Eli Stone s01e02 Episode Script


Two weeks ago, I had it all-- great job, great car, amazing fiance, and then George Michael made a guest appearance in my living room-- worst houseguest ever, by the way.
Turns out, it wasn't George Michael at all.
According to my brother Nate, it's because I've got an inoperable brain aneurysm.
It's bad news, right? Well, maybe not.
Like anything, it depends who you ask.
You ask an allegedly mystical, allegedly chinese acupuncturist, it means that I could be some kind of modern day prophet, because, hey, if god wants to send a message out, who else to send but George Michael, right? Now my assistant just thinks I'm crazy, but my friend thinks these visions are a sign that I need to somehow, uh, change my life and start using my legal skills to make the world a better place and blah, blah, blah and that's what I promised my dad I'd do 20 years ago, and even though he's been dead for ten of them, there are some promises you have to keep.
Anyway, that's what I'm doing with this coffee can.
See, I promised my dead father, with whom I share the same brain aneurysm and potentially prophetic abilities, that I would dispose of his ashes here in the himalayas, which I did.
Now I just want to bring the can home.
Mules often use coffee to disguise the scent of the drugs they transport.
Yeah, but I'm not even transporting coffee.
See?See? This doesn't look like coffee to me.
That-- that would be my dad.
Look, this is crazy.
That guy--he just got two live chickens through.
Suspected contraband can't leave the country.
I'm sorry.
I'm not letting you on the plane with that can.
well, "what's left of dad, " looks like thiis good-bye.
Will you do me a favor? If there really is somebody up there, would you ask him to please just leave me alone for this week? Better yet, just make it a month.
And please, no more visions.
Eli Stone's office.
Please hold.
Eli Stone's office.
Please hold.
Oh, baby, I's-- are you okay? Oh, Stone Eli's office.
Oh, look, just call me back later.
Eli Stone's office.
Yes, I know he's supposed to be back today.
No, I don't know where he is, but when he gets here, I've got dibs on killing him.
Could you sign for this delivery? Just put it on the desk.
Here, I don't think these are gonna fit.
He better have shipped himself backn one of those.
Hey, my crates arrived.
What did you do, bring back the great wall of china? I was in the himalayas, and my trip was great.
Thank you.
Don't I get a hug? You get one at christmas.
Patti, the grumpier you are, the more I know you missed me.
I bought you a gift.
My boss has a nervous breakdown, and all I get is this lousy-- what is this? That is a saraswati-- the hindu goddess of wisdom.
How does it work? Do I hit you in the head with it, and then you come back to your senses? My senses are fine.
They're better than fine.
Two blissful song-free weeks, Patti.
I didn't even hear muzak in an elevator.
Everything's back to normal, and it's gonna stay that way.
Well, does that mean we're done suing the firm and risking our jobs? Yeah, and even if we weren't, I got a piece of paper saying they can't fire me.
What does the paper say about not firing me? I thought so.
Eli Stone's office.
Please hold.
also pleasedto announce we'll be acquiring hutchins, wheeler & dittmar as our new london branch.
And welcome back, mr.
Stone, newly returned from his-- nervous breakdown.
Thank you.
It's good to be back, and, uh, when I say "back, " I mean, "back"-- in the fullest sense of the, um well, no more suing the firm, basically.
And we're all grateful for that.
Next item, united states vs.
Solinksy, et al.
Sir, I found some precedent in the library that's on point with the united statescase-- if you're referring to allston V.
Beckridge, that's a second circuit case, not ninth.
Anyway, I footnod it in my pretrial memo.
You haven't been assigned this case yet, mr.
That's an encouraging rd, that "yet.
" Yet mr.
Dowd is already very busy with hanson.
Which will be finished by the time solinskystarts.
Whereas another associate might be better rested and coming off a $5.
2 million win.
True enough.
Stone, the case is yours.
Come see me in my office later to share your thoughts on it.
Next item, ramirez, et al vs.
Gro plus farms? Oh, that's, um, mine, sir.
Maggie dekker.
