Eli Stone s02e08 Episode Script

Owner of a Lonely Heart

If we close our eyes, perhaps we can smell cedar, black currant, and ooh, a hint of moss? Sorry, I had no idea it was going to be this dry.
The wine or the lecture? You there, is there something you want to share with the rest of the class? Just how much we love this Zinfandel, particularly the mossiness.
I'm glad you approve.
We'll now move on to the Cabernet.
As you can see, the acidity is more modest Tastes a little arrogant to me.
Is there something amusing about the Cabernet? - No.
I'll buy a case.
- Two cases.
What the hell, how much for everything? Did you see the look on his face? He was gonna have us arrested.
Perhaps if you weren't always getting us in trouble.
Not always! Saturday, you got us thrown out of the museum.
Why have a big bed like that if you don't want people to test it out? It belonged to Queen Victoria.
- You didn't buy the museum? - I did think about it.
Would've been worth it to be able to do it with you on that bed.
- Too forward? - I like forward.
Truth be told, these last three dates have been an exercise in not ripping your clothes off.
What's been stopping you? Well, it's not like we know each other all that well.
- So where'd you grow up? - Paris and Geneva.
First pet? Chewbacca.
A goldfish.
- First, uh, boyfriend? - Xavier Smith, a duke.
- A duke? - Yeah.
Or a viscount.
Don't get too insecure, he stunk in bed.
College? Sarah Lawrence, B.
, Johnson and Wales, Emerson, a semester at sea.
I get restless.
You? UCLA, Stanford Law.
Oh, a smarty pants.
Fully solar-powered automobile, combining all of the qualities you've come to expect from Zyre.
Superior technology, unparalleled luxury.
The Helios by Zyre, new for 2049.
Step into the light.
a single invention can change the world, that she would be the one to give us the greatest invention of the twenty-first century: Cold fusion.
The miracle that gives us safe, renewable, waste-free nuclear energy.
Today, I have the honor of announcing this year's Nobel Peace Prize.
My friend, our inspiration Genny Clarke.
What are you doing? What? I'm, uh I'm clapping at you 'cause you look so good.
At 6:20 in the morning with no makeup? Yeah.
You look amazing.
I mean, seriously one of the top ten nights of my life.
Chen? Which part of "waiting room" you no understand? Very sorry.
This patient have problem with brain.
Is broken and Dr.
Chen can no fix.
- What that? - They've been giving away chai lattes at the Eastern Wellness Clinic.
Want some? - Was it crowded? - Yeah.
Lee probably using two-for-one deal on ancient Chinese medicine.
Who's Dr.
Lee? Hack.
No moral fiber.
We study under Nurhachi together.
That Dark Arts guy? Say it a little louder, why don't you? What are you doing here? I just wanted to say thank you for the Ashley introduction.
She's amazing.
You got laid.
It's about time, bro.
It's pretty great.
For the first time since the sold-out George Michael concert in my living room, I'm a regular guy.
- Except for the fact you're not.
- I know.
Hey, a woman from the future got given the Nobel Peace Prize outside my apartment.
I got Patti researching it already.
I just wanted to say thank you.
I owe you one.
You can pay Dr.
Chen back by making appointment for change! Yeah.
How's it going finding future Nobel Laureate Genny Clark? About how you'd expect it to go with 29 Genny, Jennifer, and J.
Clarke's all in the Bay Area.
That's 29 awkward cold calls.
Let me narrow it down.
Genny would be in her early 20s and some sort of physicist.
Oh, that narrows it right down.
You look beautiful today, Patti.
That color suits you.
You finally got yourself some! I was wondering if you'd taken a vow of chastity.
- Just find Genny for me, OK? - He got hisself some.
Have you thought about my offer? For a full three seconds.
- Daddy.
- You're not asking for a pony, Taylor.
No amount of "Daddy" can convince me to let you represent me in my divorce.
I'd sooner represent myself than let my daughter sue her stepmother.
Then your attorney would be discreet.
I don't think you want everyone knowing how much the firm is costing you personally.
Diane Cuthbert is the very soul of discretion.
I've beat her in court at least six times.
