Dynasty (2017) s05e17 Episode Script

There's No One Around to Watch You Drown

FALLON: Peppermint oil for nausea.
Vitamin A for stretch marks.
A meditation pillow for relaxation.
Yes, and a sun lamp for mood.
Are we worried this is a little much?
We just want to make sure
Stacey has everything she needs
- while we're tied up at court.
- Hey, about court,
um, Professor Kingston's
finally got time
to help me workshop ideas for my book,
but he wants to start today, so
- I'm gonna have to miss the trial.
- Lucky you.
I wouldn't even be going, but Blake
is demanding the Carringtons
present a united front.
It turns out Uncle Ben
is only challenging Blake's inheritance.
Mine is still resting safe and sound,
just like Stacey will be if
that goose down comforter
ever gets here. Jeanette Oh.
You know my birthday's
not till December, right?
Just like Jesus. How could I forget?
We just want you to feel
like the manor is your home.
FALLON: This isn't our biggest suite,
but my favorite nanny, Heather, used to
live here,
so I've always had a soft spot for it.
Blake was busy working and
Alexis was trying to
claw her way to the top
of the Peach Tree Society,
so Heather basically raised us.
Ah, that sweet Carrington
legacy I hear so much about.
Aw, did anyone ever tell you that
you're the cutest when you're
the strong and silent type?
And don't worry, I promise you
the legacy of being a bad parent
ends with Blake and Alexis.
And what's this?
An annotated catalogue
of cultural touchstones
my brother and I really
enjoyed as children.
Feel free to start our baby
off with some of the classics.
You know, maybe Un Chien Andalou?
(CHUCKLES) There's a copy
in the screening room.
Blake's called a
Carrington family meeting.
Then it's a good thing I'm a Deveraux,
because I don't have time
for a family meeting.
NordicStar has selected
their finalists for the
new uniform design contest,
and I made the cut.
That's great news.
I wasn't finished yet.
It's down to me and Lainie Sullivan
that no-talent millennial designer.
Well, you're a much better
designer than she is.
Sadly, it's not just about talent.
NordicStar is posting the looks online,
and letting the people decide.
Well, isn't that good news?
You've got tons of fans from FSN.
Of course, and I love my "Dominoes."
But our show only averages
1.4 million viewers.
And she has over 14 million followers
on TikTok alone.
After all of my hard work,
it comes down to another
popularity contest between
me and another Insta-blond.
Well Blake and I
are here to support you however we can.
Just like I hope you'll be
at the trial to support us.
Just because I came to my senses
about which brother is better
doesn't mean I want
to sit by Blake's side
on a wooden courtroom bench.
Then how about sitting by my side?
If Blake loses,
he'll have to pay Ben the equivalent
of what he inherited from Thomas.
Since there's no C.A. anymore,
and Blake and I merged companies,
most of that would come from Flores.
It would decimate my family's business.
I'll come to the family meeting.
But there better be mimosas.
And croissants.
(GROANS) Please, no snark.
I just got off an eight-hour flight
that only had vegan entrees left.
And I had to fly alone because
Amanda's still in London
working on her green card stuff, okay?
I come snark-free.
I just wanted to welcome you home.
Oh, God, it's even worse than I thought.
- What have you done?
- Nothing, I promise.
No, everything
everything's going
really well at Alexam,
and I'm just
I'm turning over a new leaf, you know?
I'm not dwelling on the past anymore.
I even signed up for some dating apps.
Wow. I'm really happy for you.
I'm still not sure why you're
telling me this, though.
Well, I figured if Mother
can get over her issues
with you, then I could do the same.
What are you talking about?
Oh, she left you a note, some
some big apology.
Maybe you haven't found it yet.
Or maybe she changed her
mind once she got in here.
You know, sometimes with
Alexis it's about baby steps.
Alexis was in here unsupervised?
I'm sure Mrs. Gunnerson has some sage
lying around so you can smudge.
Well, I'm usually more of a gym rat,
but I got to admit this
sunrise hike/yoga sesh
doesn't totally suck.
That view alone was worth it, right?
Most definitely.
- Oh. Corny.
Good thing you're so cute.
Cute and smitten.
I know it hasn't been long,
but I got to admit,
this is something special.
I think so, too.
You know what else is a great workout?
