El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e27 Episode Script

Episode 27

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I hope I'll return to Mexico soon.
I'm working on some projects in Paris, starting at the end Hey! She's stealing a dress! Security! That's not mine! It doesn't suit my outfit.
- Whose is it? - I don't know! It was there.
- Is this yours, sir? - Of course it is! Why were you trying to steal the dress? Stand up straight.
- Open your mouth.
- Up to here.
Open your mouth! Hey, get off me! You're not leaving this place until you do as I say.
Do you know who I am? - You don't.
- Open your mouth, I said! I am a Garza.
Do you know what that means? Shall I spell it out for you? Ramos! - I don't give a damn about your name.
- Hey! What's wrong with you? - You're hurting me.
- Walk! - I don't think you - Walk, pretty girl! - You can't squeeze my arm so tight.
- We don't have time.
Get in there, princess.
I want my call.
I'm entitled to a phone call.
We'll see.
Sure, princess.
We all have rights here.
I wasn't talking to you.
Hey, you better take it down a notch.
Be respectful.
- Respectful? - Respectful.
You have no idea how much I'd love to punch that mouth of yours.
But I'll let you squeal around.
- I'm not afraid of you.
- Oh, poor rich girl.
What happened? Did your parents forget about you? Can you please open this? Please! Hey! Shut up! You're getting on our nerves.
- Shut up! - What's wrong with you? You will calm down or we will calm you down.
I need you to be in this with me.
Someone has to silence that journalist.
- Héctor is my friend.
- Exactly.
If he's your friend, you should warn him not to mess with me.
Is that a warning or a threat? Oh, call it what you want.
I just want him to leave me alone.
It's absurd to think Héctor orchestrated all of that just because he was standing next to a journalist during the conference.
Do you think I haven't looked into it? I'm growing tired of that idiot.
Carlos, I can't help you.
He's free to print anything he wants.
I think our meeting is over.
Excuse me.
Miguel, wait.
You can't just cut me off and leave.
Well, as far as I know, the gentleman likes eating very healthy! A lot of protein, low-fat content, few carbohydrates, veggies on top, veggies below, veggies all over! That's why I'm going to place some avocado here on the side.
Technically, avocado is a fruit.
Hey! She's stealing a dress! Security! - You'll have to come with me.
- Don't touch me! Please, come with me.
EMBARRASSING INCIDEN DURING FASHION WEEK What just happened is incredible.
It seems one of the guests of the event was stealing an exclusive dress from the collection.
Don't insist, Carlos, really.
Hello? What? Are you sure? Don't worry, Dora.
I'll take care of it.
It's Chisca, my sister.
She's been arrested.
I'd get her out of there in a minute.
We're here to support each other, aren't we? You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, right? I'm so glad you came for me.
You've no idea how they treated me.
This lady put something in my mouth, I know it was dirty.
I could taste it.
This was a mistake.
I didn't steal anything.
You're on video, Chisca.
It's amazing how you exposed us to everyone.
- I don't care about everyone's opinion.
- I care! You can't expose the family name like that.
- At least it's good for something, right? - Stop that nonsense.
I have to keep a low profile and you're not helping at all.
I'm no thief.
- Why do you always think I'm guilty? - You are! I didn't do anything! I hate you.
Look! What a wonderful welcome home! Rumors spread like wildfire around here.
Why did you do that, Chisca? - I thought you were doing better.
- I'm totally fine.
No, you're not fine.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing that crap.
- What does that have to do with this? - Drugs make you do things you shouldn't.
- You know what? Shut up.
- Don't talk like that to Dora.
Hey! Let's make something very clear, OK? I don't need to steal anything from anybody! - We know that.
- Perfect! You have to understand you're out of control! Chisca, listen.
We're all worried about you here.
I think it's time to seek help from a specialist.
- I won't.
- You have to allow us to help you.
Look! Listen to me, OK? I won't go anywhere! Can we talk somewhere else? Or must it be in front of the driver? - Stop humiliating me! - No, I'm leaving.
Don't! It's your home, isn't it? I'm leaving.
You're not going anywhere.
Don't! Hey, why don't we let my sister rest and then we decide what to do with her.
You want to send me to rehab too? I want what's best for you! I want you to get better! By placing me in there? May I leave? What are we going to do with her? Our best option is rehab, don't you think? We can't just leave her like this.
