Dynasty (2017) s05e15 Episode Script


Hey, it's just me, buddy.
If you wanted to run away from home,
probably should've picked a better spot.
Wakulsky comes up here
almost every sunset
to drink and smoke.
Dad usually comes along.
I think I might hate him.
Sounds about right.
But you can't let him see you cry, Ben.
Come over here.
I'm gonna teach you how to play gin.
It's Dad's favorite.
When you get good enough at it,
you challenge him,
and then you beat him.
That's how you earn his respect.
- Is that what you did?
- Why do you think
Anders taught me how to play chess?
Thanks, Blake.
You got it, Benny boy.
Blake? Blake?
Blake? Are you listening?
Yes, I heard you.
Ben's been calling the
foundation asking for me.
Just ignore him or take a message.
I'm not your secretary.
I know you two have issues,
but it's been a week since the wedding,
and his determination isn't dying down.
Is there any harm in
finding out what he wants?
FALLON: Family meeting. Now.
We need to talk about Uncle Ben.
Enough is enough.
Betty is on edge
because Ben keeps calling
the office nonstop.
And do you remember the last
time an assistant of mine
was on edge? She shot me.
Do you want me to get shot again?
Because that's what's gonna happen
if you keep ignoring his calls.
I assume Ben's been contacting you, too.
No. Is he supposed to?
BLAKE: No, and if he does, ignore him.
I don't want you or
anyone talking to him.
- Excuse me?
- AMANDA: No, sorry.
Excuse me, um, can someone explain to me
where all this bad blood comes from?
I'm, like, completely lost.
If you must know, he killed our mother.
Your grandmother.
Okay, I think "killed"
is a bit of an exaggeration.
Blake exaggerating? I'm shocked.
Neither of you know what
you're talking about.
As far as I'm concerned,
Ben's negligence was
murder by another name.
It was Thanksgiving,
22 years ago.
Everyone was here for the weekend.
My mother had had a skiing
accident a few months earlier,
and she wasn't herself yet, cognitively.
So she needed 24-hour care.
She wouldn't let anyone
take care of her,
except family. It was Ben's night
to watch her, and for some reason
he left her unattended, and she
It's okay, Blake.
We found her drowned later
that night in the bathtub.
She was the best woman I ever knew.
Certainly glad I made you relive that.
CRISTAL: No one here is
questioning your pain, Blake,
but Ben isn't going anywhere
until you hear him out.
Now that we know the
implantation worked,
what's the next step?
College applications?
(LAUGHTER) Kidding.
Now we wait about ten
days for a blood test
to see if I'm pregnant, right?
Actually, not in this case.
You're already pregnant.
Wait, she's already pregnant?
Yeah, apparently your embryo
is a bit of an overachiever.
Maybe college is a good idea.
I'll give you a few
moments to yourselves,
then we can discuss next steps.
Well, this is fantastic news.
I can't believe this is real.
I mean, Liam.
We're gonna be parents.
(CHUCKLES): We're gonna be parents.
Do you two want some privacy, or
- No, no. Please stay.
- No.
I mean, you're such a big part of this,
and I don't even know how
to begin thanking you.
I'd pretty much given up.
You don't have to thank me, but
how about a group hug? (LAUGHTER)

- Whoa.
(SINGSONGY): Congratulations, family.
What the hell are you doing here?
I work here, and I was just passing by
as I heard the wonderful news.
Between you and I, Dr. Keith has
a voice that really projects.
So it's sometimes a problem
- for confidentiality.
- FALLON: You're a problem
when it comes to confidentiality.
And in case you forgot,
my voice projects, too.
So leave, now!
Fine, but if anyone needs any help
with anything along
this prenatal journey,
just, uh, ask.
Maybe never join a group hug unannounced
without permission ever again.
No promises.
I know I said I wanted statement
pieces for Pride weekend,
but isn't this a bit on the nose, honey?
As your longtime stylist, I'm confused.
What statement are you trying to make?
"I'm boring"?
Ooh! She brought the sass today.
I think I'm trying to say,
"I am queer, I am proud,
- but I'm also managing a hotel all weekend."
- Fine.
No to the jacket, then.
Lance Bass wore something
similar to his party
last night anyway, so
- Lance Bash was last night?
- Wait.
Were you not invited?
I am always on the list for that party.
I'm one of Atlanta's most recognized
and respected gay elites.
I don't understand.
Maybe they sent the invite
to a different Sammy Jo.
Hey, actually, uh,
can we finish this later?
I got another client to get to.
