Dystopia (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[Narrator] Previously, on Dystopia.
Track the microchip.
Find Nico and come home.
My son.
I love you.
[Man] See how even Travis gets nervous at the thought of death.
She died trying to save your life.
She never gave up, so stubborn.
[Thomas] The names on this list.
All the information is enough to save the whole world, all we have to do execute it.
I'm not killing 2,000 people, Thomas.
Then I'll do it alone.
I will use it to go back and change things for the better.
(dramatic swishing) [Man] The greatest evil is not done now, but it is conceived and ordered, moved, seconded, carried, and communicated in clear, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks, who do not need to raise their voice.
They are the focus of evil in the modern world.
(deep, mysterious music) (dramatic music) Today, Nobel Peace Prize winning Biocorp made history by administering the cure for cancer, available to the enter world's population in exchange for their voluntary enrollment, compulsory enrollment in the ID chip program, which allows for increased population security.
Biocorp CEO stated, in time, we understand that the only thing worth fighting for is family, and today is a day when we must decide to fight for what's right or roll over and die.
That's all for tonight.
We're all clear.
Thank you.
Come here, babe.
Was it a good news day? I don't know baby, we're gonna have to wait and find out.
What's going to happen now? I don't know, but things are going to change.
[David] Mrs.
I'm David Johnson from Biocorp.
Both of you come with me.
Now! (deep, solemn music) Okay, come on.
(water splashing) Yeah, babe, you see, Thomas has the list so we can't warn everyone ahead of time.
He's not gonna go through the entire list.
Plus, the police would catch him here in this time.
(watch beeping) What's that? Why is this going off? Is that your tracker? Yeah, David programmed it for me.
Oh, well we can use this to find Thomas.
No, someone else is here.
Babe, but no, that's Thomas right there.
No, there's a fourth signal.
Maybe it's David.
No, you and I know that's unlikely.
Well if it's not David, it's not friendly.
And whoever it is, they are moving fast.
[Nico] We need to get outta here then.
Wherever we go they're gonna track us.
(sighing) Yeah, well let me think, okay? All right so, Thomas said that everyone on that list, that they're from all over the globe.
So, uh So you think he's gonna fly everywhere? No, it's too slow.
I know.
(fingers snapping) What? If you don't have a way to go to everyone.
You bring everyone to you.
Exactly, he's trying to attack everyone at the same time.
I have an idea.
What? David, he put an AI on my tracker.
Ah, good boy, David.
We can have the AI, it'll link over to the computer system and we can have internet in this time.
Okay, moment of truth.
Computer, do you have internet access? [Adam] Yes of course, what would you like to see? All right.
Adam, pull the database for any upcoming Biocorp events.
[Adam] I have accessed the public calendar for Biocorp, there's a staff gala this Friday, would you like the details? Yes.
Bingo, there it is, everybody on the list.
Wow, we gotta move.
You know it's a good thing I went back and you stayed.
I never could've built that thing.
You're very versatile, you know that? You having doubts? (laughing) Hey, I get it.
I mean, of course you are, you're not some kinda psychopath.
If you weren't having doubts, then I'd be worried about ya.
This is a serious move, my friend.
I mean, not like what you've already been doing isn't, but this, (chuckling) this is the next step.
This is where you've been heading all along, and it's been a dark road the whole way.
Have you thought about how many people are gonna be there tonight? I mean, really thought about it? People with families, with children.
2000 people with hopes and dreams and you're gonna turn 'em al into corpses in the span of a second.
(slow, solemn music) You know what 2000 people is, Thomas? [Thomas] Shut up.
Do you? It's 0.
0022% of how many are gonna get killed in the riots of 2021.
It's 0.
000029% of the population of this world, all of whose futures are being determined here, now, by you.
So you push that button and don't even pretend you've gotta think about it.
I mean hey, let's not kid ourselves, (laughing) what you're doin' is, a horrible thing.
You're already a murderer buddy, but this, this makes you a butcher.
What you do tonight will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.
So really at this point, there's only one thing you gotta ask yourself.
How much is your sleep really worth? One horrifying act for the future of all mankind, and for her.
I guess if he's talking from your head, that makes me your heart.
You can't escape your fate.
Maybe it's our time to bow out.
Everything and everyone has its time.
The only tragedy is, we missed ours.
I'm going to see you again, my love.
And when I do, I wanna recognize your face.
Don't save me and lose yourself.