It's a workers' comp claim I brought in.
Country's third largest food manufacturer-- how did you manage to retain them? I haven¨t.
Actually, we'd be representing the worker seeking compensation.
Well, unfortunately, or from my perspective, fortunately, it's policy not to allow first year associates to take on new matters, so-- I know.
I thought that this case might be in mr.
Stone's particular wheelhouse.
unwinnable cases aren't a wheelhouse.
Anyway, I'll be too busy with solinksy.
Oh, but I thought-- I'll pass.
very well.
Moving on, I understand we've filed a 12-b-6 in dolan.
Chen with patient now.
You get manners.
Come back later.
I need to talk to you right now.
Sign outside say "in session, " not "Eli bother dr.
Chen all time.
" It's important.
Very sorry.
This patient impatient.
You sleep five minute.
dude, that is so not cool.
No, not cool is hearing a choir during your monday morning staff meeting.
Makes sense.
Choral music originated with ambrosian hymnography in the fourth century.
I didn't come here for a theology seminar.
I came here so you could stick me with a needle so that my life can stop providing its own soundtrack.
What was the choir singing? I don't kn, and I don't care.
I was supposed to be done with all this.
I took the case.
I won the case.
I took my dad's ashes.
I went to the himalayas.
Now it's supposed to be over.
I need it to be over.
It doesn't work that way, Eli.
How does it work then? Well, I don't know.
I never had a patient who could be a prophet before.
Stop saying I'm a prophet.
Well, okay, but for the record, that's exactly what a prophet might say.
I don't want to be a prophet, okay? I want to be a lawyer-- a good one, the one I used to be.
Now you gonna help me or not? Just chill.
Do exactly what you did last time--follow the signs.
If things get really bad, come see me.
I'll give you a little needle action.
And next time you barge in like that, bro, I'm billing you for the session.
What is that smell? It's the candle.
It's, uh, it's made from yak hooves.
It's--it's supposed to be an aphrodisiac.
Or not.
Taylor, it--it's been two weeks since we-- it's been over two weeks.
Last time we tried, it was George Michael interruptus.
Don't worry.
He's doing a concert in the maldives.
Cute, but we both know George Michael was caused by the brain aneurysm we're not talking about.
Yeah, I'm not talking about it with anyone.
I'm trying to keep this thing quiet.
Have you had any more episodes? What, like hearing a choir? Anything.
No episodes.
I'm perfectly fine.
If I engage in strenuous physical aivity with you without a discussion establishing informed consent, I could be held civilly, or worse, criminally liable for whatever happens.
You know how it turns me on when you talk all lawyer-like.
Even more than yak hooves? Yeah, a lot more than y hooves.
what is it? It's nothing.
It's nothing at all.
I'm just-- I'm just so excited to make love to my fiancée without any musical accompaniment.
Eli, what's going on? uh, it's nothing.
First George Michael and now a boys' choir? I'm a little worried about where this might be going.
Yeah, less joking, more doctoring, Nate.
Uh, just out of curiosity, what song were they singing? If you must know, "freedom.
" They were singing "freedom.
" So you're not being chased by George Michael anymore, just his catalog.
I got a ticking time bomb in my brain, and my brother's making jokes.
Not just making jokes.
I'm sending out your case for consults.
I'm trading e-mails with the mayo clinic and the walton center and tiantan puhua, even.
- What do they say? - Given the location of the aneurysm, surgery is a bad idea.
Well, define "bad.
" Possible loss of motor skills.
You could end up a vegetable.
I'm assuming my odds go up if someone more competent than you performs the surgery.
not by much.
Listen, mom told me about the reason for your himalaya trip, about dad's ashes.
That was pretty stupid of you, Eli.
You shouldn't be doing things like that, given your medical situation.
Nate do you think there could be some, uh, greater significance to me and dad having the same condition? Uh, absolutely.
Yeah, it's called genetics, dumb-ass.
You also have mom's eczema and uncle gary's terminal lameness.
Please stay off of mountaintops.
Yeah, Stone.
Eli Stone.
