Early Edition (1996) s03e01 Episode Script


What do you think his body fat content is? Zero.
Mom? Move a little, Jack.
Can we have another slushy? You've had three already.
But it's hot.
We're melting! Just go play.
Hey! Over here! Hey, look-hide and seek! Told you it would open! Hey! Alright, come on, come on, you guys, get out of here.
Who are you? Who am I? I'll tell you who I am-I'm the bogeyman here to tell you don't get in the trunks of cars, you understand me? Now, both of you, go on.
Go on, go find your mom and dad or whoever.
It's hot.
Well, you need some rest.
I don't have time to rest.
Look, Gary, I may be blind but even I can see that you're exhausted.
You can't run around saving the world and manage the place, too-I mean, nobody could.
I mean, Chuck's been gone for, what, two months now? You need a new manager.
Aqua, heavy rocks.
There you go.
I got him.
Patrick? Patrick's a kid! Look, Gary, you need someone to help you take the load off your shoulders.
You need a full time manager.
Someone who cares about you.
Someone who cares about McGinty's.
I'm not very good at tooting my own horn, but I guess what I'm trying to say is Holy cow! Uh, listen, Marissa- I-I gotta, I gotta go.
Were you trying to say something? It can wait.
Oh, ok.
They say that people are basically good.
Weather permitting, that is.
Hey, Kojak! It's called a turn signal, you know? You've been tailgating me for 10 minutes now! You cut me off! You're a menace, lady! Yeah? Step out of the car, we'll settle this right now! Sometimes it seems the only thing saving us from ourselves is a simple green light.
Other times it may take a little more than that.
It does help if you get tomorrow's newspaper today.
I can't help it, I'm cold.
I can't work when I'm cold.
Are you nuts? It's like a sauna in here! This is my space, my heater.
Well, then we're just gonna invade your space and throw your little heater out the window.
Hey! Fire! See what'cha did? - It wasn't my fault.
- Ok, I'm gonna unplug it.
Do it and die.
Is that a threat? Unplug it and see.
Not everyone's going to appreciate your efforts but that wouldn't stop you would it? You're welcome.
What if you knew, beyond a doubt, what was going to happen tomorrow? What would you do? For a guy who gets tomorrow's news today there is no easy answer.
'Good morning, Chicago! It's 6:30 and the temperature at the Civic Center is already climbing into the 80's Blackout? 'The most massive power failure in Chicago's history plunged the city into pandemonium at exactly 11:32 am yesterday.
' That's less then three hours away.
'The power outage left the city defenseless against record temperatures, with thousands trapped in trains and elevators suffering the worst effects of the heat.
' By nightfall inconvenience turned to tragedy when looting and rioting broke out in he city's Bridgeside neighborhood, leaving five dead, dozens injured, and millions of dollars in property damage.
Oh my God.
It says here that two bolts of lightning knocked out transformers all across the city.
Lightning? How do you stop lightning? A bolt of lightning's going to hit? Two bolts.
Two bolts at one time? No, no, no-within 90 seconds of each other look, I know it sounds crazy- You got that right.
You know what the odds are against that? It's like one in a billion! No, actually, it'd be one in 2.
3 billion, to be exact.
What are you, a physic or something? Look, pal, do you know what I do for a living? I study weather patterns.
Did you see that movie 'Tornado'? 'Twister', you mean? Yeah, but the one where they're chasing the tornado.
Well, that's what I do- I chase lightning which is a very precise and specific science.
And I'm telling 'ya, today at 11:32 two bolts of lightning- Oh, so you got it down to the minute then? 1977, New York City, the blackout-two bolts of lightning- New York? You're in Chicago, my friend.
Yeah, well, Chicago, New York, it doesn't make a difference.
Listen, pal, what I am trying to tell you is I'm telling you, even if I did believe you, which I do not and even if it could happen, which it can not, we've got the greatest backup system in the world right here Well, no, that's what I'm trying to tell you- and there's nothing else I can do about it! What I'm trying to tell you is- Now you gonna find yourself outta here, or do I have to help you? Thank you, sir.
You're welcome! Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
What do you want me to do, I'm on hold here.
Sears Tower? Is this the maintenance? Thank you very much.