I'm sorry to have to play this card, but I'm starving, moody and my pants are being held together by a rubber band.
Call Diane and tell her I'm taking over or no baby pictures for you.
OK calm down.
That's right, Dad, fear the hormones.
- Is there a Nobel Prize in Googling? - You found her? Jennifer Ann Clarke.
Got her degree in molecular biology at Princeton.
I'm not licensed to practice law in New Jersey.
There's no one local? Well, there's a Gennelle Clarke living in Plainview, but she's not exactly a physicist.
She's a college dropout who works at the Work Bench, the home improvement store.
Maybe I have the wrong address.
I'm looking for Genny Clarke.
Am I late on my Netflix bill or something? No, I Is there any reason that you might need an attorney? Aside from some dorky guy in a suit harassing me? Right.
Looks like I'm on my way to New Jersey.
Sorry to trouble you.
Oh, my God Who are you? What did you tell them? - What's going on? - Gennelle Clarke? - Tommy Lee Jones? - I'm placing you under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney.
She has one, me.
What's she being charged with? - Alleged terrorist activity.
- What? - Come on! - Doesn't look like John Walker Lindh.
That didn't stop her from building a nuclear bomb in her backyard.
- Thanks for coming.
- No problem.
I was thinking how my day could use a body cavity search.
What's this? I thought we were representing a terrorist.
Accused terrorist.
The FBI found some nuclear materials at her home.
- What? - All legal purchases from the Work Bench.
You get a employee discount on yellowcake uranium? - Hilarious.
- Let's see "She had hundreds of smoke detectors, - glow-in-the-dark clocks" - Nothing illegal about that.
"Most had been dissected of their radioactive materials.
" That's illegal.
Throw in the charge of attempting to build a weapon of mass destruction, and she's relocating off the coast of Cuba.
- I was not building a bomb.
- We know.
You're working on developing a safe form of nuclear energy cold fusion.
Cold fusion? That would be pretty major.
So major that whoever was working on it wouldn't want to talk about it.
Or they're a whack-job.
Which is why they're working in a shed instead of a lab.
- He's right.
You'll have to testify.
- Sure.
I'll testify.
When pigs can fly faster than the speed of light, in effect, slowing time, so that when they return to Earth, they'll find out Hell has frozen over.
Our problems are solved.
- By otters? - Sea otters.
The perfect charity for you to champion.
Aren't they cute? The population's been declining for years.
Many blame the oil pollution, so it's great PR for you to I'm not interested in PR.
I want to take some money my father made from raping the environment and give it back to the environment.
I didn't know environmental rape was funny.
A text message from this guy I'm dating, wants to take me to dinner.
Lemme just So you know how you used to work at Wethersby, Posner & Klein - before it was just Posner & Klein? - Yeah.
Did you know this guy there? Eli Stone? - Of course.
Why? - He's the guy I'm dating.
That's great! So great.
No He's great.
Are you guys, um, serious? Please.
I don't commit to a pair of shoes for more than a month.
I don't do serious.
But he's fun, or was fun, until this morning - What happened? - So I'm fast asleep At your house by yourself? His when I hear this clapping from the terrace.
I go out, and there's Eli in his underwear, applauding.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm good in bed, but I have never gotten a standing ovation before.
- Maybe it was - A side effect of his aneurysm? - He told you that? - It was all over the news last year.
Right, yeah.
Did he tell you anything else? There's more? Eli's just a little different.
He's special.
Well, I'm not sure I'm so into special.
But I'm not bored yet.
And he is cute and quite enthusiastic between the sheets I think I'll keep him around a little longer.
You can't be serious.
My client's financial circumstances have changed.
This may sound greedy to you, Taylor, but Jordan changed.
You admitted it yourself.
You're not the same man I married.
You don't care about the things he did.
Our house, our possessions, our social obligations.
Do you have any idea what that's like? Ellen, I am sincerely sorry.
I never intended to hurt you.
I just want to keep the life I know.
The club, the house, our friends.
Those things cost money, Ellen.
The kind he doesn't have anymore.
Wethersby and your client had a understanding about the lifestyle he was offering when she married.
