Dynasty (2017) s05e12 Episode Script

There's No Need to Panic

1 - Hey, babe.
- Hey.
I got to jump in the shower and get to La Mirage.
It's the last day of filming.
Wow, I can't believe - it's already over.
- I know, right? I mean, we're still editing and everything, - but yeah, it really did just fly by.
- Um What time do you think you'll be home tonight? Ah, I mean, we're shooting pretty late, so I was just gonna crash at the hotel, if that's okay.
But hey, how about we celebrate the movie wrapping tomorrow night? - Okay? Just you and me.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that'll be perfect.
Just us.
- We can celebrate everything.
- Okay.
- I can't wait.
- Me neither.
Don't you think this is a little excessive for just the two of us? Well, to be honest, we don't have lobster frittatas and Golden Reserve caviar every day, but I wanted your first meal since moving in to be something special.
- It's delicious.
- I am so thrilled that we are finally living under the same roof.
Well, I am equally thrilled, but I am not sure that everyone will be.
Does Adam know that I've moved in? Not unless you said something.
I haven't told him yet.
It'll be delightful when he finds out.
Hey, Adam is in a really good place these days.
He'll be fine.
He's working on some top secret wonder drug for Alexam that he claims will take him to the next level - of something.
- Hmm.
- I wonder what the big secret is.
- Oh, yay, lobster and caviar for breakfast.
Oh, wow, Amanda for breakfast.
- Don't worry, I'm almost finished.
- Good.
I don't know how early you had to leave Alexis's just to get over here for a free breakfast, but, uh, let's not to make a habit out of it, all right? Well, actually, maybe you should get used to it, seeing as how I-I live here now.
Oh, uh, could I get some more of that French jam, please? - Thank you.
- I'm sorry, What? Oh, it is this amazing jam that they flew in from France.
No, I know about the jam.
- She's kidding, right? - Of course not.
- It's wonderful news, isn't it? - Would you like to join us? It's bad enough I have to see you at the hospital every day.
So what? You just gonna be - here all the time? - Well, maybe you could move out whenever you want.
I actually think everyone would help you pack.
That's enough, both of you! - She started it.
- He started it.
I'm finishing it.
Now, be the adults that I know the both of you are and please, try to get along.
You're lucky he saved you.
Oh, were you going to kill me with carbs? Please.
I'm here to stay.
Hey, man, welcome back.
How'd it, um how'd it go in Venezuela? It was a rough few days.
Even though I only knew Daniel for a little while, it was still painful to say goodbye.
- Thanks for asking, buddy.
- Yeah, yeah, of course, man.
- I see you're still working on your movie.
- Yeah.
We, uh, we actually finish shooting tonight.
We're filming the final scene, when Lionel finally wins over Farrah.
I remember that pretty well.
When you made your move and basically stole Fallon from Culhane.
I didn't steal Fallon from Culhane.
Maybe Lionel didn't, but Liam did.
What are you talking about? When Liam kept manipulating ways to get Fallon alone, and then he told her he loved her while she was still engaged to Culhane.
- And then - Okay, okay.
I get it, and why do you remember all these details? Are you writing a book about my life? - Because I already did that.
- What's past is past.
That's why it's called "the past.
" True love won, and it was clearly the best thing for everyone.
So, you're allowed a little creative license.
- That's not what's happening.
- Just forget I brought it up, okay? I'm sure whatever you wrote is exactly how it happened Lionel.
I'm so happy the two of you said yes to breakfast.
- It was my pleasure.
- I wasn't really sensing a choice.
It is important to me that the two most significant people in my life get to know one another.
I even gave the staff the day off so we could be alone to connect on a deeper level.
That sounds creepy.
Well, I love that idea and I'm happy to do the dishes.
That is so sweet.
And ridiculous.
The staff will be happier to do them tomorrow.
So, Fallon, if half of what your mother says about you is true, you are a remarkable person.
I don't think half of what my mother says about anything is true.
You have had your face buried in that phone since you got here.
- The Wordle can't be that hard.
- Hmm? Oh.