On second thought,
this little number will be perfect
for my Sahara Club bash
happening tomorrow.
- You're hosting?
- Of course I'm hosting.
It's only gonna be the biggest,
raunchiest Pride party in Atlanta.
I think that was the most
pre-prenatal yoga session ever.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you know, I just like
to get ahead of things.
Thank you, by the way,
for agreeing to this little
lunch and yoga surro-date.
I know it's not technically
in our gestational agreement.
But I just thought,
now that we're officially pregnant,
- it might be nice.
- It's my pleasure.
I like getting to know you, too,
and spending time in the
famous Carrington Manor is fun.
You should move in.
This relationship is off
to such a great start,
why not make it permanent?
We haven't even had a dinner date yet,
- and you already want to cohabitate?
- Yeah.
You weren't kidding about
getting ahead of things.
Uh, can I think on it?
- Oh, yeah. Of course.
- Also, there's one more thing.
I got a job offer,
but I wanted to gauge your comfort level
- before I accept it.
- Oh.
I thought you loved working
at the Natural History Museum.
I do,
but as a paleontologist,
there's always the lure of field work,
- should the opportunity arise.
- Uh-huh.
And I'm guessing one has arisen?
This crazy rich real estate guy,
Emmett Doyle,
is funding a dig on his
large Appalachian property.
Preliminary signs suggest
a new subspecies of
tyrannosaur is there.
- Oh, wow.
A tyrannosaur, okay.
Um, so how long do you
think this dig would take?
Maybe like a day or two?
More like a month or two.
Oh. Okay.
It certainly sounds like
a great opportunity.
I just didn't foresee you jetting off,
you know,
to Jurassic Park five
minutes into the pregnancy.
And what's going on with your arm?
- Is that a rash?
- Oh, yeah.
I showed it to my dermo the other day.
It's nothing. It's just eczema.
Look, if you want me to skip the dig,
you can just say it.
Of course I don't want
you to skip the dig.
No, no, you should go.
This-this is a big deal for you.
Wow. Really? Thank you.
I-I guess I should get
home and get packing.
Are you sure you're okay with this?
Absolutely. Yeah.
You go get those fossils, girl!
- Okay. (LAUGHS)
This office is a bit quainter
than I'd expect from you.
Obviously someone else decorated it.
Probably your, uh, your third wife?
You're on your fourth, aren't you?
Actually, we
- we have a baby on the way.
- I don't care.
Just tell me what you're
doing back in Atlanta.
I have no interest in endless chitchat
with the man who killed our mother.
I didn't kill anyone.
And I'm tired of
suffering the consequences
from a society that thinks otherwise.
So you need to publicly clear my name.
Hold a press conference, Blake.
Explain that Mother's death
was just a tragic accident.
Are you kidding? Why would I do that?
I'm not comfortable lying.
Only you could lie about not lying.
Just like you lied about not
seeing the note I wrote you
asking you to take care of Mother.
There was no note!
You invented that excuse
to cover your negligence,
and it failed.
Blake, I can't bring
another child into a world
that thinks I'm a negligent killer.
Then move to Mars.
'Cause here on Earth,
that's not changing.
It's why our dad cut
you out of the will.
This isn't about money, Blake.
But if you can't do what's right,
you'll have to pay the price.
You think you scare me, little brother?
I know I do.

So, in essence,
I'm thinking this party should be
Call Me by Your Name meets
the WeHo strip meets Tom of Finland.
Wistful, twink-y,
leather daddy realness, that's the vibe.
When you say "vibe,"
do you mean "theme"?
- Why? Is there a difference?
- You're asking us to plan
a blowout in 24 hours,
and "vibe" doesn't inspire
a tangible shopping list.
That's why I already put one together.
Yes, it's eight pages long.
No, I will not be compromising,
and you, Culhane,
need to make sure the bar is stocked
with enough premium
vodka to fill the Nile.
Okay, let's say
we pull this off on time,
which is highly doubtful,
how's anyone gonna know
we're even having a party here?
Pride is already going on,
and we haven't publicized the event.
- I have a plan.
- Are you sure you don't want to
wait until your birthday to do this?
I don't need to remind
anyone about my age.
But I do need to remind
the Atlanta gay scene that I'm here,
so they remember to invite me
to their exclusive parties.
So this is about Lance
Bass snubbing you?
No. Not at all.
- Okay, maybe a little bit.
- Mm-hmm.
But after the year I've had, I
I think I need this.
I've got publisher meetings all day,
but I came home as soon as I could.