(sighing) (case clicking shut) (slow, deep music) Yeah, yeah I'm on my way from work right now, actually.
Yeah, I know Excuse me, officer.
[Officer] Oh hey, yeah man, what's goin' on? Could you tell me where Calley Avenue is? - Calley Avenue? - Yeah.
Yeah, actually if you head over.
(deep, tense music) [Dane] (sighing) I love these old antiques.
(car engine clicking on) [Jenny] I need you to hear me out.
[Nico] What? We need to stop Thomas.
I-I-I know that, baby.
No, no, no, we need to do whatever it takes.
[Nico] What do you mean, whatever it takes? We can't let him kill all those people.
I know, but I'm not gonna kill Thomas! Okay, I'm not playing this kill or be killed game.
So what, you're gonna try to talk him down off the ledge? I mean, have you seen him? Yeah, I saw him, baby, just, just, you know what, just stop.
Let me just talk to him first, okay? Talk to him, Nico you are not the one he wants to talk to.
(sighing) All right, you're right.
All right.
(birds chirping) (both sighing) Last chance to change your mind.
I don't wanna change my mind.
[Jenny] Well, I guess you're really gonna do this then.
Yeah, it looks that way.
[Jenny] Is he goin' to work? [Nico] Yeah, workin' hard for his family.
Reminds me of someone I know.
Still never fixed it.
Sorry, sis.
(Lauren gasping) - Who the hell are you? - Look, look, look - Where're you taking my baby? - No, listen, look, mom, mom, mom, listen.
- Help, somebody help me! - No, look, mom, mom, mom, look, okay, look, I'm your son.
I know it's hard to believe, it's me, Nico.
Look, I broke my arm in a baseball game with Jimmy Fink, okay? I used to ice cream, in a special bowl, with bananas.
Do you remember, when I was four, okay.
We don't have much time.
Okay, listen, I'm gonna let you go, mom, but you cannot scream, do you understand? Do you promise? Okay.
(mother breathing heavily) Who are you people? You look so much like I know, I know, I need you to focus, okay? Okay look, I'm your son, I'm all grown up.
This, this is my wife, Jenny, from the future.
We're here to save Lauren.
What? Something horrible happened to her in the future.
Okay, we have a chance to save her, if you let her come with me.
It's not possible! Yes, listen, you have to believe me.
Listen, she deserves to live a good, full life.
What, what happened to her? If you help us, she'll still grow up to be a beautiful woman, marry the man of her dreams, have kids, have a family.
But if you don't help us mama, she's gonna die.
I don't understand, you are at school, and now you are so old.
It's been a long time.
My son, my son, even if I believe you, how can I let you take my little girl? Don't hurt my baby.
Believe me, we're here to save Lauren.
We're here to save Lauren, okay? Nico, we have to go.
Okay, listen mom, Lauren's gonna be safe, okay.
You need to cherish your life with your husband, and your son.
What did you do to her? Did you drug her? Listen mom, I gave her something to sleep.
Okay, I just gave her something to sleep.
I can't let her go, no! Listen to me, she is my best friend in our time.
She looks just like you, your eyes and everything.
Okay, okay, look, okay, promise me you can't tell dad.
He will not understand if you tell him.
This is too much, this is not happening.
This is a lot of information.
I cannot even process all what's happening now.
Don't you feel it, that he's your son? I know this is real, and I can feel that you're my son, but, yes, take care of her.
I will.
Nico, we have to go.
I know babe, just give me a minute.
Please hurry.
I will, I promise.
Take her to the car.
Take care of her.
You grew up to be a fine-looking man, and your wife, she's so beautiful.
Yes, she is beautiful.
What happened, what's wrong, what's wrong? Mom, I have to tell you something.
Where I'm from, you're not in the future with me But I'm here now, I'm with you, I'll always be with you.
I'm your mother.
Listen, you really were the best mother in the entire world, the best mother.
You always say that to me.
Come on, Nico.
Guess you really always were beautiful.
(sighing) Mom, you can come with me.
You can take care of Lauren with me.
But, who will be your mother, here and now? Who's gonna take care of you? Who's gonna be there when your father cannot be there? I can't leave him, I have to stay here with you and your father.
[Woman] I heard that there are women outside the city that are still fertile.
They have a natural immunity to the virus that those inside the city don't.
(device beeping rapidly) (tense music) I have to go now.
(gunshot popping) (gunshots popping) No, mom, no! No mom! [Jenny] Are you hit? No, my mom's hit.
Nico, you have to leave her.
Stand up, you have to run, leave her.
- No, no.
- Nico.
(tires squealing) (adventurous music) I don't normally do house calls, but who's first? She is, doc.
How close? [Jenny] We have time.
Doc, can you do this fast, or what? I have no choice, let me see.
All right, this will numb the area, okay? Okay, that sounds like a good idea.
It'll be fine.
[Nico] Don't look, don't look babe, it's good.
(Jenny groaning) [Doc] Jesus.
No, it's okay babe, it's okay.
Okay, all right.
It's okay babe, no don't look, don't look, don't.
(Jenny breathing heavily) You're doin' fine, you're doin' just fine.
Well come on, come on, let's go, let's go.
I've seen it, looks ordinary.
We don't have time for sightseeing, Doc.
[Doc] Yes, of course.
All right.
It worked, but he's getting closer.
[Nico] Stitch her quick then, stich her quick.
There's a bandage, okay.
Your turn.
No, forget about it doc, just forget about it.
If you flinch, I could sever a blood vessel or a tendon.
Look, I'm not gonna flinch, just do it.
Okay, hold him still.
Come on, let's go! (crying out in pain) Do not move.
(groaning in pain) You can't be still.
Almost there.
And he's almost here.
Where's the chip? I've got the chip, it's in really deep.
(groaning in pain) Go baby, go, go check on Lauren in the car.
- What? - Go to the car.
Go to the car and check on Lauren, do it! Do it, come on, it's there and let's go.
Almost there okay, I'm almost there.
Uh, come on Doc, come on Doc! Got it, I've got it.
(Nico breathing heavily) Hey, I need to patch you up.
Not enough time.
(adventurous music) (slow, haunting music) (gunshot popping) (Nico sighing) You okay? - What, oh yeah.
- You're just having a dream.
A dream.
- What? - A dream.
Oh, I had a nightmare.
What, about the kid? Sort of.
What do you mean, sort of? (sighing) Well it started off that way and then Thomas showed up, and the kid, he And it ended the way it always does.
(sighing) Babe, he wants her.
No, he doesn't, that's [Nico] Yes he does, he wants to hurt her.
He doesn't, he doesn't.
We gotta get her somewhere safe.
She is safe, it was just a nightmare.
[Nico] No, we gotta protect her.
[Jenny] We will.
From Thomas.
Thomas would never do anything to hurt her, you know that.
I'm afraid I don't, babe.
(tense, suspenseful music) Dammit.
(watch beeping) Still got you.
(tense, suspenseful music (groaning in pain) (tense, suspenseful music) Ow.
You're still alive.
Yeah, still ticking.
And who is this little person at my door? What's your name, young lady? My name's Lauren, do you have any apple juice, please? Yeah, come on in, we'll what we can do for you.
Thank you.
Come on, I'll take you.
Still sore? Yeah, it's all right.
I should sew it up.
(tense, suspenseful music) (watch beeping) [Doc] Well you managed not to wreck your arm completely.
Not that he didn't try.
So who is your little friend? That's my sister.
If you don't mind me asking, where are you? (chuckling) My younger self, I'm at home, with my father.
What about your mother? Things are getting more and more complicated.
You have no idea.
What, what's the big secret? In the future, where I come from, you saved my life.
His too.
It's true.
How'd I do that? We reconnect, but I shouldn't tell you too much about your own life.
Well I'm glad to know that I'm still around then.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you.
You are one of the bravest people that I ever meet.
Well, it's the least I can do for the man that saved my father's life.
[Travis] Dad? Oh, come here, son.
We have some guests.
You didn't tell me you had a son.
I mean, why else do I have all those juice boxes? This is Travis, Travis, these are my friends.
[Nico] Hell Travis, I'm Nicholai, you can call me Nico.
[Doc] Now go on and play with Lauren, okay? Huh? She's staying here for a bit, it's all right.
(deep, tense music) His mother passed away two years ago in an accident.
He's all that I have left of her.
Thanks to you, we have more time, years perhaps.
And for that, I am ever grateful.
So he's doing well? He's healthy, and he has a positive outlook on life.
And knowin' that I have 30 years, he'll probably still outlive me.
And poor Travis is stuck with me.
[Nico] That's a good thing, Doc.
Spending time with family's important.
Yes it is, and Travis is a full-time job.
Something wrong? No.
[Nico] You sure, babe? Um-hm, yeah, I'm fine.
Thomas has one of these trackers too, as I recall.