No, I got some big news this morning and I have to make an appointment with my accountant to, uh, confirm it.
- So - Oh.
Well, I'm not looking to overstep boundaries, but I do run a relatively successful hedge fund.
So, I know my way around money if you need help.
I love the boundaries.
How about you stay on your side of breakfast and I'll stay on mine? - Maybe we should do this another time.
- No.
Ooh, agreed.
Let's pencil something in for two months from now.
That way, I can easily erase it when you are no longer around.
I'm sorry, but he feels a little more boy toy than boyfriend right now.
Fallon Morell Carrington Oh, that's fine.
You can be mad at me, but I'm the only one looking out for you.
I know guys like him, and I know you.
You two will be bored of each other in two weeks.
Well, that was worse than expected.
- I think I'm going to go.
- No, Dex, please.
- I don't want you to leave.
- I think it's for the best.
I spent a winter in Antarctica and it wasn't this cold.
Well, maybe we could have dinner tonight? I promise, Fallon will not be there.
I'm flying out of town tomorrow and I have a lot to do.
Tell Fallon I said goodbye.
If she notices I'm gone.
I've been looking for you.
I did not think to look in my chair.
Just, uh, going over some final details for the airport opening.
I can't believe it's only two weeks away.
I'm so excited that we're doing this together, as equal partners.
I can feel the corporate tycoon energy - racing through my veins.
- Well, I don't want to be a blood clot, but I have some bad news.
We failed yesterday's inspection, because our radar tower wasn't up to code.
- So now what? - Well, if we don't get proper certification this week, we'll have to postpone our opening.
No, we can't do that.
The Flores board is breathing down my neck to prove that their sizable investment in the merger - was worth the risk.
- Well, I can try to grease some palms, but most of them are currently giving me the middle finger.
I'll look into some possible solutions as well.
I didn't realize that you knew people that build radar towers.
I don't know people who build radar towers.
But I need our airport to open on schedule, so I will find some.
Well, thank you for squeezing me in.
Okay, I'll see you this afternoon.
Whoa! Why are you all up in my face? Also, you should call Dr.
Gellar and have that frown line taken care of.
Where's your gentleman caller? Dex left because of your bitchy attitude.
I told you I was too busy for breakfast this morning.
I have a lot going on and there was something that I needed - to take care of.
- Like what? Like I don't like your vibe right now, so maybe it's not a good time.
Oh, you are impossible.
You know, I need to go find Dex and apologize before he leaves town.
Good, don't let me stop you.
Hi, there.
We're here to service your refrigerator? Oh, right.
Freon leak? Actually, what is freon? I read it was dangerous.
Or was that radon? No, it's freon.
Freon is the dangerous one.
Be quiet and nobody gets hurt.
Looks like freon is the least of our worries right now.
I have a bad feeling about this.
I would rather try to bribe the Governor of Georgia, who I know hates me, - than come here for help.
- I've done the research.
This is our only shot to fix the radar tower without delays.
Unless you have another solution - you're not telling me about.
- No.
No, I don't.
But since we're here, just let me do all the talking.
Huh, Blake, Cristal.
Nice to see you.
I'd say I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but you two left my husband and I waiting naked in a hotel room, so I'm not that sorry.
You're right.
We should have said something before we left.
We were intrigued by your offer for a joint experience together, but got nervous and handled it poorly.
I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.
Blake was much more bark than bite in college.
Though we really were into some biting that night.
Okay, Sonya.
I think you've milked the awkwardness enough.
Can we just get on with it? We know that your company does large-scale electrical work, including building and installing radar towers.
Now, we don't need a new one built, but we do need one brought up to code in a week.
All right.
Henry and I would be glad to help.
- Great.
- But if you need it that fast, it's gonna come with a mark-up.
How much? 300 percent.
What?! Are you insane? Oh, this is just punishment for us not biting.
Believe me, I would love to punish you, Blake.
And if you'd stayed that night, you'd know.
But this is business.
And rush jobs are costly.
Look, why don't you guys take the day to think about it? The day? And then, come to our house tonight for a little party and we can talk.
