Early Edition (1996) s02e20 Episode Script

Don't Walk Away, Renee

"Early in the morning explosion levels tavern.
" That's great.
"Deliveryman Irwin P.
Freeley was critically injured "in the blast during an explosion at McGinty.
"The gas line in the kitchen exploded at approximately 7:00 " Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, anybody here? Mr.
Freeley? Mr.
Freeley, can you hear me? Hey! Smoke.
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Happy birthday! Happy birthday, Gare.
What if you knew, beyond a doubt, what was going to happen tomorrow? What would you do? There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news today.
* Not too big a piece.
He's upset.
Oh, he's not upset.
Yeah, you're upset.
You dummy up a fake paper.
What do you expect me to be? It's not a fake paper.
It's just a fake front page.
How were we supposed to get you to come down here? You weren't gonna throw yourself a party.
Deliveryman Irwin P.
Get it? You're upset.
It was your mother's idea.
Look, I appreciate the concern, but this is not something that you want to mess with.
Now, can I please have the front page of the real paper? All right, son, maybe we did go a little too far.
We were concerned about you.
It's your birthday.
Concerned about what? About this, Gary.
This is all you seem to do.
You're missing out on the good things in life.
You-you need to have some fun.
Your mother's right, kiddo.
You need a little balance.
When's the last time you had a date? I- I have lots of dates.
I- I have companions that- Look, do we have to talk about this in front of Mom? Let's just say, I have lots of friends, all right? Lots of friends, huh? This is your birthday party.
Look around.
You can count your friends on one hand.
Well, that's because Crumb's not here.
Now, can I have the front page, please? Well, all right.
Ah- just one favor.
What? Do you remember Renee Callahan? No.
Renee Callahan.
You were in the third grade together.
You know, she had pigtails, she used to come around selling, um, campfire candy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mom! Oh, no.
No, no, no blind dates.
Oh, no, but I told you.
I ran into her mother at the Food King the other day.
And you know what? Renee lives right here in Chicago.
No blind dates, Mom.
Well, I knew you were probably gonna say that, but I just want you to reconsider Help! Somebody help me! See? That-that is exactly why you don't need to mess around with this.
I'm slipping.
I'm gonna fall! Hey! Please, somebody! Hold on, and we'll get you down Anybody! Get a ladder! somehow.
Get a ladder! I can't hold on! Just hold on! Help! I'm falling! It's a Jump-O-Gram.
Happy birthday! BERNIE Yeah, that was great, Chucko.
That's not funny.
Oh, come on, Gare.
Where's your sense of humor? Hey, that's not us.
We didn't do that.
What? It's my cousin Joey.
Happy birthday, buddy.
Joey! Check's in the mail! Oh, we're just trying to lighten you up a little bit, son.
I don't need lightening up.
Well, we looked in the paper.
There's nothing going on that needs your attention yet.
Well, what about this, Mom? Huh? Woman mugged in a park.
Now, I'm-I'm supposed to just let that happen? Is that what I'm supposed to do? But that doesn't happen for an hour.
We're your parents.
We know what's good for you.
Come on, have a little of your birthday cake.
Look, I-I-I know you went to a lot of trouble for all of this, and I-I appreciate that.
It's very nice of you, but I've- see, I've gotta get dressed, and I've gotta go do what it is that I do.
And I'm gonna go do that.
And, so, thank you.
Thank you.
Just getting older and more grumpy, that's all.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Miss.
You got a second? Um, no, actually, I'm in- I'm in a hurry.
The purse.
Uh, no! No! Hey, honey.
Hey, how you doin'? Ah- I'm sorry I'm late.
Looks like we still have time to make lunch, though.
Oh, I didn't know that you- you were gonna bring friends.
I didn't.
Well, can I help you, then? Uh, our mistake.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
I think so.
Um, how did you know that Oh, well, uh they didn't look too friendly.
I thought they might be after your purse, or Yeah, I think that was it.
Look, would-would you like for me to walk with you for a while, or, uh, well, can I buy you another pretzel? Is that a line? Huh? Oh.
Is that a-a line? I don't know.
Is it working? Might be.
Really? Renee Callahan.
Oh, Gary What? Ow- what-what? I don't believe it.
