Elfen Lied (2004) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom Et lingua eius loquetur indicium And his tongue shall speak judgment Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem Blessed is the man that endureth temptation Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae For when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison Lord, fire divine, have mercy O quam sancta, quam serena Oh how holy, how serene Quam benigma, quam amoena How benign, how pleasant O castitatis lilium Oh lily of purity Answer me! What the hell are those horns? Even if there were a hundred of you, you couldn't defeat me.
What'd you say? You're lucky.
Since Papa told me to be a good girl, you don't have to die.
You don't show any trace of emotion when you've got a gun pointed at you.
There's no mistake.
You're that bitch's friend, aren't you? Stop screwing around with me! What was that? It was very heavy.
It's a custom made .
50 caliber tungsten bullet.
It can't be repelled like 9mm Parabellum lead bullets.
If you got a scratch from this distance, you'll die if I get closer.
Staying far enough away so that your hands can't reach me.
Wanta! Here boy! Kohta! Nyu, you took off Wanta's leash again, didn't you? Nyu.
It's good that Miss Nyu came back.
Well, I'm really glad that she came back, but Nyu, what're you doing? Nyu, nyu.
Nyu, nyu.
Hey, hey.
Hey, be careful.
What's wrong, Mayu? See I told you.
Oh, nothing.
Here, are you okay? Mayu, you have homework, right? Now, get up, get up.
Go ahead.
I'll take care of things here myself.
I wanna help.
I mean, please let me help you.
If you make a face like that, I'll laugh at you again.
If you really want to, then okay.
Because I'm also one of the members of this house.
What will I do with you? You see, Wanta's laughing at you too.
a It's about time to have one of the other members help us too.
Hey, you guys! At least set the dishes! Hey, stop playing I wonder if I really should tell them? But why is Miss Nyu What was all that "a hundred of me" shit, you dumb bitch?! I'll go ahead and kill you unless you tell me where she is! Where she is? What do you mean by where she is? Don't play dumb with me! Are you trying to tell me that two unrelated horned women happened to be in such a small area by accident? Horned? Are you talking about Miss Lucy? So you do know about her.
Yeah, that's her.
Where is she? I don't know.
You wanna die that bad?! Why? Why are you doing something like this? Papa told me not to fight and I'm trying to obey his instructions.
I'm doing nothing wrong.
You doing nothing wrong?! I'm a good girl.
I won't fight with anyone and will live discreetly somewhere.
And A monster like you? Don't be ridiculous! Oops! Two meters, two meters.
All you horned humans are enemies of mankind just by being alive.
There's no place where you'd be welcome.
That's not true.
Papa would never tell me a lie.
Try and use your head, okay? You can't find humans with horns besides you all anywhere in the whole world, right? The reason is that we kill them all immediately when they're born.
That's a lie.
The reason they've let you live until now is because you're their guinea pigs.
That's not true.
You're all pests that carry that damn infuriating virus and destroy mankind.
That's not true! So what I'm doing is exterminating a pest.
That's not I was ordered to kill you by the director.
Then why was I born? Can't I be in this world? Took ya long enough to figure it out.
So you're finally gonna tell me what you know? Then I should just erase a world like this.
You bitch! All I have to do is kill everyone and bury them.
So where have you been? Nyu? I guess it's still not possible to communicate with her.
Who cares? For now, she's back home safe.
Well, that's true, but I feel uneasy somehow.
You've shown your true colors.
That bitch also threw us off our guard first by saying "Nyu, nyu.
" Not only does she not show pain, she doesn't even bleed, huh? Right there.
You'd better not get closer to me than that.
Do you know why I ran over here? You see? There's nothing on the ground here that you could use as a weapon.
If I have five meters, I can shoot through your heart.
Once you're three meters away, you're all just freaks with an ugly look in your eyes! If you get down on your hands and knees, I might forgive you.
But if you move even one step, I'll shoot you without any hesitation.
You bitch.
You wanna die?! There was at least three meters now! Now you don't have a weapon any more, do you? If you get down on your hands and knees, I might forgive you.
Are you enjoying this? Who decided that there was only one gun?! Shit, it missed.
I guess it couldn't bear the kick of a.
50 caliber as I suspected.
Blood? It's blood.
It hurts.
It hurts, Papa.
It hurts, Papa.
Papa, help me.
You It hurts.
Oh, man Oh? What happened to that arm? Wake up already! That bitch did it to me! That friend of yours! Friend? She isn't really my friend.
What? My body was damaged by Miss Lucy, so if possible I'd like to Then that means you and I have the same enemy, huh? Enemy Yeah, that's right.
She's my enemy.
But it seems that she's not around here.
What? We can sense each other even if we're somewhat apart.
Shit! Really? Hey, why don't we work together? 'Cause it'd be easier punishing Miss Lucy if we fought together.
I refuse.
I'll defeat her with my own hands.
A girl like you'd just be a burden to me.
I see.
Hey You said you could sense that bitch, right? Yeah.
I see.
If you sense her, come and let me know.
What is this? You can tell by looking at it, can't you?! It's my cell phone number! My cell! What's a cell phone? Shit! Never mind.
I'm usually at this beach.
I'm seriously warning you.
Don't try fighting her alone without letting me know.
What?! Don't talk like you're an important person! First of all It's not that I wanna shake hands.
It's hard to stand up with one hand, right? You bitch! You're doing it on purpose, aren't you?! You dumbass! Oh, you figured it out? So, just as I thought, Kurama did let that Silpelit escape, huh? Yes.
Silpelits are nothing but worker bees.
They're monsters that aren't capable of anything but killing people.
The only thing we need in this world is Lucy, who is the queen bee.