It's going to be a wonderful evening of fun and games.
All we want is the jewelry you got from Cartier.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You posted your shopping trip on your social media feed and narrated the whole thing.
You did what? Have you learned nothing from the Kardashians? My followers expect bold content.
I don't post boring pictures of my feet by the pool.
Okay, well, maybe if you did, we wouldn't have a gun pointed at us right now.
Shut your mouths.
This isn't couples therapy.
Give me your phones and get on the floor.
Tie their hands behind their backs.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I have a lot going on, so will you just let me know if I get any calls or texts? Okay.
So here's the thing - Follow me! - Whoa.
Why are you here and when are you leaving? The hospital's insurance carrier needs the legal department to review these cases to make sure they're consistent with recent changes in insurance law.
Shouldn't take you too long.
You're slamming me with needless busywork.
How juvenile.
How you.
You know, you may be untouchable at home, but here at the hospital, I'm chief of staff, and I make the rules.
So if you don't want to play by them, you can just quit.
It really would make life more pleasurable for the both of us.
Or maybe just me.
You're very funny.
And quite sad.
But, um I absolutely won't quit and I can handle anything you throw at me.
- So - Oh, sister, you haven't even seen me throw yet.
Bring the rest in.
You cannot be serious.
Well, I should let you get back to work.
You have a lot on your plate.
There is no way we are attending Sonya and Henry's "night of fun," which is obviously just their way of saying "orgy.
" We are out of options, Blake.
Either we go to the party or we postpone the airport opening, which we can't afford to do.
I don't care.
I am done with those two hedonists.
We don't have to have sex with them to get a better price.
We just have to show up.
Sonya is challenging us to see if we're scared.
It's all a mind game.
Besides I have been dying to wear this new outfit.
And Sexfest 2022 seems like the perfect place for it.
I have a better idea.
Why don't you put that on here and then I will eagerly take it off of you.
I'll put it on for you, but you can't take it off until we get to the orgy.
I'm kidding.
But wear something super sexy just in case.
We don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons.
We'll be safe in here.
It's my panic room.
Did you say panic room or day spa? What? I installed all the essentials in case I ever needed to seek refuge.
I wanted to put in a hot tub, but the condo board - was completely unyielding.
- Okay, so I'm just curious.
Now that you have locked us in here, how and when do we get out? Easy.
I push this security button which sounds the alarm and calls the police.
Butch and Sundance out there will realize they need to leave and we can walk out when they do.
Please tell me it's a silent alarm.
It is not.
I know you're in there.
Very clever.
That's right.
The police have been called and are on their way.
We cut the phone wires as soon as we got here, so the police are not coming.
Especially since we have your phones.
And we're not leaving until we get what we came for.
So tell us where the jewelry is - or settle in while we search the place.
- Tell them.
Okay, your funeral.
I'll only need a minute of the chief of staff's valuable time.
Come in.
If you've come to resign, I will need it in writing.
Uh No, you know, verbal will be fine.
You know what? Just a simple head nod and we're good.
You've misdiagnosed the situation, Doctor.
As usual.
I'm not quitting.
- Then get out.
- Unfortunately, there has been a leak in the confidential hospital files, so, Legal is gonna need to check every computer to determine the culprit.
No need.
Obviously, I would never do such a thing.
Don't touch my computer.
Uh, I'm sure that you're telling the truth.
I mean, there is obviously a first time for everything.
But we'll snatch it up anyway to make sure - you're not hiding anything.
- This is preposterous.
- You can't do this.
- Well, you can take it up with Legal.
Oh, wait, that's me.
Motion denied.
Shall we? You know what? That pressing is getting really annoying.
And I am starting to feel a little claustrophobic in here.
Come on.
Hey, Instagram star, we haven't found the jewelry, but we did find your safe.
So, combination, please? Sure, left, go to hell, right, choke on it.
What is the matter with you? No piece of jewelry is worth getting killed over.
- Easy for you to say when it's not your jewelry.
- You know what? On second thought, maybe it's better if I do get killed.