- Dancing.
- Oh.
I hear Leon Bridges is coming
to the Sahara Club next week.
I'm sure the co-owner
could pull a few strings, get us in?
You know
I actually don't like
- going to the club when I'm not working.
- Oh.
But Leon plays in New York
- a lot, so
- Uh-huh.
maybe we could fly up there,
- catch a show
- Michael, stop.
I know what this is about.
I mean, at least, I think I do.
You do?
Yeah. And I appreciate you
for trying to protect me from going back
to the place where my husband
had his accident, but
there's no reason to avoid the club.
- There's not?
- (CHUCKLES) No. I've been meaning
to talk to you about my past,
but this has been going so well,
I didn't want to
mess things up by admitting
I'm not exactly traumatized
by Leo's death.
Yeah, I know, it sounds horrible.
No, no, it doesn't.
You, you, you can tell me anything.
Leo was amazing when we met,
but after we got married,
he became a different person.
And, eventually,
I found out he was involved with some
very scary people.
I was about to leave him when he died.
Okay. I hope you don't think I'm
a monster for feeling like that.
No, absolutely not.
I'm very glad that you told me.
You have no idea.
All right, we've got a lot to
discuss and not a lot of time.
- Don't worry, Father, I'm here to support you.
- And
I appreciate that.
But you are the one person
I need to stay away.
This trial will be swimming with press,
and I don't want to remind them
that you've just been fired
as Chief of Staff. It doesn't look good.
Yeah, of course. What-whatever you need.
"Swimming with press"? Interesting.
I looked up the statute of limitations
on overturning a will it's ten days.
This shouldn't even be going to trial.
Well, my lawyers explained to me
that because Ben was never notified
of the original reading of the will,
that statute is void.
CRISTAL: But there are no
copies of your conversations
with Thomas's lawyer,
so what is there to discuss?
Ben has always insisted
that he left me a note
telling me to watch over Mother
on the night that she died.
If he can convince a judge
that's that true, and that I lied
to Thomas about it
the will could be overturned.
Don't take this the wrong way, but
did you lie?
No! There was never any note!
Ben was trying to cover his ass.
I just need to prove it.
And I have no doubt that you will.
So call me when you're
ready for us to take
a victory photo on the courthouse steps.
Did you forget that I
also inherited the manor
from Thomas,
the one that is currently slated to go
to my future grandchild?
Uncle Ben is going after
my child's legacy?
Uh-uh. Not on my watch.
When you say "swimming with press,"
are we talking print, broadcast or both?

LIAM: Professor Kingston, so
I cracked one of my ideas,
and I finally made it
"to the deep end."
I'd really love your input.
And I can't wait to help,
but we just need
to deal with one thing
before we can do that.
Uh, Jasper?
Uh, this is my nephew, Jasper.
I was hoping you could, uh,
offer him some guidance.
Yeah, of course.
Nice to meet you, Jasper.
Are you thinking about
switching to my class?
Uh, not really,
my uncle's just prepping me
for the summer writing
program in Amsterdam.
Yeah, I did that, too.
You're gonna have a great time, man.
Exactly what I've been telling him.
you can go now.
- Seems like a nice kid.
- He's an idiot.
And he has two weeks to submit his story
for consideration and I was
hoping you could mentor him.
Yeah, of course. Yeah, I'd be happy
- to take a look at what he's got.
- Well
this may take more than just a look.
I got you. Um
yeah, I mean, it'll be tight,
but I can, I can meet with him early,
before class,
and then you and I can
meet in the afternoons.
There's no need.
Your book isn't due
for another 18 months,
so you could take the next
few weeks to focus on Jasper.
You don't mind, right?
Yeah, sure.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I'm
I'd be happy to help.
Thank you. I really appreciate it.
I need your help with Alexis.
Why am I already dreading the
rest of this conversation?
Because you know I wouldn't be
asking if it weren't an emergency.
You and I have very different
definitions of that word.
My father left me a diary
where he recorded pretty much
every bad thing Blake ever did.
I barely skimmed it,
but it's full of serious stuff.
And somehow Alexis found it,
and she took it.
Uh, pause. Uh, rewind.
You're saying there's a written record
of every bad thing Blake has ever done?
That's not the point!
The point is my father left it for me
for protection,
and Alexis is going to use it
for war.
