El Chapo (2017) s03e12 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 12

1 [Joaquin] Now, I have to make sure they remember me forever.
[indistinct chattering] [gun shots] [screams] Keep going straight! Keep going straight! [Chilo] Don't let them come through.
Don't let them come through! [tires screeching] [tires screeching] [Chilo] Sir, it's Mr.
Dude, now I'm getting out of here! I'm on the boat.
Joaquin I just got information that the DEA contacted governments in Guatemala, Nicaragua and the coastal countries in South America.
They're waiting for you at the ports.
Is the information trustworthy? Yes, take precautions.
You have to hide very well.
Stop, stop, stop! Everything all right, sir? We're staying.
Joaquin, we're almost out.
It will be too risky if we stay in Mexico.
In Colombia, or in any other place I'll be a fugitive just like here, Chilo.
I have to resolve this at the source.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return We haven't heard anything about him since the confrontation in Puerto La Cruz.
The DEA informs us there's no evidence he's arrived in Colombia or any other coastal countries.
It's been several weeks.
He can't disappear just like that.
There's rumors that he could have been murdered by Isidoro's people.
Rumors are useless to me, General.
We have to find him.
In Mexico or wherever the fuck he is.
To the house.
Why'd you take this road, Roberto? I said I'm going home.
I'm sorry, sir.
My family has been kidnapped.
[gun cocking] Give me your cell phone, sir.
Don't make things more complicated.
[Joaquin] Did you miss me, Conrado? You wanted to catch me so badly that I ended up catching you.
Kidnapping me is the worst thing you could do.
They won't add years to your sentence for escaping, but you won't have enough years to pay your sentence for this.
What kidnapping, Mr.
Secretary? You're officially at lunch.
That's the story your driver and your bodyguard will tell.
Did you forget your family is outside? Vulnerable.
Think carefully about what you want to do.
You won't achieve anything by threatening me.
Negotiating that's how we both move forward, as always.
Tell me what you want.
I want you to catch me.
But dead.
You want to fake your death? It's the same for you whether I'm dead or alive.
The important thing is that you have your medal by defeating me.
Be the one that put an end to "El Chapo" Guzman.
In the end, that's what will get you the presidency.
Instead of chasing me, you should be preparing your campaign, Conrado.
The elections are near.
You prepare to be president and I prepare the perfect alibi for my death.
If you die, you have to disappear.
You can't make anymore messes.
I know.
The years are catching up to me.
I just want to be with my family.
Your death can't raise any doubts.
It has to be believable.
We need a Chapo to take your place.
I'll take care of that.
One more thing before I release you.
Don't even think about betraying me.
If you try to catch me or actually kill me just like I got to you right now, my people will get to you, and that's the end for you.
You're alive because this is a win-win situation for both of us.
Nothing more.
RANCH SAFE HOUSE COSALA, MEXICO [doctor] We operated on his cheekbones, eyebrows and chin.
You look just like me.
Did Chilo tell you about the money? Yes, Mr.
Joaquin, thank you.
You'll be all around Mexico to confuse the people following me.
You'll always have bodyguards.
- Questions? - No, sir.
OK, good.
Good luck.
Your sleeve, please.
You know what you have to do.
[cell phone rings] Hello? [Chilo] The boss says that our man is on his way to the Golden Triangle mountain range.
I'll give you the exact coordinates where you can find him.
Twenty-five, thirty-four, seventy-seven, minus 105 SECURITY CABIN GOLDEN TRIANGLE, MEXICO [TV chatter] [chanting on TV] [cell phone ringing] DEPARTMENT OF STATE MEXICO CITY [man] We have him.
Follow my instructions to the T.
We got him in a routine inspection in western Sierra Madre.
We'll release the official statement in a couple of hours.
Did you get the samples for the DNA tests? Yes.
They'll send them in a moment.
[in English] I wanna see the body.
An army helicopter will pick him up in half an hour.
[in English] Let me know as soon as it arrives.
I won't close on this matter until I see it.
[gun shots] Is it clear what you have to do with this? Give it to them for the DNA sample.
The money will arrive at your house.
Where's the body? [footsteps approaching] Come on, come on! MEXICO CITY [reporter] Within the same night, Mexico received two shocking news reports: the death of the Sinaloa cartel fugitive leader, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, and the theft of his body by members of his organization.