Héctor, I want to thank you for spreading the word about this march through your newspaper.
Man, I'm honestly really proud I'm able to help.
As you can see, we've been working day and night to cause a rapid effect.
Yes, sure.
We have to draw attention.
- Please, take a seat.
- Thank you.
Come in.
A march like this one must help raise awareness about what's happening.
You know what, Arturo? I think it's really hard for people to accept that these kinds of things happen because you don't ever expect it to happen to you or the people you know.
I hope this march will achieve something.
If we save just one life, that'd be enough for me.
And you know what? Nobody will ever stop us.
Everything will work out just fine.
You'll see.
Lerner, thank you for coming at this hour.
Don't worry.
I'm used to emergencies.
It's a part of my job.
I have heard very good things about you.
I hope to meet your expectations.
According to what you've told me, this seems to be a complex case.
I think it's time to place her in a rehabilitation center.
She's getting worse and worse.
I've already told you what she did.
- Do you want to see her? - No, let her rest.
The important thing is that we agree on what we'll do from tomorrow onwards.
I'm at your disposal.
These cases are complex, especially when the patient doesn't want help.
Yes, I know.
Very good, let's get into the details.
MEXICO The plants are still producing, Boss.
A lot.
I have no complaints.
You're taking good care of the business.
We've even doubled our production.
I like that.
We just have to transport the product quickly.
Don't worry about that.
I have a plan.
Really? How? Why are you asking so much? No, Boss.
I'm just asking because I don't want a single milligram to go to waste.
Look, Pompi, you take care of producing it.
I'll take care of the rest, OK? Chisca, please.
You have to eat something, child.
You have us very worried, darling.
We've never left you alone.
Why can't you trust us? Help us help you, darling.
We want to see you happy.
I know.
So, then why don't you go see Dr.
Lerner? Just hear what he has to say, please.
- Chisca? - OK.
OK, I'll talk to him.
But that's it, OK? Do you promise? I promise.
This is just like everything in this life.
You always save your best tricks for last.
Volta's getting too close! I know! Do you think I'm happy with the polls? The numbers are going down.
I feel the pressure of the entire party weighing on my neck, so It's Carlos.
Right? - Carlos! - Yes, it's Carlos.
We have to win.
Because we have to gain momentum.
This goes to his candidacy.
You'll have to come up with something then, pal.
We're approaching the final stretch.
We have to push.
I'm going to put my men to work in the poorest areas in order to ensure their votes.
Right? I don't even know how to thank you for all your support.
I'm really counting on you.
I have a meeting right now, but I'll see you later, OK? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
This guy.
All right.
You take care of it, OK? - I'll be out of town for a few days.
- Why's that? I'm going to meet some new clients.
- See you around.
- OK.
MEXICO CITY Just stay away from Carlos.
So, you don't want me to seek justice for my sister Helena? To expose the corrupt? At least wait until things cool down.
No, Miguel.
That's what you want me to do.
You're just as corrupt as everyone else.
I'm not corrupt.
You know perfectly well what my plans are.
Look, Miguel, if you want to play that game, you'll end up getting your hands dirty sooner or later.
Can't you see? There's no middle point here.
You're wrong.
I too want to put an end to that business, to corruption.
But my methods are very different from yours.
I don't understand you.
What are you looking for? Don't you see the country you're living in? It's drowning in corruption from politicians, in lies, in murders.
If you won't fight against all of that, you're part of the problem.
You can't fight against them from here, exposing them without having proof.
They're way stronger than you are, it's an unfair fight.
In order to win, you need to have more power.
Look, Miguel, you know what? I'm fed up with your lectures, they are nothing but excuses.
They're not excuses! You have no idea what I'm doing.
No, I don't need to know.
You're a Garza, Miguel.
You're a criminal posing as a financier.
I can imagine it.
You can think whatever you want.
Just stay away from Carlos.
I'm telling you as a friend.
In that case, why don't you go to him and tell him, as a friend, that I won't stop until I prove that the secretary of the interior is protecting murderous criminals.
You may leave.
Oh, and Miguel.
Don't call me a friend ever again.
- How are things going? - We have all the information, Boss.
Number of employees, shift change, patrol zones.
- Master key.
- How do we get into the restricted area? I'm on it.