He wants to give that up, fine, but it's not her midlife crisis.
She's supposed to support his decisions.
He's supposed to support her.
Which is why, as well as the house, we're seeking alimony in this amount.
You might want to inform your client she didn't marry a Saudi prince.
- It's what she deserves.
- Thank you.
We'll take your request under advisement and reconvene later in the week.
In the meantime, I'll advise my client of his legal rights as well as his common sense.
On a personal note I'm ashamed of you.
Until you've walked in my shoes, you have no right to judge me.
Fine, I'll have my father buy me a pair of 600 dollar Chanel flats before our next meeting.
Central location, views of downtown, ice cream store downstairs Might be a good time to remind you that I'm the guy that got the hospital to pay you that money.
Best thing that happened.
When I get out of bed in the morning, I'm excited.
Nothing better than a life change that isn't aneurysm-motivated.
Oh, my God.
You finally let the little attorney out of his briefs.
Oh, you read the ad I took out? Things are going pretty good with Ashley? It's like the Man Upstairs made a bookkeeping error in my favor.
You have to tell Beth when you come to dinner.
- Still coming? - Of course.
One second.
Where is my brother? And why has he been replaced by a 12-year-old girl? Why did I never text before? - Have you told her? - She knows about the aneurysm.
What about the George Michael-loving, talking-to-God weirdo part? I was thinking of telling her tonight, in fact.
I'm not sure that's such a good idea.
I'm not ashamed of it anymore, Nate.
I want to start our relationship without any secrets.
So you're telling me that you're like Spider-Man? Yeah, except I don't catch supervillains, I win trials.
Because the visions tell you what cases to take.
See, you get it already.
I mean, with some people, you have to explain that a couple of times.
But some people, um, think it's a gift.
Jewelry is a gift.
You just told me you work for God.
I shouldn't have told you.
I thought that you would think it was weird in a cool way, but horrified, I wasn't prepared for.
I'm not horrified.
I'm just a little overwhelmed.
It's a lot.
What are the chances that you'd forget all about this without getting hit over the head with something heavy? Dude, what did I tell you about the barging? - Sorry.
You with a patient? - Sadly, no.
Good, 'cause this is an emergency.
Just wading through my ever-enlarging stack of bills.
I told Ashley about my visions.
And she called me "special.
" That's not a good sign.
- You can't drop a bomb like that.
- Why'd you set me up with somebody who wouldn't be open to knowing the truth? Because no one sane would be open to that after four dates.
Grace was.
She doesn't count.
She was the female you.
I set you up with Ashley because she's the opposite of you.
- The opposite of me? - Yes.
Let me clarify: What I'm after here is some advice on how to make Ashley not think of me as a complete nut job.
Then go back in time and don't tell her.
While you're back there, tell me not to go into the smoothie business.
- Waste of money.
- You're cranky today.
More unhelpful than usual.
Things that bad with the practice? They're not good.
Lee's got a line around the block.
Maybe Dr.
Lee gives better dating advice than you.
Or because Dr.
Lee charges the crackpots who come in looking for it.
Ellen knows how vulnerable my dad is right now.
He's under so much stress.
It's one thing that she filed for divorce, it's another that she did it to him now.
What do you think? This makes me look fat, right? No, I think it's the pregnancy that does that.
But the pregnancy also makes you glow.
- I look like a boat.
- A beautiful pregnant boat.
So what do you think I should do? - About the dress? - About Ellen! Oh, I don't know.
The couple of times I met her, she seemed pleasant.
I thought you two had a great relationship.
We had a fine relationship.
We've been perfectly friendly and civil for 20 years.
It's not like she ever replaced my mother.
The woman who abandoned you when you were 14? - Shut up.
I look like a fire hydrant.
- A beautiful pregnant fire hydrant.
All I'm saying is, you've known this woman for 20 years.
If she's being so unreasonable, don't drag it out in court.
Don't humiliate her or your dad.
Just go talk to her.
You know? Work something out.
- You know I hate it when you're right.
- That's why I rarely am.
After a tip from one of her co-workers, we went to the defendant's home.
The trailer park where she lives.
