Early Edition (1996) s01e06 Episode Script

Hoops (a.k.a. Hoop Dreams)

CHUCK: Everybody has a dream.
It comes with being alive.
Doesn't matter who you are or what you do or where you grew up.
If you're breathing, you got one.
But the dreams you dream when you're young those are the ones that count.
The ones you never give up.
When every second lasts a lifetime.
And when you know beyond a doubt that you're different and that you're gonna live forever.
(theme music playing) Okay, what have we got? "Peace Talks in New Delhi.
" Too big.
Well, let's see.
"Food Poisoning Cripples Cruise Ship In Mid-Atlantic.
" What kind of food? Um halibut.
Just for the halibut.
Anybody dead? Uh, no, but they all want their refunds.
Skip it.
What else? Well Here.
"Congressman Denies Corruption Charges.
" Nah.
Oh, how about this one? "Transit Worker Claims Abduction By Alien Donut Ship.
" Boy, talk about a slow news day.
(knock at door) You're telling me.
CHUCK: Gare, open up.
What I need is something closer to home.
Something that matters.
Then I got what you're looking for.
Man buys car of his dreams.
You didn't.
Well, what do you think? Gee, you, uh, really went all out.
Oh, yeah.
Got the mag wheels, the racing package, the phone, the fax, the works.
I wish you could see it, Marissa.
Can I help you? MARISSA: Somehow, Chuck, I'm glad I can't.
Are you sure you can afford this thing? It's gonna be a little tight, but, uh, my ship is about to come in.
I am not worried.
You sold some stocks? Nope.
He made a bet.
I know what you're gonna say.
"Now, Chuck, be sensible.
" Wait a second.
This thing is absolutely solid.
Blue chip.
GARY & MARISSA: Come on.
Where are you going? Breakfast.
Don't you want to look under the hood? Maybe later.
I'll come with you.
You touch it, you're dead.
(car alarm chirps) Okay, so what is it? What's what? This bet.
Horses, shuffleboard, what? Polo? Uh-uh.
Nothing like that.
Hey, Mac, can I borrow your paper for a second? Hmm? I'll give I'll give it right back.
You mind? Thank you.
Top of the page.
Read it and weep.
High school basketball? You got it.
Well, you can bet on that? That doesn't seem right.
Where you been, Pollyanna? You can bet on anything.
Believe me, I have.
Who's this guy Williams? Gary, we have got to get you a life.
Michael Williams, the greatest scoring high school basketball player since Connie Connie Hooks.
Whoa! MARISSA: He's the one that set all the records.
Points, rebounds, blocks.
I didn't know you knew basketball.
Well, there's a lot about me you don't know.
I am impressed.
Anyway Here you go.
Thanks a lot.
Enjoy your breakfast.
You're welcome.
Crane is playing Lincoln Park tonight, and there's a six-point spread.
Well, with Michael Williams, they'll massacre them.
There's no way they won't cover the spread.
And then yours truly takes home the cash.
Which pays for the car.
Go ahead, check it out in your paper.
Go ahead! I already placed the bet.
There's nothing I can do about it now.
MARISSA: You know, Chuck, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
You're betting on kids.
Very tall kids with very large major endorsement contracts in their future.
Maybe, but it doesn't always turn out that way.
Well, that's not my problem.
Maybe it is.
What do you mean? MARISSA: What is it? "Williams Collapses on Court; Condition Uncertain.
" Oh, my God.
"Potential tragedy struck (whistle blows) "at Crane High School last night "when celebrated point guard Michael Williams collapsed near the end of a city tournament game" "Williams, considered "the finest high school player "in recent Chicago history, "went down with no warning "after playing the first three quarters without a rest.
"By late last night, the 17-year-old "had not regained consciousness.
"School officials "had no explanation for the cause of the collapse.
"Final score was" "Lincoln Park 60, Crane 56.
" This is bad.