No, dr.
Chen said-- no, no, I don't have an appointment.
I-I'm trying to make one.
what the hell happened to you? It's a long story.
Um, check to see if anyone saw a biplane flying around downtown today, and, uh, get me a list of all the boys' choirs in northern california.
And which matter should I bill this time to? Special projects.
"Special projects.
" Oh, like planning your engagement party? Just like that, yes.
Well, at least I understand what I'm doing with the party, but choirs and biplanes-- why am I doing this? Not quite sure yet.
excuse me, mr.
I'm only five years older than you.
Stop calling me "mr.
" I lean on formality when someone doesn't know who I am.
I know who you are.
You're a first year associate.
You said your name in the staff meeting yesterday.
It's mary.
It's maggie, actually.
I was kidding.
Recognize your name from all the e-mails you sent me about the gro plus case.
People like you are the reason they invented spam blockers.
Well, did you read them? I skimmed the first one.
I deleted the 49 others.
Well, here.
Try a hard copy.
Oh, does the case get better when it's on paper? The case is open and shut.
The pesticide gro plus uses on its farms made our clients sterile.
First of all, we don't have any clients, so there is no "our.
" And secondly, the only illegal alien that a jury sympathizes th is E.
And maybe alf.
Being farmhands doesn't automatically make them illegal aliens.
Oscar and blanca ramirez came to this country and bought into the american dream wholeheartedly.
Which explains the lawsuit.
But it's a legit claim.
There's evidence linking chlorophosphate with female reproductive problems.
Look, these people are the tip of a very large iceberg.
Half the workers on gro plus' farms right now are experiencing health problems, impaired vision, systemic bronchial infections-- none of which is relevant to a claim of sterility.
Look, you want my advice? Tell our non-clients to quit their jobs and adopt.
You're a gifted trial lawyer, Eli.
Your work on the beuteltrial only confirmed that which I've long suspected.
That I have a professional death wish? That you're a phenomenal talent.
But, yes, your recent behavior has been the cause of some concern.
It's recent, sir, but temporary.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Solinksy is one of the most significant trials this firm has had the good fortune to handle in several years.
Well, you're giving it to the right associate, sir.
So your thought.
uh, firstly, uh, I noticed that you're preparing a motion to strike the time-barred claims.
Yes, martin posner's been drafting the brief himself.
I think it's a loser no matter who drafts it.
You're suggesting a motion in limine.
It'll not only be more effective, it'll get filed closer to the start of the trial, so it'll catch the other side off guard.
Sir, you should get down.
- Get what? - Get down! elI sir, I can explain.
I'd like that very much.
No, uh, th-there was a-- it's a glare on the building, and it--it--it looked like there w, uh, something flying towards the oscar ramirez.
Oh, my god.
He's a pilot.
Who's a pilot? Um, do you mind if we continue the solinskydiscussion in, say, a week? A week? Yeah, there's anotr case that I have to lose first.
Are those for trial, or are you planning a wedding? Oh, they're my trial binders-- pleadings, precedent, deposition transcripts, and scientific studies color-coded and cross-indexed.
You only got permission from the firm to take the case yesterday.
How did you get all that done since then? I figured I'd get permission eventually, so I've been working weekends.
You're supposed to work fothe firm on the weekends, preferably on cases that aren't dead-bang losers.
For a guy who's coming off a huge win, you don't sound like you have much confidence.
Don't mistake a firm grip on reality for lack of confidence.
There are causation problems, proof oblems, contributory negligence problems you think gro plus is gonna say the ramirezes are to blame for blanca's sterility? No, I know that for sure.
So you didn't wear the safety mask provided by gro plus.
I didn't have to.
I flew the plane which sprayed the pesticide.
And I'm not the one who was hurt.
My wife-- object to the answer as non-responsive.
Object to the term "hurt.
" Object to the speculation.
Move to strike and ask to instruct the witness.
Object to all the objections, your honor.
Just get on with it, boys.
What about the safety lectures gro plus held? - How many of those did you and your wife attend? - None.
Had you attended, is it possible you might have picked up a tip or two about the safety mask? Pass the witness.
What is this, mr.
Ramirez? It's a bandana.
And what does gro plus call it? A safety mask.
So what does that make the safety lectures, a company-wide knitting circle? Do I even have to object? Move it along, counsel.
Gro plus only has these lectures to protect themselves.
Ramirez, I think the point is if you and your wife knew that the pesticide you were working with was dangerous, why weren't you more careful? Of course we tried to protect ourselves against the pesticide, but what we should have been protecting ourselves against was gro plus.
Pass the witness.
All these other supposedly barren, allegedly heartbroken people-- why didn't they join in your lawsuit? Because they don't liveere legally.
They didn't go to a notario and sign the papers.
They're afraid of deportation.
So all this is just you being charitable, mr.
Ramirez, standing up for the disenfranchised.
That's what people do in america.
They stand up for what is right.
I'm concerned about Eli.
I'm hearing some rumors of erratic behavior on his part.
Is he all right? He's fine.
He tried to tkle me yesterday.
I'm worried about him, sweetheart.
do you know why? Something about a glare.
So is everything okay with Eli? Everything's perfectly fine, dad.
yes? This is regarding the berkman antitrust case.
Can we take a rain check on lunch? Always.
Bye, dad.
Bye, sweetie.
hey, Patti.
Eli's not back from court yet, is he? Not yet, no.
He's probably out looking for choirs or biplanes or huey lewis.
What? Don't worry about it.
Par for the course around here.
What happened? Chip a nail? Your roots starting to grow out again? Look, Patti, I don't know why I've always rubbed you the wrong way, but I know that I do.
It's just, given everything that's happened to Eli, I think we should be uniting.
I'll be the first to admit, Eli's acting like he's been freebasing copier toner, but maybe you're overreacting.
Well, if I can't overreact to a brain aneurysm, what can I overreact to, rit? Well, that's a good point.
Thanks, Patti.
No problem.
This is good, right? First day of trial, he already wants to settle.
We don't know at's what he wants.
So poker face, okay? What are you offering? I mean whatever it is, it better be good.
Oh, it's very good.
You dismiss the case with prejudice.
And? No "and.
" Isn't there usually an "and"? What my associate means is customarily, the defense will offer a financial incentive for dismissal.
Well, in this case, the incentive would be un-financial.
like a lifetime supply of gro plus canned goods? Like the possibility of avoiding deportation.
Even under the current administration, I doubt homeland security can deport american citizens.
See, now that's the ironic thing.
This morning, mr.
Ramirez testified that he and his wife had both been naturalized by someone called a notario.
Now most of these notarios are notorious for not having actually naturalized anybody.
They collect their fee, they have the unwitting clies sign some bogus papers, and at the end of the day, said clients are still about as american as kim jong il.
Bottom line, your clients were duped.
Even so, it--it will take months before immigration moves on this.
Well, interestingly enough, homeland security seems to find a reason to speed these things along when the immigrant in question's a pilot with access to a plane.
Your blackmail-- excuse me, offer-- is rejected.
We'll see you in court.
We passed the test.
We answered all the questions.
We were so proud.
We saluted the flag.
The notario even had us swear on a bible.
Yeah, he should've been the one to do that, actually.
I would think they would be arresting this man, not deporting us.
Oh, I think they'rgonna be doing both.
But I'm gonna fight the deportation, okay? Problem is, I have to do it right now.
But then who's gonna represent us in the trial? Wait, Eli.
I'm noready for this.
Well, I can't be in two courtrooms at the same time.
At least this case you know.
Just go in there, make a stupid motion and run out the clock.
Stupid motion? Yes, you should be good at that.
Now just wait a minute.
I-I almost got it.
Now they make it so darn difficult for these things to operate.
Mm, j--can I? Let the record show that the counselor is good at electronics.
Your honor, oscar and blanca ramirez-- oh, w-wait, wait.
We haven't heard from immigration and customs yet.
Your honor, the respondents are not the wrongdoers here.
