Early Edition (1996) s02e18 Episode Script

The Quality of Mercy

They say things happen for a reason.
But what if you knew certain things were going to happen, and you changed them? Would that be for a reason, too? It's the kind of thing you think about when you get tomorrow's newspaper today.
Hey, watch it.
Hey, buddy, you all right? Hey, hey, you gotta watch where you're going! You idiot! Huh? Hey, pal, you're welcome! What if you knew, beyond a doubt, what was going to happen tomorrow? What would you do? There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news today.
* * "In an apparent act of vengeance, "John Hernandez, a convicted murderer "released on parole last week, opened fire "in the Chicago State's Attorney's Office yesterday, "killing a prosecutor and wounding three others, including a police officer.
" "The police have no leads to Hernandez's current whereabouts.
" What can I say, buddy? You blew it.
What? I call 'em as I see 'em.
Call what as you see 'em? Nothing.
Okay, okay.
I can tell when I'm not wanted.
Listen, Crumb Forget it, Hobson.
I know that look.
You want privacy, you got it.
I Besides, half of the time, the lemons and the limes around this joint got more sense than the two of youse.
And I am not pointing the finger at you, young lady.
So, why, so, why would the paper have me save a killer? Well, maybe we don't know everything.
Maybe there's more to it.
Like what? The guy's obviously a psycho.
It says here Hernandez has an arrest record a mile long: assault, robbery, there's Yeah, then ten years ago, he gets into a fight, he picks up a bottle and he crushes in someone's skull.
So, why would the paper have me go to this particular traffic accident? Look, you save the prosecutor's life, the score is even.
Now all I gotta do is save the prosecutor's life.
And tell Miller we are not pleading out the Vannuki case.
He wasn't crying for mercy before we turned that witness.
Now it's a little late.
His client's going away.
Rachel Stone.
Hi, Mom.
Sarah, is everything all right? Yeah, everything's fine.
Well, they canceled volleyball this afternoon, and I was wondering if I could go home with Wendy after school.
Sure, if it's all right with her mom.
Just be home for dinner.
And use the extra time to finish your homework.
Mom Love you.
Me, too.
So, this is where all the lawyers hang out.
All right, State's Attorney's, this is it.
All right, I'll tell you what- I'll wait around the corner, and uh, hey, buddy, if you're not back in ten minutes, I'm gonna send the cavalry in.
I thought you said you had things to do.
You've been whining all the way over.
That's just my M.
You know me, buddy.
In the end, I'm always there for you, aren't I? I'll be back.
You're welcome.
I'm gonna get some coffee.
Uh-huh Oh, gotta go.
Excuse me.
I need to see Rachel Stone.
I believe she's on the third floor.
Do you have an appointment? No, I don't.
Well, she has meetings all day.
Well, listen, this is very important.
I need to see her right now.
Yeah, yeah, the whole world's in a hurry today.
Everyone wants to see Ms.
Stone without an appointment, and I Well, look, I'm not everybody, so if you could Everybody? Hey! Hey, Bill! What's up? Some guy just ran past me.
Watch it! Hernandez Hernandez! Hernandez? Hernandez? Listen to me: I'm just here to help you.
Listen I know you just got out.
You got a choice here.
But if you go and you kill her, you're gonna lose that choice.
You understand that, don't you? There he is! Wait a second.
The guy, the guy you're looking for is down there.
Yeah, right.
Look, I'm telling you, he's here to kill Rachel Stone.
A killer? In the stairwell? Yeah, yeah Look, I I chased him down there.
Go check it out.
He's got a gun! All clear.
I'll check the basement.
I don't want to hear this.
I'm telling you, you're making a mistake.
Just get in there.
It's not me.
It's Hernandez.
We got him, Ms.
Who? Hernandez.
John Hernandez.
Do I know you? No, But you know Hernandez.
You put him away ten years ago.
I've put a lot of people away.
That's my job.
Yeah, well, this guy, he's a little bit angry.
He's got a gun, and he happens to be after you.
And you're a friend of his? No, I'm not a friend Then how do you know this? Look, it's not important how I know him.
Well, it is to me.
Look, Mister, uh Hobson.
Gary Hobson.
Hobson I don't know you; you don't know me.
You don't know this man Hernandez.
You say he wants to kill me, but you won't reveal your source of information.