I don't know what she's planning,
but I'm willing to bet it'll be soon
with this trial about to start.
Okay, I, uh, I get the emergency.
I just don't get how this applies to me.
You were married to the witch.
All I'm asking
is for you to talk to her,
and-and try and get it back.
Alexis and I may have divorced amicably,
but you are delusional if you
think she's gonna hand over
a bible of Blake's biggest sins.
Or if you think I care
about Blake's secrets getting out.
Look, despite a few shared chromosomes,
- Carrington problems are not my problem.
- You sure about that?
- Mm-hmm.
- Because in Alexis's hands, this thing is like a nuclear bomb.
And there will be collateral damage.
Probably involving your mother.
And definitely involving me.
If Blake finds out this was my fault,
he'll go full Blake on me.
He'll destroy my
relationship with Amanda.
He'll have me banished from Atlanta.
Who knows what else
Okay, okay, I get it. Goodness.
All right, look,
when Alexis and I were married,
she kept everything
important in her safe.
She's not exactly tech-savvy,
so I'd be shocked
if she changed the combination.
Thank you so much.
That said,
there is no way I'm helping you
break into Alexis's penthouse.
Is it breaking in if I
just walk in the door?
Because Amanda's in London,
and, uh, I have her keys.
Oh, look.
It's Uncle Bane of my Existence.
It's nice to see you, Fallon.
Sorry I can't say the same.
You know, once upon a time,
we were close.
Don't you remember?
I try to block out all
of my childhood memories,
you know, just to be safe.
Your father isn't the
man you think he is.
Ah, but that's where you're wrong.
I know exactly who both of you are.
And soon everyone else will, too.
REPORTER: Dominique, over here!
Dom-Mystique has created
four seasonal looks
for NordicStar's flight attendants.
Enjoy exclusive access to "summer"
- and don't forget, voting is live.
- REPORTER: Looking good, Dominique!
All rise for the Honorable Judge Drexel.
DREXEL: As the presiding judge
over this bench trial, I will assume
the role of fact-finder
and rule on all procedural
and evidentiary issues.
In laymen's terms
there's no jury to convince, just me.
Let's begin.
JANE: According to the coroner's report,
Evelyn Carrington died on Friday,
November 24, 2000. Is that correct?
Yes, the Friday after Thanksgiving.
My parents lived in Savannah,
but Mother's caregiver
was off for the holiday,
so Father decided to spend
the weekend in Atlanta.
And why did she need a caregiver?
A few months prior, Mother suffered
a head injury while skiing.
It left her moody and
paranoid and very frail.
She didn't trust strangers, so we agreed
that Blake would dismiss
the staff for the weekend
and we'd take turns staying
with Mother around the clock.
On the night in question,
the others wanted to put
in an appearance at the
lymphoma charity gala,
so I, I agreed to take the first shift.
Are you sure you don't
want to go to the gala?
(SPUTTERS): I'm thrilled.
You know I hate all that society stuff.
Unlike my beautiful wife who lives
for the junior league drama.
Hey, it's not every day
Mildred Wennington's nose
collapses in on itself.
I will take a picture. Okay
Steven, Fallon, have fun
on your Thanksgiving campout,
and remember
Heather's gonna come by to
check on you to make sure
you're asleep, so get in there.
Oh, one of our oil rigs is down.
I knew I shouldn't have given
the crew the holiday off.
Damn unions.
Hey, you cannot miss the gala.
- Uncle Ben, tell us a story!
- FALLON: Story!
- Okay. (CHUCKLES)
- Good luck.
Thank you.
All right, you scoundrels,
but, really, just one,
- Okay?
- BOTH: Okay.
BEN: I intended to head up
to Mother's room as soon as I'd finished
"The Cremation of Sam McGee,"
but Blake wasn't the
only one with a problem.
My ex-wife and daughter
were in Paris for the week
and had apparently lost their passports,
so I had to head home.
But I knew who to turn to for help.
Unacceptable! Every hour that oil rig
is down is costing me millions.
Well, that is an intriguing solution.
Tell me more.
I see.
BEN: I was surprised he
was being so agreeable,
so I didn't stick around
for him to change his mind.
Of course, Blake ignored the note,
like he ignored all of his
familial responsibilities.
