Early Edition (1996) s02e14 Episode Script

The Return of Crumb

We're here in front of City Hall, waiting for District Attorney Cedric Davison to emerge from his hearings on police corruption.
Ah, there he is.
Davison One at a time, folks.
No need for a feeding frenzy.
Yes, Julie? Mr.
Davison, are you at all disappointed that your hearings have turned up so little police corruption? No, my only disappointment is that we have police corruption at all.
Many critics are suggesting that these hearings are merely a ploy for your own political career.
My only objective is the truth.
My constituency are the citizens of this great city, and, uh, my job isn't done yet.
Excuse me.
Are you saying, Mr.
Davison, are you suggesting that we can expect more developments? Well, at this time, I can only say stay tuned.
Are you suggesting that we can expect new developments? Okay, what have you got for me? I think you're gonna like these, sir.
Oh, it's chump change.
Small potatoes.
This is the best Internal Affairs could come up with? Well, maybe if we had a little more time Listen to me carefully.
I put my career on the line with these hearings, and I intend to ride them all the way to the Mayor's office.
I promised the city crooked cops- not patrolmen spitting on the sidewalk- crooked cops.
Well, what if there aren't any right now? This is Chicago.
Maybe it won't snow.
What about this one- Moreno? He's been under investigation before.
Can you stake this guy out tonight? Well, yeah, we can, but Where there's smoke, there's fire.
But Be there when this guy lights up.
Right here's good.
There's a problem with Moreno.
What's that? Not what.
His partner, Crumb.
Marion Crumb.
Hey, Moreno, how long we been waiting here? I don't know.
Two-and-a-half, three hours.
I always hated undercover work.
You think these guys are gonna show? Oh, I don't know.
I hope so.
Oh, I gotta get some glasses.
You're getting old, Crumb.
Correction: I got old.
What I'm getting is out.
Three weeks from today.
How much time you put in? You guys aren't gonna see my ugly mug around anymore.
It's pretty tough to live off the pension, huh? Well, maybe for a married guy like you with a family, but, uh, me, I don't need much.
What are you gonna do with yourself, anyway? Find an island.
Someplace hot.
Buy a bar.
Serve little expensive drinks with umbrellas to the tourists.
You? What's so funny about that? You love this city.
You're never gonna leave.
Here they come.
Can you see 'em? Clear as day.
You got the money? Yeah, right here.
All right, now make sure that the deal's complete before we arrest 'em.
Man, he's coming in fast.
Nine months setting this baby up.
We finally got these suckers to bite.
Feels good, don't it? Yeah.
Just hope nothing goes wrong.
What are you talking about? What can go wrong? It's Hey, watch out for the pier! Slow down! You're gonna hit the pier! Hey, look out! Who's that? Hey! Hey! What the? Hey! You're gonna hit the pier! Hey, look out! Slow down! Hey! Let's get outta here! Who the heck is that idiot? Hobson.
Gary Hobson.
What if you knew, beyond a doubt, what was going to happen tomorrow? What would you do? There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news today.
* Please, Chuck, let's just hire someone for a couple days.
Trust me.
I know what I am doing.
And where have I heard that song before? Gare, a little help here, please.
With what? Bartenders.
Robin called in sick and Stan's out of town, so that leaves us with Yours truly.
You're serving drinks? Mm-hmm.
God help the customers.
Thanks a lot.
Do you remember college? You almost took out the whole fraternity.
It's not my fault some fool put lemon furniture polish inside the Triple Sec bottle.
Look, you saw that Tom Cruise movie.
Any moron can fix drinks.
Well, in that case, you're the perfect man for the job.
Smarty pants.
Morning, Mr.
Where were you last night? Out at the river.
The paper Something strange going on.
What? Stranger than usual? Last night, I go down to the boat, stop these two guys from drowning.
Crumb shows up.
That, that's kind of strange, don't you think? Well, I don't know.
You make saves every day.
I mean, coincidences are bound to happen.
Let it go.
We've got other things to worry about.
What is Calvados? That's an apple brandy made in Normandy.
Detective Crumb to you.
What are you doing here? Oh, you don't know? I thought you knew everything, Mr.
And what were you doing out there last night? Besides gumming up my operation? Me? And don't give me any of that mumbo jumbo about hunches and things.
Gives me a headache.
He was just being a good citizen.
By shooting off flares in the middle of the night? What is it, Fourth of July? I was just trying to stop two guys from drowning on that boat, that's it.
And you know this because? I, I, I knew this because, uh, because uh Look, Crumb, I didn't know you were there.
I'm sorry I made your job a little bit more difficult Difficult? You threw a monkey wrench into nine months of undercover work.
Screwed up our whole operation.
You call that difficult? Look you got some space aliens telling you things, fine.
I just ask one thing: I got three weeks to go before my retirement.
For those three weeks, you stay out of my life! Understood?! Good! Excuse me.
How do you make a Rusty Nail? That's an ounce of scotch, ounce of Drambuie, dash of bitters, add ice, stir.
I knew that.
Nothing? You came up with nothing? Bust blew up in their faces.
There was nothing we could do about it.
See, there was this guy with a flare.
Came out of nowhere.
Moreno had a flare? No.
Where was Moreno? In the car.
With Crumb.
Crumb? Crumb.
Crumb is his partner? Why didn't you tell me? I tried to mention it to you, but This is perfect.
Crumb's as honest as they come.
He's a 30-year vet.
And now he's partnered with Moreno, who has a questionable record? But Crumb is clean.
Ah, come on.
After 30 years on the street, nobody's clean.
I want you to stay on these guys.
They'll slip, and we'll be there.
Get out.
Hey, Fred Hey, Crumb.
Heard your sting operation got fouled up last night.
Let's not talk about it, all right? Drives you nuts, don't it? You set up something like that for months, and somebody queers it.
It drives you nuts all right.
You're $20,000 short, M.
I beg your pardon? You're $20,000 short.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Look, do me a favor, Fred.
Let's keep this between you and me.
I'll get it straightened out.
You're one of the few guys I'd do this for, M.
But remember, you were never in here.
I was never here.
Fred thanks.
Dad? Dad I'm sorry, son.
What were you saying? College application? What about them? It's 120 bucks apiece just to apply.
That's 600 bucks for five applications.
So? So, I was thinking, you know, there are some really good schools here in state.
Maybe I should be thinking about those.
What's he talking about? Trust me, I had nothing to do with this.
Is this about money again? Come on, Dad.
Hey, I haven't been kicking your butt all these years so you can just go to any college.
I want the best for my son.
Ivy League.
Look, I appreciate that, but 600 bucks is, like, a lot of Hey, you fill out the applications, I'll fill out the checks.
You don't worry about finances, you hear me? Yeah.
He was just being realistic.
Laura, I have to be realistic every day.
I'm not gonna let Wayne lose his dreams.
I'm working out loans with the department.
The money will be there.
Hey, Paul.
What's up? Something I didn't want to talk about on the phone.
Who is it, Paul? Uh, it's Crumb.
Invite him to dinner.
Uh, no, thanks, Laura.
I can't stay.
Anyway, I talked to our friends with the boat.
I explained that was all just a screw-up, and, uh, I must have been pretty good 'cause they bought it.
We're back on for tomorrow morning at 7:00.
That's good.
There's one other thing I want to mention.
This, uh, suitcase is, uh, seems a little light.
You know anything about that? Light? No, I wouldn't know.
Yeah, just, just a little.
Here, why don't you hold on to it tonight? We'll count it again tomorrow after we bust these guys.
So I'll, uh, pick you up tomorrow? Mm-hmm.
Kid looking at colleges? Yeah.
He's a smart kid.
He's a good kid.
See you tomorrow.
In local news, the Davison hearings continue, and barring any dramatic revelations, they're expected to end uneventfully.
The commission has called numerous witnesses, but it Yeah, all right.
What are you waiting for? They should be here any minute.
Okay, I'll put the money in the other room.
And when they get here, I'll ask to see the stuff.
While you're testing it, I'll go get the money.
Everything okay? Perfect.
Miles? Miles to go.
Right on time.
This way.
Hey, hey, hey.
How you boys doing? Better in a little while, I hope.
You guys ought to practice a little more water safety.
You almost got yourself killed last night.
Yeah, well, whoever it was that waved us off, give him a big kiss for us.
Here it is.
Looks good.
Who's that? I don't look, but he looks familiar.
The guy with the flare.
Hey, Paul, why don't you check this out while I get the money? Hey.
It's in the next room.
