Élite (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

84 horas desaparecido

1 [CARLA.]
If you carry on with your investigation, the only thing you will really achieve will be ending up like Christian.
Samuel, this is not enough to change the course of an investigation.
Less than this was enough to put my brother in jail.
- Your brother fit the profile.
- The profile? Of someone who could commit a crime like that.
- With a criminal record.
Violent - He's not a murderer.
- And now he is on the run.
- He has disappeared.
We believe that he is on the run, and there is currently a warrant for his arrest.
Do you see the difference? [SCOFFS.]
Samuel, go home.
Focus on your studies.
Don't get into trouble, hmm? Stop looking at the past and focus on your future.
You tell me.
Um Yesterday, someone called the tip hotline for information on Samuel, and after 30 seconds of silence, they hung up.
And? We traced the call.
It was someone who knew Samuel very well.
Who? We're both on the shore [WHISTLING.]
You're killing me You're holding me down You call me for sure [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
You're killing me You're holding me down Little talks for the better Tap, tap on your shoulder We just need some more ice.
Do you need anything else? No.
Listen, are you friends with the guy who rides the bike? Samu.
The one who lives on the square with the steps.
Why? Because you should warn him as a friend that he'd better watch out.
He got involved with the wrong people.
Just get on with your work.
We still have lots to do.
Remember that I warned you.
Don't come crying to me later.
Little talks for the better Tap, tap on your shoulder I felt love, but it's over I go down, down, down Black stripes going under My skin getting older I felt love but it's over I go down, down, down The police have no time to listen to your stories.
- They are not stories.
- But they don't believe you.
- Neither do I.
- No.
You don't want to believe me because you're afraid that your friends are your enemies, and I'm the only person telling you - the fucking truth.
- Listen, stop - [DOORS OPEN.]
Stop stirring shit up.
Hi, my love! [CHUCKLES.]
- Hi! Sorry.
- It's okay.
Do you have a moment? - Sure.
- I wanted to talk about something.
There is an NGO, Smile 4 the Child, that has just arrived here in Spain.
They have made me the Spanish ambassador.
- For real? - Yes.
- That's great.
- No, really, they do a fantastic job helping poor children in developing countries.
- Amazing work.
- Cool.
I'd like to put on a small event.
A charity dinner to start off, with maybe 10 or 15 people.
- Okay.
- But I haven't got many contacts here yet.
And you need my help, right? - Yes.
- And you know you'll have it.
Thank you, babe.
You're the best.
I know! So are you.
- I'll make a few calls and let you know.
- Okay, darling.
- Thank you, baby.
- Relax.
It'll be great.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Well, you tell Marcos for me that you and he should stop freaking out.
No one is coming to get me, because I'm a nobody.
Haven't you seen in the movies how, when they want to scare someone, they kill the dog? You're basically the dog.
I saw them around back when I was dealing.
They don't want anyone stepping on and fucking up their business.
Because that's it, isn't it? You're dealing.
I only deliver stuff.
After the grief I got from you to quit that shit, now you're at it yourself! Omar, they won't give us back the bail money.
We need to pay the lawyer.
What I earn is not enough.
- I need the money.
- I needed it, too! But a friend had a go at me and said I would end up in prison or worse.
Maybe your friend didn't know what he was talking about.
Maybe he saved my life.
Samu, one day, Fer, my weed dealer, stopped picking up the phone.
A week later, he calls me and tells me he had been in the hospital.
He got shot in the leg.
It seems like easy money, but it only makes your life more difficult.
Why did you call and not say anything? Who are you afraid of? - [TEODORO.]
What's going on with Samuel? - Which Samuel? - The one from your class.
- Nothing.
Nothing is going on.
Why? He went to the police.
He has been talking about you, me, Polo.
Apparently, he even had a recording of you.
And what was I saying in that recording? Nothing important, I suppose.
They ignored him.
But watch out for him.
Could you do me a favor and meet your brother so you can give it to him? Don't tell him I sent it.
He has clothes and doesn't need it.
Omar is not at home.