(hip-hop music plays) (car engine revving) Hip-hop hooray Oh Hey, ho Hey, ho Maybe we should have taken the bus.
I got major security here.
(car alarm chirps) Oh, great.
Hey, Mister, nice car.
What is it, a Volkswagen? (laughing): A Volkswagen? It's more than you got, I bet.
Check out those mags.
Pretty fly.
Meaning? I could watch it for you.
Make sure nothing happens.
Yeah? And, uh, how much is that gonna cost me? How about five bucks? I'll handle this.
Tell you what.
I'll give you a dollar, and you make sure that nobody goes near my car.
Final offer.
It's your move.
How about (coins jingling) a quarter? And for your information, those hubcaps are tamper-proof.
It'll take a blow torch to get them off.
I'll remember that.
CHUCK: See? I told you I know how to handle these kids.
Very fly.
(whistle blows) MAN: All right, let's go.
There you go.
Keep it going.
Keep it moving.
All right.
Come on, gang, you're doggin' it.
Get your butts in gear.
Hakeem, you're playing like a freshman.
Use the elbow, damn it! Excuse me, Coach Phillips? (mutters) Um, we came by to see one of your players.
You know the rules no press during practice.
Beat it.
No, we're not with the papers.
What are you, scouts? IRS agents.
What? No.
Uh, we just wanted to, uh, talk to Michael Williams.
Get in line.
This is kind of important.
You tell me, I'll tell him.
(players chatting, ball bouncing) I can't do that.
It's personal.
It's about his health.
(overlapping chatter) (whistle blows) (blows whistle) All right, hit the showers.
Charlie, get the game films ready.
You two, scram.
Listen, Coach, if you could just give Maybe you didn't hear what I said.
This is my team.
I catch you talking to anyone, I guarantee it'll be the last time Coach, everything okay? I told you to hit the showers.
I'll handle this.
Yeah, okay.
(indistinct chatter) Gentlemen, I mean it.
Keep away and stay away.
He's a sweetheart of a guy.
He didn't even ask about the kid's health.
Wouldn't you think he'd be a bit curious? Maybe he's fine.
He looked okay to me.
Maybe the paper's wrong.
Maybe the paper screwed up, and I'm gonna win my bet.
Now, let's go or not.
Come on.
Where? I'm gonna talk to Michael.
Oh, I hope we have insurance for this.
(locker door banging) (laughter, overlapping chatter) That's him.
MAN: I don't need your help.
(loud, overlapping chatter) Hey, Michael? Yeah? Can I talk to you a minute? MAN: Hey, Michael, hit him up for a car.
Yeah, and a condo while you're at it.
Hey, look.
Michael's got a new girlfriend.
(laughter, overlapping chatter) (Chuck laughs) Funny.
High school humor.
Oh, oh, oh, chill, chill, chill.
Give these guys a break, will you? Come on, chill.
You know, you shouldn't be in here, you know.
Coach won't like it.
It's kind of important.
Well, in-in that case.
You know, it's important.
MAN: Man, you know Mike don't know how to write.
What you mean I don't know how to write? Yo? What you mean? It's about your health.
(laughter subsides) What? Don't ask me how I know this, but you can't go out there and play tonight.
MAN: No, Mike.
Come on, what, are you serious? What's he talking about? Look, I'm just trying to MICHAEL: No! You let me tell you something.
You're misinformed.
You got it? Hey, hey, hey, hey! Did I not make myself clear? It's-It's all right, Coach.
They were just leaving.
Weren't you? Yeah, uh, Coach, we were we were just leaving.
Weren't we, Gare? Gare? (clears throat) Gare? (players chatting) (locker door bangs) Is there a problem? Well, that was successful.
He knows.
What? They both know.
I could tell.
Well, what I know is if we don't get out of here fast, that Coach Phillips is gonna break our knees.
Hey! Who'd you talk to? Dr.
McPherson? Who? Never mind.
There's nothing wrong with me.
So, forget it, okay? It's none of your business.