What's going on?
- Stacey has a rash on her arm.
- You're joking.
I don't joke about rashes.
This is serious.
I mean, what if it turns
into something more dangerous
for our baby-to-be?
According to the Internet
Four words that strike
fear into every doctor.
- This could theoretically kill her.
- Okay, well,
I'm pretty sure Stacey hasn't
been to Micronesia lately,
so I think we can rule that out.
But if you're really concerned,
tell her to see a doctor.
Well, she did,
and she said it was eczema.
(CHUCKLES): So maybe it's eczema?
Look, I'm sure she would skip
the dig if you just asked.
I can't ask her.
This is a new relationship.
If I alienate her,
the next thing we know
she's run off with our baby,
and you and I are suddenly
an eight-episode podcast
- with a very unhappy ending.
- Okay.
Well, as long as you're not going
to the worst-case scenario.
Why don't we get a second opinion
and just trust the medicine?
CRISTAL: There's actually something
I need to talk to you about.
Apparently, a winner of a painting
at the Gala auction
flagged his Vermeer
as a possible forgery.
It's probably just a money grab,
but since Ben works in the art world,
I felt you should know.
This Vermeer is from
my personal collection.
- So?
- So it's not a forgery.
It's Ben.
He probably paid the buyer
to create some kind of scandal.
Can you arrange a meeting with this guy?
Sure, but maybe
we should just send the curator
to assess on our behalf.
No. Absolutely not. We have to be there.
We need to assess way
more than whether or not
this is a-a forged painting.
This is so generous, Fallon.
I don't even know how I'm
gonna fit it all in my car.
Definitely not in my bag.
Oh, which reminds me, I should probably
get home and go pack.
Oh, wait, wait. Um, there's an exfoliant
way at the bottom of this basket
that I feel I need to explain.
Sorry I'm late
for the brother-sister pottery class
that we have planned.
Stacey! Glad I caught you.
So, when I saw you
at the hospital earlier,
I noticed something on your arm.
Oh, this?
Ugh, it's just eczema.
I've already discussed it with Fallon.
Fallon's not a doctor,
last time I checked.
Just saying,
women with developing pregnancies
need to be extra cautious.
Just, you know,
maybe take it easy this week.
But that won't work.
I mean, Stacey has a dig
that she's supposed to go to.
(CHUCKLES): Could you be any stricter?
STACEY: Honestly,
I'm just highly sensitive
to advanced glycation end-products,
which prime a production
of allergic phenotypes
as an overreaction.
D-Duly noted. Great.
Um, so
then have an amazing dig.
Thank you. And thanks again, Fallon,
for the basket, but I think
I'll pick it up when I get back.
- See you at the next appointment.
"Have an amazing dig"?
What's wrong with you?
I told you to play bad cop,
not roll-over-and-play-dead cop.
(CHUCKLES) Do you want my advice?
Have I ever said yes to that?
Just don't think about it.
Stacey and her womb are
gonna be absolutely fine.
You really need to relax.
You know,
there really is a pottery class.
We could go throw some clay.
I'd rather throw myself off a cliff,
but thank you.
I don't know how much Ben is paying you
to claim the painting's a fake, but
- yeah, it won't work.
- OSCAR: Mr. Carrington, I don't know
who Ben is,
but when someone calls to tell me
my new baby is a fraud,
I'm gonna look into it.
CRISTAL: We're just here
to get to the truth,
whatever that may be.
The truth is this is a
finely made work of art.
And a forgery.
It's a very good one.
And it seems to be lined
on the back with
- Playing cards?
- BLAKE: Yeah.
This is Ben's work.
He's sending us a message.
He's shameless.
What's shameless is a charity selling
forged art to make money.
CRISTAL: We never would've
knowingly auctioned off a fake.
Would you accept a refund
in exchange for discretion?
Add a 15% markup.
You insulted me in my own casa.
That's not free.
That was close.
I have a feeling Ben's not done.
Hello, Ben.
Aren't you going to
invite your sister in?
BEN: I, uh
I should have called, I know.
I wanted to.
I just I assumed
- Blake poisoned the well.
- I'm disappointed.
We used to get along famously,
but it seems you never
knew me after all.
If you had,
you'd know my opinions are self-made.
Much like my success.
Of course. My mistake.
No, thanks.
I just came to say one thing.
Whatever you're planning,
I want no part of it. Good talk.
Okay. Hey, wait.
All right, I get it. I get it.
You're above what's going
on between us brothers,
but what I don't get is
why you're so loyal to him
after all he's done.
