Easy (2016) s01e04 Episode Script


1 [classical music playing] [Bernie in Spanish] Come here, my love.
[Gabi] What? This is it.
- This one's it? - This is it.
I found it.
- Are you serious? [chuckles] - Yes I love it.
Well, it's not bad.
Not bad? What do you mean not bad? It's real nice.
It's one of those that turns into a bed.
Why do you want a bed? Well, if we get pregnant, we're going to have a lot of visitors.
Your parents, my mom.
- That is true.
- [cell phone buzzing] But I feel like it's too hard, right? Seems too basic.
I don't know, it just seems basic.
But I like it.
I like the color.
- The color's nice.
- Let me answer this.
Bueno? - [man in English] Hi, how are you? - Hey.
Is there anything I could help you with? - [Bernie] Martin? - Yeah.
Um, I want to see the bed.
Oh, sure, it's really easy to operate.
- [Bernie speaking Spanish] - [Gabi] Okay.
- You just pull these two tabs here.
- Yeah.
[Bernie in Spanish] No, nothing, why? [man in English] You lift this piece up.
- Oh.
- And then it transforms.
[Gabi] That's really easy.
[in Spanish] Yes, I'm actually with her now.
[man in English] It is pretty big.
- [Gabi] It's comfortable.
I like it.
- Also very comfortable, as well.
[in Spanish] To Chicago? Ah.
When do you arrive? Hey, let me call you back later.
Yes, it's just that we're out shopping.
I actually like it.
Looking at the bed convinced me.
Who was that? You're not going to believe it.
It was Martin.
Martin? What did he say? What does he want? That he's coming to Chicago.
- He's coming to Chicago? - Mmm-hmm.
- That's weird.
- I know, right? But it's cool.
He can stay with us.
- Are you kidding? - Why not? We just moved in.
And who cares? There's no furniture.
There are boxes everywhere.
- Well, but - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
If we buy this couch, he can sleep here.
[scoffs] - We'll see.
- He'll be the first to use it.
But it's cool! Come here, sit down.
You like it? A lot.
- That's so weird about Martin.
- [sighs] - I know, right? - Mmm-hmm.
[classical music playing] [in English] Why don't you bring it around the back and I can meet you over there? [man 1] All right.
[Bernie] Does that work? - Yeah.
- [man 2] Let's do it.
[Bernie] Oh, just watch the counter, guys.
Uh, all right, yeah.
Just this way.
Right over here in this corner would be best.
[in Spanish] Here, right? - [in English] Oh, oh, oh.
Is that - Sorry about that, man.
- It's okay, guys.
- All right, it's okay, it's okay.
- Yeah.
- It's okay.
Um, all right, great, that's it.
I'm just gonna need you to sign for that.
- Sure.
- All right.
- Sorry about that.
- Thank you, guys.
[razor whirring] [in Spanish] Aye, no.
I never get it right.
It's so - Ready.
- [Bernie clears throat] It says to wait ten seconds.
I think I'm ovulating.
We're due.
So let's get to work.
[both moaning] [doorbell rings] - Who's that? - I don't know.
- Are you waiting for someone? - No.
- [grunts] - Mmm.
- I'm going to finish.
- Mmm-hmm.
[Bernie moaning] - [doorbell ringing] - [sighs] What the fuck? Why don't you go check? I will go now - Want me to go check? - No, I'll go.
[both grunt] [breathes deeply] [inhales] [doorbell ringing] - Hey! - Hey! - How are you, Bernardo? - How are you? You got here early.
What's up with those shorts? [laughs] Come in! Were you smoking or what? You going to be in a show or what? [Martin coughs] [Bernie] It's because they are reflective.
[Martin] Yeah, but I can't believe you have them on.
- [sighs] - Make yourself at home.
- So this is your new place? - Yeah.
Were you smoking? - What? - Weed? - Yeah! Who cares? - [Gabi] Who is it, my love? - [Martin] Hey! Hola! - Look who it is.
- It's good to see you.
- Likewise.
How are you? Good.
I missed you guys.
I thought you were arriving in the evening.
I was gonna arrive later [grunts] but I got here early.
[sighs] [chuckles nervously] Do you want some? No, Bernie doesn't like me to smoke pot.
Since when? Since a good while.
- Are you serious? - Sí.
- [scoffs] - Yes, and look at that mess you made.
What are you talking about? What do you mean what am I talking about? The sofa is new and you're getting it all dirty.
No, no, do that outside! Please.
- Are you serious? - Yes, it's going to make the house smell.