Hey, Michael? Gary? Michael? Gary, let's go, hmm? That kid's in trouble.
You heard him yourself he doesn't want your help.
So, what am I supposed to do now? Forget about it.
You did what you could.
It didn't work out.
Now, let's hit the road.
You're just worried about your hubcaps.
They're absolutely tamper-proof.
It would take an army to get them off.
Excuse me.
(guys laughing) CHUCK: Oh, no.
GIRL: Hey, mister, a boy asked me to give you something.
He said you could have this back.
That's okay.
You you can keep it.
(distant horns honking) I told you we should have taken a bus.
DISPATCHER: Dispatch to number four, on Division, That's south of Ferdinand.
You gonna get this one? MAN: All right, here we are.
Look at this.
Look what they did to my baby.
It's tragic.
Is he always like this? Uh, some of the time.
The rest of the time? Pretty much like this.
Let's see what we got here.
Ten bucks for the hookup, three lousy blocks.
Three very difficult blocks.
Of course, I can always take it back.
The car stays right here.
And I want fingerprints, forensics and photographs.
And I want my wheel back.
MECHANIC: Hey, Connie? Is that it? Uh-huh.
Who brought it in, Robbie? Who else? Put it back on the car.
Who is this punk, Robbie? And don't scratch it.
CONNIE: He's driving me crazy.
Third time this month.
It's some kind of game with him.
Never asks for money, just likes to get the reaction.
He did that.
Hey, you got a business card? It's too bad.
He's a good kid.
Good grades at school.
Ever since his parents died a couple years ago, he's turned into some kind of trickster.
Gangster's more like it.
CONNIE: Sad to see.
Of course, the whole thing with his brother doesn't help much.
His brother? CHUCK: Oh, my God! I knew I knew you.
Connie Hooks.
Greatest high school basketball player in the history of the city.
Held all the major scoring records.
Till Michael Williams came along.
Forget it.
Man, I used to go to all your games.
Remember that game against Poly? You scored And then what? Georgetown? I never forget stuff like this.
Chuck And then you played in the pros, a couple of years with the Washington Bullets, but you screwed up your knees Finished? Done.
I don't talk basketball, you got it? Neither do I.
Hey, Connie Oops.
Okay, Robbie, what's the deal? What deal? CHUCK: I'll tell you the deal.
Arrest this little fella.
Calm down, will you? You know, you keep this up, you're gonna get me busted for dealing stolen parts.
I didn't steal it.
I just brought it here.
Instead of being in school.
Hey, I went to school.
Nothing was happening.
Besides, I don't need that school.
I'm getting a new one next year.
And where is that? Don't know yet.
Someplace nice.
Gonna get a new house, too.
We're gonna be zillionaires as soon as he gets out of college.
Is that what your brother's telling you? None of your business! (car horn honks) Can I go now? No, no, no, you're staying right here.
You got your wheel back, just forget it.
Now, get on out of here.
(hip-hop playing) MAN: Robbie? Where you been? You got homework.
That's his brother? Michael Williams? CONNIE: One and the same.
(tires squealing) Someone should talk to that kid.
Which one? Michael.
Somebody already has.
(fans cheering) ANNOUNCER: He scores again! That's 43 points with the fourth quarter just underway.
Williams keeps this pace up, he'll break his own single game scoring record.
He steals it.
From the key a long jumper.
Scores! Mike Williams is playing like a demon Kid is good.
Inbound pass Where are they now? It's the fourth quarter.
They're up by Nine.
Man, I'm feeling helpless.
I don't get it.
You talked to him, right? I tried.
He wasn't listening.
I should have talked to him more Buddy, forget about it.
You did what you could.
Wait a minute.
Why are you so mellow? You had money on him.
Not anymore.
Changed my bet.
ANNOUNCER: Wait a minute.
Something's wrong.
(whistle blows) (buzzer sounds) REFEREE: Time out.