They acted in what they thought was compliance with the law.
This morning, I presided over a case in which the defendant thought he was batman.
Didn't make it so.
Your honor, you can't deport two law-abiding citizens because of someone else's fraud.
"A, " they're not citizens.
"B, " they're not law-abiding, or they wouldn't be in the country illegally.
So unless you can show cause why the defendants shouldn't be deported-- - I can show cause, your honor.
- Great! Now would be the time.
I just--I can't do it this particular minute.
My cause I-isn't here.
I-I need a continuance.
We just started.
right back here with my cause.
Ramirez, tell us how you first learned that you were infertile.
In the form of a question, counselor.
Right, like "jeopardy!" You and your husband visited a fertility doct.
D-did you not? The doctor-- he did some tests, and--and h-he said that it was my fault.
And you blamed the pesticide used on gro plus' farm.
- is-isn't that right? - Yes.
Other women I work with-- they can't have children, and we all work in the fields.
And when we go home, we can smell the chemicals.
They're on our clothes, and we can taste it in our mouths.
where did you meet your husband, mrs.
Ramez? Uh, gro plus, on the farm.
So it stands to reason that there was never a time when you and husband were trying to get pregnant before you went to work for gro plus.
Sorry I thought I had all of it.
well, mrs.
Ramirez Isn't it possible you were infertile before you were exposed to the pesticide on the gro plus farm? No, I'm sure that it's not.
Then you've tried to get pregnant before? No, I haven't tried.
So how do you know? Objection, your honor! To his tone.
I don't like his tone.
Overruled, ms.
Ramirez I doubt you'd been to a fertility clinic before you met your husband.
This is your first marriage.
How can you be sure that you weren't infertile before? I know that I could have babies before.
He doesn't know, does he? Who doesn't know what? I-I meanobjection! Who doesn't know what? I I had a baby before I met oscar, and I gave him up for adoption.
oscar, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I never told you before.
If you could deceive your own husband, mrs.
Ramirez, then how is this jury to know you're not deceiving them? what'd I miss? - can I talk yet? - No.
- now? - Not yet.
when I left you alone this morning to deal with the fallout from maggie screwup number one, I told you to stall, and if the judge told you to stop stalling, I told you to start objecting.
I-I did! I'm sorry.
Oh, you're sorry? Before the ramirezes met you, they were two happily married american citizens.
Now they're neither.
Okay, deportation aside, this is good for us, isn't it? I mean, it's evidence that blanc had no problem conceiving before working for gro plus.
It would've been good for us if we knew ahead of time that our allegedly infertile client was a mommy! Now all the jury sees is a liar.
And juries--they don't like to give money to liars! She--she didn't even tell her husband! How was I expected to know? You're expected to find out.
Now I'm gonna lose two cases.
I just promised the immigration judge proof our clients are legal, which is gonna be a little hard to produce since they're not.
Wait, you're yelling at me about malpractice after you lied to a judge? Wh--I wouldn't have lied to him if you hadn't have got me in this mess in the first place.
There's two kinds of lawyers, maggie.
There's good lawyers and there's bad lawyers, and a bad lawyer with good intentions is still a bad lawyer.
I may be a bad lawyer, but I'll get better.
You'll always be a jerk.
There's 53 boys choirs in northern california? It's gonna take forever.
Do me a favor.
Find out which ones wear red and white robes.
Sure thing, boss.
Wait a second.
I got a mom and a fiancéE.
I know that tone.
What did I do? You didn't do anything.
You didn't say anything, either.
Patti, I'm having a very bad day here, and that's under the new definition of "bad" that I've been working with lately.
Eight years we've been together, Eli.
My daughters call you "uncle.
" When my husband left me, when my father passed away, you were the first call I made.
You have a brain aneurm, and I have to find out about it from malibu barbie? She told you? She thought I knew.
And for the life of me, I can't figure out why I didn¨t.
Eli I thought you trusted me.
I do.
I do trust you.
I just-- the more people I tell, the more real it becomes, so I'M Eli, I'm not people.