I fell for it again.
Fell for what? Renee Callahan from Hickory, Indiana? Where are they? Where are who? Mom? Dad? You can come out now.
What-what- well, did I- did I miss something here? You don't know when to quit, that's the problem! Gar-Gary Hobson.
Look, you can quit acting like you're not in on this, all right? In on what?! The whole thing- the setup, the blind date.
Blind date? Yeah.
You know, my mom gets in touch with your mom, so your mom can get in touch with me, so you can get in touch with me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You think that I had my mom get in touch with your mom to set us up? Look, you can stop the act, sweetheart, huh? Sweetheart? I can- I cannot believe this is happening to me! You know what? You're a very good actress, but I've got more important things to do.
So, good-bye, Mom, and good-bye, Dad, wherever you are.
Renee, it's been very nice seeing you again, but next time, just call.
You had to do it, didn't you? What's that, son? I told you I didn't want to be setup, but you had to go ahead and do it anyway, huh? Come on, Renee Callahan in the park.
You saw Renee? Oh, yeah, I What are you doing to my apartment? Feng shui.
I saw it on the Discovery Channel.
It's very big in these, uh, Asian rim countries.
What you do is you rearrange the furniture to focus your energy What did she look like? Excuse me.
We're talking about feng shui here.
How did you get her number? I didn't get her number.
Wait a second.
Watch your legs there, Ma.
You're telling me that you- you didn't have anything to do with this? About what? Cross our hearts.
Oh, I'm so confused.
I am getting lost here.
Gary, what did you do? You didn't insult her, did you? I mean, Betty Callahan is one of my dearest friends.
Hello? Oh, hi, Betty.
Oh, no.
Oh, dear.
I- I am so sorry.
There's still time for you to jump out the window, son.
Yeah, give it to me.
Well, of course.
Of course I will.
Well Too late.
I have never been so humiliated in my entire life.
Sure, you have.
Remember that cruise we took to the Bahamas? You got caught in the undertow, and your swimsuit went south.
Now, Renee Callahan is a dear, sweet girl.
Now, I don't know what you said to her, but I didn't say anything to her.
Well, according to her mother, you insulted her.
I didn't insult her.
And her mother.
Look, if I insulted her, I'm very sorry.
But after what you two pulled this morning, what do you expect from me? Well, I'll tell you what I expect.
I expect for you to go over and give that girl an apology.
And so does Betty.
And so does your father.
I think your mother makes a good point, son.
She's still at work.
Thanks, Dad.
Well, I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll go and I'll give this girl a call, okay? I- I'll stop by and I'll say hello.
You know, I've got things to do today.
Well, I can help you with the paper.
No, you don't.
I just want to help out.
And look, you two, you-you stop with this Svengali stuff, or whatever it is.
You're too old for that kind of thing.
You I can't find it on the mainframe.
Hello? MAN The computer's on.
She's still in there.
Check the other wing.
Look down here.
Just go in there.
Hold on, hold on, this way.
Hello? Gary? Renee.
Wait, what are you doing here? I just, uh, I stopped by your office because, uh- listen, at the park- I wanted to apologize 'cause my parents- I thought that my Okay, were you just talking to someone a minute ago? No, see, I- no, I, I came by to apologize.
You see, I wanted to say I was sorry for the, the misunder Okay, quiet, quiet.
Huh? Hold it.
Don't move.
You're under arrest, both of you.
Arrest? What for? Hands out in front.
No, this is some kind of mistake.
This is my office.
Hey, look, we'll straighten it out at the station.
What are the charges? I said we'll straighten it out at the station.
Give me your hands.
Follow my lead.
Renee: Run! Get up.
Get up, Bobby, get up! The side door.
Come on, the fire door.
It's locked.
Hurry up.
What's going on? They're not real cops.
What? They're the muggers from the park.
The park? Yes.
Okay, you drive.
Oh, I don't believe this.
No more blind dates for me.
Do you think we're intruding? Intruding? We're his parents.
He loves having us here.
Yeah, but his social life What social life? He's practically the Pope.
Well, Ave Maria.
Mom, Dad, do you remember Renee? Oh, of course.
Renee, you look great.
Hi, um, Mrs.
Hobson, Mr.