Why are you kneeling? Please, just go outside already.
This is not cool.
Okay, okay, I'll go outside.
How many women have you photographed? Oh, man, I don't know.
Haven't been keeping track.
- [Gabi] But it's a lot? - Yes, a lot.
[Gabi and Martin chuckle] - Let's toast to our friendship.
- [Gabi] Mmm-hmm.
[Martin] I missed you.
Ah! The night is young, right? - Let's celebrate.
- [Gabi] Sí? - [both chuckle] - Sure.
What do you want to do? I don't know.
I came to Chicago to visit you two, get to know the city.
- [Gabi] Yes, it's still early.
- Let's go dancing! Hmm? Oh, wow, we haven't gone out dancing in years, right? - Yes, it's been a long time.
- Sí.
[stammering in Spanish] Actually, we've never gone out dancing.
[inhales deeply] - At your cousin's wedding.
[chuckles] - You're right.
[chuckling] You mean to tell me, Bernie, you don't take her out dancing? You have to take her out! You guys don't go out? [stammering] It's just that in Chicago He's always busy.
Chicago is not a great city to go out.
No? - I don't know.
- Bernie You have to enjoy life! [Bernie laughs] - Another toast.
- [Gabi] Oh, okay.
[chuckles] To living life! - To freedom! - [all laughing] I'm sorry we're not going out.
- But here are the keys.
- Okay.
It's your house now.
You two are like old people.
- What, why? - Thanks.
[chuckling] I'm going to head out.
If anything, just text me.
- Sí - Don't be home late.
No, Mom! - [Gabi laughs] - [scoffs] All these years go by and you think someone's going to change and they keep doing the same shit.
Baby, why would you think he's going to change? He's the most immature person we know.
But he's very funny I don't know, he makes me laugh.
Yeah, I've noticed.
- [chuckles] - [sighs] What? It bothers you that he makes me laugh? - I don't know.
Give me that.
- What's wrong with you? Oh, nothing.
I wanted to see if you also noticed how sarcastic he is.
But you know that's how he is.
I don't know why you let it bother you.
- Why do you let it get to you? - He never doubted I don't know.
You should just relax.
- [breathing heavily] What's so funny? - [chuckles] Nothing.
It feels like it's getting dry, doesn't it? - Do you want to stop? - No, it's fine.
One second [grunts] - Okay, there.
- Okay.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- Want me to move a different way? - No, you're fine.
Just like that.
Right there.
[sighs deeply] Are you okay? Yes.
Why? You're acting kind of weird.
Do you still have feelings when you see him? - Martin? - Sí.
[chuckles] No, my love.
Why would you think that? It's only natural.
You two were together for years.
Yes, but [scoffs] that was the past.
- He did a lot of shitty things.
- [scoffs] I have no feelings for him.
That was the past.
You make me very happy.
I have nothing against him, he's very funny.
He's a great friend.
But that's it.
- I love you.
- Mmm.
I love you.
- Shall we sleep? - Sí.
[Bernie sighs] [Martin and Molly singing in distance] [both laughing] Hey, wait, wait.
Wait for me.
[both muttering] [Martin exclaims] [Bernie breathes heavily] [indistinct chatter] - [Martin chuckling] What's wrong with you? - [Molly] What's wrong with you? [Bernie sighs] [sighs] Sí? - [Molly] Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm.
- Sí, señor.
- Sí.
Sí, señorita.
[in English] Oh, man.
[grunts] - [in Spanish] You awake? - Mmm-hmm.
- Do you hear this? - Mmm-hmm.
- [sighs] - He's with someone, isn't he? - Mmm-hmm.
- Asshole.
He has no respect.
[Martin moaning] - [Martin and Molly laughing] - I want to kill him.
[sighs] Just stop, my love.
There's nothing we can do right now.
Seriously, there's nothing we can do.
Let's go to sleep.
It'll be okay, my love.
[sighs] [urinating] [Martin breathing heavily] [in English] Hey! Sorry, were we being loud? Hey, I'm Molly.
Nice to meet you.
Your house is great.
Well, good night.
[whirring] [clears throat] [sniffles] [whirring stops] I'm going to tell him he has to go.
- What? - [sighs] Babe, are you crazy? He just got here.
You can't just tell him to leave.
- I just don't want him here anymore.
- [chuckling] - It doesn't bother you? - No.
Of course not.
He's our friend.
My love, don't say anything to him.
- I feel like you're acting weird.
- No, I'm fine.
Let's drop it.
[Gabi] You're all tensed.