That way, I won't have to spend another hour in this room with someone as selfish as you.
I am your mother.
Are there no bounds to your rudeness? Fine.
07, 24, 08.
- What is that? - The date I divorced your father.
Oh, that's charming.
So, which bottle of wine pairs best with a home invasion? - Not in the mood to drink.
- Wow.
That's the first time I've ever heard you say that.
But the more I think about it, I don't think I'm gonna drink, either.
There's nothing in the safe but costume jewelry.
Tell us where the real piece is.
Over my dead body! All right.
Just to be clear, she said over her dead body, not mine.
We're not leaving without what we came for.
We need to get out of here, I have a crucial appointment this afternoon that I cannot miss.
Oh, you think I don't need to leave? I need to go find Dex and apologize before he leaves the country for the next three weeks.
I am not telling them a thing! What do you think is gonna happen? Do you think that the robbers are just gonna get bored and they're gonna move on? Or do you think that they've booked another home invasion appointment on a different floor? They'll leave if they think the police are coming.
But they know that the police aren't coming.
Well, then we need to fix that, don't we? Everybody got my rewritten scene, right? Uh, yeah, - we all got them - But? But Nina wants to shoot it the way that it was.
- That's not gonna to happen.
- Uh, you can take it up with Nina, but I don't think she's gonna change her mind.
Which one do you like better? The old one or the new one? I'm just the producer.
Okay, my job is to keep things on schedule and not go over budget.
So if Nina wants to shoot it this way, then I'm perfectly fine with that.
Yeah, of course you are.
All right, maybe you don't like the rewrite because Cutler is acting super shady and unworthy of Farrah's love.
Which is clearly why she runs to Lionel.
If it were up to me, which it is not, I would say we shoot the good version, which is the original.
Like I said, you can take it up with Nina, but she wants to shoot this one.
Now what're you gonna shoot? Very mature, but you know we have other copies.
It was symbolic.
Let's get this over with.
Relax, we're gonna be fine.
And you look hot.
Well, thank you, but remember, we agreed.
We're not getting involved in any of Sonya's sex-crazed fantasies.
The second someone asks for lubricant, we are out the door.
- What the hell? - I think we're a little undressed.
Welcome to our night of fun.
I love what you're both wearing.
Makes me wish I was wearing a little less.
We thought Never mind.
So, game night's about to start.
Shall we make our way to the living room? - Hello.
- Kirby.
Hi! Welcome home.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- I got your text when I got off the plane from Milan and came straight here.
I really appreciate it.
I'm assuming you want to talk about the, uh the kiss, right? Well, I mean, you're with Charlie, so we can just forget that ever happened.
Okay So what do you need me for, then? I hope it has nothing to do with the mountains of paper in here.
'Cause, technically, I didn't finish high school.
Well, actually, it is related, 'cause Adam is trying to bury me so that I quit or am fired.
So, I need to fight back.
He's working on this new top secret drug project and I found these cryptic exchanges on his computer between him and the Customs Commissioner, and also certain Google searches which imply that he has imported a drug illegally.
Okay, whoa, whoa.
Slow down.
I'm still on Italy time.
You hacked his computer? Well, no, no, I'm not Jeff Colby.
But I had security take it.
I mean, I had my suspicions that he was doing something illegal.
I mean, considering he stole his last formula from the other doctor, but this this is way worse than I imagined.
- I'm still waiting for the me part.
- Right.
Um, I'm hoping that you could go and talk to Adam in his lab and, you know, find out what and where this illegal substance is.
Altolà, altolà.
You want me to spy on my ex-boyfriend? That's why you texted me? Si? This sibling feud is ridiculous and out of control, and I don't want any part of it.
But if Adam gets his way, I I could be deported.
And-and-and I could lose my job and be forced to go back to the UK.
Well, I don't want to see you get deported.
Me neither.
I'll see what I can find out.
But I'm not promising anything.
Of course not.
I really appreciate it.
This is the night of fun and games? Looks like fun to me.
Getting that radar tower deal done is business, not fun.
I didn't come here to play kids' games.