Listen, I know you've got the two lightning rods up on the top of the building is there anyway you could maybe tilt them to the Southeast a little bit? 'Cause I have a feeling you're gonna have some lightning bolts you're gonna-Hello? They hung up.
Can you blame them? No, it's just that in, five minutes all hell's gonna break loose I'm the only one that knows what's gonna happen.
Lightning is an act of God, Gary.
Are you telling me that I should pray? I already did that.
And? I'm not sure I got through.
Ok, come on.
Why walk when you can ride? Yes, Hermano.
Hey, what happened? Hey, Lee, you wanna get your van outta my spot? Your spot? It's public street.
I thought we had an understanding.
I'll move it, pop.
Not now.
We working.
Park it over on Adams! You don't tell me where to park.
Pop, it's no big deal.
Hey, I don't care where you put it, alright, just move it.
What happen? What the I gotta get over to my store-move the van, Lee! Hey, I have the right of way! In what country? That's it, get out of the car.
Where'd you learn to drive? Where'd you learn to drive, mister? I have the right of way! What's happening? It's started.
Ok, so the big problem is going to be the looting, but that doesn't happen 'till tonight.
So first there's a 93 year old woman who has the stroke climbing up the stairs.
What about the EL train, doesn't that happen first? No, the EL train doesn't happen first, I've got it all organized here Oh, yeah, the EL train does happen first.
So first I take care of the EL train, then I take care of the lady.
But there's a pregnant woman stuck in traffic.
The pregnant lady, I forgot about the pregnant lady Ok, so we get the-wait a second, the pregnant woman and the heart attack, they're at the same time but different places.
I can help.
Yeah yeah, that's right, yeah Patrick! Patrick? Yo.
Radio says the power should be back on in a couple hours.
Well, the radio's wrong.
I need you to do me a favor-I need you to go down to Wabash and Chestnut and direct traffic.
Sure, Mr.
Hobson, no problem why? Why, why-that's a good question.
Patrick, you ever get a sense about something? All the time.
Yeah, well I got a sense about this.
I got a sense that three cars are going to slam into each other down there and when they do some paramedics are gonna get caught up and these paramedics are Patrick, it doesn't matter about that- the important thing is that some brave civilian go down there and they keep the traffic flowing-do you understand, Patrick? I am so there, Mr.
Chestnut and what? Wabash-Chestnut and Wabash.
Right, right.
What? That sure is some sense you've got, Mr.
Go, Patrick! There's something wrong with that kid.
Gary, Spike and I could go with you, I mean we could I need you here.
I need you to answer to phone, I need you to close up.
But I can help, Gary.
You help me plenty by being right here, minding the floor Marissa, thanks! Good luck! I feel like a maid! I heard that! Uh, Mr.
uh Mumford? Mr.
uh, Mumford? Mr.
Mumford? Yes.
You forgot your nitroglycerin pill, Mr.
Oh, thank God.
My chest How did you know? How did you know? Oh, well, I, uh well, I-I-I, I, uh, I-I work at the pharmacy.
You're going to be fine, Mr.
Mumford, just fine, you understand? Ok, Patrick, you can do this.
You are a college grad give or take eight units.
What to my? So, did anybody watch the Cubs last night? What the? Generator's down.
Well, somebody better fix it in a hurry or I'm gonna lose this guy.
Get the hose hooked up.
Hey, you can't park here! Listen, your backup generator, it needs more fuel.
I am giving you exactly 10 seconds to get your truck outta here I'm telling 'ya, check it would 'ya? I'll check it.
Come on come on There! I'll be damned.
I'll go get the hose hooked up.
Let's go.
Go ahead, yeah.
Go on through, go on through.
Whoa, ok, cool! Stop? Yeah, I-I know.
Come on, come on! Thanks, hon.
Marissa, it's me.
Where are you? I'm over at Chestnut and Wabash.
I believe our new friend Patrick has found a new calling in life.
You got it! You-let go! Wooo-hoooo-wa Listen, I want you to dump that milk in the back and also take the bar ice and stick it in the walk-in.
I already did that.
Alright, good.
Hey, what are you going to do about the looting? I don't know, I haven't figured that out yet.
