El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Chisca! Chisca? Hey, wake up! Can you hear me? Hey.
Chisca? Chisca! What's wrong with you? Sis, get up! Please, answer me, sis! Don't worry.
Answer me, please, sis! Your phone, all right.
Don't worry, sis.
Ángel? Yes, it's me, Jorge! Please, I need you here, at home.
Chisca is very sick! I don't know what's wrong! Please, come now! I swear, I have no idea how that pen got into my bag.
- Don't worry.
- But, Miguel, it never left my side! Or maybe it did, but just for a second! Adela, relax, I trust you.
But now that you're with me, you have to keep your eyes open.
I never had a thing like this happen to me.
Many will want to use you to learn from and get closer to me.
Yes, you're right.
Forgive me.
I swear I'll pay more attention to this stuff.
I need you.
I know.
So much so that I brought you to Miami with me.
- Because tomorrow you have a mission.
- What do you mean? Tomorrow there will be a performance demonstration on the tires.
Hold on, you lost me there.
They'll be testing the Novotech tires.
They'll be on a racecourse that requires tight maneuvers.
Braking, starting, turning, do you understand? I think I'm starting to understand.
I want you to put a lot of pressure on the Novotech driver.
You have to run this course in record time, so his tires wear out.
What are you talking about? I put a liquid on his tires that'll make them wear out quickly.
It's a solvent.
It's an organic solvent.
And would you like anything on top of that? What? I mean, when did you come up with this incredible idea? - Well, I'm telling you now.
- No, Miguel.
No, that's not how things work.
- I need the Novotech test to fail.
- Yes, I understand that.
You only brought me to Miami for this.
Adela! Come here! Come here, Adela.
What's the matter, Adela? Use your samurai skills to figure it out.
But why are you acting like that? What do you mean why? Because you tricked me into coming here! - I tricked you? - Yes, with half-truths.
I thought I could count on you.
You know perfectly well that you can.
But tell me things upfront, don't sugarcoat it! You made me think I was here because you needed me.
Me! Not for another one of your "missions.
" Sorry.
If it doesn't sit well with you, don't do it.
It's not a part of your duties.
Well, I won't do it.
Next time, when you need something from me, be upfront with me.
Careful, please.
Watch your step.
- Careful.
- Jorge, hey, let them do their job.
Don't worry, sis.
You'll be okay.
- Jorge, give them space to secure her.
- Let me go, please! Calm down, Jorge.
She'll be all right.
Jorge! Let's go, careful, please.
Let them do their job, Jorge, please! - Enough! - I'm not in the way, please! Relax! Come! We'll follow them in the car.
- I need to be with her! You go.
- Jorge, they have work to do! - Get in the car! - I'm going with her! Can I come along, sir? - I'll follow you, Jorge! - Okay.
Run! Turn.
- Let's go, Jorge.
- I told you, I'm going in! Jorge! Turn her to the side, we'll get her on the bed.
One, two, three.
Her pupils are dilated.
How are you? - Can you remember your name? - Her name is Chisca! What are you doing in here? I told you! You can't be in there! - Come outside! - Oxygen, please.
How are you feeling? Can you remember anything? Can you remember your name? Miguel, I am here.
- How can I help you? - My apologies.
Ulises Murat.
My friends at Lairman & Associates recommended you to me.
Murat, is that from Spanish origin? I was born, raised and I don't plan to leave the California sun.
If my memory serves me right, Ulises? You have a good memory! What I don't have is respect for people like you, who use my employees for your personal needs.
Calm down, Miguel.
I only wanted to learn more about Novotech, that's all.
I'm not interested in excuses.
Miguel, you have access to valuable financial information.
I want to invest my money.
I just wanted to make sure that I could trust the company.
I repeat: I'm not interested in your excuses.
What's your name? I don't get it.
You remembered my name! - What is your real name? - Ulises Murat.
When you want to talk to me openly and with the truth, find me.
Until then, don't waste my time.
- All right, Miguel.
I will - Don't mess with me again.
- You asked me for this meeting.
- This meeting is over.