We had a search warrant issued under the Patriot Act.
- And what did your search uncover? - A lead-lined shed.
We found hundreds of smoke alarms and glow-in-the-dark clocks, all of which had been stripped of their nuclear materials.
And in your expert opinion, why would someone isolate nuclear material? The purpose'd be for the construction of a radiological dispersal device, colloquially known as a "dirty bomb.
" Usually a dirty bomb combines radioactive material with conventional explosive devices.
When you searched my client's shed, - did you find any such devices? - No.
Did you find any plans, or diagrams, or journal entries which included - schematics for building such a bomb? - No.
But you did find her notebook.
We found a spiral notepad with crude mathematical formulas and diagrams - Sounds threatening.
- Experts are going over the notations.
So it's possible Genny was working on something else, something beneficial to the world, like experiments on nuclear energy.
She is a 22-year-old college dropout who's a cashier at Work Bench.
Einstein developed his Theory of Relativity working as a patent clerk.
Einstein didn't expose his neighbors, nor certainly himself, to significant physical harm by having unlicensed, illegal nuclear materials in his backyard.
I know where I'd like to stick those nuclear materials.
I don't think that'll help your case.
The jury sees you as the female Ted Kaczynski.
That guy was a hack.
Have you ever seen his work? Shoddy.
The problem here is unless you take the stand, the jury is not going to think of you as anything other than a crackpot.
I don't care what people think.
You should.
These 12 people can put you in prison.
And I think you do care what people think.
Otherwise you wouldn't be so scared.
But you don't have to be.
Look, you have a brilliant mind.
A once-in-a-generation mind.
You just have to let people see it.
I'm not wearing a dress.
Isn't it against the law for you to talk to me without my attorney here? We have a previous relationship.
We're friends, Ellen.
It's a little late to play that card, don't you think? Actually, with so much tension lately, I can't think of a better time.
You're starting to show.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
I always envied pregnant women.
Never was one myself, obviously.
Your father didn't want any more children.
And now, it's just me.
And I know that must be hard for you.
But, Ellen, he can't afford what you want him to pay.
There are tons of things I'm sure your father could part with.
The Picasso.
The Tiffany lamps.
He's by no means broke.
He is starting a new company.
His assets are limited - Sorry, I won't fall for that.
- I can show you the books I will not let him do the same thing to me he did to your mother! What are you talking about? When Jordan left Susan for me, he he hid his assets in offshore accounts.
He hired the best divorce attorney his hidden money could buy, and had your mother declared incompetent to parent, based on "financial instability," so he got full custody.
- I don't believe you.
- I wouldn't expect you to.
But that's how Jordan was in those days.
He protected what he loved at any cost.
My mother left us because she didn't want the burden of raising a daughter when she was starting her "new life.
" Only after your father destroyed her old one.
Keep dropping by, people are going to think you're coming back to work.
So things won't always be this awkward between us, right? Before everything else, we were friends.
Good friends.
I am so glad to hear you say that.
Let's be friends again.
So, friend, I hear you're dating Ashley Cardiff.
What? Is it on TMZ or something? She's a client of mine.
Small world.
Yeah, it is.
I think she's fantastic.
Cool, fun.
I mean, obviously, it was a little weird at first I don't think you have to worry.
I'm not sure we're dating.
- You're not? - I, um, I told her about my visions.
- Why did you do that? - I'm an idiot? If it's any consolation, it's probably for the best.
- What do you mean? - I just I happen to know that Ashley's not looking for anything serious.
Well, you're a serious person with serious responsibilities.
- It could be a bad combo.
- You didn't say anything, did you? - I just told her you were special.
- That's code for "weirdo.
" No wonder she acted strangely when I told her about my visions, - you had her primed to think I'm crazytown! - Why'd you tell her about your visions? - You've had three dates.
- Four! Oh, right, I forgot: Third date, sex.
Fourth date, tell her you're a prophet.
- You're not facing this objectively.
- What's that mean? You're obviously jealous.
All I did was protect you, all I ever do is protect you.
But you know what, Eli, I take it back.
I don't think you're special.
I think you're an ass.
