Earth 2 (1994) s01e20 Episode Script

All About Eve

Previously on Earth 2.
They call him the Watcher.
He works for the Council, determining the viability of this planet for human resettlement.
And you think the boy provides the ability to take the planet? The boy is touched.
The Council is testing five planets for resettlement.
The most promising candidate is this one.
But we can't resettle until they figure out some way to control the planet.
What does all this have to do with my son? The boy is mine.
You deliver him, or you will die running.
He's out there somewhere orbiting.
But he can't detect us, not so far.
We have come to this place to leave behind a part of ourselves- a part we cannot replace, but a part we will not lose as long as we remember.
Six days, four hours and some odd minutes ago, we all began to die.
We closed the winter camp, headed out of the mountains, but now we're stopped again - at the mercy of the unknown.
It's okay.
I'm- I'm just a little dizzy.
That's all.
Some of us are worse than others, but we're all experiencing dizziness, progressive loss of motor control.
And now the first of us has died.
I'm afraid she won't be the last.
leave in this quiet place only the fragile chamber in which our friend once lived.
For we take with us forever her enduring spirit.
They say that fear is a single closed door behind which lies the unknown.
We've been stuck in this valley for eight days.
We've been sick for six.
I say we start movin' again before we get any weaker.
Maybe you're right.
Julia? I've run every test I can.
I- I- I've come up with nothing.
If I had more equipment- If I had more time- If, if, if.
What kind of a diagnosis starts with "if"? She is doing the best she can, Morgan.
Well, that's not good enough.
Take a look at us.
We're withering away here, one by one, and our only doctor doesn't have a clue.
Morgan, shut it, or you won't have to worry about withering away.
Who the hell are you? You're not in this program.
Franklin Bennett's the name, and I like your taste in music.
- What the hell's the matter with this thing? - Nothing at all, Morgan.
I've simply come to tell you that you're doomed.
Your beautiful young doctor cannot help you.
Wait a minute.
What are you- How do you know that? There's nothing she can do to save you.
- You stay away from me.
- But I can.
If you listen to me- if you trust me- I can help you.
I can help Bess if you help me.
I'm not doing so well, Morgan.
Oh, honey, I know.
I'm not doing so well either.
We're all gonna be better soon.
Do you believe in angels? Why are we stopping? Hey.
Why are we stoppin'? Someone's been messin' with the induction cell.
It's been modified to shut down on these coordinates.
What? Show me.
What's goin' on? It's locked down to these coordinates.
Let's get Baines and the others into some shelter.
Alonzo, you'd better- Look! Over there! - Whoa.
! - Wow.
! What is it? That looks like an Earth ship.
I make it better than a hundred years old, Lonz.
Your age.
Very funny.
First cruise ship out this far was a Jupiter-class freighter.
This boat's Venus class- I didn't think we were out here that long ago.
Officially, we weren't.
Unofficially, looks like we were.
Let's do it.
I used to love to fly these things.
You know what you're doin'? Guess so.
Oh, what- Okay.
Alonzo, be careful.
Be careful now.
Be careful.
She's still got power.
Plasma shell.
These babies could burn forever.
What do you know? Will you take a look at this? It's not from our station.
That's for sure.
Look at this.
Cold-sleep crypts.
What? There's people in here.
People? What do you mean, people? Are they alive? They must be.
I'm unfamiliar with these first-generation systems.
According to ship's log, it's a Council research vessel.
A Council ship? Mm.
Originally commissioned out of New Mars Station.
Most of its research data is locked in coded files I cannot access.
The final log entry simply states: "Entering cold sleep.
Can't wait to get back.
" They actually thought they were going home.
What do we do with them? Let 'em sleep.
Take what we can use and be on our way.
With temperatures that low, if we cycle them up, we take a risk.
They could die.
Cycle 0-1-niner.
Ramp accelerated recovery from 0-niner to 1-2-1.
Oh, boy.
I hope you know what you're doing, Bennett.
Morgan? What the hell are you doin'? I- I-I'm, uh- I'm waking them up.
Just like he asked.
You're waking them up? Morgan.
Oh, no.
Can you stop it? No.
We've got life signs already.
I don't know what to do.
What's wrong? I did everything he said.
Who? Everything who said? Him.
They're failing! The pods are failing.
Find an override.
You've gotta find an override.
It's too late.
! We're gonna lose them.
! - Four is gone.
- God.
! - John, help me.
! - Look at it, Morgan! You killed them! But he begged me to do it.
- Pod 5- Morgan! - He told me what to do.
Julia, shut down the failed pods.
Shut 'em down.
! Shut 'em all down.
! Two is stabilized.
Six is stabilized.
We've got two and six.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
! What do I do with him? I'm Dr.
Julia Heller.
Please lie still.
Breathe evenly.
Elizabeth? Thomas.
Where are the others? I'm here! Franklin! Franklin.
I'm here.
Franklin, I'm here.
We're finally home.
You tell them why I did it! You tell them it was you who told me what to do! Morgan, stop it.
Who are these people? We're colonists.
We're here to settle this planet.
Which planet? G889.
- Oh! - Oh, my God! No! Sorry, folks.
You didn't get very far.
You're still on the surface.
No! Those murderers.
Those bloody murderers! Here, let me have your wrist.
Wh-What's that you're giving him? It's a synaptic enhancer.
It'll help with your recovery.
We were among the Council's first Advance teams- the first humans in this system.
It took us eight years before we- Finished our assignment.
We put ourselves into cold sleep, fully expecting to wake up back home.
You are the first colonists, right? Yes.
Yes, there are about, uh, a thousand others in transit- 250 families.
- And after that? - I don't know.
Millions hopefully.
I'm telling you.
I met this guy in V.
You begged me to wake you.
I'm sorry.
That's not possible.
It is possible.
It happened.
I didn't mean for anything to happen to your friends.
Honey, I- I need to go to the tent.
I'm not feeling well.
Get some rest, Bess.
How are you? You feeling okay? Oh.
Bess? Julia.
Do something.
Turn her over.
What's wrong with her? I'm a physician too.
I don't know.
It's been going on for days.
It's happening to all of us, and I can't isolate it.
Now, listen.
We only came here because he said that you could help us.
Now, I am not making this up.
Do something! - I know it's neurological.
I just can't find the systemic source.
- Eben died.
She died.
It's okay.
Eben was at the front of the curve.
We lost her yesterday.
Uh, I'd like to examine the body.
There we go.
Do you think it's possible that guy talked to Morgan in V.
? Morgan sure thinks so.
I don't trust him.
It's like something- It's not right.
He's not tellin' us everything.
I get the same feelin'.
The dizziness that occurs- it's actually more of a disorientation, isn't it? Yeah.
Everyone's been on the same progression.
It's just some of us are further along the curve than others.
And the headaches that follow are sharp? They feel as if they're directly behind the eyes? Do you know what this is? What is that? Something to let the Council monitor your life signs.
I'd guess they were going bad.
But we won't know for sure till we analyze it.
How did you know what to look for? I helped design them.
It looks like a bioprobe.
It's an effective way for the Council to monitor the population's health.
Sneaky, but reliable.
I never signed off on anything like that being plugged into me.
It was probably injected right along with your flu shot, old boy.
Bloody Council doctor didn't even know himself.
Now, wait a minute.
We've got little robots inside our bodies? Let's get to work, Doc.
Start cuttin'.
I'm gonna volunteer.
They can't be removed.
The chip attaches to the cortical stem and builds neural nets through the brain.
So, what's wrong with them? Can they be fixed? I don't know.
The circuits look damaged.
But I- I've never seen anything like this before.
You know what this means, don't you? You worse than me at the moment.
I punched up the crypt logs.
Fifty years and we're still here.
And a bloody million colonists on the way.
You must call her, Franklin.
She may still be up there.
She's dead by now.
But you must consider it, darling.
What else could be responsible for their condition? Are you there, Eve? It's good to hear your voice again, Dr.
I wish I could say the same, love.
I take it your orbit is secure.
Oh, yes.
Quite comfortable, in spite of your efforts.
You didn't send us back home, love.
You sent us back down.
Care to tell me why? I think you know why, Doctor.
Why don't you tell the rest of us? More guests.
These kind people are the reason I'm talking to you now.
What is this? The mother of all computers, my dear.
When we ventured down to the surface these many years ago, Eve stayed safely up in orbit keeping an eye on us- helping us where she could- ever the faithful watchdog.
Thank you, Franklin.
Well, it appears now our good friends are having a bit of a problem.
The biostat chips the Council inflicted on them- they seem to be malfunctioning with rather nasty consequences.
You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, love? This would be a matter for Council member Reilly.
Reilly? Are the-Are the members of the Council up there now, love, in orbit on the ship? Citizen Reilly is here.
I will summon him.
No, wait.
- Reilly.
- Well, well, well.
Devon, Julia and all the others.
What a delightful surprise.
And you're looking so well, considering.
What have you done, Reilly? What's going on with the biostat chips? Now, Devon, calm down.
It's just a little glitch that's developed in our download-uplink program- or upload-down- I can never get that straight.
He's out of his mind.
Anyway, it seems that we've been overamplifying the little buggers, and they're giving you all headaches.
We're t-terribly embarrassed about all of this.
You're embarrassed? Reilly, we're dying.
We've already lost one crew member.
You know, Julia, I really hate it when you nag.
Nowjust listen to me.
All you have to do is access Dr.
Bennett's primary architecture directive in the Advance team's C.
, uplink a software fix, downlink a software- Send- Uh- Send it to Eve.
Send it up to Eve, and she can begin to effect a repair and no more problemo.
What do you think of it? Wait a minute.
Why do we need Bennett's systems? Why can't Eve just fix it herself? Oh, well, perhaps Dr.
would like to take a crack at that since he and Eve have such a special relationship.
I- I-I've lost my ball.
I have to go.
Bennett, is he right? Can you fix it? I'd like to help you.
- But I won't.
- You won't? What do you mean you won't? You get on that system, and you find that repair directive.
You uplink us to Reilly, or I'm- - Or what? - Take it easy, John.
We need your help.
I wish I could help you, my dear.
But I can't.
What's wrong with them? It seems to be the Cold-Sleep Syndrome.
I told you there might be a problem.
It's not reversible.
They're dying.
So are we.
We don't have much time.
I can't help you, Devon.
Reilly says you can.
There is no Reilly.
Of course there is.
We just saw him.
You saw an image, a holographic image generated by the computer to humanize communication.
Reilly and Eve are one and the same.
That's not possible.
How do you know this? Because I created the program- designed, gave her life.
There is no Council up there, Devon.
No orbiting station.
Just a computer- my computer.
And though it'll be my last breathing act, I must be certain it dies.
Reilly? Reilly, are you there? We really need to talk about this.
"Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote, the droghte of March hath perced to the roote "and bathed every veyne in swich licour, Reilly.
of which vertu engendred is- Reilly.
! We're ready to, uh, downlink, Devon.
Bennett won't unlock his C.
The biostat chips- they let you monitor life signs, right? That's right.
So then you could home in on their signals.
So you've known exactly where we've been, haven't you? Of course, Devon.
The great Council sees all and knows all.
So you could've come for Uly anytime.
Yet you haven't.
Why? Oh, please.
We're not cruel.
Are we not men? Do we not bleed? No.
Because you're not real.
Don't- Don't be- That is a stupid thing to say.
Oh, no, it's not.
Bennett was right.
I don't believe this.
You and Eve are one and the same.
That's why you brought us here - because there's something wrong with you, and it's the same thing that's wrong with us.
And you need us to fix you! Good-bye, Devon.
I hope you finally realize how much we need each other.
You- Bennett.
You were right.
Eve and Reilly are one and the same.
She must have created him to communicate with us.
Clever girl.
Bennett, please.
You must help us.
Eve, Reilly-whatever it wants to call itself- is failing.
You're right.
She has a virus.
I gave it to her- imported it deep into her core just before we departed the planet.
She never knew what was happening.
It was programmed to start destroying her 50 years after our departure- the year we should have arrived back home.
Why? Why would you want to destroy something that you created? Eve is the Council's command link to this planet.
Without her, they have no more control here.
What about us? If Eve goes, so do we.
We're sorry.
You're sorry? You're sorry? Come on.
You must allow us access to the module's C.
It's the only chance we have.
Devon, you have no more choice in this matter.
No choice? No choice? I- I'm very sorry for what's happened to you, but there are children here.
There are 250 families on their way here now.
Pity for them.
Pity for them? Please.
What kind of madman are you? What has happened to you two to turn you into such heartless monsters? That's enough.
No! It's not nearly enough! Okay, okay.
You are condemning all these people to death.
Can you live with that? Can you? Well, I can't, and I won't.
You are gonna give me those access codes - Devon, control yourself.
Mom! Let's get her away.
Let me go.
! Get away from me.
Oh! Mom.
! Devon! Stand back, Uly.
She'll be all right.
Julia, help.
Let's just get her back to the tent.
Come on, Lonz.
Give me a hand.
Better? I'm sorry.
Don't talk.
Time to rest.
John? The group's going to need a leader.
Don't even start, Adair.
You gotta promise me one thing.
You're gonna take care of Uly.
We're all gonna get through this, Devon.
We're gonna get through it together.
You gotta promise me that no matter what happens- if I don't make it with the rest of you- you've gotta keep everyone together and you've got to look after my kid.
Promise me, John.
Julia says you'd better come to the med tent.
He died a few minutes ago.
That means the codes died with him.
Don't bother, dear.
There's nothing you can do.
When you see the onset of renal failure, just try to make me as comfortable as possible.
I wish I'd gotten to know you better.
You must have been among the best to be among the first.
I was an excitable young girl.
They- uh, Franklin, the others- They were giants.
I thought I was embarking on a wonderful odyssey.
I was invulnerable, infallible.
The Council made us feel like we were going to save the world.
I never questioned the Council.
It was always so safe.
It's a difficult moment when you realize you don't know everything.
Isn't it? I thought I knew who I was, but I really didn't until I got here.
It's so beautiful here.
It's just so much more than I ever thought it was gonna be.
No matter how hard it's been, no matter how much we've lost, I think it was worth it.
You found beauty.
You found friendship and love.
I just wish you hadn't found this planet.
Elizabeth, why won't you help us? I don't understand.
Because we made a terrible mistake when we came here.
But it's too late.
We're- Julia.
Over at the rail- he just went out on me.
I couldn't get him around.
Uh, Yale, I need to speak with you.
May I see your arm? You have a full-library function, don't you? Yes, I do.
I have an idea.
But we'd need Eve- Reilly's full cooperation.
What's to prevent Reilly from taking the fix for himself and refusing to help us? All he wants is Uly's bond to the Terrians.
We're expendable.
Not necessarily.
I think he needs us as much as we need him.
She's right.
It's just a machine.
Without us, there's no link to the boy, no connection to the planet.
Okay, so we establish the link.
That means Yale and Reilly are livin' in each other, right? They'd be one and the same, yes.
Reilly's condition is so unpredictable.
What if he were to lose it halfway through the transmission? Well, there is the potential for sudden feedback, and we'd be unable to stop the surge.
So we might lose the connection altogether.
That means we'd have no way of protecting Yale.
Options are in short supply.
Right, Devon? This is the last one.
Reilly's standing by.
We're ready to go.
Reilly, are you there? We'd like to begin transmission.
- Is it gonna be scary? - Now, Reilly, you really have to concentrate.
Think about what you're doing.
We're all gonna be here to help you.
You're gonna be fine.
Just do your best once we get there.
Okay, Mom.
Keep going.
Commencing transmission link.
I can see cyberspace.
They're in.
Now use your library functions to find your way to the memory core.
Almost there.
Look for Gateway Star 13/425.
That will be Franklin's residence.
I can see them.
I can see the others.
I can see their settlements.
I can see their children! They're dying.
They're all dying! What the hell's he talking about? Yale, move on.
Find Gateway Star 13/425.
I can see it now.
Do you see it? Yes, I see, but I'm locked out.
Engage numeric scan.
Begin- 13/425.
What's happening? What's happening? It's Reilly.
Strain's too much.
He's unable to control the power surge.
Stop it then! First sentry breached.
There are two more.
Keep going.
D- Difficult.
Losing function.
! Elizabeth.
! Repeat numeric scale.
! Oh, God! Help! Elizabeth! Please stop it! Please stop it.
! - Second sentry breached.
- Elizabeth, please! Julia.
!Julia, where are you? Stop! It's killing us! Third sentry breached.
! I see it.
I've got it.
Commencing uplink.
Oh, God.
Julia? Julia? Oh.
Oh, thank God.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Come on.
We need to check the others.
Danziger? John? Danziger, are you okay? Yeah.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm here.
Yale? Yale.
He's alive.
Oh, thank God.
Well, I hope you all feel better.
I know I do.
And everything is back to normal- exactly the way it was meant to be.
Oh, God.
Here you go.
You okay? A lot of people owe their lives to you.
Yeah, I'm right- I'm right here.
You still- You have no chance here.
W- What do you mean? What are you talking about? We discovered the truth about this planet.
You can't live here.
The planet will reject you.
Reject us? - What do you mean, reject us? - Elizabeth, can you be more specific? We've seen penal colonists here that- All dying.
But the Terrians- we've made so much progress.
Millions of lives on their way.
Look into your hearts.
You know what I'm asking.
Elizabeth, tell me.
What have you seen? What did you see here? Elizabeth! Oh, my- Oh.
Oh, look at that.
How you feelin'? A little wobbly, but I'll be all right.
I'd like to rip out those food hydrolizers, but I don't know where to put them.
Oh, let's leave them.
We know where they are if we need them.
Are you crazy? That stuff's valuable whether we use it or not.
You know what that goes for on the open market? We could sell it.
To who, Morgan? Who knows? Who knows what's out there? We've run into just about everything imaginable on this planet.
Sell them.
You amaze me, Morgan.
Eight days, 12 hours and some odd minutes after we began to die, we started to live again.
But we've discovered a terrible secret about this planet that may doom all of our efforts to survive here.
Our only hope may be my son and his special link with this strange new world.
I'm just afraid I won't live long enough to see if I'm right.
Oh! Hey.
Julia! What happened? Julia, Yale, come here.
! Devon.
- What's wrong with her? - Give her room to breathe.
- Get my diaglove please.
- Poor Devon.
She's burnin' up.
! Devon.
! Devon.
! Let me through! Mom! Mom! You see, I have a secret of my own.
I never had a biostat implant.
My sickness was different.
So while the others recover, I remain sick.
Mom! Mom! Uly.
Uly! I don't know what it is.
It's a total system failure.
- It could be a matter of minutes.
- Oh, my God.
We cannot let her die.
We have to try.
We have no other choice.
It's her only hope.
Do what you can, Julia.
My mind is filled with visions of my own death, and I'm scared.
I'm scared that Bennett and Elizabeth were right- that I will be the first of our kind to prove that we cannot live here.