We are as surprised as you are, Director.
We never thought they would take him.
[in English] We do not have sufficient proof to know that it was El Chapo.
I disagree.
If it's not enough with the pictures, the DNA tests will be enough to confirm it was Guzman.
[in English] Conrado, you know as well as I do that evidence could've been easily planted at the scene.
Those accusations are too severe to be thrown around so lightly.
I suggest that if you don't have evidence to back them up, join the rest of us in accepting that El Chapo Guzman is dead.
We'll be in touch.
[TV reporter] Up next, images from the press conference the Government secretary, Conrado Sol, offered this morning.
The theft of Chapo's body doesn't blur the absolute fact that the biggest drug dealer in the world has fallen, thanks to impeccable work by the armed forces of this county.
My commitment to Mexico was to catch the biggest criminal in its history, and I have succeeded.
I'm dead.
Now, I have to make sure they remember me forever.
- [gun shots] - [screams] [Joaquin] Keep going straight! Keep going straight! [Chilo] Don't let them come through.
[gun shots] VANESSA ESPINOZA PRESENTS THE TRUE STORY OF EL CHAPO GUZMAN [tires screeching] [actor as El Chapo] Dude, now I'm getting out of here.
I'm on the boat.
Is the information trustworthy? [reporter] Are you happy with the result? We are very happy.
I'm very excited to be here today, at this big premiere, with this project we made with great effort, but it's finally here and I hope people enjoy it.
Do you think El Chapo would've been happy with this movie about his life? I hope so.
[reporter] What's next for your career? A lot of projects, but nothing confirmed, so I'll let you all know soon.
In how many theaters will this be screened? More than a thousand.
[Joaquin] Friend.
Joaquin, what are you doing here? I couldn't miss the movie.
I also wanted to say goodbye.
This will be the last time we meet.
Now that I'm not being chased, I'm going with my girls and my wife.
I'm gonna get the ending I've always wanted.
To die old and be free.
Surrounded by my people.
But, sir, nothing that you've told me has really happened.
That's what movies are for, right? To tell it how you want it to be.
I'm sorry, but I can't make a story of made-up things.
I want to tell the truth.
Reality is not as interesting as you may think.
But it is in this case, sir.
Because your life is extraordinary, and not telling the events as they occurred would be a waste.
Also, please, take into consideration that if I make this movie, I want to redeem the victims of organized crime.
You have a big heart, friend.
I trust you.
You choose what you want to say.
Thank you, sir.
Well, cheers.
[sighs] Thank you for coming.
Everything is ready for you to spend the night here.
I'm going to leave.
If I stay, I'd be putting you at risk.
[Chilo] Let's go! [engine turns] MEXICO CITY [General] This is where we picked up the last signal of the aircraft DEPARTMENT OF INTELLIGENCE DISE in which the actress was traveling.
We have sent units to cover this entire zone.
But as you can see, it's a massive area.
So, there's no guarantee of any results? No, Mr.
Keep looking.
But let's concentrate on Culiacan, also.
Conduct raids, question anyone that can have information about El Chapo or his family.
Any information is useful.
I'll take care of it personally.
[man] When are you heading to Monterrey? REHABILITA NGO MEXICO CITY In a couple of weeks, sir.
I want to finish training the new counselor.
We really appreciate you here, Sebastian.
Come back and visit once in a while.
I promise, no doubt about that.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
[cell phone ringing] Hello? [Conrado] It's me.
UNKNOWN NUMBER [cell phone ringing] INCOMING CALL IT DEPARTMEN Did you find anything? Let's meet at the office.
Is everything ready for Elba and the kids? Almost, sir.
Security in Culiacan is heavy, but your idea might work.
They're going to try tomorrow.
Prepare everything to leave tomorrow.
Saying goodbye to them is the only thing left.
As soon as I do it, we get out of here.
It was a lot of work.
Your wife is very discreet, but I found something interesting.
Miami? It's under her ex-husband's name.
Here are the papers that prove it.
[soldier] These are the people captured in the raids.
Many of them have an indirect or direct relationship with the Sinaloa cartel.
[General] Get the interrogation room ready.
We're not getting out of here until one of them gives us a clue to catch Guzman.
