Early Edition (1996) s01e19 Episode Script

The Cat

CHUCK: Life is full of unpredictables.
Honey, don't be scared.
The bunny's mommy died.
CHUCK: The pitfalls you never see coming.
It's just a movie.
I'll buy you an ice cream.
The bunny's mommy died.
How about a trip to the toy store? CHUCK: The mine fields you didn't know were there.
Sometimes you can head off disaster, say, with tomorrow's newspaper.
Excuse me.
Uh, is this Mikey? Yes.
Hey, Mikey? He won't listen to anyone.
But, Mikey, I-I just wanted to tell you that everything's gonna be all right.
I mean, it's okay, really.
See, it's, it's just a movie, see CHUCK: But sometimes, even that's not enough.
Excuse me.
CHUCK: Sometimes when the chips are down, you need help from a higher power.
Excuse me.
Roger Ebert, right? Yeah.
Yeah, uh-huh.
Listen, there's a little boy down there, and he's just seen this movie Uh-huh.
And he's very upset.
Because of the mother's Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
His name's Mikey.
Mikey? Roger Ebert? Hi.
The movie critic? Yeah.
Would you like to know why the bunny's mommy has to die? Yeah.
Because, see, if Bosco's mommy didn't die, then he wouldn't be all on his own.
And that's why the parents always die at the beginning of every animated picture about little animals.
See, that way, we can identify with them as they struggle against obstacles.
And when they have a victory, it's all their own.
Now, if Bosco's mother didn't die, why, she probably wouldn't even have let him leave the house.
Anything else? Does my mommy have to die? Of course not.
How do you know? Because you're not a rabbit.
We can go.
How'd I do? Uh, well, you did Here.
Pretty good.
(laughs) Take care.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
CHUCK: Hell, even Luke Skywalker needed help from Obie Wan once in a while.
(theme music playing) This doesn't look good.
(cat meowing) GARY: Do you think he's all right? CHUCK: I don't know.
The cat's a hundred years old.
What do you expect? Well, I don't know what he looks like, but he doesn't sound very good.
How long has he been this way? Thanks.
This morning since he showed up.
Thank you.
It's not good.
Well, maybe he's hungry.
I gave him a bowl of milk.
He wouldn't touch it.
CHUCK: Maybe he's tired.
He's been working for Gary for the past year.
Who knows how long before that for Lucius Snow.
But he's not just any cat.
And he shouldn't be sick.
Well, what am I supposed to do now? Why don't we fill him full of cat nip.
Put him in the corner and see what happens.
That's enlightened.
You got a better idea, sister? CHUCK: Now, how about call a vet? There you go.
Which one? This one.
(meowing) GARY: I'm gonna go get a box.
How does he do that? (meowing) Hey, uh, hey, Chuck, you, uh, you speak Japanese? Of course, I do.
I'm a stockbroker.
Take care of that for me while I go to the vet, will you? Thanks.
And, Chuck, please don't make me regret this.
Uh, why me? Because he asked you to.
Plus, you speak the language, or so you said.
What is that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Look, uh, I got to go.
You're not going to work? No.
I have something else to do.
I'm gonna sign up for classes.
You going back to school? Kind of.
It's through a grant from work.
Oh, so they're gonna pay you to go to class? What are you studying? Psychology.
Now you can analyze me.
Wish me luck.
All right, well, good luck.
Same to you.
Yeah, I'm gonna need it.
Oh! (speaking Japanese) (speaking Japanese) Uh, get your butts out of here now! WOMAN: What happened? Welcome to Chicago.
Enjoy the rest of your stay.
(phone ringing) (meowing) Quiet.
I don't want to be here, either.
What's his name? He doesn't, uh, he doesn't have a name.
I see.
You just got him.
Well, we've sort of adopted each other, you might say.
Looks like a cat I used to know.
Is he friendly? Well, he's kind of, kind of shy, actually.
Hey, cat.
(meowing) Eunice Fadiman.
Uh, Gary Hobson.
How do you do? Oh Do you have a cat? No.
Something more difficult a daughter.
Mom? Hello, dear.
What are you doing here? You left a message.
You needed to talk.
Well, that was last night.
And this is today.
No time like the present.
I have patients waiting for me.
