Earth 2 (1994) s01e10 Episode Script


Previously on Earth 2.
Julia has been taking small doses of Uly's D.
into her own system.
Somehow, she thought it would help her communicate with the Terrians.
Maybe we should reevaluate your experiment.
You're jeopardizing our agenda.
Morgan Martin is missing.
I did something to him! Where is my husband? Where is he? For the first time, we travel with one less person in our crew.
It was everyone's decision.
How's she gonna survive without us with her, Yale? She'll find a way.
Our 51 st day on this planet is by far the most difficult.
We've traveled more than half the day and have uttered less than three words between us.
And yet, in our minds, we all tread the same ground repeatedly: "Did we do right? Did we surpass the bounds ofhumanity by leaving Julia?'" It was a very fast vote, one that swept us into its anger.
Now, alone with ourselves, we're left to ponder the weight of that anger.
And for some, the weight of their heart.
Still, we move forward.
It's a long road ahead.
We gotta keep moving.
Okay? I'm not going anywhere.
I know it's hard, but we're going to- we're going to stop in a couple of hours.
We shouldn't have leftJulia.
Alonzo, personal feelings aside, she was a spy.
Just by being here, she was lying to us.
We didn't have a choice.
Well, I have a choice, and I'm not going on withoutJulia.
Let's talk about it tonight, okay, when we set up camp? We just left her with a tent, barely any rations.
She knows how to analyze indigenous vegetation.
She will survive.
She's probably in contact right now with whoever it was she was working for, arranging a way to join them.
She will be okay.
I'm sorry.
Well, I'm sorry, too, but I'm going back for her.
I've decided.
Alonzo, you're part of the group, and the group has made a decision.
I don't care.
There is no group anymore.
I mean, Julia was part of the group too, right? And we left her.
Now I'm going back for her, and the rest of you can do whatever you wanna do.
- Alonzo.
- Save it.
Halt the vehicles.
We're camping here.
Julia? Julia.
Where are you? Julia, where are you? It's okay.
Any sign of Alonzo? Not yet.
Are you going somewhere? No use sticking around here wasting a day.
Figure I might as well scout ahead, see if I can find a mountain pass for tomorrow.
Stay within range.
Okay? Yeah.
We can't just take her back.
I mean, the woman attacked me.
She experimented on your son, for God's sake.
She- She's a spy.
Walman, am I right? We did vote to leave her, Devon.
I do not disagree, but I will not abandon Alonzo.
Why not? He's a big boy.
He's capable of making his own decisions.
If he wants to follow his sword, that doesn't mean the rest of us have to.
Any news? How about if she comes back, we tie her to a tether, and we pull her behind the trans-rover for a few days? That'll get her talking.
Whatever we do, our first responsibility is to the people whose lives depend on the cohesion of this group.
Devon, you better get out here.
They're comin; She wants you to have this.
This is how she was communicating.
She wants to prove that it can be behind her.
It's not that simple, Alonzo.
Yes, it is.
You have my word.
It's not your word I'm concerned about.
I have a projectile approaching at 200 meters per second.
- Projectile? - Get down.
Hit the ground now! Uly! Uly! Yale.
! Come on.
Get away.
! I've got him! Yale! Zero, from what direction? South by southwest, Julia!Julia, get over here.
He's hit in the shoulder.
Can you help him? I need my diaglove.
All right.
Hold him.
Hold him.
Who shot at us? Who? Devon, I don't know.
I swear I don't know.
- He's losing a lot of blood.
- Yeah.
Can you hear me, Yale? Devon, I have to remove the bullet and stop any internal bleeding.
There's no one else.
I have to.
The projectile is a slow bore.
It's an auto-propel type.
It's continued to burrow itself some 15 centimeters since initial impact into the soft tissue.
Can you stop it? Can you hold this? I don't know.
If I could just get- I just need to get ahead of it.
I think I got it.
I got it.
Oh, my God, it's moving.
Is Yale gonna die? No, I'm- I'm sure he'll be fine.
Julia's just finishing up on him now.
Is Julia gonna stay with us? You know what? Let's just keep some good thoughts in our heads for Yale right now, okay? You guys okay? Yeah, we're-we're fine.
Now no moving from this spot without Bess's permission.
