Duts (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Walter's Birthday

THE SHUTTER rattles HE Muzzle LOUD Ah! Oh! Aaah, oh Oh sir, you look just like me Because of my back Yes, of course.
Voila behold, this is again cleaned up.
What is it? Have you lost your dog? Hahaha.
But Hey! He may not run loose, huh! He needs a leash! Phone rings Hello? Ah, Hildegard.
Merci, merci.
Ah, you can not come.
You have the kids.
Yes That will be fine, hey.
That we give a party he knows But what we are planning I have called the plumber, and he can start Monday.
And Gerald? Is regulated.
He can.
Can he? Yes, but not cheap.
Gosh But once you're 50, huh.
He does something extra.
Say, Walter Does he have a dog? Phone rings Yes? Where are you? Even in a record shop.
I must stop.
I do not feel well.
My intestines.
Snow white again.
So I can not go tomorrow.
And this I'm still not in the mood.
That you can not do? You do not.
Have you been to the bathroom? Twice already.
But My wipes are.
Yes, yes, you're back stiff with nerves.
Listen, we are going.
You've told me all about Duts, I want to see him.
Maybe tomorrow is better, yes.
Allee, to subiet.
Say, take wipes with you then? Ah! Ooooooooh Phone rings Of the work.
Yo, Gerald.
Danny? I do not do it, I think.
What, you never going to do it, do you think? I'm no good.
There is no more spunk.
Gerald, that you will not do me.
First, it's tomorrow already I find no substitute.
Secondly, it is around financially.
Eh You make that tomorrow you're here and you do your two acts! And make but that laughter! You're going to fuck my reputation does not help.
BROKEN LINK Danny? HE DOES THE side door A rooster crows Annie.
Walter, what's happened to you? Cases.
Oh! And on your birthday.
What should we do? I do not know.
Come inside.
What up? Oh, anything.
Hats and al Yes.
Yes Hang up, I will not, but I can indicate.
Then we start it.
Got a ladder? MUSIC Sunday morning Praise the dawning RINSE BY WC It's just a restless feeling By my side Early dawning Ooh Sunday morning They argue It's just the wasted years so close behind Watch out, the world's behind you There's Always Someone Around You Who Will call It's nothing at all Sunday morning And I'm falling I've got a feeling I do not want to know Early dawning Sunday morning It's all the streets you crossed not so long ago Watch out, the world's behind you There's Always Someone Around You Who Will call It's nothing at all Sunday morning Sunday morning Sunday morning THEY ARE LOOKING A THE RADIO STATION MUSIC Allee.
Let them now come.
CHIME Hello.
I am a Greek statue.
I am the surprise party for Walters.
Gosh! Gerald! Come inside.
I am the mother-of Danny.
Walter! Come see! Take it.
Beautiful, huh? Yes, beautiful.
That must be fun, if you can, huh? Yes, they can not say anything of course.
Coffee? No.
Then my lips.
Where you learn something? I started when I was still scheduled traffic.
Then you too much standing still.
I have made an extra income.
And where do you stand? Eh Here.
Then they see me for sure.
Gosh Yes I will but then the door open.
Our Walter is now 50 years.
He smokes pipe, no, no cigar.
With his long beard and glasses, he does not often buttock.
But we like him as he is.
Our Walter, a con tellation of fish.
What kind of crap is that? Gee, always so negative! Annoying guy.
Cuckoo! Frak not leave you hanging? Huh? Frak you? Yes Pascale.
Yes, yes! PHILIP: That's Mr.
Duts, where I told you.
PASCALE: Happy birthday.
She gives him three kisses Thanks.
PHILIP: And many years pipe, and no cigar, huh.
THEY LAUGH The door is open.
I can not complete the voiture, I'm behind.
THEY TALK IN THE ROOM Here he is, see! The party animal! Oh! What have you again? ANNIE: But alone? No, they're coming.
Say, a happy, hey.
Thank you, merci.
Here, Philip.
And Pascale.
Pascale day.
CONNY: Walter, a happy, hey.
She gives him three kisses Thanks, Connie.
ANNIE: Give the gift but here.
That you can not open, that's for later.
THEY LAUGH No, never thought of.
And his work with Philip He has no time for.
And geblet his head, no.
He can not stand.
A little red Mavrud? Oh, good.
But how many of you get back.
Oh yeah, I guess.
But if you sell How many square meters is this? I do not know, I have to measure.
It is the moment, young.
We throw everything down And we put eight, nine, ten flats on.
Yeah, boy Gee, gosh, gosh Walter, I would know.
Phone rings There's a phone down here, in that Frak.
It is that of Gerald.
Gee, I had completely forgotten that.
See Hup.
Walter Answering Goddamn Gerald, where are you? Here.
Huh? What are you doing here? Just my act.
Here? With all the Frak over your head? Yes, I'm not in form today.