Well, they won't mind.
You don't mind if I talk to my daughter.
They don't mind.
Mom, don't embarrass me, okay? Am I being embarrassing? Mother, it's about your trip.
My kids say that you're going to Rome.
Well, am I? So? So? Don't you think that you might have told me? Don't be silly.
You're busy.
Mom? Would you like to see the picture of my grandchildren.
Geniuses, both of them.
Mom, we'll talk about this later, okay? Very well.
I'm going.
(meowing) She's a wonderful vet, by the way.
A difficult daughter, but a wonderful vet.
Just joking, darling.
See you.
Bye-bye, everybody.
I am very sorry about that, Mr.
, uh, Hobson.
Oh, no.
About what? My mother.
Seems like she's very, uh, colorful.
Colorful? Did your mother ever do that? Do what? Make a spectacle out of herself in front of a room full of strangers? Well, uh, no, uh, no.
Never mind.
Um, listen.
Why don't you just put the little one on here.
How did you find me? Uh, your ad.
Really? That ad isn't supposed to run till tomorrow.
Oh, well, it would How does he look? Oh, hold on.
His eyes look good.
How old is he? Old.
What's his history? Old.
Shots? You know, I give him a bowl of milk in the mornings.
I see.
Listen, Mr.
Hobson, I'd like to just keep him overnight, just take some tests.
Uh, you can't do that.
I see.
And why's that? (chuckles) Because you, uh, because, uh, uh he, uh So, you left it there? I didn't have a choice.
She acted like she was going to call the ASPCA.
That's pretty risky.
What about the paper? Don't worry about it.
The paper will show up at my place in the morning.
Let me tell you.
Funny thing is, I take the cat in there, it's as sick as can be.
All of a sudden, it jumps up on this old woman's lap, and it acts like it's fine.
Really? Well, I'm off work for the day.
So soon? I figured if you're gonna start school again, the least I can do is play hooky.
Hey, how'd it go with the registration? Uh, I didn't do it.
Why not? I don't know.
I went in and I started thinking, you know, I have a job, I have a life; Why start something new? So, I came home.
Do I know this person? I mean, you should have been there.
There were all these students, they were so intense.
I don't know if I can do that anymore.
You want my opinion? No.
I'll go tomorrow.
Right after you find your cat.
You didn't bring home your cat? Don't worry about it.
It'll be there in the morning.
WOMAN (over radio): Good morning.
It's 6:30 in Chicago, and here's the news.
On Capitol Hill (turns off radio) No.
(loud thud against door) It's about time.
Hey, Boswell.
Sir? You seen my cat around here? You might try looking under "C.
" (phone book thuds on floor) I don't know why you're in such a hurry.
I just want to see how he's doing.
You are sure that this cat is yours? Wait a sec.
Is this today's paper? Last month's.
Cat-box litter.
Hobson, I'm beginning to think there's something very strange about you.
Look, this cat and I we're very close.
Now, could you show him to me, please? Right this way.
Oh, God Oh, no.
This doesn't make any sense.
I locked this myself.
It doesn't matter; He's gone.
Well, how? Cats don't just fly away.
You don't know this cat.
Where are you going? I'm going to call the city pound.
I've got to find that cat.
Listen, Mr.
Hobson, I think that you should know that I am married to a lawyer in case you're having any thoughts Have you got a phone book? WOMAN (over P.
): Dr.
English, line two.
Just (sighs) Hello? Mother! No, I told you, I can't What? Well, yes, he is here.
Why? Okay we'll be right over.
(sighs) Let's go.
Huh? To my mother's.
Mom? Looking much better, don't you think? I assure you, I did not steal this man's cat.
How did it get here, then? EUNICE: I have no idea.
He just arrived at my door.
About what time might that have been? EUNICE: This morning, about 6:30.
Such a plaintive little cry, so I just had to take the poor creature in.
It just walked the 26 blocks to your apartment? She never believes me.
Would you like some tea or coffee? Mom No, I I have a professional reputation, you know.
You can't just go around kidnapping my patients.
I said, I did not steal this cat.
And as far as your reputation, you care too much about what people think about you.
Which is more than you do.
Did you say tea? Uh, no, actually, I Uh, did you get the paper today, by chance? Yes, it's on the end-table, in there.
