Early Edition (1996) s01e08 Episode Script


CHUCK: Veni, vidi, vici.
We came, we saw, we conquered.
Or, in Chicago-speak, we went to work, we had a bad day, we took the El home.
Hey! Hey, what are you doing? There's no smoking here.
I'm not smoking.
It's not lit.
Yeah, but it still stinks.
Look around, pal.
It's a violent world.
It's been that way forever.
I told you, it's your stinking pipe! At least since Cain whacked Abel.
Hey, did you hear what I said? Hey, leave the guy alone, will you? Or vice versa, whichever it was.
Stay out of this, okay? Don't tell me what to do! Go ahead and smoke it.
There's practically no stopping it MAN 1: Okay, just keep it up, pal! MAN 2: Is that a threat? Yeah! Yeah, it's a threat! Even when you know it's coming.
Quit telling me what to do! Listen, touch me and you're asking for trouble! You're asking for it, pal! Don't push me! Why don't you mind your own? Hey! Hey! (yelling) Hey! Hey, wait a minute! What's wrong with you? You're adults.
You're acting like kids.
WOMAN: So who's he? You.
You run a corporation.
And you, you got a wife and kids at home.
And you, you're a Oh.
Well Well, at any rate, can't you get along together on an El train, for God's sake? (murmuring, light chuckles) What's wrong with you? What? Get off the train! Next time, mind your own business, buddy! Get out of here, pal.
Which may be why Mother Teresa always takes the bus.
(theme music playing) MAN (on radio): Nothing but bright skies and sunshine for at least the next three days.
We'll have (radio turns off) (cat meowing) (paper thudding against door) Don't tell me.
(meowing) I said, don't tell me.
(meowing) All right, well, come in.
(meowing) MARISSA: Guess even enigmatic cats get fleas, huh? GARY: Yeah, well, my place is full of them.
Yeah, well, I don't know why that should surprise you.
I've been telling you for months that that hotel you're in is a fleabag.
None of this would have happened if you would have stayed at the Ritz.
I wonder where they come from? Do they came from here or from there? There where? Wherever the paper comes from.
What you need is a good vet.
Usually, you can find that in the financial section.
Allow me.
MARISSA: Nice try.
Just looking out for old Felix over there.
Meow! (meowing) Hey, I know a good vet.
We could go there after breakfast.
Guys, I don't think I'm going to make it.
What now? "Tragedy struck a suburban Chicago home yesterday "afternoon around 4:30 p.
"when an innocent game between two young siblings turned into a parent's worst nightmare.
" (distorted shouting) "The boys, 11-year-old Bryce Porter "and his eight-year-old brother, Tommy, "were playing in their mother's bedroom "when the incident occurred.
" "Authorities aren't sure how the pistol fell "into the hands of the younger Porter, "or whether the boy even knew it was loaded.
"Paramedics said the 11-year-old died "on the way to the hospital.
"After the incident, authorities booked the mother, Nikki Porter, on suspicion of criminal storage of a weapon.
" MARISSA: That's awful.
How could that happen? I don't know, but I guess we'll find out.
All right.
Well, I'm in, I get the gun, I'm out.
Problem solved.
Just like that? Yeah, just like that.
We'll see.
It may not be that easy.
Uh, Chuck, do me a favor, would you? Name it.
Really? Yeah.
But then, of course, you owe me.
Oh, Chuck.
What? All right, what do you need? The cat.
(cat meowing) He needs a flea bath.
(dog barking) Keep the screen door closed, Tommy.
Tommy? I'm not supposed to open the door.
Can I speak to your mom? Mom! Tommy, who is it? Hi.
Uh I'm, uh I'm Gary Hobson.
Can I help you? Well, yeah.
I came to, uh Is this about Kurt? I'm sorry? My ex-husband.
Actually, I came here to talk to you about your boys.
You're from the school? Well, uh I, uh You must be the county guidance counselor.
They told me you were going to call.
(Tommy whispering) Oh.
Uh It's somebody who helps people figure out what their future is, right? Right.
That's right.
(phone rings) Sweetie, get the phone.
(sighs) Look, Ms.
Porter, uh I came here because I think you should know something about Bryce.
Well, uh Is he in trouble again? Well, no.
Not yet.
Mom, do I still have to get my shot? Yeah, why? School called.
They want you to come.
Bryce is in trouble again.
(all yelling) They're at it again.
Bryce! Boys! Bryce! Stop this immediately! Bryce, cut it out! Are you okay? Everybody, time to go home.
Bryce, are you proud of yourself? It's not my fault.
He got in the way.
I want an apology now.
I mean it.
No, that's all right.
I'm fine, really.
I'm I'm, uh from County.
Social? Very.
Porter, I'm sorry, but this is the third incident this month.
Your son won't be allowed in after-school care anymore.
Wait a minute.
Where am I going to put him? That is up to you.
But I don't get home from work until 4:30, and day care is really more than I I'm sorry.
Wait, wait.
So am I.
It seems to me that you ought to be able to handle these kids around here.
I don't want to make a big deal out of this, so why don't you give Bryce another chance? Okay.
One more chance.
Not bad for a guidance counselor.
Want a cup of coffee? Bryce It doesn't really hurt.
It's just Ow.
You take your job pretty seriously, don't you? Well, yeah.
To tell you the truth, I'm kind of new at it.
How about you? You're pretty good at this.
You didn't happen to be a nurse by any chance, did you? Hmm.
Started out to be.
Then kids, you know.
Anyway, no.
I work for a medical supplies company.
Shouldn't you be writing this down? (doorbell rings) Oh, no.
I've got a pretty good memory.
Mom, Dad's here! Bryce.
Hey, babe.
I'm just here to pick up the Bryce man.
Tonight? Bryce didn't tell me.
I did, too.
I told you.
And what is tonight? Hockey night.
And where are we sitting? Two on the glass.
Guess I forgot.
Only two? It's the best I could do.
Tommy can go another time.
Come on.
Wait out by the car, champ.
(sighs) Here.
Kurt, you don't have to.
No, really.
I want you to have them.
I just want you to know I'm real sorry about the other night.
Just go, okay? No.
No, really.
I I just want you to know that this this new job is I just had a few too many beers and Oh, who's this? He's from the school.
Oh, yeah.
Kurt, please.
Just go.
All right.
It's none of my business who's here.
And, uh this is not my house.
Hey, Mom? What's up big man? Huh? What do you say? You a magician today? Huh? Kurt.
Well, we got to go.
You're late on your payments again.
The kids need things.
Well, I don't think now's the time to discuss that.
Can I give you a hand with anything? No, I got it, thanks.
Sorry about Kurt.
It's pretty rough, huh? Yeah.
We've been divorced for two years now, married for ten.
Actually, it's been rougher on the boys.
On Bryce, mostly.
I think Tommy's okay.
Charlie Jo.
's coming down the right side.
He's at the blue line! He looks! He shoots! He scores! The biscuit's in the basket, baby! (shouting continues indistinctly) (empty firing) NIKKI: It all started to fall apart when he lost his job.
It wasn't just the money.
He'd been at that plant for almost 15 years.
He'd just been promoted to director of sales, and out of nowhere he gets a letter.
"Downsizing" they call it.
Well, it's hard to get a good job today.
He sent out hundreds of r廥um廥.
He started drinking.
We fought.
Then he really started drinking.
Got pretty ugly lots of fights.
I got a divorce.
I got a restraining order but I still got him.
Well, we're here.
Hey, thanks for walking us.
If you call me tomorrow after work, I'll have more time to talk about Bryce.
He's really a good kid.
All right.
Come on, Tommy.
I don't wanna.
Tommy, don't start.
You're getting your shot.
You're not the boss of me.
And I'm not going.
I am the boss of you and you are going.
I'm counting to five.
But it hurts.
Whoa, Tommy.
Hey, it, uh, just stings a little bit.
Don't worry.
Have you ever had one? Sure.
Okay, but he goes first.
I-I had my shot a couple, a couple years ago.
I really don't like doctors very much.
(laughing) I don't remember shots hurting that much.
I didn't feel a thing.
At least you won't get the flu.
Hey, this shot's on me.
You get the next one.
Okay, here are Tommy's forms and, um, are you sure you don't want me to take a look at your arm? I'm fine, really.
I'll just take it as a sign that some people aren't meant to Rollerblade.
(phone rings) Okay, so what do we do? "Place cat in water.
Start at nape of neck and work your way down.
" Sounds easy enough.
Piece of cake.
Come here, puss.
Come here.
(cat yowls) Well? Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Here, kitty.
(cat yowls) Come to Papa.
Come to Uncle Charlie.
Good kitty.
(cat hissing) Did you ever think about getting a dog? I got a gun.
Took lessons from a retired cop down at the police station.
What? Nothing.
It's I mean, you got kids.
Yeah, and my kids still have a mom 'cause I got a gun.
Don't you, don't you ever worry about them finding it? I mean, when I was a kid, everything my mother hid, it seemed like I found.
I appreciate your concern, Gary, thanks.
It's just in the, in the papers you hear a lot about kids and guns and I'm not one of your students from school, Gary.
No, I You think I'm happy about living the kind of life that means I have to keep a gun in the house? No.
I was just saying that I think you have a choice if you want.
No, I don't have a choice.
Last time he broke in, it took the cops 20 minutes to get there.
Time before that, I'd move if I had the money, but I don't.
So don't tell me to get a dog, Gary.
(kids shouting in distance) Tommy?! Uh, Nikki, wait.
You read my file.
You think you can tell me how to run my life? No.
Look, I'm sorry.
I (ice cream truck music playing) TOMMY: Mom, can I? Can I? Can I? Can I buy you an ice cream? No, thank you.
Ice cream? Yes! Look, blame it on force of habit.
Habit? Being a guidance counselor has its problems, like being too nosey.
I apologize.
I'll have a Creamsicle.
Creamsicle? I'll have a double chocolate Drumstick and a giant rainbow icepop, and, uh, you got any sundaes? Uh Let me check.
Uh, just one, champ.
Just like Mom.
I'll have the Drumstick.
Uh, Drumstick and two Creamsicles.
All right.
Why were you and my mom fighting? We weren't fighting; We were just talking.
Don't be mad at my mom.
I'm not mad at your mom.
I like your mom.
Here you go.
Here, kitty, kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Didn't I see this in Alien? I know you're here somewhere.
(cat yowls) (paw swipes) (screams) NIKKI: You don't look like a guy who's recently been divorced.
What am I supposed to look like? (laughs) Damaged.
Well, I was the dumpee, not the dumper.
No gray hair, no loss of hair, no wrinkled brow.
As far as I can tell, you're not nursing an ulcer.
And where are the broken knuckles from punching your fist through a wall? Well, believe me, I wanted to.
I But you didn't.
That's the difference between you and men like Kurt.
So, who got the house? Uh, she, uh, she got the house.
I got a hotel room at the Blackstone.
Mom, I'm starving.
Can we have hot dogs? You betcha.
Can Gary stay for dinner? Well, sweetie, I'm sure Gary has more important things to do then Well, no, if, uh, if you don't mind.
If it's not a problem, I'd like to.
If you don't mind.
Please? It wasn't always like this.
See that tree house? Kurt built it for the boys.
GARY: Tree house? Well, it would have been a tree house if we'd had a tree.
Kurt and the boys planned it together.
It meant a lot to them.
(Tommy grunts) Hey, buddy, can I come up? I guess so.
Yeah? (Tommy makes explosion sounds) Wow Not bad, huh? What have you got? What's this? That's a magic box.
Oh, yeah? This is a sword from the Knights of the Round Table.
I challenge you to a fight.
Ah! Ah! (laughs) Bryce used to play with me.
I was Lancelot, and he was the Black Knight.
Oh, yeah? Do you want to play? Oh, I don't think I'm You're Merlin, the magician.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
How come I can't be the Black Knight? 'Cause you're Merlin, the magician.
You can do anything.
You can see the future.
I can see the future, huh? All you got to do is look into your crystal ball.
And what do I do when I find out what the future holds? I don't know.
So, you gonna marry my mom? What? You said you liked her.
Well, I do like her, but I You've been hanging around with us all day.
'Cause she's a great cook, you know.
She slices up the hot dogs and puts cheese in them.
She's real funny, too.
She makes up great stories, not even from a book.
She makes them up.
Well, you know what? You're lucky to have such a great mom.
NIKKI: Dinner's ready! You guys hungry? So, you'll think about it, right? Marrying her? Yeah.
Careful now.
How you guys doing? Good.
I think he's gonna marry you.
Oh, is he? (clears throat) I'm gonna go, gonna go wash up.
Through the kitchen.
First door to the right.
What? He's nice.
I'm just trying to help.
When I need your help, I'll ask for it.
Don't eat so fast.
NIKKI (calling out): Gary? Gary? Gary, you all right? Yeah.
You didn't wait on me, did you? No.
Dinner's ready.
(clears throat softly) (clears throat) Here, kitty.
Come here.
Come on, red.
(meows) I'm gonna get you.
Yah! (yowls loudly) I know you promised Tommy you'd marry me, but I'm not gonna hold you to it.
(chuckles) Well, that's good, 'cause I don't think I could afford a ring right now, anyway.
KURT: Well, well, well.
Isn't this a cozy little scene? Are we, uh, playing husband tonight? Mom, it's okay.
Kurt, just turn around now and leave, or I will call the police.
What else are we gonna play tonight? Dad, just come on, leave Bryce, not now.
That's it! BRYCE: Dad, just come on.
Mom, don't! You know this is still my house.
Dad, come on! I paid for this house.
And let's not forget, you're still my wife.
Yes, this is Nikki Porter.
I have a restraining order against my ex-husband Go on, go on! Who is in my house! Can't get rid of me forever.
Yes! Yes.
Come on, Dad! KURT: This is my house.
This is still my house! Dad! Dad! NIKKI: Kurt, get out of here! Leave! Please! Bryce, get away from him! Come on, Dad! I'll walk you to your car.
It's all right, Bryce.
Come on! (door slams) Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, he's gone now.
Yes, sir, we're fine.
Thank you.
(sighs) (TV turns on) Let me out! I'm suffocatin'! (changes channel) Bryce, are you okay? (TV narrator talking) Bryce, do you want dinner? (changes channel) I'm not hungry.
Bryce, your mom made a good meal.
You're not my dad! You can't tell me what to do! I'm not trying to tell you what to do, it's just Why don't you just mind your own damn business?! Bryce, I will not tolerate Why'd you have to call the police? He wasn't doing anything! Why do you ever (TV clicks off) (sighs) (door slams) He blames me.
Thanks for trying.
Well, I-I didn't exactly hit a home run I'm sorry.
I guess even guidance counselors strike out sometimes, huh? Yeah.
I guess I better be going, huh? Crazy kind of day, huh? Good night.
Good night.
(cat meows) (paper thudding against door) (cat meows) (yowls) (echoing): No! (grunts) (grunts) (Kurt crashes against door) (grunts) (grunts) (grunts) (echoing): No! You're going where? I asked him to meet me he suggested CJ's Tavern.
Oh, that's great.
And what are you gonna say to the guy? "Excuse me, uh, are you planning on killing your ex-wife tonight?" Well, I got to do something, don't I? MARISSA: You know he's gonna look at you like you're nuts, shocked that you even accused him of something like that.
Look, I don't have a choice she's like a sitting duck, and it's my fault.
Here you go.
Gary, you did what you could to save those kids.
Yeah, and because of that, I've put her life on the line.
Well, guns aren't the answer.
(chuckles) Well, that's a nice bumper sticker, Marissa.
But tell me this, what's the answer when some guy's coming after you with a baseball bat, huh? Yeah.
I don't know, I'll just go to the guy and And what? What are you thinking, Gare? I'm thinking I give her the gun back.
Then what good are you? That's where she was yesterday.
Well, I don't know either of you guys got a better idea? Give me eight bucks.
(rock music playing over speaker) How you doing? So, how's my boy, huh? How's my boy Bryce, he okay? Uh, he's, uh, you know, he's fighting a lot in school.
You know how kids are.
That'd be my fault, right? No, I didn't say it was your fault.
Just 'cause I, uh, taught him not to run away from a fight.
(clears throat) Look, I know you and your wife are divorced Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Uh, you said you wanted to come here to talk about Bryce.
Well, I just want to get an idea what goes on.
(chuckles) So, what'd she tell you, hmm? I'm a lousy dad, right? No.
I can't provide for my family, right? No, she didn't say that at all.
Look, I just think that the both of you Yeah? What do you know? I love my kids, man.
I wouldn't hurt them for the world.
She's turning them against me.
You know, I I got to stay outside when I come pick them up.
You know, my kids, they look at me like-like I'm some sort of monster.
(sighs) Just don't tell me what to do, all right? Stay away from my kids, you stay away from my wife.
(door creaks open) (door closes) Put the Popsicles back.
But, Mom! Okay, then put the cookies back.
Please? Pick one, Tommy we're only keeping one of 'em.
Shoot! Gary.
What are you doing here? Uh well, I was looking for you.
Uh, the neighbor told me you were here.
Are you coming over for dinner? We got Popsicles.
NIKKI: Tommy, put 'em back.
Shoot! Uh, Bryce, why don't you get some cereal real cereal: no Loops, no Smacks, no Captains.
Uh, look, I was, uh well, I was hoping I could take you out to dinner.
I mean, the four of us.
A little above and beyond the call of duty, isn't it? Well, I What is it, Gary? Why are you here? I was worried about you.
You don't have to do this, you know, take us out.
No, no.
Look, I know.
I I really want to.
Is this about Kurt? I have it under control.
Look, Nikki, if Coming over for dinner? (chuckling): Hey, buddy.
I'll tell you what, how about I take you out to dinner tonight? Sure.