(onlookers shouting) Wait, wait, what do you mean time out? I didn't ask for any time out.
Work it out with your player.
Get me a man in here.
He's taking himself out.
This is a bad break for Crane.
We're not sure what the problem is.
Paper said he stayed in.
Said Paper said he played the whole quarter.
Said he never sat down.
MARISSA: But that was before you talked to him.
To be injured, so maybe he just ran out of gas.
Maybe he changed his mind, after all.
Maybe he's quitting.
He's resting.
Williams has completely dominated this semifinal matchup Can I have the phone, please? High 66 points.
Information, I need a number in Chicago.
Yeah, McPherson.
Uh, uh, Dr.
You're going back there again? Why? Because the kid needs my help.
Him? What about me? I'm the one with the bookie.
I'm the one who's gonna be wearing the cement boots.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand something.
He played last night, he rested for a while, he was fine.
You already fixed it.
He thinks he beat the odds.
He's wrong.
It's gonna get worse.
According to who? According to the doctor he mentioned, McPherson.
I talked to him last night.
By the way, we're gonna take your car.
Hello, Marissa.
Oh, no, no, you're not taking my car.
I love my car.
And I love my wheels.
No way.
That's not happening.
I'll go with you.
I haven't been back there for a while.
It's time I take a trip home.
Are you coming with us or not? Uh, no.
I'm, uh (sniffling) I'm having sinus problems.
(sniffling) Spend the whole day in bed.
MAN: Run it back, run it back.
(hip-hop plays) All right! Give me the ball.
"D" up, pal! So, this is where you started? Mm-hmm, till I was 17.
Just a couple of blocks over that way.
Lots of memories here.
Hold on.
Protect the ball.
MARISSA: What is it? That's Michael over there.
Protect the ball.
That's it.
You're getting good.
Hey, hotshot get over here, come on.
What are you doing here? I'm teaching my brother to shoot.
Did I say you could do that? Coach, come on.
I'm not breaking the rules.
I'm not even playing.
That's right, you're not, and you won't be tomorrow, unless you get your head right.
What's the idea of pulling a stunt like that last night? No harm done.
I brought us back, didn't I? Yeah, Mr.
Meanwhile, you make me look like some kind of fool.
ROBBIE: Hey, Michael, watch this.
Keep working on it.
Look, I'm sorry about last night.
It won't happen again.
That's right, it won't.
One more screw-up like that, you're off the team.
You got it? Coach, come on.
You're not gonna bench me.
I mean too much to your career.
(tires squealing) Afternoon.
Heck of an individual.
What are you, The Green Hornet? Afraid so.
Can we talk? No, thanks.
I spoke to McPherson.
You took yourself out of the game last night.
Why? My shoelace broke.
No big deal.
I don't think it was your shoelace.
I think you were buying time.
Is that what McPherson told you? He says you stopped by his office before the season started and you were worried.
He ran some tests.
The man's a quack.
All I wanted was an aspirin.
He told you about your heart.
Like I said You told him about your dad Hey, check it out.
Do I look sick? Besides, I told the coach, he sent me to one of our guys and he said I was fine.
And you believe that? Yeah, why not? Look If I told you a guy on Michigan Avenue was gonna fall 20 stories and land in a fruit cart and walk away from it tonight, would you believe that, too? What? ROBBIE: Hey, Mike, are we playing or not? Look, I got to go.
unless you stop playing ball.
Get off my case, Spiderman.
I'm gonna live forever.
I've got things to do.
Come on, shorty, let's go.
I'll take it.
So? Well, you heard him.
He's gonna live forever.
Come on, let's go.
Let me show you around first.
Come on.
My old block.
I used to walk this way home from school every day.
And the store owners would come out and say hi.
And I always thought they were just being friendly, but it turns out, they were calling out to my mom to let her know I was on my way home safe.
To my left there was, um, Sally Brown's house.
Man, she used to make the best cookies.
On Sunday mornings you could smell them all the way to the church.