Long time, no see, Renee.
Uh, I went down to Renee's office, and, uh We ran into a little bit of trouble.
Oh, dear.
You kids got off to a fast start.
Please, Dad.
So who's got the key? That's the trouble.
Are you sure they didn't follow you? Hmm? Oh, no, not, not a chance.
See, we took the Eisenhower over to the Dan Ryan, the Dan Ryan down to the Stevenson.
From the Stevenson, we hopped onto the Tri-State, and then a quick loop back around to the Eisenhower, and here we are.
Believe me, with her directions, no one followed us.
Hey, I got us here, didn't I, huh? Do you think that's going to work? Apparently not.
Ouch! Okay.
Scrap the pen knife.
Gare, where are you keeping the blowtorch these days? Give me this.
Now, now, why were those guys pretending to be cops? Oh, well, probably for my research.
What research? Yeah, your mom told us you worked at a think tank, but she never told us what you were thinking about.
Yeah, what is it- top-secret, high-tech, Tom Clancy kind of stuff? It's math, Dad.
What? You see, I am developing algorithms that can be used to help predict weather patterns.
Uh, why would they want to steal your weather patterns? Yeah, who's chasing you- Al Roker? Now, I say we call the police right now.
No, no.
She can't do that.
Why not? Well, you see, my project is, is funded by a government grant, and I can't do anything unless I talk to the Washington office first, and I-I had to sign a security agreement.
So call 'em.
We tried.
They're closed.
Um, they don't open till 7:00 in the morning.
Even the Home Shopping Network has 24-hour operators.
I think you're going to need bolt cutters there, Gare.
Oh, do you have some of those? Oh, yeah, I do.
Yeah, I do, for every time that I get connected to someone with handcuffs, yes.
There's no need for sarcasm here, Gary.
Looks like you kids are stuck until morning.
Oh, no, what am I going to tell Betty? Nothing, we tell Betty nothing.
You kids are going to be here tonight.
We are? I am? We're all in this together.
The eagle has landed.
So, who's up for Scrabble? Aha.
Handcuffed, remember? Yeah.
I got to get the paper.
Oh, okay, easy.
What's the rush, what's the rush? Stay put, kids.
I'll get the paper.
No, Dad, don't do that.
Don't worry, I won't let him read it.
No Out loud.
I- I won't let him read it out loud.
I mean, every morning Okay.
Um, can I use the phone now? I- I think I can get through now.
Phone? Yeah, uh, yeah.
Phone number.
Yes, this is Renee Callahan with the Wayland Corporation.
I need to speak to the project manager.
So cute.
Oh, um, 7727, "B" as in bravo, "D" as in delta, and "K" as in Knowledge.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, there's something wrong at Wayland.
I need to speak to someone about my data.
No, I deleted the files.
I have a disc with me.
It's the only copy.
Yes, I understand.
Someone will get back to me.
Going over the boss' head, huh? It's always risky when you start jumping the chain of command.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
Scrivener here.
We have a problem.
Renee Callahan.
She wants to come in.
Lawrence says she's dealing on the side and trying to cover.
Let's give her an escort.
Send the postman.
Listen, I-I, uh Look, I-I'm sorry about the, the, the sleeping accommoda- I hope you slept all right.
Oh, hey, at least I had a bed.
You should have seen me when I was an undergrad at the, uh, U.
I can't tell you how many nights I slept in the stacks at the library.
I still go there when I need time to think.
The park was, the park was, uh No, no, don't start that again.
No, no, I'd like to apologize.
Well, you should.
You see, it was a- well, it was a misunderstanding because I thought that my par No, you thought that the poor little math nerd was so desperate for a date that she had to have her mommy help set her up, right? No, I didn't think Of course you did.
See, 'cause everybody wants to date Gary.
All-American, baseball-playing, Stingray bike-riding, mowing everyone's lawn with his shirt off- yeah, I noticed- teacher's pet.
I- It wasn't All-American.
It w- it was All-State.
Gary, my point is No, what, what I- what I'm saying is, is, look, what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry and that, uh, well, people, they, they change.
I mean, you've changed, you know.
You've changed.
So, are you, uh, planning on shaving the rest of that sometime today? Huh? Oh, you want to raise your hand a little bit? Let me.