I just, I didn't expect him
to lie about it for years.
Ben is the one who's lying
through his capped teeth.
Is that all your brother lied
about concerning that night?
No, not at all.
Turns out, his oil rigs were fine.
The only emergency Blake
was working on that night
was how to get the nanny alone
so he could have sex with her.
The nanny, I presume?
- You slept with Heather?
- It was barely a fling.
The affair lasted for a year.
Okay, it was maybe a little more
than a fling, but she seduced me.
It started the night of Fallon's
first grade Nutcracker performance.
I remember that Blake
stayed home that night
for a C.A. emergency,
but when everyone left,
he invited me to have a drink with him.
So while I danced The Nutcracker,
her sugar plums danced in your face?
So Blake used the same
"C.A. emergency" excuse
to have sexual relations with you
on the night of Evelyn
Carrington's death?
Yes. There was no C.A. emergency,
but there were definitely
sexual relations.
And a little role-play.
And as far as you know,
Blake Carrington made
no effort to check on
his mother that evening?
No, there was no mention of Evelyn.
In fact, the only woman
that he was calling Mommy
that night was me.
Well, that doesn't prove a thing.
No, it just proves that
you're a terrible father.
And a terrible husband.
- Okay, we'll have a brief recess.
I could use a coffee. Excuse me.
Cristal (STAMMERS) Just wait.
HEATHER: Fallon, hello.
Look at you, all grown up.
I hope this hasn't affected you
too much, you know.
I do have fond memories.
Of me? Or of fondling my father?
You're as spirited as ever. (CHUCKLES)
This is Trent.
Your son.
I'm just kidding, no.
This is, this is my nephew.
You remember Genie, my mean sister?
You wanted to have a threesome once?
It's good seeing you two.
Not. One. Word.
We should restock on
sweet tea vodka before
the Leon Bridges show.
- Are you gonna be around that evening?
- Mm-hmm.
I was thinking of bringing
a woman I'm seeing with me.
He is dating someone. Who?
It's Geneva.
You're kidding, right?
I mean, I'm sure
you don't really mean Geneva,
the widow of the man we helped kill.
Because that would obviously be insane.
Or would it be cute
in an "ain't fate funny" way?
Are you trying to get us killed?
Geneva isn't trying to kill anyone.
She told me that Leo was a bad dude
and she's glad he's dead.
That is exactly
what someone who was trying
to kill you would say
to put your mind at ease
right before they kill you!
I think I'm in love with her, Sam.
Which is why I need to tell
her what really happened.
I need to be honest with her.
Can I be honest with you?
If you're going to insist
on dating this woman,
then you cannot tell her
what we did to her husband.
I will obviously leave you out of it.
This is just a bad idea, okay?
Either I'm right and
she'll have even more
reason to murder you,
or you're right, and it'll just reopen
wounds that she's
already managed to heal.
What am I supposed to do?
I don't know how to move forward
with such a big secret between us.
Well, then you need to figure it out.
And if you care about Geneva,
you should let her move on.
Just let the past stay where it belongs.
Well, it's like Ben said,
I was waiting in my office
for the others to leave for the gala
so I could be with Heather, but that's
the only truthful thing
my lying brother said.
Every hour that oil rig is
down is costing me millions.
HEATHER: Don't worry,
I'll make sure your rig
is fully functional tonight.
Uh-huh, that is
an intriguing solution. Tell me more.
That's when Ben came into my
study to steal my whiskey.
Not leave a note.
HEATHER: See you soon, lover.
BLAKE: The jacket was ruined, but
it didn't matter. I wasn't planning
on wearing it that long anyway.
I hope the kids didn't
sap all your energy.
Thanksgiving has put me in a very
giving mood.
Maybe we don't talk
about the kids right now.
We eventually moved upstairs
where it was a little more private.
Just want to be sure I'm clear.
You lied about having a work emergency.
You lied about having an affair
with your children's nanny.
But you want us to believe
that you're finally telling
the truth about not getting
your brother's note?
Yes. Because there was no note.
I would not knowingly
leave my mother to die.
What kind of monster do you think I am?
That's what we're here to find out,
Mr. Carrington.
KIRBY: Hello?
- Anyone home?
- JEFF: Alexis just pulled
into the Peachtree Society dinner.