And it is always colder outside the house.
And tell him that his mother misses him a lot, too.
Well, the fishing was excellent.
I have about 80 people interested in collaborating.
They already confirmed.
Most of them are the parents from this class.
Well, those that actually have something to contribute, of course.
Wow, Lu, that's a ton of people.
There's not enough space in the place I rented.
We'll find somewhere else.
But there won't be time tomorrow.
Darling, do you know who you're talking to? I love saying that.
- It sounds so dramatic.
I got you into this mess, and I'll get you out of it.
Okay? My dad knows the owner of the Starlight Hotel.
The terrace is beautiful.
You can count on me.
I forgot how good it feels when I help the needy.
And I love parties.
So do you.
I don't want to give you so much work.
Let's talk to your mother and get her to give us a hand? No! She doesn't know anything.
I didn't want her to interrupt her travels for me.
- This is just a silly thing.
- Hmm.
You're so sweet.
It's a bit much.
It's a bit too much.
Come on! Too much to help those in need? The more people that come, the better.
And it's going to be such a great party.
Hey, guys, how about we study together this afternoon? Come on, Polo, you will pass by the skin of your teeth anyway, but at least this way, we can have a laugh.
- Count me in.
Ander can't.
Ander is meeting up with Omar, Ander has to move house.
What now? Are you starting a ballroom dancing course? Uh, I'm meeting my dad.
Well, shit! That's a new one! But it's not one of the best.
Let's see if you can work on it a bit.
See you.
- [SIGHS.]
- What the fuck is up with him? - The whole divorce thing.
- No, it's not that.
Lu, can I bother you for a second? Guzmán, you never bother me.
You're not that important.
Just one question.
Why did you invite my parents to that charity dinner? I still really like them.
You should have asked me first.
I don't have to ask you for permission.
Under normal circumstances, no.
But now that Now that we're not Listen, I haven't told them that we're not together.
- You haven't? - No.
Why? Because they like you, too.
They'd be worried about me.
I'd have to explain.
- Now I have no time to talk to anyone.
- Sure.
Is it too late for you to invent an excuse so that they won't go? No.
Let's do something.
You're coming with me to the charity dinner.
We'll pretend all night long.
And I won't tell the truth.
- What? - You heard me.
Since we're going to be together all night, you'd better dress up.
Suit up, please.
No checked tank tops.
- Okay? - Okay.
My pleasure.
I told you to put on a small dinner with strangers to earn a little bit of money to pay your bills.
But Lu invited everyone.
- Even my mothers! - I know.
- Well, if it's about the money - It's not about the money! - Why would it be about the money? - You heard it.
Money, they can spare.
But my mother is a magazine editor and has told journalists about it.
They're going to cover the event and take photos.
What if they find out about you? [SIGHS.]
I'll take the risk.
Because I don't have any other option.
If my mother doesn't get hired by any houses around here, we'll have to leave in a month, maybe two.
I'll have to leave school.
I'll lose everything.
We're not just talking about paying some bills here.
- I know.
- This is a lot of money.
- It's illegal.
- That's true.
But it could also be my future.
With that kind of money, I could pay for a caregiver for my grandfather, I could go to a good university, do a master's.
It would be just this once, never again.
I swear.
But it would change my life forever.
What can I do? Hold my hand and tell me that everything will be all right.
What's wrong? It's not from Mom.
Dad is the one that always says I'll get cold, to put his coat on because mine is useless.
You're right.
Dad asked me to lie and I did it, because I'm the idiot that does everything they say.
You know what? Not anymore.
- They want you to come back, Omar.
- And does that piss you off? [SCOFFS.]
It doesn't matter what you do to disappoint your parents or how you make them suffer.
In the end, they forgive you.
So, screw the ones who obey and make sacrifices.
Nadia, I'm not coming back.
And as for you, all right, you work in the store, but you're still going to school, and it's not like you had much of a social life.
What's the big sacrifice? I don't know, maybe Omar is a bit of a drama queen, isn't he? He's worried about me.
Does he have a reason to be? I don't know, Samu.