You got a problem with that? No.
Hobson! Crumb, I need to talk to you.
No, no, no, no, no! Go away! No! I can't do that.
Yes, you can.
Look, look, I don't have time for your hocus-pocus.
I'm right in the middle of something very serious here.
Listen, Crumb, I came here to warn you, you and your partner, you're gonna be shot.
Why do you do this?! Look, go away right now.
I promise I won't get shot.
No, I can't do that, Crumb Ow! Ow! What was that? What was what? Hey, hey, come on, man, there's no need for that.
Let's see how your friend's doing in the other room.
No problem.
You guys just relax, okay? Where's your friend? And where's the money? It's in his car.
He had to go get it.
I'm not convinced.
I'm gonna count to five, you'd better show me that money.
One, two, three I'm telling you, it's in his car! He'll be right back! Police! Drop the gun now! Should have popped him in the beginning.
Shut up.
Sorry, Paul, I got sidetracked.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.
I ask for a crook, and I get a hero.
How do we explain that? What's it say about me? "Davison Hearings Continue to Sputter.
" Sputter.
Is that a word we associate with a brilliant career? Sir, maybe we're barking up the wrong tree.
With Crumb, I mean.
Like I said, the I don't care what you said.
I know what I'm doing.
I made a pretty good career out of investigating cops.
Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way.
One thing I've learned about cops, they're thick as thieves until it comes to saving their own skins.
Maybe to get juice out of this lemon, we need to squeeze a little harder.
Yeah, right.
All this publicity could work to my advantage.
After all the biggest fall is from the top.
You seen the afternoon paper? No, I don't read this one.
Yeah, well, take a look at it.
My mug is plastered all over the front page.
Hero cop! This is your fault.
M? You show up, people start pulling pistols and making news stories.
Now, wait a second.
made the want ads.
Now, I don't need this three weeks before my retirement.
Am I making myself clear here? Good.
Was there a "thank you" in there somewhere? No, I don't think so.
Maybe you should stick to helping strangers.
I'll tell you one thing, I Get down, would ya? From now on, I'm staying miles away from that guy.
Hey, guys.
Guess what? What? You hired a real bartender? Better than that.
I got a book.
Uh, Detective Moreno? Get in.
No, thanks.
Oh, please get in.
It'd be easier than talking to me down at the hearings.
Are you on your way home, Detective? What am I doing here, Davison? You and your partner deserve a hand for the good work you did yesterday morning.
Just doing our job.
What's he like- Crumb? He's the best partner I've ever had.
The best in what way? You're able to steal the most together? Hey, I don't have to listen to your bull! Good.
I'll make this short.
I want you to testify against Crumb.
Some sort of joke, right? Let's look at the record, Paul.
When you were in the Tenth District, there was some money missing from a bank heist.
It never turned up.
When you worked Central, a numbers runner claimed he got the shakedown from a cop that fit your description.
Fifth District, property missing from the impound.
Coincidence? I know you don't earn much, Paul.
And once in a while you figure, "What's the harm?" Some numbers runner has a few thousand less bucks.
Big deal.
I understand.
I've got responsibilities of my own.
Why Crumb? He's clean.
We've got history, Crumb and I.
I need closure.
What do you say? Little cooperation, we can forget any former indiscretions.
I'm gonna get him, with or without you.
Don't go down with him.
This is your house, isn't it? Be in touch.
Who was that, Dad? Oh, nobody.
Hey, how are those applications coming? Good, Dad.
Davison's office.
Davison, please.
, I got that suitcase of money back from your partner.
Ah, good.
Not so good.
The 20 G's are still missing.
Look, Fred get yourself off the hook on this.
Report anything you have to report.
I don't know what's going on, but I know you.
So I'm gonna give it another couple of days, okay? Okay.
I appreciate this, Fred.
Detective Crumb? Who are you? I'm Smith from Internal Affairs.
This is Jones.
Could I please have your badge and your weapon? What's this all about? You're under investigation, and suspended until further notice.
Suspended for what? It's under investigation.
By whose authority? By the authority of the Davison Commission.
* Okay.
Can I get anybody else a drink? No.
How about you, young lady? No.
Anyone? Look, I know he told you to stay away, but you have to do something.
They suspended him.
There's nothing I can do.
Oh, you don't believe that, do you? Maybe he's right.