If memory serves,
she won't be home or sober for hours.
And the GPS in Dex's car
is still pinging from
his office across town.
You should be in the clear.
Look for the safe behind one
of her big pieces of art.
All right, the book has to be in there.
Let me know when you're
ready for the combination.
Don't think I'll need it.
She must've moved the whole
safe after the break-in.
I'm gonna have to search
the entire penthouse.
Was that the elevator?
Kirby, is someone there?
What are you doing here?
Dex, what are you doing here?
I live here. (CHUCKLES)
I-I just meant I didn't
see your car in the garage.
And security said no one was here.
Because no one was until now.
Uh, I met a colleague for drinks
after work, so I caught a car home.
Now that we've established
why I'm in my own home,
why are you here?
Amanda wanted me to get her EarPods.
But, you know, she's upset with Alexis,
she didn't want to
chance bumping into her,
so she gave me her key.
Ah okay. (CHUCKLES)
Well, maybe next time let us
know if you're gonna drop by.
Alexis and I are usually
clothing-optional when we're alone.
Got it. Thanks.
JEFF: At least I know where
I'm never dropping by.
I read your outline, and, uh, well
it's a start.
I'm a computer science major.
I'm only applying to this program
because every man in
my family has done it,
and they think that
studying in Amsterdam
is some kind of rite of passage.
But I'm not a writer,
as you can clearly tell.
Yeah, okay, we'll get you there.
We can double your sessions and
You already have us
scheduled twice a week.
What are we gonna do, move in together?
Look, I don't know
what you want from me, man.
I'm trying my best here.
Can't you just write it for me?
I'm sorry?
You're a writer.
Just bang something out, bro.
It'll save us both a ton of time,
and then you can get back to your book.
Look, I get that you're frustrated,
but I would never do that.
Okay, A) it's wrong,
and B) writing is deeply personal.
However long it takes,
we're gonna get you there.
Hey, barkeep?
Keep 'em coming.
Make the next one a double.
May I ask why you're
drowning yourself in seltzer?
I'm trying to numb the pain
of whatever Blake's gonna
do to me when he finds out
that Alexis is now in possession
of my father's book of
Blake's dirty secrets.
You mean the book of
secrets that I watched you
- burn last year?
- That's the one.
Um, unfortunately,
I did not burn the copy
that I made or any of the documentation
that my father left along with the book.
Which clearly I should have because
secrets always come back to haunt you.
Well, let's not exaggerate.
Not all secrets come back.
Yes, they do.
It's been 20 years,
and Blake and Ben's secrets
are spilling all over the place.
The past never stays in the past.
None of this would even be a problem
if Alexis's stupid, creaky floorboard
hadn't given me away.
"Creaky floorboard"?
In her brand-new
multimillion-dollar penthouse?
Just like Alexis to be all
style and no substance.
Wait a minute,
this could actually be the one time
the past coming back might be helpful.
STACEY: Do you need help?
"Help"? No, I'm fine.
I just (GROANS)
I threw my back out and I'm having
a little trouble unclipping.
Oh, well, let me see
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's-it's okay. My sister will kill me
if I allow her pregnant
gestational carrier
to exert herself on my behalf.
I was pushing myself
because I have a date today.
Does this date have
"stubborn to a fault"
on her list of turn-ons?
Because at this rate
I think you're gonna
have the date in here.
I won't tell if you won't.
Okay, okay.
Okay, just to the right.
- Oh, there we go, oh!
- Oh, whoa!
Um, yeah, thanks, yeah.
Sure, yeah.
Um, good luck with your date.
And with your back.
JANE: And how long were you married?
18 years.
Though it felt like 80.
If the military is ever looking
to replace waterboarding,
may I suggest marriage
to Blake Carrington?
Objection. Improper character.
Sustained. Mrs. Dexter,
I instruct you to please
limit your testimony
to facts around the night
Evelyn Carrington died.
Of course.
And you may call me Alexis, Judge.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
Thomas and I got home from
the gala around 11:00.
The gala was a total bore,
and, sadly, Mildred's nose looked fine.
Got to get the name of her doctor.
- You are perfect.
- Mmm.
Exactly as you are.
ALEXIS: I expected Blake to be in a mood
given the C.A. disaster,
but he was in high spirits.
And now I know why.
