
There was no lover.
There! For you.
You have your revenge.
Are we whole? Our jack is on for tonight.
Herrick Street, corner of Lodge.
It's Herrick Street, corner of Lodge.
There's a warehouse there, number 44467.
This is going down in three hours.
Are you ready? It's about God-damned time.
Come on, in.
Let's go.
Just you and me? Of course you and me.
Got your gun? Good.
Let's go.
They'll follow in the truck.
Sam, anything happening on your end? We're in position.
There's nothing.
Nothing on our end either.
Taking their sweet time.
How's Sadie doing? She's Pregnant.
Yeah, I know.
Well, how'd you know? She hasn't even told me yet.
It's probably a girl thing.
You okay with it? I'm not okay with any of it.
I'm messing up.
I'm messing up all of it.
You're allowed.
Sabina, Mike You see anything? That's a big, fat no, Sam.
You? Zip.
We've got zip.
This is bullshit.
'It's Ivan.
Leave a message'.
You think he's screwing us? Well, let's see.
At least let me cover you.
Sam, we're going in.
Send the unit to the north side.
He screwed us.
Don't worry.
I won't say I told you so.
All units, we're inside.
Nothing here Fucking empty.
This guy's a butcher.
Samuel, you've got an an APB out on the 'Golden Blossom' delivery, right? I'll check.
I hope so.
Don't say a fucking word.
You think we're clowns? Plans changed last minute Ivan! Where's the dope? Something in the house? Garage? Where? No They took the truck.
Detective Sweeney.
How about you come in? How about you tell me where you were tonight? I was here with Ivan.
Ask him, he'll tell you.
You know anything about a couple of dead Chinese gangsters? Not me, no.
Ivan? No.
A Serbian guy named Zerko? We found him yesterday.
He had both your numbers in his cell.
And he called you just before somebody sliced him open.
Now, I want your God-damned badge, Ivan.
Give me the badge! Why don't you come inside? I'd love to.
I just don't have a warrant.
Come in, anyway.
Look around all you want.
Fuck you and fuck your brother.
Christmas time.
War time.
In my country everybody puts down their guns and has dinner together.
Everybody friendly, but really, we're just waiting to get back to the killing.
Merry Christmas.
She's not going to answer.
Not if she doesn't want to.
Dad's gone.
Sadie's gone.
And we're not even related.
Yeah, well, we're here.
You wanna talk? You can sit here.
You should get another girlfriend.
Why's that? Because Sadie's going to make your life miserable.
Your father planted something dark in her.
Planted a worm.
Shut up, Mads.
'It's Ivan.
Leave a message'.
It's Maddie.
Come on, Ousmene Where are you? Come on, Come on Ousmene Please 'Hey, it's Ousmene.
Leave a message after the beep.
' Sadie, where you been? Smells like a weird garden in here.
Ray's looking for you.
I just called him.
Tell him.
Where were you all day? Where were you all night? Screw you, you know Sadie, I can try and explain this to you I saw David Cho today.
What? I called him.
He took me to the warehouse where the drugs are.
Herrick and Lodge? How'd you know? There's nothing there.
Well, it was there.
Two pallets.
A thousand pounds of glass.
Going out on a truck.
I saw it.
What are you doing? Nothing happened.
It was just me and him.
Sadie Go to hell.