- I don't like it when - [Martin] Mmm! - It smells delicious! - [Gabi] Hmm? - What are you going to do today? - I want to get to know the city.
- I was told it has beautiful architecture.
- [Gabi] Mmm-hmm.
We can take him to Millennium Park, or downtown.
Uh, I have a lot of work to do.
You guys go.
[Gabi] My love, how do you have work? It's Sunday.
Yeah, Bernie, it's Sunday.
I told you about the project I have to finish.
- I'll take you.
- You sure? - [Gabi] Sí.
- Okay.
All right, let's go.
That's fine.
- [sighs] - Sorry about that.
I never asked, how are your parents? They're good.
They send their regards.
Give them my regards as well.
[Martin] Yes, I'll tell them.
- What's wrong with him? - [clicks tongue] That's how he gets when he has a big workload.
- He stresses out.
- Hmm.
- Shall we go? - Sí.
Are you ready to go? Just gotta put my boots on and I'm set.
- Okay, let me change, five minutes.
- Sí.
[exhales] [Martin] So what's this? [Gabi] Millennium Park.
[Martin] Oh, this is Millennium Park? - It's really nice.
- Yes, it's beautiful.
So what's happening? Are you going to stay here your whole life? - Well yeah, it's great.
- The city is incredible.
- I love it.
- [sighs] What about you? How are you? - I'm really happy.
- You're really happy? Mmm-hmm.
I see otherwise.
What do you see? I see you controlled.
- Controlled by what? - [chuckles] Well, it's not that Bernardo is completely controlling you.
It's that you've decided to be a different person, Gabi.
This isn't you.
This isn't me? Then who am I? - I don't know.
- All right, then, tell me who I am.
Well, you're free-spirited.
You're fun, you're passionate.
And I don't see any of that anymore.
[Gabi] I'm still the same person.
I'm just a little more relaxed.
I'm a little more serene, with someone who is always there for me.
- [Martin] Are you listening to yourself? - Yes.
[Martin] "A little more serene.
A little more relaxed with someone who" [laughs] [Gabi] I'm with someone who gives me security, and someone who isn't going to leave me or run out on me all the time.
Like some people I know.
- [Martin] Like some people? - Sí.
You're referring to me? Yes! Who ran out every time? Well, I ran out because that's what came naturally to me.
- Oh, what came naturally? - Learning, seeing Well, you know what? I'm with someone who cares about me.
Who loves me.
Who thinks I'm worthy enough.
And that feels good.
What's wrong? Why are you so serious? - Okay, pose.
- I'm fine.
- "I'm fine.
" - Okay, what do you want me to do? I don't know, I'm sorry.
[chuckles] You know who misses you? Bear.
- Really? - Uh-huh.
Okay, hold that pose.
Come on, a little smile.
- [camera clicks] - [chuckles] - How's Bear? - He's incredible.
- Really? - Sí.
So big.
He has a girlfriend.
What? You bought another dog? - I didn't buy her.
I adopted her.
- Uh-huh.
- You know I'm against buying dogs.
- [chuckles] What's she like? [Martin] She's a mix between a German shepherd and I don't know.
[Gabi] A selfie! - A selfie? - A selfie with an antique camera! - [laughs] - Okay.
- Like and old-style selfie? - [laughing] [Martin] How am I gonna focus that? - I don't know! - Stay right there.
- [Martin] Let's see.
- A selfie with an Olympus.
- [chuckling] - Let's see.
What's wrong with the negatives? I just don't get it.
You say you're going to develop them.
When have you ever developed the pictures you've taken? What do you mean? I develop my own negatives.
[Gabi] I've never seen you develop any rolls.
[Martin] What are you talking about? Of course, I have! That's not true.
All the photos you've taken - Don't you remember helping? - Okay, yes, maybe.
But out of the million photos you have taken, you only developed a handful.
[Bernie] What else did you guys do? [Martin] What else did we do? [Gabi] That's all we did.
[Martin] We did a lot.
- Park, zoo, lake - [Gabi] Yes! - Exactly.
It was a lot of fun.
- Mmm-hmm.
Felt like a little kid.
- [Bernie] I bet.
No adult stuff.
- [both chuckle] At the same time, why am I going to take him to a museum? I know he could care less.
He doesn't even like them.
He's kinda dumb.
[chuckles] Dumb? I actually love art.
- Oh, well, but you've seen many.
- Well, yes.
That's great.
Tonight, we're going out.
We're going dancing.
And you can't say no.
[chuckling] No, my love Not tonight.