It's a numerical code.
Eight numbers.
- I have it.
- Good job.
Cameras? Alarm systems? They go from the hall of the restricted area to the lab.
- How can it be deactivated? - They're lasers.
They have to be deactivated manually.
- Well, you'll have to come with us.
- What? Me? Why? - You're the only one who can do it.
- But I - Anything else? - Yes.
Laser position changes every half an hour.
In that case, we have half an hour to get in and out of the lab.
Not a second longer.
Kenia, Jorge, you stay here as external support.
- Please, stay alert.
- Yes, sir.
Once we're in there, we'll be cut off from communications.
There's no room for error.
- Miguel, I was looking for you.
- Me too.
I wanted to talk to you.
Can you get in touch with Hans and invite him to dinner? Yes, all right.
Do you need me to do something else? To keep him busy, mainly.
Talk to him about the work the foundation needs, etc.
Yes, perfect.
Miguel, be careful, please.
- It could be very dangerous.
- It won't be if everyone does their job.
Can you entertain him until it's done? For as long as you need.
Be careful.
I'm ready, Miguel.
Just say the word.
Let's go.
- In case I don't see you again.
- Take care, Flaco.
MEXICO A truck is coming, Boss.
Yes, let them through.
I'm expecting visitors.
Let them through.
It wouldn't be bad to have some extra money.
It would never be, Boss.
I'll be right back.
How are you? Come in.
Have a drink with us.
Girl! - A drink for my friend, here.
- Hurry.
Miguel, Mrs.
Good afternoon, Chisca.
I'm Dr.
I'm glad your family is standing by your side in a moment like this.
Look, I know this can be a very difficult process, but I promise you'll get better.
It's just a matter of getting used to it.
Getting used to what? - Please, go with the nurses, Chisca.
- If you could come with us, please, miss.
- Don't touch me.
- Calm down.
- Leave her.
- Are you serious? Are you leaving me here? Is that what we came here for? - Dora! You said we'd just come to talk! - It's for your own good, darling.
Miguel! You shouldn't have bothered.
I hate you! - It's for your own good, darling.
Please! - I hate you! No, what are you doing? It's just a sedative.
Calm down.
I don't think Miguel made the right decision.
Leaving Dora in charge of the organization! Our business is different and Miguel Garza doesn't understand that.
That dude makes decisions all willy-nilly based on his samurai ideologies.
He's not hot-blooded like us.
What does Zaragoza say? What can he say? He's totally happy.
He's in charge of Ciudad Jiménez and that position should've been mine.
I know! Nobody was more loyal to Mr.
Lamberto than you.
And just look at how I've been rewarded.
Tell me about it, pal.
Speaking of that, I know we didn't play fair, Epigmenio.
- Honestly, I - OK, that's in the past, man! Now we have to think ahead.
That's why I'm here.
- You and I can do very good business.
- Yes.
But nobody can find out about this.
MEXICO CITY For the next 48 hours, Chisca will be in a detox program.
She won't get visitors and she'll be cut off from the outside.
Will you sedate her? We'll give her some drugs to avoid the withdrawal syndrome.
We're leaving her in the best hands, Dora.
Don't worry.
You've already taken the first step.
Now the important part is giving her time to get better.
- Thank you, doctor.
- Miguel.
- I'm leaving her in your hands.
- Of course.
To the new businesses.
And to your partners, I wish the worst for them.
Can you picture their faces if they knew we're making a deal? Their brains don't work that well.
They won't ever find out.
We have to come up with something.
What will I say? Whose product is it? - We have to create a cover story.
- Don't worry, I'll think of something.
If I may, what if Why don't you shut up, Tacho? All right, Boss.
What do you think about the Valley Organization? - Sounds good.
- Yeah, that's right! That is the one! Attention everybody! From this point on, this organization's called the Valley Organization and I am the boss of bosses.
Is that clear? - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! You will help us, save us from the people that want to kill us? With what? Your nunchucks, your ninja stars or what? The only reason you're here is because Grandpa has already lost it.
He's a grownup and he's very smart.
It's not an intelligence issue, it's an emotional issue.
We all have emotional issues, including yourself.
I hate you! Are you for real? You are leaving me here? No! What are you doing? It's just a sedative.
Calm down.
- May I sit down here? - Of course, this is your home.
