East West 101 (2007) s03e01 Episode Script

The Hero's Standard

(FLUTTERING) (FLAG SWOOSHES) (FLAG SWOOSHES) (FLAG SWOOSHES) (FLAG SWOOSHES) (FLAG SWOOSHES) Post 9/11, we 'Face new challenges and new threats posed to us by fanatics.
Criminals, terrorists holding extreme and violent ideologies have taken advantage of our Australian tolerance with their attempts to commit acts of mass murder aimed at innocent civilians.
As upholders of the law, we must do everything in our power to protect the innocent.
Today, we pay tribute to one of our own, who, under enormous threat to his personal safety, showed great initiative and courage in successfully stopping a terrorist bomb attack.
Would Detective Malik come forward to accept the Commissioner's Medal.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
(APPLAUSE) You big hero, leave it on your chest so we can bask in your glory.
There's nothing heroic about killing someone.
You idiot, that's for putting your life on the line and saving the lives of others.
Blood all over this, always will be.
(DRILL WHIRRS) - (SHOUTS) Back up! - I'm trying! (GUNFIRE) MAN: (shouts) Go! (BOOM!) (GUNFIRE) HELEN: Mum, I can't afford a nanny.
They earn more money than I do.
OK, Mum.
You know what? I'll sort something out.
Don't worry about it.
I gotta go.
Aarggh! Crime 406, I've got an armed hold-up.
I need backup corner of Hinds and Reservoir.
I'm a cop.
- What's your name? - Sam.
Sam Fadi.
Sam, it's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) You're gonna be OK.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
(SIRENS NAIL) You took your time getting here.
See these? These were 7.
62 X 39 Russian rounds from an AK-47.
These others ones were 9mm X 9mm parabellum.
- Prepared for war.
PATRICIA: Where you been? Stuck in that bloody tunnel.
How many dead have we got? Four - two in the explosion, two from the gunshot wounds.
One guard's on his way to hospital.
- What a shitstorm, hey? - It's your shitstorm, sunshine.
I'm making you the case officer.
This crime scene's too small.
I want you to move it out, Malik.
- Are you right? - Yep.
Look, I know you've been brassed up with some serious firepower, you're probably a bit shaken, but I need to know exactly what you saw.
Clean yourself up afterwards.
I didn't piss myself.
It's coffee.
There were four men in black.
They had some big guns and they were - Did you return fire? - NO.
- What did you do? - I ducked for cover.
I'm not interested in what you didn't do, I need to know what you saw in detail.
- I've told you what I saw.
- Four guys in black with big guns? - Yeah.
SONNY: Hey, take it easy.
- Travis, Crime Scene wants a word.
- Thanks, Callas.
- Coffee? - No, I'm good.
So they blew the pole.
Ballistics think it's some sort of shaped charge.
- So they knew what they were doing? - Yeah.
He looks Arab.
Looks like a dead crim to me.
Hey, guys, they found the getaway van.
Come on, let's go.
NEIL: OK, listen up.
Come in here.
I want every footprint, every piece of dirt, every hair, scanned, gone over and accounted for.
VIN number matches a van listed in a car yard on Parramatta Road.
Sales manager didn't know it was missing till I called.
How often do we find a stolen vehicle used in a robbery that's not torched? Never.
We've never seen something on this scale before the firearms, explosives, the balls to pull it off.
It's bigger than what we normally deal with.
Boss, you handed my resignation on to the brass? I figured I'd wait till you got back from holiday.
- Might change your mind.
- It's a choice to start a new life.
Doing what? What else do you think's out there? I'm looking forward to finding out.
- He bought a caravan.
- Really? - Camels? - I'm assimilating, all right? You should see the size of my esky.
You better come back, otherwise I've gotta break in a new partner.
One that still thinks he's in a bloody war zone.
NEIL: According to the security company, the armoured van was transporting old currency from a holding bank in the city to the airport.
It was being flown to the Federal Reserve to be destroyed.
- How much are we talking? - $36 million in $50 and $100 bills.
I want the names of everyone that had detailed knowledge of that movement of cash.
What about the surviving security guard? - In theatre.
Condition critical.
- I want to talk to him.
What do we know about our dead robber? Other than the fact he's an Arab, nothing.