Gerald, your phone went off.
That will Danny have been.
Do you drink anything, boy? Not if I work.
He is good, huh? Yes, if no Frak hanging over his head.
Listen, friend.
If that also fails the second act, you can forget about your ping ping.
He has his pants gekakt, I think.
With such a court You have to do a good think about it, huh.
There's a birthday, hooray, hooray Aah! Aaaah! It's Walter and that we celebrate Hip hip hooray, we celebrate Slings in the room, garlands in the hall Hip hip hooray, a lifelong Today is my birthday anyway Is not that wonderful? All friends and girlfriends Standing with gifts ready Lang Lang Long may he live in gloria In gloria The gloria MAN: Hip hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip hip! Hooray! HE Farms Hip hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip hip! Hooray! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow! Walter.
Blow! Blow! Mieke.
Were you dreaming again? Blow! Blow! What happened to you? I do this deal.
And I.
Walter, what do I do with that diaper? Phone rings Yes? Danny, I'm ready.
Can I come down? Wait two minutes.
And? Has it been great? Very cool.
And it gets cooler.
ANNIE: No, Boeckx bakery.
CONNY: Seriously? PHILIP: Walter, I do not want to start again But with a court Aaah! THEY LAUGH TENTATIVELY EVERYONE: Oh! ANNIE: Ohohohoho! It is not true! John! John! ANNIE: John! CONNY: Hey John.
Are you invited? No, at work.
On the campaign.
That's the man! Hohoho! That's the man! Oh, young.
A jack? What do you think? Allee, campaign.
Yes, yes, yes.
A picture of Walter.
Not here, Danny.
Only the common man.
Laughing, he Walter.
A little closer.
Here John, you Duvel.
Merci Annie.
Follow me everywhere, huh.
Phone rings PASCALE: Fret it.
And then looked over your bowels.
What is it? I want you to know sometimes.
Danny, I'm going home, I think.
Would I get my money? Walter, we can deal, for Gerald? (That was 200, right.
) Gerald must go home? Yes.
He needs to have a party.
But he is too good, huh.
Say A chalet for six.
And you can also barbecue.
Yes, yes.
And privacy, huh.
That is quite correct.
We are not content.
The first act did not see them! Nobody has seen anything.
And the second act, the clown.
What was that? I know.
Walter wanted at first did not pay.
I will not give more.
Yes Allee, come on.
Cheer up.
We're going down a drink, guess what.
Than one.
For the plumbing.
ANNIE: Huh? But sir, it's Sunday today.
You did it come tomorrow, Monday? That's tomorrow.
That will not go, madam.
Tomorrow I work for a boss, today I own boss.
But that can not! It's party time! Yes, it's party.
And we have not yet opened this gift.
Oh, the gift? Yes.
Now the surprise is completely finished! Walter, we all laid together for a new pot.
That's our Kenny, Conny our, our Danny Sir and madam Philip Pascale, and mine.
Gosh! It is totally verbrod, hey! Allee, where should he come? Eh Along here.
You grab my box.
Walter Wait, I'll do that.
Oh, now I still feel a belch.
Huh? A belch! I feel one coming.
(John, that's too dangerous.
) Oh no Yes, you'll have to wait.
How long? A couple of hours.
MUSIC And soon I'm going to hang me! THEY WELCOME Another Duveltje? You have something, huh.
I think you have something.
Yes, charisma.
Awel yes.
And your man Hey, sorry that I do so, but he does not.
No, no, that's true.
Danny either.
What? Danny, with his mustache, he has no charisma.
Nothing charisma.
It's just a chocolate drop, huh? What? MUSIC STOPS Danny! A clown! Ah! Aggressive you fool! Do you know what you're doing? ANNIE: Oh! Stay away from my guy, you! Ah! You hypocritical bitch! I've seen how you've gone inside Ladies Please! Oh! Hey! Say! Men! Men! Aah! No, I get my room Tuesday night not.
Then I for one home, that is.
Then I go bowling.
With the female.
Always the Tuesday evening.
Trappistje Throw a ball, a game or three, four Five.
Another one trappistje, once throwing a ball.
I say it, the Tuesday night, that's really For me I'm going to see.
Go ahead, go ahead.
But I say it, the Tuesday evening, that is really sacred to me.
Is everyone gone? Yes.
They had had some food.
I must go home.
But I'm glad I came.
Parties are not my thing, but I found this summit.
Tomorrow religion.
Beuh! Hahaha.
Thanks for coming.
CHIME GERALD snore Hildegard.
Walter Day.
What do you suggest? Cases.
With your moped? No.
Of a bucket.
Still a happy birthday, huh.
I still wanted to give.
Come inside.
Ah! No, no.
My children are home alone.
I must return immediately.
Do not you open? Come, I'll do it.
A leather.