Hmm? Don't you trust me? Don't worry, I'll be careful.
Ow! Something's going on.
In there? You think? No, not in there, Bernie.
Renee's job.
It doesn't make sense, Bernie.
I mean, she predicts the weather.
Big deal.
Why would someone be after her? Are you kidding me? The weather is big business these days.
If you could predict the next El NiƱo, you could make a fortune.
How? I don't know.
Umbrella sales.
Don't be such a baby.
I'm bleeding.
It is just a little scratch.
So what's it going to be, kids? Hardware store, bolt cutters? Yeah, but, um, there's, there's something else first, Mr.
I need a favor.
Anything, kiddo.
Okay, I need you to get something for me.
Can I help you? You sure can, hon.
I got to clean out your Freon recondenser.
That's, uh, your air conditioning.
But we didn't It's part of the service plan.
There's no extra charge, hon.
Uh, it says here in the, uh, work order that it's located above the kitchen, which is this way? That way.
Got you, hon.
All right, that's $43.
45 with tax.
Is that cash or charge? I- I can get this.
I can do this.
It's a business expense.
I can write it off.
Uh Sorry.
We got a problem here.
What, are you over your limit? No.
Like that's any of your business.
What? Uh, system is down.
It'll take a few minutes, all right? Excuse me, Mr.
We got her.
She tried to use her credit card.
Gerald's Hardware.
Yeah? Sorry to bother you, but have we changed our building maintenance contract? Why? Can't you do anything? Lady, it's not me.
Gary, we have to go.
Yeah, well, we got to get the bolt cutters.
We No, we've got to go now.
Okay, but see, we're kind of in a hurry here.
I understand that.
You understand that.
The machine doesn't understand that.
Oh, we've got to go.
Hey, you can't do that! Wait! What are you doing?! Listen to me.
It's them.
Huh? It's them.
They traced my credit card.
I mean, they must have.
They can do that? Oh, yeah, in their sleep.
Oh, wait a second.
Who is they, first of all? What Hello, Gare, Lois.
Uh I don't think we've had the pleasure.
But obviously, you have.
Ren Excuse me? Renee Callahan, this is Chuck Fishman and Marissa Clark.
Gary and Renee grew up together.
It's a long story.
Well, we'd like to, uh, hear about it, wouldn't we, Marissa? Gare? Delivery for Gary Hobson.
Hey, what are you doing?! What? Oh, no.
Hey! Old boyfriend? What, are you crazy?! What's going on? Um, I don't know, but Renee's kicking ass.
I'm staying out of it.
Get up! Freeze! Nobody points a gun at my son.
I got the disc.
Did I miss something? Pull, Chucko.
I am pulling.
You pull.
How did you know that he was? How? Come on.
How'd you know he wasn't real? Facial hair.
What? Oh, Federated Courier Service has a strict grooming policy.
There's no goatees.
Oh And-and how do you know that? Okay, so I dated a Federated Courier Service man once for about three minutes.
He looked so good in shorts.
He had these calves that were just Look, enough with that, all right? The We know the courier guy wasn't real.
Now, who sent him? Well, they didn't see us at the hardware store, right? And Wayland Corporation has absolutely no clue where I am.
That leaves Washington.
You mean a government agent? Wait.
Didn't you call Washington for help? I did.
And they sent someone to shoot you? Well, now that sounds just like the government.
What about all the karate? Oh.
My dad taught me.
High school coach.
No need to worry about that guy.
He's out cold.
And just in case, I got the little guy watching him in the cooler.
Guess what I bought on the way home.
A hacksaw.
Put 'em up here.
Oh, now Bernie, be careful.
I want to be the first guy to interrogate him when he wakes up.
Look, enough of that, Dad.
Now Now, listen, you know, the-the federal government- they send an armed, uh, uh, courier guy here.
Now, that gives me an idea you're working on more than the weather at this, uh this think tank of yours.
Oh, um it's complicated.
You know, I We got plenty of time.
Go ahead.
Okay, uh, this may sound a little far-fetched, but what would you guys say if I told you I can predict the future? Well, this is gonna be very interesting.
Okay, um, the theory goes like this.
Certain future events are predictable by solving a complex series of partial differential equations or PDs.