And? How did it go, sir? Don't even ask! That idiot thinks he's so clever! But he doesn't know who he's messing with! - So, no information? - Nothing! He didn't even fall for the story that I'm somebody else.
I knew the mic was a bad idea.
Just shut up.
We have to bug his phone.
But how? He has identified you.
He'll notice right away.
So we need to get him from a different angle! The lawyer.
We need to tamper with the lawyer's phone.
Edgar Sánchez Morris? Exactly.
Yes, sir.
- Does anyone have questions? - Nope.
Everything is clear.
- Were you able to access the tires? - Yes.
That's been taken care of.
Now, stick to the plan.
Stay alert.
I don't want any mistakes.
But what is this? First, sit down.
NOVOTECH ENGINEER Look at what we have here for you.
Dad! Please do what they say or they're going to kill me, Dad! You'll regret messing with me! What do you want? Oh, my God, what a mess! - What's up, Rosario? - What's up? Where is Miss Chisca? At confession, I hope.
And Jorge? I don't know.
You see, I just got here, too.
- Would you just look at this mess! - Well, you barely seemed to notice it.
You could help me too, you know? No.
I'm not liking this one bit.
First they force us out of the house and then they disappear.
Well, you see how Miss Chisca is.
They could easily get us in trouble, too.
There's no doubt about that.
You have reached the voicemail service No answer.
Peligros, tell me the truth.
Should I be scared? I'll ask you again, are you sure you want to work with me? Gee, Miguel, truth is I do.
I've been thinking about it a lot and Relax, man! Look, as soon as I stop being okay with this, you'll be the first to know.
I swear.
- May I come in? - Of course.
Well, I've been thinking and I think I overreacted.
I mean, not a lot.
Just a little.
I am not justifying what you did.
But, unfortunately, I love anything car-related, so What does that mean? I don't like the way you did it, but I appreciate the offer.
Miguel, I don't know if you knew this, but my dad was a car mechanic.
Yes, I know.
What you don't know is that one his friends was a race car mechanic.
I know that, too.
How do you know? You told me the first night we met, at the taco place.
Adelita, you're such a blabbermouth.
Adela, I want to apologize to you.
Nope, drop it.
Just tell me who I should replace at the race.
Let me finish.
It wasn't right to get you involved without an explanation.
I made a mistake, I admit that.
I promise that next time, if I consider you as part of a plan, I'll run it by you first.
Oh, and thank you for such a warm welcome.
Well, so, what's the plan? HIGH PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY And that's why I want your performance time to be good.
But always above a minute thirty.
I don't want you to pass the Novotech car.
RACE CAR DRIVERS Is that an order? It's more of a small favor, in exchange for economic compensation.
Not a small sum, either.
I think it's all right.
It's just a demonstration.
Think about it as a sponsorship.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Will you tell me what happened now? Who was with Chisca? - Answer, Jorge! - I don't know! I just found her lying there, that's it.
You just found her lying there? - I don't believe you! Who was with her? - I told you, I don't know.
I came in and she had collapsed on the floor, so I called you.
- What happened? How is my sister? - We pumped her stomach.
Your sister is in the clear.
Now we just need to wait for her blood test results.
Can I see her? Sorry, but I would rather she rest more Please, I need to see her! - All right, come in.
- Thank you, excuse me.
Only one, please.
I'll be in my office, if you need me.
How are you? You scared me.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! That's the last thing I wanted! Where is Valentín? It's better not to ask about him.
Why, what happened? Nothing, he ran off, like a coward.
Luckily, Ángel came right away, just when we called the ambulance.
Do me a favor, all right? - Sure.
- Don't say a word to Ángel or Miguel.
But I think it's necessary to let Miguel Jorge.
Please, don't tell him.
He can't find out about what happened.
Promise me.
All right.
I promise.
I want to go home.
- They'll discharge you right away.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Careful! - Oh, sorry.
- Look, at my hand.
Excuse me, I have your test results.
They came back positive.
You suffered an overdose and we can't let you go.
I'm well now, I want to go home.
What will you do? It's a delicate matter.
We have to call the police.
What? Jorge.
Can we talk privately? Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Don't worry, sis.