SUNNY: Probably not relevant.
- It's relevant.
These guys were armed with assault weapons and high explosives.
Evidence at the crime scene and the way shell casings were spread, they affected what's called a 'break contact drill'.
The van's here.
Forces are divided either side.
One team lays down suppressing fire, the other team withdraws.
It ' s called a ' fighting withdrawal '.
If you're on the receiving end of that, it feels like you're under constant fire.
- Ask Callas.
- So they're pros.
My bet is - training camp in the Middle East.
- Try and keep an open mind, Travis.
- I call it as I see it, Malik.
All right, get onto counter-terror.
See if they have any Australian nationals on their watch list with paramilitary training here and overseas.
Coroner's office.
They're ready for a post-mortem briefing when you are.
I'm done.
Anyone got anything else to add? $36 million, people - we crack this, there'll be a big drink after.
I want to work the case and get these bastards.
What I need is CCTV footage from every camera on every street and every ATM within four blocks of the crime scene I normally work the streets.
I don't care, Callas.
Today you're working the cameras.
- Boss? - It's Travis's call.
You want to stay on the case, go see the shrink.
- Am I being punished? - NO.
But I'm finding it creatively challenging trying to explain why one of my detective's vehicles was carrying commercial quantities of nappies.
They were on special.
Everyone does foreign orders.
I'm just the bunny who got shot at while doing it.
I'm the bunny that has to hide it from the brass.
I couldn't have done anything more.
One bullet passed through his left bicep.
The other entered the left side of his neck.
It severed his carotid artery, then it struck his right collarbone and deflected downwards into his lungs.
We found what looked like old stab or bullet wounds in his forearms, and one in his left calf, where it appears a projectile has passed through.
He's certainly seen a bit of action.
We also found an interesting tattoo underneath his left shoulder.
He's Republican Guard.
That's their insignia.
- How do you know that? - 'Cause I was in Iraq.
What's he doing robberies for? The $36 million question, isn't it? If he served the Iraqi military, he should be on file.
What?! When? - When? What happened? - Hey! Zane! - My wife's been in an accident.
- Oh, shit.
Excuse me.
Amina Malik, where is she? - What happened? - He didn't stop.
He went through the stop sign.
- The car's a total wreck.
- Don't worry about the car.
You OK? I'm fine.
They won't let me see Amir.
- Amir? - Amir was in the car.
- Can you please go find him? - All right, I will.
- OK.
- Don't worry.
Amir, come here, baby.
Are you all right? - Ow, ow, ow.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Where does it hurt? - Everywhere, but I'm all right.
(GADGET BEEPS) Habibi, will you put that away, please? Tell me what happened.
Some dude clipped our car from behind, we went spinning into a pole, then he drove off.
- You're Amir's father? - I'm Zane Malik, yeah.
How is he? Your son's a lucky boy.
Made it through with hardly a scratch.
All his obs are fine.
We ran X-rays.
There are no breaks.
We'll keep him under observation for awhile, but you can have him home by day's end.
- Thank you.
Thanks very much.
- Excuse me.
Looking forward to going away, champ? Yeah, two months off school - fishing, swimming.
It's not all fun and games.
You're taking your textbooks, remember? - Amir, have you got my phone number? - Yeah.
When your dad's got the caravan bogged in some tropical swamp, I expect to see the photos, OK, buddy? Sure thing.
- I'm gonna go see Mum, OK? - OK.
I love you.
Dad, wait.
I was just wondering if I could have your medal? Some of my friends are coming by this afternoon.
It was a red Mazda MX-6.
- You're positive? - My cousin has one.
- You didn't catch the numberplate? - No, but it was black and white.
- The driver was a man? - A man.
What are you gonna do - chase him down for insurance? He's supposed to stop and help.
He broke the law.
- I got a good look at him.
- OK.
We slammed into the pole, he stopped for a moment.
I looked up and saw him staring at us.
I waited for him to get out and help, but he didn't.
He drove off.
So what did he look like? Mid-30s dark.
Of Middle Eastern appearance.
(CHUCKLES) NEIL: So what made you want to become a detective? Parents wanted me to study medicine.
(CHUCKLES) You didn't want to be the good girl, huh? I wanted it for myself.