It looks like you both are dressed to play adult games, if you ask me.
Is Henry around? While you guys are playing candy cones, maybe he and I can hash out a deal.
Henry's around somewhere.
But what if there's an opportunity right here for you to get what you want.
- Yeah? Well, how many people do I have to sleep with? - Blake.
One game.
You win, you get your tower at cost, plus two years of free maintenance.
I win, you pay me 400 percent over cost.
The price went up? What's the game? Well, I like high stakes mind games.
But they're not for everyone.
I thrive on high stakes mind games.
What is it, huh? Liar's Poker? Ace tres? Murder? Rock Paper Scissors.
Are you sure about this? Nobody outsmarts Blake Carrington.
Let's do this.
I'm ready to rock.
Or am I ready to scissor? Patience.
Let me explain how we do it here.
We use gold, silk, and katana swords.
Gold bashes katana.
Katana slices silk.
And silk covers gold.
And the winner gets to keep the gold.
Would you, uh, give us a second? Sonya's choosing the sword.
She'd feel more powerful slicing with it.
She probably knows you're telling me that right now.
No, I've got this, okay? I've known her way longer than you.
But I know how she thinks.
Let's do this.
- Rock.
- Rock.
Ha! I win.
You lose.
Thanks for coming.
Is now really the time to celebrate with some wine? I thought you and I were coming up with a plan to get these guys out of here.
No one is having wine.
This is the plan.
Come on, help me move this.
Is this really a plan - or am I just helping you redecorate? - Here.
Now, crank the tanning bed up to high.
But, like, bacon-crisper high.
And then, with a little luck, it will trigger the alarm - on the wine fridge.
- And then, what? The wine police will come? Oh, we can play the alarm over the intercom.
And they'll think we got the alarm going again.
But what if they know it's not the police alarm? You think these idiots know the difference? I'm pretty sure they don't own a $25,000 wine fridge.
Why do you have a $25,000 wine fridge in your panic room? Mmm.
Crap! We got to go.
Just grab what you can.
Hello? Mr.
Robbers? I'll tell you where the diamond is now.
Hello? - They're gone.
- I have to say, - I am very impressed with you.
- Mmm.
Now, let's get the hell out of here.
Is there some secret way to open this thing? It's a door, Fallon.
- Uh-oh.
- What "uh-oh"? The door and the phone must use the same power source, which they cut, so we're locked in.
Now I'm less impressed with you.
Woo! Hey, stranger.
Stranger is right.
- What are you doing here, Kirby? - My iPad died on my flight back from Milan, and I just I don't know.
I just wanted to check in, make sure our friendship is still solid.
That's so thoughtful.
But the timing is odd, considering the fact that we're not really friends anymore.
So, if you don't mind Right, you're busy.
I can feel the science happening in here.
Are you working on something new and exciting? I am developing an antiaging injectable which is going to be revolutionary.
That sounds amazing.
Is there a, uh, secret ingredient? Indeed there is.
- It's in these bottles? - Yeah.
What is it? You promise not to tell anyone? Of course I promise.
Okay, but this stays between us.
All right? The secret ingredient is a tropical plant called "how stupid do you think I am?" Oh.
That was It was for me, not the name.
- Somebody sent you here to spy on me.
- What? You're being paranoid, silly Billy.
God, you are not a good spy.
Um, so, who sent you? - Jeff? Alexis? - Wow.
You really do have a lot of enemies.
So it's neither of those, so Was it Amanda? Kirby, why are you working for that monster? Monster? Amanda isn't the monster.
You're the one trying to fire her and get her deported.
Uh, first of all, I can't fire her.
And even if I could, her visa isn't connected to her job.
She has American parents.
So she can't get deported.
So she lied to manipulate you to do this.
So who's the monster? Oh, did you speak to Adam? Yes, and we need to talk.
Oh, I know.
I've been dying to call you, but I didn't want to just in case you were still with him.
So, did you find out anything? Uh, well, I found out the secret ingredient he uses is locked in a high-tech refrigerator.
Is that it or - is there anything else? - I learned that you're a liar who tried to manipulate me by making me feel bad for you.