I'm sorry, but you're not notifying anybody.
Perhaps you don't know, but among the substances we found I don't need to know a thing! Sign the discharge form, I'll look after my sister.
- There is a protocol, Mr.
- How much do you want? Hey, no.
Don't you dare I'm giving you the chance to set your own price, okay? Otherwise, it'll be under my own terms.
No, I don't know.
My ethics are compromised so Think it over.
You have 15 minutes until we walk out of here and go home.
Edgar, I need a favor.
Tell me, Miguel.
How can I help you? I need a clean car, not linked to anybody.
Something simple, low profile.
All right, you got it.
I need it at the large parking lot at River Warehouse.
You want it right there? No, I'll give you the coordinates later.
All right, I'll wait for the location and it'll be there waiting for you.
- We got them! - Yeah! Good! MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - Careful, please.
- Slowly.
What happened? - Everything's all right, Peligros.
- That's not what I asked.
Well, we got a little crazy, that's all, okay? "That's all"? The Garzas are my responsibility.
- Make no mistake.
- I just told you, we drank too much.
We miscalculated.
Look, I like people to look at me in the eye when I'm talking, all right? Okay, Peligros! Calm down, will you? Please.
Don't tell me to calm down.
And, on top of that, you wouldn't even pick up your phone.
Please, enough! Ángel had nothing to do with this.
Leave him alone.
This is the last time I leave you unsupervised.
Next time, when the boss isn't here, I'm the one calling the shots and You can all leave now.
I want to rest.
You heard her.
Out! Howard, my friend, you have my admiration for still being in this miserable office.
I'll be out of here really soon.
But for that, I'll need your help.
I knew it had been a while since I last saw you.
Hey, no.
You owe me a lot and you know it.
- Well, I'm here, right? - Remember Miguel Garza? That man I told you about? Yeah, that new obsession of yours.
Call it whatever you want.
Do you remember him? - Yeah.
- He walked right into my trap, Ronny.
This guy is doing industrial sabotage and he's going to strike Novotech really soon.
For real? Ronny, I wouldn't throw you a bone if I didn't know it was juicy.
- And where, when and how? - Today.
In the parking lot of River Warehouse.
And what will he do? Well, who better than you to find that out? And this leads to my last question what's in it for you? Once Miguel Garza is behind bars, it'll be a gateway for me to investigate all of his illicit financial activities.
So, this is a - win-win.
- Win-win.
I won't rest, Ronny, until this filth is behind bars.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I wanted to ask you a favor.
- Yes, tell me.
Are you carrying your phone with you? - Yes.
- Could you make a call? No, sir, I cannot.
- Cutie, don't be mean.
- No, I'm not mean.
If they catch me, I'll get fired.
No What's your name? - Mariana.
- Look, Mariana.
I just want to surprise my girl, but I need to know if she's home.
I can't be the one who calls, she'll see my number and recognize it.
- Your girl, is that right? - Yes.
- Do me that favor.
- All right.
Look, take it out, if you'll excuse me, I'll Done, thank you.
I'll ring it and done.
Now we just ask if she's home.
- Her name is Chisca.
Sure! - Me? It can't be me.
But the zucchini slices have to be thinner! - Thinner? - Yes! It's teppanyaki, not pozole! Yes, good afternoon.
- How can I help you? - Yes, good afternoon.
Is Chisca home? No, Miss Chisca is resting at the moment.
Who is asking? Hello? - You call that thin! - But that's what I'm doing! Thin, like this! Like a wedding veil! Perfect! - Thank you so much.
- No, you're welcome.
Yes, please, besides it's been excellent service.
- Thank you so much.
- You're too kind.
I hope it goes well.
Hi, Valentín.
Where are you? You couldn't guess, Piero.
I like that.
You'll like it even more after what I tell you.
Tell me.
Miguel Garza is preparing a huge deal.
I don't know a lot about it yet, but I know him well.
He's an ambitious and intelligent man.
- Like you and me.
- He still keeps information to himself.
But he trusts me.
And you know the best part? I've found the weak spot of my dear friend Miguel: his sister, Chisca.