She still live there? Nah.
She moved away.
Just about everyone moved away.
In the evening when my mother was making supper, I'd climb the stairs to my grandma's room.
She had a special place for me to do my homework.
We'd talk about everything.
She'd say to me, "Marissa", "there's nothing you can't do, "nowhere you can't go if you follow your heart.
Don't let nothing stop you.
" God, I loved that woman.
So, what do you think of it? My old house.
I spent a lot of happy years living there.
It's beautiful.
It's You're a kind man, you know that, Gary? Come on.
I have one more stop.
This is the one I've been dreading.
(drill whirring) (metal tools clinking) (footsteps approaching) MARISSA: Connie Hooks? You found him.
Maybe so, maybe not.
Is this the Connie Hooks who tried to teach me how to skate when I was ten? Might be.
Connie Hooks who took me to my junior prom and spilled punch all over my dress? It's possible.
Who slept on my sidewalk when my father told him not to step foot inside the house again.
Sounds familiar.
And how about those feet? Are they still the size of El Dorados? Yeah, but they have a few dents now.
(sighs) How are you, Marissa? I can't complain.
You mean, you two used to A long time ago.
A long time ago.
Listen, uh, maybe I should, uh, uh No, no, no, stay.
Um, I'll make us some coffee.
Might even find a few stale donuts lying around.
Why don't we just grab some lunch? I-I know a great place down the street.
Just let me clean this grease off my hands.
Connie, I-I didn't come here for lunch.
I came to ask a favor for old time's sake.
Uh, yeah, well, sure.
What is it? I need you to talk to Michael Williams.
Connie? You heard me.
I'm not playing nursemaid to some hotshot kid.
Connie, he's in trouble.
Who isn't? This is different.
How? I can't tell you how, but he needs to know what you know.
About what? About life.
About choices.
About dreams, Connie, and what they cost.
He's 17.
You think he's gonna listen to me? He might.
He won't.
You could at least give it a try.
Oh, just let him find out for himself.
You mean like you did? Like we did? You know, Connie, what happened between us happened.
There's nothing we can do about that now.
But that boy needs help, and I know you can help him.
You were a hero here once.
Be one again.
Sorry, I-I don't talk basketball.
Come on, Gary, let's go.
And this is why you show up? After-After all this time? No.
This is why I stayed away.
ANNOUNCER: At the Adamson Street Station now arriving Red Line train number 102.
Please stand clear of the doors.
I'll walk you home.
I got some time.
No, thanks.
I'll find my way.
I'm not sorry I went.
In case you think I am, I'm not.
Yeah, okay.
It's fine.
You were kind of hard on him, you know that.
(chuckles) He does care for you, Marissa.
What? It breaks, but it doesn't bend.
Never did, never will.
You or him? Both of us.
Come on, Spike, let's go home.
So, are you gonna take a shot or are you just gonna stand there and think about it? What are you doing here? Man's got a right to some exercise.
Even an old man like me.
Well, old man, this is my court and that's my ball.
Used to be my court.
Not anymore.
You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you? Look, man, who sent you? And don't tell me you came on your own, 'cause you don't even like me.
And why is that, Michael? I don't know.
'Cause I took your records? It must kind of hurt.
And you're on top of the world? Maybe.
And what about Robbie? He on top with you? What's my brother got to do with? You're not watching, Michael.
That kid's in trouble, or about to be.
He's fine.
Look, man, stay out of my life.
I got it handled.
(grunts) (chuckles) Handled? Hell, I bet you can't even handle me.
Tell you what, Michael, I'm gonna do you a favor.
I'm gonna look into your future.
Man, we gonna play or not? Here's how it works.
One day they love you, the next day they don't.
You go from champ to chump in a heartbeat, if you're lucky.
Speak for yourself, old man.
You walk on air when you start.
You're the best you ever saw.
College ball? Yeah, they're okay, but you're better.
Damn straight.
Hell, it's not even close.