I also learned that your visa has nothing to do with your job, and, yeah, - I think that was about it.
- Look, I'm-I-m so sorry, Kirby.
I-I I shouldn't have said that.
I was panicking and I needed help and it kind of came out.
Mmm, yeah.
Well, even if I believed you which I don't, it's nothing compared to what you did to me the night I left for Milan.
Uh, I'm sorry, what I did to you? From what I recall, you're the one that kissed me.
Only because you were going on and on about how you had these feelings for me and I was confused.
But I'm done with your stupid feud with Adam.
I have had enough drama with him.
And you.
And I did learn one more thing tonight.
Kissing you was a huge mistake.
Did you just bring me in here to humiliate me in the weirdest way possible? No.
I was testing a theory about my instincts.
And I was right.
- They're great.
- Kudos.
- Glad I could help.
- The problem is that Blake didn't trust my instincts tonight, so now we're stuck with a horrible deal for the radar tower.
He refuses to pay Sonya's price, meaning that the opening of our airport will definitely be delayed.
I didn't understand about 50 percent of what you just said to me, but I can relate to having a difficult business partner.
Alexis? I'm pretty sure everyone saw that one coming.
Yeah, and I'm busting my ass trying to fund a project at Alexam just to get her approval.
Why are you self-funding? You and Alexis are on good terms.
We're on great terms and technically, we're partners, but she has all the power, I guess.
It's like you and Blake.
Only one of you has real control.
I haven't really looked at it that way.
Thank you, Adam.
Oh, I didn't know I was being helpful, but sure.
I'm not an electrician, but I'm pretty sure the power to the door won't just turn on.
This cannot be happening.
What about Liam? Won't he wonder where you are? He'll come here, turn the power on and let us out.
No, no.
Liam's spending the night at La Mirage.
Oh Another big fight? Makes sense.
What? No.
We're great.
And we're about to be even greater.
He's just he's spending the night there because he's shooting the movie and it makes more sense - for him to stay there than come home.
- Right.
Well, Dex won't be looking for me - because he's leaving town.
- Yes, yes.
I know.
You've told me about 90 times.
No need to snap.
I'm just saying we are trapped here tonight until my staff comes in the morning.
At least they didn't get this.
I could kill you.
I should kill you.
You've had that the whole time? You could've given that to them and we would be out of here.
But you care about possessions more than you care about people.
Some things never change.
- If you'd let me explain - No, I'm not gonna let you do anything.
I may be stuck here with you, but that doesn't mean I have to look at you or hear you.
Fallon, uh Good night.
Picking up some extra cash? I'm just trying to help out where I can.
You know, I can't help it.
I'm a giver.
So principal photography is over.
- Does it always go by so quickly? - Pretty much.
These indie shoots just fly by.
It's funny that you mention that.
I was thinking, maybe we slow things down just a bit.
- You know, shoot my version of the scene from last night.
- Liam, you can bring me breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It's not gonna change the fact that we already wrapped.
Yeah, but have you considered maybe unwrapping? That's not a thing.
And I heard about your tantrum last night, which sounded wildly unprofessional.
Okay, that was just frustration with Culhane for not supporting my vision.
We need to show the audience that Lionel didn't steal Farrah from Cutler.
The story works great as it is, unless this has nothing to do with showing the audience anything, but is really about you showing Culhane you weren't the real-life villain.
I-I mean I assume you two talked about this.
It's obviously not the kind of thing you just ignore and pretend like it never happened.
Yeah, never.
I don't know, I figured it was ancient history.
Of course.
I forgot.
You're men, who don't talk, which is why it's not historical, but very, very current.
Hello? Is anyone here yet? Hello? Oh.
Breakfast? Caviar-infused protein bar? I never want to hear the word breakfast ever again.
We wouldn't be trapped in here right now if you hadn't insisted I have breakfast with your latest boy toy.
- You need to stop calling him that.
- Oh, I know.
I know, he's not a boy, but man toy doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
He's not any kind of toy.
He's special to me.