How is it going with all this? Slow, but we're moving forward.
I can't stop feeling sad about Chisca.
Sometimes I think she's the one who is the least to blame for all this.
You made the best choice.
Today wasn't a good day.
I know, but the day is coming to an end, man! Can I ask you a question? Sure.
Do you think I'm doing things well? Why are you asking me? Because you're my friend and you're honest.
Miguel, I think you Hold on a second.
- Are you going out? - I had plans.
Go, please.
You know what? I'm canceling them.
Let's stay and talk.
No, I have to go, too.
Miguel, I think you're too harsh on yourself.
Take care.
Communication team, remember, no weapons.
This job has to be done right.
- Flaco, security cameras? - I'm on it.
I'm recording the minutes to replace the cameras' display in real time.
As soon as you have them, Trejo can do his part.
Hey, Boss, this dude brought wine from Japan just to play a hobo, am I right? It's really important everyone does their part no matter how small they may seem.
If somebody messes up, we all get caught.
Yes, Boss.
I'm aware.
- It's done.
- Let's go.
I'm just crying Because you took the TV, you scum! Where will I watch soccer now? Nothing like a good red wine from Rheinhessen.
To Mr.
Garza's absence, which has allowed me to negotiate with a gorgeous woman like you.
Is somebody waiting for you, Mr.
Pritken? No, not at all.
It's a little obsession I have with these devices, which I consider to be exceptional.
Yes, they can be addictive.
Here I can see the security cameras in my lab from wherever I am, anywhere in the world.
It makes me feel, I don't know like a god.
Well, there's nothing like constant oversight of any company from its owner.
It's the only way to make sure everything works out well, don't you think? - Should we begin, sir? - Of course.
And please, don't say "sir.
" Call me Hans.
It's the second time we've seen each other.
To doing good business.
- Talk to me! - This is private property.
My wife used to say the same thing.
- Just look at how she left me.
- Please, leave.
You can't be here.
Hold on, wait.
A lighter.
No, I'm not your servant.
- Don't be like that, brother! Here.
- No.
- What's wrong with you? - Brother, don't be so rude.
Let's call a truce.
We're like brothers.
The truce cigarette.
You light one and I'll light another one.
That's it.
Done, move.
One, two, three, let's move.
We need basic supplies for the foundation.
Saline solution, alcohol, antibiotics, dressings.
The idea is that you, sir I mean, the idea is that you, Hans, can get rid of all the products you have, either those expired or that may have not maintained in the refrigerators.
It sounds interesting.
And you name the price.
Twice its value.
Why not three times? I like how you think.
But let me double the stakes.
I also have a warehouse full of medication and other supplies in bad condition.
You know, wet storehouses, boxes stored under a leak.
That's music to my ears.
I think that the Jin Foundation will be a great chance for you to clear your warehouses of all that trash.
Another bottle, please.
Another one? Don't you think we've already drank too much? It's never too much.
Especially when you're with such a beautiful woman.
PRITKEN PHARMA Everything's under control, Miguel.
- Flaco.
- Nothing Flaco's master key can't open.
Very well.
Bowling is a combination of several elements.
- Can you see these dots? - Yes.
You put your feet on them.
Then you aim the ball between those arrows and try and hit the first pin.
- OK.
- But not head-on, on the side.
- Oh, dear! Such a pro, trick shot and all.
- Well, here I go.
- A true professional throw.
- Let's see, I want to see it.
- Come on! - Here I go! Come on! What happened, dude? Well, let's say I'm warming up.
It was the first throw.
- Give me a second chance.
- All right.
Go, then, go ahead.
- OK.
Here I go.
- Come on.
Now you'll do better.
Now you'll see what a bowling pro looks like.
Let's see.
Well, I'm a little rusty.
- Yup.
I'm warming up.
Give me a chance! - OK, it's my turn.
Let's see how I do.
- Now you go.
- Hold on a second.
There you go.
Let's see.
- What do you think? - No way.
What did I tell you? This girl has her little tricks.
And I've always been a lucky woman.
- Lucky and professional.
- Of course! You know what? I've been lucky twice in my life.
Oh, really? The first one was having been in the right place at the right time.
When I was young, I was hired in the headquarters of a bank, serving coffee, delivering documents, that kind of stuff.
While I was there, there was a very important executive meeting.