(cat meows) Hmm.
Did you, uh, read it, by chance? Oh, heaven's no.
At my age, all the news is the same, except the obits.
Cake? No, thank you.
Mom, he's got to go.
Oh, no.
You just got here.
Oh, darling, you should wear something more flowing.
I can't believe you just said that.
Well, I-I ought to be getting to work now, so, uh You know, there is something familiar about you.
Have we met before? Well, we met at the office, yesterday.
No, I mean, before that.
(clock chiming) No, perhaps not.
Okay, I'm going, too.
Well, kiss Eric and the children for me.
And perhaps we'll meet again.
Yes, ma'am.
EUNICE: Make it soon, because I'm going to Rome.
Remember? Come on.
I am sorry about that again.
Well, that's okay.
At least we found him.
No, I mean, my mother.
I apologize for her behavior.
Oh, no, it's You must be mortified.
No She's driving me crazy, you know? I mean, she does this kind of thing all of the time.
Whatever she likes Oh, look, Doc, this cat And this trip, she just takes it into her head and goes.
She's been like this all of her life.
Only now, I'm responsible Hello, Dr.
You've been up to see Eunice, huh? (cat meows) Well, nice to see you, too.
Who, uh? You don't want to know.
She's a grandmother, Mr.
Is this any way for a grandmother to behave? Look, Doc, Doc, I, I, I I don't mean to be rude, or anything but I don't think this is any of my business, so You're right.
I've been talking your ear off.
Uh look, your cat is fine.
You didn't find anything, uh odd or peculiar about him? No.
(cat meows) Okay.
Well, uh, thank you, Doc.
Uh Thank you very much.
Hobson? I love her, you know? Tell her.
I can't.
(cat meows) All right, so why'd you do it? CHUCK: I'll tell you why he did it.
He was running away.
Why? To get away from you.
That's very helpful.
Just joshing.
It sounds to me like you're on the verge of being fired, my friend.
It happened before, it can happen again.
He went from Lucius Snow to you, right? Lucius Snow dropped dead.
But then again, that cat was with Lucius Snow for some 50 years, so Maybe it's a warning, from old Lucius himself.
What kind of a warning? Cash in while you've still got the paper.
Lucius didn't do it, and look what happened to him.
He spent the last 50 years setting type.
The thing is that cat was so damn contented with that woman, and Maybe she serves him better food.
Maybe he needs something from her.
Maybe she needs something from you.
Like what? How should I know? I don't know.
You seen Marissa? No.
She went down to register for those classes.
I was wondering how it went.
Not so good.
I chickened out again.
What's wrong with me? At least the cat's okay.
GARY: Hello, Dr.
Hi, this is Gary Hobson.
Look, I'm very sorry (cat meows) to be calling you at home, but, uh, well, my cat, uh (cat meows) It appears he's sick again.
Yes, ma'am.
You Tomorrow? Okay.
(cat meows) Okay.
Thank you very much.
(cat meows) You'd better not be faking it.
MAN (over radio): Good morning, Chicago.
It's 6:30 and here's the traffic situation up to the minute.
On the (turns off radio) Ow! Shannen, that's all the hair I have.
Oh! Hoo-hoo! You-hoo! Over here! Shannen, this is the young man who I was telling you about.
How do you do? You saw my note? Did he? Don't worry.
Everything is fine.
That's easy for you to say.
You sure you're not leaving him outside my door? No.
You know, Eunice, if the cat wants to be with you, maybe he should stay with you for a while.
Just Oh, I couldn't do that.
Why not? Oh, never mind.
Look, Eunice, I can't keep chasing him around every morning, all over the city, just Eunice, where's the paper? Oh, that.
I don't have it.
I gave it to Louie.
Louie? He loves his races.
(horn plays "First Call") That's three in a row! Hey, Louie! You Louie DeFozio? Yeah, you're talking to him, kid.
What can I do for you? You got my paper.
You're joking, right? I need my paper.
Hey! Hey, Louie Hey, let go of me! I'm not kidding; I want that paper.
Who sent you?! Eunice.
Eunice? What happened? Is she all right? Look, look, Eunice is fine.
Eunice just wants me to tell you that that's my paper.
Oh Wait a minute.
