Elfen Lied (2004) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom Et lingua eius loquetur indicium And his tongue shall speak judgment Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem Blessed is the man that endureth temptation Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae For when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison Lord, fire divine, have mercy O quam sancta, quam serena Oh how holy, how serene Quam benigma, quam amoena How benign, how pleasant O castitatis lilium Oh lily of purity We're both hungry, huh? Listen up.
Our target has an unidentified weapon with a two meter radius.
Unidentified? What the hell's that mean? Its specifics are unknown.
Man The police are already working on searching the city.
Once we receive the information, we'll immediately head to the site.
Bandoh! That's stupid! What're you doing?! The target is someone we can shoot without warning, right? Then it's hunt or be hunted.
It's one or the other! Hurry up and drop me off! Oh, right Since you looked sad she might have thought that the seashell was bad.
What're you doing? It's not locked.
I thought this was a vacant house I moved in here today.
Excuse me, but We're the police.
We'd like you to take a moment to cooperate with our investigation.
Did something happen? Have you seen a girl like this? Did she do something? Hey! We're the ones asking the questions! Have you seen her or not?! Cool it.
She's just a missing person.
Missing I don't know her.
I see.
If you see her, could you contact the police? Thanks.
Let's go.
Oh, I didn't lock the door.
This is Satoh from Bandoh Group.
We've arrived at Yuigahama.
We'll continue the search.
We're only authorized to search the coastlines.
Please don't go places where people are around.
That's up to our enemy.
They said that our enemy carries a special weapon, but what do you think it is? I don't know how to handle it if it's a weapon we don't know anything about.
Shut up! Can't you keep your mouth shut for a while?! If you keep whining, I'll take you out first.
Leader! Bingo! Nyu Nyu? Excuse me There's someone who's lost, and What're you doing in a place like this? Geez You're shivering.
What'll I do with you? Here.
Nyu? Now, stand up.
Can you get up? Nyu! Nyu! Nyu! Oh, yeah, they're sticking out.
The horns are sticking out from her head.
You probably shouldn't get too close.
Shut up! Keep quiet! What're you guys?! Let's see now.
It was okay to kill witnesses too, right, Satoh? No, we don't have any orders like that.
We should contact headquarters first.
What do you mean by kill? You don't understand, dumbass? Kill means I pull the trigger like this.
And, then, your brains'll splatter all over and you'll die.
Nyu, run! She's my prey.
Stay outta my way! Nyu! Nyu! Well, you're gonna let me have some fun, right? A missing person? Around what age? Well Yes.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, well, I just remembered someplace where she's likely to be.
Sorry for bothering you.
Sorry that I had to step out during the conversation.
No, that's all right.
Our missing person seems to be pretty troublesome, though.
I was told that SAT's searching the coastlines without asking us.
Geez, I don't get what they're thinking.
I don't want them to act too conspicuously.
Well then, I'm counting on you.
Yes, sir.
A vicious escapee.
A girl like this, huh? Kohta! Kohta! Come on, Kohta! What? What happened? Oh! I'll call an ambulance right away! Nyu! Where's Nyu?! Kohta! Hang in there! Kohta! It may be the wrong person.
She seems too different from the person in the report.
Leader! Have you seen any human with horns sticking out besides her? But This is Satoh at Bandoh Group.
We captured someone who appears to be Lucy.
We're at Yuigahama.
Don't do anything without my orders! Now the fun begins.
You've killed so many up until now, right? Let's have a duel.
A duel! Nyu Hey! What the hell's wrong with you? You're a bloodthirsty killer, aren't you?! Give me a beating, come on! Hey, wait a second.
What'd you just hide? Show it to me! Hey! Could it be the lethal weapon? Don't be stupid! If you have the so-called weapon, bring it on! Now! I don't care any more.
Well, Leader! Satoh, you can go ahead and kill her.
I said kill her.
It's our job, right? But Never mind, just shoot.
It's an order.
This is my job.
Shit! What the Leade What the hell are you?! Is this for real? A hand? You're just trying to throw stuff at me till you hit! Throwing? Our target has a weapon that causes certain death within a two meter radius.
So that's it.
Two meter invisible hands.
Those are your This is fun! What is it? Geez.
This is too cool, huh? Die! You occult bitch! That's not fair, is it? Are you enjoying this? You damn bitch! You bitch.
How dare you How dare you cut my arm off? You bitch.
Just wait and see.
I'll never forget your face! I'll kill you! I'll kill you, damn it! I'll kill you! This isn't fun anymore.
Nyu? Where the hell'd you go?! I'll kill you! Hey, where the hell'd you go?! Come back! Hey! Where the hell are you?! Where the hell'd you go?! Excuse me.
What happened? I'll fuckin' kill you! I'll kill you! Excuse me.
I'll kill you! Come back! Don't move! Who are you? I'll go get an ambulance now, so please don't move so recklessly! Shit.
Kohta! Kohta! Oh? Yuka.
Where am I? What's going on? What happened? Are you okay? Please excuse us.
So we meet again.
Give us a moment alone.
A soldier with a machine gun, huh? In short, you're saying that you were attacked by some guys like motorcycle gangsters with model guns.
No, I'm not.
It was definitely The girl who was here earlier said she didn't see anyone like that.
If only there were another witness.
Witness Nyu There was a girl at the beach.
Is she safe? Who was she? I don't know.
I just happened to see her.
What were some of her distinguishing characteristics? Characteristics.
I can't think of anything in particular.
Things like hairstyle, age, or something like that! Especially if you saw something on her head! Could you tell us just whatever you remember? I said it was a girl but she was about the age of a college student.
She had short hair and was a little overweight.
Okay, that's enough.
Sorry to bother you when you're injured.
I was told by the doctor earlier that your injury isn't that bad.
Go home carefully.
But it really was someone with a machine gun! There are many motorcycle gangsters around here.
We'll duly take care of your crime report.
You should forget about it, for your own good.
I hope she hasn't been killed.
What? What did you say? Nothing.
Then, I'll stop by again tomorrow.
Are you sure you're okay? I'm fine, I'm fine.
See you, then.
I'm sorry.
Nyu? Thank you.
Kohta, please come again next year! Don't forget about me! Yeah! I'll come next year again, Yuka, since I like you.
It's been eight years since then, hasn't it? Yes? No, nothing.
The key! Sir! Hey, who are you? Those guys Those soldiers and the police are definitely acting strange.
Nyu? Even if I say something, I guess you won't understand it.
But, I've decided that I'll never let them take you.
All right, then, change into this.
Nyu? Oh well.
I guess I've got no choice but to change your clothes myself.
Uhm Shirt, shirt, shirt There it is.
Okay, raise your arms, like this.
Nyu? Don't worry.
I'm keeping my eyes closed, so Let me see Nyu! Sorry! Next is underwear.
This is the big one.
Don't move, okay? There! So it was a failure.
From the damage done to the SAT members, we could confirm that Lucy came ashore, but we still haven't tracked her down.
I can't imagine that bloodthirsty killer will continue to hide quietly.
That may be so, but I don't think you need to even use #7.
What's her condition? Since we've been performing pretty severe experiments continuously, I don't know if we can use her or not.
It was already too cruel to describe it with the word love.
It was a sad imitation created in a world where only eternal pain and despair rule, only to achieve a single goal.
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