So perhaps you'll tell me this- why should I believe a word you say? Because he's in the building right now! OFFICER Basement's clear.
There's no one down here.
Well, then I suggest you look again, 'cause I'm telling you, he's here.
Hobson, if I paid attention to all the threats I receive in this office, I'd never get any work done.
Now, I assume you mean well, but I have to warn you, if you barge in here again, I'll have you arrested.
Good day.
Look I know you heard the lady - let's go.
No, you don't understand.
Let's go.
You don't understand.
Do you want to go to jail? Do you want to go to jail? See, you're making a You want to go to jail? Do you want to go to jail? You don't understand.
See, you're making a mistake.
Hey, take it easy! Yeah, Marissa, listen all right Look, if I'm not back in ten minutes, you have Johnny order North Star pilsner, all right? Not the ale, but the Hey, Chuck! Hey! Hey, what are you doing?! Chuck! Hey Hey, Chuck? Chuck? We want to make the tube attachment to the burr hole as clean as possible.
It's draining perfectly.
Amount matches the estimate from the emergency C.
I want a percentage of blood content in the fluid.
Let's get that to the lab right now.
Gary it's not your fault.
How is he? Did they tell you anything yet? Well, they're still in surgery.
They've got to drain fluid to keep pressure off his brain.
Well, it's taking a lot longer than what they'd said.
Hey, he's a tough little guy- he'll be okay.
He's a fighter, you know that.
Anyway, I got some news.
They found Fishman's car.
It was abandoned over in Lincoln Park.
They ran some prints.
John Hernandez- a real sweetheart.
Just got out on parole; did ten years on a murder beef.
Not-Not that any of that's really important right now.
Uh, did you try getting ahold of his parents? Well, they're on a cruise somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean, and we can't reach them.
Hey, Hobson, don't beat yourself up about this.
The thing is, he didn't want to go in the first place, and I made him.
Hey, this Hernandez is a real animal.
The guy he killed, he was walking away from him in a bar.
Hernandez hit him in the back of the head with a bottle.
Now, that's pretty cold.
If he hadn't clocked Fishman, he'd have got somebody else.
Excuse me, Mr.
Hobson? Okay, here's what's going on- um, we've been able to relieve the immediate pressure on his brain.
But I have to tell you that the next 24 hours are gonna be critical, so if anything happens, I'll let you know, all right? All right.
I keep telling myself there's got to be a reason for all this.
Well, when you find out what it is, would you let me know, please? Sarah, you up yet? Sarah? I'm up, I'm up.
Well, how late were you on the phone with Wendy last night? Not that late.
Yeah, right.
I wasn't.
Hey, you're up early.
Last day for the candy drive.
Dave and I are going for the record.
All right.
Waffles for breakfast? I already ate.
I'm going to meet Dave.
Well, entrepreneurial spirit lives.
Waffles? Mm, sounds good.
Good, 'cause they're frozen.
And coffee.
No coffee.
Austin to NICU.
Was that the Yup.
What are you gonna do? I'll tell you what we're gonna do.
We're gonna go see how Chuck is.
Got your cane.
Okay? Mm-hmm.
How'd you sleep? Fine, for what it was worth.
How about yourself? Brain trauma- we operated yesterday.
What is it? What's wrong? Chuck Keep an eye on his vitals, and keep pumping that bag.
Doctor We're not sure if it's the same build-up or an aneurism that didn't show in the CT.
Just take him into MRI- I'll be right there.
We're gonna do a full MRI on his head, and if there's a secondary problem, we'll find it.
Secondary problem? Have you been able to reach his parents? No, not yet.
Well, I think it would be best if they were here.
Hey, mister.
What? Want to buy a quality chocolate bar to send our school band to Champaign-Urbana? No.
Come on, it's only a buck 50.
Get out of here.
I know you've got that much.
Look, get the hell out of here.
Come on, I can get a mountain bike if I sell enough.
I said, get the hell out of here! Move! It's only a candy bar.
Cream and sugar.
When was the last time you had something besides coffee? You have to eat something.
I'm not hungry.
What does the paper say? I haven't looked at it.
Look, Gary, I'll stay here with Chuck.
There's nothing more you can do for him right now.
Who? Hernandez- he's going to her house.
Marissa, I need you to call the police, you understand? Well, wh-what do I tell them? You tell them to go to Rachel Stone's house in River Forest.