How about I take you out to dinner tonight around 7:00? Okay.
(laughs softly) bring the Popsicles.
(grunts) (laughs) You lunkhead! I ought to (loud boom) (whistling through air) (explosion) (Three Stooges laughing) (calling): Tommy, Bryce? You been in my room? (kids laughing) MAN: They'll probably shoot us.
Who has something they want to tell me? Mom, I can't see the TV.
Turn it off.
You guys, this is really important.
I'm gonna ask you one more time and you're gonna tell me.
Who took something from my closet? (bell dings) Where is it? What did you think you were doing? I was trying to help.
By stealing from me? I could have you arrested, you know that? You went upstairs into my room, you went through my stuff, and you stole my gun.
Look, I know it sounds bad, but you you got to understand I don't even know who you are.
I checked with the school.
They never heard of you.
Who are you, Gary? Look, I'm a guy that knows if you take that gun back in your house, one of your kids is gonna get shot.
Where is it? It's in a safe place.
That's not what I asked you.
I asked you where it is.
Now, give me the gun or I will call the police.
Believe me, I know the number.
It's in my room.
Look, I know you don't know me, but you got to trust someone.
If you could just trust me now, Nikki.
I did trust you, Gary.
But it turns out you're just another guy who thinks he knows better.
Please don't take this gun home.
Nikki? You want to protect me? You want to be my guardian angel? Forget it.
No one can protect me but me.
That's the way it is.
You're wrong.
Really? Tell you what.
When you get a couple of kids and an ex-husband who's trying to kill you, you call me.
(loud crash) (dog barking in distance) (metal clacking lightly) (gun cylinder snaps) (doorbell ringing) Mom, door.
(doorbell ringing) (knocking) Just a second.
Hey, buddy.
Um, I'll get Mom.
Hold on.
I got something for you (laughs) Where is your mom? Dad, you're not supposed to NIKKI: Bryce, did you finish your home Dad, stop! Where is he? Bryce, call the police! You sent him to lecture me about fatherhood? What? You don't think I'm a good parent, huh? Come on.
Tell me what I'm doing wrong? You know, I really want to know.
Come on, let's hear how bad a dad I really am.
I don't read them stories, and I don't coach the little league.
Oh, I know.
I'm really not around often enough, right? (siren wailing) GARY: Let her go, Kurt.
Kurt! Let her go.
Hey, Mr.
Guidance Counselor, why don't you come on over and join the party? That's enough.
There he is! Police! Let her go! Now! Hands over your head! Over your head! KURT: Hey, hey, hey, we're just conducting a little family business here.
Move it! There's no problem here.
Are you all right? We're okay.
Get your hands off me.
That's it.
Come on, buddy.
You can't do this.
This is my house.
It's fine.
We're okay.
(garbled radio transmission) Detective Alexander will be in touch with you.
You guys gonna hold onto him for a while this time? He's not going anywhere.
How you doing? You're really pushing for that guardian angel position, aren't you? Thanks for showing up.
(engine starting) How you doing, Bryce? I'm okay.
Hey, where's Tommy? Probably hiding.
I'll go get him.
Hey, you might want to get some more ice on that.
BRYCE: Tommy? We're a full-time job for you, aren't we? Tommy? You can come out now.
It's okay.
Dad, don't come up here.
I'm warning you, don't come up here.
Tommy? Leave me alone, Dad.
Bryce? Leave us alone.
Bryce! Bryce! Bryce! Bryce? Bryce? Bryce, are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Tommy? Tommy, I'm coming up, son.
Tommy, it's Gary, I'm coming up.
Easy, son.
Easy now.
Tommy? Tommy? Easy.
Easy, Tommy.
Tommy, hand me the gun.
Where's Mom? It's all right, your mom's right down here.
Come on, hand me the gun.
Tommy, give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
You all right? That's it.
You're okay.
CHUCK: Maybe it's nobody's fault.
Maybe, it's everyone's.
Once things go wrong, it's hard to remember why.
Sometimes it takes almost losing the thing you love most to bring you to your senses.
'Cause sometimes, if you're lucky, time and patience can bring things together again.
Trust me, I know.
(door opening) What are you doing here? Little guy was lonely.
He missed me, so I came right over.
He missed you? All right, I missed him.
I kind of got attached to the little furball.
What happ? You want something to eat? No, we're fine.
I never figured you for an animal lover.
You kidding? What's not to love? (whispering): I told you.
North Harbor Terrace, Apartment 1203.
And if you tell, I'll kill you.
(cat meows) You Don't forget.
(meowing) (grunts)