So where is he? Oh, he's, he's changed.
We think that he's planning something, something terrible.
Something like what? (Jenny groaning) I can't tell you right now.
Well, whatever it is, let me know if I can help.
Actually, I do need your help, Doc.
[Jenny] No.
I need you to watch her for me.
Oh course.
You see something, something bad happens to her in the future, and we're trying to prevent that.
Is that what changes Thomas? Hm? He spoke of Lauren last time.
Yeah I guess.
Look, I'll watch over her like she's one of my own.
Are you sure, we don't wanna inconvenience you.
We could Baby, it's just for now.
I don't wanna pile anything extra on him, we should just take her and Look, I understand, if you don't stop Thomas from whatever it is, it'll only make matters worse.
That's just it, we gotta get goin'.
(faint, tense music) (watch beeping) Is that Thomas? It's hard to say, there's two signals and they're getting closer to each other, we have to go now.
Wait, wait, wait, Nico.
Good luck, okay, and don't worry about her, she's in good hands.
Thanks, Doc.
Let's go, babe.
Hey, what was that about? [Jenny] What? You look like you saw a ghost.
He gave his life for you, I wasn't sure if I should say anything.
I know but His son, Travis, he doesn't turn out quite so well.
It's nothing, okay just Hey, hey, you sure? Yeah, I was just caught off guard.
Let's go.
All right.
(tense, solemn music) Wish I could go back and destroy that machine.
Babe, none of this is your fault, you know that, right? If I wouldn't have built the machine, none of this would've happened.
You give people a fighting chance at something that they never had before.
There're gonna keep sending people back after us, don't you get it? What're you saying? What I'm saying is, we need to get home now, more than ever.
I've gotta rebuild the machine.
Then you'll rebuild it.
(sighing) I, I can't do it without Thomas.
Then we'll convince Thomas, after we stop him from killing everyone.
Wait, wait, stop.
(car engine revving) [Nico] Babe we can't, we can't, no, babe, we don't (Carmen groaning in pain) Okay, okay, everything's gonna be okay.
- It hurts.
- Nico, call an ambulance.
[Carmen] My baby! What's your name, what's your name? [Carmen] Carmen.
Carmen, okay, I need you to breathe, Carmen okay, stay with me, I'm not gonna leave you.
All right.
You're not gonna be alone, just relax, okay.
Okay, the ambulance is coming.
Babe, you know we can't stay.
Nico, I'm not leaving her, I can't, and you know why.
(Carmen groaning) [Nico] No, no, no, we have to go.
No, you need to go, just go without me.
Find Thomas, I'll be right behind you, I promise.
I'm meant to be here.
[Nico] Okay, okay.
I love you.
Okay, okay, Carmen, I need you to breathe, okay.
What's your baby's name? - Kadence.
- Kadence, baby Kadence right? You know how lucky you are? [Carmen] Do you, do you have any children of your own? Not yet, one day.
[Carmen] One day.
[Jenny] One day.
[Thomas] Hey how you doin'? Good, and you? Good, good, good, did you get into the Biocorp Ball tonight? Yeah, of course.
[Thomas] You got an invite? Yeah, right here.
Okay so I need that, and your clothes.
(laughing) Good one, Arnie.
Get out of the car, give me the invite, man.
Come on.
Take your jacket off.
You work for Biocorp? Yeah.
Well you really shouldn't.
Come on, come on, come on.
We didn't find any downside.
From all the research that we've done, sir, we have had absolutely nothing goin' on, but what I'm talking about is we need to make extra sure before we go in front of the FDA or any of the other approval boards - That's exactly - Senator, I'm so sorry.
Oh, that's all right.
But I just wanted to shake your hand.
And Robert, I didn't expect to see you again so soon.
What a bonus that you're here.
Yeah, it's good to see you too.
Enjoy the party.
(tense, suspenseful music) There's a possible intruder in the maintenance area.
(deep, tense music) Sir, this area's off limits.
I'm sorry? I said sir, this area's off limits.
(laughing) Okay, I'm sorry, I'm not from here.
I was just looking for a place for a cheeky cigarette.
Sir, you're gonna have to come with me.
Yes, of course, please.
(gunshot blasting) (tense music) (bomb beeping) [Officer On Left] Sir, this area's off limits.
Yes, I'm sorry gentlemen, I was looking for the bathroom.
It's just off the main entrance, it's this way.
Ah, it is, well I will just go straight there.
We'll escort you.