How about you? Just really dug playing cops and robbers as a kid.
You mean, you never grew up? Let's see if this dead Iraqi's got any haji mates from the sandpit working inside? Detective Lim.
I want to speak to your manager.
- So this is the dead driver, yeah? - Yeah, that's Joe.
- What nationality is he? - He's Aussie.
- What religion? - What difference does it make? - Muslim, I think.
- Yeah? The injured security guard, this Sam Fadi, he a Muslim as well? I think so, yeah.
And you can vouch for all these men? What do you think? I run a security company.
They're good people, all of them.
They're all dead, pal.
Someone leaked your Reserve Bank run, someone with inside knowledge.
I don't brief the boys till they come in for their shift.
Even then they don't know what they're transporting.
How often do you do the Reserve Bank escort? About a dozen runs a year.
They're a major client.
- Do you stick to the same route? - No.
We've got three we choose from.
Ultimately we head to the airport down Southern Cross Drive.
- Always got so much money involved? - They're Reserve Bank.
They're not short of a buck.
They are now.
We've got an ID on the dead gunman.
Thank you.
ZANE: According to my source, Ashiq Fakhri was a high-ranking officer within the Special Forces unit of the Iraqi Republican Guard.
After the fall of Saddam Hussein, there were rumours he joined the insurgency.
But there's also a report that he worked as a translator and a fixer for the coalition forces.
Well, maybe he did both.
- When did he arrive in Australia? - According to Customs, he hasn't.
- We have nothing on this Fakhri? - NSL hasn't got a file on him.
- He's a ghost.
- Let's go to the media with it.
Sam Fadi's just made the midday news.
You told me he was in a critical condition.
Yeah, that's what they told me.
How did a camera crew get to him? FADI: I stepped from the van.
I engaged one of them REPORTER: Can you tell me what it felt like to walk out of that truck, knowing there were 'Four of them and one of you? This is bullshit.
The statement's on tape.
It's gonna be used to discredit him in court.
They'd shot Joe.
The blokes in the back had all copped it in the explosion.
I stepped out of the truck.
I saw a gunman.
I drew my weapon and I dropped him.
Next thing there was a crack and I felt a pain in my stomach.
- You'd just been shot yourself? - That's right.
After that I don't remember that much.
More from this Aussie hero after the break.
Hero or part of the armed hold-up gang? Get on to the Police Media Liaison.
I want that news bulletin killed before it totally screws our brief.
Someone go to the hospital and interview Fadi.
SUNNY: We need to get a full taped statement from you at some stage.
Before we do, we'd like to ask you a 'Few questions, if that's OK.
So who shot Joe, Sam? I don't know.
One of the gunmen.
Yeah, but which gunman? I don't know.
I guess I was unconscious.
- From the explosion? - Yeah.
What do you remember after that? When I came to, I saw Joe slumped against the window.
- I could tell he was dead.
- So he'd been shot already? He had a hole in the back of his head.
But you didn't see who shot him? No.
Like I said, I was out to it.
Why did you tell the media one of the offenders shot him? Well, who else shot him? You know, normally if the driver's executed, the passenger's executed as well.
But, for some reason, they didn't execute you in the van.
I guess I'm lucky.
Mmm, very lucky.
- That'll be all, mate.
- OK.
- Take care, hey? - OK.
What's the matter? - What's the matter? - Amir.
Your son has experienced some post-trauma injuries.
I'm sorry.
We did everything we could.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no! Arggh! (WEEPS) What happened? What happened? You said he was fine.
He had a dissected aorta.
It was caused by the impact.
You said he was fine.
"Hardly a scratch.
" - He was asymptomatic.
- What does that mean? - Why didn't you check? - We did.
It doesn't come up on X-rays, only CT scans.
- Did you do one of them? - NO.
- Why not? Why didn't you do one? - There wasn't a need.
He wasn't showing any symptoms.
Don't give me this shit! He's dead! I'm really sorry.
(POlGNANT MUSIC) (MOUTHS INAUDIBLY) Zane, where are we going? I want to go home to Yasmeen.
We're gonna go over the accident, all right? AMINA: what do you want me to tell you? I stopped at the 'Give Way'.
I looked to the right.
There was another car coming, but he had the 'Stop' sign.