Then you catch a draft up to the pros, but something's different.
These guys are good.
I mean, good.
But you think to yourself, "I believe in myself.
And that's enough.
" Only, it isn't.
That's enough.
Yeah? Then you find yourself picking up splinters.
Instead of playing, you're cleaning up at garbage time when nothing counts.
I said that's enough! (grunts) Damn! You don't understand how it happened.
How you went from so good to so bad.
Then one day, your knees go bad and you go packing your bags and that's when it hits you.
What you gave up and what you got left.
And that dream you had, some other guy some guy who's better took it away.
Like this? Hey.
Like this.
Oh! Aw! (grunts) (groans) My game.
Oh, man.
I took you out, Connie Hooks.
I took you out.
No, you didn't.
You beat an old man.
(chuckling) (panting) (meowing) RADIO ANNOUNCER: Good morning.
It's 7:00 and here's the news.
The luck of the Irish and a wayward fruit cart saved the life of 40-year-old Sean O'Flaherty last night.
After falling 20 stories from a building rooftop, he was pronounced fit as a fiddle but smelling of lettuce at Lincoln Hospital.
In sports, the Bulls had the night off.
(phone ringing) But the pressure is on at Crane High School tonight, where phenom Michael Williams leads his team Hello.
To the final game of this championship season.
This is Gary.
Michael? The Cougars have had the best record of the season, Hold on.
Thanks to the talents of senior Michael Williams.
All right.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Williams' post-high school career promises to be one of the best in Crane (man and woman shouting in distance) What do you want? I came to see your brother.
He's not here.
Are your grandparents here? At church.
I can't let you in.
MICHAEL: Robbie, let the man in.
(groans) (distant shouting continues) Hey.
What's he doing here? He owe you money or something? None of your business.
Eat your breakfast.
No, thanks.
I don't have to.
Believe me, you have to.
Now, go in the other room and eat.
(scoffs) Kid's a handful.
Maybe it's 'cause you're a terrible cook.
He-He misses his mom and dad.
Look, uh, thanks for coming all the way down here, but, uh I shouldn't have called.
I'm fine, really.
I talked to Connie.
He said you're not fine at all.
What? Because I played a little tired? I was giving the old man a break.
Is that so? Damn straight.
Well, in that case, there's no sense in me being here.
That's what I said.
All right, so I guess I should go.
(whispers): All right.
I saw on TV today about the man falling off the building hit the fruit cart.
Lucky guess? Then it's true.
It's true.
Look, Michael, you got to get some help.
How? I don't know, but you got to talk to someone.
Like who? How about your grandparents? They're old.
They'll just get scared.
Besides, what do they know? What does anybody know? They're not me.
Coach said Wake up, Michael.
He's gonna play you till you drop.
This is great.
Man pops out of nowhere and says to me give up all you've worked for and I'm supposed to listen? This is my shot.
I've got a real chance here.
They're talking about the pros, man.
Yeah, but you know better, don't you? How long do you think you can play, Michael? Long enough.
You see that kid in there? Well, he's smart.
Smarter than me.
He deserves things.
A good school, books, a yard to play in.
And he's not gonna have none of that unless I pull him up out of here.
Playing ball's the only way.
Have you told him yet, about your condition? I can't.
It'll break his heart.
He depends on me.
Besides, I've promised him things.
Tonight, Michael.
You play in that game tonight, you know what's gonna happen.
Mike? What's he mean tonight? N-Nothing important.
That some kind of magic paper or something? Nah.
It's nothing.
So, you're playing tonight, right? You got to play.
Don't worry.
I'm playing.
what you said.
Yeah, that was then, this is now.
That's that's what you said.
There're gonna be some scouts there tonight.
I'll take my chances.
All right, now, listen up.
Ladies, we got two options here tonight and one of them is not an option.
Let me make this clear you will win this game.
Everything you've done since the day you were born leads up to this day.
You win this game tonight, you guys are golden.