I hope all that mingling
didn't sap your energy.
Because Thanksgiving has put me
in a very giving mood.
Oh, what's that?
Something in Blake's
pocket was poking me.
And not in a fun way.
Uh, it's just some work nonsense.
Nothing to worry about.
Now, where were we?
It was Thomas.
He had just found his
wife dead in the bathtub.
When Ben told us his side of the story,
I couldn't get that little
piece of paper out of my mind.
So I went back and fished
it out of the trash.
It was a note from Ben
to Blake, asking him to watch Mother.
To the temperature in this room.
No need to wear winter
wool in the heat
because Dom-Mystique has created
four seasonally appropriate
looks for NordicStar.
I thought you said you
never saw the note.
I didn't, because there was no note.
Your mother, the witch,
is lying like always.
DREXEL: Order! Everyone sit down!
Consider yourself lucky
that I'm not holding you
in contempt of court.
Another stunt like that, and I will.
Don't worry,
I've finished all four seasons.
I'm thrilled.
And do you have any proof
that this note existed?
Otherwise, it'll be Blake's word
against that of his scorned ex-wife.
ALEXIS: As a matter of fact,
Your Honor
I do.
Oh, you lying bitch!
You lying bitch.
- You can't
- I'll give it right back, I promise.
Feel free to have a
forensic investigator
take a look,
but I assure you, it's real.
As you can see, it's written on one
of those tacky
"Y2-Carrington" buck slips
Blake insisted on having made that year.
I'm sorry I didn't say
anything sooner, but
I couldn't risk Blake finding out
and making up another story.
You're welcome to stay at the
manor when I take possession.
I know what the house means to you.
And it would mean a lot
to me to have a chance
to get to know my future
great-niece or nephew.
My date is in an hour and
I can barely move my neck.
Any chance your help services are
open for business?
Aw, I can't leave you hanging
before a big first date.
I got to admit
I'm a little jealous.
I never have any luck
on those dating apps.
- I find that hard to believe.
- Well, it turns out
men interested in single
moms with teenage sons
away at boarding school
who are also knocked up
with other women's babies
are in short supply.
I need a special app for that.
- Hmm.
- There.
I think you look really nice.
- Thank you. Oh.
One sec.
(SIGHS) Great.
Now that I'm all dressed,
- my date is canceling.
- Well, it's
it's no fancy lunch date,
but I was about to take
a crack at some of those
Carrington classic movies
the ones that you and
Fallon used to watch
when you were kids
if you want to join.
Actually, that's Fallon's other brother.
I only met Fallon a few years ago.
- Wait, really?
- Yeah.
I was kidnapped as a baby.
The perils of being the eldest
son of a billionaire, I guess.
Uh, I was raised by a single mom
in Montana on a steady
diet of grilled cheese
and soap operas. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)
Incredibly unglamorous.
It's probably why everyone
treats me like an outsider here.
Definitely why I don't know
which tiny fork to use for the oysters.
It's also probably what
makes you so normal.
Honestly, you're
the only person in this place
who makes me feel like I can be myself.
I'll just go grab that movie?
- Okay.
- Okay.
You look like you could use
something stronger than coffee.
- Maybe cyanide?
- Yeah, maybe.
I just got an email from my publisher.
They want my manuscript in six months.
Okay, I'm sure you can turn
it in sooner if you want.
It took me two and a half
years to write my last novel.
I'm sure you can turn
it in later if you want.
I wish I could,
but the movie is premiering
in six months and they want to
"capitalize on the hype."
I mean, they've already set
up a whole marketing plan,
a book tour, the works.
This is a nightmare.
- Would it help to hear that I believe in you?
- It would help
if I didn't have a baby
due in seven months,
a major teaching commitment,
and a bonehead freshman to tutor.
Look, I am no writer.
But I do have a lot of
experience running a hotel.
And when things build up, I just tackle
the least important things first to get
'em off my plate.
So that when Bruno Mars asks me to host
a last-minute soiree,
I can make it happen.
Then I'm not, you know,
running around, trying to
keep the knives spinning and
the plates up in the air.
Wow, that was a great metaphor.
Maybe I am a writer.
This court is now back in session.
DREXEL: Counsel informs me that
we have heard all the testimony.
As such,
I am prepared to rule in the matter
of Thomas Carrington's will and trust.