She's a-a state's attorney; assistant state's attorney.
You got that? Okay, okay, I got it.
If I can't have coffee, could I at least have a tattoo? What? A tattoo? No way.
Mom Forget it.
Just a little one? On my butt? Am I having this conversation? I think I'm gonna go walk the dog.
Henry? I guess I am having this conversation.
Mom, please? A tattoo on your butt? You're watching too much MTV, sweetie.
I want to report a break-in, and he has a gun.
Address, please? Um, 4321 Marion in River Forest.
Are you in the house? I- I'm next-door.
My computer shows a hospital pay phone.
I don't care what your computer says.
People's lives are in danger- get someone over there now! Look, come on, buddy, can you go a little bit faster here, huh? We're late.
Where's my backpack? Did you leave it upstairs? Oh, oh, yeah.
Sarah? Just dropped my books, Mom.
Remember me? Look, if you want money What I want doesn't matter.
What matters is, I'll be the last thing you remember.
Okay, Mom.
Run, Sarah! Run! Don't move Police! Drop your gun! Don't move, don't move or she dies! Take it easy.
Just take it easy.
Do it! Don't do anything crazy.
Nobody gets hurt here.
Yeah, well, you don't do nothing crazy, all right? Get out! Nobody gets hurt here; we're backing off.
I said move! Get out! Get out! Anybody try anything crazy, you're dead.
You got that? You got that? Yes.
How's he doing? Not much change.
But you said we wouldn't know anything for another 24 hours, right? Yeah.
No, that's right.
Look, do you want me to walk you back to the waiting room? No, thanks.
I can manage.
Yes, I am.
All for that man? I happen to love that man.
This is a Chicago newsbreak.
News Two has learned there is apparently a hostage situation going on right now in the 4300 block of Marion, in River Forest, at the home of Assistant State's Attorney Rachel Stone.
Now, details are still coming in.
The details we're getting right now indicate a gunman is holding two hostages, one of whom may be the assistant state's attorney herself.
Crumb? Turn on Channel Two.
We're live now at the 4300 block of Marion.
The identity of the gunman here is unknown, as are his apparent reasons for taking the hostages.
Don't tell me.
He went over there.
How does this kid manage to get in trouble every single day? Crumb, you know Gary.
Don't worry, I'm on my way.
Run! Don't worry, don't worry.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
We're gonna take you right over here.
Thank you, officers.
You guys, next door! Captain, let me go in there, let me talk to him.
It's my wife.
No, Dad, don't go! No, I'm sorry, sir, I can't let you do that.
I got to do something- I can't just stand out here like this.
He's gonna kill her! No, honey, nobody's gonna kill anyone.
Now, Mr.
Stone, the best thing you can do for your wife is give us all the information you can about the house: phones, electrical, entrances, all that sort of thing.
Rothas? Uh, now, that information is very critical at a time like this.
Now, you keep talking to Officer Rothas here.
All right.
Let's go.
What are you doing here, Zeke? Well, you know old cops, Leon; can't stay away.
What do you got here? Oh, a guy's got two hostages, ran two of my men out of the house.
Now, one of these hostages, good-looking fella, about six foot, brown hair, leather jacket? Yeah.
How'd you know? He's a friend of mine.
Your gunman's an ex-con by the name of John Hernandez.
He wants a piece of the prosecutor lady in there.
Yeah, the kid said he seemed to know her.
She put him away for ten years.
So, you make contact yet? No, he won't answer the phone.
I've secured the perimeter, got snipers.
Who's your negotiator? He hasn't arrived yet.
Hey, you want to take a shot at it? Me? No, I'm retired, you know that.
Hey, you were always one of the best, Zeke.
Listen, we got a time bomb in there, and the clock is ticking.
Alarm? Yes.
Set it! That's nice, using the alarm system to keep the good guys from breaking in, huh? Sit down.
Sit down! You, come here! Pull the shades.
Hurry up.
Pull down the other shade, let's go.
All right, what do you want me to do now? Sit down and shut up.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What you doing? Get up! It's a paper.
Sit down! You want to die? What, are you stupid? CRUMB John Hernandez.
John Hernandez.
Talk to us, pal.
First and foremost, we want everyone out of there safely.
Including you.
Now, my name is Crumb.
My friends call me Zeke.
I want to talk to you on the phone, John, see if we can get this straightened out.