OK, then what? He drove through at speed and clipped us.
- Walk me through it.
- I want to go home.
What happened after he clipped you? We spun into the pole.
- He drove off? - He just kept going.
I don't know what you want me to say.
So you got to the 'Give Way' sign, then what? I got to the 'Give Way' sign and I looked right what happened after he clipped you? He stopped for awhile and he looked at me.
Then he took off? He stopped for a second, looked right at me, then kept going.
- You didn't see a numberplate? - I didn't see the numberplate.
You drove up to the 'Give Way' I don't know what you want me to say.
- You spun into the pole? - I looked to the right - There was only one driver? - He had the 'Stop' sign.
He was supposed to stop but he didn't.
- Then what? He kept coming? - We went into the pole.
- You drove up to the 'Give Way'.
- I looked to the right.
There was a car.
He clipped us and we went into the pole.
There was just one in the car.
He drove off.
Then what? - One more time, walk me through.
- No! No! You spun into the pole and he kept going (CAR DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) It's OK.
Why did he have to die, Daddy? Everyone has an appointed time to go back to Allah.
And .
this was Amir's time to go back.
So, Allah took Amir? Yeah, he did.
Why? I don't know.
It's sad for us, butit's the will of Allah.
Your brother's in paradise now.
You know, we should be happy for him 'causeit's a blessing.
A blessing? But he was taken from us.
I know.
(WEEPS) JUNG: Hold on.
News crew are here.
What's happened? Malik's son's been killed.
What do you want me to do about the news team? Tell them to come into my office.
Do you want to come this way? ZANE: You definitely looked right? (SIGHS) (SNIFFLING) It's OK.
I'm so sorry.
Boss, I want to stay on, OK? OK, but you need to take a break, at least.
No, no, no, I need to work.
Look, it's not a hard question.
I want to know who in your department is responsible for following through with the hit-and-run on my wife's car.
Amina Malik.
If there's anything I can do, just let me know.
- He blames me.
- No, he doesn't.
He's just hurting.
- Take care of him.
- I will.
What do you mean, "What car?" It's a silver Volvo.
I shouldn't even have to be telling you this.
No, don't put me on hold.
Get me your supervisor, please.
(SHOUTS) Get me the sergeant-in-charge now! (CALMLY) The second he gets in I expect a phone call, all right? All right.
CIU, man, they're all idiots.
No one's even followed through on this.
- Are you OK? - I'm fine, man.
It'd be perfectly normal if you weren't.
I'm at peace.
It's God's will.
It's tough, but I've got to accept it.
Let me take care of CIU.
I'm trying to keep it together, man.
It's (SIGHS) I don't want to lose my tawakol, but it's a struggle, you know? It's a struggle.
It doesn't help the Crash Investigation Unit aren't returning my calls.
Come on.
You take care of God's will, I'll take care of CIU, hmm? All right.
(SIGHS) See you, mate.
The Amina Malik accident - where are we up with that? Hit-and-run - corner of Hill and Packard.
We've got half a dozen hit-and-run accidents.
We've got a dead 15-year-old boy you haven't assembled a case file yet? We don't know anything about someone dying.
- Where's the victim's car? - It's in the depot.
Well, get it.
(PHONE RINGS) Thanks for ringing back, Sparrow.
I need you to 'Find me a red Mazda MX-6, front-end damage, black-and-white numberplates.
That's teamwork.
He's been highly trained and heavily armed.
Much more sophisticated than any gangs on record.
Middle Eastern.
No Middle Eastern crime gang fits this profile.
Looks like you're right about them being trained in a terror camp.
That's why we need to stay in Afghanistan till the job's done.
Staying in Afghanistan's not gonna stop this.
There's just too many innocent people being killed.
The man just lost his son.
I feel sympathy for him.
He shouldn't be at work.
- He should be at home.
- I said he could stay on the case.
All due respect, I don't think All respect, Malik and I go way back.
He's like a brother to me.
If he needs to work to get through this, that's enough for me.
But we'll keep an eye on him.
Anything else? Right.
Callas, have we got any leads on Fakhri? Oh, yeah, there's hundreds.
According to these Crime Stopper reports, he's been driving half the cabs in Sydney.