Maybe me trying to help him would just make things worse.
And maybe they're right, and he's as guilty as sin.
Look, two maybes don't make a probably, Gary.
What I'm trying to say is I don't understand this.
Everybody's ordering bottled beer.
Look, the trouble is, I think someone's setting him up for a bigger fall.
Who? Crumb? He told you to stay out of his life, now, didn't he? Yo, bartender.
Duty calls.
Just call me Mr.
Look, you can't just abandon him, Gary.
Even if he says he doesn't need your help, you have to do something.
He saved your life once, you know.
* I know what I'll do.
Somebody is setting up Detective Crumb.
How do you know this, Mr.
Hobson? Well, I-I know Detective Crumb.
He's very honest.
He-he'd never do anything illegal.
I mean, he's by the book 100%.
I'm-I'm going to be totally candid with you, Mr.
Detective Crumb has one of the most stellar records I've ever seen, so when these allegations came up, I was shocked.
I'm very reluctant to believe them, and, in fact, I'm quite sure he's going to be completely exonerated.
There is nothing that would please me more.
Davison, thank you.
Thank you for your time, Mr.
You're very welcome.
Thank you.
Uh, I'm relieved to hear this.
Thank you.
This is the guy you were telling me about? Yeah.
We saw him at the river and at the hotel.
The guy is everywhere.
I can't figure it out.
Is he playing me? We need to accelerate the investigation.
Moreno will be a very credible witness against Detective Crumb, but some physical evidence would be useful.
A cop like Crumb, been on the take all those years, he'd have a big stash of stuff somewhere, don't you think? Like stolen merchandise? Or merchandise confiscated from police operations.
I certainly think it's worth looking into.
What now, Hobson? Listen, Crumb, I talked to Davison.
I think he can help.
You talked to that little weasel? What, are you out of your mind?! Don't answer that.
Listen, Crumb, someone's trying to set you up.
I'm just Oh, and you think Davison can help? Well, yeah, I think he can help.
Let me tell you something about Davison.
Nine, ten years ago, he comes to me.
He was Assistant D.
at the time.
He wants me to testify against my partner, Carl Frissano.
I tell him no way.
He gets incensed.
He tells me, "All you cops are crooked, and you all stick together.
" I tell him, "Get out of my face, or I'll be tempted "to snatch you up by the back of your little three-piece suit and kick your butt out into traffic.
" Was he? Was he what? Your partner, was he crooked? If I thought he was, I'd have gone to him and told him to turn himself in.
I wouldn't rat on him.
Now, if you'll excuse me, they want me to clear out my desk.
Oh, uh, and Kreskin Yeah, I know.
Butt out.
Butt out.
Oh, I got the message.
You try to help some people, that's the thanks you get.
From now on, I'm staying out of it.
Any of you guys seen Moreno? Hey, Crumb.
We know that stuff they're saying about you is bull.
Davison's just fishing around for publicity.
So what else is new? Yeah.
You need anything? Look, I appreciate it.
I'm going to be okay.
This whole thing's going to blow over.
We're with ya.
Now, what are you two doing in here? Well, since your office is going to be unoccupied for a while, we thought we'd use it.
Well, it ain't unoccupied yet.
Get your greasy butts out of these chairs and out of this office.
Now! Wait! Crumb, don't open this drawer.
This is getting spooky, Hobson.
Listen, someone's trying to set you up.
They put stash in this drawer to frame you.
Oh, sure.
They probably put the Mona Lisa in there.
And the one in Paris is a fake.
Listen, Crumb, I'm telling you the truth here.
I know every item in this drawer.
The only thing of any value is an airline ticket to the Bahamas.
In three weeks, I'm leaving on the first vacation I've had in nine years.
Now, get your hand away from the drawer.
Please, Crumb.
Get your hand away from the drawer.
Obviously, your little crystal ball is fogged up now.
Eh, Hobson? You see, that's the difference between you and me, Hobson.
You get this mystic tingle that tells you what to do.
Kind of like a "hyste-ria.
" A what? It's a "hyste-ria.
" It's kind of like when you get hysterical.
Whereas, I rely on years of experience- here, take this- in law enforcement to tell me what to do.
What's this? Crumb, don't open that.
What the? Oh, my, my, my.
What do we have here? Where have you been shopping, Crumb? * Excuse me, but you put gin in my screwdriver.