Genny, could you tell us what you use this notebook for? Jotting down thoughts I have: math stuff, physics formulas, the occasional song lyric.
I took this to Professor Blanchard, Head of the Physics Department at Stanford I didn't say you could do that.
But then, what's mine is yours.
- He was impressed.
- Objection.
I have a supporting affidavit, Your Honor.
If Mr.
Pelfrey wants to cross Dr.
Blanchard, he can.
Blanchard said that some of the formulas in this book use some of the most advanced mathematics and innovative reasoning he's ever seen.
He also said that there was no discussion of anything remotely weapon-like.
Well, duh.
I wasn't building anything weapon-of-mass-destruction-ish.
What were you using the nuclear materials for? It's complicated Dumb it down for me as much as you can.
I was riffing on the idea of creating a controlled alpha multiplication device, combining the design elements of a radioisotope thermoelectric generator and a nuclear pulse propulsion technology to create a low energy nuclear reaction.
- I haven't quite figured it out yet.
- Thank you.
Do you see any practical purpose for this kind of technology in the future? If I get it right, it could be useful in getting some traction on cold fusion.
Cold fusion.
Reading from Dr.
Blanchard's affidavit: "Genny's may be the most significant contribution toward a carbon-free energy economy since we first split the atom.
" That's nice.
But the point is, not a bomb.
Not a bomb.
Thank you.
Think of "prophet" as a schmancy title, like duke or viscount.
That's an interesting perspective.
- What is a viscount anyway? - I don't know.
Half a count? I mean, most of the time, I'm just completely normal.
Let me prove it.
Come to dinner at my brother's.
I don't know I'm supposed to go to this benefit.
Please come.
I mean, you'll love Nate.
And his fiancée, Beth, she's the best.
Three of you can make fun of me all night.
- I guess I could just send a check.
- Great! I'll see you later.
- Yes.
- You ready? Keith, I've got mojo.
And it's rising.
We're gonna kick some serious ass.
I can feel it.
OK, you're frightening me now.
Do you have friends or family you discuss your experiments with? It's not any of their business.
Outside of your experiments, do you have hobbies? Do you go see movies? So, basically, you're a genius recluse who hates the establishment Objection.
I see what you're trying to paint me.
I am not a Unabomber.
- Sustained.
- I'm curious, there are other places you could've done experiments.
Safer places.
Applied for a job with the government, energy company I'm sure they'd be interested.
Interested in squashing my invention to make sure that the world remained dependent on oil.
My father worked for the auto industry his entire life.
In 1979, he designed an engine that could get 59 miles to the gallon.
Wanna know why you never read about it in The New York Times? Government and Big Oil killed it.
And it killed him.
You can call me a terrorist, you can call me any names you can think of.
But it all boils down to this: You've arrested me because I refuse to play by a system that squashes innovation, civil liberties and science.
I want to conference with counsel.
- I'm not done with my cross - Now.
Clear the courtroom, please.
All rise.
This is what I know: This girl wasn't building a weapon of any kind of destruction.
Thank you, Judge.
But she was also in possession of some very nuclear materials, - no matter how legally obtained.
- Which is why I'll drop the WMD charges if she pleads to the max on the possession.
That's 25 years.
She's a kid, a brilliant scientist.
Whose brilliance might blow up the neighborhood.
She's admitted to possessing the materials, so the play you've got is jury nullification.
Which I won't permit.
And that presents us both with a dilemma, Mr.
I don't want to be the judge that puts the next Einstein in prison.
You've got an Einstein who very clearly broke the law.
She won't agree to serve any jail time.
And I could not, in good conscience, convince her to.
Well, you're also very smart, Mr.
Figure something out.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
There must be traffic.
Maybe she's stuck in an elevator with no cell service.
Beth hasn't been on time a day in her life.
What? And now I'm gonna go check on the lasagna before it burns.
I'm just so sorry she missed Ben.
Don't worry.
He got to stay up an hour past his bedtime.
As far as he's concerned, the night's a success.
Ashley's a very lucky woman, Eli.
You're a catch.
Oh, yeah? How come you never returned my calls after our night at college? It was your first time.