Are you going to die? Eventually.
Just not anytime soon, I hope.
Well, you keep anything else from me, and that's gonna change.
I didn't mean to tell her.
I thought she already knew.
No one else can find out, okay? No one.
If you mean my father, don't worry.
I didn't say anything.
I would never do that to you.
Good, 'cause I can't lose my job on top of everything else.
they can't fire you for having an aneurysm.
You think I could keep my malpractice insurance with this? 'Causeo insurance means no license, and no license means no job.
And except for the last What's happened in the last 48 hours? What difference does it make? y won't talk about your condition.
You won't talk about work, you're acting erratically, and every time I try to reach out to you to see what's wrong, to see if I can help, you--you push me away.
I just want things to be normal again.
Have they been normal? Or have you I don't know-- tried to tackle anyone lately? That was a misunderstanding, that's all.
Really? You haven't had any more episodes? Any? look I admit that when we found out about the aneurysm, I reacted horribly.
But I wanna be there for you now.
I'm ready to be.
Why won't you let me? I know you need to talk about this, but right now I really need to not talk about it.
And since I'm the guy with the aneurysm-- you might have the aneurysm, Eli, but you're not the only one who has to live with it.
has the jury reached a verdict? We have, your honor.
In the matter of ramirez vs.
Gro plus foods incorporated, we find in favor of the defendant, gro plus foods.
how you doing, oscar? My wife had another man's baby.
I've had better days.
She got pregnant before she even met you, right after she came to america, I thought.
She left the baby in a church.
She didn't even name him.
Are you judging her for that? No, she--she was young and scared.
But she wasn't young and she wasn't scared when she decided not to tell me she'd been a mother.
I'll give you the young part, but I-I think she was very scared.
I recently found out some things about myself, and, um I had a hard time talking to people about it, particularly the people I'm closest to.
Sometimes the--the closer you are to someone, the harder it is to tell 'em your secrets.
That doesn't make it right.
No, it doesn¨t.
It just-- it just makes it human.
You should get some sleep tonight, mr.
Tomorrow's the big one, huh? I like this country.
I'd hate to have to leave.
No pressure there, oscar.
Stone given your proximity, I'm assuming there's something you wanted to say to me.
Th--I love the tie, sir.
I was just wondering the make.
Is that it, or have you given more thought to our conversation the other day? I did give it some thought, sir, and I think it needs another day of thought.
I followed the signs, and all it's gotten me is two clients who are gonna get deported and a case I lost.
Well, you lost one of them, not the big one.
Everybody needs to sp calling tomorrow "the big one.
" I'm just saying, maybe you took the pesticide case so you'd be their attorney for the immigration one.
But if this choir is supposed to give me a clue as to how to help 'em, then god needs to be a little less oblique.
You're not gonna win every case, Eli.
You probably won't win most of them.
I sense another use of the "p" word coming.
Most prophets work for social justice but didn't achieve it in their lifetimes.
Oh, that's great.
So when I die, they're gonna win on appeal? I'm getting the ass end of this arrangement, man.
It could be worse.
You could've spent ten hours hidden in the back of a flatbed truck to come over here and get a job for $3 an hour picking strawberries in the 90-degree sun 12 hours a day.
Turns out the pesticide the farm used made you infertile, but that's the least of your worries 'cause that citizenship test you took was a fraud, so they're gonna deport you back to the country you risked everything to leave in the first place.
You know, you may just have written my closing for me.
As soon as I can get this damn thing working, the record will reflect the record--ah.
Uh, the, uh, the record will reflect that, um, the respondents are present.
I hope your evidence of citizenship is present as well, counselor.
They're one and the same, your honor.
And if you'll permit me to call oscar ramirez to the stand, I can produce that reason.
You told me you could show cause why the respondent shouldn't be deported.
And I can, your honor.
Ramirez, how many amendments to the constitution are there? And how many congressmen in the house of representatives? Objection.
You see how easy that was? your honor, these questions are taken directly from the U.
's naturalization exam.
But I'm not administering this test just now, mr.