My mom is acting really weird lately.
If I don't answer my phone once, I practically get court-martialed.
The chauffeur is my new shadow.
He carries a gun and everything.
It's like she's scared someone might do something to me.
Should I tell her you can't do the delivery tomorrow? No.
But tell her it's the last one.
- Wake up.
Wake up.
- What? Now What's up? Hey! Where's your dad? I told him I already had plans with friends to study.
No fucking around.
We'll actually be studying.
Order some beer.
Are you sure? - Sure.
Pablo! Three beers, please.
The last time Samuel was seen was at that charity event at the hotel.
Did you talk to him that night? This is all your fault.
And your shitty investigation.
You know that, don't you? We're just kids.
We play at being adults, but half the time we don't know what we're doing.
We fall down because we know that an adult will always pick us back up.
You were the adult in all of this.
And you failed us.
If you had caught the killer, none of this would have happened.
You have fucked up all of our lives.
Every one of us! Everyone is homophobic.
We're brought up that way.
But Guzmán is a bit more.
What? Listen to me.
All I said was you could have at least warned me so I could change the sheets, motherfuckers.
- Who said we came in the bed? - There you go.
We're not that filthy.
Actually, we are.
We came in the cup you keep on the bedside - table for drinking out of at night.
- Mmm! How funny you are! No worries, we're even.
You wouldn't believe what I've done in your house.
- [ANDER.]
Really? - Such as? [GUZMÁN.]
But from now on, you'd better watch out.
I've missed this.
If that bastard says anything about you guys again, I'll smash his face in.
Who? - Samuel.
- What has he been saying? - [GUZMÁN.]
A load of bullshit.
- Come on, tell us.
Are you sure you want to know? - Yes, I am.
How do I tell you this? That you killed my sister.
Really? [CHUCKLES.]
Couldn't he have made up anything else? No, it's not a joke.
The son of a bitch says it seriously.
Fucking hell.
What do you want? Right.
- Your phone.
- What for? It's the only way of knowing that you're not recording me.
It doesn't matter.
I could get a confession from you saying that you killed Marina with your own hands, and they'd tell me the same shit.
That you don't fit the profile.
That's the way the world works, in case you hadn't noticed, you idiot.
Why are you so angry? You tricked me.
You've been tricking me from the start.
- And don't you hate me for that? - No.
- Anyway, that's it.
You won.
- No.
- We have both lost.
- What have you lost? You.
For a moment, I started to believe something could happen between us.
Something real.
That we could trust one another, go out to dinner like everyone else, without having to hide every time.
Although, now and then, we'd stay here so you could make me your macaroni.
Which, by the way, is disgusting.
I don't know I even thought for a moment that we could forget about all this shit and that we could have a future.
How stupid of me, huh? [DOOR OPENS.]
Good evening.
How are you? Hey, good evening.
Are you really going to put on a show because of Guzmán? After what happened with Nadia? You said it.
It happened.
You can go on holiday to an exotic location, but in the end, you always come back home.
And Guzmán and I will always be Guzmán and I.
Good night.
At least put it on silent.
Omar is sleeping.
Poor kid, he only got back an hour ago.
Mom, I'm staying home today.
I have a really bad headache.
He's not answering.
- Do you know something about Ander? - What? - Do you know something about Ander? - No idea.
Fucking great.
- Okay, let's see.
Ambassador? - Yes.
- Me? - Mmm-hmm.
I talked to them this morning, and they thought it was a great idea.
You are making a huge effort.
You deserve it.
Yes, okay, but you deserve it more.
Me, in the spotlight - I'm not good at public speaking.
- Come on! You're really good at it.
You will have to give a little speech, the interview and pose for some photos.
You don't mind, do you? [IN SPANISH.]
Of course! Let's see now.
But I am sorry that you won't take any credit.
- You took care of it and - It's okay.
Are you sure you don't want your mom to know? I'm sure, okay? I'm going to finish my homework.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
I wanted to ask you a huge favor.
I want to surprise my bestie, Cayetana, and I need her mom's phone number.