I'm gonna give you a call, John.
Please, pick up the phone.
We need to talk.
Come on, come on.
Pick it up, pick it up.
John, thanks for picking up.
How is everybody in there? Nobody's giving you any problems or anything, are they? Everybody getting along? Everybody okay? Just peachy, man.
That's good.
That's good, John, 'cause we want to, we want to resolve this thing as peacefully as possible here.
John, you there? Yeah.
What?! So, what's going on? What-what's this all about? This is about people gonna die, you don't get those cops out of here.
All right, all right.
I hear you, I hear you.
No one's in any rush here.
I think we should talk about what it's gonna take to get you safely out of there.
Tell me, how can I help? You want to help? Get rid of these cops! Now, John, you know it doesn't work like that.
Why don't you let those people go, no harm done.
Then we can talk.
I don't think so.
Well, at least let me talk to them, make sure they're okay.
They're fine.
Now, John I'm willing to take your word on this, but there are other people out here who need some proof.
Nobody's talked to those hostages since this whole thing started.
You want to see them? Get up! Want to see them? You want to see them?! Pull the shade! You see him now?! You happy?! Sit down.
Sit down! What about the woman? Oh, come on! Stop playing games with me! We're not playing games here, John.
We're trying to get this resolved, am I right? Right, John? Now, what do you want? John, you there? What?! Tell me what you want.
John, talk to me, pal.
I'm listening.
Come on.
I got to think about it.
He hung up.
MAN Snipers are in position, sir.
Shall we proceed? Not yet.
I didn't mean it.
What, honey? About the tattoo.
I don't need a tattoo.
Oh, Sarah, honey.
I just need Mommy! Oh, sweetie.
I want Mommy! Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
We're gonna get her back, honey.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Come on, it's okay.
Hang in there, all right? I guess I should have listened to you the other day, huh? Yeah, I guess you should've listened to him the other day.
How do you know so much? How do you know so much about me, huh? What are you, some kind of a super cop? A friend of mine's a parole officer.
He mentioned you were getting out, and that, uh, someone ought to keep an eye on you.
Good guess.
You remember me now? Oh, it was just another day at the office for you, huh? Look Shut up! You put me away for ten years, and then you and your lawyer friends go out for lunch.
You remember what you called me in court? An animal.
A bloodthirsty animal.
Listen, why don't you put the gun down and we talk about this, huh? I'm talking now, okay? And you shut your face.
You shut your face, or I'll shut it for you.
You got that?! The charge was manslaughter.
You made it second-degree murder.
He had his back turned.
He was walking away.
Oh, come on, you believe those lying witnesses? I believe the coroner's report.
You struck a defenseless man from behind.
I call that murder.
Oh, that was no murder, and that was not worth no ten years.
Not according to the court.
This is no court, all right? There's no judge, no jury, and I'm in charge! You got that?! Hey, what are you blaming her for? She didn't kill anyone, it was you.
You want to die?! Huh?! You want to die?! No.
Do you? 'Cause you shoot her, you might as well shoot yourself.
Is that what you've been waiting for all this time? You don't understand! For ten years, all I've been seeing is the look on this woman's face when I pull that trigger! Boom! That's gonna make you feel better? That's gonna make everything all right?! What?! Hey, John.
Is everything okay in there? Yeah, everything's just fine, okay? You're sure, now? 'Cause if anybody gets hurt, there's gonna be trouble.
I can't do anything about that.
You understand that, right? Yeah, I understand.
I was thinking maybe we could talk it over, see what it's gonna take to get you out of there okay.
May I speak to my husband, please? No.
My daughter.
Just for a minute, let them know I'm alive.
Sit down, shut up.
Sit down! I want a van.
A van? What kind of van? A A A brand-new van, right off the lot.
Mazda? Chevy? Yeah, something American, all right? Hey, what-what about a Chrysler? Those are nice.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fine! What color? What color? What, are you stupid? Any color! Look, just get me a van, $25,000 in small bills.
You got that? Chrysler van, $25,000 in small bills.
I'll- we can do that.
It's gonna take a little while to get it organized, though.
In the meantime, let me talk to the guy in there.
Why? It's procedure, John.
Tit for tat.
You got to show some good faith, if you want me to help you.
Now, you want that van, don't you? Here.
Hobson, you okay? Relatively, yeah.