But could you take it? What are the voting rights amendments? The 26th amendment says that no state or government can deny a person of Some states could allow younger people to vote-- you better start telling me how this is relevant, or you're in contempt.
These questions are our country's only standard of naturalization.
After a candidate has been fingerprinted and photographed, after they've completed a naturalization application and interview, and after they've been sworn under oath.
Yeah, that definitely would've been easier.
Instead, they doused themselves with water so they wouldn't dehydrate when they were crammed into a hidden compartment of a pickup truck, and they didn't do it so they could come and pick strawberries.
They did it because they believed in america.
In russia, iraq, afghanistan, we're seeing firsthand the seeds of democracy.
They don't grow on every patch of earth.
The freedom we have here is unique.
It's special.
And oscar and blanca ramirez-- they were willing to risk their lives for it.
Now I'm not saying that citizenship should be a prize for making it over the border, and I'm not saying that illegal immigration isn't a major issue facing this country, but oscar and blanca ramirez are not a policy.
They're people.
And if this truly is the home of the brave, then they're just as american as anyone in this om.
Two years? What does that mean? It means you have two years toomplete the naturalization process.
No deportation? No deportation.
Welcome to america.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So do you guys have y plans? I'm gonna find my son.
We're going to find our son, and we'll start with the church where blanca left him.
We're hoping they can tell us if he's been adopted.
Thank you, mr.
- Thank you, maggie.
- you're welcome.
That's it.
Blanca! Wait! Um, this is a list of churches, uh, in roseville, a town outside sacramento.
There's one called st.
There's a boys' choir there.
There's about 30 kids.
Their vestments are red and white.
You might want to start there.
Wh-why do you say that? It's a very long story, but just trust me on this one, okay? Gracias.
did you lose your other case yet? Lost part, won part, actually.
But it did make me realize that, um, I can't take on solinsky right now.
So we're back to tilting at windmills again, is that it? I just think the, uh the way I-I play the game-- the gal game-- hagot to change.
How? Well, for one thing, I can't spend all my time trying cases like solinsky.
Supreme court-bound cases of national notorietY.
I can't spend 70 hours a week making rich people richer.
I just--I-I need to stay free and--and open and, uh like a--like a tree in the wind and all that eastern stuff, you know? Like a tree in the wind.
I'm sure you think me a cold businessman, Eli-- a senior partner who's only interested in the billable hours of one of his senior associates, but my investment in you hasn't just been financial.
And I'm not talking about my dghter.
I hired you.
I mentored you before you even met taylor.
I didn't assign you solinsky because you got the better of matt dowd in a staff meeting.
I assigned you that case because I've always thought you were the future of this firm-- my firm that I've spent over 30 years building, and I thought that's what you wanted, too.
I did, but okay, then.
I respect that.
Personally, I'm gonna be curious to see how you adjust to your new lifestyle.
I'm not sure I follow, sir.
Well, don quixote gave up nearly all his land so he could afford his books on chivalry.
I'm wondering, Eli, what willyou give up? Good night.
- Good night, Patti.
- Night.
We're okay, right? I'm okay.
You have a hole in your head.
Yeah, let's keep that between ourselves, okay? It's not christmas.
do I have you to thank for this? This is kali, the hindu goddess of annihilation.
The hindus don't have a goddess of malpractice.
But don't worry.
Next time we get you into court, you'll do better.
There's gonna be a next time? Only if you don't mind working with a jerk.
I had to leave my coffee can in india.
The can had sentimental value, but, uh, I couldn't get it through customs.
Why are you telling me this? I'm trying to tell you things start telling you things.
the other night, I saw a choir by the couch.
Mm-hmm, boys choir, but i don't think that's relevant.
I tackled your dad because I was getting chased by a biplane.
this is it's a lot like your dad.
couldn't have been easy to tell me that.
what? What are you looking at? Just a certain yak hooves candle.
Apparently, it's supposed to be an aphrodisiac.
what is it? Um, there's gunfire.
But no singing? um, nope.
So this is progress.