Our night was more like 30 seconds.
Oh, yeah.
Was that her? When do we eat? She's not coming.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna get something with a little more kick than wine.
Wait, wait, wait, I'll get it for you - What is this? - Nothing.
Those are nothing.
Don't look at them.
They're not there.
Oh, I'm having a vision, then.
Of plane tickets to Vegas.
One with my name on it Why am I going to Vegas next weekend? - Because we're eloping.
- "Eloping" eloping? Yeah, I didn't want you to find out this way, but Well, there's no bad way to find that out.
Oh, my God! That is amazing.
This is incredible.
Are you avoiding me? You cancelled lunch.
I haven't seen you all day.
A difficult feat in our half-empty firm.
Is something the matter? I just got off the phone with your former divorce attorney.
Those conversations never put a smile on my face, either.
He confirmed what Ellen told me.
About what you did to my mother.
Taylor, whatever you're thinking It's more complicated All these years, you let me think the worst of her.
That she was a mother who would run out on her child - She did run out.
- After you forced her out - with your lies and manipulations.
- Taylor I virtually had no relationship with my own mother.
That's affected every single aspect of my life.
I admit, I wasn't a great person back then.
That's why I'm working so hard to change now.
Thanks for admitting it.
But I begged her to stay and maintain a relationship with you.
Please, just go, Dad.
Just go.
This is unexpected.
Are you real? I'm prone to hallucinating.
I wanted to apologize in person.
Standing you up was rude and mean.
It's not who I am.
I was going to come I had my coat on and everything.
But then I just started to think about what it means to date someone with with, uh, so much baggage.
- Well, I'm just not a - Baggage handler? It might sound shallow, but I'm not a serious person.
Things are not serious with me all the time.
You have a life-threatening condition that causes you to see things.
That's serious.
You're a great guy.
And we had a lot of fun.
But I can't pretend that this is normal.
I'm sorry.
I was surprised when I checked my voicemail this morning.
You actually made an appointment.
Must be serious.
Oh, boy.
She dropped you like a bad habit, didn't she? Like baggage, actually.
Turns out, Ashley's more of the carry-on luggage type.
Well, good riddance, then.
This isn't exactly the warm shoulder to cry on I was hoping for.
Look, I know you're hurting and it sucks.
But the fact is, if Ashley can't handle who you are, you're better off without her.
I don't exactly connect with a different woman every week.
- I just I want to, um - Connect? I want to not be alone.
- Last week, you said you weren't.
- Well, the truth is, I'm lonely.
And I just don't think it's fair that I get to see other people's futures, you know? Like knowing that my client's going to overcome a lifetime of rejection and loneliness and win the Nobel Prize.
I want someone to tell me that my life is going to change, too.
- It wasn't in your dad's journal.
- You've been able to show me - the future before.
- A possible future.
With that Dark Arts.
Look, I told you I wouldn't use the Nurhachi technique on you again.
It's dangerous, mentally and physically.
Particularly to someone with your condition.
Everybody else doesn't know their destiny.
Everybody else doesn't have the responsibilities I do.
They're not alone because of them.
You're not alone because of your calling.
You haven't found the right person.
- You won't show me if I will? - I won't perform a dangerous procedure on you just to help you with your love life, no.
I've seen guys who got sentenced to the gas chamber - who looked better.
- Mmm.
Bad night.
I figured since there's nothing I can do to stop my life from sucking, I may as well look to help our client.
Any luck? No.
Genny's supposed to win the Nobel Prize in 40 years, but I can't see how spending 25 of them etching formulas onto the wall with a toothbrush is gonna help her invent cold fusion.
Maybe she doesn't.
Sometimes your visions don't come out the way you think? Thanks.
That's the lightning bolt of optimism I needed.
It's just I don't think we're gonna figure out cold fusion in 400 years, much less 40.
According to the Journal of Science? According to Irving Wallender, world expert on cold fusion.
Experimental Physical Sciences Director at Los Alamos.
Irving Wallender Irving Wallender.
Why is that name familiar? the greatest invention of the 21st century: cold fusion.
He's the one who gives Genny the Nobel Peace Prize.
So who's the nerd? Irving Wallender.
He's basically the legitimate version of you.
I read your notebook.
Who hasn't? It's like a J.
Rowling novel.
It was impressive.
So impressive, in fact, that I put in a call to some friends in the AUSA's Office.
Wallender's getting the charges dropped.
So do I have to sleep with him or something? No.
Just come work for me.
Los Alamos is the most prestigious nuclear research institute.
Then why don't you go work for him? Could you guys give us a minute? I'm sorry.
Sometimes I forget that when you've got an IQ north of 150, people sometimes don't understand what you tell them.
So let me put it to you in one-syllable words: I will not go work for the Man.
You either go work for the Man or he sends you to prison.
Which would you rather do? Rather make license plates or history? - I don't care about history.
- I don't think that's true.
I think that you want people to know what you can do.
What your family can do.
If you think people won't listen to you now, imagine how receptive they're gonna be when you're an ex-con.
They don't deserve to know then.
Really? What about those people in Bangladesh or Alexandria, Egypt, whose homes might wash away when the icecaps melt? I'm sure the polar bears didn't do much to piss you off.
- You'd really be that selfish? - You wouldn't understand.
Believe me, I do.
I understand that you have a gift.
But a gift is something that is given.
You don't own it.
The world does.
And the world is asking you to use it.
And you don't get to say "no.
" No matter how much you might want to.
I'll handle opening, if you wanna handle As you can see, we've conceded on the house, the alimony and the car.
The only thing my client requests is the retention of the artworks purchased during the marriage.
I'll have my office draw up the paperwork.
- Taylor, can we talk? - Wrong time, wrong place, Dad.
- Thank you.
- It was Jordan's decision.
"Jordan's?" Not your father's? The last thing I ever wanted is to cause a rift between you and your dad.
All you did was tell me the truth, Ellen.
Honestly, I should be thanking you.
Taylor, you are, and you always have been, your dad's whole world.
Don't forget that.
Yeah, thank you, thank you.
OK, bye.
- You OK? - I'm good.
I just won my case.
Well, sort of.
Charges dropped, client's got a new job.
That's great, that's great.
Some good news.
Yeah, um, Ashley dumped me.
Oh, man That's what I get for letting my acupuncturist be my matchmaker.
Still, don't worry.
I mean, I'm gonna be fine.
I've got a wedding in Vegas to look forward to.
- So you'll be there? - You kidding? I'm not gonna let getting dumped by some heiress prevent me from being the best man to the best man that I know.
I hope that phrase isn't making it into your toast.
I wouldn't rule it out.
Family is everything.
And you are my family.
- I can't let you ignore me.
I can't.
- Dad You're going to be a mother.
A parent.
There are things in your past you'll be ashamed for your child to learn.
What I did to your mother was unforgivable.
- But? - But there was a context.
It was a divorce, a bitter one.
Both sides behaved badly.
I didn't want to be a weekend father.
I wanted you to live with me.
And your mother was flighty and difficult It wasn't hard to show that in court.
And, in my opinion the fact that she left proves it.
I was hoping you would accept my apology.
This was my mother.
I don't know what it's going to take to get over this, but I know an apology isn't enough.
How can I help you today? You're Dr.
Lee? Yes, my father was half Chinese.
What is it with Asian acupuncturists not being Asian? - Excuse me? - Nothing.
So how can I help you? Uh, let me guess: Acid reflux? Insomnia? Insomnia's part of it.
This is gonna sound strange I, uh, I recently had a form of acupuncture done on me called the Dark Truth - Never heard of it.
- Really? Um, I think Nurhachi would be pretty disappointed to hear that, you being a student of his and all.
The Dark Truth is not exactly on my standard list of services.
I haven't done it in years.
Plus, it's dangerous I'll pay.
- I don't know - How does a thousand dollars sound? I'll be fine, I've done it before.
The experience can be unpredictable.
I can't dial up whichever future you dictate.
I know.
You're the customer I warn you, this hurts.
Yeah, not as much as not knowing.
I'm so sorry, Nate.
I can't marry you.
- I'm so sorry.
- Beth No.