Javier Pizarro was there, one of the most important people there.
He began eating and he started to choke on his food.
Thank God I had watched a documentary two weeks before about what to do in those circumstances and I applied the technique.
- I saved his life.
- Shut up! No, I swear I saved his life.
Javier thanked me by helping me get started.
He hired me as a general assistant.
Then I began learning about how the business works.
I learned a million things.
He was paying for my education and I was working for him.
- Wow.
- And the rest is history.
- That's nice.
- Yes.
And what's the other story about when you were lucky? The second time was a more important moment.
I was in a building.
I got into an elevator.
There was a breathtakingly beautiful woman with the prettiest eyes.
- Yeah, sure! - But here comes the most important part.
She had a disgusting sandwich in her hands.
Hey, what's wrong with you? It wasn't disgusting, it was so good.
You surely wanted a bite, right? Let me suggest something.
Let's make a bet.
Whoever wins the next game chooses what we'll do for the rest of the night, OK? - Are you in? Or are you afraid? - All right, I like it.
But before we do that, let's write it down on a napkin, so that we don't cheat.
- OK? - I think that's perfect.
Very good.
Hey! Watch yours, cheater! Could you please say "ah," Chisca? OK.
Has she been calm? She fought for a while, but she calmed down eventually.
Let's give her sublingual Zolpidem.
Let's try to help her have a good night.
I'll check on her tomorrow morning.
Yes, doctor.
Miss, please open your mouth.
Tongue up.
Thank you.
You must know this already, but any man would be lucky to be with you.
Thank you.
And where in Germany are you from, Hans? Do you live far from here? Yes, quite far.
Why? I thought we could go to your place and talk more comfortably.
Look, Hans.
I came here to talk about business.
In that case, I'll go alone to the lab.
To the lab? I have some unfinished business and it seems that there's no use wasting my time with you.
But why would you go to the lab at such a late hour? I like going there when gorgeous girls turn me down.
You know? When you say those things, it makes me want to get to know each other better.
Are you serious? You know what? My home is not really comfortable for visitors, but I'd love to go to yours.
I bet it's a wonderful place.
It is.
But my wife wouldn't like me to take you there.
Yes, sure.
In that case, we can stay here and order another drink.
Would you like that? I insist that we should go to my office.
It's very comfortable.
We can have a few drinks in peace there.
Let's go.
You'll love it.
Yes, sure.
Let's go.
Just let me go to the bathroom real quick.
Let me see.
HANS IS GOING TO THE LAB I hope they haven't entered the restricted area yet.
Come on, Jimena, think.
CALLING KENIA Jimena, is everything all right? Kenia, I need to talk with Miguel urgently.
I have to warn him that Hans is on his way to the lab.
- Right now? - Yes.
I have been trying to buy more time, but it's impossible.
- There's no way and he wants to go there.
- It's impossible now.
Miguel is in the restricted area with Flaco.
I can't.
We can tell Peligros.
He could warn them, right? Yes, tell him.
Meanwhile, I'll go to Hans and see if I can delay him or something.
- I don't know.
- OK.
- Jimena, please be careful.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Take a deep breath and don't overthink it.
They've been deactivated.
We have 30 minutes.
- Ready? - Ready.
I mean, wouldn't you like to have another drink? I get really horny after a whiskey on the rocks.
Interestingly enough, I've saved a bottle in my office for a special occasion.
Wow, what a coincidence.
Let's go.
Aren't you glad I won our bet? What would we be doing if you had won? That's easy.
WHATEVER ADELA WANTS As you can see, you'd have won either way.
You know what? You're what any woman would want.
And you don't know me yet.
This is Farchala's lab.
- It has a password.
- Weren't you expecting it? That question is an insult.
Do your thing.
I'm going to see what this is all about.
You look a bit tense.
Anxious, actually.
To get there.
We're almost there.
I'm in.
Copy everything you can find.
We have four minutes left.
I hope the files aren't too big or we won't make it.
COPYING FILES I'm not feeling well.
- What's wrong? - I don't know.
Maybe something I ate at dinner has upset my stomach or I drank too much.
- I don't know.
- Don't worry.
We have a myriad of medications in there.
I'll give you something in five minutes and you'll feel good.
How long do we have? Two and a half minutes.
COPYING FILES Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras García