Dynasty (2017) s05e03 Episode Script

How Did The Board Meeting Go?

1 - Previously on Dynasty - First, you stole my job at Flores Incorparado, now you're cutting me off completely? Perhaps, if someone from the board were to step in as acting CEO, just while you recover, to show stability on Wall Street.
I'm dropping out of the race.
You'll be able to get an even better deal from that lieutenant governor.
Why are you so hell-bent on trying to pin this murder on me? You're the one with the motive.
I've just seen a drone flying by, and it looked like it was recording.
This seat taken? You remind me of someone I used to know.
You're probably thinking I should take it easy, but since today is my first day back at work, and tomorrow night is the Carrington Gala, your girl's coming in guns a-blazing.
- Oh.
- Oh! I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- I-I-I just didn't think that you were gonna Liam, Liam, relax, okay? The infection is gone.
It's been a week.
- You're not gonna bump me back into a coma.
- I-I-I just want to make sure - that you're not pushing it too hard.
- I get it.
You're concerned and being weirdly polite, - which is super nice, but weird.
- I just, I wasn't looking, and I turned right into you, and I know, which probably shouldn't happen in a room this big.
Yeah, the room is big.
Big enough for that giant elephant to fit inside of it.
And I'm thinking I should address it, so we haven't had sex since I got out of the hospital.
Oh - that elephant.
- I mean, I feel like that's normal following a coma, which followed a gunshot wound, right? I haven't read the literature on this exact scenario, but, yeah, I'm sure it's common.
You've been through a lot.
It might take time.
Well, we've been through a lot.
Yes, and we have nothing to worry about.
Well, good.
Then I won't worry.
Me neither.
- Great, so we're both unworried then? - Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna go see my baby.
- My company.
- Oh.
I'm dropping out of the race for senator, and even though I'm ahead in the polls, I'm a man of my word.
I only want what we agreed to.
I get my land for the airport and concessions for Clarke County.
You and the governor get Cavendish for senator.
Yes, I remember that deal being on the table.
Here's the thing, it's now off the table.
I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm not following.
I'm happy to spell it out for you.
Our polling shows your lead slipping.
You got a "shot daughter" bump, but unless she gets shot again, that bump will be gone by Election Day, and since we're confident Cavendish will now win, there's no need to make a deal with you.
I respect the hardball approach.
I basically invented it myself.
My polling tells a different story, but I am willing to amend our deal.
Amend what deal? Are we negotiating or not? I'm gonna go with "not," but have a good day.
The thought of spending decades in this hellhole is aging me by the minute.
If I don't get out of here soon, I am going to lose my mind and my natural glow.
Okay, well, I have some news - that might cheer you up.
- You're busting me out? Or are you and I trading places, like a Parent Trap deal? I'm not busting you out, but I was at the penthouse the other night, and I saw a drone fly past the balcony.
How does you seeing a UFO help get me out of prison? It was a drone, and it had a camera attached.
Apparently, it's been flying by every night for the past few weeks.
So, if the drone somehow recorded footage of Bobby Larson's murder, even in the background, it could tell us what happened that night.
Okay, so how does one retrieve a drone? Call the drone police? No.
Whoever owns it lives in the building across the street, so I just have to work out where it flies back to.
Well this is almost as good as switching places.
You shouldn't be sitting here chatting with me.
You need to catch a drone.
Guard! - Chop, chop.
- Oh, my God.
I've got big news to share.
- Ooh, I love big news.
- Same.
Go big or go home.
Oh, could you please not lick the jelly off of your fingers in front of me? It's unsanitary and disgusting.
A, it's jam, which is delicious on anything, especially a finger.
And B, I hope your news is better than your attitude.
I am getting married.
- What? - To who? Whom.
And no idea, yet.
Okay, between the jam thing and this, you sound a little insane.
I was just with my mother, who was getting on my case about dating, when I had an epiphany.
I'm over being alone and chasing women and then running away.
That very mature of you, Michael Culhane.
I'm impressed.
Yeah, I'm ready for the "real love" phase of my life.
I want to meet my partner.
My "one.
" I feel like my baby brother is finally growing up.
I'm older than you.
Point is, Kirby and I are more than happy to help you - find your soul mate.
- Absolutely.
- I don't remember asking you for help.
- Well, true friends can hear a call for help even when it's unspoken.
You're welcome.
Definitely have to redecorate.
I need a new vibe in here.
Starting with that couch.
- Can we get on that immediately, please, um - Betty.
- Ms.
- Betty.
And you have a very different vibe, which is super comforting to me.
Ooh! I can already feel the corporate warfare racing through my veins, and, God, - do I love it.
- Right.
Uh, so you have some FSN business that needs your attention.
New talent negotiations.
Start rolling calls with the lawyers and let the battles begin.
I'm sure I'll tire of the military metaphors eventually, but for now, let's just roll with it.
- Aye-aye.
- Ah, there you go.
Ellen! Wow.
First, the hospital, now the office.
I am touched that a board member has come to welcome me back, even without a muffin basket.
I didn't bring muffins, and, unfortunately, I'm not here to welcome you back, Fallon.
You need to leave.
- I'm sorry? - So am I, but it was in the email you clearly never read.
Well, yeah, I get a lot of emails.
Our insurance carrier is forbidding you from returning to work until you can pass all health protocols.
- You're a liability.
- A liability? My doctor said that I am fine, and it's Fallon Unlimited, not "Board Members Unlimited.
" I thought that this would be an issue.
You're now on a mandatory medical leave.
You are legally forbidden from conducting company business.
Well, you can force me to leave, but you can't stop me from working at home.
We're shutting down your business email, phone and access.
And if you're caught breaking any rules, we'll take action to remove you as CEO.
Well, then I am going to call our insurance company right now - and file an appeal.
- Appeal? Off the premises.
Hey! Whoa.
Take it easy.
I'm a liability, remember? Hey, Ellen, this is not over.
You may have won the battle, but you will not win the war.
Killing it, Betty.
This is my fault.
If I had just let you drop out when you wanted, the land for the airfield would be yours.
Honey, it's not your fault that Lipnicki's an ass.
He blindsided me.
I'm still dropping out of the race.
Then why are we looking at this map at all? Oh, I'm building that airfield.
I just have to find another way to get my land.
So, you're giving up on the deal? Honey, it's dead.
That deal isn't dead until we say it is.
Let's push back against that guy.
Maybe blackmail him into honoring it.
- Hmm.
- You taught me that's Carrington 101.
Well, I'm glad you're paying attention, and I love the way you're thinking, but Lipnicki is squeaky clean.
No one is squeaky clean.
I want you to close your eyes for me and visualize Lipnicki's office.
Now, tell me what you see.
I see a bunch of pictures.
Uh his wife.
Um some people skiing, uh, his fraternity brothers, Lipnicki and the governor.
- We have everything we need.
- We do? Fraternity brothers? It's almost too easy.
Every time I think I know all about you, you show me one hotter side.
As you requested, my list of soul mate requirements.
Five-eight or taller.
Physically fit.
How many languages can you speak? One, which is why she needs to speak multiple.
- Impeccable manners.
- I can't believe you allowed yourself to date me.
- Who knew you were so picky? - Not picky, just high standards.
My parents had a magical relationship, and I want nothing less.
We're not magicians.
We'll find you a woman.
I already have one in mind.
I'll set it up tomorrow, if you're ready to go.
Well, I guess you can't find the one unless you meet the one, so let's make the magic happen.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Always.
What's on your mind? Well, now what's on my mind is you being undressed in here.
Were you just No.
I don't want to know.
I need advice.
My board has put me on temporary medical leave, and I want to know how I can circumvent their decision.
Well, that's easy.
You can't.
- That's your advice? - I once worked nonstop for two weeks, doubled over, waiting for a kidney stone to pass.
No one cared.
That's what happens when you take your company public.
You got to answer to the public.
Well, no offense to your slow-rolling kidney stone, but I do not accept your non-advice, and I'm gonna need this office back now.
That's not happening.
Hey, hey, is something else bothering you? Is it Liam? How are things with him? Well, your fatherly instincts are better than your advice.
Things with Liam are weird.
They're good, but not normal good.
It's like we're walking on eggshells, on ice.
Well, you know, the more time you spend together, the more it will feel like it did pre-coma.
- Yeah.
- How are things in the bedroom? Now your fatherly instincts are making me want to throw up.
Not in my office.
Though, the idea of spending more time together isn't terrible, maybe that'll help break the ice.
- Well, I'm glad I could help.
- No.
Keeping your clothes on around the manor, that's more helpful.
Liam, I have an idea.
I was looking for you.
- And I was looking for Liam, so - He's not here.
And I heard some disturbing news that FSN is putting performance clauses into talent deals which could negatively impact - my deal.
- Well I'm sure that's not true.
Everything has to go through me.
Good, because I agreed to be in business with you, not some faceless board, so I expect you to go to them and fix this.
Well, I can't go do that right now.
Um Can you give me a couple weeks? Unacceptable.
They're discussing this new policy change tomorrow, and I want it stopped.
Do I need to remind you how valuable I am to your company? - I get your daily texts.
- If it's a problem, I can take FSN's number one show to another network.
Okay, let's not be more dramatic than usual.
I will just find some way to go to that board meeting tomorrow, okay? I think we're almost done here.
I just need to test you on a few last things.
I'm ready for any test you got.
Would you like a drink with dinner, Cristal? Of course, my love.
I'll have my usual.
Whiskey sour with maple syrup, not simple syrup.
Tell me, what's our father's sister's name? Silvio was an only child, Beto, but our mother has two siblings, Tío Javy and Tía Rosa.
How about Cristal's laugh? It's very specific.
All right.
You mean Oh, this is gonna work out even better than I imagined.
Those people at Fallon Unlimited have some nerve treating me like this.
I am the face of their shopping network.
You don't slap the face that feeds you.
- Right.
- You should be equally outraged, Jeff.
As an investor in Dom-Mystique, this could hurt you, too.
Yeah, absolutely.
You don't seem outraged.
You seem like that lobster was your best friend.
I've been rambling on about myself this whole time, I get it.
How are you doing? Are you at least excited to be honored for your charitable work at the Foundation Gala tomorrow night? Yeah.
Okay, that's it.
What's going on? And no more two-word answers.
I've been pursuing three different tech companies about a new partnership.
But I can't even get a meeting.
Sweetheart, maybe they're just busy.
Oh, no, they all got back to me and said they weren't interested.
Well, there are other companies out there.
There could be a million.
It doesn't matter.
After the Colby Co.
Space fiasco, I'm a liability.
No one will touch me.
Basically, no one will work with me until I prove I'm back, which I can't do because no one will work with me.
Well, if it isn't everyone's least favorite Carrington.
You know you don't live here, right? I could have security just escort you home.
Yeah, I'm looking for Fallon.
She's actually tied with me for, um, well, everyone's favorite.
I'm not my sister's keeper.
What's this about then? Some kind of art therapy? Well, I'm trying to decide on a logo for my new company, ACI.
Adam Carrington Industries.
You know, setting up a new empire is well, it's daunting and exciting, really.
Yeah, this beauty and anti-aging company is going to be massive.
Is it? I just have a feeling that soon the only logo you'll need is the one for the county jail.
Clever, but I'm not worried because my alibi is airtight and your obsession with me is a little sad.
That looked like fun.
Yeah, he's a treat.
Um, have you seen Fallon? I just need an extra set of eyes to help me catch a Peeping Tom.
Uh, Fallon left, but I have two eyes and nothing to do.
Count me in.
Um, are you sure? We just, we barely know each other.
I'm bored, I don't have a job, and the idea of hunting for a Peeping Tom sounds far more thrilling than rewatching season 21 of Celebrity Intervention.
Wait, the one with Natasha? Oh, my God, yes.
So good.
It's so good.
I see you brought your enforcer with you this time.
Hello, Mrs.
Apparently, your husband didn't explain to you that this is not a negotiation.
No, he did, but we're not here to negotiate.
We're here to tell you what's about to happen.
We uncovered some details of a fraternity party gone horribly wrong while you were a senior at Atlanta A&M.
She may not look tough, but trust me, she's a savage.
I wasn't even living in the house at this time, so even if something did happen, I wasn't involved.
I think we're done here.
No, I don't think we are.
You see, seems that one of your bros, who apparently has a grudge against you, is willing to testify that you were in the house.
You're bluffing.
Are you sure you want to take that chance? Could be anyone.
Maybe Cooper, down in Tallahassee? Right.
You remember, The Grateful Coop? - Or Jefferson, in Dallas? - J-Money.
Did your fraternity have a rule about horrible nicknames? And those are just the ones in the photo.
There were a lot of people - in that house.
- We're not bluffing, Lippy.
So, in addition to what we already agreed upon, we're gonna need, you know, a little bit more.
Guaranteed government contracts - for Flores Incorporado.
- I don't even know what that is.
That's all right, we'll fill you in.
I'll have to talk to the governor.
You have 24 hours.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
Just the husband I've been looking for.
Hopefully the only one.
What's with the basket? I was thinking it would be good for us to do something fun together tomorrow.
You know, like we used to before the drama train rolled in.
Unless, of course, you're busy or not in the mood for fun with me.
I'm totally in the mood.
Wait, you thinking outdoor adventure, like rock climbing? 'Cause I'm so down for that.
No, I told you we're never doing that again, but if you're down for an adventure, I've got it covered.
Nice moon.
- No drone.
I'm bored.
- Well security says it usually flies by at 7:00, so - I'll watch the east, you watch the west? - Gotcha.
Other west.
What if it doesn't show up? It will.
Security says the perv shows up rain or shine.
We could be here all night.
What are you doing? You crazy? That's never gonna work.
If you want to catch a Peeping Tom, you have to give them something to peep at.
Drone! Okay, so it's landed on the ninth floor balcony.
I'm gonna go over there.
Hey, um, thanks for helping.
This was fun, but maybe get some mace before you go see the creepy guy.
What is happening? You are knocking way too loud, unless the building is on fire.
That's the least of your problems, you sicko.
I'm sorry, do I know you? No, but only because I haven't undressed in the building across the street.
So, you're talking about undressing, and I'm the sicko? I think you should probably leave, since I have no idea - what you're talking about.
- No.
I am talking about your drone, you pervert.
I caught it in the act.
You have been spying on women for the last two weeks with that thing.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that wasn't me.
Oh, really? Well, can you tell me why I saw the drone come back and land on your balcony? Sadly, I can.
- Oh, you can? - I think I know who the pervert is, as you so charmingly put it.
My nephew Timmy has been staying with me for a few weeks, and I had no idea what the kid was doing out there.
He's ten, or 14.
I don't ask a lot of questions.
Well, I'm sure the police will have some questions for your so-called "nephew.
" No, no, no, please do not call the police.
My sister already thinks I'm the worst uncle.
Look, I promise I will make him stop and delete - all of the video.
- No! Um, no.
One of his videos It could be the only thing that exonerates my mother of murder.
Wow, a murder? Really? Look, it's a long shot, but I'm-I'm praying that he was flying his drone the night of the crime.
Well, only one way to find out.
Hey, Timmy! Get your ten-to-14-year-old butt out here.
What am I watching? Your demise? Is that Where did you get this? Unfortunately, the drone only got those few moments before it flew off.
What's this supposed to prove? There isn't even any sound.
It proves that you were there, not Alexis, so when the district attorney sees it, our mother will look way less guilty, and you will look, well, completely guilty.
The truth is, um Bobby's death was, uh, it was an accident.
He-he charged me, and-and when I moved out of the way, he slipped, and he just Which you would've seen if the drone hadn't have left.
Well, I'm sure the police will take your word for it, with your history of honesty and good deeds.
Listen, Hagatha Christie, that's why I didn't tell them.
I never actually thought they would convict Alexis on circumstantial evidence.
Oh, right, yeah, I'm sure.
Children, please don't fight in front of your mother while she is in lockup.
Adam, I have a plan.
Amanda, would you give us a moment, please? I know you don't agree with this, but it's what is right for everyone.
- What-What's this? - A contract.
It's simple.
You sign over the rights to your anti-aging drug to me, or I show the video to the D.
That-that makes no sense.
What-what good will a patent be - if you're stuck in jail? - Like you said, they won't convict me on circumstantial evidence.
So, now the question is whether you'll be taking my spot here.
Mother, I really need this patent for ACI.
- Adam Carrington Industries.
- Don't worry.
You'll retain a small percentage.
I am not Dr.
Larson-level greedy.
Plus, I don't want you to push me over a balcony.
I told you it was an accident.
Bu There There has to be some other way.
I've I've worked way too hard for this.
Well, if you think of one while you're lying on your metal bed in your cell, let me know.
Though, the phone does get quite crowded, so get there early.
Beto? What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be in Atlanta.
And yet, here I am.
- Why? - You'll find out soon enough.
I don't have time for you and your drama.
I'm hosting a big gala at the ma Fallon is honoring her medical leave, but it is within her legal right to appoint me as her proxy.
So, let's get down to business.
I am ready, willing and able.
Will you give us a moment to discuss this, Liam? Sure, but keep it to a moment.
Have I mentioned I think this is a monumentally bad idea and not remotely what I pictured for our adventure? Yes, yes, I know, but I need you to stop them from making a huge mistake.
So, just say what I say.
Come on, it'll be fun for us.
We never do stuff like this anymore.
Liam, we'll allow your proxy vote.
- Great.
- Well, the first order of business today is the new FSN talent deals.
- Fabulous.
- Fabulous.
Tell them that the proposed performance clauses in the new talent deals may seem fine on paper, but they will backfire spectacularly when they cause our top designers to walk.
You know what's not fabulous? The proposed performance clauses in the talent deals, which will backfire spectacularly when they cause our top designers to walk.
I mean, you know, you left the part out about the paper, but you're improv-ing, which is fun.
See? We're good at this.
No, but won't performance clauses incentivize our top designers? Great question, Ellen.
One that will take a minute or two to answer.
They're artists first, and we can't afford to risk that perceived organizational distrust will cause them to sacrifice creativity over quality.
They're artists first.
And we can't afford for our organization not to trust them or their creativity.
Okay, I said improv, not rewrite.
You make a good point.
Thank you, Ellen.
There's a rat.
There's a rat.
There's a rat.
- And furthermore, there's a rat.
- In In the company? Like the Mafia? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
There's-there's, like, a real rat in the vent.
I mean there's a rat in all of us just scurrying to get to the organizational cheese.
Seriously? Oh, my Fallon? - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Good news.
I was able to locate the source of the rodent problem, and you guys are all good.
So carry on, and I'll be on my way.
You have left me no choice.
I will now personally submit a motion to the board to permanently remove you as CEO.
I figured.
But Liam can still vote for me at that meeting, right? Sorry, I thought it was the rat.
What the hell is going on here, Beto? Where are we? Untie me right now.
- ¿Estás loco? - Okay, cálmate, hermana.
I mean, you can scream all you want.
No one's gonna hear you where we are.
Is this about money? Untie me, and I'll write you a check.
I'll untie you when you behave.
I don't want a check.
I want our family company, which you stole from me.
Haven't we been over this? It's not gonna happen.
But I'm expected at the gala, and the second - Blake knows I'm missing, he'll look for me.
- Don't worry.
You are already at the gala.
Excuse me.
Great news.
The governor signed off on our deal.
We got everything we wanted.
He had no idea we were bluffing.
How did you know? Well, I'm pretty good at reading people.
- As a physical therapist.
- Mm.
I've never been more thrilled to have you as my wife and partner.
Wait a minute.
Where's your wedding ring? Oh.
I must have left it at the salon when I got my manicure.
I'll call them and have them hold it - for me until the morning.
- Okay.
These things happen.
Now let's go show everyone who means anything in Atlanta how stunning you are.
You definitely stuck this landing a whole lot better than the one at the board meeting.
I may still have a piece of plaster lodged in my ear, but thank you.
So, you're not mad? No.
No, I feel bad about how it turned out.
I got to admit, that was kind of wild, though.
It's given me a couple ideas of other things that we can do together.
- Oh, such as? - Oh, I don't know.
Have you ever had sex in a closet at a gala? Ooh, it's like a pornographic game of Clue.
But sadly, as much as I've missed tearing your clothes off and you tearing mine, I have to keep them on a little longer because I invited Ellen and the board, and they're here somewhere.
- That's surprisingly mature of you.
- That's what I want them to think.
I need them here when the 200 shareholders waiting outside storm in to vote them out, which, before you ask, - is perfectly legal.
- Legal? Sure.
- Ethical? Eh.
- I just have to find Jeff to tell him that my speech praising his charitable work now includes a hostile takeover of my own company.
I'll give Betty the signal.
She'll bring in the horde.
Everything will be back to normal.
Got it.
Hostile takeover first.
- Clothes ripping second.
- Perfect.
Do you think people actually just want the mint jelly? This is completely unprofessional.
- Go get some lamb.
- Hello, darling.
Mother, what are you doing here? Did Did you escape? Wait, you-you know that this is probably the second place the police are gonna look for you, - right? - Why are you being so paranoid? You're acting like my cellmate.
I didn't escape anything.
I was released when I showed the entire video - to the D.
- Wait, entire video? Excuse me.
I have been doing hard time, - and now I need hard liquor.
- Uh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
You are not going anywhere until you give me some answers.
You can be quite exhausting, you know that? You might want to grab some popcorn.
See? It was an accident.
You had that the whole time.
And you tricked me into signing over the rights to my patent to you.
It's almost as bad as letting me rot in jail for a crime I didn't commit.
Apples and oranges, really.
Anyway, the D.
ruled it an accident, and after a not insignificant donation to the Policeman's Fund, no charges will be brought against you for lying to the police.
All's well that ends well, then.
We should celebrate, right? I will.
And I expect to see you bright and early at the penthouse to get started on our company.
Oh, and I've thought about it.
The name ACI? - It's out.
- What? But I have logos.
We'll make new ones.
The company is now called ALEXAM.
Hate it.
Mother? What are you doing here? Did you escape? Did you get your hair done after you broke out? I'm free.
And I am so happy to see you up, healthy and looking gorgeous.
I'm so sorry I didn't visit you at the hospital, but I was, you know, in the slammer.
And I'm sorry I didn't visit you in prison, but I was, you know, in a coma.
Should you be running around? How are you feeling? Oh, I feel fine.
I would love to talk, and we will later, but I have a work crisis that needs my focus.
It's like I never left.
Oh, champagne boy.
I can't believe he found a flaw with Gigi, Rachel wasn't his type, and he just wasn't feeling Molly.
At least this Nina woman seems like a contender.
I love her.
She stayed at the hotel a few times.
Gorgeous, successful.
My legit top candidate.
Was there a movie you fell in love with as a kid that planted the seeds of your career path? That's a very insightful question.
- I thought so.
- Well, you may think it's weird, but probably Silence of the Lambs.
The first time I finished watching it, I knew I either wanted to be an FBI agent - or a film director.
- Silence of the Lambs? No, no, no, no, no.
Scary movies, not my thing.
What if I promise to hold your hand? Well, that might get me to reconsider.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah.
No, I'm good.
Okay, could you not lick your fingers, please? - It's unsanitary.
- For who? My fingers, my mouth, right? Yeah, you're not helping.
And you're acting like a child.
I'm not the one licking my fingers.
Thank you for making this so easy.
I think we're done here.
You dropped your napkin.
Oh, that's right.
You don't use those.
What the hell just happened? Nothing happened.
You want to help me? Stay out of my love life.
This makes no sense.
I mean, I don't even date women, and I'd consider sleeping with Nina.
I have dated women, and she's an absolute babe.
Well, it's nice to see you near a bar instead of behind them.
Thanks to you.
You did one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever done for me.
You saved me.
Mother, I wanted to introduce you to Dex Dexter.
This is the man who truly saved you.
Alexis is your mother? Farnsworth Dexter.
I haven't been called Farnsworth since college.
Sorry, what's happening here? Farnsworth Dex is the son of Sam Dexter, who sat on the board at C.
Our families have been friends for years.
I haven't seen you in years.
I-I haven't forgotten you.
I think you and I should have a cocktail and catch up so I can properly thank you for being my hero.
So do tell me what you've been up to.
- Oh, geez! - I lost control of my company because of you.
So I'm not gonna forget that.
Well, because of me, you're not in prison, and neither is our mother, so maybe you don't forget that.
Yeah, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for my gratitude for that.
- Okay.
- And once I get control of ACI again, I'll deal with you.
There's only room for one troublemaker in this family.
That position's filled.
If you're looking for Jeff, he's not here.
He won't be attending.
- What? Why not? Is he okay? - Physically, yes.
But emotionally, he's a wreck because every business opportunity has vanished.
No one wants to work with him anymore.
That can't be true.
He can't even get a meeting, and unfortunately, his identity is completely wrapped up in his career.
He doesn't realize there's more to life than being in the game.
Not that you're like that.
You have a rich life outside of work.
I need some champagne.
- The board and I are leaving now.
- Oh.
We only came for the optics.
We're meeting in the morning.
I have the votes to remove you as CEO.
I'm sorry.
Uh, Ellen, wait.
The board does not have to meet tomorrow because I am withdrawing my appeal, and stepping down as CEO, temporarily.
This company matters more than any of us.
Well, I think that's a wonderful idea.
We'll still meet in the morning to formally accept your resignation - and choose a new CEO.
- Will I have any say in that? Not after you've stepped down.
Oh, well, I'm still CEO tonight, right? So excuse me.
Dominique, call Jeff and tell him I'll meet him at the Elevation Lounge in 20 minutes.
- It's important.
And, Liam - On it.
You and I are having sex in an hour, so you have 55 minutes to get upstairs, do some push-ups, - and take your clothes off.
- Way on it.
- Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you.
- You're forgiven.
But there's one more woman you have to meet who we know will be a game changer.
And I won't take no for an answer.
Mama, what are you You dragged her out of the house for this? They didn't drag me anywhere.
They called and told me you were ready to settle down, and I couldn't get here fast enough.
Well, that's the plan.
I just gotta find the right person first.
That's all well and good, but I also hear that you've been rejecting women right and left.
Who do you think you are, Billy Dee Williams? Yes, he does.
But pre-Lando.
Shut it.
I just want what you and Dad had.
Is that too much to ask? No.
But you should know that my marriage to your father was far from perfect.
He did some things that drove me crazy.
And I suppose I did some things that drove him crazy.
Though his were crazier.
- I love her.
- Yeah.
But the point is, if I'd had a list of requirements, I never would have married your father.
Which turned out to be the best decision I ever made.
You get what I'm saying, son? I get you.
- And I love you.
- Good.
I love you, too.
Now, how about buying your mama a fancy drink, and maybe a Porterhouse? She does make a lot of sense.
Yeah, she does.
And, if you're still willing to help, I promise to be less picky.
So I'll call Nina.
Literally, anyone but Nina.
What's the problem with Nina? You know what my favorite part of the gala is? When it's over, and you and I can go upstairs to celebrate.
Unless you want to slip back into the study.
Blake Carrington, you're the most charming man on the planet.
And I'd go anywhere with you.
But I'm not feeling so great.
So I'm gonna make myself a cup of tea.
But can I get a rain check on that anywhere celebration? Yeah, of course you can.
It's been a long day.
Wake me up when you crawl into bed.
So what's the big emergency? I was in my pajamas.
I'm stepping down as CEO as of tomorrow because I have some personal things that I need to figure out.
And also, they banned me from the building.
Uh, wow.
Didn't expect to hear that.
Well, it's temporary, but, I heard some of the stuff going on in your life, and I can relate to wanting to get back in the game.
Okay, now, hold up.
Uh, I see where this is headed, and I'm not interested, okay? I said I didn't want to be on your board, - and I certainly don't want to be your charity hire.
- Oh, no.
This is not that.
My biological corporate clock is ticking.
I have 24 hours to pick a new CEO, or they're gonna pick one for me.
Listen, I'm really not in a good place right now, and I have my own soul searching to do.
Well, you can soul search while you work.
I need somebody who I can trust to protect my baby.
Somebody smart, somebody bold.
Somebody who's as crazy as I am.
Somebody who's family.
And I'm really hoping that person is you.
This is the most insane thing I've ever heard.
You think Blake won't notice the difference between us? He'll immediately know it's not me.
Honey, I'm home.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Told you.
How'd it go? Better than I expected.
Apparently your Flores company is even more valuable because Blake and I made a deal with the governor.
Blake and I made a deal, you psycho.
Can't stay long.
Blake is eagerly waiting for me to return so we can celebrate.
That should be fun.
I don't know who you are, but I am begging you, woman to woman, let me go home, please.
I hope your rings fit.
I think my hands are just a little more feminine.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date in your bedroom.
So Jeff accepted my offer, and Ellen accepted my assurance that Jeff was the ideal candidate to replace me.
Jeff will be approved as CEO until I am fully ready and cleared to return.
That's a big deal.
Well, yeah.
I mean, I almost died, Liam.
I know.
That's a bigger deal.
And I'm glad you're realizing that.
Which is why I have decided to take some time away to figure out who I am away from Fallon Unlimited.
And reconnect with you on every level.
I mean, I know that the board meeting was a bit of a fiasco, but it kind of felt like us again, right? This is gonna sound ridiculous, but seeing you drop out of the ceiling to escape a rodent made me realize how much I've missed having fun with you.
I like this version of Fallon, and I can't wait to see much more of her, starting now.
I like it when you talk about me in the third person.
Maybe you should undress Fallon now.
Ooh, this is fun.
It's kind of like we're having a threesome.
I am not happy.
You can imagine how Fallon feels.
I had to jump in and give a last-minute speech at the gala when you disappeared.
- Those usually take days to prepare.
- Blake.
Apparently the awkwardness between the two of you is gone.
You're welcome.
Yeah, you really saved the day.
You told your father it was awkward between us? I mean, not as awkward as it is now.
- Please get out.
- Happily.
- But if you need any more - Get out!
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