I don't understand a lick of it.
That's okay.
Um, most computers don't, either.
Not without the right code, which is what I've been working on.
See, Gary? I told you not to drop out of second year algebra.
I think this is a little different from algebra, Mom.
So, you were saying Okay, long story short- Einstein said time is a river.
With this code, I'm trying to get the computer to predict what the next bend in the river is.
Listen, how-how close are you to, uh to figuring this thing out? I don't know.
But I may be closer than I thought.
You see, all year, I've been turning in my calculations to my boss, but last week, I discovered that he's he's changing the data.
He's simplifying it before sending it on to Washington.
I mean, he's making it look like I've made no progress whatsoever.
Well, why would he do that? Again, I don't know.
Maybe he doesn't want them to know how close we are.
Or maybe this guy's taking the information for himself.
Well, wait.
Who-who is they? I mean, who's funding your research? The Department of Agriculture.
You see, they want to forecast weather cycles, crop developments, famine relief.
That's why I took this job.
I thought I could help people.
Sounds to me like your boss wants to help himself.
A fella could predict the future, he could make a killing in the stock market.
You see, they've been trying to apply PDs to Wall Street for years.
Nobody's had any luck.
Not yet.
As far as I know, I'm closer than anyone in the world.
Well, so, what's-what's on this disc? Well, um this is two years of work.
When I saw what was going on, I deleted all my files from the mainframe.
This is the only copy.
There's stuff on here that my boss has never even seen.
So, if there is a way to tell the future, it may very well be right there.
The, uh, fake delivery guy- he left.
I don't get it.
I taped this guy's ankles together with duct tape.
How far can a guy hop? He must have cut the tape.
With what?! With scissors.
Now, where did he get scissors? From the desk.
Wait a second.
How did he get to the desk? Well, it must have been when I went to the kitchen to get a soda.
What? I had a tickle.
Don't What? This Wait a minute.
It was on your watch.
Gary, wait.
Huh? You left your post I have to go.
A guy gets thirsty! Go where? Come on! I don't know who sent that guy.
I don't know who I can trust.
Well, you can trust me.
Right now, I don't need any more complications.
Oh, now I'm a complication? No.
I just think it would be the safest thing for all of us if I just disappear for a while.
I don't want to cause any more trouble.
Renee! Look, you're no trouble.
Well, you want to talk about it? There's nothing to talk about.
Can I sit down? Mm.
Mom? Hmm? How many chances you think you get? Chances? Yeah.
You know, chances- happiness chances.
Four Really? I got a smile out of you.
I haven't seen that in a while.
You were right about her.
Well, you should listen to your mother.
Gary, do you want my advice? No, no Well, I'm gonna give it to you anyway.
Look, you are sitting here wondering if you've let your best chance for happiness get by you.
And you're asking yourself, is this your last shot? Well, you can just sit there and wonder about it, or you can go get the girl.
WOMAN The library is now closing.
Please take all materials to the circulation desk.
The library is now closing.
The library's about to close.
Gary, how did you find me here? Well, you told me you, uh you liked it here.
Well, what are you doing here? I- I just Yeah.
I just wanted to make sure that you that you were all right.
Oh, I-I was gonna call.
I You were? Yeah.
I mean, yeah.
I Uh Well, I-I figured you were going to.
Look, I was just We-we were all, uh wondering, you know, where you were gonna stay tonight.
Don't think my apartment's really safe.
Oh, right.
Someday you and I are gonna have a long chat.
I just love these cinnamon r-rolls.
These are the best.
Hey, I'm walking here.
Get in the van! Now! Bernie?! Hey, what is this?! Go! Go! So, you just let them walk out on their own? Gary, they are adults.
Adult? My dad? Well, one of them's an adult.
Renee? Um, you have a phone call.
Oh, Renee Here you go.
Hello? It's a shame it's come to this, Renee.
Lawrence, what do you want? Well, you've got something I want, and I've got something you want.
Don't deal with him, Gary! No negotiating with terrorists! Remember the main! I think you recognize the voice.
I know you recognize the attitude.
Are they all right? Well, they will be when I get the disc.
Where do you want to meet? Washington Park.
Yeah, yeah, 51st street side.