- Blake and I are past our issues.
- I don't mean
what he's done to you.
I meant what he did to your mother
all those years ago.
Do you remember
when Lo was fired from
C.A. as Thomas's secretary?
Of course.
Thomas claimed she had violated
a noncompete clause in her contract.
Thomas adored Lo.
Never would've fired her
over something so minor.
- So you're saying Blake fired her?
- I'm saying
- Blake needed the job to open up.
- Why?
- For what reason?
- He wanted
a mistress of his to get it.
You want to catch some dinner?
I got plenty more to tell.
Like I said,
keep me the hell out of it, Ben.
And don't ever offer me
hotel chardonnay again.
Hey, uh, careful with those speakers.
They pack a huge punch
for a space this small.
I can cross another
thing off Sam's list:
speakers with bass so thick
they'll puncture an eardrum.
I, for one, appreciate the distraction.
Rebuilding Colby Co.
hasn't been as smooth as I'd hoped.
Well, what's the snag?
Some European shell company
snatched up a few of
the major divisions.
And I can't find the sales docs,
which I need so I can make someone
an offer to buy them back.
Maybe you should go to Europe.
I recommend Milan.
Oh, did someone say Europe?
I just spent the whole ride here
hounding contacts over there.
Oh, for Jeff's companies?
No, uh, uh, Blake asked me to try
and find out where his brother is hiding
a stolen Vermeer,
but I couldn't find anything.
More information on Ben is needed.
Information I can't access
because it's encrypted.
(LAUGHS): Hello?
This is fate.
Jeff's got hacker
skills that could solve
your encryption problem.
And Amanda can use her contacts
across the pond to try and
track down these sales docs.
I guess, but I'm a bit gutted that
"being European"
is my, uh, only asset.
That could change if
you stop saying things
like "little bit gutted."
JEFF: Yeah, well, I'm, uh,
not really into helping Blake,
not even indirectly.
Well, he's actually been
a lot better recently.
He, uh, he even said Kirby and I were a
"handsome" couple,
which is a bit
it's a bit weird,
but, um, sweet.
Or forget about Blake.
You know the Carrington
children are good people.
JEFF: Some of them.
Okay, I know you got
a track record in London
of being on the right side
of human rights cases.
So maybe partnering with a relative
who's on the same page
isn't such a bad idea.
What do you say?
ADAM: I brought you a weighted
blanket to force you to calm down,
but, hey, look at that,
you've actually taken
my advice to relax.
Yep, just having
a nice glass of riesling
and watching a movie. You can go now.
And what movie might that be?
Um, just, you know,
one of those Indiana Jones things.
Uh, it looks super realistic.
Okay, fine, you caught me. I am watching
a live feed of the Natural History
Museum setup of Stacey's dig.
- This is sad.
- No, what's sad
is that that rash
could have already spread to my baby,
thanks to you. But since you're here,
how about a second second opinion?
Okay, you want my professional opinion?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm, you're a lunatic and this is a waste of time.
You're absolutely right.
I am?
Yeah. Pack your bags,
because we need to go to
that dig site in person,
pretend to be volunteers
and monitor Stacey's
rash until it goes away
or, you know, until she goes home.
You're really putting the "rash"
into irrational right now,
because Stacey will
definitely recognize us.
That dig site is huge.
There will be hundreds of volunteers.
What's two more?
And it's your fault we're in this mess.
Go on.
Tell me your list of demands.
If I go to the dig, I would like
weekly one-on-one dinners with you.
- I'm not exactly
the most popular Carrington right now,
- and your approval could really help.
- Perfect.
How's biannual?
- Weekly or no deal.
- Fine. Okay.
Go pack a pair of binoculars, a shovel,
and wear whatever paleontologists wear.
We leave first thing in the morning.
Thank you.
Uh, what's with the construction stuff?
Did the theme of the party change
to Village People realness?
The theme's the same,
but I had a revelation
about our promotion strategy.
We're not giving out flyers anymore.
- Good. So we can go home.
If we want a huge crowd,
we need to bring Pride to the party.
Kind of like a gay Field of Dreams.
If you build it in the right spot,
they will come.
So to speak.
KIRBY: I'm exhausted,
and I've never seen
Dreams of Field,
so why don't you tell us
the new plan, Sammy Jo?
We're going to redirect
the Pride parade route
to pass directly in
front of the Sahara Club.
That way,
the paraders will have no choice
but to get drawn in.
So we're going to illegally
move the street barriers?
And add some.