Well, read me the paper again, maybe there's something in there.
Chicago's blackout went from bad to worse as nightfall brought out the dark side of humanity.
The riot erupted at a convenience store in a neighborhood where witnesses said store owner Ang Lee had closed his shop to unruly customers.
Gary, if you stop that owner from closing the store then you can stop things before they start.
Yeah, well, right now I gotta go over to a construction site, a couple of kids are stuck in an elevator over at Decker and 21st.
Well, that's not life or death, is it? No, but it's on the way so I figured I'd go there first.
Well, we know people are going to die tonight, if you don't stop that looting, Gary.
Alright, so the kids'll wait.
Alright, well, listen, I'll call you back in a little while, alright? Ok, bye.
21st and Decker, that's just a few blocks away from here.
Three blocks South, two blocks East, alright, Spike, this should be it.
Hello? Anyone? I need some help here! I hear it, I hear it, too, Spike.
Hello? Anybody? There's some boys stuck in an elevator! Find them Spike, find them Spike-let's go! Hello? Anybody here? We're stuck in the elevator! Here, fast! Alright, I'll try.
Come on Spike.
Take it easy, Jose.
You gotta help us, lady.
My friend's freaking out! Please! Hang on! I'm coming up! Here, Lady! Here, Lady! Dude, she's blind! What? Oh, man Don't worry.
Lady, there's a pipe on the floor, next to your foot.
If you push it through the doors we can get out of here.
Ok which foot? Please, man-you gotta get me outta here now! Your left one.
Hurry, lady.
He's going to have a fit or something! Ok, got it.
That's it! Got it come on, man, let's go! We just can't leave her here! 5-0, man.
Sorry, lady.
Wait where are you going? Alright, Spike.
We got ourselves into this, we'll just have to get ourselves out.
Turn, slowly heel.
It will be at least 12 and as many as 24 hours before power is restored to all areas of the city.
With traffic jams reported at virtually all major intersections How much do you weigh? Huh? How much do you weigh? 58 pounds.
How tall are you? Max, don't bother the customers.
It's alright.
Hey, I know you.
You were on the council last year, you helped us get that stoplight.
Oh uh, Gary Hobson.
Diana Lee.
And these are my children Jennah and Max.
Children, this is Mr.
He's a very important man.
Oh, no I'm not, I'm not really that You're still on the board of supervisors? Uh, no, that was just, uh, very temporary.
Oh, you run again- we need more people like you.
Haha, thank you.
Come on, children.
We're going to the YMCA pool to cool off.
See you later, alligator.
In a while, crocodile.
Hey, he knows it! I need more milk, Mr.
Sorry, one quart to customer.
What? Since when? I don't have enough for everybody- this way everybody get some.
Oh I don't believe this Sorry, cash only.
What? The machine's not working, we can't process credit cards.
That's bull, man, you know her! Well, uh, maybe you could, maybe you could extend some credit.
You live in this neighborhood? Well, a few miles away He he treats us like strangers.
Well, I think that what Mr.
Lee is trying to do is to be fair.
Because if he gave you all the milk, there wouldn't be any for your neighbors, would there? That's right.
Well, yes Well, uh, I think we all need to give a little bit here, until the power comes back on and instead of attacking Mr.
Lee maybe we should, we should appreciate him for what he is trying to do.
Thank you.
Well, yes, but Mr.
Lee but you gotta understand, too, that these people are a little bit nervous because they don't know how long this thing is going to last.
That's right.
And since they are your neighbors, well, maybe some of them don't have enough money to pay for the things they need right now but they're good for it, right? I think a little goodwill would go a long way right here, so if you could just hand out some I.
's, huh? We could do that, pop.
Hey, Maria, this guy here giving you grief? This guy? I have lived, just like you.
Just like me? No, I don't think so, pal.
You see all of us here? We've been part of this neighborhood for years, all of our lives.
You-you been here, what, two years? So what? So you wanna be part of this neighborhood- you give the people what we need.
You know, I was doing fine right here, actually No respect, you know? That's what this is all about-no respect.
You see? You don't know what goes on.
You don't know these people.
Oh, you hear that? Oh, now we're these people.
Ahhhh I don't want to deal with you.