Yeah, it's a gin screwdriver.
Live with it.
Yeah, yeah, but it's supposed to have vod No, it doesn't.
Sit down.
Evelyn always said I put too much into this job.
Maybe she was right.
Look, it's not your fault, Crumb.
I mean, you shouldn't blame yourself.
It's not your fault if someone's trying to set you up.
They took my shield.
They took my gun.
I had the gun for 15 years.
It was like a-a part of me, like a leg.
Or maybe an arm.
Listen, Crumb It's Marion.
Huh? My name.
Well, anyway Yeah, don't-don't-don't get started, okay? I can see it coming a mile away.
A speech.
Just skip it, will ya? The only reason I'm in this joint is because my entire life is in the toilet, and I got no place else to go.
Can I get a drink over here, maybe? Hold your horses.
Kamikaze Kamikaze Kamikaze What do you want? I'll make it for you.
Hey, you know how to tend a bar? Are you kidding? I was the official unofficial bartender on the U.
Saratoga out of Newport News just a couple of You want that blended? Yeah, sure.
What do you think you're doing? Salt the glass? Go ahead.
Hey, who do you think's tending bar here? How about a Singapore Sling? Would you like light or dark rum with that? Hey, Crumb In other news today, a Chicago police detective, M.
Crumb, was found with millions in confiscated police evidence.
He'll be asked to appear before the Davison Commission tomorrow.
District Attorney Davison had this to say only minutes ago.
Today we have a smoking gun.
Fraud, money laundering, and a pattern of crimes that extends all the way into the civilian sector.
Additionally, we have a witness, Detective Crumb's partner, who will appear before the commission tomorrow to corroborate these charges.
Paul? Dad? Dad, is it true? I don't want to talk about it.
I mean, you're going to help him out, right? Look, son, son I mean, I know you're going to tell the truth, but this guy's your partner, man.
He'd stick up for you, right? That's-that's only fair.
Listen, one day you're going to go out to the real world, and you're going to learn that things aren't always fair.
You understand me? Yeah.
All right.
We are sending a message to all the crooked cops out there.
We will not tolerate breaking the law by those paid to enforce it You all right? Are you kidding? You think I'm going to get upset by this little weasel? I got to go.
I got things to do.
Listen, Crumb, don't you think you ought to get a lawyer, or something? Why? I got nothing to hide.
Well, yeah, I know.
But it-it Listen, Hobson, you can know all you know about your fortune telling and your seeing into the future.
I happen to know a little bit about human nature.
People know the difference between truth and lies.
Yeah, I know that.
But listen, Crumb, if someone's after you, you don't Well, then, let them find me.
Hey, I'm not some wet-ear rookie just in out of the peat bog.
Well, I I'm going to go down there tomorrow, and let them judge who's telling the truth.
You see, sometimes you got to trust in the future.
* Crumb.
It's a little cold to be lurking in the shadows, ain't it? Listen, uh, about the hearings and all, I Oh.
What hearings are those, partner? I never said that I would testify to all that stuff.
No, no.
Just enough to get you and Davison off the hook.
Hey, he gave me no choice.
When did they give you no choice? The first time you shook down some dope dealer? The first time they gave you a couple of bucks to look the other way? There's always a choice.
Just a question of who you're gonna blame it on.
I've got obligations.
I don't want my kid ending up like me.
There are worse things than being a cop.
I owe him the opportunities that I never had.
He expects that of me.
The only thing your kid expects from you is for you to be one of the good guys.
You do what you got to.
So will I.
Meaning what? It's cold.
Watch you don't freeze.
Okay, Moreno, do I understand you correctly? You what? No, li listen carefully, my friend.
My hearings resume tomorrow.
You've agreed to testify.
I know.
But not to what you said today.
I mean, all those charges I can't do that.
What is this? Integrity? Little late for that, don't you think? You can't sell half your soul, Moreno.
I need some time to think about this.
No, that I can't give you.
Come on.
It'll only hurt for a little while.
Hey, Dad.
Could you give me some help on this? Just a second, son.
I'm not gonna do this; I can't.
I can hear you're distraught.
Maybe there's another way to approach this.
What if I pick you up tomorrow morning around 6:00? All right? Yeah.
A fool with a conscience.
By tomorrow, he'll be singing his song to the world.