Please, lead the way.
Can I see your invitation, please? Yes of course, I've got it right here.
(gunshots blasting) (suspenseful, tense music) May I help you, sir? Hi, I'm here for the Biocorp event.
Sir, the main entrance is around to the front.
Oh I'm with a special group within the company that's here to put on a special surprise tonight.
Well do you have a regular invitation, sir? No.
Then I'm afraid I can't let you in at all.
Well I'm afraid that I outrank you in every conceivable way and I am coming in.
Sir, please leave the premises immediately.
Or what? Or I'll have you arrested for trespassing.
Then I guess you better arrest me.
Okay, give me one big push, all right? (groaning and yelling) Come on try it, you're okay, you're okay.
- I can't do it! - Yes you can, yes you can.
I can't do it! You're doin' good, you're doin' good, okay, look at me.
You're doin' a great job.
- I can't! - One big push, okay.
- No! - Okay, huh? [Jenny] Yes you can, keep on goin'.
I see it, I see it.
- You're almost there.
- Come on, yes, there you go.
No! Nice and big one, come on, let's go.
(yelling) Yeah, yeah, here you go, here you go, here you go.
Here you go, that's it.
(baby crying) Congratulations.
- Baby girl, congratulations.
- Cute little baby girl.
- She's beautiful.
- Wow.
Aw, she's beautiful.
Trust me, I got the better end of this deal.
I have to go, good luck, okay.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, doctor.
Excuse me.
'Cuse me.
'Cuse me.
(faint, rhythmic thumping music) (electronic dance music) (light, gentle music) (gasping) I missed you.
What're doin', baby? I did what I have to.
I came here to save you.
No, no, I'm trying to save you.
No, this isn't the way.
Please, let me do this, otherwise I can miss you.
Do you trust me? Yeah.
Do you love me? Oh, I do, I love you, I've always loved you, always loved you.
Trust it will be enough, we'll see each other again.
(gasping) (eerie music) (electronic dance music) (talking quietly) Honorable members of the council, it is my great privilege to address you today with a body of findings, even if I do not We warned you.
(gunshot blasting) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special guest tonight.
It's my pleasure to introduce to you, Senator Jim Williams.
(audience cheering) Thank you, thank you all.
We're not quite sure where Bob Tinker is right now, but if it's all right with you, I'll do the honors.
(audience laughing) You have had a wonderful and successful year here at Biocorp.
(audience applauding) Your hard work has made the company as powerful and proficient as it is today.
(audience cheering) But now, I have had the honor of being one of the prime architects in the establishment of a new government contract with Biocorp.
(audience cheering) The goal is that you, Biocorp, will rid the entire world of crime within the next 10 years.
(audience cheering) (adventurous music) Thomas, where are you? Thomas, Thomas, Thomas.
Oh Thomas, thank god it's you.
Nico, what're you doing here? What am I doing? I'm here to stop you from doing something horrible.
How do you know about that? Thomas man, we're not idiots, we figured it out.
You probably figured out you can't stop it either, Nico.
- Oh god.
- Nothing can stop it now.
[Nico] No.
And in the name of God, Nico, why would you wanna stop it, huh? Look at these people, they're murderers, mass murderers, every single one of 'em.
No, no, they're innocent.
Lauren was innocent! Look, Lauren wouldn't want you to be doing this.
Yes she would Nico, she'd want me to kill a few to save a billion, you know she would! Do you want that on your conscience, do you? It's bigger than us, Nico, it's bigger than me and you.
Okay so just go, let me do this, go, go.
And what're you gonna do, huh? It's a bomb, isn't it? It doesn't matter what it is! - It's a bomb, isn't it? - Yes! Oh my god, please Thomas, we've got Lauren.
- No, we can fix this.
- Stop it, stop it, stop it.
Thomas, look at me.
Look at me! Stop it.
She's with the doctor, we can fix this.
No, as a baby, right? You went and got her as a baby, Nico it's not the same.
Nothing is gonna change my mind.
Please come, please come.
No, you, you gotta go, for me please, go.
Okay, fine, if you kill these people, then you kill me too, I'm not leavin' without you.
Then I'm gonna kill Jenny too, right? 'Cause she's in the building somewhere Nico, right? She's here, right, somewhere? You gonna take that risk with her life? Don't waste your time following me, you'll never find that bomb Nico, you haven't got the time.
Thomas, Thomas! (electronic dance music) Oh my god, where is it? [Jenny] Was that Thomas? Yeah, that was Thomas.
