Electric City (2012) s01e17 Episode Script

People Like a Good Show

Electric City special bulletin! With the cause of action will come warrants to investigate power ratings and electricity pulses that normally would be ignored.
When asked how soon the AMP would enact the action citywide, Commander Welles said, "Immediately.
" We are selling tons of them! We can't keep up with the demand in Ford Current and we've got two whole other assembly lines putting out.
People are bartering everything in Nova Bossa.
They want our kits! We completely sold out the Mark 1's in three days! Be prepared to move this shop on a moment's notice.
What happened at Fourhouse will happen again.
if we are not lucky.
five six seven eight nine.
Nine AMP hover ships.
Our ops can't bust up every tapper in our grids.
There aren't enough hours in the day.
How about education and propaganda? Demonstrations of the dangers of radio waves.
- People like a good show.
- Radio waves and your safety.
The invisible waves of the radial spectrum are a part of nature, but when manufactured by artificial means, radio waves are volatile and dangerous.
I assure you that you are all safe here in this lecture hall.
Like we're idiots! This radio wave creator and this wave reception unit are powered by fully-charged outrigger batteries.
I turn on both kits.
Hear the power being expelled? Look what happens when I tune the receptor.
The hum becomes a modulated signal.
Harmless enough, you say? What if the radio wave is amplified? As the invisible waves are compressed, they grow unstable! And for every physical action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Heh! Expletive nonsense! Exploding wave units are a fraud! Do not believe the fake official warnings! I want a wave unit.
I will barter for fresh pomegranates.
Fresh pomegranates are delish! Yeah, bowl of onion, cold.
I only eat it cold.
Uh, cold onion? Okay.
Comin' right up.
No, no, no, no, no.
Bowl of onion.
Uh, lady, I serve noodles, hot or cold.