[Conrado] I thought you'd be better at covering your tracks.
Not declaring such a valuable property can get you in trouble.
If this information gets to the press, your image as an honest senator will be ruined.
The voice of the women in need of this country.
The pressure ends from here on out, Berta.
I'll make decisions by myself.
And if I see it necessary, I'll let you know.
In the end, you ended up being as chauvinistic as any other.
Gay, cheap, and chauvinist.
I'll get to the presidency despite all of that.
And you will have to wait your turn.
It will come to you, but only if we're together.
You forget about Sebastian and I forget your apartment in Miami.
Agreed? Conrado.
You have to catch Chapo.
If not, neither of us will get anywhere.
I'll catch him, don't worry.
[phone ringing] [secretary] Sir, the General is on the line.
Put him through.
Did you get anything? Yes, sir.
It's not much, but it might be useful.
Chapo's daughters have a peculiar pet, a monkey.
[murmuring] [Hector] There you go.
You'll go in the blue car with one of them, and you, Mom, you'll go with the other in the van.
And Perez will go later, baby.
I want to travel with him.
You'll go see your dad first, OK? And then he gets there later, huh? I'm taking him, promise.
- Oh! - [laughter] - That's it, let's go! - Come on.
You too.
That's it, let's go.
- Look.
- Let's go.
That's it.
[cell phone ringing] Hello? [man] Are you ready? [tense music playing] Afternoon.
Papers, please.
Sorry, officer, I forgot them.
What's that? Nothing, things for my daughters.
Open up, please.
[scoffs] It's nothing, officer.
We have to check all the cars, open up.
You have twins? Yes.
Get out of the car, please.
[gun shots] [officer] Send back-up, we got Chapo's wife! [gun shots] [sirens] All clear.
You can go through now.
It's clear.
[groaning] Miss Elba and the girls left Culiacan without a problem, Mr.
The plane is bringing them.
Turn around, miss.
This is not Elba Coronado.
Now, you and I are going to take a trip.
Hi, baby! How are you? Come here, my beautiful queen! [laughs] My beautiful baby! - [girls crying] - How are you, baby? - [crying] - With daddy, too! With daddy, too! - [laughs] - [crying] [cell phone ringing] I'm going to the strip, Capi.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
[pilot] It's overcast, we can't take off.
Fuck! I'll let you know, but I don't think we can leave for a couple of hours.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna take you to the girls anyway.
Here you go, officer.
Is that yours? Yes, we're going to the vet.
A man just left Culiacan with a monkey.
He's driving a red Mustang.
[soldier] There's a suspect driving a red sports car on the road to Cosala.
MILITARY BASE COSALA, MEXICO [moaning] Oh! [moaning] When are you leaving? When you leave.
When are we going to see you again? Soon.
I've always been positive.
You'll see I'll find a place to relax soon.
And I'll send for you.
You're not going back to Mexico.
Not for now.
Not until the next elections.
And I'll try to negotiate with the next government.
You have the exact location? Yes, sir.
We know where the red Mustang arrived.
What is Hector doing here? He promised the girls he would bring the monkey.
They don't like to be apart from it.
[soldier] It's a complicated terrain.
We can't get in until the skies clear.
How long will that take? We calculate at least one more hour, sir.
At least we know that if we can't get in, El Chapo can't get out.
Not in an airplane.
Let us know when you can start the operation.
On your command, sir.
[baby cooing] Sir.
The pilot called, we can leave now.
My darlings Kiss.
You have to go.
I'll see you soon.
- Take care of them.
- Of course, Joaquin.
Take them straight to the plane.
Let's go.
I love you.
[General] Come in, Commander.
[Commander] We're getting close to the point, sir.
One team will stay at the entrance of the highway, and another two will get down to the highest part.
We'll make contact in five minutes.
Bring him in alive.
Everything's ready to go to Puerto La Cruz.
Did Elba and the girls take off? Yes, sir.
No news.
Let's go.
We got nothing to do here.
[man] Get the boss, the anchor dropped! Wait here! - [gun shots] - Get to the ATV's, sir! - [tires screeching] - Don't stop, come on! Go down the hill, I'll cover you! [cough] [grunt] It's me! - Are you hit? - No, get me out of here.
[grunt] Subtitle translation by Daniela Garcia