I guess if you're not a true ally,
you don't have to help.
Okay, fine, we'll help you.
But only if you stop
being such a Pridezilla.
Father, Son and House of Gucci.
this will help you forget about Ben.
Yeah. That's a bit better.
Mmm, yeah.
I'm feeling my focus shifting.
- So can I.
- Don't look at it.
Oh, no, I have to, I'm sorry.
Just-just give me a second.
- What is it?
- Oh, I knew
that millennial slacker
would sell me out.
The Times has a story, "Blake Carrington
"intentionally donates multiple
forged paintings to charity
for huge tax write-offs."
There are other forgeries?
Three more have been reported.
When did Ben even steal
these paintings from you?
Well, hold on a second.
All four of these paintings
were stored in a safe
at the Carrington Compound.
He must've swapped out the
originals for fakes he had made.
This could be a disaster
for PPA and Flores.
Clients are willing to
weather a scandal or two,
but ripping off a charity
doesn't play well.
Is there any chance that you can just
give Ben what he wants?
It's only a statement to the press.
Stop. Don't ever ask me that again.
I'll figure it out.
I just don't know how yet.
(EXHALES) Wow. This is incredible.
We're actually unearthing history.
Easy, Indiana Bones.
Digging is not why we're here.
Now, give me those binoculars
so I can try to find Stacey.
All right. Which lens do you want?
I have Porro prism or roof prism.
Of course you have options.
Oh. I think
Yep, I found her.
Ah. I found an ancient tooth.
That's a rock.
Now, come on, focus, focus.
Less paleontology, more dermatology.
Remember? There she is at 11 o'clock.
ADAM: Well, the good news is,
it looks like her rash
has completely disappeared.
(GASPS) That's fantastic.
The bad news is,
I'm kind of disappointed.
I wanted to spend more
time in the bone zone.
Oh! Mother of Parksosaurus,
that really hurt.
That's what you get for saying
"bone zone."
What happened?
I sat on the pick.
I could have been impaled.
Oh, no.
No, no, I'm fine. Thanks for checking.
No, I'm not concerned about you.
I'm looking around
at all the sharp tools everywhere.
This place is like a torture chamber.
These tools are far less
hazardous than the-the spiders
and the rattlesnakes
and the punishing sun,
and I can tell I'm not
soothing you right now.
No. We need to get my precious
cargo out of here now.
Since you won't actually talk to Stacey,
how do you propose we do that?
It's simple.
We just find out who her supervisor is
and get Stacey fired.
I have to talk to you.
BLAKE: Can it wait?
Our little brother's antics have got me
on round-the-clock damage control.
How about we talk about
your antics for a second?
Did you have my mother fired from C.A.
because you wanted your
mistress to work there?
I'm guessing you talked to Ben,
after I explicitly told you not to.
You don't control my social calendar.
You're deflecting. Is it true or not?
Fine, okay? Yeah, it's true.
But that's ancient history.
I mean, i-if I'm being honest,
I can't even remember
the mistress's name.
Do you think that makes you look better?
Look, had I known that the
job was so important to Lo,
and that she was raising my half sister,
I probably wouldn't have had her fired.
You didn't just have her fired.
You damned her to a different life.
A much more difficult life, Blake.
I'm-I'm sorry. I am.
You're hurt. I get that.
But can't you see that this
is exactly what Ben wants,
to drive a wedge between us?
Come on, you know that
I'm a different person now.
What I see is a little boy
fighting with his brother
like he's playing kids' games again.
Good luck.
What took you so long?
I swiped Stacey's backpack
while she was in the bathroom,
but she'll be back any second.
Um, I think that procuring
a bin of valuable,
not-yet-catalogued fossils
is a much harder job.
Great, congratulations.
Can you move any faster?
Break them for all that I care.
We're trying to get her fired, remember?
Oh, plus,
I tipped off Chloe the supervisor
- while you were playing in the dirt.
- Where do you want these to go?
I want it to go on
that table over there.
(WHISPERS): Don't skip, don't skip.
- Okay, good, good.
- Okay.
Now Chloe will bring Stacey over here
to reprimand her any second.
And once she sees
that she's been skimming
fossils off the top,
she'll have no choice but
to fire her and my baby.
- Hide. They're coming.
- Oh
So, what exactly is this about?
And why is my bag here?
I don't know, but I heard rumors,
which is, I'm sure,
all they are, you know?
I have to perform my due diligence
- and search your bag.
- For what? Uh, stolen granola?