No, no, you're going to deal with me or else.
Or else what? That's it, get out of store! You throwing me out of here, huh? You throwing me out of this store? Everybody! I'm closing! Get out! Out! Out! Out! We close! You don't like the way I do things you go shop someplace else! It's not over yet.
Come on.
Oh, man, it's no better out here.
You know, I'm thinkin' maybe we should go back in there and take what we need.
Why, why, why don't you, why don't you shop at another store? Who asked you, huh? Who is this guy? Everything ok, Sal? Yeah, yeah, Mike.
No problems.
Alright, in that case let's break it up and try to cool off, huh? We can come back later on.
Hello? Is anybody there? Spike! Spike, Spike, Spike go get help-oh! Oh, God, why'd I ever come here? It's ok, Spike.
Whoa! Hey, alright! You have a good day, sir! It's like an oven in here.
Want an oven try my apartment, sixth floor- bake like a potato.
If these batteries go I'm gonna stroke out.
I know someone who's got plenty of batteries.
Batteries, fans, whatever you want.
Probably in his store right now, as cool as a cucumber.
Doesn't give a damn about anyone else.
You got that right.
Well, well, if it isn't the referee.
Ah I was just walking by and I thought I'd how ya doin'? Gary Hobson.
Look, I was just trying to understand what was going on here Why? Well, because I'm from the neighborhood, too.
Today's the first I've seen of 'ya.
Well, I may live a few miles away- but we're all in this mess together, aren't we? Some of us.
Look, uh, Mr.
Lee seems like a pretty good guy and I don't know why you're jumping down his throat.
You wanna know why? I'll tell 'ya why.
A couple of years this neighborhood was in the toilet.
Punks selling drugs right out there on the street -day, night it didn't matter then.
In front of all our stores, the Chinaman's, too.
But not anymore.
We formed the Block Merchants Association.
Put up streetlights.
Patrolled the streets.
Guess who didn't want to join? Always too busy to make the weekly meeting.
Couldn't afford the dues.
Then he goes out and buys a new van.
Do you believe that? A brand new van.
Puts nothing into this neighborhood and but then wants to take everything out of it.
Look, I see that might bother you but that's no reason to go destroying his store.
Wha, what? What do you mean, destroy- who said anything about destroying his store? What are you accusing us of here? I'm not accusing you of anything it's just- look, I think I know what you're thinking- Oh, no, oh, so now he's a mind reader.
I didn't say I was a mind reader- Listen, if you- No, you listen.
I don't know what your game is but this is my store and I want you out of here.
Hey, do I stutter when I talk? No no, you don't.
Did they send you here? No, no one sent me here.
Listen, I talked to them.
And if you could just take five minutes to listen to their side of the situation- Their side? Why? They never listen to our side.
Well, listen, maybe that's the case.
But the way they see it, well, you haven't, uh, given a lot to the neighborhood.
Here we go again.
Last month they wanted us to sponsor a little league team.
I gave them 50 dollars, they called us cheap.
And the Merchants Association.
200 dollars they want us to pay.
Then I find out everybody else pay 100 dollars.
They were trying to cheat us.
Here-let me show you something, Mr.
This is my brother, my sister.
I trying bring them over from China.
This my papa, my mama.
They too old to come.
So I send them money for doctor and medicine.
Every penny I make go into the store or for my family.
Well, have you explained that to them They only hear what they want to hear.
Like the van, it's not new, it's three years old.
It's been reconditioned, and we need it for our delivery service.
My son and me, we work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and they mock us for it! And the names they call my grandchildren I don't even want to tell you.
But, listen, I can understand that it's very difficult- You can understand? How? How you can understand? Forgive me, Mr.
Hobson but you cannot understand.
Ok, maybe I can't understand, Alright? But, listen, something's going to happen here that no one wants to happen, If we don't stop it there's going to be trouble.
Trouble? What kind of trouble? Well, the kind of trouble where people are gonna get hurt.
We are ready for trouble.
No, now, Mr.
Lee, there's not going to be any violence li- if you could just reopen your store, if you could give the smallest amount of goodwill to these people I think they might- Goodwill? I am not the one who is wrong here! You see the way they behave! Well, sometimes it's a strong man who backs down first.
I not back down.
Listen to him, father.
Alright, how 'bout if I got you and Mr.
Regate together to talk, just the two of you together.
It'd never happen.
Even if I had Sal come over here, just the two of you one-on-one.
That man is fat head.
You know what, he is a fat head, I agree with you.
But could you at least sit down with the fat head and talk once? Yes.
Good! Good! But I not promise anything.
You don't have to promise a thing.
I'll go talk to them, I'll go try to work everything out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
'Marissa Clark, a local book keeper fell down an elevator shaft to her death in a city building under renovation Her seeing eye dog, a German Shepard, was found by her side.
' Marissa.
Stay calm, Spike, stay calm.
Everything's going to be fine- we're going to get out of here.
Calm down Spike- good boy, good boy.
Calm down, Spike.
Stay calm, good boy.
Come on, Marissa, where are you? Marissa! Good dog, Spike.
Marissa! Gary! I'm up here! I'm up here, Gary.
How did you? I- I don't know, I don't know where I am.
Just-just stay right there.
Oh, I'm not going anywhere.
Just stay still there.
You know I really hate heights a lot.
Be careful, Gary.
Take your time.
You alright? I think I hurt my foot.
Which one? The right one.
Just stay still.
We're gonna-I'm just gonna get some boards here, and we're just gonna walk across here.
Hey, you know what? A funny thing happened the other day when I was in the bar, over by the cash register you know, where we keep the cashews.
Well, I was looking at the cashews, and I had one, and I thought to myself, 'What does a cashew shell look like?'.
What? Well, what does a cashew shell look like, did you ever think about that? Cashew shell, what's it look like? Actually, I've never thought of that.
Well, I didn't either.
I've eaten a lot of cashews, and I've seen a lot of cashew shells, but I've never seen a cashew shell on a can sitting next to a shelf.
I just saw the cashew.
Nice try, Gary.
Now listen, this thing's just fine, ok? Alright.
And, uh, there's just a, there's just a little walkway up right here, and there's just a little spot where we're gonna step over here, and it's a little bit of an incline, ok? Everything's going to be fine we're just going to walk up alright? Alright.
Alright, good.
Where am I-where am I where am I going? Just give me a hop forward.
Easy, easy, there's just a little drop off here You like to go home now? What? Come on, Spike, you too.
I'm sorry, Gary, I'm really sorry.
I thought I could help out, you know? You thought you could help out? Yeah.
One less thing for you to worry about.
Alright? Look, keep this on here now, alright? I guess I was trying to prove something.
All I proved was how foolish I could be.
You did good.
Did you, uh, stop the looting? No, I gotta get back there.
What are you going to tell 'em? I have no idea.
First cast out the beam of thine own eye and then thou shalt see clearly to cast out the moat out from thy brother's eye.
You trying to tell me something? You should go.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
You uh Look, keep that on there, you hear me? I'll be fine.
I'm-I'll go-I'll do- oh Gin.
Again? Now what? My wife is driving me nuts! We just ran out of juice.
Her sister and her two babies over, they're wailing like banshees! I know where you can get some juice.
Come on, Sal, it's not the only store in town.
It's the only store within a mile of here.
What are we supposed to do, beg him to sell his stuff? He's right, Frank.
We've been carrying this guy for, what, two years? And what does he do to show his appreciation? Shuts his gate in our faces.
Nah, it's payback time.
I'm with you, Sal.
I've had it with that old Chinaman.
I'm sick of the both of them, him and his son.
They don't want to help us, we'll help ourselves.
Come on, Sal.
Man, listen up.
Come on, come on Frank, let's go.
Listened enough.
Where is he? Where is Mr.
Hobson? I guess he couldn't get Regate to come.
Let's go home, pop.
I not leave the store.
Dad No, no, no Frank, that's it.
No, no, we're doing too much talking.
Hey, Sal.
What's happening? We're going to do a little shopping at Mr.
Lee's store.
I thought it was closed.
It was; we're going to open it.
You know, I could use a soda myself.
Hobson! Mr.
Hobson! What are you doing? Listen, you gotta get outta here.
What happened? I thought you were going to talk to them! I don't have time to explain right now- I have to go there.
No, Miss Lee, no you don't because it's too dangerous- I have to warn my husband.
Please, watch my children.
Well, no, no, no- Stay with Mr.
No, no Miss Lee! Miss Lee! Miss Lee! Listen Listen to me.
I need you to do me a favor.
Listen, I want you to do me a favor, ok? Come over here.
Come over here, come on.
Go in the church and you'll be safe.
I want you to go inside and I want you tostay there, you understand me? You hear me? Hey, Lee! We want to talk to you, Mr.
Lee! Jennah, here! No! I wanna see! Max, no.
We don't have to put up with this Lee! We don't owe you nothin'! Open those doors or we'll open them for you! 'Ya hear me? 'Ya hear me, Lee? Come on out! What, you too good to talk to us? Huh? What, are you going to hide behind that gate? Lee? Come on, Sal! Knock it off! Look, you can see everything! Get back, Max! Stop, now! Just stop! Just stop! Stay where you are! Away! All of you! He's got a gun! Get back! Stop, dammit, stop! Now just stop! Now, listen.
Now this thing starts here now where's it going to end, huh? Now first you're going to break into his store but I'm telling ya' next it's going to be your store or it's going to be your store or yours or any of ya's.
And then, I'm telling you, the whole neighborhood, it's going to fall apart.
Everybody thinks he's wrong and you're right, that's fine.
But, everyone, you need to take a look at yourselves before you judge anyone else because I'm telling 'ya, you're supposed to be a neighborhood.
You're neighbors but you look like a lynch mob.
If everyone would just calm down No, Eric, don't do that! Max, no.
Ahh! Help! S- somebody get a-somebody get a ladder! Help! Mommy! Daddy! Ah! Get me down! Mommy! Daddy! Max! Hold on, Max! Hold on! - Extend it! Extend it all the way.
- Alright, alright.
Hold it steady, hold it steady! Help! Hurry, hurry! Please! Watch it, Sal.
I got it.
A little more I can't Max! Hold on, my baby somebody please hurry! Hold on, Max, hold on! I can't reach, I can't reach him.
I can't reach, I can't reach! Sal, hang on.
Listen to me.
I'm going to come around 'ya, I'm going to go up to the top rung.
What are you, nuts? Are you crazy? I'm going to come around your right side.
Oh watch, watch.
Mommy, I'm sorry! Max, he's coming! Hurry, hurry, please! Mommy! Alright, I got you.
Alright, Sal, come on down.
Hold the ladder, hold the ladder.
Alright, I got it.
Atta boy, there you go.
I think you can put the gun away now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I want to apologize.
For me, family always come first, but I never realize-here, my family too.
Thank you.
I want to open up store on the house.
There's milk and juice and whatever you want.
Hey, I got a freezer full of hamburger meat that's going to waste.
We can bring out our barbecue grills.
Those beers still cold, Lee? You bet.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's hang a right, Toyota! Hang a right! I'll take it from here.
Ok, keep it moving! They say that people pull together in a crisis.
There you go.
Oh, smells great! That just when you've lost your faith in human nature, something will come along to restore it again.
How much do you weigh? Let's get you down.
There you go.
Hamburger, coleslaw, heavy.
You know, I could get used to this-being waited on.
Yeah well don't 'cause it's only until your foot gets better.
You know, I didn't really need your help.
Oh, no.
I could've got out fine by myself.
Oh, well, of course you could of.
What I'm saying is that I- I appreciate you helping me but being blind I am well suited for blackout situations.
All I needed was a little time to feel my way around- You know that line you gave me about having something in your own eye? That-that-that wasn't just about the crowd, that was about me, as well.
And, uh well ever since Chuck has been gone I've been sorta royally screwing up at McGinty's and I think that you've been a little too Polite? to point that out.
Thank you.
So, uh So does that mean you're gonna hire a new manager? No.
I was thinking of partners.
What? Just like Chuck and I, 50/50 partners.
You gotta be kidding.
Take it or leave it, that's my last offer- I'll take it.
Oh well, good.
Well, whoever they are, it's true.
Sometimes a disaster can be a blessing in disguise.
But don't take my word for it because you can read all about it in tomorrow's paper By Lucius Belyakov