Oh, that's Wait a minute.
No, no, no, no.
That's unacceptable.
Don't make this difficult, Renee.
There's a warehouse, uh, Mackinall and 93rd.
Meet in the parking lot out front.
It's a neutral place, wide open.
There's no possibility of a double-cross.
No, how about I Look, take it or leave it.
You have plenty of time to check it out.
Do you want the disc or not? Fine.
Ten minutes after 8:00.
Awarehouse? Trust me.
You, um, you have a plan, right? Kind of.
Kind of? Kind of.
The disc? What about my mom and dad? Bring them out! Mom? Dad? Don't worry about us, Gare.
We're fine.
Now, the disc.
I guess I should be flattered you want my research, even if you are using it illegally.
Well, there's nothing wrong with making a little money.
Okay, a lot of money.
Still preferable to what the government was gonna do with your work.
You mean feeding people, preventing famines? You know who really pays our bills? The Department of Agriculture.
Try the Pentagon.
Your research will be used to destabilize governments, quell rebellions, political unrest.
No, I don't believe you.
Believe it.
Suddenly there's nothing wrong with a little capital gains now, is there? Now, give me the disc.
Verify it.
Nobody move.
Hey, Gare? Gary?! Shh! It's the real thing.
Everybody get down.
Nice doing business with you.
Everybody get down.
Come on, get down! Get down, now! Into the trailer, troops.
Get in the trailer! Come on! Get in! Get in! Nobody move! You, in the trailer! Come on! Get out of the vehicle! Get them up, get them up! Federal agents! FBI.
Everybody, freeze! Chucko, step on the gas! Get us out of here! Let's go, spread them! Put your hands behind your head! Bernie, freeze! Come on, you know the drill! Everybody out of the trailer! Renee, pleasure to finally meet you.
You have some big fans in Washington.
Yeah? You have a funny way of showing it.
We didn't know if you could be trusted.
You could've asked.
I believe you have a disc for me.
I can't give it to you.
What you've done is research.
Pure research.
What'll happen with it, that'll be on my conscience.
Forget it.
That belongs to the government.
It's ours.
One way or the other, I'm going to get it.
The explosion was a nice touch.
Maybe someday you'll tell me how you pulled it off.
I doubt it.
Well, you have my number.
The worst thing is the government got the disc.
Not quite.
Wait a second, if that's the disc, what do they have? Did you see any of those government guys sneaking around the Gray Ghost? No.
Why? My CD is missing! What CD? The Best of American Bandstand.
It's a classic.
Not available in stores.
You know, you gotta buy it on the tube.
Your damn government can pay for their own CDs! That's pretty clever.
I thought so.
Wait, you know, they're gonna come after you, don't you? Fine, you know what? Suddenly my math skills have gotten really fuzzy.
I don't seem to remember a thing.
Well, what about that? You got a disposal in this joint? All right, I'm on it.
So, um So Have a good time, son.
Yeah, yeah, now, you sure you're okay about this? Are you kidding? Go.
Have a good time.
And don't worry if you don't make it home tonight.
We've got the paper covered.
Bernie! Well, look, I'm going to dinner and a movie and I've told you where I'm gonna be and you've got the beeper number.
Gary! All right, but there's two things in the paper we need to worry about.
They're in the Metro section and I circled them.
You already told us about them, Gare.
Here you go, dessert's on us, pal.
Wow! I wish I had a camera.
Uh, okay, well, thanks, Dad.
And Mom, tell Betty I said hello.
I'm sure you'll talk to her soon.
Getting those two together was a good idea, hon.
I have a feeling this is what the paper wanted all along.
You want to drive? Sure.
All right.
Um, Gary? Hmm? There's one thing that's still bothering me.
The explosion at the warehouse.
How did you know about it? Well, uh And then there's your parents' abduction.
And my mugging in the park.
You know something I don't? All right.
What if I told you that I get tomorrow's newspaper today ev-every morning on my doorstop with a cat? And you see, that way, I'm I'm able to, uh, predict the future.
You almost had me there! Except for the cat.
I mean, had you said a dog, oh, I would have been all yours.
If it would have been a dog, it would have worked, huh? I wouldn't believe it either.
Dog? Cat? No way! That's pretty good.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.