One caller has him as a halal butcher in Ashfield.
Another swears he's a member of the Pakistani cricket team.
Bags to check that one out.
Some of them are meant to be cute.
Malik, I've got two boys of my own.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
I'm sorry.
I'm at peace, Neil.
It was his time.
Well, if you ever want to catch up for a beer, talk, I don't know Thanks.
Hey, my informant come good.
We got a lead on that car that hit Amina.
- OK.
- Let's go.
Silver paint.
This is the car.
- What are you doing? - Who owns this car? - This car? - Yeah.
I don't know.
- Who owns this joint? - I do.
You don't know anything about this car? My manager must have been here when it came in.
I'll call him and get back to you.
How about you give me the number? I'll call him.
He's not that easy Go check your computers, look in your books.
Leave it with me.
I'll speak with my manager and I'll call you.
- Who brought the car in, smart-arse? - Hey, this is my shop.
You don't talk to me like that.
The owner of this car killed my son! If you don't tell me who brought it in, I'm gonna kill you.
Zane! I've got you for assaulting police.
I make one more call, I'll have this place crawling with cops.
Who knows what they're gonna find.
Now, who brought the car in? O'Sullivan.
Dave O'Sullivan.
Let's go.
What were you thinking, huh, drawing your gun? You want to stuff this investigation up forever, hey? I'll talk to O'Sullivan.
- I want to be there - No! You remember telling me what you want, huh? I want my boy back.
(STARTS ENGINE) How did you 'Find it? It's called police work.
I want you to go over every inch of this car - prints, DNA starting with rego and VIN number.
I want to know everything about this car, from who the registered driver is to who made the wheel nuts.
Come on, gentlemenlet's go.
That's the ballistics report on the armoured van driver.
So, we were driving.
The pole comes down here.
Joe brakes.
Then, boom.
I felt the explosion back of the van.
I blacked out.
When I came to, Joe was dead.
What happened after that? I forced myself to focus.
I couldn't hear.
I couldn't breathe.
I looked at Joe.
I thought, "You've probably gone.
" I should have checked, but I didn't.
I got out of the van.
I saw a gunman.
He was about to shoot at me, so I dropped him.
And then he shot me.
That's when you got shot in the stomach? So when did you draw your gun, Sam? - When I saw the offender.
- But he had his gun aimed at you.
You still had enough time to unholster your gun, take aim and fire? No, wait, my gun was already in my hand.
So when did you draw it? NEIL: When did you draw it - before or after the explosion? I drew my gun when the pole come down.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I knew something was up, so I got ready to deal with it.
You didn't fire the gun in the cabin? - No.
- You're sure? Yeah.
We've got a ballistics report that indicates Joe was killed by a bullet fired from your gun.
No, there must be a mistake.
Listen, the gang knew the route.
You're the only survivor.
The ballistic evidence says you shot Joe.
Joe's my mate.
The guards out back went to the morgue in pieces.
You think I'm involved? This is bullshit! So, before the explosion, after you drew your gun, where was it aimed? Straight out in front.
Why - it's bulletproof glass? What's the point? Back up! Back up! - Back up! - I'm trying! Back up! (BOOM!) (GUNSHOT) (SOBS) I want to change my statement.
JUNG: So what'll happen to Sam Fadi? NEIL: It's up to the DPP to decide.
My job's just to put the brief together, which I might flick-pass onto you.
(SCOFFS) what do you think should happen to him? He's gonna have to live with what he's done.
No jail sentence is gonna change any of that.
You living in your car, are you? If I asked you to dinner, would you say yes? If it wasn't gonna complicate things.
Yeah, but life's complicated.
I might just hold on to this.
Who knows what else I might find if I keep looking.
Yeah, I'll be there in five.
What have we got? Got paint scrapings off the Mazda MX-6 which were a positive match to the paint on Detective Malik's wife's car.
Fingerprints? Plenty.
But none on record.
We found this under the front passenger's seat.
A detonator.
I've been through that footage.
There's nothing of interest.
What about this one - corner of Hargraves and Alice? That's an ATM about 1km from the robbery.
Want to give us a look? I've already logged it.
There's nothing on the black van.
No, I'm not looking for the black van.
I want you to cue it up five minutes after the shooting.