That's why I wanted the two of you to bond.
And because well, I was going to propose to him before he left town.
With this ring.
- That's why I wouldn't give it up.
- Fine.
That almost makes sense, but I mean, why did you have to propose to him last night? You just met the guy, not counting, you know, when he had a crush on you 20 years ago.
Why couldn't you have just waited till he got back in town? I love Dex.
I do.
But I'm afraid I'm going to lose him, like I lose everyone who's important to me.
You've come and gone.
Amanda moved out.
Jeff is too busy for me.
What if I end up alone? You can't marry someone just because you're afraid to be alone.
You'll still be alone, just with the other person.
Dex is the only one that I've got now.
And I was hoping to make us forever before he had second thoughts.
But he's gone now, so When we get out of here, I need to get on a plane and go find him.
This can't all be for nothing.
- I'm here to renegotiate.
- You can't renegotiate just because you don't like the terms.
That was Blake's deal.
I'm here to make my own.
With you.
Woman to woman.
I don't feel incentivized.
Although, we could play a game for it.
This isn't a game.
It's my business.
And I know your company is the only one that can do this for us in time.
But I expect you to do it for a fair price.
In exchange, you'll get first bidding rights on all future projects.
PPA is just one small piece of the Flores empire.
I'm surprised to see this side of you, Cristal.
I thought of you more as a backseat driver.
Oh, I'm in the front seat, Sonya.
I'm the one who brought the power and money to the merger with PPA.
So, are you ready to make a deal with me? Hey I heard there was a power failure at the Alexam lab.
I sure hope it didn't ruin anything that needed, say refrigeration.
Nice try.
But I moved my ingredients to another refrigeration source to keep them from being destroyed.
So Sorry, Sis.
You failed.
Did I? 'Cause I just can't help but wonder where you moved your secret ingredient to.
No doubt somewhere with a medical grade refrigerator.
Huh! Like this one.
Um You-you shouldn't - Yeah, caref - You can come in now.
This must be the Bokocho extract I read so much about in your emails.
Well, yeah.
You can't prove that.
There's, uh There's no label.
Oh, we'll have it tested.
Seeing it is illegal to possess, I must warn you that this could get us into serious trouble with the FDA.
And once the board learns about your breach of ethics and the law, it's likely gonna cost you your chief of staff position.
You didn't want to destroy my supply, did you? No, no, no.
I just needed you to bring it here.
After all, I'm not a monster.
Listen to me.
We are going to be okay.
- You don't know that.
- Talk to me.
Maybe tell me why you were distracted and rude - at breakfast yesterday.
- You want to know? Well I think I might be pregnant.
- Fallon, that's fantastic news! - All right.
Calm down, Grandma.
It's been like five minutes.
I wanted to wait till I went to the doctor to confirm before I told Liam, but clearly, that did not happen.
So, Liam doesn't know, but I do? Okay, I promise I won't say a word.
No, it's fine.
It's fine.
I was gonna tell him once I knew for sure, but I'm glad that you know.
- You are? - Yeah.
I mean, you're gonna be a big part of this baby's life.
And I know that you think everybody hates you and has abandoned you, but I'm still here.
And Amanda will cool off.
And I have forgiven you - many, many times - Okay, what's your point? My point is, maybe you should learn to forgive yourself.
Right? I mean, you deserve happiness as much as the next woman.
So if you're gonna chase after Dex and you're gonna propose to him, then you should be sure that it's for the right reasons.
I'm sure about Dex.
Hello? Mrs.
Colby, are you home? What happened? Yes, we're here.
In the panic room.
Access the generator.
- The power line's been cut.
- Okay.
Do you think she's gonna charge more for cleaning up ransacking? The power's on.
You see? When you are patient, the universe provides.
Or at least the housekeeper does.
- Do you want me to go with you to the doctor? - No.
No, it's just a blood test.
I'll be fine.
- Good luck.
- And what about you? Are you gonna go hop on a plane and chase after Dex, or are you gonna trust the universe that you don't have to? - You got a minute? - Are you gonna grab this menu out of my hand and rip it in half? I am not.
