Elfen Lied (2004) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom Et lingua eius loquetur indicium And his tongue shall speak judgment Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem Blessed is the man that endureth temptation Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae For when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison Lord, fire divine, have mercy O quam sancta, quam serena Oh how holy, how serene Quam benigma, quam amoena How benign, how pleasant O castitatis lilium Oh lily of purity I'm going home and you're coming with me.
It's no use running away.
I've already contacted them about this place.
Are you going to kill me too? Up until now, I've never killed a person.
A person? Hold on a second! Uhm, I can't go home unless I bring you with me.
Don't move.
I can kill you by just moving a vein in your brain by 1 mm.
Go home! But I was going to let you go, thinking you were one of the few of my kind, but now you're becoming a pain.
Something like this Something like this doesn't hurt at all! So your vectors are longer than mine? Don't worry, I won't kill you.
But I'll teach you a lesson in place of Papa.
What are you saying? Do you wanna do it, like you did to Nyu? Like I said, that was something that Nyu suddenly In any case, we'd better go and find Nyu, or You keep saying "Nyu, Nyu, Nyu!" You don't care about me at all! Yuka.
You don't tell me important things like that you were attacked by a soldier, and But that's because I didn't want to worry you needlessly.
Can't I worry about you, Kohta? You always worry about Nyu.
What's that got to do with this? I've waited all this time and thought I was finally able to see you.
Yuka, uhm Jerk! You, jerk! I hate you! I hate you! I really hate you! It wasn't supposed to turn out like this.
Where's Kohta? They say Kohta's in the hospital right now.
Yeah, I hear that he can't even speak because of the shock he had.
That's not surprising.
Poor thing.
I'll come next year again.
It's Kohta, not me, who's having a hard time and feeling sad, but Ouch, ouch, ouch If I were serious, you would have died at least three times since all I have to do is move it just 1 mm.
Uhm, excuse me Oh, I have it ready.
Here you go.
But what a gluttonous dog.
He eats this much all by himself? Oh, uhm yes, he does.
How old are you? Uhm, I'm 13 years ol oh, I'll be 14 tomorrow.
Oh, tomorrow is your birthday? What? Yes.
Well then, thank you very much.
Oh? You're Uhm Good bye! Do you now feel like going back with me? You can't defeat me with such short arms.
Just like I thought, her power seems to be stronger than mine.
Oh? What was that? For experimental equipment, you sure know how to use them.
Geez, after I've gone to all the trouble of getting dressed up! What's this, repeating the same stuff? Oh, that person I'm sorry to do this to you, but I'm just going to make it so that you won't be able to walk.
Don't fight! Don't come here! No! It hurts It hurts Papa Papa Help me! It doesn't hurt at all! It still doesn't hurt? No No No No Papa Are you suffering? Are you hurting? Don't worry, I'll put you out of your misery shortly.
The first bullet missed her.
I'll try another shot.
Wait! Nana Papa You bitch! They're not coming out! What did you do?! That's it.
I won't forgive you.
There's no way in hell I'll Looks like it's all over for #7.
Chief! What are you doing? Is he trying to get killed?! Papa, I'm sorry.
I made your neck string dirty.
Why didn't you wait till I came? Because I thought you'd praise me if I captured her and brought her back, but But I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry, Papa.
Shall we shoot her? Wait! We shouldn't provoke her right now.
But why doesn't she attack? She's calling you Papa? I believe your daughter is dead.
Yeah I killed her! This is nothing compared to Nana's pain, but it's the least I can do.
This isn't good! Chief! Please step back! Follow her! Chief You're She ran away.
Don't talk any more.
I did something you didn't want me to do, didn't I? Papa Will I be useless now? Will you not be using me any more? Papa I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's enough, so don't talk any more.
The girl who was here just now? I don't know.
She comes here every day, though.
She's always dressed in the same clothes, so people from other stores also think that she may be homeless.
Just as I thought, that girl is I should at least tell Kohta.
Kohta Chief Kurama.
It's from Secretary Shirakawa.
I see.
I'm sorry.
What's going on? Director Kakuzawa's here.
The director is? He said he wanted you to come see him as soon as you arrive.
Got it.
Nyu?! Nyu! Nyu! You got lost? Geez, that's because you went out on your own.