You lose and you're nothing.
I repeat, nothing.
Tired? Tough.
You're hurt, you shake it off.
You're feeling sick, I don't give a damn.
I want this game.
Do you want this game? Yeah.
I said do you want this game? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, we want this game! All right, then.
Go out there and get it for me! Let's go! Come on! Let's do it! (players shouting and grunting) (clapping) Very inspiring.
What are you doing here? Well, I thought I'd come by and see for myself.
See what? How far a man would go to advance his own career.
He's not gonna make it through this game.
Get off it.
He's fine.
Now, you'd like to believe that.
But you know it's not true, don't you? Take him out of the lineup.
Take him out of the lineup? Are you out of your mind? I send him home, that crowd out there will tear me apart.
You're his coach.
You're supposed to be watching out for him.
Not filling him full of a future he's not gonna have.
(crowd cheering) Do you hear that? That's opportunity, take it or leave it.
Me, I'm going.
And what about Michael? Sorry, that's out of my hands.
(bangs locker) (buzzer) (fans cheering) Hey.
ANNOUNCER: Williams.
Attaboy, Michael.
Keep it up.
Keep it up.
So, what do we do now about Michael? What do you mean what do we do? We've done everything we can.
Wait a minute, Gary Look, I talked to him.
Connie talked to him.
He's made up his mind.
Connie talked to him? When? Last night.
I don't know why I'm looking at this it can't help him now.
PHILLIPS: Attaboy.
Number Five.
That's it, I'm leaving.
I can't take this anymore.
Whoa, whoa, where are you going? I'm going to stop this.
How? I don't know how! Wait, Marissa.
Wait a second now MARISSA: No, I can't wait.
That child is killing himself and I refuse to stand here and let that happen.
Marissa, we've done everything we can.
Don't tell me that.
There's got to be something else we There isn't, Marissa.
He's got to find his own way.
Like you did.
(cheering) Robbie? Robbie? Robbie, you down here? (sniffling) Hey.
Is it true? I think so.
Why? Well, it's his heart, Robbie.
Why? I don't know.
Change it back.
I got money.
I'll pay you.
I'm sorry about your wheels, but just change it back.
I can't.
It doesn't work that way.
Look, I didn't mean for you to see this.
Why didn't you tell me? I can make it better.
I know I can! Look, Robbie, you can't.
We tried, I promise you.
You don't know me.
You don't believe in him Whoa, Robbie? I gotta see him! I gotta see him! I don't believe it! I got to see him! Robbie? PHILLIPS: Get him, Mike.
(groans) PHILLIPS: Mike, get up.
Shake it off.
Come on, get up.
Call time out! Time out! No time out! (groans) ROBBIE: Michael? Michael? You can't go out there.
You can't go out there.
PHILLIPS: Shake it off.
(whistle blows) REFEREE: Time! ANNOUNCER: Time out Crane.
Shorty, what you doing here? You got to stop.
No, I'm straight.
No, you gotta stop.
I got to play.
No, not anymore.
I saw the magic paper.
We don't need this.
Yeah, we do.
Your house, the yard, man.
We don't.
We don't need those things.
We just need each other.
I just need you.
PHILLIPS: Michael! Can you stand? Can you help me? Yeah, I can.
All right.
You okay? Yeah.
CHUCK: Nobody lives forever.
But try telling that to the very young when the future's a road that leads straight up and hope is in your pocket.
And tomorrow's a promise you can't wait to keep.
How you feeling? Never better.
Yeah? I went down to Washington for some tests.
So, I heard.
Robbie, how you doing? All right.
He's back in school.
Wants to be a journalist now.
I want to publish one of those magic newspapers.
(chuckles) Anything in there about my college applications? No.
In the meantime, I'm working for Connie.
Well, could be worse.
(chuckles) Hey.
I got a feeling things are gonna work out.
Yeah? Me, too.
CHUCK: Like I said, everyone has a dream.