Both of you, okay? Yes, Mom.
Why is somebody shooting at us? I don't know.
Zero is scanning the location right now to get a read.
You think they're convicts? We don't know, Uly.
Is my dad gonna be okay out there? True, your father is a very smart man, and we're doing everything we can to get him on his gear, okay? All of you, just stay down and do what Bess says, okay? Okay, Mom.
We're gonna be fine.
And, True, we're gonna get in touch with your father, all right? Is he gonna be okay? Yeah, he'll be fine.
Well, do you wanna tell me where the bullet came from? I don't know.
I told you I don't know where it came from.
Julia, don't you dare think for one minute that what you did in there for Yale is gonna wipe your slate clean for us, 'cause it's not.
Devon, how could I have had anything to do with the shooting? I was in camp with you here.
Maybe it's a penal colonist, I don't - Or one of your contacts.
I never, ever gave up our location.
Give me one good reason why I should believe you.
Because it's the truth.
No one knows where we are.
I promise you.
Prove it.
I've missed you, citizen.
I've had to be careful lately.
Eden Project's on edge.
They're suspicious of things.
They're having a bit of a problem right now.
What kind of problem? The kind that makes me think you know where we are.
Let's just drop the games, Heller.
What is it you're talking about? Someone's shooting at us, Reilly.
Shooting at you? Sniper attack.
Oh, my God.
Was anyone hit? Yes.
I just spent the last 30 minutes chasing a slow-moving worm bullet around a man's shoulder.
Are you sure it was a worm bullet? Of course I'm sure.
It was still moving in my hand when I pulled it out.
Where is the bullet now? What have you done with it? - It's in the med tent.
- How long ago was the man hit? - Approximately an hour.
- Get the bullet.
Dispose of it as far from your camp as you can now.
- Reilly, who was shooting at us? - I said run, damn it.
Go! Go now! Did you get that? Yes.
What is it? Throw it, up there.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Base Camp to Danziger.
John? John? John, do you read? Come in.
For God's sake, come in, Danziger.
Baines, I can't raise him.
Are you sure he had his gear? I watched him take it.
Why the hell can't he keep it on? They call him the Watcher.
He works for the Council, determining the viability of this planet for human resettlement.
What makes you think he's not behind this? He knew about the bullet.
I know that the Council does not condone unjustified hostility.
So, a bomb on the ship and sabotaging it to crash, that was justified? Morgan, I'm not an idiot.
I was on the ship.
I know there are factions of the Council that no one ever hears about.
Just like there are every other aspect of station life.
Oh, please, spare us the bad apple analogy, will ya? I just can't stand that, "Oh, I'm-just-the-shiny-red- and-misunderstood-one'"part.
Respond immediately.
That's him.
I probably should- Watch it, Heller.
I think you should let me respond.
It's the only way we're gonna find out for sure who's shooting at us.
Just remember I'm on audio.
Me too.
I assume you found the bullet in time? One of my crew members was almost killed.
Ah, it's your crew now, is it? You knew an awful lot about the weaponry that did it.
Please, worm bullets are 20-year-old technology.
Reilly, you're gonna be looking for another V.
All right, all right.
There's no need for that.
Your sniper was a ZED.
A little genetic engineering mistake.
One of those top secret Defense Department projects.
Boosted senses, organic armor.
And quite a success, till they started killing army brass.
They've dumped them here? Nothing tames the wild frontier like an unstoppable killer.
Reilly, you knew they were here all along, and you've never warned me? You wouldn't tell me where you were.
The ZEDs are few and far between.
I was hoping you'd miss each other.
What does this thing want? That's quite simple.
They wanna kill, and they're very good at it.
With a group like yours, they first take out anyone with a weapon.
Then they work their way down from the largest males to the smallest children.
Oh, my God.
Alonzo! Julia, no! Get down.
! Gimme your gun.
! Hey, ZED, take me.
Projectile is on approach, 200 meters per second.
I'm right here.
Range, 1,900 meters.
- ZED, right here.
- Alonzo, please.
Julia! - Take me.
I've got a gun.
- Julia, no.
- Julia, you're crazy.
Get down.
- Julia, get down! Oh, God.
How you feeling? You're nuts, you know that? What were you thinking out there? I don't know.
I just- I- I couldn't lose you.
No one's ever believed in me like you did today.
That you came back for me- Hey.
Pretty serious emotions.
Sure it's safe to feel that much? Feels like the only thing I can be sure of.
I know.
I know.
So, how are you feeling? Hmm? All right.
How is Alonzo? He's gonna be okay.
Any ideas who's shooting at us? Theory.
I was hoping maybe you could confirm it.
Have you ever heard of a ZED? A ZED? That's what's shooting at us? Yes.
It stands for Zero Emotional Defects.
A secret offshoot of the Yale program.
It was halted in the planning stage.
You mean they're human? They were at one point.
Criminals, not unlike myself.
The program stripped them of all emotional capabilities.
This time, tutors weren't enough.
They wanted super soldiers.
Fourteen officers died training 10 or 12 prototypes.
Do you know of any way to stop them? ZEDs are ruthless.
They have no emotions whatsoever.
They are considered unstoppable.
Used in the mining province uprisings on Earth in late 2180.
Three ZED units quelled an entire province, killing hundreds of mine workers in days.
The incendiary worm bullet became their signature.
It seeks a body's extremities for impact, then works its way to the torso during the interrogation stage.
The titanium phosphorus blast incinerates the victim from within, leaving no remains.
Ahoy, Eden crew.
Anybody down there? Danziger, is that you? Where the hell have you been? Just doing a little recon.
What's with you? We're under attack.
I tried to reach you all day, Danziger.
You have got to get back here.
Hey, what's going on down there? Is True all right? She's fine, but Alonzo and Yale were shot.
There's some sort of genetic freakoid sniper out here, Danziger.
Yeah, I think I just found his shaving kit.
Danziger, are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
How are Yale and Alonzo? They'll be all right.
Now listen to me.
Leave your vehicle and your weapon behind and get back to camp as fast as you can.
What, on foot? That's gonna take me twice as long.
Do not argue with me, John.
This thing can sense machinery of any kind.
It'll track you if you don't get rid of it.
All of it.
Just go.
Go! I don't hear your feet moving.
This is nuts.
I'm not leaving the vehicle.
Leave it and the weapon.
I didn't hear it drop.
Maybe you're too busy barking to notice.
Danziger, this thing's already shot two of us from a range of over two kilometers.
This is no joke.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- What? - I don't know.
Nothing maybe.
Do not run.
It will hear you.
Okay, don't run.
Don't run.
- I told you not to run.
- That's easy for you to say.
Is he there? I'm not sticking around to find out.
I'm hit! Oh, Danziger! I'm hit.
Oh, God, this hurts.
Danziger, can you hear me? Oh, God.
Oh, no.
Morgan, you watching the time? Yes.
How long since he's been shot? About 10 minutes.
Can you be more exact? This could get down to seconds.
Um, nine and a half, about.
I'm sorry.
That's the best I can do.
That gives us 50 minutes.
If he drove the rail, he had to go south.
At least it's a start.
- Why? - The way he dotes on those vehicles? He would choose the smoothest route possible, and every other direction there's rocks and ruts.
All right, where then? High ground is where the ZED had to be to hit Yale and Alonzo.
Well, that narrows it to about three square klicks.
We'd need a day to search that big an area.
Does anybody else see something wrong with this picture? I mean, a bullet that waits an hour to kill somebody? What is that? It's sick.
Yale said they were sociopathic.
- That's why they were sent here.
- Well, maybe.
But you just don't build a bullet that drills through the body, and then explodes after an hour unless you have some reason.
Can I see the map? Okay, ifhe's- The more you move, the faster the bullet moves through you.
You should hold still.
I will if you will.
I can't.
What do you want? Only this.
A sample of your blood.
I need your name.
Why? To label the sample.
Who are you? Do you see it hurts less when you stop moving? Oh, it still hurts plenty.
That's because the bullet slows, but it doesn't stop.
It will keep traveling to your abdomen and detonate one hour after impact.
Unless I make it stop.
So make it stop.
It's simple.
You obey, otherwise very soon you will die.
John Danziger.
That's it.
That's all you're gonna get out of me.
Anything else, you make this bullet stop.
Got him.
I've got him! He's on! I have noJohn Danziger.
That name is not on the manifest.
So it's all a mistake.
I can go home.
You're all alike in this way.
The way you defy for no reason.
Who's all alike? Come on.
Come on.
I'm not a criminal.
So you're innocent like the others? - You think I'm a penal colonist? - Can you get him? Yeah, it's narrowing south-southeast.
You work for the Council, don't you? No more questions.
No way the Council would hand out firepower like that to a penal colonist.
That will be all.
You will answer all questions put to you.
You will do so honestly and concisely.
- Questions about what? - Your time on this planet.
He's studying these penal colonists like guinea pigs.
- This thing's the lab assistant from hell.
- It'll be dark soon.
Come on.
We gotta locate him.
I got him.
Why am I sensing a magnetic field behind you? Oh, no.
He's gone.
What? Warning them won't help.
I will take them all, one by one.
And there is nothing any human can do to stop me.
How are we gonna do this, Devon? This thing is a killing machine.
Was Danziger right? Does this thing work for the Council? I don't know.
I don't know who works for who anymore.
What about Reilly? Ifhe was hiding the connection, he might be hiding something else.
Maybe this thing has some kind of weakness.
No, he wouldn't admit the connection.
Even if he did, he wouldn't tell you how to kill it.
I think I have a way.
You're not gonna like this.
He shot the boy, and he's still got him.
- Damn it, that's impossible.
- Well, you tell that to the kid.
But you got 42 minutes.
You better hurry.
The ZED would not shoot the boy, not while a larger target was still available.
Well, then I wonder who's lying here.
You told me the ZEDs were sent here like the penal colonists.
How did they acquire weapons? Why are their weapons designed to torture before they kill? They stole the weapons from my men.
Delayed detonator rounds are standard issue to a counterinsurgency force.
Let me put it to you this way, Reilly.
You're gonna lose the boy.
You tell me how to stop the ZED, or you're gonna lose your chance to control the planet.
You've got 42 minutes.
What's it gonna be? The ZED has a small square of non-armored epidermis.
It is at the tip of the spine, just where it meets the skull.
Any projectile entering there can pass unobstructed to the brain.
But you would be a fool to try.
The ZED will sense you coming a mile away.
That'll be our problem.
And I don't care what you do with the ZED, the boy is mine.
You deliver him, or you will die running.
Am I clear? I've got three Mag-Pros.
I don't think we should kill him.
What the hell was that conversation all about? We needed to find his soft spot.
We don't have to put a bullet there.
Are you nuts? This thing is a walking warhead.
I've seen plagues less lethal than him.
Julia's right.
If we get the drop on him, we can sedate him, and then he can lead us to Reilly.
I'm gonna get my equipment.
- You want me to- - No, I will take care of it.
Will you just get the A.
Bring it around.
I'll meet you in one minute.
Devon, don't give me that stare.
You've had this coming for a long time.
The Council could not have tried harder to dissuade you from coming here.
I mean- If it was so damned important, why couldn't they just tell me themselves? No project in space station history has ever needed the secrecy that this one has.
If the general population knew that this planet existed, there would be an exodus What does all this have to do with my son? The Council is testing five planets for a resettlement.
The most promising candidate is this one.
But we can't resettle until they figure out some way to control the planet.
You mean control the Terrians? If they remove the Terrians, the planet starts to die.
It's pretty hopeless until a sick little boy comes along.
Something about this boy makes the alien world give a piece of itself to make the boy whole.
Uly is the key to human acceptance on this planet.
The Terrians have chosen him for reasons we can't understand, but we have to respect it.
There is a whole world of people at home depending on us.
We're ready.
We? You're supposed to be resting.
You shouldn't even be talking to me.
Danziger's got 39 minutes, so you can tell me all about it on the way.
Okay? Let's go.
Simple answers.
What is your name? How did you remove your surveillance tagging? Describe in detail all contacts with the Terrian population.
He's picked us up.
Get Zero moving.
No gear on.
No machinery of any kind.
Okay? Come on.
He'll focus on Zero.
Remember, even the slightest motor activity speeds the bullet along.
If it should happen to reach a vital organ before it detonates, there's nothing I can do to save you.
Better hope I make short work of this, John Danziger.
Make sure you have contact before you release the sedative.
He should go down within seconds.
Somehow that sounds like a long time.
How much time for Danziger? Less than 20 minutes left.
As soon as it's clear, we'll go in for him.
I'm gonna need you to assist me.
Zero, are you picking up anything? I'm sensing movement 30 degrees west-southwest at 60 meters.
He's at 70 meters.
Heller, no.
No! State your name.
ZED unit, identify yourself.
Advance and be killed.
I'm an appointee of the Council, I.
Delta 04917.
That is a physician's code.
That's right.
I've been dispatched by Reilly.
Do not approach, physician.
You have no authority in this field.
I have Council authority, soldier.
Your orders have been amended.
You will prepare this convict for transfer.
Transport will be at my discretion only.
I will sedate and relocate to my camp.
Julia, help me get him off me.
Let's get to Danziger.
Are you guys okay? I don't think I- Oh! - I don't know if I can do this.
- Don't say that.
Yes, you can.
Devon, it's old-fashioned first aid.
Use the glove to locate the bullet.
I found it.
Don't move.
We need the bullet to slow down as much as possible.
All right, I'm gonna set the laser scan function.
Make your incision.
- Everybody get away from me.
It's gonna blow! - I gotcha.
- It's just a warning, okay? - Devon, make the incision.
Laser cut.
Avoid the bullet if you can.
All right, deeper.
Sponge and clot.
Third finger command.
All right, that's it.
Okay, now go in for it.
I don't feel it.
I don't feel it.
Okay, take your time.
Take a breath.
How's your pain block? I don't feel a thing.
Ooh, ooh, I felt that.
All right, all right, it's wearing off.
You have to stay very still.
Hold still.
I gotcha.
Devon? I can't find it.
I can't- Wait.
Wait a minute.
I got it.
I got it.
Turn it clockwise.
- Clockwise? - Easy.
- I got it.
- Hurry.
I got it out.
Nice teamwork, ladies.
I'm a prisoner? For debriefing purposes only.
Reilly's issued a change in your op procedure.
I'm sorry about the sedaderm, but your group has a history of assaulting officers.
So he did lose track of me.
Yes, he did.
You were unaware? Well, I suspected when my recon data didn't unload.
I've been at full capacity since I hit 14 enemy dead.
All of'em talked.
Better get busy, Doc, if you want my data.
I thought that we would, uh, take you back to headquarters.
I think Reilly himself would like to talk to you.
I'd just as soon die right here.
I don't wanna take my last breath with the satellite brass.
You mean that Reilly's not even on this planet? You- Hurry up, Doc.
You know my cyanide release was automatic on capture.
You'd better download while you- Oh, God, I should have known.
He has a suicide default mechanism.
Who are you? Don't keep me in suspense.
Is our boy all right? Yeah, he's fine.
You stopped a ZED? Yes, with your help.
My admiration of you grows daily.
I'm glad you're on my team.
Am I? Well, I hope so.
After all we've been through, I hope that you can trust me now.
Just like the ZED trusted you? ZEDs aren't penal colonists, are they? They're yours.
Ours actually.
Ours? They do the work of the Council? Phase two? Find out from the penal colonists what you can about survival on this planet and then eliminate them? Might as well, they're in a blackout zone.
You can't surveil them.
Just like you can't surveil us from where you're orbiting, is that right? But just knowing that you're in one of the zones narrows down the possibilities.
I will find you, citizen.
Maybe you will, and maybe you won't.
Heller, this is treason.
Funny thing, we figure the stations will say the same about you when we expose you.
Somehow I doubt you have that capacity, whoever you are.
John Danziger.
Alonzo Solace.
You want me to spell that for you? So this is the company you're keeping now, Heller? Yes, it is.
And we're glad to have her.
You're making a terrible mistake.
I think I'm finished making terrible mistakes.
He's out there somewhere, orbiting.
But he can't detect us.
Not so far.
I feel closer to the Terrians all the time.
Do you wanna do the honors? We'd come to this planet believing humanity deserved a second chance.
And we found our first test in offering as much to one of our own.
It wasn't going to be easy, starting over, trusting Julia after all she'd done.
But maybe that's what separates us from Reilly and his kind.
We believe in the value ofhuman life, and we knewJulia deserved a second chance.
Next on Earth 2.
There's something wrong with this place.
Something terrible must have happened here.