And we'll all be going down together.
What in the world does one do with a fellow like that? Ah, life.
It's only 6:00.
Come back in a half an hour.
Morning, Detective.
Where's Davison? Don't worry, we'll take you to him.
Trust us.
NEWSCASTER Some major congestion this morning, so try an alternate Why don't you leave me alone and become a drill sergeant? Or better yet, you know how to tend bar? "On the day he was to testify "at the Davison corruption hearings, "a Chicago police detective was found dead, "apparently shot by his partner, himself a target of the hearings.
" Crumb! "According to the District Attorney's office, "M.
Crumb, a highly decorated Chicago police detective, "took the life of Paul Moreno early yesterday morning.
"The shooting took place underneath the Lake Street Bridge.
" He's not gonna show up here, is he? Mr.
Davison's a busy man.
He asked us to fill in for him.
It's kind of our job.
He protects the public, we protect him.
In a manner of speaking.
Davison Hey, lovely morning, Mike.
Are you still predicting dramatic developments at the hearing this morning? Predicting? No.
Guarantee? Count on it.
Moreno, is your husband a witness or is he under indictment? Mrs.
Moreno, will your husband testify today? You sure you don't want to change your mind about this? Humpty Dumpty is not broken yet.
I don't think so.
That's funny? Hey, my dad was a cop.
Damn good one.
Never took a nickel his entire life that wasn't his.
Me, I was in a hurry.
Thought there were shortcuts.
Ah, ah, ah.
It's the money I took.
I was gonna throw it in Davison's face.
This a bribe? No.
I'm through with it.
You're through, period.
Hey! Moreno! Listen, you need to get out of here right now.
All of you.
He's on his way.
Who? Crumb.
He's gonna kill Moreno.
Is that right? Look, I'm telling you, he's on his way.
I hate to disappoint you, but Crumb's not gonna be here.
Oh, yeah, he's gonna be here all right.
We don't even need him.
We've got his gun.
Fingerprints and all.
Like they say, right headline, wrong story.
Now what? Now it's a double murder.
Sorry, fellas.
This is what comes from backing the world's only honest cop.
Hey! This is the police.
Drop your weapons now.
I said, drop your weapons now.
Sorry I'm late, Paul, but I wanted to catch them in the act.
Any later, and you might have caught me in the morgue.
You okay? Yeah.
This look familiar? I know it from someplace.
How about you, Hobson? These two.
How did you know that I Simple.
Used a new technique.
I followed you.
Here you go, partner.
Got some people want to talk to you guys, hear what you have to say.
Well, we're not talking.
Oh, yeah, we are.
Let's go.
So I, uh, I suppose you're expecting a-a "thank you"? Well, yeah, that would be nice.
I hate to say "thank you.
" How about "you're welcome"? That will do.
You know, my life is very confusing right now.
Can you tell us about Detective Moreno's involvement, sir? Mr.
Davison Can I get a statement from you, please, sir? Sir? Mr.
Davison extorted me to testify against Detective Crumb.
How did he extort you? He threatened to reveal certain indiscretions that I had committed on my job, which I'm now willing to take responsibility for and face the consequences.
What about Crumb? Detective Crumb is the best cop I've ever worked with.
Totally honest.
There he is.
There he is.
Davison Mr.
Davison, would you care to comment on what Detective Moreno just said? Would you like to say anything about these allegations Moreno Is there any truth to them? I can't, uh How do you think this will affect your political career? Do you have any information? Would you like to respond to these allegations? Um Sir, is there any truth to Mr.
Moreno's statements about you? I can't thank you enough for your help.
Well, that's just about it for me.
Three more weeks, I'm out of here.
You're really gonna retire? I don't have much choice.
This is a young man's work.
Besides, I got other ideas.
Like what? Bar, you know? Shaped like a boat, down in the islands, with a with a parrot for a mascot.
Know what I mean? Yeah.
Sounds great, don't it? Oh, yeah.
Life of Riley.
Or you could come work for me.
Your place? Yeah, tending bar.
Working with you, all that mumbo jumbo? Yeah, I guess you're right.
And Chicago's too cold.
I need some sun.
The sun's a good thing to have.
So, uh, when would I start? Right away.
Of course, you'd have to get rid of the parrot.
That's no problem.
They're filthy beasts anyhow.