Wait, you haven't heard
all the testimony.
I assume you're talking about yourself.
Objection! Your Honor,
she's not even on the witness list.
Trust me, you're gonna want
to hear what I have to say.
Yeah, "so help me God," all of that.
after Uncle Ben read
us that creepy story
about the frozen guy,
Steven and I couldn't fall asleep,
so we went to look for Blake
to make us feel better.
Now, we had no idea that he was
making someone else feel better,
but whatever, that's not the point.
It's okay, we'll leave him a note.
He'll come find us as
soon as he reads it.
This way, no monsters will find it.
Only Dad.
You see, Blake
really didn't see the note.
It wasn't on his desk
when he got back because we had
moved it to his coat pocket.
And he never put his coat back on,
because as we all heard,
he ruined it with a double espresso
while he was primping for his mistress.
Bailiff, the note, please?
I'm sorry, Ms. Carrington,
there's only writing
on one side, and it's your uncle's.
You must be misremembering.
Your Honor, may I borrow your marker?
And the buck slip, please?
You see Steven was in a
real Harriet the Spy phase.
And he loved leaving secret
messages with a wax pencil.
- DREXEL: May I?
"Daddy, we heard a monster.
Please come help us when you read this."
Although this certainly is
an interesting development,
it doesn't contradict
your mother's account.
Which I'm inclined to believe,
as she was in possession of
the note all these years.
no, she wasn't.
- And you are?
- Kirby Anders.
My father was the
majordomo at the manor.
- Objection, Your Honor!
- Overruled.
- I'll hear her out.
- My father and I
were on holiday for the week,
and when we got back, he found
Blake's ruined jacket in the study.
He also found the note.
But he thought it meant
that Blake was guilty,
- so he hid it.
- He told you all this?
He wrote about it in his diary.
Which Alexis stole from me last week.
DREXEL: Perjury is a crime
Would you like to make any
amendments to your testimony?
I may have embellished
a few details from that night.
Or all of them, but for God's sake,
even Anders thought Blake did it.
It's clear that a terrible tragedy
occurred on the night
Evelyn Carrington died.
But the biggest tragedy is
the grave miscommunication
between Ben and Blake Carrington
that led to her death.
After hearing all the testimony,
it is clear
that Ben Carrington did
leave a note for his brother
on the night in question.
Thank you.
You may have written a note,
Mr. Carrington,
but it was still your
responsibility to ensure
that your mother had
proper care before leaving,
which you did not do.
And because Blake never saw the note,
I find no undue influence
on his part in the matter.
- The will stands.
Remember, voting is live.
Thank you all for coming.
I got to hand it to you.
I'm usually more of a pop, rock,
hip-hop kind of gal,
but jazz night doesn't totally suck.
(LAUGHS) I'm telling you,
jazz is making a comeback.
Michael you okay?
Not really.
I've done something pretty bad.
And I can't keep it a secret from you.
What is it?
My ex-girlfriend came into town.
- I slept with her.
- I don't understand.
Yesterday you said we
had something special.
I thought we were on the same page.
I thought so, too, but
I guess I just
haven't been honest with myself
about the past.
I really can't do this.
So I-I
I don't think we should
see each other anymore.
Wow, um
I guess I should have taken
the hint when you blew
me off the first time.
You're kind of an ass, Michael Culhane.
Geneva, wait.
I'm sorry.
You are an incredible woman.
And you deserve the world.
I know.
- You okay?
- No.
But you were right.
Telling Geneva the truth
would have just hurt her,
and I couldn't live with the lie
and be together, so
For what it's worth
I'm really impressed with you.
I don't know why I keep
doing this to myself.
You know, maybe I'm just supposed
to be single forever.
So we're back to not looking for love?
At this point, if love wants to find me,
it's gonna have to hit me in the face.
I figured if you win, we can celebrate.
And if you lose,
well, you'll probably want a drink.
Seems like I'm not the only
one who could use a drink.
Trying to avoid the entire manor?
Or just your husband?
Hearing all of that stuff about
Blake in court wasn't easy.
He may have done all
of those things to
and with other women,
but I'm the idiot still married to him.
And I'm the idiot living
in his carriage house
when I swore to myself
I wouldn't get six feet
from Blake Carrington.
People change.
Do they?