Is this guy stable? No.
Well, do what you can to keep him calm.
Oh, I'm-I'm trying to do that.
And no heroics, okay? Well, you don't have to worry about that.
How, uh, how's Chuck? He's fine.
He's still fighting.
Now, don't worry, we'll get you out of there.
And try to keep this guy calm.
That's the most important thing.
Satisfied? Yes, John.
Thank you.
You did the right thing there.
Now I can do something for you.
Now, just hang on, keep calm.
I'll get back to you.
What do you think? Keep stalling him.
Keep him talking.
This kid Hobson- he's our, he's our joker in the deck.
This kid, somehow he-he knows things.
I don't know, it-it's spooky.
But with him there, I think we got a chance to pull this off.
WOMAN Trauma team to O.
Room Three.
Trauma team to O.
Room Three.
Marissa Clark.
Yes? I'm Father Dow.
I understand that's your friend in there.
I thought perhaps you could use some company.
Thank you, Father, but I'm not feeling very spiritual right now.
It doesn't have to be spiritual.
We could just talk.
Father Yes? Father, I've always been brought up with the belief that there's a reason for everything; everything has a purpose.
But I may lose two of the most important people in my life, and I can't understand why God would allow that to happen.
The world is full of mysteries, Marissa.
We can't always see His purpose.
That's why we need faith.
It's times like this, it's hard not to lose faith.
Oh, I find that often, it's times like these when faith is renewed.
Where's that van? Hey, you mind if I get us all a drink? I mind.
You have any Bacardi? Yes.
It's, uh, right up there.
What about you, party boy? Milk and cookies? No.
No! Why did you do that? Get up! Get over there! What are you doing? Are you crazy?! What are you, my guardian angel, or something? I had a clean shot.
You were going to kill each other.
Yeah, if I was you, I would have let her shoot me.
Well, you're not me, are you? No, you're an idiot! Oh, I'm the idiot? You're the one surrounded by the police right now, and I'm the idiot? Explain that to me, John.
Shut up! Where's the van?! The van is coming, John.
We're talking to the dealership right now.
But you know how it is.
You got to get the right color, the leather seats Look, I don't care about no seats! You don't mind the vinyl? Look, just get me a van! Okay, okay.
But now, if I could just talk to No! Okay? No! He's unraveling.
Tell the snipers they have the green light.
If they have a clear shot, take it.
MAN Roger.
SWAT is green-lighted.
MAN 2 Sniper one in position.
Where's my van? You're not getting any van.
Yeah? What-What do you know about it? They're not going to let you just drive away.
It ends here, John, one way or the other.
Believe me, I know.
Look, I don't get out of here, no one does.
Whoa, John, take it easy now.
Oh, take it easy? Take it easy? There's eight zillion cops out there, waiting to blow my brains out, and you want me to take it easy.
Oh, that's really good.
John, listen, the cop that you're talking to on the phone, I know him.
If you turn yourself in Look, I'm not giving myself up.
You got a car in the garage? Yes.
Give me the key.
Whoa! We're going for a ride.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let-Let her go.
You crazy? Look, you can't take the both of us.
Watch me.
Look, you-you can't cover the both of us.
Who's going to drive? Look, I-I saved your life twice already, right? All you got to do is listen to me.
You-You let her go, and we use her as a decoy.
Come on, man.
Leave me alone, all right?! Leave me alone! John, don't lose it, John.
We're getting in the car, and we're getting out of here, now! No, no.
Look, look, look, look, what we can do is, you and I, we can go to the garage, just you and me, and-and I'll drive, and you can stay out of the sight of the police, 'cause, John, if the police can't see you, they can't shoot you, right? Look, I'm not letting her go.
Why? Why? She's the reason I'm here! That's why! I won't let her go! John, you are not going to kill her.
I did not save your life so you could take another one.
You understand me? He's trying to help you, John.
Look, I didn't ask for your help, okay? I didn't ask for anybody's help! Look-Look, John, you got your whole life ahead of you.
My life? What do you know about my life?! I know you don't want to live in a little box with-with-with bars on it.
I know you want more than what you got right now.
You need to blame someone else for something that happened years ago.
I understand that; I really do.
I swear I do.
But you can end all this right now.
You-You really can.
You can stop all this right now, John.
All you got to do is say so.
You understand me? All you got to do is say so.
That's it.