Careful, Valentín.
Family is something else.
No, you're not getting it, Piero.
It so happens that Chisca is crazy about me.
She's fallen in love.
And I'm crazy about her, too, you know? I need her! To get closer to Miguel and find everything out.
I'm going to end up with all of Miguel's companies and I want you to help me, Piero.
You can count on me.
Get him! Who the hell are you? I'm betting all my company's chips on your product.
- I know.
- Wow.
I was hoping for a little more empathy this time.
Everything is fine, Paula.
Don't worry.
Welcome, everyone.
It's a pleasure having you here.
Let me introduce you to Vladimir Arcov, engineer, pioneer and creative mind behind the technology of the new PI eco-friendly tires for our Novotech brand.
Thank you.
I welcome you all to the demonstration of my invention's efficiency.
We will all be a part of an absolute breakthrough in the automotive industry.
We have to leave the body here, so they can find it after the tests.
Have you seen anything weird or suspicious? Everything is in order.
Is there anything I should be worried about? No, not for now.
Let's keep our eyes peeled.
If you see anything weird, please, tell us.
Yes, of course.
The event is about to start.
- Let's go, Ronny.
- Let's go.
- Good afternoon, pal.
- Hi, good afternoon.
Hey, this will be an interesting test! I guess.
- You don't seem very confident.
- It's not like we're at the Grand Prix.
No, of course, but some of the best drivers in the world will be here.
- Sure.
- What, did I say something funny? - No, nothing.
- Come on, let me in on the joke! What is it? To me, it's obvious what will happen here.
Hey, please enlighten me.
I'm very ignorant when it comes to this stuff.
Well, I'm not one to tell and you're probably not one to listen either, right? But I will tell you one thing, Paul Parker will come in first.
And it won't be because of his skill as a driver.
What do you mean? - You don't see it? - No.
This is all a show, a performance.
I hope you didn't bet on the wrong horse.
I know! Don't tell me that! - Keep your spirits high.
- Thanks! All in order.
Nothing suspicious.
- Are you sure something will happen here? - I'm absolutely sure.
This is a show.
It's not a real test.
Why, what do you mean? I just learned some interesting information.
It doesn't look like it, but there's something bigger here, something much bigger.
From Germany, we have the honor to welcome the driver who's won the last three American Grand Prix competitions.
Driving car number two, Ernst Geyne.
Driving car number five, we have the Italian Paolo Canavalli.
Winner of the Indianapolis 500.
Driving car number three, a driver who has earned the most Indy 500 medals in the last 10 years.
The Spaniard Sebastián Prado.
And our star driver.
Behind the wheel of car number one, sponsored by Novotech: Paul Parker.
For this test, each of the drivers will have to drive his car through this obstacle course.
We will record their time.
This racing course was designed to test the tires on their quality, grip, speed, but most importantly, their strength.
We're about to begin this great event.
Everybody, thank you very much for being here.
You seem a bit anxious.
I don't host these types of events every day.
Don't worry about it.
I'm sure everything will be all right.
Thank you.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this unprecedented private event! Four of the best drivers in the world, driving four identical cars, will compete to test the efficiency of the new Novotech eco-friendly tires.
These tires promise to revolutionize the automotive world as we know it.
The drivers are ready.
You could cut the air with a knife! The first turn belongs to German driver, Ernst Geyne! The drivers are set.
Go! Geyne runs into trouble with the first obstacle.
The first curve is difficult.
He almost loses control! But he steers like a pro to get back on track.
He lost some valuable seconds.
What an amazing performance! Perfect acceleration! He recovers enough time to stay in the game! Geyne is reaching the home stretch! The true acid test for the tires.
And he crosses the finish line! I just got confirmation that Ernst Geyne managed to navigate the track in 1 minute 45 seconds! It's now the turn of Italian driver, Paolo Canavalli.
And off he goes! What an impeccable start! That first curve is giving him some trouble! That curve is deadly! He, too, loses valuable time.
He's gaining some speed! Hello? Yes.
Yes, I got it.
Tell me.
Final time, two minutes, eight seconds! I think we can find a way to close this deal properly.