- What do you mean we're not going out? - No, no, no.
You told me you were going to help me convince him.
[Martin] No, I don't want to put that type of pressure on him.
[Gabi] What did we agree on last night? You too, what did we agree on last night? - He said we were going out tonight.
- Mmm-hmm.
He didn't want to go out last night, but tonight he would.
You see? And tonight, we're going dancing.
- Yes or no? - Okay.
[Martin] Bernie, we don't have to go out.
[Gabi] He already said yes.
Don't tell him we don't have to go out.
- No, that's fine, we'll go out.
- Sí? - Let's go somewhere close.
- [Martin] Sí.
[dance music playing] Whoo! Ah! What's wrong, Bernie? - You look super bored.
- Don't be rude! - Look at him! - [chuckles] - Let's order another round.
- No, I'm done.
[both] One more! One more! One more! [in English] Hey, man, can we can we have another round? - I'm good.
Thank you.
- [Martin] Thanks.
- [in Spanish] Fine, we can share one.
- No, no Yo, Molly just got here.
- You invited Molly? - Yeah, I invited her to celebrate and to have a great time together.
- Whoo! - [Bernie sighs] You know, I think I'm going to leave.
- What do you mean you're going to leave? - Yeah, yeah, I'm leaving.
[Gabi] Bernardo, we came together.
You can't go alone.
[Bernie] You can stay if you want.
[Gabi] What do you mean I can stay if I want? What's wrong with you? - Whoo! - [laughing] - What happened? - See you later.
What happened? - Bernardo! - I'll be right back.
- You sure? - Sí.
[sighs] [in English] Well, he's leaving.
She's coming back.
I just don't get what's wrong with you.
- Nothing's wrong.
I just want to go home.
- What's with your attitude? What attitude? I just want to go home.
I'm really tired.
Then why did you agree to go out? We agreed on two hours.
Gabriela, Gabriela Just stay, dance, enjoy yourself.
I have no problem with that.
Only thing I ask of you is don't drink too much, please.
If we're trying to have a baby, that's not good.
Are you being serious right now? Are you trying to control the amount of alcohol I consume? Just in case I do end up getting pregnant? You're going to try and control that, as well? I'm sick of you always trying to control me! I'm tired of it! You know what? I'm going to drink however much I feel like! That's what I'm going to do! - [Martin] Come on, come on! - Hey.
[Molly] Hey, lady.
[Martin] Ready? - Now? - Yes, now! - [Gabi] Okay.
- [in Spanish] One, two, three! [both] Cheers! Mmm! Whoo! [Molly in English] Let's dance.
[Martin] Let's go! [dance music playing] [all laughing] [Molly] More shots? - Yeah! You want another one? - [Gabi] Yes.
[Martin] Salud! [Molly] Cheers! Mmm! [sighs] Vamos.
[chuckles] [dance music playing] [Martin] Gabi! Gabi! [in Spanish] Wait for me! [exhales] Gabi! What are you doing? - I wanted to leave.
I'm tired.
- You aren't tired.
[kisses] What is wrong with you? What are you doing? Why don't you go back? You were having such a good time.
[laughs] You're jealous! Oh, please, give me a break! You wish I was jealous.
[laughing] I can't believe this.
You think everyone revolves around you.
- That's enough.
Stop it! - Come here.
Stop what? What are you doing? - Are you crazy? You're crazy.
- [chuckles] [sighs] - [Martin grunts] - [both breathing heavily] [Gabi whispering in Spanish] [Martin breathing heavily] [moans softly] [Gabi gasping] [Martin shushing] [Gabi whispering in Spanish] [water running] [Gabi moans softly] [whispering in Spanish] I'll leave it here for you.
[water running] [water stops] [Bernie] He left without leaving a note.
[Gabi] He didn't leave anything.
[Bernie scoffs] [sighs] That's funny.
That he would have left without saying goodbye.
[Gabi] It's weird, right? It's better this way.
I'd rather us be alone.
[Gabi chuckles] - Sí? - Sí.
[chuckles] Me, too.
How about we have a quickie? [chuckles] - Right now? - Mmm-hmm.
- Here? - Sí.
You're ovulating, I have 30 minutes - Mmm-mmm.
- before I go to work.
[chuckling] Mmm.
Why not? The neighbors will see us if we do it here.
- Who cares? Let them see.
- [clicks tongue] Are you crazy? - I'd do that for you.
- [chuckles] Okay, fine, but in the bedroom.
[chuckles] Come on, before you have to leave.
[classical music playing]