MAN Confirmed.
If you see suspect, snipers have the green light.
Don't shoot! It's her.
Hold your fire! Don't shoot! Hold your fire! Wait! Don't shoot! MAN Hold your fire.
Hobson's driving.
Hernandez has a gun on him.
Don't shoot.
Nobody shoot.
MAN All stay.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Oh Mommy! Thank God.
I'm fine.
Come here, you.
Come on, drive, man! Let's go! Let's go! Make a right.
Make a right! All right.
We'll box him in at the nearest intersection.
No, no, no! Zeke, you got a killer holding a gun on a civilian.
I've seen Hobson get out of worse things than this.
Now, he's come through this far.
Let-Let's give the kid a chance.
I want a long-range pursuit on that vehicle.
Understood? Long-range only.
MAN Roger.
Long-range pursuit.
I sure hope you know what you're doing, Zeke.
Take a right Take a right! All right.
I got to wait for this car to get out of the way.
Come on.
Come on, man, right here! All right, they ain't following me.
I'm telling you, I know the cop in charge.
I can get you out of this.
Man, what do you care, man? What do you go saving me for? I've been wondering the same thing ever since you put my best friend in a coma.
What? What are you talking about? The guy you got the car from, that's my friend.
He's in the hospital.
So don't ask me why I'm helping you, 'cause I really don't know.
Right here.
Right here.
Take a right.
Come on.
Captain, we've lost him.
What do you mean, you've lost him? Find him! Zeke! You know, you must think like that prosecutor lady, right? You think I'm some kind of an animal? Well, guess what.
I never had the chance to do anything else, so there.
I know a lot of people that grow up tough.
Not all of them spend time in jail.
What do you know about growing up tough, man, huh? You never done no jail time.
Man, forget it, man.
You don't even understand, man.
Why am I talking to you? Take a right.
Take a right over here.
Take a right and a left, man.
Head for the tracks.
Look, man, I can't let you go, man, all right? I can't let you go, all right? Not yet.
Not until I'm sure I'm safe, all right? What do you mean, you're going to let me go? What the hell, man- I figure I owe that to you, right? And what are you gonna do? Look, man, what do you care what I'm going to do, huh?! You know, when I was in that court ten years ago, that guy's wife and kid You know, the guy I killed You know, I remember thinking, man, how how can I undo that? you know? How can I bring that guy back? But you can't undo something like that, man, never.
So I guess they're right, you know.
I guess I am some kind of an animal.
What do you think? You think I'm an animal? You know what I think? I think you still got a choice.
A choice? Man, what choice? Get out of the car.
Out of the car! Give me the keys! Come on, come on! This way.
Don't move, okay? Stay until I get out of here, all right? Help! Help! Over here! Help me! Hey, Mister! Help! Stay right here.
Stay right here.
I'm telling you, man, stay right here! Help me! Hey! Stop! Come here! Pull I'm trying! I'm trying, too, man! Pull, man! What does it look like I'm doing?! It's stuck.
We were just taking a shortcut, see? Look, take it easy, will you? Oh, help me! I'll never cut class again, I swear! Now, look, pull your foot out of your shoe.
I tried it.
It's too tight.
Man, I'm never cutting class again! We already tried that.
It's stuck.
Stuck! It's stuck, all right! Come on.
It's coming! Pull me out, man! Pull! Pull, man! Hey, somebody's coming! Get out! Hurry! Come on, do something! Get it out, please! It's coming! Come on, it's coming! Come on! Come on! I can feel it! It's coming out! It's coming! Keep trying! Get him! Get him out now! Get him out! Pull! He did it! Get off the tracks! WOMAN Dr.
Million, Trauma line two.
Million Marissa? Gary.
How's he doing? He's going to be fine.
Hey, buddy.
How you doing? Hey.
How'd the Bulls do? You gotta be kidding me.
I have a headache.
You want some aspirin? Yeah.
I need a nurse.
Blonde, or brunette? One of each.
I'll get you that.
Thanks, buddy.
They say things happen for a reason.
But that reason might not always be clear.
You know, I remember thinking, man, how can I undo that? You know, how can I bring that guy back? But you can't undo something like that, man, never.
So I guess they're right, you know? I guess I am some kind of an animal.
In time, with faith, the meaning may emerge.
What was, what is, what shall be pieces of a puzzle falling into place.