Could you help me, please? I love your glasses! They are wonderful.
- Thanks.
- [LU.]
They look so good on you.
Phone number.
- Shit [BANGING.]
Want some? Better than last time? That wouldn't be too hard.
Next time, you'll be amazed.
The first thing we do is remove the determinant from the matrix.
Nadia [NADIA.]
But if it's not a square matrix - Nadia.
- [NADIA.]
What? I'm here.
Do I disgust you so much? Is that question part of the exam? [VALERIO.]
You can't even look me in the eye.
But you don't mind giving me lessons as long as I'm still paying you.
I guess your moral high ground has a price.
But I'm the one that's fucked up.
Lu has always been by my side.
She is everything to me.
And she feels the same way about Seriously, Valerio.
We're here to study.
I don't want to know any more, okay? Shit, Ander! You can't blame someone for how they feel.
I'll be right back.
Keep studying.
Hi, Guzmán.
Are you okay? - [GUZMÁN.]
Fucking hell - What? Nadia, don't give me any more of the "Hey, how are you, I'm your friend," bullshit, as if nothing ever happened.
I'm sick of it.
- Excuse me? - Stop messing with me.
I don't want to mess with you.
Okay, then, try not messing with me some other time.
I have to train.
Okay, you're right.
I used an excuse to come over.
- There - But because I want to talk to you.
- Okay.
- Guzmán! I have to go get changed.
Look where I am for you to take me seriously.
I will die if someone comes in here.
Great, I'm all ears.
I know that we're always on and off You're the one who's on and off.
Yes, of course, as if you had always been sure.
What are you doing? You open your heart and I'll open my shirt.
Stop it, come on.
I can't concentrate.
There is nothing new to see down here.
So You were saying we're always on and off.
Go on.
Nadia If you think leaving Lu and turning up at your store is not being sure, tell me, what have you done to show me that you are? Apart from coming in here I'm trying.
Then try harder.
Shit Nadia, this is not a good place to have sex.
- Some people love watching.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
What? What's wrong? No, no I know this silence.
It's the one that comes before you run away.
No Not this time.
Are you sure? I am.
And your family? Compared to my brother and sister, me being with a Christian isn't that bad.
That's true.
After last night, I feel sick.
Don't you? Guzmán doesn't believe Samuel.
The only way to change opinion is if you keep If I keep what? Feeling like shit every second and every minute of every day? - [POLO.]
I'm only asking you to - I can't! I can't lie to his face.
All right.
Tell him the truth.
Tell him the truth.
Do you know what the truth is? You've been lying to him for months.
Do you think he will forgive you? You'll be dead to him.
I will end up in prison, and Guzmán will have no friends left.
And for what? So that you can keep a clear conscience? Because Samuel's brother doesn't need it.
Right now, he's probably drinking piña coladas in the Caribbean.
Ander, look at me.
Hold on.
Hold on a little longer.
Just a little longer.
All this will pass.
And we will go back to how we were.
That's what Guzmán has been wanting for months, for everything to go back to how it was.
There it is.
Thank you, handsome.
By the way Rebeca already told me.
If you're going to quit working for me because of that boy from the club, you have nothing to worry about.
I already talked to him.
I'll leave them here on the bar.
Hey, where's Marcos? I'm doing everything here by myself.
Haven't you heard? No What? [OMAR.]
He got beaten up.
They don't know why, and he can't say.
He's still unconscious in the hospital.
Fucking hell.
It was Sandra.
Or someone who works for her.
I'm sure.
Fucking hell, Samuel.
What if his friends want revenge? These people know where you live.
I'll call you later.
Shit! Come on, pick up.
Pick up the phone, damn it! [OPERATOR.]
The number you are calling is switched off Fuck! Mom! - [PILAR.]
What's wrong? - Shit [PANTING.]
You could have picked up the phone! Sorry, I didn't realize You must have called me when I was talking to the police.
They rang the buzzer downstairs and said it was the mailman.
And I looked out the window and saw some guys that looked like Well, as though they gave out beatings, not letters.