How do you know Eunice? Because Eunice takes care of my cat.
Oh Wait a minute.
Do you know what this paper is? This paper? Oh, yes, this is a mail order trick from downtown.
Thank you very much.
Wait a minute.
She's my girlfriend, Eunice.
Yeah, so I heard.
Watch out for the daughter, she's murder.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Why are you going on this trip? To see the world.
You have seen the world a dozen times with three different husbands.
I Why do you keep running away? I'm not running; I'm flying.
The red or the purple? What do I tell the kids? That Grandma's gone again, just doing whatever comes into her head? Being irresponsible? Yes! Well, honey, somebody's got to.
Oh, is that a shot at me, just because I-I, I prefer a life that is somewhat normal? (knocking on door) Excuse me.
Oh! I, uh, came for the cat.
Just in time.
Which one? Oh, I like them both.
That's great.
Buy them all.
I'm leaving.
I'm late for work.
Excuse me.
Doc (door slams) Oh, I see you found him.
Oh, yeah.
Let me make you some tea.
Oh, no, thanks.
I really can't.
Look, Eunice, I have somewhere I have to be.
What is it you do really? Something with the news? Uh yes.
A writer? No.
A reporter.
You might say that.
I used to know a man like you, many years ago, always reading the paper.
Look, if it's okay, I think, I'll, uh I think I'll just take the cat and, uh, go.
Well, if you must.
Except, you know, if you like, he can spend one more night here.
Well, I thought that you, uh She hates me, doesn't she? I have tried, you know.
I have really tried.
I don't know, I mean, maybe if you There's no time.
There's always time, uh Not for me.
Look, this is none of my business, but I I don't think just because you're going on vacation that that's really It's not that.
I'm dying, Mr.
I said it.
Milk in your tea? Yeah.
MARISSA: I feel like a kindergartener being walked to school.
Why are you doing this anyway? CHUCK: What are you talking about? It's out of the goodness of my heart.
That, and the fact that Gary promised to show me the sports section for 15 seconds.
Well, at least some things don't change.
Of course.
Okay, let's go over this one more time.
You're not too old.
You still got an edge.
You're just a woman with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
What if I flunk out? You're not going to flunk out.
You're smarter than most of the people in this joint.
All right, this is it.
This is registration.
I'm leaving you here.
Good luck.
God bless.
This is crazy.
I'm gonna feel pretty idiotic in a classroom with a bunch of teenagers, you know? Excuse me, is this where I register? Yeah, it's right there.
Thank you.
You got no more excuses.
That guy was old enough to be my grandfather.
Go get 'em, champ.
Louie! Hey, not so fast! Hey! Thief! Thief! Rape! Stop that! You can't do that! Look, this is my paper, Louie Hey, this is only the sports section.
Where's the rest of it? I'm not greedy.
I left the rest for you.
Where? Up there at Eunice's.
Speaking of whom, what's going on between you two? What's that supposed to mean? She's been talking to you, hasn't she? Huh? You haven't been making a move on her, have you? Making a move on? (grumbles) You watch yourself, sonny boy.
I've got my eye on you.
Yeah, yeah.
(knocking) Hello? Hello? (clock chiming softly) (cat meows) (whispering): Shut up.
EUNICE: Louie, is that you? Something's happened? Eunice, it's me, Gary.
Then I guess you're elected.
I'll need to see my doctor.
Where is she? Well, she's Is she all right? Well Well, a simple yes or no will do, Mr.
She was sick and I brought her in here and then I called you.
Well, you should have called me first.
I cannot believe that she came here with a stranger.
Well, I'm sorry, I don't think there was time to make a choice, though.
It's this stupid trip she's planning.
It's wearing her out.
(sighs) What am I going to do about her? EUNICE: All right, I'm done.
We can go now.
Mom, what happened? Nothing, a chill.
Nice purse.
You get it on sale? Mom? God, you walk out of the doctor's office like nothing happened, criticize my purse, and then, and then, and waltz away, like with no explanation.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Well, thank you.
I-I take back what I said about the purse.
It's trendy, isn't it? No, Mom, I am not going to stand for this.
I get a call, I come to the hospital to see how you are That wasn't my idea.
If I've inconvenienced you, I'm so sorry.