What good does it do getting carried away over a thing like that? That is I heard that the chief lost his daughter.
So he considers #7 just like his own child and Did Kurama tell you that? Yes.
His newborn daughter was infected by the vector virus and he killed his daughter himself.
He's a thoroughly foolish man.
Director, what does that mean? I'm putting the decision on hold about Kurama's punishment.
But I'll make him atone for the mistake of disobeying me.
Nana At least you I want at least you to survive.
I wonder what I should do from now on? Papa.
What's this? Paper? I'm hungry.
Wow, that smells so good.
Excuse me.
Yes, welco What do you want? Uhm May I have this? It's 500 yen.
Five hundred yen? May I have strawberry crepe? I'll have chocolate crepe.
Hey, welcome! They're 500 yen each.
Thanks and come again.
Excuse me.
500 yen! You don't have it, right? You're in the way! Now beat it! What is that girl? She's in rags.
What should I do? I can't even eat if I don't have 500 yen.
I brought the dishes.
Leave them there.
Oh, where's Mayu? She went out, saying she was taking Wanta for a walk.
This late? I think she's just going around the block once.
In any case, I should find out about Miss Nyu, right? Oh, there it is.
Hey, Wanta! I lost against Miss Lucy here, didn't I? I wonder if I was abandoned by Papa after all? I don't know what to do.
Papa I wanna see Papa.
I feel lonely.
Papa I'm sorry.
He usually doesn't bark, but This girl Good, they're attached.
What's wrong? You look pale.
That's right.
It was a dream.
Legs can't come off and reattach It still doesn't work well when I'm not paying attention.
And, did you want something with me? Oh, hold on! Hey! You really like that clock, huh? Nyu! Well, I don't have to worry since it's been broken from the start.
How did you escape from the professor's place? When I went there Kohta.
No, nothing.
You and the professor were already gone.
Don't worry us so much, okay? Nyu Oh, you're awake now? I was surprised since you suddenly collapsed and didn't get up.
That creature seemed worried about you too.
It was bad taking these off, huh? Yeah, probably.
Now we've returned all of them, right? Yes.
Uhm that leg.
Oh, this? When I wasn't paying attention, it came off.
Came off? Yes, that's right.
That's Uhm those Oh, do they bother you too? That's not Yeah, since they're different from everyone else No, I think they're cute.
Really? Really, for real? Yeah.
Actually, I was thinking that way too.
'Cause there's someone at my place Oh, look Yes? Hey, I have a favor to ask.
What is it? Uhm Would you be my friend? Your friend? I lived in a uhm place like a facility all along.
I don't know anything about the outside world.
I don't have a place to go back to and I don't have anything to eat, either, although I can bear it.
But I feel lonely being alone.
Well, if you want me to, sure.
If you want me to, I'll be happy to be your friend.
Really? Yes.
I'm Nana.
What's your name? Mayu.
My name is Mayu.
This is the first time I made a friend.
Oh, no! The fire goes out quickly.
Really, these papers are useless No! No, no! Don't burn money! Oh, no.
You burned this much? 'Cause there's still this much.
Why do you have this much? When I left the facility, Papa let me have it.
I wish it was 500 yen, not like scraps of paper.
You don't know anything about money, do you, Miss Nana? Don't insult me! I know that much! I see.
Then you know that it's dangerous to put that much money together and leave it alone, right? Dangerous? 'Cause when you're asleep, the money'll join together and attack you, right? Attack me?! Of course you know the spell to keep them from joining together, right? If so, we don't have to worry about it, huh? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It was a lie that I knew about money.
Please teach me about the spell.
Now we're even since what I said was a lie too.
Then these scraps of paper were all money too.
Then let's use all these and have a meal.
You shouldn't use it that way.
I shouldn't? This is complicated.
I envy you, Miss Nana.
I think he gave you this much money because he was really worried about you.
Really? But I'd have liked being with Papa better than money.
I envy you just for having someone who's worried about you.
Oh, Miss Nana.
What is it? It seems that a man is after Miss Nyu.
Did you know that? Miss Nyu? Who's that? Remember? The person who was meeting with you here.
Here? Don't fight! I see.
You were the person from that time.
Then the person whose name is Miss Nyu She lives with us at the house where I'm staying.
She's a woman with horns like you.
I'll just go around the block and look for her.
This is a bit too long for walking a dog.
I don't think she got lost since she isn't Nyu, but Nyu? See you later.
Nyu! What're you doing?! She learned some weird stuff.
Never mind, just go look for her.
Don't touch a place like that.
I wonder what's going on? This place? Yes.
No way, I can't believe it because I can't sense her at all.
Forget about Lucy.
Uhm Miss Nana? Just as I thought, I don't sense anything at all.
This isn't the place.
Uhm You Why do you have horns? Where did you come from? Who are you? Mr.
Kohta! Sorry, I didn't mean to I became acquainted with her earlier.
She said she wanted to see Miss Nyu.
Nyu? But it doesn't seem that she's the person I know, so Wait, Miss Nana! Oh, I'm sorry.
In any case, wait a minute.
There's something that I wanna ask you.
But Mr.
Kohta It seems that she's hungry.
What? There's still some leftovers from dinner, right? Dinner? Then, I'll get it ready now, so anyway, come on in.
Okay? Okay, I guess I could Being lured by a meal Don't worry about it.
Now, I said no.
Oh, are they back? Kohta! Oh? It's stuck.
What a big house.
I heard that it was originally a Japanese-style restaurant.
A Japanese-style restaurant? Kohta! Discrimination, fear, pity, hatred, and betrayal.
A girl suffers merciless indignities due to increased sins that humans hold.
And a monster called grudge finally implants itself within the girl's body.
Next Elfen Lied, episode eight.