Uh, guilty as charged. (CHUCKLES)
Wait, hold on.
Is this
That looks like a tooth belonging
to a species of Dryptosaurus.
- Why is this in your bag?
- I have no idea,
except that someone
is clearly trying to frame me.
You get anonymously tipped off,
my bag gets moved
and now there's a tooth in it?
I don't care how it got in your bag,
because this is a huge discovery.
- Let's show the team.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What the hell are you smiling about?
That was a total failure.
Because it was a tooth.
Maybe I should be Indiana Jones.
Indiana Jones doesn't
even look for fossils.
That's Jurassic
Oh. Hold on.
I've got a call to make.
KIRBY: I hate to say it,
but it seems like
Sam's insane blockade
idea is actually working.
Do you think he'll like all this stuff?
If he doesn't, we'll just get
him liquored up until he does.
Speaking of which,
I should check on the bar stock,
because Sam was not kidding
about folks loving they vodka.
Well, look at you. (LAUGHS)
Happy Pride.
Oh, I love how awkward
straight people are
when they say that.
- Did that kiss even register for you?
- Yes.
Yes, I'm so sorry. Um
You know how I was, like,
helping Jeff try and find out
who was hoarding his Colby Co.
Well, I found out.
It's Blake.
Blake Carrington?
Of course Blake Carrington.
And now I have to decide
whether to tell or not.
And I can either betray Jeff
and say nothing or I can betray Blake
a-and I can start a whole
new Carrington-Colby war.
I'm not telling you what to do,
but one of those people
is trying to create jobs
for his community and the other
is currently being smeared
as a charity scammer.
I guess I'm just gonna have
to drink my way to a decision.
Oh, oh, thank you.
Ah. Healthy.
One sec.
So you sold a book without
even having an idea?
Are people just throwing
money at you now?
Pretty much. I mean, apparently,
a little movie hype goes a long way.
The publisher was willing
to offer a blind deal.
Ugh, I'm so proud of you.
I would throw myself at you, right now,
but I can't, you know,
because of the wet nails.
It's funny,
my day was pretty much the opposite.
- You know? Just boring.
- As soon as those hands are free,
we can spice it up a little bit.
Hi, you two.
You're back from the dig already?
Yes, but only because it was shut down.
- Oh.
- Oh, your dig got shut down?
- STACEY: Mm-hmm.
- Why?
Ah, don't make her relive the details.
a billionaire bought the land
and decided to use the
findings to kick-start
some top secret project
involving DNA mining and
dinosaur reanimation.
LIAM: Whoa. Like a,
like a real-life Jurassic Park?
- Mm-hmm.
- Wow. Someone's got some money to burn.
Or someone's really good at lying.
could I see your hand for a second?
Uh, no, no.
I hate to show a work in progress.
Come on, Fallon.
There's dirt under your nails.
Well, yes, of course there is.
This morning,
I noticed the begonias
outside were trash,
- so I uprooted them myself.
- Fallon, stop.
I also saw your ridiculous floppy hat
on the way in here and I
recognized it from the dig.
You shut us down, didn't you?
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
what's going on here, Fallon?
What's she talking about?
Okay, all right, I'm sorry, I did.
- LIAM: Oh, my God.
- But you have to look at it from my side.
First you had this terrifying,
ugly rash,
and then, I go to the dig site,
and it's basically a death trap.
I was just trying to protect you.
It sounds more like you didn't
trust me to protect myself.
I offered to not go.
Yes, I know that, but our relationship
is still in the early stages,
and I didn't want to rock the boat.
So you capsized it instead?
Uh, maybe this arrangement
should be more transactional.
Appointments only. No yoga, no lunches,
and definitely no moving in here.
What's gotten into you?
I honestly don't know anymore.
Hello, hello, hello.
Everyone having a fun Pride Ride?
Well, thank you for coming to
Sahara Club's very first Pride.
I know how you all like it: no chitchat,
just getting down to business.
So I won't bore you with a speech.
Except to say if you don't
see Lance Bass at this party,
it's because he wasn't invited.
- Anyway, time to get drunk,
because Miss Angeria Paris VanMicheals
is on her way!
He seems to like the party.
I think that's what that meant.
This party is a disaster.
Where are the assless chaps?
Plus, I heard a rumor that one
of the go-go dancers
is actually straight.
You gave us one day to
throw this thing together.
Whatever happened to being thankful
and chilling out after we helped you?
That was before you failed me.
- Also,
why is no one drinking?
They were, but they wiped us out.