Oh my god, there's a bomb in here, we need to find it.
It could be anywhere, Dane's here too.
What was it, honey? A baby girl.
- And what's - Everything's okay.
Okay, that's good, that's so good.
Okay, we need to get everyone out.
Okay, everyone, everyone listen up, listen to me! Listen! There's a bomb in the building, we have to leave.
Everyone listen to me, there's a bomb! (gunshots blasting) (people screaming) Get outta here! Get outta here, there's a bomb! There's a bomb, get out! [Jenny] Okay, come on, we gotta go.
(police sirens blaring) (people screaming) [SWAT Officer] Move, move, move! (slow, tense music) (bomb beeping) (intense, thudding music) (bomb beeping) (beeping) (sighing) - No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Freeze, don't move! Look, look, look, look okay, we're okay.
(deep, tense music) (beeping) (haunting music) [Thomas] Nico! Thomas.
What have you done? Are you crazy? What have you done? We had to stop you.
Stop me, you, you just totally ruined everything.
(Jenny gasping) - Thomas! - Nico! There's still time Nico to fix this.
Tell me what you did with the bomb.
You let her go, I swear to god I'm gonna kill you, man.
You already killed us, Nico.
You killed me, you killed Jenny, you killed Lauren, you killed every single person we ever loved.
And for what, for these people? (Jenny crying) Look, look, look I'll figure, I'll figure something out, just let her go.
No, Nico, this is kill or be killed.
Time to man up, give me the bomb.
Whoa, whoa, oh, wait, wait, wait, there's a guy with a gun in there.
He just shot two officers.
He's goin' crazy, he's shootin' everybody.
(tense music) (crowd gasping and yelling) (gunshot popping) (people yelling) [Thomas] What was that? (gunshot popping) (rapid beeping) [Lab Technician] Sir, something's wrong.
What do you mean, what's wrong? [Lab Technician] His brain activity's all wrong.
What do you mean, wrong? His heart rate's slowing too.
Can't anyone here do anything right? Baby, baby, hang in there.
(Nico groaning) [Nico] Okay, I will, okay.
No, no, no, no, no! (Nico groaning) You should go, go.
You know they're gonna send more people back, Thomas.
You know he's not the end! I need your help.
To do what, to fix it? I was trying to fix it, Nico, that's what I was doing! Not that way, not in that way.
We can rebuild the machine, okay, I just need your help.
I need your help, I need you.
You can find the cause of the virus before it spreads.
The cause of the virus was in that room and you let them get away! We, we can We can what, we can wait for Biocorp to send back another guy to kill us? Or send back a guy to kill our families before we're born! What're we waitin' for? We're waitin' for nothin', Nico.
And don't you worry, I'm gonna fix it my friend.
And I'm gonna ask you for just one more thing, and then we never have to see each other.
When I fix it, don't get in my way.
That's the one extra thing.
(tense music) - No, no, Jenny, no! - We have to stop him, Nico! No, Jenny.
[Jenny] Get another chance.
[Nico] Jenny, let him go.
(gunshot popping) (beeping rapidly) (beeping steadily) (sighing) His brain activity is inactive.
His heart rate's flat.
Is there any chance that he is still alive in 2017? No sir, he's uh, he's dead.
Prepare the clean sweep protocol.
Do we have the authorization? Prep the machines! [Lab Technician] Yes, sir.
This whole thing has spun outta control.
How many can we send in? The speaker says that by hour's end, they will have completed enough chambers to send 50 at a time.
50? Yes, Mr.
All right, tell him to send four waves, soon as possible.
Four, sir, are you aware of the concern many have? I'm very well aware of the dangers.
We may be causing our own annihilation.
But to do nothing, would mean the same thing.
(birds chirping) [Jenny] How do you feel? Still alive.
So now what? I don't know, build a time machine and head back home.
I still think we need to stop him.
He's way beyond our reach, babe.
He'll kill too many people before we can assemble a machine or fix anything.
(both sighing) We need to stop him, Nico.
(watch beeping rapidly) Dammit.
What is it? Oh my god.
Oh they didn't even wait a day? Are they close? No, thank god.
[Nico] Wait, why is it doin' this, is it broken? I hope so, because if it isn't, they just sent a shitload of people back.
(tense music) (dramatic swishing) (inhaling deeply) (sirens blaring) (tense music) Think I'm going to like it here.
(dramatic music) (deep, mysterious music)