Looks like a heavy card stock.
Listen, man, I was way out of line last night.
Ah, forget about it.
Apparently, that's what happens on movie sets.
You creative types get all defensive.
I realized I rewrote that scene to make myself Lionel look better, because I was feeling guilty.
- Guilty about what? - I did some questionable things in the past to steal Fallon from you, and I was just, I don't know, I guess I was just trying to rewrite history or something.
Is that what this is about? Okay, yeah, sure, you weren't my favorite person back then.
But do you think Fallon did anything that she didn't want to do? Say, if she heard you say you stole her from me she would injure you.
Yeah, you do make a good point.
Hey, look.
No offense to your romantic skills, but that woman ended up with exactly who she was meant to be with.
Just like we all will.
I appreciate you saying that.
And, hey, I got to say, working together, it's been a lot of fun.
It has.
Especially if I don't have to tell Nina that the writer is demanding a reshoot.
No reshoot.
We're wrapped.
Congrats, man.
- Salud.
- Salud.
Good news.
I got Sonya to agree to get our radar tower up to code at 100 percent over cost, not 400.
What? You talked to Sonya? - I did.
- Without telling me? That seems strange.
But hey, that's a that's a good number, so I'll sign off on it.
That's sweet, but I don't need you to sign off.
I'm the largest stakeholder in the company, remember? The deal is done.
You should be thrilled, Blake.
Our airport will now open on schedule.
Oh, and, um next time someone challenges us to Rock Paper Scissors, I'll play.
Well, let's just hope there is no next time.
Sorry, not interested.
I-I'll just apologize to the door.
Very loudly.
Come in.
Look, I never should have involved you in any Carrington sibling drama, okay? For some reason, Adam, he just gets into my head and I end up doing crazy things.
- I can certainly relate to that.
- And you were right.
I never should have shared my feelings with you five seconds before you left for Milan, okay? Especially because you're with Charlie.
Can we just pretend that that never happened? Well, we could.
Except Charlie and I are over now.
Oh I'm sorry.
We decided that a client/rep relationship was too exhausting with all the extra baggage, so strictly professional now.
Plus the whole time I was in Milan I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss with you.
So, um, you're saying that you don't think kissing me was a huge mistake? - I'm just curious.
- I don't know.
I guess there's only one way to find out.
Maybe we should just do it, like, one more time, just to be sure.
Yes, this is Mrs.
Can you tell my driver I no longer need him? I've decided not to go to the airport.
I don't understand.
Are you sure? Hey.
What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting on a plane? I was on my way to the airport, but realized that I needed to say something to you before I left.
That's so funny.
I was this close to racing to the airport to catch you before you took off.
Really? Like a rom-com? Were you gonna get down on one knee and ask me to marry you at gate 31B? Oh, I probably wouldn't have gotten down on one knee.
You weren't really going to propose, were you? I was.
I know it's insane, but it was out of fear I was going to lose you.
- Lose me? I was only going to be gone for a few weeks.
- I know.
And, um I realized that I don't need to rush us.
If the timing is right, we'll know.
- I get it.
It You think I'm crazy.
- No.
I just think the coincidence is crazy.
Stop it.
I can't because what I came back to say is will you marry me? I think the time is right.
Right now.
You really want to spend the rest of your life with me? I can't imagine living another day without you.
So what do you say? Because my knee is starting to lock up.
Of course I will marry you.
A thousand times yes.
I only need one.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The movie is wrapped and I am ready to celebrate this milestone with the love of my life.
I feel like I haven't seen you in forever.
- Where have you been all day? - Well it's kind of long story.
And then, I went to the doctor, and then I was just walking.
Is everything okay? Well, I have to tell you something.
I was just at the OBGYN and I'm not pregnant.
I really thought that I was, and the test said that I was, but my doctor told me it was just a false positive.
Fallon Hey, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We'll just We'll keep trying - And it will happen.
- Yeah, well That's the thing.
It won't happen.
My doctor he said that because of the scar tissue from where I got shot I won't be able to carry a baby.

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