That is not what I meant, Mother.
You! Oh, God! What are you doing here? He came to see me, dear.
You are so good to me, Louie.
Listen, I got to talk to you about this guy.
Absolutely not.
We are going home right now.
But Mother, you're coming home with me.
She's coming with me.
I am not going with either of you, thank you.
I'm going to lunch with Mr.
Huh? Oh, no No, I insist.
I can't do this, I Kiss the children for Grandma.
Look, I can't go with you.
(elevator doors close) I'll have carrot juice and a salad, hold the dressing.
That's it? Just give me a glass of ice water, thank you.
You won't grow if you eat like that.
Look, uh Eunice, can I ask you something? You want your cat back? (chuckles) It's just that, uh I need to know what's going on? Of course you would.
Fire away.
How long have you known? I found out eight weeks ago.
It has a name, but I can't pronounce it.
It doesn't matter.
The doctor wanted to tell my daughter, and I said no.
This is mine to deal with.
And I will deal with it.
Anything else? Why am I here? She needs your help.
Who? Robbin.
I want you to tell her.
Me? She'll listen to you.
Oh, no.
No, I can't do that.
Hobson I can't do that, Eunice.
You have to do that.
Well, I can't.
Why can't you? I'm leaving tomorrow.
You what? There's no sense in waiting.
What about Louie? No, I'm going alone.
You know, Mr.
Hobson, you know, things happen in life for reasons.
That's why your cat brought you to me, so that you could tell her things that I can't.
I want to show you something.
EUNICE: Mountain climbing with husband number one.
Down the Nile with husband number two, Robbin's father.
Kuala Lumpur spouse number three.
Rest his soul.
You've had a good, uh a good amount of traveling.
I've made a point of keeping busy.
Who's this? The one who got away.
Hobson, I loved my husbands, make no mistake, but nothing compared to what I felt for this man for one week in Rome.
What, uh, what happened? One day at dinner, he just didn't show up.
No note.
No call, nothing.
I knew he loved me.
God knows I adored him.
But Anyway, I went on with my life.
Marriages, adventures, Robbin.
All except for one piece of me that I never got back.
So, talk to her.
Please? Look, Eunice, I-I-I can't do that.
Well, very well, then.
I'll do it myself.
Maybe when I get back.
(fork clinks on glass) Bon appétit.
(distant train passing) (answering machine clicks, beeps) MARISSA (on tape): Well, I almost did it.
Would you believe it, they asked for I.
and somehow I left mine at home.
(meows) (machine beeps) Hey, what are you do? (meows) Hey! I got your number, pal! What? I figured out who you are.
You're some kind of confidence guy who preys on women for the cash, am I right? Listen, Louie, I don't have time for this.
You listen to me.
You mess with Eunice, you answer to Louie DeFozio.
I'll take you on.
Listen, Louie Eunice is dying.
Now, I'm sorry to tell you Of course, she's dying.
What? You know? What do I look like, an idiot? She told you? I figured it out as soon as she mentioned Rome.
When? Huh? Look.
Come on.
I don't know where you got this thing, but I've been checking out the racing results everyday.
She's in there, ain't she? That poor girl.
Louie, I, I, I'm sorry, I, uh It doesn't have to be this way, you know? What did you just say? She didn't tell you? I talked to the doctor.
She could have treatments.
She could hold on, but she's not gonna.
Too much sadness.
What about her trip? I thought she was going on her trip, so To visit a ghost.
A guy like you with a cat and a newspaper who stood her up 40 years ago.
What'd you just say? What Eunice needs is not in Rome.
It's over there at her daughter's house.
But it's not going to come to her, and she's not going to go to it.
Look, Louie, you're gonna have to go to Robbin for her.
What? You're crazy.
Look, Louie, this is very confusing, but I think I know what's going on, and I do know that if you don't go talk to her, if you don't help her, she's not gonna be able to forgive herself, and she's not gonna be able to forgive you.
So help her.
Do it for Eunice, huh? I'm not doing it.
I'm not going.
I'm not doing it! (door squeaks open) (sighs) Eunice? (cat meowing) (meowing) Eunice? EUNICE: In here.
Isn't this a kick in the teeth.
Eunice, don't let this happen.