Of course, I didn't let them in, but they wouldn't leave until I said I was calling the police.
They came for your brother, I'm sure.
He can't even leave us in peace when he's a thousand kilometers away.
How was your day? Samuel? Samuel, I'm talking to you! - I'll be back later.
- Later? I'll be back later! Great.
Thank you.
She'll give the speech later.
But leave it centered for later, okay? Tell the DJ to keep it smooth.
- Okay.
I'll tell him right away.
- Okay.
You good? Good.
Yeah, great.
Guzmán went back to that exotic location today.
Maybe he wants to move there forever.
Dad It's very nice.
What is? The hijab.
When did you buy it? It was a gift.
Really? From who? A friend.
Go down to the shop.
Your mother has to make dinner.
You have to come round for dinner.
We've barely seen you lately.
I know The exam period is always complicated.
You know I'm really hardworking.
Well, it's over now.
What are you doing for Christmas? Come to Asturias! - [VENTURA.]
Yes, come to Asturias.
- [LAURA.]
That's right.
All my family is coming from Mexico.
My brother and my father are here so [GUZMÁN.]
- Do you want a drink? - Sure, darling.
- Yes? - [CHUCKLES.]
Please Thanks.
How he looks after me.
- Hey! Where've you been? - Hey.
Sorry, man.
I've been running back and forth between the bathroom and my bed all the morning.
And are you all right now? [ANDER.]
Much better.
So I'm glad you came.
So? How is it going? - Oh, my God [CHUCKLES.]
- What? - It's unbelievable.
- Is it going well? [ANDREA.]
How are you doing? And how is the fundraising going? Um Better than I could have ever dreamed.
It's going well.
Are you having a good time? We are.
It's very admirable, what you're doing.
It's much more than that.
It's amazing, how she's managed all this [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Hello? Yes? [VICTORIA.]
Hello, this morning I received a call from this number.
Yes? I don't know, who's speaking? Victoria.
Well, I work in domestic service.
Maybe someone gave you my number because you wanted me to clean your house or something or What? Are you Cayetana's mother? [ITALIAN POP SONG PLAYING.]
Lu! Shit What's going on? Have you seen a ghost? Come with me.
How could I not have figured this out? She has thousands of followers on Instagram! How did she The Burberry she brought the other day was a dupe? She must have bought them.
With what money? She's the fucking cleaner's daughter.
Fucking hell - Lu - [LAUGHING.]
What account are the guests' donations being paid into? [IN SPANISH.]
All these people are here because of me.
Not because of her.
I'll teach her what I'm capable of - Fucking bitch.
- Listen to me.
Don't make a scene.
It'd be a scandal and not just for her.
Calm down, wait till the party is over.
Tomorrow you can discreetly see how people can get their money back.
For now, you need to keep up appearances, okay? I'd forgotten what it felt like to have you worry about me.
Let's go.
- Where are you going? - Fuck's sake.
I'm on the list.
Come on You invited him? Me? Why? [SCOFFS.]
I know what's going on between you guys, Carla.
Do you really think I'm so naive? I don't know, ask your friend Cayetana.
- [GUARD.]
You're not on the list.
I must be.
I know Cayetana Grajera.
What are you doing? - What's he doing here? - You tell me.
Tell him to leave.
I'm sick of him! Did you know he's been talking shit to Guzmán? And now he suspects us! He's doing what? Carla? Carla - He's with me.
Don't worry.
Shit! What are you doing here? You have to leave now.
Where's Rebeca? Leave right now.
I'm asking you, please.
You're asking me, "please"? And why are you so concerned? Samuel The world is not ours [SIGHS.]
But faster than the rain We cut the night We're random bullets, love Shot by some drunken god Oh, guilty only Oh, guilty only Of growing old Of growing old Of growing old So what? This whole thing is for poor children? [SAMUEL.]
I'm the one at risk all the time.
Okay, yes, I did tell her about it.
Because I wanted her to swear on her life that nothing would happen to you.
And that guy ended up in hospital because of you.
You've been watching too many movies.