And the supplier can't make
it here to restock the bar
since he's stuck in traffic
because someone messed
with the parade route.
Maybe this is partially your fault?
No, no, no, no, no.
This is all my fault.
For putting too much Pride
responsibility on a straight guy
and a girl who's gay only
when it's convenient.
Wow. You really went there?
Okay, we're done.
Kirby, shall we?
Well, fine.
I guess if I want things done right,
I know who not to ask.
So, what am I supposed to do?
Just give up and let Stacey
run around putting herself
and my baby in danger?
No, but breach of contract
is a dead end, okay?
If Stacey doesn't want
you in her personal life,
then-then that's her call.
Hey, did you see where that, um,
go-go dancer went,
'cause I was not finished with him.
He left, like, five minutes ago.
How many drinks have you had?
Like, four? Anyway,
at the end of the day, in nine months,
a baby's gonna appear,
and you don't have to see
how the sausage is made.
Don't call my baby a sausage.
10-4, good buddy.
ADAM: Ooh.
Where's Legally Bland going so quickly?
I'd assume getting away from you.
- Hmm.
- Why are you here
and dressed like you run
a conversion therapy camp?
Read the room, Adam.
Sorry, I-I wasn't gonna come,
but then I heard about
what happened with Stacey.
Oh. So you wanted to gloat in person?
I wanted to apologize.
I-I know this was not
the outcome you wanted.
Well, I appreciate the effort,
but couldn't this have waited
until one of our
forced-at-gunpoint weekly dinners?
No. No, no, no.
You're off the hook for that.
I'm not gonna force you to do
something you don't want to do.
Just, um, you know,
don't forget about me
next time you go on a little mission.
Well, that's surprisingly mature of you.
It was nice to be connected.
Um, you know, I just,
I don't want to be left behind
when the next generation starts.
Something wrong?
Uh, Sammy Jo?
(GASPS) Child,
what are you doing to yourself
in my dressing room?
Oh, my God.
Miss Angeria Paris VanMicheals.
Almost. I am such a huge fan.
It's an honor to meet you.
I just need five more
minutes of dragsforming,
and then I'll be ready
for your performance,
which is now a duet.
So our performance.
Uh, I wasn't aware you do drag.
Well, I don't normally.
It's a special occasion.
So please allow me to
introduce to you
Samantha Jones.
She's here to save this tragic party.
You know that name is very taken, right?
- Well
- And Angeria
doesn't do this duet thing.
This pageant queen is all about polish.
I know it's very last minute,
but I need to create a
gay watercooler moment.
Lance did it at Lance Bash,
and if I don't top that,
I might never get taken seriously
- as one of Atlanta's top gays.
- Okay, hold on.
You don't do drag because you're
trying to prove something.
You got to do it for you.
And also, the appearance fees.
- Come on.
Sit down.
Look at me. This is who I am,
and I'm not trying to
be anything but myself.
If you have to put on a breastplate
that doesn't even match your skin tone,
I need you to press pause, breathe
and figure out what's going on with you
that forced you into this moment.
Is this clicking for you, honey?
Yes, Mother.
this is excellent timing.
I was just looking at
an auction catalogue.
Maybe you could lend me
your artistic expertise.
Stop gloating, Blake. How'd you do it?
You must be referring
to the Times retraction.
Well, I guess they just realized
I was an innocent man after all.
We both know that's a load of crap.
So, what'd you do?
You remember our neighbor
at the Carrington Compound,
Mr. Wakulsky?
We used to camp out in his deer blinds?
He was always on the cutting
edge of hunting technology?
He installed, like, sensors
and traps and even
motion-activated cameras.
There you are,
loading my stolen art into a van.
Well, that man's wearing a mask.
These prove nothing.
Yeah, it proves that I was robbed.
Which clears my name.
This isn't fair.
It's like when I taught you to play gin.
You always knocked too early.
You didn't evaluate all the outcomes.
Then when you lost, you'd cry,
"Oh, it's not fair."
Seems like things don't change, do they?
I loved our mother, Blake.
I was devastated when she died.
You killed her.
And none of your lies will ever,
ever change that.
Now get on your plane
and go back to Paris.
Game over. Again.
So, after I came up dry
on the stolen art,
I did some digging.
And when you dig,
you are bound to find some dirt.
So, what dirt did you find,
brand-new cousin of mine?
Well, Ben's requested a copy
of our grandfather's will
as it was signed and
witnessed in the year 2000.
I-I don't really know what that means,
but I imagine that Blake will,
so thank you.
maybe don't remind me who this is for.
- So, what about you?
Did you find anything for me?
Um, you know, I'm so sorry, Jeff.
It was, like, just dead ends, you know?
I don't think that
there's any finding out
who owns these pieces of Colby Co.
, so
Ah, well,
I thank you for trying.
So, are you, you about to head out?
Well, I can finish that
drink for you if you want.
I'm gonna stick around for Angeria.
I'm a big fan.
She, she gives it to you straight.
No pun intended.
- Oh.
Look who it is.
Did you come to devalue
my experience as a queer person again?
Because if you have, I have comebacks.
Fire away, bitch.
I feel awful about what I said earlier.
It was way out of line.
I owe you both a huge apology.
It better be good.
I-I know I've been going overboard.
And I know it seems it was because
I was upset that I didn't
get invited to Lance's party,
but after talking to Angeria, I realized
that I was more upset about
the why than the what.
It would help if we knew
what you were talking about.
Look, ever since my dad died,
I've been kind of lost in my identity.
Like, like I'm supposed to enter
a new phase in my life,
but I have no idea what that is.
That's not something you're
supposed to figure out
- all at once.
- Yes, but
after getting snubbed by Lance,
I felt like my community
had forgotten about me.
Like, I've been so busy
with life and work
that I lost that
visibly queer part of myself.
And this party was my way of asserting
that I'm still here, that I'm
that I'm just as gay as anyone else.
Uh, mission accomplished.
I ended up turning into someone
I didn't recognize and
I am so sorry for
the way I treated you.
I think we should hug.
Uh, yes.
Me, too, except there are so
many sequins on this jacket,
you'll cut yourself if you do.
I got some champagne.
Someone dropped this off the other day.
Uh, Sam, h-have you read that bottle?
Yes, it says "champagne,"
and "You are cordially
invited to Lance Bash."
- Is this
- An invitation to Lance's party?
Yeah, it seems like it.
STACEY: So, you weren't
actually concerned about my safety?
This is a weird apology.
Stacey, I'm always gonna be
concerned about your safety.
But I can also tell that
you're an intelligent,
rational person who can
take care of herself.
If you know I'm capable
and you weren't worried,
then why the sabotage?
I just didn't realize how
this surrogate pregnancy
was gonna make me feel until
it actually became a reality.
And then once it did, I just
I wanted to be around you,
or the pregnancy, as much as possible.
No, I get it.
You weren't worried about me at all,
you were worried about Fallon.
Yes, exactly.
Which will make perfect sense
as you get to know me.
I just don't want to
miss out on anything.
Every feeling,
every moment of this pregnancy,
and two months away just
felt like I would miss a lot.
And I am sorry,
because I know myself,
and I should've known
I was gonna feel this way.
Well, everybody's journey
with this is different,
and you're gonna feel
how you're gonna feel.
But I accept your apology.
Thank you.
And to be honest,
I'm really starting to prefer this place
to my humble abode. I don't suppose
you have an extra bedroom
for your surrogate
and baby-to-be?
I've got 14.
Well, this is a surprise.
I've been thinking,
and I'd like to get
that dinner after all.
And perhaps I owe you an apology.
Why don't you come in?
I, uh, I have better wine this time.
What's all this?
I realized if I want to win,
I have to speak the only
language Blake knows.
Hello, Atlanta.
Let's get this party started.

Oh, the night ♪
Is my world ♪
City light ♪
Painted girl ♪
In the day, nothing matters ♪
It's the nighttime that flatters ♪
You help me to forget
to play my role ♪
You take my self,
you take my self-control ♪
I ♪
I live among the
creatures of the night ♪
I haven't got the
will to try and fight ♪
Against a new tomorrow ♪
So I guess I'll just believe it ♪
Tomorrow never knows ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
- Oh, oh, oh ♪
- You take my self ♪
- Oh, oh, oh ♪
- You take my self-control ♪
You take my self ♪
CRISTAL: You think it's over?
Oh, I know it is.
You should've seen the look on his face.
I broke him.
I'm proud of you. I know it wasn't easy
to stay above water with Ben around.
- A lot of painful memories.
I couldn't have done it
without your steady hand.
And I wasn't always above water.
Thankfully, we're done with all of it.
Who are you?
Are you Mr. Blake Carrington?
Yes, I'm Blake Carrington.
- You've been served.
- Yeah. Right.
- What is it?
- That bastard.
He's claiming he was illegally
cut out of Thomas's will.
(SCOFFS) He wants half.
Half of what?
Of everything we have.
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