Look at Alexis.
I said people, not succubi.
I have a beautiful
relationship with my children
because they were able to
see past the woman I was
and accept me for the woman I am today.
I think you owe it to your marriage
to offer Blake the same grace.
It's NordicStar.
Answer it.
I understand.
Of course.
Thank you for calling.
After the trial, there was
a last-minute uptick in votes for me.
I won the NordicStar contract.
I won the NordicStar contract.
Don't worry, it's sparkling cider.
Vintage, of course.
To Anders.
Still one step ahead of us,
even from his grave.
May we soon find a worthy replacement.
Hear, hear.
Hey, if Anders believed
that I was guilty
and was trying to protect me,
why didn't he just
- destroy the note?
- About that.
This is less of a diary
and more of a detailed record
of all the horrible
things you've ever done.
He left it for me as insurance.
But please don't be mad at him.
You were never supposed
to find out about it,
unless, of course, you turned on me.
I would expect nothing
less from the old goat.
I just hope that Alexis didn't
make a copy for herself.
Don't worry about her.
We had a great chat after court,
and if anything from this
book ever gets out, Amanda's
gonna find out about every
crime she aided and abetted.
You guys were married for
a shockingly long time.
(GROANS) Don't remind me.
How'd you get the book back from her?
Culhane remembered finding
a secret hiding place
under a floorboard that
Alexis had installed
when he was living in
the carriage house.
Turns out, she had an
identical one in the penthouse.
Well, I guess you really can't
teach an old bitch new tricks.
Culhane also made me promise
that if he helped me,
I would burn the book for good.
No arguments from me.
No more secrets.
This is normally the
part where I'd apologize
for doubting you.
Somehow I feel like that's
not going to happen.
Well, frankly,
you don't have the best track record
as a father or truth-teller,
so I'd be a little bit of
an idiot not to doubt you.
But that was then,
and you turned out to be a, uh
mostly okay dad.
My point is, we can't change the past.
We can only do our best
with today and tomorrow.
Hopefully I can do
better this next round
and be someone your child
is proud to call Pop-Pop.
My child is never calling you that.
Proudly or otherwise.
it felt wrong as soon as I said it.
There he is! (CHUCKLES)
I just came by to say you're a champ.
I'm not sure how you got a
coherent piece of writing
out of Jasper so quickly,
but I'm grateful.
His submission is in.
Glad to hear it.
By any chance, did you read his story?
I did. Let's just say I'm glad
Jasper has other interests.
I-I don't know,
I didn't think it was that bad.
It was fine.
It was absolutely pedestrian
and unremarkable in every way.
You performed a miracle
to even get him that far.
Jasper just doesn't
have that special spark.
Hey, why don't we get a jump
on those ideas you mentioned?
I'm dying for a Scotch and soda.
Yeah, actually, I think I
sort of want to let things
percolate a little longer.
Yeah, you know, I just got
to make sure that I still have
- that "special spark."
- Not a problem.
Whenever you're ready,
you know where to find me.
Are we okay? Today was
It wasn't easy
hearing about your past,
but your sister helped
me see things clearly.
Dominique argued my case?
Wait, you know what, never mind.
I'm grateful.
Ben, thank you for coming.
- Hey, have a seat.
- I'd rather stand.
So why did you summon me to the castle?
Hoping to frame me for another crime
I didn't commit, or just to gloat?
The opposite. As a matter of fact,
I've got a proposal for you.
I can't change the past,
but I can change
how we go forward from here.
I want you to move back to
Atlanta with your family.
We can start fresh, rebuild.
CRISTAL: I have a lot of friends
in the art world.
I could help you find a job.
Blake Carrington as the
benevolent benefactor,
ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks, but I'll be fine.
After all, I've had to survive for years
without Carrington resources.
I'm scrappy.
I'm just trying to make things right.
Wouldn't it be nice if your
baby and Fallon's grew up
side-by-side, as close as we once were?
You should've thought of that
before you convinced yourself
and everyone else that
I'm the kind of man
who would let our mother die.
You can go to hell.
Take Fallon's spawn with you.
You may be better at gin or chess,
but those are just games.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
And if you think you've won,
you're dumber than you look.
Hey, Stacey, we're back!
Just wanted to check on you
and my baby before we
Welcome home.
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