Now you're the one who doesn't want to see what's right under your nose.
What do we care that the guy got a good beating? Maybe he deserved it.
He'll want to pay us back in kind.
And I don't have bodyguards, a bulletproof car or a security system.
You said there was no danger in all of this! If something happens to my mother, to Omar or to me - What? - It all will be your fault! Azucena, where's the inspector? I need to talk to her.
- They have arrested someone, Omar.
- Who? Polo, it's all done.
I've got enough for everything.
This is crazy! [POLO.]
I'm happy for you.
- So happy.
- [LU.]
Can we finish this now? This has been a huge success.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Oh, my God! Stop saying that, please.
- I'm being serious, I love you! - [LAURA.]
Excuse me.
Weren't you going to give a speech, Lu? - [CAYETANA.]
Only if you want.
- [LU.]
No Come on, girl, if you promised, don't snub Cayetana.
I don't have anything prepared.
It'll be my pleasure.
Uh Hello? Good evening.
Well, um Thank you sincerely for being here tonight.
Thank you for your kindness, from the bottom of my heart.
It's hard to believe that there are still good people in the world who we can trust.
And thank you especially to a wonderful woman A generous and very special friend.
Cayetana, please, let's give her a hand.
No, no Please, don't.
Thank you.
And a fucking liar.
Does this NGO even exist? It must be as false as your stories about trips around the world Your house.
Your friendship.
Your Ralph Lauren dress.
I don't know who you stole that from.
- Lu, please - And your followers on Instagram.
Your whole life is a fucking lie.
Yes, Cayetana is the daughter of a house cleaner.
I really believed her.
Well done.
It was all a big lie.
Don't worry, she'll give you your money back, I'll make sure of that.
Great night.
I'm sick of it.
Sick of pretending.
Putting on a fake smile all night long, pretending that everything was all right.
But nothing is all right.
Especially with Guzmán.
We are finished.
I'm sorry, Laura.
I really tried.
But it didn't work out.
It was too hard.
Because your sweet boy cheated on me with a Bedouin girl.
Yes, he cheated on me.
Can you believe it? [CHUCKLES.]
I don't know how I do it, but I always end up betrayed and disappointed by the very people that I have fully supported.
Right, Carla? But I'm done.
You are all mistaken if you think you can take me for a fool and get away with it.
Because that won't happen.
So now I want to toast to this wonderful night.
Ah! Carla is fucking Samuel.
Don't be long.
Go to bed soon.
Dad Yes, my dear? I didn't tell you the truth earlier.
What? The hijab.
It's not from a friend.
And I want to be honest with you.
I don't want to hide anything.
I don't want to have to hide.
What are you talking about? This hijab [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
Hello, darling.
It's Lu.
This might be of interest to you.
What's going on, Nadia? Nothing, Dad.
Good night.
What do you mean, "nothing"? [SIGHS.]
Don't be long.
Go to bed soon.
It's posted on the Internet.
The whole school will have seen it by now.
Are you leaving? Yes, there's not much to do here anymore.
I'm sorry.
What a mess.
Don't worry.
I knew this would happen.
The truth always comes out in the end, right? Let's go.
What? Look me in the eye.
What? Did Polo kill Marina? What are you saying? Ander, for crying out loud, look me in the eye and answer this question.
Did Polo kill Marina? No.
Of course not.
Shit, okay.
I'm sorry.
Fucking hell Sorry, man.
Please, don't think I'm crazy.
I couldn't get it out of my head.
I had to ask.
I couldn't help it anymore.
Please, don't tell Polo about this.
Can I trust you? Of course.
Well There are still vices to perfect In the weird days We'll uncover ourselves in privacy With the tips of our shoes It's already here, who saw him Dancing like a ribbon in a fan? Who would have said That without a smudge There's no deal? The future dressed up With the emperor's new clothes Who would have said that without coal There's no three wise men There are many more Presents to be opened yet Coins that, when twisting Reveal a profile That starts in cellophane And ends in an echo [SOBBING.]
Pick up Samuel, pick up.

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