Where's Louie? Uh, Louie, uh Louie had somewhere he had to go, but he's gonna be back as soon as he can.
(sighs) You know, it's It's probably a good thing I'm not taking the trip, you know.
Things are never as you remember them, are they? I-I don't know.
I think, uh I think sometimes they are, Eunice.
Listen to me.
You got to hang on.
Why? (whispering): Because I think I know why the cat brought me here, and I think you do, too.
My beau in Rome Did you know him? No.
But I know who he was.
And I know why he had to leave you.
How dare you come in here and tell me my mother is dying! Oh, you, of all people.
If it matters, I didn't volunteer.
This is just some stunt she's pulling, that's all.
Well, this time, I'm not biting.
She wants to have lunch, have lunch.
She wants to take a trip, go! She has made it very clear where I stand.
Doc, I know that you've had What do you know? My whole life, she has found fault with me.
I'm not gonna stand for it anymore.
From now on, she's on her own.
GIRL: Mom? (Sighs) Is Grandma gonna be all right? Yes, she's fine.
Honey, go back to bed, okay? Okay.
I'd better go.
(sighs) If she were sick, I'd know.
Wouldn't I? There's a lot you don't know.
Look, to you, I'm just a a joke in a bad suit.
Fair enough.
I can't change your mind about that.
But I can't stand here and listen to you tear down someone I care about.
I'm not tearing her down.
I In this case, I meant yourself.
The worst things in life are not the the mean things you say to one another.
Those you get over.
The worst things in life are those things that never get said.
She needs you to say them.
And I think you need to hear them back.
(clock chiming softly) Louie is taking a long time.
He-he should be back soon.
I hope she's not being mean to him.
(clicks tongue) She was such a happy child.
Always smiling.
Then somehow, we got out of touch.
How does that happen? I guess people get lost all the time.
Maybe the reasons don't matter as much as how they find their way back.
(knock at door) Mom? You came! (Eunice sighs) Did you think that I wouldn't? Well, I didn't know.
I thought maybe you'd be mad at me.
What for? For not telling you.
I'm gonna go call an ambulance.
ROBBIN: You did what you had to do.
As always.
Listen, Robbin No.
Mom, I have listened my whole life, and fought and argued, and it's gotten us nowhere.
Now, it's my turn to talk.
(sighs) Go on, tell her.
What? Tell me what? He wants me to say that I admire you for the way that you've lived your life.
He wants me to tell you how much I wanted to be like you (laughs) even though I wasn't.
(laughs) (voice breaking): He wants me to say how much you mean to me, to my children, my whole life.
But I'm not gonna say it, Mom.
Not until you give me something I need.
What? I need you to go to Rome.
I need you to get well.
(voice breaking): I need you to promise.
(sighs) You always did drive a hard bargain.
(laughs) (sniffles) Yeah, chip off the old block, huh? (sighs) Okay.
I'll call the doctor.
(sniffles) (sighs) (sniffles) Okay, I'll try.
(sniffles) (garbled radio transmission) LOUIE: All right, take it easy on these bumps.
You've got precious cargo here.
Feeling better now, toots? You do take good care of me, Louie.
Thank you for finding me.
I just looked up an ad in the paper.
That's not what I meant.
I know.
I just hope we're in time.
Oh, I got a feeling she's gonna be all right.
Thank you.
Well? It's gone.
Oh! She wants you to have this.
(ambulance engine starting) CHUCK: The connections we make in this life are so fragile.
A bad word, a wrong glance, and everything changes.
Sometimes they can poison life, drive people apart.
And sometimes, they can bring them back together.
EUNICE: Oh, my babies! My darlings.
Oh! I talked to the doctor.
I told him, no secrets.
He says a year, maybe more.
You can take that trip now.
Mom, you promised.
I don't have to anymore.
Besides, I want to stay right here.
CHUCK: Still, life goes on.
Every day, every way.
And there's never enough time.
CHUCK: Yo, Gary! She did it.
CHUCK: Unless you're brave enough to make it.
So, maybe that's the secret when you get right down to it.
Treat every day like it was your last.
Or your best.
Who knows? You might even find something on the way.
A puzzle solved, a mystery revealed.
Or maybe even a voice from the past saying, "Live your life.
" Maybe.