Perfect, that is okay.
We'll be in touch, then.
What did he say? He'll think about it.
That doesn't mean a thing.
Didn't you hear? He said he'll think about it.
It doesn't mean he'll accept.
He's right.
Hey, boys.
Who are you talking to? He'll fall for it.
It's now the turn of the great Spanish driver! Prado is ready and his biggest challenge NOVOTECH ALMOST READY LET'S HOPE ADELA HITS THE MARK is beating Geyne's time.
And as we've seen, that will be no walk in the park! Adela, remember.
You have to finish the race in less than 1:30 minutes.
And there goes Prado! Yes! Prado manages to do that first curve with no problem! None of his opponents have done it! He's a bullet! He's lightning! What is that idiot doing? I don't get it.
He's going way too fast.
If he goes on like this, our driver won't be able to catch up! But our car is better! Yes, he's finished! Prado just beat the record time, with one minute 22 seconds! Superb performance from Prado! Now it is Parker's turn, to prove that Novotech tires can make miracles happen! It won't take long! Parker is ready to go and wants to prove his skills as a driver and the power of his tires! Look.
This is the Spanish driver's locker.
It's blood.
Are you okay? - Yes, everything's fine.
- I think it was good that the Spanish driver was so competitive.
The efficiency of the tires will be that much more convincing.
Parker is off! Something is happening! The tires don't have enough traction! He's losing control of his car and precious seconds! He's trying to accelerate, but the tires aren't helping! Parker is out of the race! For safety reasons, please remain in your seats.
Stay calm, everything is under control.
Care to explain what's happening with your wonderful tires? I don't know, but it seems like something's wrong.
- "It seems"? - They shouldn't be having any problems.
- I don't understand how they failed.
- You sold me a patent with the promise that my company would be on top and now you're sinking me! POLICE Hey, Howard! Careful! Mr.
Prado, don't worry.
Prado, are you all right? We're the police.
Don't worry.
Are you all right? - Some guys beat me up.
- Could you see them? Did you recognize them? I can't remember, but they spoke Russian to each other.
- Oh, God! - Mr.
Prado, do you have any idea who is driving your car? Hey, let me go! Excuse me, I'll be right back.
Sebastián Prado is safe, but we don't know who drove car number three.
All drivers are inside their cars, except Parker.
We need to know who took his place and why.
Number three is starting their engine! Stand back! Go get him! Why are you standing there? Whoever is behind that wheel, I want him to rot in jail! I need backup.
We need to go after them, fast! I'm coming! I only have two feet, you know? Rosario, where is Chisca? But what happened to you! Are you OK? Please, I need to see Chisca.
Is she home? Yes, she's in her room.
Do you want me to ask her to come No! I can go by myself, thanks.
But can I get you something? Some cotton balls? - Everything's all right.
- Some gauze? Chisca! Chisca! Are you okay, honey? Thank goodness! Don't worry.
I'm fine! What happened to you? I don't know.
I can't remember anything.
The stuff I bought must have been bad or something.
I can't remember anything! I just recall we were here, at home.
We were dancing and after that I woke up in a park in the middle of the day, all beaten and bloody.
I didn't have my phone or my wallet.
Who did that to you? I don't know! I can't remember.
- You're hurt badly! - No, don't worry about me.
I'm fine, but are you okay? - Yes.
- Are you okay? I was so worried, really! I walked all the way here from God knows where! I shouldn't have pushed you so hard to take the pills, without knowing where they came from! - That's all right.
You had no way to know.
- I bought them off a guy! I'm so sorry, really.
This gentleman is coming with us.
We need to know what happened before the investors are gone! These tests are simple and quick.
I need a few seconds.
There's nothing strange.
Everything seems to be in order.
But how? Maybe I pushed the tires too hard to save time.
- That Spaniard beat us.
- This cannot be.
We have to run those tests again! - Something happened! - We can't do the tests again now.
We'll be taking these tires as evidence, to run a more in-depth analysis.
The investors are leaving! I think I can fix this mess.
I am going with them.
- Howard.
They're onto us.
- Run!