Nyu! Nyu! Oh, you're hurt.
Nyu? This is just for now.
I'll finish taking care of it when we get home.
Oh, no! Leave it like that.
Nyu? Something's wrong with me, being jealous of you, huh? Nyu? Now, let's go home! They're late Oh, yeah, it's broken, isn't it? Someone who was walking by found her on the ground wounded.
Did the girl have long hair, or That's the girl there.
I was able to somehow get through it by saying you were a visiting relative.
I'm sorry.
Uhm, I'll be sure to pay back the hospital fee later.
Setting aside the money issue, why did you ask them to contact us? Well I'm sorry! I'm sorry! In any case, do you wanna have dinner or something at our place? Oh? I wonder which one came back? Yuka? Or is it Nyu? Welcome back.
Oh, I'm back.
I met Nyu and Nyu's home too? Just as I thought, she seems to have gotten lost.
Oh Uhm Good evening.
Nyu! I was worried, Nyu! Nyu! Hey! Excuse me Nyu? That's right.
There's no way that legs fly off on their own.
What are you talking about? Nothing.
I just remembered a strange dream.
Now, come in.
Dinner's ready.
Well Okay.
This tastes good.
Really? Thanks.
Nyu! You really think so? Is it really that impressive? I think it's rather Then, don't eat it, Kohta! Thanks so much.
Really, really, it was good.
Oh, yeah.
Mayu, the bath is ready so go ahead if you like.
Right, Kohta? But Oh, yeah, make yourself at home.
Right? I wonder how many days it's been since the last time I took a bath? They're nice people.
Nyu! Since Nyu looked like she wanted to take a bath, I sent her in too.
Won't she be a bother to Mayu? By the way, about that girl Bread crusts from a bakery? Yeah.
She comes every day saying that those are to feed Wanta.
But I thought that she might possibly be living on them too.
I was thinking that something was strange too, since she doesn't want to talk about her home and family.
I wonder if she really is a runaway.
Hey, what should we do? I wonder if it'd be better if we contact the police.
I suppose that makes sense, but I'll feel sorry if we give her to the police without asking her anything.
And also the police can't be trusted, so I'll tell you everything about the other night at the beach.
That tickles! I'll do it myself, so So that's what happened.
That's why you were always worrying about Nyu.
I guess I ended up worrying you more when I tried not to.
No, I'm the one who should apologize.
Nyu! You have to wash the soap off and dry your body, right? Geez, you gave Kohta unnecessary excitement again.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
She ran off on her own.
Mayu Yes? Stay the night with us tonight.
What? But I shouldn't bother you that much.
Don't worry about it.
The one thing we have lots of here are rooms.
Okay? Yes.
I wonder what's gonna happen from now.
I guess it's better than collecting a dead body, huh? I'm sorry.
Since we can't lose the Eve for our new human race, but kill #7.
Useless Diclonius are nothing more than a dangerous existence.
You've killed so many carriers, so I won't let you say you can't now, Kurama.
You have a phone call from Professor Kakuzawa.
My stupid son.
Another request for money? I would like to have another little increase for my research budget.
I know, but I'm really close.
And we're close to being able to do clinical tests too.
Oh, by the way, what happened to the escaped Diclonius? I see.
I thought you'd find her right away.
Well, then.
I hope you will grant my request.
How did it go with the budget? Well, at least a little bit.
Since the vaccine is almost completed somehow, even if they don't double the current budget, a bit more would Well, we don't have to rush.
But preventing damage by Diclonius is depending on this, right? Also I heard that the one that escaped from the research lab hasn't been captured yet, so Since I don't want dad to have her that easily What did you say? Oh, have a good evening.
You too.
They still haven't found her, huh? That's good news.
Where are you, Lucy? You're mine.
I'll make her sleep with this, and take care of her after that.
That's the least I can do.
Yes? I'll do it.
Papa We'll examine you.
It'll hurt a little, but bear it.
Yes, I'll bear it.
I'm getting sleepy.
Papa What is it? Goodbye, Papa.
I'm sorry.
A dark stain called "memory" spread onto the wall.
The world of despair that even rejects death.
Is it really light or darkness that awaits a cowering girl on her journey? Next Elfen Lied, Episode Five.