It'd help if you tell me what you're looking for.
- OK, hold it.
Go back.
- Yep.
OK, stop it.
Now play it frame by frame.
All right, freeze it.
- Go in close on the driver.
- Yep.
- Sharper.
- Resolution's shit - can't.
What's going on? We think the car that hit Amina was involved in the robbery.
All right, get your gear.
We've got a lead on Fakhri.
Nova tipped us off.
She knows him as Ashiq Khalid.
She thinks he's married.
They've got an apartment in Brighton-Le-Sands.
JUNG: Clear.
NEIL: Clear.
SONNY: Clear.
- Clear.
Someone else has already been here looking for information.
Computer's gone.
So where's his wife? She ' s army.
Corporal Sally Wilson is a soldier with an impeccable military record.
Is she? Well, Sally is married to Ashiq Khalid.
He was gunned down in the street pulling a $36 million robbery, where four people were killed.
That doesn't fit my knowledge of her.
Sally Wilson's a straightforward girl.
His real name is Ashiq Fakhri.
He served in Saddam Hussein's Republican Guards and has possible terrorist links.
I'm gonna ask you again what you can tell me about Sally.
She's 38 years of age.
Served in Timor and Solomons.
Currently posted in Afghanistan.
What's her area of expertise? Military intelligence.
(PHONE RINGS) She's involved in a drug eradication program in southern - Travis.
- .
Southern Afghanistan.
Is she considered a security risk? She is now.
Hey, did you get a car tested for explosive residue? - Did we get a result? - Positive for trace of P4 explosive.
Want to tell me what's going on? I found a detonator matching the type used in the robbery.
You have to come to me first.
Didn't know what I had until I ran tests.
This is our best lead and you've been sitting on it.
If I need permission to breathe and fart, this ain't gonna work, champ.
- What car? - Red Mazda.
PATRICIA: You sure it's the same car? We tracked the car down to a smash repairs owned by Jason Rizk.
Rizk denies all knowledge of the car and how it got there.
He spoke with this man - Mohammed Mamood.
He's got form for car theft and rebirthing.
- Bring him in.
- We've got nothing on him.
He's the driver, or knows who is.
There's no way you're staying on the case.
I'm sorry, Malik, I can't compromise the investigation.
There's no compromise.
The fact is you need me.
Amina got a look at the driver.
She can ID him.
I'm gonna show you some photos of a number of men that you may or may not recognise, OK? Him.
That man, there.
And where do you recognise him from? (SOBS) He was driving the car that killed my son.
We got a location on Mamood.
I'm with the target vehicle, moving south on Endeavour Drive.
OK, I got the eyeball.
Suspect's heading along Bratton Street.
OK, listen up.
We get the right opportunity, people, we jam him.
(ENGINE Revs) What's going on? I think he's made me.
(SIRENS NAIL) Move your bloody truck, you dickhead! - Bloody moron.
- Move your truck! (SIREN CONTINUES WAILING) You killed my son! - You killed my son! - What are you talking about? The robbery - that was my wife's car you ran into.
Now talk to me! Who are you working for? Come on! (GUNSHOTS) Aarggh! No, stop, stop, stop! He was gonna talk.
He was gonna talk.
Call an ambulance.
He was gonna talk.
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance! Too late.
He's dead.
What did you do that for? I had control.
Are you kidding? I just saved your life, Malik.
- I was gonna bring him in.
- Hey, hey, hey! - I was gonna bring him in! - Get your hands off me, Malik! Hey, hey, hey, break it up! Break it up! Break it up! Malik, break it up.
Settle down! What the hell happened here? We got nothing! (SIGHS) what did you do that for? JUNG: The victim's name's Hassan Dhegalayd.
He's a Somali national.
When we came to this country we thought the violence would end.
If a warrior draws a knife, he better be prepared to use it.
You go near my wife or my daughter, I'll forget I'm a cop, I'll come after you.
PATRICIA: Let's find out who else was involved.
See whether they planned to blow up Lucas Heights or poison half of Sydney.
Corporal Wilson, do you believe in the war in Afghanistan? I believe it's futile.
Do you have any idea of the shitstorm that's coming down on this office? It appears two of my senior detectives have conspired to execute the man that killed your son.